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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Charleston, West VirginiaThe weather fair tonight Low near Chance of showers sunday irix in mid details on Page 3 volume 155-no. 70 Charleston West Virginia saturday evening september 19, 1970 f m a l edition ten cents there can be no real Winner in Jordan s civil War an a news analysis by Roy Essayan Beirut Lebanon of no matter which Side comes out on top in Jordan s bloody civil War neither King Hussein s Mili tary government nor the palestinian guerrillas can be a real Winner. And there is practically no Hope the civil War will result in a final solution to the problem of palestinian refugees the greatest obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Hussein cannot wipe out the palestinian movement with out wiping out the palestinian a High ranking West Ern Diplomat in Beirut said. The palestinians make up More than half of Jordan s 2.1 million population. Nearly half of the palestinians housed in squalid and crowded . Refugee Camps idolize the guerrillas. They regard them As their Savior and their Only Hope of regaining the Homes they lost to Israel 22 years ago. The palestinian guerrilla movement has grown into a state within a state since the Arab israeli War of june 1967. When you have two Sovereign Powers operating in one country with the population practically evenly divided you be got a another Western Diplomat explained. As Long As Hussein s holds together the poorly organized and divided guerrillas have Little Chance of emerging victorious. But Many of the guerrilla Strong Points Are buried deep in teeming refugee Camps and the can t get at them with out massacring the women and children huddled in the tent villages around them. Hussein noted for his valor and his Western principles is not Likely to order his into the Camps. Some of his generals taunted by the guerrillas and aggravated by the restraints placed on them the last three years might be tempted. The leftist regimes of Iraq and Syria hostile to Hussein s pro Western government have troops stationed in North Jor Dan iraqis in the Irbid area and up to syrians straddling the syrian lebanese Border. Iraq and Syria both have threatened to intervene on the guerrillas Side if Hus Sein tries to liquidate the palestinian movement. But neither the Iraq nor the syrians Are noted warriors. Theirs has been a shrill War of words so far. Hussein s armies Are unlikely to risk a major inter Arab War by launching a frontal assault on them. Ultimatum Clouds Kings cease fire sex actress turns Hun Bethlehem Conn Fri i did not leave Hollywood As a disillusioned for Mer actress Dolores Hart said Friday after taking her final vows As a Benedictine nun in a rustic Wood panelled Chapel Here. Mother Dolores who received the roman Catholic Church s solemn consecration of a Virgin from the most Rev. John f. Whealon Arch Bishop of Hartford also took the vow of enclosure never to leave the Regina Laudis monastery again. I loved the entertainment Industry and there i found the living god in the honest desire of some wonderful and dedicated people and in the keen awareness it gave me of my relationship with persons Mother Dolores Dolores Hart said in a statement distributed after the ceremony. She left Hollywood in 1963. To interstate official Kilpatrick denies harassing Calls by Jim Johnson of the daily mail staff Norman l. Kilpatrick assistant director of the Kennedy Cen Ter Here denied Friday police charges that he made harass ing Telephone Calls to the City s interstate coordinator. Kilpatrick said a complaint signed by Robert y. Hayne interstate coordinator was part of a ruthless Effort to stymie opposition to the proposed 1-77 routing through the Triangle Dis s chief issues firing squad threat Beirut Lebanon of radio Cairo said King Hussein agreed today to an egyptian proposal for a 24-hour cease fire in Jordan but a surrender ultimatum from the jordanian military government to palestinian guerrillas seemed to indicate the Effort had collapsed. Guerrilla spokesman in Beirut said before the ultimatum that there was virtually no Chance of acceptance of the Egypt Ian proposal by the guerrilla leadership. Fighting in Jordan was reported raging for the third straight Day. Egypt s Middle East news Agency said the cease fire proposal was sent to Hussein by president Gamal Abdel Nasser. It quoted Nasser As telling Hussein through an strict. A. Warrant signed by judge John Charnock charging Kil Patrick with the Misdemeanour offence was issued Friday morning at capt George Nunley said he advised Kil Patrick by Telephone of the warrant for his arrest at about p. M. At p. M. Kil Patrick came to the police Sta Tion and was booked. Kilpatrick who is an Urban planner with the Multi purpose Kennedy Center said Friday he had never made any threat ening Calls to Hayne. He said the charge was meant to har ass him. I Kilpatick said that this kind of harassment will make Mere people in the Kanawha Valley aware of the total ruthlessness of the Small group of people who want the interstate highways to go through the Triangle and the City. I consider this charge by Robert Hayne who is a paid official working for these peo ple to be part of the pattern of harassment of persons or agencies which have had the courage to question the selfishly routed Highway de Kilpatrick also said m is cambodian charts assault to break tie up phenom penh Cambodia a the cambodian Mili tary command plans a big assault to smash through a communist Strong Point that has stalled the government s largest offensive of the War there for nearly a week. Limited u. S. Air strikes Al ready were being carried out in preliminary attempts to dislodge an estimated North vietnamese troops dug in at the Village of Taing Kauk 47 Miles North of phenom penh. Officers at the operation s rear Headquarters in Skourn 45 Miles North of phenom penh said today they were not sure when the assault against the North vietnamese would Start but added they had been told by the High command that the attack would be preceded by massive . Air strikes against the Village. Statement that he knew that several leaders of the inter state Impact committee which favors rerouting around the pressured until they left the committee. He said that charges have also been filed with the fed eral communications commis Sion in an attempt to attack chs to for broadcasting an unfavourable interstate documentary in july. I personally have been at tacked in the press and through personal threats and phone Calls at late hours on a number of occasions. I also have had what i consider to be unusual sounds or Lack of sounds on my Telephone at Home for some time. Despite this i had Felt it was important to have the is sues involved Here discussed j As not have it Dis integrate into a dispute of per emissary that a cease fire for at least 24 hours could pre vent the International plot which is evident in suspicious movements of the american 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean it also quoted the president As saying an immediate ceasefire is necessary because our information about casual ties is casualties a Cairo newspaper had re ported earlier that the number of persons killed or wounded . Warned to stay out Cairo a the egyptian government warned today of grave consequences in the event of any american military intervention in Jor Dan. Citing american 6th Fleet Maneu vers in the Eastern Mediterranean and washing ton declarations that intervention could not be ruled spokesman declared the United states would be fully responsible for the Seri Ous results which might Stem from these actions. These Maneu vers Are regarded As an attempt to exploit internal differences in Jordan to create a Chance for foreign intervention there and would be construed by arabs As an Extension of israeli aggression. This would be Consi dered As a hostile act against the whole Arab nation. Any american pressure overt or implied would men Ace peace and Security and add a new grave dimension that threatens to escalate the crisis to proportions engulfing wire photo see harass. Pm. 3, 2 the whole widow granted estate of oilman Dallas Iff a struggle Over the estate of California oilman a. Otis Erich has ended in Victory for his widow and former nurse Pearl Choate Birch. She gained control of the Fortune Friday As District court judge j. Roll fair Dis missed suits brought by five religious organizations based in California. In asking reversal of a Dallas probate court judge s accept Ance of a Handwritten will by Birch those organizations claimed that the multimillion Aire was mentally incompetent when he changed that document to make her the sole beneficiary. He was 95 at his death in 1967. The decision clears the Way for mrs. Birch 63, to take Over the estate within 30 Days. Mrs. Birch said she already had been granted permission to move into the millionaire s 32room mansion in Pasadena calif., in a separate court Case earlier this month. The controversy first came to Light in 1966 when mrs. Birch was accused of Kidnap ing the elderly oilman and forcing him to marry her. Then Birch s private nurse i Pearl Choate Birch she left California with him in october 1966 and announced they were married in Altus okla., a Short time later. A Breckenridge tex., grand jury refused to indict mrs. Birch after her deaf and Crip pled husband testified. The couple then moved to Dallas and lived in a 70-foot-Long see estate. Pm. 3. Cot. 1 t in Jordan had soared past Cairo radio and the egyptian news Agency the latter in a dispatch from Amman said the 34-year-old to r d a n i a n Monarch had agreed to Call a cease fire immediately. But then radio Amman broadcast the surrender ultimatum by Field marshal a Bis maj Ali Jordan s military governor who gave the guerrillas three hours to surrender or be executed by firing squads As mutineers. The egyptian news Agency said Nasser also had appealed to the guerrilla leadership to accept the cease fire proposal. The palestinian resistance movement is essential for the existence of the palestinian Nasser was quoted As saying. But we in Egypt Are keen to preserve the exist ence of both the palestinian resistance and jordanian sol stand by Egypt he also said Egypt will take a decisive stand according to the response to his proposal from both sides in Jordan the Agency said. Cairo said Hussein s agree ment to a cease fire had been obtained Early today in a meeting with Gen. Mohamed Sadek egyptian chief of staff who had flown to am Man on thursday. The Middle East news Agency dispatch said Sadek was then placed at the disposal of Yasir Arafat Leader of the Central committee of the Palestine liberation Organiza Tion. However the dispatch added Sadek was unable to meet Arafat for reasons beyond his it did not elaborate. Maj Ali s proclamation said this is the last warning to the fedayeen. All guerrillas must Lay Down their and surrender by 4 . Anyone who resists the Royal forces after this time limit will be treated As an outlaw and killed or arrested and tried by courts martial on a charge of armed Mutiny against the authorities. This crime is punishable by the deadline was 10 a.m., Edt. Maj Ali repeated earlier assurances that guerrillas wish ing to surrender would not be harmed. Maj Ali s proclamation said those who wanted to surren Der should raise White flags and Advance toward the near est unit. A guerrilla broadcast from Baghdad Iraq defiantly pro claimed the guerrillas never raise the White Banner of surrender. This is because the guerrillas emerged from the Dis Grace of the White banners which were hoisted by the jordanian regular troops in the West Bank of the Jordan in insulting reference to Israel s defeat of the Jorda Nian in the six Day War. In Beirut guerrilla men said before news came of maj Ali s ultimatum that Nas ser s proposed cease fire had virtually no Chance of accept Ance by the guerrilla Leader ship. The iraqi news Agency said guerrilla spokesmen in Bagh dad denounced Nasser s efforts As an affront to the dignity of the Arab hijacked Jet at Philadelphia Airport in route to Havana talked out of Pittsburgh to Cairo skyjacker settles for Cuba i was scared to death Jan Flegor 20-year-old Junior at the University of Michigan from Muncy pa., tells How she reacted when a Hijacker took Over an Allegheny airline jetliner Between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Early today permitted the passengers to disembark and then took off for Cuba. After telling her Story she was met and embraced by a Friend. I was scared to she told newsmen at the Philadelphia wire photo Luggage inspection starts in bid to halt hijackings Washington a a passenger complaints Are resulted in flight delays of search for weapons in the practically said from five to 85 minutes. The hand Luggage of passengers j a american world air average 45-minute delay at boarding International flights is under Way at Washington new York and new Orleans and will be expanded to 33 major . Airports by next week. The Treasury department planned to add 10 airports to the list today and the rest next week a spokesman said. The program is aimed at j thwarting hijacking of Over j seas flights. The new program will in j elude instructions to customs i inspectors to examine the j hand baggage of outbound j passengers and whenever appropriate suspected i Dividu will be searched for instr i ments of piracy or the department said. A customs official at Dulles International Airport near i Washington said the searches went fairly smoothly and no disruptions of flight schedules i were reported at John f. Ken i ways spokesman at Kennedy Airport even though it has Charley West says the Kennedy Airport is expected to be gradually we d rather have our lug Gage opened and examined Here than on some am quoted one elderly couple As saying asst. Treasury Secretary Eugene t. Rossides supervisor of the customs Bureau had promised very Little slowing Down of plane sched Ules but International Passen Gers frequently Are required to Check in Early anyway. Earlier programs of screen ing passengers for potential hijackers and the use of elec tronic instruments to Check for weapons had been aimed at aborting plane thefts to Cuba but the personal searches were ordered after Arab guerrillas hijacked four planes to the jordanian desert and blew them up. Loos guns hit that controversy Over Nedy International Airport in j paving of bricks on Garden new York or new Orleans j Street you might say is pro International Airport. I during brickbats. On inside pages 18 sections Astra data classified comics Bangkok Thailand Dpi a thai charter plane hijacked Friday by an Ameri can Soldier of Fortune with a prison record in Arizona was hit by ground fire Over Laos Page before l landed the Hijacker i on a Beach in North Vietnam 10 the Pilot said today. 10 i Sai Ngiem Pozomke kaew re Jug j counting Friday s events said he had decided to enter a i took of Golf for the fresh air obituaries sports Heaters to women s crossword 10 Buddhist monastery As a re editorials 4 suit of his experiences. Bira air transport owner Jumble 18 of the single engine Cessna Wren identified the Hijacker As Bob Keesee from a pass port he left in the plane. He had rented the plane last Mon Day at an hour on the pretext that he was scouting locations for a motion picture production Bira air said. 8 10 9 weather. 3 Miami a a gun toting Hijacker who wanted to go to Cairo settled for Cuba instead saturday and. Took an Allegheny airlines Jet and its eight crewmen to Havana. The plane flew on to Miami Landing in Florida at a. M. Edt after spending six hours on the ground in Havana. The Young lived to be armed with pistol gasoline and dynamite was aboard the Boeing 727 on a flight from Pittsburgh to Boston and took Over just be fore the plane made a scheduled Stop at Philadelphia International Airport Federal aviation administration officials said. He allowed 90 passengers to leave but kept aboard three flight crewmen three stewardesses and two men believed to be Faa inspectors or airlines personnel the Faa said. In Washington however Allegheny said the two men were a Captain and a first officer of Allegheny Riding Deadhead on the plan the plane sat on a runway for an hour while it was being refuelled. The Pilot John Harkin said Over the radio he talked the Hijacker out of Cairo and persuaded him to go to Havana said it. Robert Baker chief of Airport police at Philadelphia. John Balderama one of the passengers released by the gunman said the Hijacker described As a tall thin Young one of the stewardesses by the neck and took her to the front of the plane just before it landed at Philadelphia. Passengers said the Hijacker then told another Steward Ess to bring him a Small can Vass bag stowed under his seat. A passenger who helped the stewardess get the bag said it held a butane Gas Container with a White plastic bottle taped to it. The Hijacker set the bag in front of him and announced i be got something Here to blow up the whole a Young female passenger who declined to give her name said the Man sat about two seats behind her and that she saw him take a Small pistol from a canvass bag he had under the seat. An Allegheny spokesman said it appeared to be a .22 Caliper pistol. Baker said a stewardess slipped one of his men a note requesting a gun. He said a policeman s .38-caliber service revolver was passed up to the stewardess through an Emer gency exit door. It was my understanding she was requesting it for the Crew not the Baker said. Ordinarily i would t do this but she looked like a pretty competent he said. A unit of police sharpshooters approached the plane while it was being refuelled in a futile attempt to get a Clear shot at the Hijacker or Board the plane. The aircraft left Philadel phia for Cuba at a.m., Edt and landed at Havana s Jose Marti Airport at a.m., the Faa said

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