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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 3

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Charleston, West Virginia Hodges urges action Boondo gling hit by Commerce chief Washington secrete try of Commerce Luther h. Edges pledged Friday that if the Job of reviving depressed areas is Given to his thing organized labor he will not let it become a Boon or make work opera Tion. Urging Swift action of 1 it is Cut Kennedy s million de pressed areas program Hodges told a House banking subcommittee More Thau 100 City areas and an As yet undetermined number of Rural sections must have Federal help i curing persistent unemployment. Supporting Kennedy s proposals Hodges sought to quiet concern lest industries be pulled away from some economically healthy areas in the course of pumping life into ailing regions. Hodges was Lead off witness As the banking group began hearings on the depressed areas one of those near the top of Ken Nedy s priority list of anti recession measures. He backed the proposed Loans gatutday.reb.25.mi tote Charleston Gazette Atlas scores Cape a missile operational late this because of the will boost the present Atlas Gle produces greater surf Ace heat. Me u m propelled by the most guidance system and the similar Cones flew the 7000 mile of Fin set of . Rocket engines Ever ability of the nose Cone to with-1r-Ourse twice before and on two use w Ficon the 82 foot intercom Inen stand More intense re entry Fli fats covered 9 000 Tai Range giant blazed smoothly heat. Away from its launch pad spurt Jing a Tail of fire As it sped toward its target 400 Milf West of Cape j a 31 v to town South Africa. The Good flight was the first for mule it in Tell pcs Washington male and be i additional thrust plus 13 per alter three test manures in Ocio november and january. Officials were additional failure. Lav Force plans 13 Atlas each with 9 to i2 mis Early bases will deploy Forbes air Force mile Dis base Kan., and Warren air base. Wyo. Three huge engines which up a total of 400.000 pounds of to Trust drive the e rocket. This compares with pounds for i tie. Operational d Model Atlas. Force malt applicants for the United cent Shier engine Assembly will mine workers school of the improved rocket to carry a larger nuclear -.varhc-ad, or Sinai Nursia at Harlan. In Ink rvs Ved and u by. E d i in j u v v. U to have tin. In Niven 1 j dining Maren Ami i will be held a in j Bishop Mellow a in March 25 Ana at Beck a _ Alv on april 15. For More into a speak Here sunday aviation write the school of pro a fess Jimial nursing. Miners pending legislation was Dis cussed thursday at a meeting Here of the West Virginia Assn. Of county officials which was later Host at a dinner for gov. Barren and state officials. Shown at the meeting Are from left former sheriff David e. Tuckwiller of Greenbrier county Kanawha county commissioner a. H. Glenn Kanawha county prosecutor Charles m. Raleigh county sheriff c. A. Thompson1 and Cabell county sheriff Harold Frankel. Conference will speak at 11 a. M. I sunday in Elizabeth memorial greeks to visit Canada j methodist Church. Bridge and Athens a greek prime Myrtle roads South Hills. Minister Consi Amine Karamanlis his subject will be at tie feet j will visit Canada april 13-14 with of Rev. C. R. Bright is foreign minister Evanghelos a the Church pastor. Erot f in his official party. Mcdonough Caperton Shepherd Goldsmith general insurance Lyons office furniture stenographer s desk chair Strong. Attractive All Metal construction 60 118 Baldwin Supply co. 6-9661 or. Martin or or. More a members hear labor and Grants to encourage Industrial if growth As the Best approach for spurring the recovery of chronically depressed regions. It better at least to try this a of thing than just to hand out a to Day arcuate press the Cabinet officer Sug Jeraber opposing views of West Vir Ginia s labor climate were aired thoughts by of. S. Roger Tyler minister tested. Without listing them Hodges said that As of january a total of 103 major and 83 smaller struggling with sub Stantial and persistent a employ we must add to this the Rural areas of unemployment whose at their Spring meeting in Charleston. Jack Maurice editor of the Charleston daily mail presented management s vow of labor. Fudge cake. False King and the Happy Warrior attend the Church of your Choice watch and Pray that Yeen Ter not into temptation. Matt. American Baptist convention churches even Man who reads he killed the Man hell George Lawless business and in poem will enjoy a Hearty his wife and then Dusty reporter for the Charleston Gazette offered labor s opinion of management. George Warren Hodel of Beckley Baptist Temple Quarrier and Morrii its. John j. Wilkes b. D., minister exact number and location have president of the West Virginia As not yet been the Socia Ted press wound up the panel discussion with suggestions for Commerce chief said. The Kennedy p r o g r would a million fund for Loans to help Start new industries in depressed areas by financing in part the acquisition of land and buildings machinery and equipment and other Mea sures. Million in Feder Al Grants for installing Public facilities water systems for sex _ support such industries. Lawless newspaper participation in solving any problem that May exist. Said Maurice. West Virginia has maintained for a Long time a climate hostile to Enterprise and economic he said the prevailing wage scale is unrealistically High that Public temper is against Molj forms of productive Enterprise and that labor management Dis Putes arc dealt with by the Public available million a year to help jobless workers learn new skills and Mil lion a year to help communities plan for improved economic development. Hodges went to Bat for Ken Nedy s position that his Commerce department should be Given Over unjustly. Countered that the stale does not have a bad la Bor ment is a vocational retraining greater than he that Tabeth All responsibility for putting proposed by David City. Proverbs 16 because it pokes fun at a shamefully. If Samuel a life . Church school a woman vows that she Willand i2 an almost secret of diet i narrative. Lent but sees fudge cake and Longs the Saddest words in All p. In. Family night 0 by poetry Are the epitaph which h she save she will renounce Burns composed for pig and which Are written on his l then on it casts a hungry p died a total foes in he Guise of age ii 1 this poor inhabitant below Ign was Quick to earn and incise in to know a and keenly self Ilie Friendly if glow and softer flame Bur nameless Sollies Laid him f and stained his name. I but now come to the brightest m. Morning worship Best teaching in the Bible if folks with Watlington open and p. In. Family supper snack p. M. Training hour . Evening worship Man with a by or. Watlington ordination of Samuel Tate to the ministry. Wed. P. M. Prayer a Little bit of this won t Hurt and soon where or she takes a seat they bring her favorite things to eat. So. Tempted Oil her courage fails up climbs the Needle on her wed. P. M. Mid week prayer service Calvary West Lee St. Maryland Poul b. Wellington jr., minister Rev. Edward c. Elliott associates minister Charles m. Margason min. Of music Ion Kinder Dir. Of education a. In. Church school Scales. Few can the lure of food sprit of god is like by or Only the stoutest hearts can would canst not Tell whence Nursery of lit cometh or whither it goeth and 1 lose the clergymen in the City of also he comes he said that Lack of proper Chicago were Given this question Man suddenly in a schools and roads is the is the greatest verse in moment and instant i deterrent to Industry not a of proverbs in reply a the Man s is wage scale. Majority of those men made this _ is cured and he is a j Maurice said the Only specific selection. New creature. Suggestion so far from manage a he that Ruleth his spirit is to iwo ten program into Force. Kennedy desires worship in peace Kilerl out s Lillieu ult a de Story. John Doe seems to the helpless victim of an Francis president of Princess it is gloriously True that a it May be anger coals inc., and mayor of self control is an Abler alcohol he struggles and he i ton. Div dual than Napoleon Caesar or prays but All of his efforts Hodel said newspapers expander the great All three be ridiculously ineffective when Given the Opportunity make Wollom took Many cities. Ion John Doe Don t for a Clear the adaptability of West Vir give up your fight. Keep on both i Ginia labor. He urged objective re a read Over again the and praying 4nd porting of labor management Dis Stor a of illustrious King Day. Like a Bolt out of the Blue Putes. Possessed almost every gift god s spirit will descend upon meeting and Bible Scudy Emmanuel affiliated with american Boptist convention w. Washington Florida Sis. Gordon l. Withers d. D., Postor Baxter Laird minister of music Kennedy up the one Day meeting. Gop Leader is optimistic where and when he will go to Church on sundays. J press Secretary Pierre Salinger so announced Friday. For a time after Kennedy won j he democratic presidential nomination last Only and while he was president elect news i men were informed by Salinger where and when Kennedy would go to he in formation was not published in Advance. T Friday Salinger wiped out this l pattern. Asked reasons for am i built change he replied that Louchery. Of Clarksburg spoke1 l it Ilc he was head and shoulders freed Man a Happy Warrior above any other Man of his the lord s doing and it but As our lord Jesus once said marvelous in our one thing thou Lackes self Hope on ther broken spirit restraint. Is p. M. Young people . Evening worship one by or. J just think of it. Tin s King who was one of Israel s greatest Fig lures fell in love with another Jimm s wife. His name was Uriah land was flu Sheba. In order sinfully a possess the guilty s violated five of the ten Xante thu in Over Hope on. Be not afraid fear not grim thai wed. . Mid week prayer service and it a Wiiri ins he defeat at the polls last november Republican state chairman Daniul. Said Here Friday thou la 11 no Tovi i thy nor s Wile thou Shalt not steal thai god in his to Tiu Xii e it f. Sci Sci Hiff. And in Hia ii n Lime Cirn desires to worship in this development was the latest f a dinner spin a series of White House Putnam county republicans described As efforts to give the Kennedy a maximum amount of Pard privacy in their personal life. I he said in pre remarks lir Republican party stands on the tires i old of its greatest Era. I believe that after four years of demo cratic administrations the a news men responsible for covering icon and the state Nill once i tie suit of Joy or i i to Man has to stay Asho is is one Man who had known this Hiotis Shalt not commit adultery experience exclaimed my Happi Lioti shall do no murder Ness can be excelled Only he coveted and stole the in Salinger previously had announced that on some occasions the president would get no and again have to Call upon the Vance word on when Kennedy was1 party of peace Prosperity and planning to leave the White House Progress to preserve Nur re pub for some social affairs. Camp out feature of Myca program an overnight Camp out will be tie Charleston Gazelle i mrs. We Albert will serve As Louchery said he bad a reason included in each Myca director for the program. I for Liis feeling of optimism. Camp program next for registration is limited for each 77us10 under the of Are All that Are needed to chair Lan of ule democratic a e w s p a be a that the Republican party made overnight Camp out will in great advances in both the a Wiener roast campfire and the state. I ceremony night hike and other Lupant of camping activities the White House is there in the discomforting knowledge that of most people in most of the states fam nto divisions. The first is for boys if. S. Awaiting Aii Oil one sin months three months t one month i one week daily Only by Carrier and outside w. A. By mail without sunday one year 118.20 six months 9.10 three months a. X.551 month 1.55jet. One week by mail inside w. A. Daily with sunday Gazette mail did not want him for president. In West Virginia there can three Day 6-3. I Bijou by Little com furl for the demo june 13-15. And june 20-22. I in the knowledge that their other group divisions Are for majorities of 3958 were Cut in Vears old boys lop Paisal information in a hair study m 1 and girls 6-7 years old. And will in i Washington a i govern ment official were reported Fri Day to in additional in 1960. There were More than lamp girls both boys divisions of an Industry s offer to buy Rinei from Rise Morgantown. U in. Ont Nancy Jool to support their state 12-16, june june 20-30, july 24-28, and july 31-aug. 4. A three five Day Camp periods for the older girls will be held june 12-Lfi. June 19-23. And june 2g-30. Hound Berlly is a two Ion 1 Block costs for Camp activities will be for tin six and Sevon year in Berlin since s13 for Myca members and Taa a mail memory Lotrnr was unearthed Friday night for non members in the i-9 m it publication. Waif do All other Depari Minli 01 inc bomb is Bali Csc a i to be in for members and ?14 for non my Maljers in the 8-12 girls group. T a general services administration official said there was no in in diction when a decision May he re reached on the offer made by deuterium corp. Of new deuterium recon Fly that in had 01 it Rod what to si.1 million Tor the Idle Var ii Plant. First she a Bury of St. Moses Newso Iii. Minister nine Curry. Choi director cd Mccormill. Sunday 5chaoi 5upt. 0slli n. In. Sunday school Are you wis or by Neuse Iii p. In. Human i Iris rally. or. Kenneit. Albany. New Yogi wed. . Miil Wock prayer service Mon. Wed. . Problem clinic South Charleston or. H. Lloyd por Clinson pastor 3ev. James e. Cunningham Assoc. Postor Rev. John Newton. Min morning worship out and out for Christ s by or. Parkinson . Sunday school p. M. Youth fellowships i p. M. Evening service of missions guest speaker. Kathleen Ham Wal come Starcher Baptist Church 26th St. West at 6th ave. Rev. Donold e. Taylor Rosier always Wek Onu . Sunday school . Morning worship the hands of the Matt a by Ilov. Taylor . Fellowship hours m. Kofi icing worship How to is Xvi by Rev. Taylor . The Ilu i of Southern Baptist convention churches in Kanawha City Rev. John Snedden area to 8-5923 full schedule of services in All churches Fairlawn Baptist Church Gey Barker pastor phone do 6-9211 Fairlawn i 20th Maiden Baptist Church r. I. Young pastor phone a 5-3163 Malden North Charleston Baptist Church Roy Tippett. Pastor pm. To 8-7667 1089 want word or. Southside Baptist Church Howard Walters. Pastor to 8-6j90 216 Highland avs Nui South Charleston w. A. Witcher Baptist Church t. Toler Koslor phone we 9-2392 Bee a Welcome is extended to All Baptist Randolph St. Baptist Church 213 Randolph St. We preach Christ crucified. Coming Robert e. D., minister . Bible school . Mornine worship the Wisdom of god j by eve. Mcneil . Young people . Evening worship by Rev. Mcneil 1 wed. . Prayer meeting and Bible study Sorici Hill Baptist Church Ohio t Vine streets so. Chos. Rev. Robert Guelich pastor . Morning worship . Junior Church . Church school m. Youth Grouns adult prayer groups n. M. Worship wed. . Big a Fly preach nor fhe trusting he blood it. Calvary Baptist Church 1508 Crescent Rood Rev. John b. Clemeons. Pastor old fashioned to to. weirs Iii i provi r i it of you Christian disciples first Christian Wash. Seoul record St. F. Elwynn peace. Minister Shii Iii school . wms by Ead tick. Peace Boyd memorial Delaware ave. At Randolph St. Pastor David a. Rowand. 5. Der. Of Thomas Vij att rom. . A. M. Church school for All acres two nurseries through hour a. M. Mornine worship let us break bread by Rev. Rowand Christian first Christ scientist Brodford and Lee streets Sti i . 1 i ii i Quarrier inc Iti Lilc in. Nil is Iff nce i .ontlurr1 Nisy to rend. Init Roncil a. M Kaz Haikio f i n. In. U Llyn to Channel Church of Christ Kanawha City 5621 Mccorkle s. E. A 5-7-135 i Livy 0 a. M. Lii Lilc study a. In. I in Iii 11. N. Worst ii n. In. Bililc. Study St. John s Cor. Broad and Quarrier its. Rev. Louis a. Haskell Rector w. S. Regnoll ass t. Rector a. In. Holy communion . Family service a. M. Morning prayer wed. .. Holy communion thurs. .. Holy co Nini Union lutheran redeemer lutheran Missouri Synod Phons i 4.9303 270 a Toulon ave., South Charleston Rev. Robert a Henri Postor . Sunday school . Morning worship Trinity Ulca Elizabeth and Lee its. Rev. Robert l. Meister. Pastor p 45 a. M. Sunday school . Morning worship Faith lutheran Church 906 ? Walnut Road South Hills Rev. John barn Ger. Pastor phone do 6-2503 . Church school a. M. The sen ice when cod is deaf methodist Christ Church methodist Quarrier and Morris its. Ministers Truman w. Potter d. Harry p. Light b. Louis c. Buckau b. . Church school morning worship and . The life of by or. Potter Humphrey s memorial Roone Street at Maryland. Robert b. Engle mini mtr a. In. Church school a. M. Morning worship god s Rainbow its creator . Or. High my City Bible Center Church 1418 Kan. Blvd., e. Pm. 6-2933 a. In. Sunday sri jul a. In. Mornine worst ii guest Sueaki Kov. To soph Pinter p. M. O Knuth groups n. M. Worship inc Moor Pinter p. train a Wiist Sinif of Kcal time and torn ii in. Methodist Morris memorial Mccorkle ave. At 47th St. Arthur g. Brett us. Minister a. In. Sunday school class for retarded children Mornine worship god s yardstick . Mission study j. Harry Parker. Leader Fri. Mar. . To . Steak dinner Circle to. 1 Central Bigley at Buchanan j. Hugh Cummings. The. D., minister Friendly Church in. Church school smart. M. And a. In. Taffy and Rev. Unit ninjas p. In. Or. my ,1.111. Or. Hich m. Mission study of Mission Bream memorial presbyterian Church 317 West Washington St. Rev. Robert b. Mcneill minister j. A. Craigo m. Of music Carl Phillips s. S. Sopt. . Church school . Morning worship Rise doctrine of Satin by or. Mcneill . Or. Play p. M. service snack supper and Fellowship . Pioneer and or. Discussion meeting Vii. . Officers Ruffner memorial Ourrier and Green Farier foul a. Chesney pastor . Church school in. Morning worship you Avail receive Power i. M. fellowships . Midweek Church of god fifth ave. Church of god South Charleston Rev. Womer r. Gaffon minister Joseph c. Taylor Ajoc. Min. A. In. Church school and . Morning worship evening worship youth Fellowship first Church of god 915 mom St. W. Albert Donaldson d. D., minister Rev. Dave Johnson associate minister Church school mar nine worship blessed is he who takes to offence i p. M. Evening worship cd ties speaker mrs. Millili cd Hatch speaking lion world wed. p. In. Or. And youth choir practice wed prayer mooting a i

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