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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 2

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Charleston, West Virginia Is Burleston Gazette feb. Tike Fate seen for both issues pram o after the House adjourned Fri Ojea sales enough she added. Toj prosecute liquor cases. Of Del. George Seibert to me and said that la View minority Leader was voting for the Reso or who took the position that this appears to be the tune people should have a right to to be out or the legislature one Way or another on Aad also he said a Law which the Diance to Public support also lacks the vote dignity it should j his latter Point was in Efer a Leader of the opposition ence to the fact that in Many. Rev. A e. Crowson of Logan parts of the state As mrs. Walker predicted that the 39 delegates had said bars Are operated in who voted against the Resolution is forecast today foe the Middle at lactic Sites and Tennessee Val Leys and South Ward to Texas coast. Showers d ers Are expected in South Atlantic states. Cooler weather is predicted i the East. A wire photo Jar it direct violation of the Law. Resist and resent the efforts Del. Roy Lee Harmon d a May be made Over the Temperance committee j weekend to change their chairman declared that is legislative chairman of the Issue Are speaking on the of the Temperance league of evils of Demon rum when they West Virginia. Saturday 15, 1h1 3. M its p. A sets. M. Forecasts Windy and cold occasional rain changing a Snow flurries this evening. High 55. Low 32. Should be giving consideration to the citizen s inalienable right to i m he added that they the people can vote intelligently on this Del Thomas w. Mathis Dlo Gan remarked that he believed the people of his county sent him to the legislature to vote is convictions. I m he went on that some won t do it. They feel they must vote against the ques Tion and thereby avoid the sound and fury of some pressure groups i do not drink but i la vote for the Resolution i would rather commit political suicide than be called a political he was applauded by Many in the Large gallery audience. One of the most forceful presentations against the liquor Resolution came from Del. W. T. Brotherton major Ity Leader. He said the question is it permits a vote Only on liquor by the drink or the status quo. Voters he continued should have the right to vote either wet or dry. Further he said the Resolution is bad he made Point that it denied the right to advertise and therefore conflict with the Constitution and voiced the opinion that because half the Revenue from bar sales would be dedicated to education budgetary difficulties might arise. Both dels. J. Horror Davis d3 a Kanawha and Ivor Boiarsky 1 finance com Mittee chairman challenged Brotherton on the latter Point. After some consultation off the floor Boiarsky returned to say the Resolution if it Sui us pass would not cause any budget problems. Davis also said that after 10 years of debating the liquor ques a Tion the Public certainly has the i right to vote on it. He added is their Basic and Funda of rental to the debate shortly thereafter abruptly broken off when Del. Cecil Mitchell a Mingo moved that the liquor question be put. There were no dissents. Immediately after the vote was taken and it was obvious that proponents of the Resolution lacked the necessary 67 votes to win Del. Laban White a Harrison asked for a 10-minute recess. Iso. He saw the liquor and Marshall questions As having become entwined saying As i walked through the lobby after thu afternoon s adjourn ment i discovered to my own knowledge the approach that was already being used with reference to the backers of the Marshall University Bill. It was a effect that Yon have gained your purpose in securing recognition of mar shall s status As a University. We have been Nice to you in giving our support. We now Hope Yon will be equally Nice to us and give us liquor by the drink. This technique has already been a disservice to the highest ethics of government processes earlier in this session and it is my Hope and expectation that it will not Hubbard said on the linking of the two issues i feel that frequently Many compromises Are effected and that it is part of the legislative process. Such compromises fortunately produce Good legislation that might otherwise be the Senate had planned a ses Sion today but changed. Both houses will meet monday after noon. Tornadoes rain Belt Southland Birmingham Ala. Nadres lashed sections of Ala Bama Georgia and South Caro Lina Friday As floods and heavy Rains brought increased anxiety and suffering to the weather whip Ped Southland. The Tornado line extended North eastward across portions of the three states. Homes and barns were damaged Utility poles top pled and Trees uprooted. Nose rious injuries were reported How Ever. West Virginia nothern pan handle colder with occasional High around 50. Pennsylvania colder a full occasion i Al rain. High in Truh. I colder with rain. High la the 40s. Cotter wlm Hillh 35-o. Wifi rain changing to Snow flurries. High in Tow 50s. Fridays. Highest s 14 Mph at 3 p. M. Friday s humid ties 5 a. M. 79 11 a. M. 45? 7 p. M. 33. Friday s temper atom s a. A. 41 3p.m. 71 7 a. M. 39 5 p. A. 47 a. A. 45 7 p. A. 11 a. A. 64 9 p. A. To 1 p. A. 49 11 p. A. 40 five Day forecast temperatures through wednesday will average seven degrees above Normal Normal highs Range from 44 North to 51 South tows from 23 North to 29 South. Cold Over the weekend followed by warmer the first of next week. Precipitation will total six tenths of an Inch occurring late saturday and sunday and again about the Middle of next week. Low precis. 37 39 damaging winds and twisters whipped Hurtsboro Hatchechubbee scale and Phenix City in a 30-mile area of Alabama near the Georgia line. Four tornadoes dipped into the Middle Georgia area near the cities of Macon Milledgeville Danville and Between Unadilla and Pinehurst. A Post office near 10 minutes much August was reported heavily dam aged by winds. Barren gives continued from Page 1 Hope commissioner for the past four years. Other new Barron appointments announced were mrs. Martha j. Williams of Mcconnell Logan county As superintendent of the West Virginia Industrial Home for girls near Salem. She succeeds miss Emma Houchins of Creamery. Glenn w. Gainer of Elkins As superintendent of the West Vir Ginia children s Home at Elkins. Gainer who succeeds Guy h. Bambrick of Huntersville Poca Hontas already has assumed the office. Mane vering went on both on and off the House floor. But the wets evidently realizing they d i d n i have enough votes to push for a second vote at the moment asked and won 65-31 for a re consideration on monday. With Del. Watson leading the fight they won 71-29 on a motion that the liquor Resolution be made a special order of business at monday afternoon. But this was Only the begin Ning of some bitter off stage Dis Cussion. There were charges from Many Points that several of the mar shall University supporters had gone Back on their word to vote favourably on the liquor question. And that when the Marshall Bill returned to the Senate for action it might run into difficulty. A Check among liquor by the drink stalwarts in the Senate con firmed this fact. They charged that commitments had been Vio lated and they would be very attentive to House action monday afternoon on the liquor question. They re i a Good bargaining position if they can hold their group together because the Marshall University Bill is on amendment stage monday and passage stage tuesday. This gives them an Opportunity to outwait the Marshall group in the House and perhaps change some of them before they them selves have to vote on the uni thief info banker c3 continued from Page 1 tonal. Mrs. Geiger former Cash Ier at the now closed Bank was sentenced to 15 years a prison. Morgan told a Curbstone news conference outside the Bank Here that he received a three Page confession from Job in the mail Friday. The examiner who said he uncovered the shortages tuesday night while making a routine examination of the Bank accounts stated that Job detailed to the Penny the amount taken. Morgan said he was not permitted to re lease the figure. But Richard Darnell ant cashier said the shortages came to More than the Bank directors said in a statement the shortage is substantially less than the million Fidelity Bond held by the Bank. The Bank is solvent and Wil remain open and transact business As the directors said. Morgan said the embezzlement was perpetrated by a series of forged notes. He said this apparently had been going on for three or four years. Job described by residents As civic minded but a cautions Man when it came to lending Money said he used Bank funds to make various donations around town and to cover bad investments Morgan said. The Bank president blamed no Onu but himself in his statement Morgan added. This town of residents Al most refused to believe that Job would embezzle from his Bank let alone take his own life. Mrs. Lilliam Osborn who said she has known Job a native of Maryville mo., since he came to Knoxville. 40 years ago declared now i know How the people Felt in Sheldon. He was a g o o d Guy. He was so perfect such a Friendly Man. Anything Good for the Community Job was everyone held Job up As a to added mrs. Elizabeth Belk Nap wife of a veterinarian. He was so popular in town and had so Many friends that i guess he just could t stand Job was an officer of the first methodist Church a past presi Dent of the Knoxville rotary International and a Mason. Job s two sons Are connected with the town s two Banks. D. Louis Job is vice president of the Iowa state Bank and Ned Job is an assistant cashier at Community National other survivors include his widow Bernice Keeton Job and a daughter Judith a Drake University student. High Al any n. Y.55 Baltimore 74 Boston .39 Buffalo 57 Chicago .41 Cincinnati 70 Cleveland .49 Columbus. 72 dallas.46 Denver Detroit .54 Houston .49 Indianapolis 49 Jacksonville .85 Kansas City .38 key West .s3 los Angeles .77 79 34 Miami Beach Milwaukee Mobile .75 Montreal .25 new Orleans 75 new York 45 Philadelphia .47 Phoenix Pittsburgh a san Francisco 44 Seattle ____.44 Tampa .s3 Washington .47 39 32 46 39 45 34 17 38 47 35 67 30 75 52 70 28 59 22 56 34 33 51 35 34 .12 1.33 .09 .97 1.42 Stevenson Conrin oed from Bourg capital of Kasai province. The congolese army Garrison at Lulu Bourg was said to have taken Refuge at u. N. Headquarters there. This would give the rebels control of three provincial capitals Stanleyville and Bukavu Kiva and Lulu Bourg the belgian radio said Jason Send we former Central govern ment commissioner for Katanga announced the creation of the new state of Lula a i North pm Katanga in an apparent move to take Over for Leopold Ville part of secessionist Mise Tshombe s province. In another development presi Dent Nasser of the United Arab Republic was said to have urged president Kennedy British Prim minister Macmillan and Sovie Premier Khrushchev to keep hands off the Congo lest the touch off a War that would Seall Africa ablaze. Diplomatic informants in London said Nasser wants an african controlled u. N. Command o take Over All responsibility for the Congo. A u. S. Delegation spokesman Here said the reports of the exe cution of Mongolo and the others were not official but that they were based on sufficient information to justify the Stevenson statement. New York police continued from Page 1 Hardesty 39, is the son of National listed to Tal deposits of last dec. 31. It was insured by the ormer state sen. C. Howard a Hardesty and Elizabeth Miller Hardesty of Fairmont. He has Jeen a practising lawyer since 1949, and has been chairman of he Marion county democratic executive committee for the past year. He was educated in the dark to berth and Brooklyn Home wednesday by her Mother to visit an Uncle Manue Duclet 30, who lives on eighth Avenue near 18th Street. The Little girl was turned Loose to play on the sidewalk while the Mother chatted indoors with relatives. The Uncle Duclet watched Over her for a while until he had to leave on an errand. When he returned she was gone not a Trace of her has been found since. Look for any Trace of this Chile or was the order Given policemen throughout the City As they reported for duty. The City s new police commissioner Michael j. Murphy on the Job Only 24 hours consulted with officers at the West 20th Street station House and then told re porters Federal Deposit insurance corp., Morgan said. Radio brain continued from Page 1 Mont Public schools Mercersburg is vital to communications. Varsity Bill. Marshall proponents in the sen however said the House liquor vote is not a worrisome mat Ter. They still think they will find enough Senate support to make a University. Both the Marshall and liquor questions were considered favourably last week and the action to come is on the House passed University Bill. House wets believe they have Chance to switch enough votes Ever the weekend to put the Reso Fei too across on monday Del. Academy Duke University and or. Kurt Debus head of Nasa s West Virginia University. He was launch operations directorate told we Are All interested and distressed As most of the men Are parents there is one grim alternative to the theory that someone is j holding the child. Only three blocks from where she disappeared to the West is the Hudson Gray and forbidding now awarded Wavu. The order of coif he is married to the former Doris Wilson of Tarentum a. And they have two children. Mrs. Williams is the Mother of five children including two i a a news conference later that he not giving up entirely on the sets of twins. She holds two de Grees from Marshall College and attended Berea by College Morris Harvey College and the Mason school of music and Art Here. Chester r. Hubbard a Ohice said any. She has taught school in Logan county for 21 years and is past president of the Logan county classroom teachers Assn. Gainer operated a taxi com Pany in Elkins for about 20 years and has worked As Salesman and department store manager. For a time he also was connected with an Akron. 0., rubber com one shot other sources said flatly that there was no Chance the satellite achieved orbit. The previous satellite of this Type successfully launched last november relayed information which enabled scientists to be Gin extensive mapping of the ionosphere. It measured Posi Tive Ion and Electron concentrations. Unlike that explorer the radio brain sent aloft Friday night carried no measuring instruments. It contained Only a single radio transmitter designed to bombard ground stations around the world with a steady Stream of signals on six different frequencies of varying Power. First pay to continued from 1 magically billed on a tape mechanism for the pay pro Grams he selects and the Bills will be submitted monthly. Hartford s Channel 18 station what to will broadcast about 40 hours a week of subscription pro Grams. These May be received Only by subscribers having the decoder attachments. Sponsors of the test told the pc they planned to charge from 75 cents to for most pro Grams. They said this Price Range will cover most class a motion pictures legitimate theater productions musical events and sports programs. I thief come left doors barrel t. Harper has some doors he d like to give away but Only to oae person. And he does t know who that sometime thursday night or Early Friday Harper a contractor who has been tear ing Down some old structures surrounding Charleston Gen eral Hospital had an s-by-16 foot Metal building stolen. Late Friday Harper discovered the thief had forgot the two doors to the building. If the thief who stole my Metal building will return be tween 5 p. M. Today and a. M. Tomorrow he can get the doors and Complete the South Charleston Industrial per Ifor More help. Mrs. Henry sonnet contributed to the ked a registered nurse and mrs. Ann Cross Bloodmobile program thurs Robinson a nurse s aide came in Day and set a new record for to help. Donations in a single Day in Tobej on Friday afternoon mrs. Charleston area giving 237 pints Hazel Watte of the bed Cross of blood. By late Friday afternoon it was t a record any More. South Charleston s Industrial employees had donated another 253 pints of blood making a total of 490 pints in two Days. That s a record too. Operations at the f St. Armory vere supposed to Start operations at a. M. Each Day. But the program and donors were both ready ahead of time and More processing sible. Thus was made pos food machinery and chemical workers and Carbide main Plant employees donated on thursday. Friday it was More fac person Nel and donors from Carbide tech Nical Center. The number of red Cross workers also set records at the two visits. There were 25 Volun Teers from Charleston and nine from Huntington on thursday Friday it went up to 29 and 10. The heavy Load thursday when or. R. L. Anderson came in Early enabled the program to Start ahead of time resulted in a need blow program received an urgent Call that More nurses vere needed. No More red Cross nurses vere available so food machinery Aad chemical on be ing notified of the situation reached two staff nurses who were off duty mrs. Irene Hardin and mrs. Elizabeth Smith. Mrs. Hardin had a slight cold she came to Aid the program. So did mrs. Smith who was Able to find a neighbor to stay with her sick child. They be been sent tetters of appreciation mrs White said. So blood donors k work resumed set 3 new Marks summersv1lle w construction work was returned Fri Day on the huge Summersville dam i Nicholas county. A three Day Union jurisdiction Al dispute had idled about 150 workers earlier this week. Details of the settlement were not immediately available. The International Union of operating engineers had potted from 10 to 20 pickets at the pro act to enforce demands for right to represent of the prime contractor j. A. J o n e s construction co. Of Charlotte. , All at the ear children s shoe special Odd lots Price 228 Capitol since 1892 j this girl is a new person with Monotone s powerful new hear ing Aid worn entirely at the ear. With or without eyeglasses. It s the tiny Model "66." Phis tube and ear tip. Or Charl Sion j. F. Miragliotto 316 Atlas bldg. Do 2-5429 refreshment in body or mind by some form of play amusement or relaxation Webster a program to expand recreation facilities in Kanawha county will be voted on March 4. What is the program is it needed what will it include How will it Benefit you a series by Don Marsh on the proposed recreation program begins monday in the Charleston Gazette the state newspaper

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