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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 5

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Charleston, West Virginia Saturday. Oct. 10.1370 the Charleston Gazelle Nicholas a look at Ginzburg the Washington Post new York the elevators in the old office building on 40th Street Stop running at the 26th floor so that people who want to visit the condemned Man must get off and climb an Orange painted circular staircase to reach Ralph Ginzburg. Here in his High room the 40-year-old Magazine publisher works and Waits to see if his lawyers will save him from serving a three year fed Cral jail sentence for what the courts have held to be a Crim pornographic edition of his famous and Long kaput Eros. I his offices have the look of a place that somebody once started to make attractive and then gave up on. There Are Nice pieces of furniture but they re Dusty and pushed in Corners. Interrupted beginnings the effect a achieved like Ginzburg s career. A Man who s started three successful magazines a Man who might be considered a Martyr for a free press he should be better known More controversial he should have left a stronger print. His Early career took him through several newspaper jobs and writing for Maga Zines like Reader s digest. In mid sos while working for Esquire he independently published a Book he d written called an unhurried View of it sold hard Back copies and allows him to say i netted More Money personally than Esquire mag Azine made in profits that Ginzburg betrays no bitterness about what s happened to him. Even the report of the presidential pornography com Mission elicits More of a shrug than a cry of vindication from him. I m delighted to see a greater amount of Freedom for sexual express he says of the report and the change of standards since his conviction but i m appalled at the Quality of the material. By proscribing sex the Law and the courts have Given it the allure of forbidden fruit and discouraged people from doing Beautiful he can say that for he s one dirty Magazine Man who s not embarrassed to have his children see his work. They re on the bookshelf in the living room where his son and his two daughters can read them but if he s not ashamed of Eros he s never wanted to revive it or continue in the sex Field. A lot of people who make dirty movies or print smutty magazines appear to concen trate on this Market because the buying Public will accept a technically Lousy product. Their desire for sexual mate rial is so great they la forget the bad photography the Blotchy makeup the inane text supplied by film makers and publishers who re incapable of manufacturing anything better. That was t the Case with Ginzburg who s an unusually competent professional. He did t put out a sex Magazine because that s All he could do but because he wanted to put out an extraordinarily Fine one which he did when that was Over instead of persisting and reopening under another name As a lot of these Guys do he began putting out an other publication which was also destroyed by the Law courts but in a different Way. This one was called fact. It was a political publication whose circulation ran up to before it ran an article in 1864 claiming that shrinks thought that Barry Goldwater was psychologically unfit to be president. For this Ginzburg got hit with a libel suit which Cost him in judgments and lawyer s fees when the jury found against him and for the senator. This Ginsburg has t gotten Over if the press cannot question in a forthright Way the sanity of a presidential candidate what can it say of one of the great plays of our time could be made of the transcript of that trial but i lost. Go figure that go figure that every allegation was documented chapter and verse. It was an outrage but then i m accustomed to out Man says he saw Adkins put lighted cigarette in car the expel hence got him to thinking that there was Money As Well As love in sex. His idea was to take the big new publishing hits of that period american heritage and Combine them into a subdued deluxe sex Magazine. Within a year Eros a hard Back quarterly had subscribers each paying today Back issues arc reported to go for apiece. Through its first three issues Eros escaped notice of the but the fourth and last Issue contained a handsome photographic essay of a Black and a White woman Mak ing love. The pictures were in color so that the contrasting tints of the skin made the lines of the lovers bodies even More pleasing to look at. The tone of the pictures is Cool very much that of Sculp Ture and about As erotic As a Rodin. If it s hot stuff you re looking for you la find better in any a rated but that s now and this was 1962. A handling inc. Employee told a Kanawha intermediate court jury Friday that he saw a West Side Man set fire to his own car during the school bus Drivers strike last november. Julius Hatcher of St. Albans said he saw Earl w. Adkins 40, of Wyoming Street Light a cigarette outside his car on Lee Street lean Back into the car with the cigarette and withdraw without it. Adkins then closed the car got into another car which was driven away Hatcher said. A few seconds after the Sec Ond car departed he told the jury a muffled explosion was heard and the car burst into flames. Hatcher was the first witness the innocence of Adkins. De to testify in the arson trial of Adkins which got under Way Friday. Adkins was a school bus Driver at the time of the fire and he had parked his car out Side the school bus lot beside the Tod Al inn on Lee Street across from the handling inc. Garage Adkins said. In opening statements the state contended that Adkins had set the fire to collect insurance on the car from Dairyland insurance co. Asst. Prosecutor Spencer Simpson indicated the state would produce a number of witnesses to substantiate the charge. The defense however count ered with the Promise to prove sense counsel Robert g. Perry said he also would produce a number of witnesses to disprove the charge against Adkins. During direct testimony Hatcher told of what he said he saw the Day of the fire. On Cross examination he Corv ceded that undoubtedly there a considerable both vehicular and when pressed on the subject Hatcher said he was against the bus Drivers strike but insisted that he had nothing against Adkins personally and his feelings about strikes had nothing to do with what he saw that Day. The trial will resume tucs Daj with the further Cross Examina the associated press tons As part of a Campaign of lion of Hatcher. Israel said Friday it has Pho hostility to Egypt with the Israel says evidence shows soviets in Suez amount of pedestrian traffic on Lee Street when the event took place around 8 . Hatcher said he watched from the driveway at handling inc. Hatcher described the strike activities during the several weeks As a and Perry elicited from him the statement that he opposes All to graphic and other evidence proving that russians arc Man Ning Sam 3 missiles deployed by Egypt along the Suez canal in violation of the Middle East cease fire. A military spokesman in Tel Aviv did not say what the other evidence was but observers believe it May include intercept to can russians and egyptians i at the Sites inside the cease fire g i n z b u r g was arrested Zinc on the leg Yuan held West tried and convicted and Ever since he s been trying to stay out of jail. It finished the Magazine and took almost All the Money the Man had in the world. My Legal fees alone have exceeded he says and it must be True for he s gone All the Way to the supreme court once where he lost and May have to go again. After inspecting the Maga Zine it s difficult not to be Lieve that Ginzburg was sentenced to the Penitentiary not for being dirty but for depict ing interracial sex. Such is the problem of attempting to de Fine what s called hard Core pornography and separate it out from Art and social com ment. However defined it z seems monstrous that Ginz Burg should have to go to jail for his sedate and Well done publication when other men go free to sell the Slop Piest clinical Amateur stuff that looks like it was done in a hotel with a Polaroid and some people picked up off the Street for an hour. Side of the canal. In Washington of confusing the revolutionary the United states pulled out of big four Deputy representatives. Press trans into removing soviet mis Siles from the Suez canal. Cairo radio declared that if the missiles Are moved any talks in an attempt to the russians and Egypt rehabilitation counselling de radio communications be where they will be moved for Ward where they can be More in 111 vocational rehabilitation personnel will offer counselling services every wednesday the popular front of the lib morning beginning nov. 4 in the Secretary cration of Ofila tement Palestine issued a in Beirut the la slate William p. Rogers backed Banes capital accusing Israel of going Back on a Deal by which the guerrillas released hijacked Airliner hostages. We shall Deal a Strong retaliatory blow to America s and Israel s failure to Honor their Side of the the statement said. The front says it released the last six american hostages after receiving assurances through the red Cross that Israel would free two algerians 10 lebanese soldiers and a number of guerrilla prisoners. Israel has said it would take no part in the Deal for the hostages. History teacher picked president up the israeli assertion. He said America has conclusive Evi Dence of egyptian violations in he canal truce zone and added i think beyond doubt soviet personnel have been there to assist in construction of those Sites for missiles. Both Rogers and the Tel Aviv spokesman were responding to a brusque Moscow denial that so Viet personnel were involved. Lingers said he was disappointed at the strident tone of the denial issued thursday by the soviet foreign minis try. The ministry accused the United slates of n slander Campaign against Russia and said the insinuation that soviet personnel were at the Suez missile Sites was an no Ikimis Moscow charged that Israel was violating the cease fire by constant flights a Over egyptian territory and with the construction of fortifications along the israeli Side of South Charleston recreation Center and the Dunbar City building. To qualify for vocational rehabilitation services a person must have a physical or mental disability to be unemployed As a result of such a disability and have expectations of getting a Job As a result of receiving services. Vocational re habitation offers the following services medical diagnosis psychological and so Cial diagnosis physical Restora Tion artificial appliances Job training transportation and maintenance Job placement follow up services guidance and counselling and tools Licen ses and equipment. Interested South Charleston and Dunbar residents who May be qualified May visit or con tact personnel at the two locations Between 9 . And noon. Ginzburg says he Only has three interests in life his family his work and physical fitness. It would take a Man that tightly put together to gather up begin again. Even so he could t have done it if he were Only a skilled editor or Only a Good writer but he s also an Able businessman. By the time Ginzburg had come to putting out Magazine number three Avant Gard he d mastered a method for publishing a Money making Magazine without any newsstand sales or Adver Tising. He d attract subscriptions through powerful Well designed ads. Then he d turn around and rent the names and addresses of subscribers to various mail solicitation companies. Last year he says name and address rent als brought him one half Mil lion dollars. You Don t have ads Sully ing the periodical and you Don t have advertisers Ham stringing you. You re no longer just a billboard. You have editorial he says although his detractors who consider Ginzburg a dangerously intelligent Rascal say that what you really have is a sophisticated operation for getting High Quality mail ing lists. Avant Gard now that it s attracted a Large subscription list is shifting into being a quarterly. Ginzburg blames this on his not being Able to find an Edi Tor for it while his time is taken up with periodical num Ber four a fortnightly news letter. Called Moncy Worth a Cut Down Rock pm sock pm version of consumer s guide that dispenses with that publication s honest but tedious technical analysis of Murchan disc. Making a general circular lion periodical pay on the basis of any formula is rare ant men who be done it arc As forcefully memorable As their magazines but not Ginzburg there is still something Fly by night about him something permanently inconsequential As though his business sense his flair for seeing the instant s Opportunity has crowded out tha capacity for looking fur Thor and better. He fails to make a Strong Mark and re Mains the Man at the top of the spiral stairs a Pale Man of professional sure Ness but replicator of other men s ideas and inspirations. The Charleston Gazette entered As second class matter a rhe Pott office at Charleston. W. A under the act cd March 1, established 1171 Independent democratic newspaper published Dally except sundly toy Tow daily Catete company at Loo i Virginia St., a. Charleston w. A. 2sho. Subscription rates Dally Wim sunday of Tutta mall by Carrier one so months three months one month one week daily Only by Carrier one year sin months. Ii thurr months 5j one month. One week by mall Dally and sunday one year six months three months one month by mall. Daily Only Ore year six months. Three one Montr special student ran 4 months ii 30 Kelley s men s shop fall Winter fashions Bruce Douglas suits 1m.c it 3.5 13.09 4.jo 1 1.13 the canal. Israel s Premier Golda in a radio broadcast to the a history teacher at Virginia state College c gels named Friday As acting Percsi r. Ecu Jent of the Charleston vd11 of the National association Check soil warns pious Holiday said the War is people. Not Over yet but predicted Garrett Weaver a former re peace Lay we she said that the peace will come because Iti for the first Wall in the Extension to the Dunbar City garage was erected Friday. Mayor Dana c. Thumm said construction was approved Sid ant of Chapel Hill n. C., by finance chairman places Richard Payne who Penn. R i the roof on the 25 by 23 foot c peace win limit i us Mac i in me room on me vital to our neighbors not after moving out of cup Odd re fun a Homeowner can lose much As to by failing to Check the soil before Mintri raft Ranii tinny fun building or buying cautions the soil conservation service than to ourselves. And when it stale. Paynes resignation Wajn Chi Wick the mayor said comes enormous reserves wiil accepted at an n Acap i itt be released for the Advance tic meeting. I mint of our Region and the a Caver who at North As pros panty of its inhabitants. Pc Arckina Central University ant i the University of North Carolina. Cairo radio charged the will serve until the election of United states withdrew from new officers in december. He special military t months All mail sub Hollans in the Itaf Are subject to current Consumers Salet rates. All mall subscriptions Civile in Advance. All carriers and dealers lire Index woj part contractor at the newspaper by corp. Checks Tor Advance tub scrip Tien payments should be pay Able to the Charleston As agent for carriers. All sub Ribers Wylong one Advance receive 17.80 discount Iron Tun above listed annual rate. Checks should be made payable to the Charleston Gazette Ard mailed to Trie Pia Book keeper. The Charleston Cadette. 1001 St. A. Charleston w. A. A saw. Subscribers wanting to take Vantage of Ducot it rut ten to tier carriers the Oujiri the current month making their Advance subscription effective the first of the following is non. Tale Carrier gets full credit and profit or subscription. 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