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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 4

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Charleston, West VirginiaIlu toil editorial Page without or with offered to friends or Foa 7 sketch your world exactly As it Page 4 saturday evening september 19, 1970 the president found in Kansas the important truth he sought As an ideologists and pundit president their distemper there is something to be Nixon is no great shakes. Indeed he is a Little bit Square and Dull. He holds firmly however to several ideas on the state of the Union and its people. These Are a fair Sample that the loudest noise is not necessarily the Best measure of the popular temper and intent. That the biggest headlines and the most dramatic television exposure while they May accurately reflect the news do not necessarily or accurately measure the important truth. That the dissident and destructive Are not necessarily right because they Are unquestionably the More the silent majority necessarily wrong and heedless because it is slow to anger and hesitant to act. That the heartbeat of the country the stability of its society the future of its people and their institutions cannot be accurately read in the cumulative clamor of those who do not like this or that and measure their rights by the Gravity of said also for those who with As much cause for dissatisfaction hold their fire. It May be demonstrably True that the place has bats in the Belfry and rats in the basement. In themselves these Ere no cause to Burn the place to the ground. The Story from Washington is that president Nixon has been looking for a place to say something like this without being drowned out. He found it the other Day at the University of Kansas and said what he could not have said at Berkeley and might not have been Able to say at Cambridge sure enough there were about 50 hecklers on hand to make it As difficult As possible and they did their Best. As for the an audience of about they cheered the president to the rafters again and not we suspect be cause he said anything startlingly new or dramatic but because they Are tired of being silenced in the clamor. It was let it be noted a peaceful demonstration. It s Sticky enough with facts the interstate Highway situation in Charleston is Sticky enough for All concerned if everybody just Sticks to facts. Unfortunately this is not always the Case. On sept. 16 the Gazette ran a very interesting Story on the wrecking Busi Ness that has come Here in a big Way to Clear right of Way for the interstates not just in the Triangle but everywhere in areas where the location is not in dispute. But with the Story was a picture show ing a House collapsing end the House was identified As being in the Triangle where u. S. Transportation Secretary John Volpe has halted All demolition. The inference from the outlines under the picture was that the state highways department is going right on tearing Down houses in the face of the Volpe order. The records show something quite Dif Ferent. The House in the picture was at 718 Young st., in the Triangle. It was purchased by the state on april 9 and demolished july 8, before the Volpe order. David Lawrence president s european trip is a mystery there is a guessing match Why is presi Dent Nixon go ing to Europe at this time so Many important prob lems confront him at Home such As two big strikes and the pressures in Congress with respect to Sev eral important pieces of legis lation. Above All else a Campaign has begun for the elec Tion of a new House of representatives and party control of the Senate is at stake. With so Many tilings de manding the president s time within the United states the announcement that he plans to be away about eight Days on a trip to Europe has excited an unprecedented amount of curiosity. The official announcement merely says that the presi Dent will make a visit to some Mediterranean countries and great his first Stop is to be Rome where he will be the pest of the presi Dent of Italy and will Call on Pope Paul. Then he will meet with the commanders of the u. S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and review exercises from the aircraft Carrier Saratoga. After this the pres ident will visit nato head quarters in Southern Europe and hold a meeting with american ambassadors in the Mediterranean area. Finally or. Nixon will be the guest of Gen. Franco in Madrid and Stop in England to Confer with prime minister Heath. At some Point during the the statement says the president plans to meet with ambassadors Bruce and Habib in order to review Vietnam negotiations in Paris. This trip will afford the president an Opportunity to undertake a full Exchange of views with his respective hosts and with our officials in an Effort to strengthen the Structure for peace and to give impetus to the presi Dent s efforts to bring about an Era of the president will be accompanied by Secretary of state William p. Rogers his adviser for National Security affairs Henry a. Kissinger and presidential counsellor Daniel p. Moynihan. No hint has been Given that any such trip was in Prospect and certainly it would seem on its face that there is no urgency about the visits to Rome or Madrid or London or the Mediterranean. Just what does the president have in mind in planning to leave the country from sept. 27 to oct. 5? there have been intimations from time to time that the United states is not Happy Over the increase of naval Power by the soviets in the Mediterranean. Also it has been reported that the coun tries which Are members of North Atlantic treaty organization Are worried about the prospective reduction of american troops in Europe. It is assumed that some reassurances Are to be conveyed through the medium of the ambassadors and Heads of state with whom or. Nixon will meet. But All these phases of the european situation undoubtedly could have been dealt with after the november elections. Usually during a congressional election Campaign a president finds himself deeply concerned with the Way the political contest is shaping up and takes a hand in making such statements on current issues As Are deemed helpful to his party. International affairs Are of course Woven into the political debates that Are heard across the country and in recent weeks the Nixon administration has played a prominent part in trying to bring peace in the Middle East. But the chances for a peace settlement seem to have been impaired by the controversy Over the plane hijackings and the outbreak of some fighting among the arabs. It probably is assumed by the administration however that before the nation Mediterranean trip starts there will be a favourable develop ment in the Middle East and the president can Start on his journey with less concern about that Region. Administration officials who favor the journey to the Mediterranean area May have Rea soned that the president could make a better showing in the Campaign with a few speeches in october than by extensive indulgence in political warfare at this time. But the real answer As to the reason for the european trip remains a mystery. William j. Eaton injustice which ads should be protesting Chicago daily news service a Leader of americans for democratic action Ada has warned that Liberal candidates for Congress May be badly damaged by Radical protests by Young people and Blacks. The article in Ada world by Leon Shull Ada National director was a tacit acknowledgement of the potential a peal of the Nixon administration s Middle America strategy. Shull appealed for emphasis on the issues of economic policy Vietnam pollution and crime which he said would help elect liberals this fall. But we cannot in honesty ignore the negative aspects of civil disturbances Radical violence Rock festivals High lighting the drug culture appeals to break Laws etc., which in the Public mind com Bine to injure the very Candi dates who would support pro Grams aimed at curing social ills protect and extending lib erties and ending Shull wrote. Campus demonstrations have aroused Middle America i beyond anything we have seen i in a Long he added. The hippie life style repels a huge Section of the american people. The government s apparent emphasis on programs for minority groups has upset a great Many of the american Middle and lower Middle classes. Violent crime in the streets has become a fearsome thing for millions of americans. The failure of the american Public education system to Deal with problems of ghetto schools creates new for liberals he said the november election Outlook is grave but by no Means Bleak because the Rise in unemployment inflation and the continuation of the Viet Nam War Are working against the Nixon administration s supporters. The same Issue of the Ada monthly also contained a column by Bayard Rustin civil rights Leader who urged a coalition of Blacks and organized labor to advocate eco nomic Progress. It is Likely that the last people on whom we can de Pend when the War in yet Nam is Over Are tiie peace people because a movement cannot be sustained which is purely moral but which has no political and economic in Rustin wrote. Are also guilty of obsessive moralist Sim ply telling White people that they re Blue eyed devils or that they Are racist is danger Ous and counter productive. It becomes a cop out for Blacks who Don t what to develop programs. And it s a cop out for Whites who Are titillated and delighted to be abused and called the Black writer added. Rustin said liberals must strengthen their ties with la Bor unions to Stop president Nixon from destroying the new Deal coalition first put together by Franklin d. Roos Evelt. Forget the weathermen forget ads and forget the col lege kids who Are charming elitist and Rich and who prob ably Are not going to contrib Ute very much either to think ing or political Rustin added. The average family which has children in ads makes a year while the average american family makes a year. That is the injustice which ads should be Mccartney new Vietnam War develops outage daily Newt quietly almost imperceptibly the Vietnam War drastically Haa changed. By every measuring stick the Pentagon has the War has sharply de escalated in the last two months since be u. S. Withdrawal from Cambodia. Casualties we Down. The number of enemy terror and sabotage attacks has been Cut in half. Ground ambushes Are Down by 85 per cent. Even aircraft losses have been Cut dramatic airy. Says top Pentagon offi Cial All the indicators Are running As Good if not better than anybody dared suddenly the United states has a new War on its hands if the trend holds the implications for president Nixon and the nation could be immense. A leading state department official says a step up in the Pace of u. S. Troop withdraw als from Vietnam clearly is possible. Top White House officials Are flatly stating now that the administration completely is confident that it will be Able to the War. The facts and figures pour ing into the Pentagon Are leading to a new Flentse of optimism about the War unrivalled in the 20 months of the Nixon administration. A state department official says the improved military situation is Only part of the picture. He lists three major categories to which the picture in Vietnam has brightened Security in the country Side. Better than at any time 1962. Viability of the South Viet namese government. Today it is stronger he says than at any time in modern history. Prosperity. Although admittedly War impaired it s the beat in history. A of them factors Are re lated at least in part to what now considered the Over whelming Success of the highly controversial cambodian adventures. Officials say the decision to Send u. S. Combat troops into Cambodia to clean out communist sanctuaries has had some unexpected bonuses. By far the most important has been the slashing of the communist Supply line into the key cambodian port of Sihanouk due now called rival barbecues Max Lerner mid East hijacking and hostage mess in the mid East hijacking and hostage mess there Are two tangled sets of questions to be sorted out. One is How to prevent and Deal with hijackings in thei future. On this the plan of action announced by president Nixon is everything it should be if Only the administration is determined to carry it out. The idea of Federal air marshals to ride As guards in american planes the idea of a world extradition agreement for hijackers and the idea of denying air services to nations refusing to join in this collective action All of these Are necessary. Along with a new technology for scrutiny and detection they also should prove adequate. As one who has been urging these Steps Ever since the hijackings started i applaud the decision to take them. The second Cluster of questions on How to resolve the hostage impasse right now is harder. The negotiations by the Western governments Are with groups outside govern ment and outside Law. The Only dictates the commandos will listen to Are the dictates of their passions. Their destruction of All four planes is meant to show that they will Stop at nothing even the kill ing of hostages. As i write i have the sense that anything can happen in the Middle East at any patched up agreement a massacre of the innocents a full scale War. The original plan of the extremist commando group had As its Central feature the hijacking of the Al Al plane to get israeli hostages. When this misfired by the vigilance of the Crew and guards the terrorist leaders had to switch signals and fix on hostages on whom they could pin the distorted Label of being Israel in the end they fell Back on a varied Crew of 55 hos tages from the four planes including the Crews and Over 30 american jews. As i write the four Western Switz Erland Germany and the United stand to Gether against efforts to split them and make each of them negotiate with the terrorists separately. Ben Franklin s in Junction about hanging to Gether or hanging separately applies Here perfectly. If the red Cross spokesman in Geneva actually said that the Western governments must now negotiate separately he Lent himself to the com Mando strategy. So alas did the released Twa Pilot James Maiers when he expressed Shock at the instances in which passengers had two and Ameri can. Such cases Are recognized in american and inter National Law and Don t affect the Central need to negotiate collectively not separately and the sacredness of every passenger s life and safety. Determined to ensure the safety of their own nationals after the blowing up of the remaining planes the israelis arrested 450 arabs later re leasing 75 in the occupied zone As a counterweight to the commando death threats. This May help or hinder the final one can yet Tell but the thing to note is it was a government act not one by an israeli terrorist group and the government can undo it or take the responsibility for it. Thus far the american government has played the hijackings carefully calmly in Low key. But in time More decisive action will be impera Tive to save the lives of the hostage americans As Well As the other nationals. America must not negotiate separately but neither can America re main quiescent when the lives of its nationals whether jews or anyone else Are at stake. America does t have to act in behalf of the Rael can do it has to act in behalf of americans. It can find ways to act which the governments harbouring the terrorist groups will understand. These governments whether through helplessness or acquiescence have stayed out of the negotiations and the head lines. But there Are signs that they have warned the com Mandos that the hostage Epi Sode May Lead to increased american Aid for Israel. Such warnings can help the hos tages Only on the Assumption that the commando or. George Habash and or. Wadi capable of the larger View of the Arab cause. My own Outlook is pessimistic because i m convinced that these leaders Are More maoist communist than Arab nationalist. American educated they take their organizational methods from the West their slogans from Arab nationalism but their ideology and financial support from communist China. If this is True then god help the hostages since humans have messed things up almost beyond retrieval. Also god help the cause of Middle East peace which the russians and the commandos blew up As surely As those planes in the desert were blown up. The Small society by Brickman Yod tax Tif a late a v Kampong som. The port had been used to Supply communist forces con testing the Southern portion of South Vietnam. That s How they got guns and ammunition. Cutting off supplies going into Sihanouk due has been just As important As the destruction of the says a state department Vietnam expert. The result has been to change completely the charac Ter of the War Over vast areas in Southern Vietnam. The War in the South where the country s population is concentrated has reverted to guerrilla warfare. Has been practically no ground action at says one Pentagon official. No sixty is confronting the picture become Clear by examining daily situation maps which feature red dots to indicate fighting of any kind. Take a look at the said one official leafing through a stack. There s nothing on he pulled out one map at random. It had two red dots. Another had one. It s like this Day after he said. A year ago or six months ago a daily map would nor Mally have Many red dots perhaps dozens during a Peri Odic High said the official we Haven t bad any High at the same time North vietnamese regular army units have All but left South Vietnam. They have fled the Mekong Delta area in the far South almost entirely said a state department expert and in the North exist Only in isolated pockets. Vietnam has been divided into four military regions for administrative purposes. Here s the Way the military situation now adds up in the Southern two regions conventional warfare has ended. White House experts say they Don t expect it to resume. The northernmost Region near the Imperial City of Hue has had the most activity and most of it has been mor tar attacks. In the North Central Region some terrorist attacks have continued but aside from them activity is Down. In the country As a whole most u. S. Casualties now Are being caused by Booby traps not by direct encounters on the Battle fwd almost All Mil itary activity to the country has been a plated by South vietnamese a Pentagon expert says in summary there if no question in anybody s Rotor that activity since Cambodia Haa dropped drastically and there is no indication that it in t going to remain Down. Militarily it is fair to say that we re to Damn Good the assessment of the future however to mystical business in Vietnam As everyone with experience in the War knows. Officials say the big ques Tion now is whether the communists will attempt a new big buildup when the dry season begins starting in november. If they do it will mean they will have to Send twice As much War material Down the to Chin Minh Trail 00 has been sent at Peak periods in the past. That is because the Sihanouk due port has been closed by blockade and bomb ing. It would be a huge new Effort for them and it is not Clear that they could pull it a state department Man says. We have our bombing. South vietnamese forces Are available to try to Stop them. We also have forces to their rear in Cambodia the United states carefully is reserving the option of sending u. S. Troops Back into Cambodia if necessary to protect the welfare of u. S. Troops in Vietnam. If the communists make a major Effort to re establish cambodian sanctuaries u. S. Troops could be used once again. Officials expect however that the u. S. Troop level will continue to drop with the new War. There Are now . Troops in Vietnam a drop of from Peak troop strength in april 1969. Some officials believe if optimistic trends continue the rate of withdrawals could be stepped up. A St Pup would probably be announced before the november elections. While there is optimism about the Battlefield situation in Vietnam a new pessimism has set in concerning the out look for a negotiated Settle ment in Paris. William f. Buckley or. Faculties Aren t looking after their own shops los Ange Les at the annual meeting Here of the american political science association the gentlemen scholars divided instantly in to two principal groups the ones backing the left oriented caucus for a new political science the oth ers the sane people Back ing the conference for demo cratic politics. The principal Plank of the latter organization is that scholars should be Given a hearing whatever their Posi Tion. The caucus by contrast seemed to be saying that Noth ing counts any More except the preaching of the right position and that inasmuch As the new left has Clear title to that position what is to be served by fooling around with positions which vant to liven things up All the Black professors walked out sine die listing Many com plaints against the association among them that Only three articles published by the Learned journals sponsored by the Apsa were written by Blacks which in the absence of any evidence that there is an anti Black Bias in the editorial Board is like High school a boycotting High school b because although it has Only twice As Many Stu dents High school b scored four times As Many touch Downs. And so it goes. To think these Are people who teach the science of govern ment to our children there is gloom among the better minded professors i. E. Those who deeply wish that the universities might be diverted from their course. Pro Fessor Robert Nisbet of the University of California at Riverside wrote gently a few weeks ago an essay in which he reminded his colleagues that the great liberties they enjoy flow out of an unexamined Assumption of american life. It is that we need to have great luxurious cholesterol choked universities in order to sustain the necessary level of our technology. In fact the famous sociologist notes we Don t need to at Ali extra academic institutes could very easily without any of the fuss and bother train All the atom smashers we need and without a Day s sweat Over parietal student Power Mack studies or the Horron of the Vietnam War. What s More said professor Nisbet the tenure contract wherein a professor is Guaran teed a Job for the rest of his Active life by a particular University is Bouna to be a casualty of the present chaos be cause no society is going to desire to protect a class of people who Are increasingly identified As Bent upon the destruction of the institutions i they Are supposed to serve. I the question arises what can be done about professors who abuse their contracts it is perhaps not As Well known As it should be pro Fessor Irving Kristol re marked recently in the new York Zeal for re form by the nation s faculty never yet has satisfied itself by coming up with any single Reform which could be interpreted As at the expense of faculty privilege. I asked a gentleman of world renown who has been 25 years with the University of Wisconsin whether during that period he knew of a i single professor who had a tenure contract who had nevertheless been dismissed i meant to say that i excluded from consideration any professor who had raped the Gover nor s daughter but it turned out that i did not need to cover myself because the answer was no. To be sure some professors have been persecuted in those refined ways that the gentlemen of the Academy have perfected into quitting they Don t get the raises they get the Lousy academic assignments that kind of thing. But no faculty member had been hauled up before a faculty committee and told your encouragement of the student disrupter is in our judgment moral Turpi tude. You Are dismissed. To begin with it would t happen because the faculties Don t go after each other even As lawyers Don t Dis bar each other. And second the ousted professor would get the american association of University professors to descend like Pharoah s army upon the offending department. And then the professors would go to the courts and sue plead ing the denial of his rights. And then the local Kingman Brewster would profess him self sceptical of the depart ment s ability to give the pro Fessor a fair hearing. And then the professor would write a Best seder called son of the Groves of in other words the faculty ire not about to look after their own shop. Which Means As professor Nisbet that others will have Todo do

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