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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 4

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Charleston, West VirginiaEditorial Page without or with offence to Findt or Pom sketch your world exactly As it Page 4 saturday evening october 17, 1970 privately the Fop is one thing publicly it is quite different the fraternal order of police is exactly what it says it is. It is a private fraternal association whose members Are joined in the interest of fun and games the maintenance of their professional standards and some Good works. But the Fop is also a Little bit More. It is for the members of the police Force the appointive authority in the composition of the police civil service commis Sion. This is the Way the police arc assured a voice in the commission s deliberations and this is enough to make the Fop a Public or quasi Public body and even a member of the establishment. Except for this link the Fop might stand indefinitely on its right to compose its membership As it thinks Best and be As restrictive As it pleased. It could if it chose confine the list to red headed officers with 10 years experience and a College degree in penology. But with this link the state human rights commission had no Choice but to sustain the complaint of discrimination and direct the Fop to open up its ranks. The Rule is that purely private associations May do pretty much As they please. So Long As they Are private they can be restrictive exclusive even discriminatory. In some degree nearly every private association in the Community is composed on this basis. But once they go Public and begin to share in and exercise the Public authority their whole character changes. In the institutions of government there is no place for the prejudices and discrimination which Are permissible in private association. For members of the Charleston police Force it should not be too difficult a Rule. The Force has been desegregated and integrated longer than most of us can re member. Its members have a creditable record of working in and encouraging racial Harmony. They Are. In fact a principle ingredient in the maintenance of civil order. The rest As directed by the human commission should come easy. Here in inches there in Miles West virginians May find it hard to believe but elsewhere the interstate Highway program is coming along nicely. By the end of the year says the federation reporter monthly publication of the Highway users federation 1-64 will be open the full 80 Miles Between Charlottesville and Richmond a. Once they get to Lewisburg West Virginia motorists can head for it conveniently. Within the same time Span 1-79 will be Complete from the Pennsylvania Pike 104 Miles North to Erie a. There it will connect with 1-81 for the passage to Canada. Once they get to Pennsylvania West Virginia motorists will find the interstate system stretching out before them. And even in West Virginia there Are encouraging signs. This week gov. Moore opened a 10-mile stretch of 1-79 that not quite Irons out the distance Between Morgantown and fair Mont. Next Clarksburg. Then South Charles ton. And eventually Charleston itself at the heart of the West Virginia system although it would be hard at this Point to say just exactly How or when. David Lawrence wave of pessimism on future world peace As if some thing were needed to emphasize the grim wave of p e slim ism about the future of world peace the soviet Union and red China the same Day that the United nations was beginning to celebrate its 285th Anni out big nuclear tests. The russians exploded a nuclear underground device Al most five times stronger than the largest underground charge Ever set off in the United states. Red China which never has signed the treaty Banning nuclear tests in the atmosphere detonated above ground a bomb equivalent to a Force of about three million tons of int. It is the first chinese test detected this year by the atomic Energy commission. The two major communist nations Are thus deliberately demonstrating their nuclear strength at a time when Fric Tion in the Middle East and Southeast Asia is a big worry to the world. Neither communist China nor the soviet Union which has professed to be anxious to work toward a limitation of strategic Arma ment is manifesting an inter est in the making of peace or the prevention of War. Red China has Given to Indi cation of a willingness to use its influence with North Viet Nam to bring about a Settle ment in Indochina. Early last month it was assumed that the soviet Premier would come to new York City to participate in the commemoration of the United nations anniversary and perhaps have talks with president Nixon. Instead he is sending his for eign minister to attend the function. So the sessions to be held in connection with the 25th anniversary of the United nations and the meetings of the Heads of state Are not expected to be anything More than ceremonial affairs. The problem of Indochina and the acute Situa Tion in the Middle East both Are being avoided. Meanwhile a next door neighbor of the United states established full diplomatic relations with communist China and Hopes to serve As a Bridge be tween the asian nation and other countries especially the United states. Canada of course has a vital interest in Trade with red China which is one of the largest custom ers for Canadian wheat. It is in fact ranked High among Canada s Export buyers. Canada takes the position that it is recognizing the peking regime As the sole Legal government of China without endorsing or challenging peking s claim to Formosa As chinese territory. There have been indications that the United states might be willing some Day to enter into relations with peking but this would not necessarily change the attitude of Ameri Ca toward its ally the nation Alist government on Formosa. It has been suggested by Var ious proponents of Compro Mise on admission of red China to the United nations that each government be Given representation in the unas an Independent entity. The More the red chinese strengthen their position As a nuclear Power the More realistic it is for the other coun tries of the world to seek a basis of understanding so As to avoid open hostilities. The purpose of the current talks Between the United states and Russia is to get an agreement limiting strategic armaments As a supplement to the ban on the spread of nuclear weapons. But unless some sense of responsibility is exercised by the nations that now have nuclear Power it is Likely that the other countries will not be satisfied and will want to have nuclear weapons of their own. These Are among the troublesome questions that Are certain to be factors in the talks on arms limitation Between the United states and the soviet Union. It is significant that a group of 18 Western nations has submitted a Resolution in the in which would require that in order for red China to be admitted a two thirds vote of the general Assembly will be necessary. Of Ter Lisagor russians court disaster in exploiting crises Chicago daily news the russians will court Dis Aster if they attempt to exploit every world crisis for Petty tactical advantages in the belief of administration officials. With the weapons accumulated by the nuclear Powers Over the last 20 years a policy of seeking an Edge Over a potential opponent in every aggravated situation will re sult sooner or later in a possibly uncontrollable confrontation these officials say. Violations of the standstill cease fire in the Sueze canal zone and pressure tactics else where suggest to these officials that Moscow May be at a decision stage in its foreign policy. In a background briefing to news executives in Hartford conn., last monday these officials cautioned that the u. S. Policy of negotiations with the russians May be at a crucial Point. The old rules of pure Power polities must give Way to restraint if the peace is to be maintained they said. J if the Kremlin persists in trying to put the United states at a constant disadvantage Washington reluctantly will be forced into responding in the same manner these officials warned. The soviets should have j been chastened by recent events in Jordan which revealed the precarious nature of the balance in the Middle East they said. The dangers of another Middle Eastern War getting out of control also should have become apparent to the arabs and the israeli they said. They expressed the Hope that diplomatic efforts now May be made in a More realistic atmosphere. The officials revealed that the United states will explore the possibility of rectifying the violations in the Middle East cease fire zone which they branded As incontrovertible in talks at the United nations in new York in the next 10 Days. But they were not optimistic that such a formula can be found easily noting that both sides have taken Adamant positions and that . President Gamal Abdel Nas ser s death and the unsettled conditions in Jordan dim the immediate prospects of Start ing peace talks. They said however that they had the impression that the israeli might be willing to consider something less than a total Roll Back to the Situa Tion that existed at the time the cease fire went into effect on aug. 6 and that the egyptians might not bar some adjustment in the situation. The officials said that while the egyptians have displayed an impressive example of or Derly succession in the Wake of Nasser s death they expect a period of fluidity uncertainty and an absence of self Assurance in Cairo. The Short Range objective of the russians will be to Consoli Date themselves with the new leadership headed by Anwar Sadat they said and this will inhibit Moscow from pressing Cairo in the direction of undo ing the standstill we be gone As far As we mail readers Point of View More Confidence in Justice department to the daily mail i wrote you a letter angry too because after All i had read about Jack Anderson s research it seemed nothing was being done. I was very angry at gov. Moore s stupid statement of the Justice department s attitude about his tax investigation. Thank you so much for the article on tonight s front Page i would prosecute my Mother if. I now have More Confidence in the Justice department. Ignorance is not you have such Fine newspapers there. Hurrah for the Freedom of the press. Mrs. Joe Stober Charleston oct. 12. Ledger s other Side to the daily mail Kanawha county commissioner Dewey e. S. Kuhns is in error when be states that the county won t pay for City fire service fee. If it s the Law that the county court is responsible for the payment of such fees it is Only right that they be paid. But looking on the other Side of the Ledger this writer finds that it is also lawful for the county court to deduct that amount from the City s share of county taxes. This writer is also of the opinion that it is not Only lawful but that it is a requirement that the county court assess the incorporated municipalities their fare share for any improvements the county court authorizes toward the better ment of the whole county such As Golf course watershed development Parks and particularly a new court House. Lets also not forget Charleston s membership in such things As the new transportation authority where the City seeks to have the largest representation without any financial obligations. It can collect such assessments by withholding from such sums that Are in excess of its nor Mal obligations and Are proportionately returned to the municipalities. The Money which the county court retains and uses in extraneous activities after pay ing for its Normal operation including royalties belongs to the unincorporated county and not to the county court which Only has the Power to admin ister the county s financial affairs. It does not have the right to relieve any municipal Ity of its fair share of Finan Cial responsibility on such projects. George a. Rusnak Charleston oct. 12 the role of women to the daily mail it was very discouraging to read the limited View presented in your special sunday Edi Tion concerning the role of women. This protest is no reflection on the very great accomplishments of toe six professional women who were interviewed. All of these women declared that being a woman was an asset or at least not a draw Back in their careers. But the very lives and achievements of these women Are extraordinary. They have found opportunities to develop their great capabilities. But what about the hundreds of thousands of women in our country who find Legal discrimination blocking their attempts to obtain jobs in state and local governments including Public schools or a scholarship for a College education or equal pay on the Job or employ ment in certain occupations or guardianship of their child Ren or As Many social Security benefits for their families As men the greatness of our society depends upon As close an approximation to the Equality of Opportunity As possible. The fullest development of the individual is our Ideal with the right to a life style most suited to one s own aptitudes abilities and desires. Prevail ing mores in both private As Well As Public life do not encourage such Freedom for women. Our total society suffers As does our male population from being deprived of the full potential of woman Power. Evelyn l. K. Harris Charleston oct. 5 fuming Over fumes to the daily mail i was on my Way from Charleston to Mason county for an afternoon of Hunting saturday and the trip necessitates going through South Charleston. Caustic fumes engulfed my car As i turned West from the Patrick Street Bridge. A handkerchief Over my Mouth and nostrils helped some but not much. I sped through the City to avoid it. Then came the interstate after crossing the Bridge at Dunbar. Relief i thought was at band but i was wrong. They were waiting for me at the pass in Nitro. Fumes there would make a Nitro fire Man Blanch. Again a hand kerchief to my face did t help much. On sunday i chatted with a Friend who had As his House guest a Nice Young Chap from a College in South Carolina. This Young Man had been Here before As a guest at West Virginia s annual National Sci ence Camp in Pocahontas county. With him were three other collegians. Did he want to show them the Beauty of Pocahontas county no he would go out of his Way to take them by Alloy. He wanted he said to show them the most unbelievable sight he had Ever seen As far As pollution goes. It could have been a Nice weekend in the Kanawha Val Ley. Mostly the Sun was out but mostly it could t be seen until late afternoon. People should t have to live like that. J. P. Whitlatch South Charleston oct. 13 wans Novak report the Kennedy Puzzle does Charisma hold l f. Palmer or. Civil rights problems require seriousness Chicago daily news after one of the nation s spectacular space achieve ments Lyndon b. Johnson then president lauded the astronauts and America itself by saying that there is no problem that this country can not solve if it has the will to do so. And he is right. When America decided it must have an atom bomb it built one. When the Moon be came a fascinating Challenge it was decided that we would put a Man on that Little Ball up in the sky. We have decided that it is imperative that we stay ahead of All other countries in the technological rat r a c e a o government business and the american society in general have joined together with unbending determination to stay out front. But when it comes to mat ters of the human spirit mat ters of moral dedication this country finds it impossible to Muster this kind of will this kind of mania to find solutions. This is True in the areas of health and poverty even education. But nowhere the absence of commitment to blatant As in the struggle to find answers to racism. The u. S. Civil rights com Mission makes this Clear in it report the Federal civil rights enforcement Effort the report to a major breakdown in enforcement of Federal Laws and executive or Ders aimed at ending racial discrimination. The Rev. Theodore m. Hes Burgh the commission chair Man who is president of the University of notre Dame said this Means that the credibility of the govern ment s total civil rights Effort has been seriously under when we talk about credibility we talk about the ability to believe. And when we question whether a person or an institution can be believed we Are questioning the Basic honesty of that person or that institution. Black people have been say ing All along that the u. S. Government lies and plays hypocritical games with the racial problem. This it seems to me is what the United states com Mission on civil rights has said in its report. Through the years Black leaders Black organizations and Black people in general have gone into fits of civil rights activity to get new Laws passed which it waa hoped would ease the Burden of Rac Iam which hangs around the Black own a neck. Forgetting for the moment that the u. S. Constitution we designed to protect the of ail citizens thaw were until had what the i Annm Amiin aim a Complex of them. Bat the Black Man s Burden became no lighter indeed perhaps it became heavier. Father he Burgh discussing the commission report tells Why perhaps what has been lost sight of is that they must be it is at this Point that we have found a major then the commission goes on to detail the breakdowns. Out of these details emerge a pattern that can Only suggest that there was never any in Tention there was no will to see to it that these civil rights Laws were enforced. For example father Hes Burgh pointed out the com Mission found that no Agency of the Federal government has been provided with sufficient staff and other resources to carry out its civil rights responsibilities with maximum he said that in most depart ments and agencies the chief civil rights officer is of relatively Low this Speaks to the position on the list of priorities which the govern ment assigns to the problem of civil rights. Father he Burgh also said the commission discovered that Federal agencies carry out civil programs with out specifying goals conduct their affairs in isolation one from and in Home agencies staff members Are untrained and unsympathetic with civil the com Moo chairman speaking of the civil commitment waned a Nam we get action about Fefe the country on a collision us Rance him. 8m. Edward m. Kennedy1 bold on that Nurani. Doubted by Massachusetts pot ind att who Wera bit sycophants was displayed in a incident last week during Bis Senate Raeto visiting the Joe Gal shoe fac tory in this old Mill town Kennedy bad a tense Confron tation with the owner. He wanted Kennedy to join other Massachusetts congressmen in backing a shoe import quota and thus save his company from imminent death. The senator clutching 4he free Trade policies of president John f. Kennedy expressed sympathy but not support. After 15 minutes of such Grap pling the unhappy shoe Man suggested Kennedy might As Well visit the factory floor. The mood changed dramatically. Some 300 workers on the Brink of losing their jobs broke into cheers. The factory girls entered a state of jump ing screaming ecstasy. One worker in his 50s asked Ken Nedy to support the shoe quota. I have trouble with Kennedy replied. I said the worker but i m for you anyway Kennedy s tumultuous reception from shoe workers who might Well have been booing him added to similar incidents poses a Puzzle does this indicate the famous Kennedy magic endures or despite such visible support has that magic been diluted seriously by the Chappaquiddick affair Many democratic politicians in Massachusetts including some longtime Kennedy men think the latter May be the Case. They feel Kennedy s a deviating liberalism will insure a heavy vote from the Liberal suburbs. Their fear is that Chappaquiddick is Cut Ting into the Tower income preponderant by Catholic vote in Mill towns such As Lawr ence. Growing out of this concept of a politically diminished Kennedy party leaders Here Are far less subservient to him. They grumble privately that he has never truly led the state party since his election in 1962. Moreover to mob hard eyed Kennedy out of the presidential picture certainly for 1972, perhaps for the years beyond. Ibis includes one Well placed Mas Sacra mutts Democrat who a year ago told us the Czappa quid Dick affair did not eliminate Kennedy from 1972. I be changed my be now says. I be been talking to democrats from other to reassure such sceptics Kennedy is running an old fashioned Dawn to dark Campaign As if his Senate seat were in danger. There is no sign Kennedy is thinking about a 1972 presidential bid. But an impressive win Over his Republican state chairman Josiah Spaulding a Boston aristocrat running a Liberal Patty cake convince the state s doubters that Kennedy still has his old working class support. There is another reason for Kennedy s exertions. Unlike most National democratic Fig ures he rejects the advice from Richard Scammon and Ben Wattenberg in their new Book the real that democratic candidates should move toward the Center by energetically espousing Law and order. Thus Kennedy wants to win big As an anti real majority candidate. Unlike sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine front runner for the presidential Ken Nedy consciously avoids men Tion of Law and order. During a hour Day in the Blue Collar Lawrence Haverhill area his one remark about this transcendent Issue was a tangential comment that the u. S. Should not be spending Money in Vietnam when a woman cannot walk the streets of the other Wise he stuck to bread and butter issues and anti Vietnam statements. But Kennedy s real weapon in opposition to Law and order rhetoric is not his somewhat tired charges of Republican economic mismanagement but the Charisma that had the girls at the Joe Gal shoe fac tory cheering against their own pocketbook interest. The size of his win nov. 3 will give some measure of that weapon s present effectiveness. Max Lerner social disorder safety make up no. 1 Issue something has hit the d e socratic party that someday May be called the a c Ammon Wattenberg of it is the r e c o g n i Tion that voters Don t Hurt most in their pocket Book nerve when they Hurt harder somewhere the problem of social disorder and safety. At first the democratic candidates and their brain trus ters got stuck with the theory of underlying that a Liberal first must get at the underlying causes of violence. Which is a Little like saying that a religious Man can t Cope with crime unless he first copes with original sin and original Grace. Then came the Nixon de pression with combined inflation and unemployment and the hapless democrats Felt a god out of the machine had come to Rescue them. But the hard nosed economic theme has served them Only a Little better than the deep sociology theme. So now they have made another Tacti Cal turn lest a harsher Neme Sis overtake them and they have embraced the gospel according to St. Richard scam Mon and St. Ben Watten they say that the real majority is around the Cen Ter give or take a Little to the right or left and that it cares about ending the violence and disorder. The guardians of the Liberal conscience see this As a Cra Ven Retreat to the right and seek to rally the forces of Light against the forces of darkness at Agincourt or armageddon or wherever. But the reality principle is Clear enough for them to have seen Long ago if they had not been misled by a moralist approach to the election scene. The party leaders like Hubert Humphrey and Edward Kennedy have spoken sharply somewhat condemn crime and riots and violence and extreme social turbulence Humphrey and also the hijackers of the uni insisting that any person who Grants them sym Pathy and support must share the Burden of guilt Kenne if this is indeed a Retreat to the right then the democrats can say with fab Taff that the better part of elector Al valor discretion. Or rather reality recognition when reality to the continuing violence across the country. The weathermen gone underground timed their car Feig about further tap Enactor to the Tion anyone who Mold argue to them that bit is and that it will turn the nation to the right is wasting his breath for that is exactly what they want. Their analysis is that America can t be radicalized except in the face of an Era of repression and a fascist thus far even the Gaggle of crime Bills that the Senate passed hurriedly and sent to the House does t add up either to repression or fascism. But there is a real danger that in their response to bombings like the recent ones in Seattle san Raphael Santa Barbara and Long Island City the voters will Send crack Down minded men to the sen ate and the House and that the repression which the weathermen want will be handed to fastened on the nation. The Reader May forgive my adding a personal note. I be Lieve in liberalism without guilt without tears and with our moralist. I Long have been urging a Tough minded liberalism which will take people As it finds them and try for higher living standards and a More expressive life for just for a the Frame of a secure social order. The trouble with the tender minded Liberal is that he sees the voter As someone to be improved to be made loftier politically and morally rather than someone to work with. But you can t improve the voter by talking of deep causes or a reordering of priorities if what is on his mind and not Only in heart land America is drugs crime and violence on the Campus and on the Street. You have to make yourself credible with the voter on that no. 1 Issue. On the Antiwar movement especially when it was swing ing with Gene Mccarthy in new Hampshire these Liber als said the on the Issue of securing order in the Community they seem to say the As for myself i Don t have the kind of mystique which says the people Are necessarily right nor the elitism that judges them necessarily wrong. It depends on the Issue and on the reality of what moves them. To secure order has become one of the imperatives of our time. But i think it can be done Best by Tough minded liberals of both major parties not by the Spiro agnews who their latest sounding the trumpet Cau of guilt by Yaeo tation. The securing of order foes beat with a Well of roved econ omy and with programs in lib erty and weft. It to not i trait too late in the Day to rain Standard to watch battered Dot us Buewl of liberation can repair

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