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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Charleston, West VirginiaThe Weater mostly Cloudy tonight Low near 40. Sunday partly Cloudy High near 60 details on Page 8 volume 155-no. 106 final edition Charleston West Virginia saturday evening october 31, 1970 ten cents Nixon appeals to nation for a vote of Confidence says prof treats ruin dirty tricks of Olden Days Minneapolis Minn. A a University of Minnesota sociology professor who has interviewed Little masked beg Gars on four halloween since 1959 will be at it again to night. Gregory Stone said he and his students interview the Candy seekers on the reasons for trick or he says he believes kids nowadays do not have any Conception of production on halloween. They re consumer oriented How much Candy and of what in contrast the professor said he and his childhood friends during the 1930s went out Hall Weening to produce and not to consume to trick and not to treat. We were work oriented and made sure that the most deserving neighbors on the Block got Good treatment a Nasty he of 104 youngsters who came to the door of one of Stone s students 19 responded to a question of Why they were there. The 19 were asked what they would do if the Ultima Tum answer were two said they did t know two said they would soap win Dows and 15 thought they would have to sing or dance in payment for a treat. Slews secret pal Zodiac Zodiac the mysterious person blamed for five murders by police but who claims 13 slayings sent this card to Paul Avery san Francisco chronicle reporter who has written stories about him. Avery said he received the card wednes Day. The card is a commercially produced greeting but Avery interprets As threats several words and phrases added to the card. Wire photo. Vicious halloween tricks parents placed on Alert by the associated press parents police and civic groups Are on the Alert today for vicious halloween tricks on such As Poi soned Candy and apples spiked with razor Blades which were found in Many areas last year. As the first reports of such incidents this year came in police warned Don t let child Ren eat any halloween treat without taking a Good look at it first. Trick or treat prospects Damp for area tonight there is a Good Chance rain will end by Nightfall but trick or Treater probably will be making rounds tonight in Damp air according to the National weather service. A news spokesman said skies will be Cloudy and temperatures in the 50s tonight per haps with intermittent precipitation. Although rain has been heavy since Early wednesday morning Little flooding has been reported the spokesman said. A Flash flood watch for Southern West Virginia was cancelled Friday night five hours after it was issued. A flood watch still is in effect in the extreme northeastern part of the state. Friday .93 of an Inch of rain fell in the Charleston area. Since wednesday the area has had 3.19 inches of rain bring ing the october total to 5.11 inches. The spokesman said that makes the month the Rai Niest october since 1961, when 6.11 inches were recorded. Spy vessel said salvaged in Phoenix ariz., police and narcotics agents said there also is a danger that treats might be spiked with drugs. They issued repeated warn Ings to parents not. To let children eat Candy unless enclosed in the original factory wrapping. The officers said fears of drugs were sparked by reports that Large amounts of seconal tablets were circulating in the Phoenix area. Police warnings were accompanied by newspaper advertisements in Syracuse . And Indianapolis ind. To combat both the menace to trick or treating children and the possible problem of vandalism by some of them hundreds of Jaycee members in Memphis tenn., planned to take to the streets tonight in a mass safety they will have no police Power but were equipping their cars wit i two Way radio sys tems to Call police if Neces sary in Waukegan 111., Fri Day night a child bit on a halloween treat and found a razor Blade. Donald Cross Man 9, told his Mother after 3% hours of trick or treating there s something in this Candy opening it mrs. Mary Ann Crosman 31, found the Bro Ken double edged safety razor Blade. Her son was unhurt. The Blade stuck Between his Teeth. Buffalo n. Y., police also re ported a similar incident when an unidentified child s Mother accidentally dropped a Hal Loween Apple which broke open to reveal a razor Blade of election for Senate said most important san Clemente Calif. President Nixon calling next tuesday s election probably the most important and decisive Senate election in american history has appealed to the nation for a vote of Confidence in himself and his programs. Vote for those men who will vote for the president rather than against him so that the president can keep his promises to you the american Nixon told Republican partisans in Anaheim convention Center and television viewers across the nation Friday night. The Republican National committee purchased network time for a telecast of the speech in the Wake of thurs Day night s incident at san Jose Calif., in which rocks bottles and eggs were hurled at the president. Nixon had said the time has come to take the gloves off and that he would discuss in the Anaheim speech what America must do to end this wave of violence and terror but he gave a toned Down version of the same Basic speech he has been deliver ing in political swings about the nation. The president said in refer ring to the san Jose incident. It s time to draw the line against violent demonstrators and that the Republican candidates for whom he has spoken have taken a Strong stand against this kind of Lawless Ness and this kind of viol Nixon appealed to Vot ers to stand with these men who understand the after the speech press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Nixon will amplify his remarks on the san Jose Inci Dent today in a speech at Phoenix first Stop on a four state Windup political swing to Arizona new Mexico Nevada and Utah. Nixon s speech received an enthusiastic reception from the party faithful who waved Small american flags and held up multicoloured signs including ones that proclaimed no rocks in Anaheim and we re for Nixon not both of these were held aloft behind Nixon and in View of the television Cam eras. In contrast to Many Nixon speeches there were no Heck lers and demonstrators inside the Hall. Outside a few dozen demonstrators some opposing the Vietnam War and o t h e r s urging military Victory paraded on a sidewalk. Nixon flew the 35 Miles from the Western White House by Heli copter Landing in a parking lot out of sight of the protes ters. The Anaheim appearance was designed principally to bolster the reelection Campaign of sen. George Murphy. The Field poll released Friday in John v. Tunney has Lengh tend his Lead Over Murphy in recent weeks from two to seven percentage Points. Murphy introduced Nixon saying this is the greatest Honor i have Ever expert then blinking noticeably As the president heaped Praise on him. The program was opened by gov. Ronald Reagan a Strong favorite for re election Over Democrat Jess Unruh. Re Agan said we see the threat of anarchy in this sharply attacked Tunney say ing a Young Man lusting for High office has forsaken decency and then Nixon came on. Acknowledging a wild Roar from the crowd by waving both hands fingers in an outstretched into the air. His biggest applause came at the Climax of a portion he often uses in which he said the picture of Youthful protes ters shown on the nation s television screens gives a false impression. They re not a majority of american youth today and they will not be the leaders of America the pres ident said. He also Drew applause when he said in a system that provides a method for peace Ful change there is no cause see Nixon pm. 8, col. 3 Safe safes were pried open sometime last night at the Pepsi cola Allied bottlers inc. Building on Broad Street. This one the largest yielded it. Arlie Rob Inson and Dot. Sam Elmore Survey the damage. In the foreground is the door with tit tear Gas Container still mail photo by Chet Hawes. Charley West says California newspapers showed that democratic nominee election Day is like halloween can t Tell the treats from the tricks. Economy s trouble Laid at dem door Washington a a Nixon administration economist today blamed the nation s economic troubles on democrats and assailed critics who say republicans Are at fault for unemployment and the High Cost of living. The text of the speech by Treasury undersecretary Charles e. Walker carried a note to editors from Secretary David m. Kennedy recommending it As one that sets out the straight facts about the Walker in remarks pre pared for a Bankers luncheon at Georgetown University fired away at democrats and labor leaders who he said have lashed out viciously at the Nixon administration s economic record. Even allowing for the heat of an election Walker said this is surely going too contending Nixon administration policies have cooled off a badly overheated Economy started to bring inflation under control started the nation to Sec Economy pm. 8, col. 3 help selves to thieves observe halloween Early trick or treat was celebrated a Little Early by thieves at the Pepsi cola Allied bottlers inc., 422 Broad St. But instead of Candy and soft drinks the visitors escaped with an estimated from two safes and vending machines Tokyo North Korea says it has salvaged a ship sunk in North korean Waters june 5 and has discovered that it was an armed spy ship dispatched by the United states and equipped with espionage at the time of the incident North Korea claimed that the ship intruded deep into North korean Waters under cover of fighter planes and warships to conduct recon Naissance and was sunk off Haejun about so Miles South of Pyongyang. The u. S. Navy denied that h had any ships of any kind in the area. Gov. Moore declares Woodpecker All dems can find to criticize Peppy republicans it was Dixieland jazz gop style last night at the civic Center where county republicans held their Over the top a Dixieland band from Hunting ton provided the entertainment. Charles Moraine jr., left Republican House member from Cabell county played the Banjo for the combo while Del. Clyde Penber a Caber right handled the Drums. Although not a member of the combo Russell Davinor Center who is running for re election to the House from Kanawha county stands in for a number with to unset daily mail photo by Earl Benton. By Richard Grimes of the daily mail staff local republicans put Feath ers in their own Caps last night at a big party rally at the civic Center. Then appropriately enough gov. Moore topped the Billing with revived tales of his illustrious Woodpecker. Just Moore told about 600 Loyal partisans who braved the rain to come out i took that Little Woodpecker an artificial decoration one out of my office and put it in the reception room at the Cap Itol with a sign on it. It has become such a talked about thing i thought people might want to see he said. Democrats have criticized Moore for spending Money on frills for his office including the Woodpecker. He continued before the partisan crowd speaking off the cuff you know when i came to the governor s office or what was left of it All they left me was a chandelier and four Walls. They did t even leave me an Orange drink. Then my Affinity for Birds caught up with Moore said performing to the Hilt with his head lowered and his voice melodramatic. That coveted Woodpecker was Ray downfall. It must have been. That s All they be crafts found to talk about i put it out in the reception room As a Symbol of this administration s then the governor took off on Secretary of state John d. Rockefeller in calling him a Par time politician who visits the state once in a continued the governor he criticized my press conferences yet he has never even attended one. Why he rarely attends anything in state government. Today Friday he attended an armory Board meeting for the first time. We had to educate him for about two and one half hours but the meeting got on. The meeting to which Moore referred lasted Only an hour and 15 minutes Moore took a swing at the Gazette which opposes him editorially. The morning Bugle is All upset because for once they have a governor who takes the Facto and makes a decision. They re not used to that. They be never had a governor who did that. They Don t know what to his voice by this time reach ing a High pitch. Moore lashed out at the news Media in general say ing the news Nadia com Plains i run a tight ship. The problem is they can t trip me up. They can t pit part of my administration against the see Moore. Of. 8. Pm. 1 on the building s second floor. I it. Arlie Robinson and det. Sam Elmore said an employee found the safes broken into when he reported for work at . Today. It looks like a professional it. Robinson said due to the fact the safes were opened without the tear Gas bomb exploding. Whoever did detectives theorize that thieves pried open a rear door of the warehouse to gain Entrance. Once inside they added the thieves went to the second floor where they broke open the two safes destroying them. One contained no Money but a vending machine attached to the top of it was pried open and removed. An estimated was taken from the Safe located in the general office on the second floor. Instructor saves pupils from injury West Hamlin w. A. A an Alert third Grade teacher who noticed a grow j ing crack in the ceiling of her classroom Here quickly herded her students out of the room just moments before the roof collapsed. All 15 youngsters and West Hamlin elementary school instructor mrs. Flossie biases caped serious injury. Officials said two youngsters were treated for minor cuts caused by falling debris. School principal h. W. Adkins immediately closed the two Story school saying it would remain closed until a full inspection is made of the entire building. Adkins said several Hundred student makes citizen arrest in Book protest Pocatello Idaho an Idaho state University student made a citizen s arrest of three other students and accused them of Burn ing the school s yearbook. The official charge was burning without a permit. The students allegedly burned the Book to protest a yearbook charge added to their fees whether they wanted the Book or not. The three protesters appeared before a magistrate and were released on their own recognizance pending trial. Blast costs right hand state police of the Chelyan detachment today probed for the cause of a dynamite explosion at a Hughes Creek Home that Cost a Coal Miner his right hand. Attendants at Montgomery general Hospital said Calvin Hughes w. Of Hugheston was admitted at 7 . The Miner underwent sur Gery. His condition was re ported to be satisfactory. An ambulance Driver for Cook funeral Home at Cedar Grove said a Call for an ambulance was received about . Hughes was employed by Bethlehem mines corp. Necktie income Best Paris designer Pierre Cardin claims that he makes More on the Sale of a Necktie than on a haute Cou Ture Model dress. Every haute couture Model pounds of plaster pipe fell i we sell is a dead loss because onto the desks where the Stu j the overhead and taxes Are so dents had been sitting. Cardin said. On inside pages 20 sections Page 6 13 20 20 Asl Valdata classified comics crossword dear Abby editorials Jumble my answer obituaries sports Heaters to women s weather 7 4 20 5 13 9 11 i 7 i

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