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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Charleston, West Virginia He Altti column offers Good advice to All 9 a. The Charleston Gazette the state newspaper Charleston. West Virginia monday Momma. January 23, 1961 20 cents Valley edition 1 forecast Snow and continuing cold. High Page 4. Red official asks world to disarm War not inevitable. Report to communist brass states Suslov a top soviet theorist sunday night called for a program of Universal disarm Ament which would abolish the very possibility of wag ing he made his Call in a report to communist world at the Ainscow the soviet communist Emral committee on the out a but miscalculated Signom come of last november s Moscow he asserted. The mos Summit meeting of world comm icon meeting demonstrated the nist leaders. Suslov s statement As quoted by the soviet Tass news Agency touched on Many known soviet positions. It carried the usual great ideological and theoretical maturity and strength of the International communist movement and its the manifesto issued by Kennedy aides Confer on secret talk report i j a he m. To Java f attack on imperialist Daggres file communist leaders Siou but president Kennedy s first week in the White any direct accusations against the United states. Suslov Secretary of the Central j committee the red Summit conference War is not fatally inevitable. Although the nature of imperialism has not changed mighty forces have now emerged capable of foiling its aggressive he said. Suslov declared the time has come when it is possible to curb the attempts of imperialist aggressors to touch off a world i War when it is possible to Avert he then waded in with a re Newal of Premier Khrushchev s Long advocated demands for uni a Versal and Complete disarm a ment. This he said is the realistic Way to strengthen peaceful coexistence Between states of Dif Ferent social systems. The realization of this pro Gram would abolish the very possibility of waging Suslov said the enemies of communism had lived with the secret Hope that ideological differences Between red China and Russia i would split the leaders of the 9 men killed in air crash As an endorsement of Khrushchev s peaceful coexistence line and rejection of red China s i position that War with the capitalist world is inevitable. Suslov also used the occasion please turn to Page 4 col. S details of Nikita Parley not told by Lewis Gulick Kennedy met with top foreign policy advisors sunday and received a secret report on soviet Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev s talk with the u. S. Ambassador in Moscow. Kennedy also chose a number of new sub Cabinet officials in details on foreign policy eluding an under Secretary of problems were discussed the Navy who used to be in Ken a Moscow has been pushing for a Nedy s world War ii of boat resumption of East West Neotia one shot saved pfc. Charles Kern of it. Campbell by. Faced with the necessity of getting his car fixed to be Able to drive it he donated it to his outfit the second howitzer battalion for target practice. In upper photo he examines Cannon before taking the car to a target Range. He aimed the shot and fired it himself. In Bottom photo he examines the results of his direct hit Sonville re. Squadron. The under Secretary to be is Paul Fay jr., a san fran Cisco businessman Ami a re publican. Fay stopped by at the White House briefly during a Busy round of Kennedy activations. At a standstill since the u2 incident and Summit blowup last May. I on the question of state department organization Salinger had no announcements except to confirm that Minneapolis Tribune writer Carl t. Rowan had been ties. In another action Kennedy a offered the Job of Deputy Assis car ready to Park alongside Sis pointed a special three Man panel it ant Secretary for Public affairs. A wire photos Ito study the problems of said Rowan has neither a in government and conflict of in a copied nor rejected the offer yet. Twiest. Rowan 35, a negro said sat this group headed by Calvert urday that he would announce to Magruder. Former chief judge of Day or later whether to accept. The first . Circuit court of has been with the Tribune peals is to report its findings to since 1948 and has written books Kennedy by March 15. And Given Many lectures dealing the new president s foreign with the problems of negroes policy session with Secretary of state Dean Rusk and under Sec i rotary Chester Bowles was his Kennedy invited Franklin first major White House get to gather on state department prob lems and strategy on How to Deal global troubles ranging from Cuba and Laos to dealing Khrushchev. With a. Roosevelt or. And his wife Toj i dinner at the White House. Salm a Ger described it As a social Gath Jering. Another invited guest was artist William Walton also a Erlewi Mercury plunges Snow m n t us forecast to record lows for state York Backer of Kennedy. J according to previous a noun i cements Roosevelt has been of a and Bowles plus Spe Ifred a the new and Cial presidential assistant Ralph i what it be has sat in on the White i Nam Lumi i House luncheon session which lasted about hours. Presidential press Secretary Pierre Salinger said the meeting dealt with matters affecting organization of the state depart i i ment and policy. He said Rusk has reported to i Kennedy on what was described Sian initial report filed by there has been speculation be might be named assistant Secre a tary of state for inter american affairs. I mighty a one year old Chihuahua is ready for anything old Man water can dish out As temperatures plunged below Zero across much the nation. A Turtle neck sweater booties and a fur-., ii aed Boot provide All the Protection needed by the clog whose Hometown of Peoria. 111., is one of the cold spots. Strike spreads West Goldberg joins Railroad talks new York _ Imp bounced to will allow vision of All president Kennedy s news conferences. Labor last Friday the Central Cut the White House also an Arthur j. Goldberg to make Cleveland in live Tele Down sunday with City state effect the Eastern termin officials to try to Narl a two i Creek old Railroad strike which was a f service Salinger in statin this remained after the Cleveland ambassador Llewellyn Thompson Sejd a Kennedy meetings spreading l e the Central said this Jon Thompson s two hour private the press will be held in the was Between Detroit and Chicago j talk saturday with Khrushchev. State department auditor i picketing by tug and ferryboat and Elkhart lid. Bos West Virginia was being stung several hours later Kennedy Jum some sex blocks from the worker virtual la Short Clowis Ai d mass. And by biting cold temperatures in sent Kuhni Sychev a message House i Utica n. A. North ing readiness to cooperate with the new president s first news Jiuu e by tiie associated press Honolulu a huge u. A Navy Constellation crashed on Midway Island at a. M. Hawaiian time a. M. Est by the associated press tired the record Low Mark of -24 record cold hammered temper set feb. 10. 1943. Allentown. Natures below Zero from Virginia Hac to the Northern Border for taking four lives. All who genuinely seek peace. The dropping the Mercury to the the Jan. To 19o4. Mark. The in Messa Ife a in to Rnmus-30s in new England and ton forecast More Snow for Cable of congratulations from Northern Minnesota. I record lows posted for the Day. But the Bureau said yet too Early to sunday morning s extremes a for next Liaf Cion s Ewen Cay. North to Massena and largest rail Burg. N. V. Is yat3p.il. Road As they moved nto the Central said All Kennedy news conferences land s big Union terminal and iwo shipments throughout i a Date were morning s at Urbany a new Snow would fall. Sunday killing six Crew 34 below at r above at meanwhile the Mercury was and three men on the ground. Jminn., and 33 below at Norfolk. And 1 above at Phila pushing on the wrong end of the Conn. Gordonsville. In Virginia reported 6 below. Freez other Jow readings included -29 ing weather gripped the eastern1 at old town Maine -26 at Leb half of the nation penetrating anon deep into the Gulf states and Flor Ida. Clear skies brought Little re Lief during the Day and More a Barber s Point naval air station spokesman said the radar Laden aircraft with 2 z men aboard apparently landed Short of the swerved ran into the crash Crew and flipped on its Back. It burst into flames. There were injuries among the i surviving crewmen. Thermometer despite the prominence sunday of cold s equalizer Kennedy conferred Bowles and Dungan after he had attended Church services his first As president heard a prayer for peace. Salinger declined Durnford. Maine.1 Low Zero Early sunday. Beckley it. And -10 at had 3 below. Bluefield 2 below White Plains n. Y. N. A -23 at arid Newport to say _ thing further about the Thompson Flat top reported alow of 5 he give newsmen will not have to identify Yards. Themselves and the organizations j three unions struck they represent As they did for Eisenhower. The press Secretary said the majority of a Cosmer he talked favored the new policy. Kennedy will announce each please turn to 4 col. 2 and i the Cen trial and 10 other railroads opera Ting tugs and ferries in the new York area Jan. 9. They gradually widened their picketing activities shutting Down one Sec Tion of the Central after tiie other As they moved Westward. Freight mile system would be ended effective immediate in. Cold was fore this morning planes to p weather the spokesman said the plane s i " e rigorous weather siege fuselage broke open. Was Nard of Mankind with at later it was reported that the 70 deaths specifically at injuries to the surviving Crew of to Butch to such causes As exit minor. The Hawaii based Constellation left Tan. If on a. Routine operational flight a f res resulting from trolling from Midway to the Aleu i axed heating systems. I 10. Roads still were throughout most of state police said. Hazardous1 the state. Boston s official Low Mark was expected be g above but readings in the minus 10-20 Range were reported from Inland suburbs. New York City shivered in Early morning 12-Degrec weather. Tiie upper Mississippi Valley postre Snow shovelling exertion was very cold -24 at a tilth to the weather since the traffic crashes i icy roads iat Minneapolis St. Paul and -4 at storm began thursday. Two mar Milwaukee. Ginsburg men were stricken total in the Southeast. Atlanta s by heart attacks while Wheeling 2. Martinsburg and always with san town 3. Elk tvs 4. Parkers Burg 5. Charleston 7 and four deaths have been at Over deciding who will pay v How much is big problem _. By Don Marsh place to live or a bad one. They for example Helmut Hoitz. A Tian islands. Freeze extended Over much Mark was 10 degrees above Snow. A Dunbar Man suffered a i Rev May be Why your House in t the1 certified Public accountant who the plane took off from Midway of the Florida Peninsula where and Birmingham had 14. It Wasja fatal heart attack while putting1 no function of government at one you d hoped for or that your works in the slate tax Depari at p. M. Hawaii time sat a Jacksonville and Orlando above Zero at Louisville on his car. And a Handy feds Mure people More directly car is older than you prefer ment. Examined one in Day and was finishing its mis cd 24 above and Vero Beach had 17 at Memphis and 2fi at Newman was burned to death its Power to charge taxes yet for All their importance source of Sion when the Accident Chilly 23. Orleans in the widespread in Mcdowell county collect them. Discussion of taxes usually is re and the weather was Good. I a -2g at Hartford. Conn., itch Early hours saturday. Goldberg sitting m on be Here said he Aud pres ident Kennedy discussed the situation just before he left was lung Jion sunday acid consider it a matter of grave concern i is the first matter i tried re attend to eve before i was sworn he said. The new labor Secretary joined new York gov. Nelson a. Rocke Feinier and mayor Robert f. Wag Ner at the negotiations Here. The strike by 6g4 members of three maritime unions has nil tailed food supplies and halted service for commuters who use Hudson River ferryboat and the new Haven and new York Centra railroads. Important killer of the red Fox Goldberg saturday telephoned Revenue the business inc governor and offered his co tax and in ending the walkout. It is always present. There is is rioted to specialists. Even Thev Rockefeller told newsmen he a tax on bom ithe Cost of have trouble. They rarely agree Tiow were the rates arrived would keep in touch with the la a birth certificate and a tax on on who is Able to pay on How at 1s he that ome Bor Secretary. Dying tone per cent of the cof much should be paid and on the businesses pay a greater or lesser 200-year-old secret to be told Glasgow Scotland up a the present keeper of the secret the name of a murderer who and gossip in Highland villages scottish Schoolboy will soon be is a grading Middle aged nurse knows what misfortune might be and set right another chapter in told a 200-year-old family secret Mary Stewart Penman who lives fall me Scotland s name of the Man who killed in the Highland Village of a have been associated secret is a direct result Colin Campbell Tho ked Fox Lac Hulish. She was in when her he Highlands All my life and if of Blin w Prince Charlie s at of Glen re. Grandi Mcle. Rov. Alexander Stew this Man s name Young David Reid will then Art Mcinnes late Dean of Gargyi Lipnight cause trouble in the Glens the first keeper of the and the called Hor into Island bring me bad Luck. I secret in More than two and swore her to secrecy j but my Nephew is not Assoc who has not been sworn to so the name of Campbell s killer Jated with Hie Highlands. He has Crecy. Handed Down to him by his lived All his life in Glasgow. So the death of Colin Campbell in father whose Mother. Mary Stew a i will leave it 10 him to jell a Highland Forest on May of Appin told him. 17.v2. Still baffles scholars and historians. It provided the plot Penman now plans to for Kolwit units Stevenson s a pass sem., on of Mous novel Nephew. Now 15-year-old David plans but i will not bind him. To to end Ilic secrecy by revealing can loll the name if lit the name Liam led Down through she said i was sworn to secrecy Eli Herndon of for Gunc Rolion of land have not even told my three Tii family. I Sisters and my brother. If i speak to Rouse the clans to c turn Page -1 col. Laugh it off Fin s Price. There arc Federal taxes and state taxes. There arc City taxes and county taxes. There arc big taxes and Little taxes. There Are direct taxes and hid Den taxes. They divert income Transfer ring private purchasing Power to Public agencies. The Way this Transfer is accomplished and the amount invoked. Influences cd Way it should be collected. This has been particularly Tnie in West Virginia and for years the state has operated on a tax income most authorities said was inadequate. What s More there is general agree ment that in some cases the Burden has Heen unfairly placed. The result has been that the state not Only is receiving too lit the world the name of this Man if he Schoolboy David says Why should the identify of the killer he kept n secret now it ran Liurni no one. If my mint tells me die name of the Man who fired the shot then i will Tell. It will end a lot of speculation Tryone s life. J no. You say Well the state tie Money but far too often Hasi j chamber of Commerce estimates been receiving from the a Copley j West virginians will pay about and businesses least Able to pay 27.6 per cent of their incomes in it taxes during the next fiscal year. J that comes out to about for each Man woman and child. Distinguishing Marks usually pot a blonde on either taxes can he the reason i your child is receiving the kind1 of education you d planned for him or the reason he they can be the reason your lie s Are smooth or have holes in Thorn. They May to response Jalc for your town being a Good phone ave. Wilh door huge on blocked by share than others is there a logical pattern in its application the governor at the a he said he was unable to find time also reported that a rational answer to any of his Progress was made saturday questions adding the Only sex i night and Early sunday in the be Plantation remaining therefore got nations. Must be the frantic search for details were not disclosed. Revenue in an emergency and the if everybody works together imposition of the highest rates this will come out All the the traffic would governor s press Secretary. Rob thu re Are other taxes that or l. Mcmanus. Quoted him 3? seem unfair. One study showed saying. For instance that a family with an income of a year pays 7.7 per event of it in various sales taxes. A family with an income of on the other j hand pays Only 2.9 per cent in 1 sales taxes. J but this is Only part of a larger Cross word Puzzle j problem. Its essence is that the editorials. Columns i present system fair or not does Gazette want Inot Supply the Money needed i or Goren on Bridge services West virginians wan health for today land expect. Obituary. Of metals this has been Domun Stratf of sports pages Many studies on newly television. Comparative basis. West Virginia women s activities i please turn to Pago col. 7 youth news. I Page amusements. 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