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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Charleston, West VirginiaSyrian general cracks Down on guerrillas Beirut Lebanon a Syria s new military ruler is cracking Down on the palestinian guerrillas that the previous marxist regime sponsored Arab diplomatic sources re ported today. The diplomats said Gen Hafez Al Assad of the air Force Syria s defense minis Ter has closed Down the Damascus Headquarters of the Saika guerrillas and asked the Central committee of the pal Estine resistance movement to suspend its membership. Saika guerrillas returning to Syria from Jordan Are being disarmed at the Border and shipped off to detention areas in Northern Syria the sources said. They reported Assad has put Syria under military control paralysing the baath socialist party government. Assad forced or. Noureddin Atassi to resign As president and Premier of Syria on sat urday and today maj. Gen. Salah Jadid marxist Leader of the baath party was reported to have fled the country pos Sibly to Northern Lebanon. Baghdad radio reported later that Atassi s resignation had been accepted by Assad and the new party Leader Atassi has gone to his native City of horns in Central Syria and is under House arrest the broadcast added. It also said syrian troops tanks and armoured cars were laying siege to Saika Camps near the Village of Harasta 10 Miles from Damascus. Assad s coup is believed to have resulted from the syrian invasion of Jordan during the civil War there last Montia. Assad opposed the intervention and refused to give it air cover As a result strafing jordanian planes did heavy damage to the syrian invaders. Assad reportedly uncovered a plot by Jadid to oust him and moved first. Assad is 40, a staunch Arab nationalist and has worked for closer cooperation among the Arab countries in the fight against Israel. He has the backing of the egyptians and has tried to bring better relations with Iraq which is ruled by a rival Wing of the baath party. Although local baathist leaders rushed to Damascus from throughout Syria trying to work out a Compromise Between military and civilian wings of the party the syrian capital was reported Calm. Army tanks and armoured vehicles have remained on their bases. Meanwhile jordanian tanks and palestinian guerrillas in Northern Jordan battled Sun Day for control of villages on the guerrillas Supply route from Syria. The guerrillas said 60 tanks shelled four Vil Lages Between Ramatha and in bid 50 Miles from the Jorda Nian capital of Amman and that they replied with mor tars machine guns and Rock ets. Guerrillas at am Rawa said the troops Cut the Road from Ramatha to Irbid in violation of the peace agreement signed last tuesday by King Hussein arid guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat. The pact permits the guerrillas to move men and supplies along the country s roads As Long As they obey traffic Laws. But jordanian army officers unhappy with the pact maintain the agree ment gives them the right to re assert government control in these villages. Israeli sources in Gesher on the Jordan River cease fire line said hundreds of Arab Farmers and villagers see Syria pm. 4, col. 4 the weather Cloudy Chance of rain tonight Low near 40. Tuesday Cloudy rain Likely High in Low 60s. Details on Page 4 volume 155-no. 95 sails 3d ail final if edition Charleston West Virginia monday evening october 19, 1970 ten cents car trunk yields Canadian s body census director promises data in error count by Mary Berry daily mail Washington Bureau Washington the top census Bureau official agreed today to give Kanawha county attorney John Amick All the census data on Charleston and Kanawha county to help him determine if mistakes were made. Director George Brown of the Bureau expressed doubt that a mistake was made but said if Amick can show other Wise Well Issue corrections until hell freezes meeting in congressman John Slack s office with Amick and other Charleston representatives Brown prom ised data on local enumerator districts the smallest break Down his Bureau has. Amick questions preliminary figures which show a loss of persons in the county since 1960, and approximately in the City de spite an increase in the total number of housing units. Brown said he did not think j the preliminary figures Are incorrect and noted the num her of persons per household i nationally has dropped since 1960. The Federal official said the average household in West Virginia has dropped from 3.24 persons in 1960 to 2.89 in the 1970 count and in Kana wha county from 3.26 to 2.86. What is occurring Here is not just unique in Kanawha county or Charleston or the state of West Brown said. Amick disagreed saying we think the problem is to however after the meeting Amick said he was Happy to get the enumerator District data which he had been unable to get from the regional census office in Char Lotte n. C. Brown promised full cooperation of the Bureau in Correct ing any errors. First he said it must be ascertained that everybody was counted and he asked Amick to let the Bureau know of any House holds that were missed. He added that geographical mistakes in breaking Down the count could be made later. Amick was accompanied by City solicitor b. Duffy Horan and Gerald Roueche jr., assistant planning director for Charleston. Plant Access Road Grant aids growth the appalachian Region commission has announced a Grant to build an Access Road in Putnam county to help a Charleston Plant expand its operations. 11 is the West Virginia steel corp., and according to the commission will initially employ 75 persons at the Plant near Rock Branch expanding to 200 within the next five years. Body of Pierre Laporte Quebec labor minister shot to death after being kidnapped lies in trunk of a car in top picture at St. Hubert Airport South of Montreal. He was killed when Ransom demands of the Quebec liberation front were not met. In Bot Tom picture police today Check out a House in St. Hubert where they believe the kid Napers held Laporte before killing wre photos cabbie teacher hunted Canadian police uncover Kidnap terrorist hideout Montreal a police said Early today they believe they have found the hideout where terrorist kidnappers held labor minister Pierre Laporte before murdering him Satur Day. The police began a Thor Ough investigation of the abandoned Frame Bungalow in the Little town of St. Hubert eight Miles South of Montreal after army demolition experts made sure it contained no Booby traps. We believe it is where la Porte was said Del. Sgt. Albert Lisacek. Laporte s body was found about half a mile away. Thousands of police were combing Quebec province with warrants for a taxi Driver and a schoolteacher wanted for the kidnapping of Laporte and British Trade commissioner James Cross. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau predicted More terrorist violence from the Quebec liberation front or Fly. But he said these vicious men will be found and will be dealt with in the Calm 1 and dispassionate atmosphere of Canadian Quebec police issued an All Points bulletin late sunday saying Marc Carbonneau 37, the cab Driver and Paul Rose 27. Were charged with participation in both abductions. The slaying of Laporte j whose body was found in the trunk of an Auto saturday night was not mentioned in the warrant. Both suspects were de scribed As French speaking canadians. There was no explanation Why they were i charged with both kidnappings j since communiques from the i Quebec liberation front have j indicated that separate Fly factions carried them out. By Early today police had rounded up 319 persons in a manhunt launched after the Federal government invoked the War measures act Friday j and outlawed the Fly. More j than 180 were picked up in Montreal the rest in Quebec City Sherbrooke Hull and five other Quebec towns. Rose was involved in a 1968 controversy at Perce on the Gaspe Peninsula when 25 Young people occupied a build ing. Abner Biard Perce May or said the youths bothered tourists and when he and oth ers protested he was threat ened by six or seven organizations among them the Fly. Laporte 49, was abducted As he played football with his children on oct. 10. Five Days earlier James Richard Cross also 49, the British Trade com missioner in Montreal was taken from his Home. The Fly made seven ran som demands among them re lease and Safe conduct to Cuba or Algeria for 23 persons convicted or accused of terrorist see Canada pm. 4, col. 5 70 keep truce alive Beirut Lebanon w president Anwar Sadat of Egypt said today his country would accept an Extension of the 90-Day cease fire with Israel provided serious negotiations aimed at ending the Middle East conflict get under Way Cairo radio reported. The new egyptian Leader warned however that Egypt would accept Only one Extension of the original cease fire which is due to end nov. 6. Cairo radio reported Sadat s remarks were made during a speech to commanders and officers of the egyptian armed forces. Our condition for extending the cease fire is that a Seri Ous Start be made to the contacts and said Sadat. Cairo radio said he warned that Israel would try to get the cease fire extended every 90 Days As a matter of routine. But we will not accept More than one he asserted. He told the commanders they were facing a Treach Erous enemy and must take All necessary measures to face him. Bomb rocks mass. Court Worcester mass. A Small bomb blew up on a window ledge at the Worces Ter county courthouse late sunday night causing damage estimated at no injuries were reported. Authorities said the two Inch pipe bomb apparently was placed on an outside window Sill of a room used As a courtroom and As a standby room for jurors. It blew in the i window knocking out some ceiling panels putting holes in i the Wall and making a Hole in a leather judge s chair. A Security officer in the j building at the time was not Hurt. The Bast came after a Tele phone warning to the Worces Ter Telegram. The Telegram called police hut they said it had gone off by the time they arrived on the scene. The Grant is for or 70 per cent of the total Cost of the .31-mile Access Road con j necking w. A. 62, formerly i u. S. 35, to the Plant site. The state is to provide in addition to serving the Plant the commission said the Road will provide Access to Rock Branch Golf course i now owned by Monsanto and being offered for Sale As an i Industrial Park or housing development. The new Road will generally follow an existing Road called i Wright Road according to the announcement. President John r. Harris of West Virginia steel has a j quire approximately 34 acres and will let the contract to build the new Plant just As soon As we get the he added it was his under standing the state highways department was awaiting the appalachian Grant and would move soon to build the Road. According to Harris the firm now employs approximately 135 persons at its Brooks Street Plant which is on a site of approximately six acres. West Virginia steel deals in warehousing and fabrication structural steel prefabricated buildings fireproofing Materi als and other building special ties. Chicago riots born of Yankee Cong meeting a love affair in Cuba on inside pages j v v 28 sections Astra data Bridge classified. Comics crossword dear Abby editorials. Financial hot line Jumble. My answer obituaries sports or. Forum Heaters to women s k. Sch Fry Mem Wimda weather your Good health Page .13 .16 .24 .22 22 .14 6 .23 .17 22 .13 .24 .18 23 .12 .13 14 4 10 saturday deadline for showplace the curtain is about to go up on the daily mail s annual fall showplace to new York. Final Date for making reservations is saturday oct. 24. For show planers will get roundtrip Jet transportation trans fers five nights and six Days in the americana hotel tickets to four hit shows a gourmet dinner performance at the radio City music Hall and a sur prise event. Tour dates arc nov. 8-13. For information or reservations write showplace daily mail Charleston 25301, or Telephone 348-4883. Act. Now Don t be left waiting in the wings when that curtain goes up Judi by Georgie Anne Geyer and Keyes Beech Chicago daily news service it is love that feeds the inextinguishable hate against the United states a Viet Cong Delegate to the 1968 Cul Tural Congress of Vietnam will Stu dents for a democratic society. The ideological mating be tween the no. 5 of a american Radical left and the v i e u namese communists with Fidel Castro playing in four Days of rage in the streets of Chicago in october 1969. A few Hundred student Radi cals who Call themselves weathermen surged through Chicago streets smashing win Dows overturning cars beating up bystanders who got in their Way and battling the police. Though most people know what happened few know Why it happened or what it was All about. What it was about was this the helmeted weathermen were laterally making Good on their Battle cry bring the War they were open ing a second front in Chica go to help their embattled comrades in Vietnam. The idea May seem preposterous considering the Odds. But Good revolutionaries Are never deterred by Odds. If they were they would never Start a revolution. Revolution Aries must first be True believers. Whatever else May be said of them the weathermen and women Are True believers. Unless you understand that you will never understand the weathermen. Another thing that must be understood is that what might be called Chicago s october revolution was another round in Hanoi s continuing struggle for american Public opinion. From the very Start Hanoi has waged a two front one on the battlefields of j South Vietnam., the other for i the hearts and minds of the i american people. A third less important front opened with the Paris peace talks in 1963. Obviously Hanoi did not Cre ate Antiwar dissent in the United states. What the Viet namese communists did do j however was to exploit that j dissent for their own purposes. In this Endeavor they j found a ready made instrument in the Young american radicals. As is the Case with so Many j love affairs it is difficult to say with precision when the u. S. New left and the Viet Cong first became enamoured of each other. But the court ship appears to have become serious about four years ago when More Young u. S. Radi cals began to trickle into Cas Tro s Cuba in search of a new world to replace the Rotten corrupt fascist pig state they lived in. The climate hardly could 1 have been More salubrious the atmosphere More Heady. In Cuba the americans could meet talk with and learn from real live revolutionaries 1 cubans. Vietnamese North koreans chinese Black Afri cans and an occasional Palms tin inn commando. The Central identification i was with Cuba and communist Vietnam. Cuba already had defied the imperialist Mons the uniter states and i vietnamese communists were i engaged in a valiant struggle against the same foe. Cuba s commitment to North Vietnam was a deeply Felt thing. Both Felt they were being persecuted by the United states and Many cubans Felt that Cuba would be at tacked by America next after Vietnam. On top of All this was the i luring dread that the two superpowers the . And the u.s.a., would make a Deal to ret rid of their respective j or o b 1 e m Moscow would Trade Cuba to i sri Yankee. Of. 7. Col. 1 Dodson urges Federal drug pushers Law u. S. Senate candidate Elmor Dodson said Here today he is opposed to mandatory sentences in drug violations because hey can give Young people a bark Mark on their record that they will carry to their the mayor of Charleston running on the Republican ticket said he has no Brief for drug pushers and would sup port Federal legislation Mak ing their punishment More severe. But. In too Many cases youngsters smoking Mari Juana perhaps for the first time have been caught and subjected to Dodson said. Young people who continue to use marijuana put them selves in jeopardy of graduating to deadlier narcotics Dod son said. And for them he advocates a plan of rehabilitation and education. Asho mayor of a City in West Virginia s largest metro Politan area 1 am too much aware of the problems of Law enforcement. And i do believe in Law and order. But there Are times when you can accomplish Law and order with compassion better than with a Mace. This is especially True in the cases of youths who unlike adults do not realize the seriousness of the consequences of their Dodson said. See pm. Col. 4 Charley West says on Send off to summer in a cold wave

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