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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Charleston, West Virginia V state newspaper Charleston weal Virginia saturday morning september 19, 1970 24 edition mrs. Meir s demands firm . Expands forces associated press new Orff times Washington Post Premier Gulda Meir Tough message the United states disclosed Friday that . Sea and air forces close to strife torn Jordan Are being expanded. President Nixon has underscored the Strong american interest in the survival of the jordanian government by saying privately he is inclined to intervene in Jordan if outside Powers like Iraq and Syria join the fight against King Hussein. Forces on Page 2. Ready to move in torn Amman associated press new York times Washington Post conflicting reports of fighting Between army troops and palestinian guerrillas poured out of Jordan saturday. With Amman almost completely Cut off from outside Contact the Only certainties were that Battles continued and casualties in two fighting mounted into the thousands. The Royal army of King Hussein was believed to have gained the upper hand against the guerrillas Early Friday but later reports said the jordanian army failed to score the Quick Victory it had evidently terse reports from Western embassies in the embattled jordanian capital a poke of continued Small arms fire. Telephone and Power supplies were Cut. Armoured cars patrolled the diplomatic Quarter state forecast Cloudy with Chance of showers. Highs in the 80s. Cloudy warm at night. Details on Page 2. Open housing official resigns 5 kidding the kiddies ,.10 state and a veil of smoke Hung Over the Hilly City of people. The orders of King Hus Sein s new military government maintained its curfew and threatened to shoot anyone on the streets. Countless civilians were dying in am Man s streets for want of medical Aid reports said. Presumably they were caught in crossfire. Diplomatic reports described am Man As being effectively under the control of the army although there still was fighting and smoke Over the City. The jordanian government radio said 214 guerrillas gave up in Amman during the Day 80 of them during a period in which Field marshal Habis maj Ali the military governor ordered royalist troops to cease fire to permit surrenders. At the same time tanks were reported pounding guerrilla Strong holds in Northern Jordan. Observers in. Lebanon expressed con Cern that if the fighting continue much longer it might irreparably dam age the position of King Hussein and boost the palestinian guerrilla cause. More than persons demonstrated in the streets of the port of Tripoli Friday in Northern Lebanon in support of the commandos. At a huge rally in Damascus the syrian head of state or. Nureddin Atassi pledged that Syria would spare no blood to help palestini an guerrillas in Jordan. However in one of the More striking developments the iraqi troops in Northern Jordan and the approximately syrian troops also stationed there apparently abstained from joining the fighting despite appeals broadcast from the commandos for assistance. Transport capable of launching paratrooper positioned on the fringes of the troubled Middle East. At the White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said there Are no decisions one Way or the other about . Involvement in the at the same time he asserted that we would be remiss if top policymakers and their advisers did not draft contingency plans for any possible eventuality. We View it As a serious said president Nixon s official spokes Man. I meanwhile prime minister Golda Meir said Friday that Israel would continue to observe the cease fire along the Suez canal but would not participate in peace talks until there is a Rollback of missiles Sams from the standstill zone on the egyptian Side of the urinal. Speaking at a news conference after a 90-Minutc meeting with president Nixon her manner was gentle but her message Tough no negotiations Are possible until the situation along the canal is restored to what it was on aug. 7, when the cease fire came into effect. I Hope i have made that very she said. Mrs. Meir said that in conversations with the president and with Secretary of slate William p. Rogers she had found a full understanding of our problems and a sincere desire to help Israel in any Way that states the state department said Friday night that Mideast peace talks arc not expected to resume at this time because of the crisis in Jordan. In Beirut the Radical guerrilla group that hijacked and destroyed four airliners threatened Friday night to attack american lives and property if the United states landed1 troops in the Middle East. The maoist popular front for the lib oration of Palestine which still holds 54 of the hijacked passengers hos Tage in Amman said in a statement any american interest will be a tar get for the revolution regardless of its nature it will be blown up and swept away to crush the imperialist intervention and anyone having american a card contempt Case dropped 7 Potter fires Volley at Ditrapano 11 Youthful precedent eyed by a act 24 pattern of harassment rails Washington president Nixon signed executive orders Friday blocking a threatened nationwide rail strike for 60 Days. The strike was scheduled to begin next thursday. Acting under provisions of the railway labor act Nixon created a five member fact finding Board to look into the dispute Between four unions and some 160 rail lines. Kilpatrick denies Calls claims foes ruthless by James a. Haught staff writer the Nixon administration has decided to resume full scale to Greece lifting restrictions imposed in april of 1967 when the military Junta seized Power in Athens informed sources said Friday. The decision is expected to create an out cry in the Senate where there has been Strong opposition to resumed armed ship ments and in Western there is considerable Public enmity towards the greek dictatorship. Sentenced new Haven Conn. Long e Mclucas the first of eight Black panthers to go on trial in the 1969 slaying of an alleged police in former was sentenced Friday to a 12 to-15-Ycar prison term for his conviction on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. The maximum penalty for the offence is 15 years. Mclucas 24, was acquitted of kidnapping resulting i conspiracy to Kidnap and that carried heavier penalties. Inside today corrections today 11 amusements obituary.6 Bridge. .11 sports .13-15 comic Page 8 television .10 crossword it t-t-t.12 editorials.4 want ads. 16-23 markets.9 your Horoscope 17 a Kennedy Center official declared Friday that a warrant against him is Only part of a ruthless Effort to sup press opposition to the routing of 1-77 in Charleston. Norman Kilpatrick said he never made any threatening Telephone Calls to City interstate Highway coordinator Robert y. He hinted that someone has been tampering electronically with his Telephone. Kilpatrick a Urban planner for the Kennedy Center and Hayne the part time High Way coordinator arc sides of Charleston s bitter dispute Over the route of 1-77 through the Triangle. Friday. Hayne filed a complaint that harassing phone Calls had been made to his Home. One said told him if the interstate goes through the Trian Gle you won t live to see other Calls produced Only silence on the phone or a sinister Giggle. Detective Cape George Nunley said two of the Calls had been traced to Kilpatrick s Home. Municipal judge John Charnock issued a warrant for Kilpatrick and the Urban planner was booked at the police station at . Later in the afternoon Kilpatrick is sued this statement i Hope that this kind of harassment his arrest will make More people in the Kanawha Valley aware of the total of the Small group of people who want the interstate highways to go through the Triangle and the City. I consider this charge by Robert Hayne who is a paid official working for these people to be part of the pattern of harassment of persons or which have had the courage to question the selfishly routed Highway designs. For example i know that several leaders of the interstate Impact commit tee were pressured into dropping out of that organization which favors having the interstates pass around Charleston not through it i also know that a charge has been filed with the Federal communications commission attacking station chs to As a result of an anti interstate documentary which the station broadcast in july. And i know that threats to the fund ing of the Legal Aid society and the Triangle improvement Council have been made. In the Case of the Legal Aid society it was definitely tied to the Triangle s Case Againsti-77 which now is before the . Supreme court. I personally have been attacked in the press and through personal throats and phone Calls at late hours on a number of occasions. I also have had what i consider to be unusual sounds or Lack of sounds on my Telephone at Home for some time. Despite this i had Felt it was important to have the issues involved Here discussed As not disintegrate into a dispute of personalities Between some of the individuals involved. Please turn to Page 2 col. 5 tin just can Yon help me a lonely Marion county widow asked the Gazette Friday to help her find a husband around c3 years old who likes to go to Church. She wrote this letter asking that her name be withheld and giving her address As Post office Box 175, Monongah i am a White lady. I am a Good Cook and i like to keep House. I am a Baptist i like to go to Church. I am in Good health. I have been a widow for eight years. Will Mary if i can find the right Man. I want a Man who can drive a car who has run his own Home and has a fair income to live on. One who likes to go to Church. I will do my Best to make him Happy. I would like a Man around 65 years old. I am just the White House asserted Friday that no decision has yet been taken on Ameri can action in the jordanian crisis but that options Are being kept open. Units of the Atlantic Fleet were Dis patched to the Mediterranean to augment the sixth Fleet already there Pentagon aides said and additional Force tonality will not be earlier this week in Amman the front said that any intervention could endanger the lives of the hostages it still holds. In the past two years the popular front has hijacked seven airliners. At the United nations France cautioned the u. S. And the soviet Union to avoid the temptation of assuming the role of guardians of peace in the Middle East. Maurice Schumann the French foreign minister spoke in the u. N. General Assembly As the Arab countries Dis played concern Over possible intervention by Israel and the United states1. In the first policy Speed for by a big four Power at the Assembly session Schumann welcomed As desirable and beneficial the u. S. Soviet dialogue on the Middle East. But he said that the International Community cannot have guardians and said France and Britain must join in the responsibility of working out a balanced settlement. He said that due to the very fact that they Are immune to the temptation of guardianship a special duty Falls upon the countries which without being among the highest ranking Powers sit permanently at the u. N. Security coun in Washington Ziegler was asked about a Chicago Sun times Story which followed a briefing of Sun times officials and staff members that under some circumstances the United states might intervene in Jordan directly. The question arose during a give and take on the current situation and Ziegler said he did t want to get into the Chicago Story. He noted that the presi Dent was talking off the record. Gothic gloom the spirit of this View of overcast Charleston skies Friday afternoon. The spire of Kanawha presbyterian Church is in the foreground with that of sacred heart in the Center. And the Rains came Down. Staff photo by Lawrence Pierce toll Bridges hinted As governor s of inducement to owners of Turnpike v by Don Marsh. Staff writer the inducement that gov. Moore May be holding out to owners of the West Virginia Turnpike is to allow them to retain ownership of Turnpike Bridges and to charge tolls on some of them. The Turnpike is an essential part of interstate Highway planning Between by Cilcy and Charleston. Moore says he has devised a plan to obtain the with the voluntary help of the owners of Turnpike Bonds. However he has refused to detail the plan on the ground to do so might help speculators make Money at state expense. Among the few things he has said about his approach is that it is markedly different from a plan worked out by his predecessor former gov. Hulett c. Smith. The heart of the Smith plan was put Ting the Turnpike into bankruptcy and taking advantage of a favourable Bond Market to Trade higher yielding Bonds research official believed in line for mines chief York times service Washington the White House was reported Friday to have ended an unusually Long and difficult search for a qualified Republican to head the United states Bureau of mines by selecting or. Elburt f. Osborn vice president for research of Pennsylvania state University for the Job. Osborn is a 59-year-old geologist with wide experience in blast Furnace and Iron and steel technology and Metal Lur none in Coal mining which has become the focus of unaccustomed controversy in the Bureau of mines. His background and credentials have been circulated by assistant Secretary of the Interior Hollis m. Dole among key Sena tors who will be asked to confirm his nomination. The reaction congressional sources said has been favourable and president Nixon is believed to be ready to make a formal nomination. The Bureau directorship requires approval by the Senate committee on Interior and insular affairs and confirmation by the full Senate. Administration spokesmen said of Horn s Lack of mining experience would he overcome by the appointment later of one or More new associate directors in the Bureau. One such appointment specifically for mine safety reportedly is to go to a lawyer at the atomic Energy com Mission whose reputation there was de scribed is that of an his name could not be Learned Friday. Available today for Turnpike Bonds. There were estimates that the Trade might Cost something less than million. The Federal government is committed to paying to per cent of the Cost of Turnpike acquisition up to a maximum million. Moore however rejected the Smith plan became of the bankruptcy feature. His argument that to Institute bankruptcy procedures would irreparably damage the stated credit. That left him with . The. Turnpike Bonds Cost Jabout million when they were issued. When the value of Bonds b combined with interest pay ments that were never of poor in dearly total in Ifie turn Pike is something Over million. In recent years business has improved and is paying its own Way. Further it is a seller s Market so far As the Turnpike is concerned. The state liar to have.it., that left the state with the problem of keeping the Purchase Price. Low. Enough so that Federal Money would be to sufficient As possible and yet make the offer attractive enough so that owner would sell. The idea of allowing Bridges to remain in the hands of Bond holders is reportedly the governor s solution. The interstate system will not allow toll roads but tolls can be charged for the use of Bridges. T there Are 70 Bridges of the Turnpike. Obviously tolls would not be charged on All of them. The state is moving toward acquisition of the Turnpike. A Public meeting has held in the Princeton area on acquisition of a 26-mile stretch there. Another Public meeting is scheduled for tuesday at East Bank High school on the plans for acquiring about 20 Miles of the toll Road Between Charles ton and Standard on the Fayette county line. _ a highways department spokesman said the Public will be shown. Tentative ideas on needed right of Way acquisition but he said that so far As the department is concerned acquisition of All right of Way is regarded As a single problem and there will to discussion of the techniques by which the Turnpike May be Rous jail at Large Princeton William Rabbit Martin sentenced to life imprisonment thursday As. An habitual criminal and four other prisoners remained at Large late Friday after their escape from the Mercer county jail. 41, sentenced on a charge of burglary in connection with the robbery of from a Bluc Field Coal opera Tor is considered armed and dangerous by state police. The stat Home searching looks events it the state Capitol always constitute news. But often it is necessary to Analyse and explain just what that news Means. Don Marsh state hours reporter for the Gazette and sunday Gazette mail Start ing this sunday will produce each week a searching report on. Activities at the state House. His articles will be called Don Marsh. Affairs of look for them every week on the editorial Page of the Cadette Mati. Police said Martin and five others fled the jail in a Jailer s car about 6 . After one of the escapees pulled a gun on a Deputy As the officer entered the area Between the Shower room and the cell Block before breakfast. The escapees then disarmed another Deputy locked him and several jail pm ploys in a cell reserved for drunks and Cut All Telephone wires. Sheriffs deputies apprehended one of the escapees. Otis Vest 22, of Princeton late Friday afternoon along . 20-in Mercer county. In addition to Martin still at Large Are Eugene Cole 36, Bois scan a. Clayton Carraway 5c, Matoaka Ron Williams 25, Princeton and Michael Kudo. One state policeman said authorities have no leads whatsoever on he escapees whereabouts. Martin is one of four persons who have been convicted of involvement in the january burglary of the Home of mrs. . Club orc. The Money wrapped in packets of Crisp new Bills has never been recovered. Martin is under indictment in Kanawha county in connection with a Lino break ing an entering charge. I

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