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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 3

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Charleston, West VirginiaA state Homecoming Royalty raping today Over West Virginia state College Homecoming activities Are Blanche White miss far right and her court from the left Barbara Savage Sophomore Patricia Scott senior Cynthia White Junior and acre Ana Smith freshman. A concert and dance at the school will conclude festivities tonight. Wisc alumni s dinner and dance will begin at . At the Daniel Boone hotel. The celebrity world glad you asked by by Gardner q which West Point class turned out the most generals f. B., Boulder Colo. A the class of 1915. As of its 50th reunion in 1965, the class could boast of 61, by the end of world War ii 55 were general two generals of the Omar Bradley and Dwight Eisenhower and two four Star generals Joseph Mcnarney and James Van Fleet. Q i saw Edie Adams do her famous imitation of Mari Lyn Monroe on Playboy after does t she think it s morbid to do a Takeoff on someone no longer Barbara j., Newark. A i Don t think says Edie. Marilyn was a Beautiful but pathetic person who was so afraid so insecure. I started doing it when she was on even toward the end when she was still alive. No wit seems All right again. She did Tell me she liked it very q. Is it True that David Frost s Secretary wrote a poem about him god Marty b., Tucson Ariz. A yes. Joan Pugh went from Bard to verse. But David took it Good Nat redly. She a general once lived named de Hundred years old ten Yards thought he was really was god s David Frost if at first in Boston doctor s office abortion fatal Resor clears Westmoreland Over my Lai Washington a Gen. William c. Westmoreland has been absolved by the of any responsibility for the alleged my Lai massacre in Viet Nam. The announced Friday that Secretary of the i Stanley Resor dismissed the charge brought by one of the 10 men accused of murder and other crimes in the slaying of More than 100 my Lai villagers in son my Hamlet March Resor concluded that West Moreland now chief of staff had no knowledge of the incident while he commanded . Troops in Vietnam and a did t learn of it until Many months after returning to the United states. I the accusation was lodged by i . Esequiel Torres 22, of i Brownsville tex., who is accused of murdering at least four vietnamese civilians and assaulting three others. He sought Ito halt Legal action against All i my Lai defendants until the question of ultimate responsibility is resolved. J Resor concluded the four Star general had taken appropriate measures to prevent atrocities by . Troops and said West Moreland s command had sat oct. 17, 1970 Charleston daily 3 businessman Racks up new world record Bull Moose Anchorage Alaska a Bruce Hodson has to wait 60 Days for it to to official but he has bagged what prob ably will be the world record Moose. The rack of the Bull downed by the Martin s.d., businessman measured 79% inches in Width tip to tip and totalled 264 Points on the Boone and Crockett scale. Once the 60-Day waiting period to allow for shrink age has passed the Bull is expected to top the current 251-Point Moose with a rack bagged by Bert Leimberg of Seattle near Alaska s mount Sustina in 1961. Hodson downed his catch tuesday near Lake Iliamna about 200 Miles Southwest of Anchorage with two shots from a .30-06 Remington. Homecoming american composer City concert visitor Memphis Maybelline Forbes was in jail for demonstrating for Black rights at Memphis state University. Today she is the new Homecoming Queen the first negro to Cap Ture the Honor at the 58-year old University. Miss Forbes 21, was chosen in student elections Friday to reign Over tonight s Memphis state Florida state football game. She out polled 11 White beauties at a school with Blacks in a total enrolment of she is a senior and a biology major. Wire photo. Dw1ght Eisenhower new York a the he added however that if medical examiner s office says this had happened in a Hospital a Boston woman who underwent the death might have been Prev an abortion in a doctor s office has died because the doctor was or. Baden said the physician unaware that an abortion performed the abortion re ment perforated her uterus that mrs. Ortega had a had concluded the woman to be in satisfactory con not pregnant. Edition when the operation ended or Michael Baden Deputy and Nad travelled to a Friend s chief medical examiner Clov Friday that mrs. Maria Hernan he said an autopsy showed Dez Ortega 23, a guatemalan massive internal bleeding and citizen who had lived in Boston expulsion of the fetus into the eight months died oct. 10 Sev i abdominal cavity eral hours after the abortion i the death was reported As the City s Board of health was Mak she is the first woman known Mai preparations to impose secured earlier cases. The first my Lai court mar tial in the Case of . David Mitchell 30, of St. La., is under Way at it. Tex. Homecoming at my is in Ellie Siegmeister who tues Day night will conduct his own composition theater at the Charleston symphony s opening concert will be the guest at a concert preview Sun Day at . At the Charles ton Art gallery of Sunrise. Singmaster currently professor of music and composer in residence at Hofstra University has composed some 20 orchestral works which have been per formed by major symphony orchestras throughout the world. The concert preview being i sponsored by the women s com Mittee of the symphony society is an innovation in the concert series. In addition the composer will j lecture at Morris Harvey col lege to music majors on composition entered around Folk music in America today. The Lee Elie Siegmeister to my Board says Black hiring shows Progress room 115, will be open to the Ini Public the preview at Lastro Spect is Marshall umber the Art gallery of Sunrise. At club selection recently reissued sity s Homecoming week theme. A theme postscript is a look at what we weren to what we singmaster has composed in a wide variety of forms including music for chorus piano Solo j Arent and what we can t instruments band and More j with gradual realization of what i than 100 songs. His chamber Huntington the human j we Are relations Board at Marshall activities begin sunday at 11 University reports that . With the annual sorority Opportunity employment at the game Competition Pike s Peak. To have died from an abortion in new regulations forbidding oper school during the past 18 at 8 . The Marshall arts and a doctor s office since the actions outside hospitals Asso i months Nas shown significant Cinema society will present la us state s abortion Law was Liberal dated sized july 1. Nine other clinics or to meet clinics abortion the Board s head or. Simoni Homecoming House Decora treated in hospitals or other f a i emergencies. The regulations d. Perry professor of political j Lions will be judged monday Wilities also Are known to have take effect monday. Science said that As of june Jand on tuesday former Interior three Public officials who of there were 73 Blacks employed Secretary Stewart Udall will died since july 1. Or. Baden said that the new Rales held a hear present regulations abortions ing Friday and accused the Are Legal in a doctor s Board of acting illegally and and said the perforation might morally in Banning have occurred in a Hospital. In doctors offices j music includes two Strong quartets three sonatas for Vio Lin and piano and a sextet for percussion. His cantata to the words of the late Martin Luther King jr., i have was telecast nationwide in 1968 Over lbs to. Besides his work As a composer Siegmeister has pioneered in the Folk music Renaissance by the proves speak at 8 . In old an author he is widely Progress. Boheme in Smith music Hall. Signals faculty 12 auditorium. Known i tt.-, for the music Lover s paraprofessionals and 52 non a Phe student Union Board will i handbook a Book of the month abortions professional staff. Sponsor the movie Bonnie Andu eighteen months ago he said Dyde wednesday at 7 and 9 there were five Black prof es-1 . As the new music Lover s his two volume Harmony and Melody serves As a text in Many colleges. A native of new York City Seig Meister received his A. Degree at Columbia College where he earned a Phi Beta Kappa key at 18. After studying theory for four years in Paris he returned to new York for a three year Fellowship in conduct ing at the Juilliard graduate school. He has worked in the theater taught in several col Leges and helped establish the american composers Alliance. He has served As vice president of the american music Center the official u. S. Government Agency for music. Firm to Appeal signals five paraprofessionals land about the same number of state again axes Linan mining bid Black non professional members. While commending the univer Emme Kemp Singer pianist and composer will appear at staff thursday s n . Convocation in old main auditorium. A Snake dance and Pep rally will sity on its conscientious Effort Start at . On the 19th to increase Black intramural Field and at the human relations Board . The Melbourne sym a Jed its concern that Black orchestra will present a in Layment predominantly Falls concert at the Keith Albee Thea j among Low salaried non Rofes Ter. T. Is ional a Rock rally with music by improve the streams ability to the Board recommended will be held thurs Imal salaries be from 9 . To Midnight on Uuk a Huntingdon based Coal com sum t a Trout san rms to Francis claimed he had the real Minns Alan it "1c natural above the poverty level a Central intramural Field. Sonnet office to be established to Omar Bradley q i know it s a famous Mark Twain comment the reports of my death Are greatly but How and when did a say r., Dayton. Ohio. A via Cable from London to the associated 1897. Q my Mother says she heard that Elvis Presley once threw a fish in a waitress s face because he did t like the service. I say it could t have happened that he respects women. What do you Goebel Philadelphia. A i d say you re right. It sounds like a fish Story. Q i once read that the late Tommy Manville was married 13 times. How Long did his shortest marriage last Kim Laurie Long Beach Calif. A 34 minutes. Send your questions to by Gardner glad you asked on Friday a festival of Fork in the Minn Maria department desires emphasize recruitment of Black sounds will begin at 6 . At Tindal of Whit in close us Down of paraprofessionals and non memorial Field House. Musical tonal Forest in Randolph coun the merits of the Case we eel fess4als and a renewed hand groups win include the Green the. Of the merits of the Case Are n t e n s e commitment toward Lyte sunday sources of s department of the Opportunity employment Charles Wright and the 103rd sources or me Jue Paranesi or opera on of these de exercised by the school. Is rect rhythm band and god is natural resources Friday re frands countered critics ejected the application by the who claim the mine operations would drive Blaek b e a r i i c tit Linan smokeless Coal co. Chairman of sales co. Of Huntington owner of Linan a Don think the have would be Appeal to associate with us at he killing de monday morning. I said. Out West huge numbers the state s denial contended 0f bears Jive in the Parks sex sen. Saltonstall w v Vadau Jiuu a Ivy ii an care of the Charleston daily mail . Box 2505, new York ground mine along the Moun Chrls Hospital stay i j a a i a Arius Ucucu boars live in the darks with the operation of the mines of thousands of people. Result m the discharge of i it Neve the Black bears Are dust rial wastes near or into to the Public Waters of this state. In Viola second class Tion of the water pollution control Linan applied earlier this year for a permit to reopen an under Washington a the alumni reception will he Friday from 8 to 10 . At the hotel Frederick. S the Homecoming Parade will Start at the Campus at 10 ., the and proceed Down fourth ave love is when he gets under your skin Justice department says it nue. The game Between my plans to file within the next two and Western Michigan begins at to three weeks an Appeal to the supreme court Over the Dis Missal of bribery charges . A pos game alumni party will be at the hotel Fred Erick. . 10017. Trout Stream. V Needham mass. A against former sen. Daniel the Homecoming dance will Brewster did. From 9 pm to l . At tie charges against Brewster memorial Field House. A greek were dismissed last Friday dance will be from 1u.s. Dist. Court judge . To Midnight at the Keno Al. Hart or. Hart contended a Field House. Student held in College dynamite Case Mcdowell Road serving school to be inspected by the associated press a group of Mcdowell county parents and children have car ried their demands for better roads and Public schools to gov. Moore. J Bobby Daughtery superin j pendent of the Coon Branch consolidated elementary school isaid Friday after a meeting with Moore that the governor promised to Send state Highway j engineers to High Knob monday to Check on the condition of a Road leading to a Public school. Eight persons met with Moore Friday to get the state to up Grade Coon Branch Road so that school buses can transport the 58 area children to schools in Laeger. Fears her remarriage Edgar n. Henry chief of . Sen. Leverett Sal water division said in july Tonstall has been released from i when the first application was Glover memorial Hospital after Brewster was immune from prosecution because he was a member of Congress when the activists boy 14, kills Foster Mother hides body i rejected that seepage from the being held overnight for Obser alleged offence took place mine would Likely degrade the vation following a two car Auto the Appeal was authorized by water Quality of the Stream and Accident. I solicitor general Erwin n. Gris i make it unfit for Trout. The 77-year-old Republican Wold. A spokesman said the Francis replied that the Coa suffered slight head cuts May be argued this Winter be mined in the area is car he was driving collided Iwin a possible decision next in Sulphur Content and would with another thursday at an in is Prins West Liberty w. A. Up a College freshman from Pennsylvania faces a Federal j charge in connection with the discovery of four Sticks of dynamite at the West Liberty College Campus Here Early this u. S. Attorney Paul c. Camil said Friday that Paul p. Chapel Hill n. C. W Morningstar in of Elizabeth Rennie Davis one of the seven pa., had been charged with Vio a q Omega for a lifetime of proud Possession first watch on the Moon cars for huge . Traffic Jam not produce Stream polluting Here. Brewster was charged with defendants m the Chicago con a tons of the gun control act of Charlotte . A Law because he is a minor is and he said the company had police said Saltonstall was accepting in bribes from piracy trial says a traffic Jam As it relates to Transfer and j police say a 14-year-old boy who being held in the a foolproof Plant to driving to his inc., a Chicago mail being planned for May 3 in Possession of explosive devices. Was afraid his Foster Mother Mecklenburg county juvenile treat seepage. He Dover. Both cars were heavy Der firm to influence his the Dyan Amile was found out would remarry and Send him diagnostic Center. Flat the p ant would actually by damaged. On mail rate legislation away shot her in the head and the body of mrs. Beck a put her body in an Oil drum be Kimrey 58, was found Friday. Hind the family s House. I she apparently had been slain Jutz i us no the teenager whose identity i wednesday shortly after is protected by North read a letter that led him Charleston published by the Charleston mail association Charleston w. A 25330 week Day evenings and with the Sun second class postage paid at Charleston w. Telephones classified advertising .34-4s4 circulation Dupar Merrt .mt-5151 ail other departments .m-5140 subscription rate daily with sunday Canutta mail by Carttar year w.40 six month 11.36 three to nth 9.14 month 3.0s one week .70 daily Only by Carlar one. Year six to nth 11.70 rivet Montij 5js one. Month one week .45 by mall Dally air sunday one year six month 3.55 by mail Dally Only year six months 13.08 three one month 3jo All my i subscript Loni Ara payable in Advance. The or Len Tutt 3% Consumers Mies tax. Special student rat6 4 months special military rate All and Ara Independent contract tort

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