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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 4

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Charleston, West Virginia Readers9 forum the Charleston Gazette 4 10-10-70 vol.98 no. 242 editorials will Detroit produce bumper that bumps Allstate insurance co. Has begun an advertising Campaign aimed at forcing car manufacturers to install bumpers that Are something More than Decora Tive. Practical minded persons have never known whether to laugh or cry at de troit s modern bumpers some of which Don t extend in front of the car s Hood some of which have lights fixed in them none of which is capable of absorbing the slightest blow. A bumper should be Able to protect a car from damage when it strikes or is struck by an object at 5 Miles per hour. Engineers have Long held that this mini mum Protection is possible if bumpers were built and installed with safety in mind. Allstate May not like to face the fact but its Campaign is precisely the Campaign which consumer advocate Ralph Nader began Long ago. Allstate s Campaign however May be considerably More effective. Its ads Are read by millions of people. Let us Hope that millions of people will ask Detroit Why it refuses to produce a bumper that bumps As a bumper should. Here is Why it should the insurance information Institute Itas released test figures which show a marked decrease in damage resistance in 1970 Model cars. The result has been a jump of 15 per cent in insurance company payments resulting from traffic Acci dents. Another insurance study earlier this year reported the average Cost of a front end Accident to four different makes of compact can at 5 Miles per hour was when the Speed was 10 Miles per hour the average repair Cost was this jump in costs Means higher insurance rates. Higher insurance rates can mean fewer car purchasers. We sincerely Hope Detroit won t ride a sales de crease just in order to continue manufacturing paper thin bumpers unprotected Grilles and Ether vulnerable features. Communism is unsuppressed in America Don t kid yourself some not the United slates of from an anti communist Complex. In the United no matter How Blind some americans May communist party is free to organize to Campaign even to elect As free in these respects As Tho Republican and democratic parties. Unpopular and suspect though they be communists in the United states enjoy unlimited Access to the same free Doms of speech press and this happens to be material from a daily mail editorial of oct. 7, but it could have been spoken or written by any inmate of a mental institution. The editorial concludes rather defensively and to no apparent purpose does anyone suppose that under the system Sec up by the communists for eign or Domestic anti communists would enjoy the same Freedom of thought and movement that communists enjoy in Tho United Tho suppression of democratic Princi Ples by communist dictatorships hardly has anything to do with whether America suppresses democratic principles but you never know about Tho daily mail. Perhaps Tho question is suggesting that a lot of repression in Russia justifies a Little repression Over hero. We Don t know frankly what the ques Tion Means. Let us move Back to the claim that american communists enjoy the same political rights As other Ameri cans. This is a forthright assertion and re quires a forthright response. It is incredible nonsense. For 35 years official government policy has supported an implacable cold War against communism a cold War that has Cost americans billions upon billions of dollars and social advancement beyond estimate. In its frenzy to combat communism our country has embraced some of the most despicable dictators the world has produced and at this moment is mired in a mindless asian War All because of Blind anticommunism. Even West Virginia Law is intolerant of communists. An election Law designed without apology to keep communists off the ballot was Felt last fall curiously by George c. Wallace. One need not exam Ine Legal obstructions such As this How Ever to discern the obstacles that Are incessantly placed in the path of communists by americans who profess to tolerate unpopular ideas and institutions. Congress has repeatedly passed Legisla Tion intended to harass communists and courts which find such legislation unconstitutional arc subjected to organized abuse. Only the courts have prevented representatives of the people from Sim ply declaring communism against the Law. Communists arc routinely denounced As enemies of the slate throughout the length and breadth of Tho Schook churches club meetings Lodge Halls Legislatures newspapers and saloons. They arc barred from the ballot in South Vietnam where american troops arc ostensibly fighting for democracy and no More than a handful of Ameri cans has dared to complain of such an inconsistency. He who in t aware of the official National attitude toward communism simply in t aware of anything. Roberts. Elegant ultimate nonsense the los Angeles times Munich Home thoughts from abroad five months after my last visit Are confused and bemused partially be cause letters from readers keep to in touch. They Range from Praise to abuse which is More interesting. Two pseudonymous letters evoke a Grant fancies of introducing those Puta Tive cousins a real american and out raged american. Real urges me to move to Israel because i am wholly Jerusa Lem. Outraged addresses me As idiot somewhat familiarly since we have not met he Calls my views baloney and because i am obviously prejudiced the arabs. Having at various times been called communist and fascist i am not particularly disturbed by labels. I am however disturbed at the intense emotional commitments substituting for thought which inspire such outbursts. A few months ago i deplored the ideology nation of nations and individuals. I tried to show that total commitment to rigid positions or creeds impedes both Clear thinking and effective action. I was not wholly successful. A lady who did sign her name endorsed my thesis but requested elucidation. I shall try again. Perhaps the Best approach is oblique through the ques Tion what is a a Liberal i believe analyses each Issue from the ascertain Abl facts Al ways seeking the greatest Good for Tho greatest number. Opposing majority Tyr Anny Over the minority he resists the minority s dictating to the majority. He stands for maximum Liberty for each individual who docs not injure others. The definition May to old fashioned in a technological society surrounded by mass Moulin. Rut i cannot say better than that the Liberal thinker approaches each Issue on its own preconceptions. I was therefore amused at Reading a passionate letter in the los Angeles times linking me with William Buckley while setting to against Max la incr. Since both Are friends of mine i can test that proposition against experience. On almost All most for i find myself in rough agreement with Lerner. Buckley and i disagree on almost All Vietnam and muscovite imperialism though our specific analyses diverge. That particular phenomenon hints at a general conclusion. Illiberal intolerance normally characteristic of the extreme right and the extreme left seem today to possess Large numbers of americans who would reject either classification. We have apparently allowed ourselves to become polarized by emotion hyperbole and deliberate manipulation. It seems to me both illiberal and self deceiving to Pigeon Hob men and women according to their attitude toward one one As important As Vietnam. Some important than fancied injustice to anyone who invites rebuttal by stating his views publicly is destroy ing the arbiter s objective judgment. One is identified As a communist for advocating recognition of red and a fascist for supporting Tho Vietnam War. It happens that Tho Basic motivation is the seme bringing China into the Community of nations As an equal non Bellicose member. Ono can recognize the need to support Israel because Tho United states is so heavily committed while acknowledging that the israeli position is not totally impeccable. The purpose is preserving Western interests and avoiding subsequent confrontation with Tho russians. One can incidentally recognize mos cow s great Power imperialism without being a professional anti communist. But Many americans seem to want fist and simple definitions. They would like the world neatly divided into Good Guys and bad woe betide the observer who finds the Good Guys not All Good or lha bad Guys not All bad. Such Ultima to nonsense threatens to overwhelm american thinking. Sloganeering is easier than thinking. Mean while the poor battered Liberal trudges along trying As Best he can to judge each Issue on its own a few Basic moral principles. Copyright 1570 Why not make America better v editor the Gazette Back in the bad old Days of the 30s when the u. S. Was waiting for Germany to get built up so that we could have a Largo War instead of just a Small one no Ono could find any work to do. No one seemed to notice that Germany was building a network of super highways or beefing up her military. It s a shame that we could t have also built some really Good highways. I would think that weft Virginia could really have benefited from the construction of some really Good East West highways. But just what about a people that would use their Young men for Cannon you Don f seem to understand the system is what drove me Here in the first fodder because everyone was too stupid to think of some gainful employment. Are these Good people do these people deserve the mercy and Blessing of god i think not i think that any group of people that would use the fines of their Young men for Cannon fodder with All that implies Are a wicked Bunch of devils and deserve to be severely punished. And i am quite certain that they will be. However this does t mean that we of the newer generations have to use our Yourg people for Cannon fodder. We can pass some social legislation and make some projects that will make America Beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. Bill j. Bloomer Yanceyville n. C. Ayres appreciated editor the Gazette May i use your forum to express appreciation for two talented and civic minded citizens of Charleston our Beautiful Sunrise and Art gallery grounds Are due to Tho tireless efforts of these less people. I am sure everyone who is enjoying these Lovely spots joins to in saying thank you celesta and Dick y Katharine 745 Myrtle rd., Charleston need More of it editor the Tho editorial mccarthyism is alive and in the u. S. Senate sept 15 seemingly gives Tho impression that mccarthyism is described As 1 loyalty to America and 2 distaste for communism is some form of evil prevalent in our country. What we need is not less mccarthyism As described in 1 and 2 if we Are to survive As a free and inde pendent people. George Henderson 304larewave. Buckley Rev. Lester Kinsolving s religion wasted Black Power lot Joseph Kraft they Don t care Van Guys Calif. Around the Cor Ner from the struck general motors Plant Here in the san Fernando Valley the labor movement maintains a political education office. Men willing to work for labor backed candidates Are excused from picketing which is otherwise required for strike benefits. But on a typical morning the other Day Only two out of some strikers showed up to do political work. They just Don t rive a William Ross the office director lamented. And that indifference spells very bad news for democratic candidates who have been counting heavily on the recession. To be sure people Are hurting Here. Employment in Tho los Angeles area averages Over 6 per cent because of the drop in aerospace activity. Highly paid jobs in manufacturing Are very difficult to find. The average pm worker now on strike makes Only about annually. After buying groceries and making regu Lar payments on a House and car very Little is left Over for saving. But there arc so Many different Hedges against economic trouble that nobody seems desperate. A couple of Hundred pm workers Are supplementing their strike benefits to per week with welfare payments for dependent child Ren. Another Hundred or More have found jobs through the Union in meat packing plants and on the docks. Many More Are moonlighting on the quiet. Interviews with men in Tho Union Hall showed a variety of devices being used to Cushion against the Impact of the strike. Jess Carmona a forklift operator has t been Able to find a Job himself. But his wife has and he has two Foster children for whom the state pays monthly. William Todd an inspector at the Plant acknowledges that if the strike went on for two or three months i could be in bad but he s built up some savings through a part time Job Selling cleaning products door to door. Right now he does t feel the Pinch too bad Frank values an assembler with 15 years Cypei Cnoc has a different Cushion. He owns a second House. I m All he says until the Guy who rents stops paying he s also an Auto worker. Matt Thomson a Relief Man is simply tightening his Belt. We re missing the luxury of going to a show or taking mom out to he says. He finds that the chief inconvenience is that being around the House so much makes everybody these random comments Are con firmed by the evidence of Frank Shaw a supervisor at the Plant who is the strike committee chairman for local 645 of Tho United Auto workers. Most of the Guys arc not up against it to says. I know because i can go out wearing a jacket with the Union insignia and no body hits me on the head. Everybody s Friendly and Shaw himself has built up some savings for the strike through a second Job managing an apart ment House. Political feelings in these Circum stances arc not running especially High. Most of Tho men say they will vote democratic and there seems of be a bitterness against gov. Ronald Reagan because welfare benefits were held up for a while. John Latray an assembler who was one of the two men who showed up to a political work says i be registered to vote for the first time since i moved Here eight years ago because i can t live no More with but Fau More typical is Ronald Rogers a Telic Man at the Plant. I Don t think this strike will affect politics at he Martinez who has been handling problems for the men tends to blame the social workers As the governor. And Shaw acknowledges we re supporting democratic candidates but we can t give them a lot of time. The strike is the front with working Man turning off on poll tics despite economic pressures bread and butter democrats Are in obvious trouble. Union political workers despair of electing Jess Unruh the former democratic Leader of the Assembly from Inglewood who is running against gov. Reagan As Tho Friend of the poor Man and foe of the special interests. The Only two democrats whom Union politicos can see As winners statewide in California Are John Tunney who is fight ing sen. George Murphy s bid for re elec Tion and Jerry Brown who is running for Secretary of state. Tunney of course is the son of the former heavyweight Champion and Brown is the exact former gov. Edmund g. Brown. Both men Ore running far More on yesterday s memories than on today s economic issues. And it is probably fair to say that unless conditions Worsen dramatically the economic Issue will be weak Here in California and i the coun try at Large. Port of Spain Trinidad at his baptism in Trinity Cathedral Here he was named by his godfather the Rev. Canon w. A. Lamont for another anglican episcopal priest the Rev. Stokely Doorley principal of Queens Royal col lege. His aunt Louise de Souza recalls that in his childhood he never had disciplinary problems in school or with the was an unusually quiet and unassuming boy. Still there were occasions when Young Stokely Carmichael could be effectively argumentative. At age 8, while attending miss Staford s private school to was rebuked by Ono of the teachers for keeping company with what she labelled untidy and underprivileged. Replied Stokely miss Annie Don t you know the verse of the hymn whether yellow Black or White we Are precious in his sight Jesus loves the Little children of the commented miss Annie to his parents watch this Little child he has something in two years later his Mother the Beautiful wife of a widely respected Cabinet maker and Home builder named Adolphus Carmichael noticed that her Young son was making a habit of wrap Ping up part of the luncheon he ate at explaining that he was in a hurry. She found from the teachers that Stokely was feeding one of his class mates who often came to school hungry. Besides this precocious sense of com passion Voung Stokely had excellent Scholastic records at Tranquility boys government school Here As Well As in the Bronx where he moved in 1952 and As a philosophy major at Washington s Howard University. Yet despite this auspicious beginning Stokely Carmichael today is not allowed to re enter his native most of the other Caribbean the United kingdom. And what May Well intercepted message oct. 10, 1970 dear Pete that particular Oil is one natural re source West Virginia will gladly do without. Yours Peter Zurbuch giving reassurance City Story on Page 24 have driven him up the the Point of urging the assassination of the prime ministers of both Trinidad and that he cannot complain that these exclusions arc due to White racism. For the governments of both nations Are almost entirely Black. So is the staff of Trinidad s Lead big newspaper the guardian which recently commented i the fact that in a 75-minute press conference yesterday in Guyana Carmi Chael spoke of killing and murder 14 times should make any person of aver age intelligence see him for what he really frustrated person whose mind is Bent purely on violence in order to fulfil his dreams. The internationally known advocate of race hatred. Vituperation have pointed up a narrow Rancour which no West Indian society can the guardian noted that on March 27, on a to show Carmichael held that Adolf Hitler was the greatest White Man in history. The newspaper also noted the comment of . Col. David James of Pensacola a Black officer who has flown 157 combat missions in Korea and Viet Nam men like Sto Kulcy Carmichael Are acting As if they speak for the negro people. They Don t and they be set the civil rights movement Back 100 years. When we go Home Well have to live Down the trouble he and other idiots like him have Carmichael s aunts and his godfather who live Here have not heard from him in More than a decade. They believe his change came about Over the anguish he experienced in seeing brutal treatment of Blacks in the . On the other hand one of his aunts Elaine ocl run says Trinidad needs no Black and she recalls somewhat wistfully that at one time Stokeley always praised Trinidad and always re cited the words of our National Anthem to negroes in the . Where every Creed and race finds an equal place Trinidad has had its Independence for eight years. Carmichael s Brand of Black Power is recognized by an Over whelming majority of this predominantly Black nation As meaning Power Only for certain Blacks. In nearby Guyana this Spring there was such a negative reaction to Carmichael that at one College they had to Call the police to protect him. No matter what the justification it is sad to sc3 so potentially Good a Man turned to violence and away from the motto of his land of birth together to to copyright 1370 Russell Baker papa could t take it new York times service Washington the fondest dream of Many an american father came True last summer for Walter cat cry. His son Leroy had his hair Cut. Walter did not immediately recognize the Beautiful kempt Young Man who strode into his House. Arc you from the Fri or from the credit Walter asked him with a resignation that amounted to a plea of guilty in either Case. Come off it the boy said. I m to was indeed. Walter was convinced of it As soon As he heard Tho voice. In appearance however the lad was an absolute stranger. Three years earlier at the age of 16, Leroy had begun to let his hair grow. In the past 18 months the boy had affected the hair and clothing styles of Lionel Barrymore in his memorable performance As Rasputin. Since Walter s last look at the boy s jaw Lino and brow Leroy s face had secretly become broader and Flesher behind its hairy covering. The Sweet if slightly corrupt 16-year-old face which Walter had always associated with his son was gone. In its place was Tho face of an alien. Walter did not much like it. He Felt that impulse to ask where have you put Leroy s he restrained the impulse. After All he reflected this face was what he had yearned for. Leroy s jaw was beautifully shaven. His hair trimmed to two inches at the Forelock could have passed inspection from the White House staff. Walter noted for the first time that Leroy s ears were much too big for his Skull which was decidedly lopsided on account of a Flat spot on his right rear quadrant. Leroy s neatly pressed Gray Slacks Gray sports jacket Gray shirt and Gray Necktie set off by a Marc loudly polished pair of Gray shoes was the Ward Robe which Walter had dreamed for years of seeing on his son. My he said trying to sound emotional you have made your father very while he was saying this Walter later recalled he Felt oddly unhappy. He had the most terrible Sensa Tion of not liking this Leroy very much or perhaps of being threatened by him. Did he after All really want a son who could be mistaken for an Fri Man or a credit Bureau agent said Leroy. I have seen the Light and Cut my that Means you no longer believe in the Waller asked. As the hair was falling from my ears the Scales fell from my Leroy said. I saw that the revolution would be bad for the system. And now that my hair is Short i can see that the Sytch is though not perfect the Best of All possible and you Don t want to change any thing not since my Leroy said. I want my wife to be just like and you re not going to fool around with these crazy protesters any Ami the that can be gained Only at the Barber Leroy said. I now see that it is often Neces sary for great Powers to devastate Small countries in order to keep hair Short throughout the free i guess you re through with that loud music i from now Leroy said All i want to hear is Bing Crosby and the Andrews no More Rock Waller asked. No More nude bathing no More dad you and mom were Leroy said. There is Joy enough for every one watching prime time television of America s three great commercial net and you la go to College and work hard for Good grades so you can get a Good Job with an expense account and a Gray suit and marry the kind of girl who can pass a Security Check by one of America s great corporations and the two of you can have two and a half children like typical americans and two and a half cars and go into heavy debt to buy the new Miracle fabrics that will make you twice a thanks to my new Leroy said i would t have life any other Way. I will Campaign for More Cost overruns at the Pentagon Extension of the congressional seniority system beyond Tho grave greater inequity in our tax Laws and the return of Tail fins on american it will be just like it was in the 1950s, All Over again Only More Walter said. Leroy nodded his lopsided head with the water Jug ears and excused himself to go practice a Little expense account padding. Walter says he Felt disappointed. This moment of which he had dreamed so Jong seemed merely Bleak. He Felt that he had lost something. Could it have been a son he wondered. Since that Day Walter has not had his hair Cut i

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