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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Charleston, West VirginiaThe weather City Clear and cold tonight Frost Likely Low about 30. Sunny sunday High near 60. Details on Page 2 volume 155-no. 94 final edition Charleston West Virginia saturday evening october 17, 1970 ten cents insolvent ump fund predicted at present rate Senate probes critical of records by Mary c. Berry daily mail Bureau Washington the United mine workers welfare and retirement fund will be insolvent by june 1975 if pensions continue at the present rate and three is no increase in contributions by Coal opera tors according to a congressional study released Here to Day. The Senate subcommittee which has been looking into ready to debate Nevada s governor is. Jack Anderson Reno Nev. Aft Washington columnist Jack Anderson and Nevada gov. Paul Laxalt have agreed to a television debate about charges levelled Fay Anderson against the state s Republican admin Stra Tion. Laxalt quickly extended the area of their dispute Friday saying he would bring Ander son s connection with former u. S. Senate aide Bobby Baker. Anderson wrote in a column this week that Laxalt administration officials had pressured Las vegas strip casinos to put Welcome Spiro signs on their marquees during a re cent Campaign visit by vice president Agnew. But it was Anderson s ments alleging conflict of in Terest on the part of Republican it. Gov. De Pike that Drew Laxalt s ire. Fike is in a Tough fight to succeed Laxalt and Laxalt said Anderson s column was Eastern intrusion promoted by Nevada democrats. Laxalt said Anderson was not to be Anderson stopped briefly in Reno Friday taking time to say he would debate Laxalt about the column and would Uke to see egg on his Laxalt a polished court room lawyer before he be came governor quickly accepted the debate Challenge bringing Baker into the Pic Ture As he accepted. Laxalt was involved in a fierce fight with incumbent Democrat Howard Cannon for a u. S. Senate seat in 1964 when a group of people from Washington flew to Las vegas gov. Paul Laxalt lashes at columnist for a Cannon appreciation Din Ner. Anderson was an official on the airline on which they few and Laxalt said he handed the Bill for the flight Over to Baker then Secretary to the Senate s democratic majority. Anderson has denied any connection with Baker who resigned his Senate Post after an investigation on his activities in that Post later was begun. I am surprised but de lighted that the governor is willing to sit Down with me and discuss the an Derson said later in Salt Lake City where he had gone to visit his family. Arrangements for a television confrontation Are being made said Laxalt. Though no firm Date has been set Laxalt said he expected it would take place in the next week or two. Canada pressing kidnapping search Ottawa Fri armed with combat weapons and wartime Powers thousands of policemen and soldiers swarmed Over que Bec in search of two kidnapped officials and their abductors. More than 250 persons were arrested Friday. There was no word on the Fate of the hostages British labor commissioner James Cross and provincial labor minister Pierre the 1969 ump election and the possibility that the pension fund was manipulated to ensure w. A. Tony Boyle s Victory commissioned this study by the general accounting office Congress investigative . Subcommittee chairman Harrison a. Williams or. D . Said today the study substantiates his committee s findings that Boyle did use the fund to influence the outcome of the election. In a letter to subcommittee members Williams said the information and findings in this report substantiates my prior conclusion that the pen Sion fund was manipulated by w. A. Boyle to influence the december 1969 Boyle increased pension benefits from to a month shortly before the elec Tion. The report said it is our opinion that the per month increase in pension benefits should not have been made without definite arrangements for obtaining additional however investigators also noted that the records kept by the welfare and retirement fund Are inadequate making it difficult to draw any precise conclusions about the fund s assets. First of All investigators said there is too Little information about the number of miners who will become eligible for pension benefits although not presently employed As miners or those who might return to mining and thus become eligible for benefits at some future time. Secondly the found that the fund does not have adequate information about the number of present miners and pensioners. On june 30, 1970, the fund had a balance of million which the described As certainly far Short of the assets necessary to support the present welfare and retire ment program on an appropriate actuarial testimony before the labor subcommittee earlier this year indicated that Boyle himself had doubts about the Wisdom of increasing the monthly pension benefits. Williams said prior to Joseph Yablonski s announced candidacy for presidency of the ump or. Boyle stated that a pension boost was see pension pm. 2, col. 4 million plane explodes Charley West says Laporte. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau told the House of commons he had invoked the War measures act Friday with deep regret after Quebec Premier Robert Bour Assa and Montreal officials told him there was apprehended insurrection in the province and that there was a danger of violence and terrorist intimidation. The term apprehended insurrection was a reference to language in the War measures act. The world War i Law being used for the first time since world War ii stipulates that its provisions May be invoked when there is conclusive evidence that War in Vasion or insurrection real or apprehended it sets penalties of five years in prison and fines for persons convicted under it with no bail or release permitted unless authorized by the Justice minister. Trudeau pledged that All extraordinary Powers will be withdrawn As soon As it has been demonstrated that there is a cessation of the violence which made necessary their he added that there is a Clear understand ing that this will be no later than april 30, 1971. Trudeau s primary target is the Quebec liberation front which kidnapped Cross and la Nin Freedom for 23 Penns or awaiting trial for terrorist activities. The government has refused this and other demands made by the kidnappers although its last offer before the terrorists broke off negotiations Friday morning was to seek parole for five of the 23. The front known by its French initials Fly has sought since 1963 to make Quebec a separate French speaking nation. Until Cross when is a thermometer not a thermometer when it s a Dobbins air Force base a. Firemen Battle flames after a c5 Galaxy transport the world s largest aircraft exploded and burned on the flight line at the Lockheed Georgia co. At Marietta ga., today. A Lockheed employee was killed and another wire photo. See Canada pm. 2, col. 6 brr Rometer. Biggest plane in world hit by explosions Dobbins air Force base Tex. My a c5 Galaxy transport the world s largest air plane exploded and burned on the flight line at the lock heed Georgia co. Today kill ing one Lockheed employee and injuring another officials said. Doug Wheeler Lockheed s Deputy program manager for the aircraft said preliminary investigation indicated that three explosions rocked the controversial million air Craft which was produced by the company. Wheeler said the explosions apparently entered in the left Wing and Center fuselage. The rear end of the fuselage was destroyed although the right Wing escaped serious damage. No other planes were damaged. Maj. John Eckhardt Dob bins information officer said the mishap occurred during a de fueling operation aboard the plane which had been on a test flight ending about 5 . Lockheed s Wheeler when asked specifically if the plane was being def eled said i Don t think it was but i m not really he said the two civilian employees were work ing on the aircraft and the work apparently was being done in the fuel tank according to Wheeler the plane was owned by the air Force but had been returned to Lockheed for test purposes. The plane carries pounds of aviation fuel stored in a total of 12 fuel cells six to each Wing. The Jet has a history of controversy mainly entered on spiralling costs. One of its Foremost congressional critics sen. William Proxmire d wis., has called it unsafe at see plane pm. 2, col. 5 Kunstler offers so Rokk Kent 25 defense readied by Larry s. Finley Chicago daily news Kent Ohio Chicago seven defense attorney William Kintsler has volunteered to represent the 25 unnamed per sons indicted Here yesterday by a grand jury investigating last May s rioting on the Kent state Campus which left four students dead. The 18-Page report heavily criticized Radical students lib eral professors and a per missive University administration. The 25 persons still unidentified and at Large Are All believed to be students or sex students. No indictments were returned against the Ohio National guardsmen who fired into a Rock throwing crowd of students on May 4, killing four and wounding nine others. The shooting touched off a series of violent Campus demonstrations throughout the country. Sources Here said that the 25 persons named in the 30 indictments would probably not be arrested until monday when Campus City and state police could All be organized for the round up. Even before the arrests the student government has begun to prepare the defense Machi Nery for those who Are Al ready being called the Kent 25." the sprawling Campus of students was Bleak and Saigon maps thrust More gis will leave Viet Saigon is the u. S. Command announced today new american troop reductions numbering nearly men. Other sources said the South vietnamese army is planning a new offensive into Cambodia to ensure an effective Over All u. S. Withdrawal program. The command said two in Fantry battalions from the 4th division based in the Central tense when word of the report hit the streets. Many students reportedly already have gone underground for fear that they May have been named for an arrest warrant. Student body president Craig Morgan contacted Kun Tyler late yesterday. Kintsler told me he would represent the 25. As a group and without a Morgan said. Said Jim Nichols managing editor of the student paper the Kent Stater. I can t name More than one or two students i expected to be named. The anti War movement on Campus has been disorganized for nearly a year. I expect the indictments will bring the Campus Back the grand jury and the numerous witnesses who appear Kunster is scheduled to de before it were ordered to Highlands have been with drawn from combat will be inactivated in ceremonies at it. Lewis Wash. They Are the those men who have completed their Tours will return Home. Those who have a significant part of their one year tour remaining will be As speak in Pittsburgh next Fri Day and has volunteered to speak at Kent state saturday to raise Money for the defense fund. Kintsler suggested that i attempt to get a list of the 25 Morgan said and ask them to give themselves up before they Are Morgan said it was unlikely that officials would give up the names before the arrests. The controversial attorney was vacationing in Bermuda when reached by Morgan. Kintsler suggested that local attorneys be hired to do the ground work for the trial and that he would handle the courtroom proceedings. Anticipating trouble yester Day on release of the indict ments a court order was is sued forbidding gatherings or rallies around the Portage county courthouse in nearby Ravenna where the jury was meeting. I yesterday afternoon some 2.000 students gathered on the Edge of the Kent state Corn remain silent on the proceed Ings which began sept. 14. Local police refused to say if there had been any arrests yesterday. In the conclusion of its re see Kent 25, pm. 2, col. 3 2nd battalion 35th infantry signed to other units still a 1st brigade and the 2nd Bat j live in Vietnam. Talion 8th in the . Command also an Fantry 2nd brigade. Bounced the deactivation of the 1st and 2nd brigades of j the War dog detachment of the the 4th infantry division Are j 4th division. The detachment being deactivated As part of i is made up of about 80 Han president Nixon s fifth round doers and their dogs. Of troop withdrawals. Earlier informed sources in the deactivated units Only i vietnamese forces does t do anybody any Good bombing ignites Black resentment Kansas City w the explosion that injured two police men and damaged a storefront Headquarters of an experimental police program has raised resentment in the Black Community the program was designed to help. That s no said Roosevelt Cochran proprietor of the 12th Street Pool Hall near the building. Does t do any body any Good. They the bombers ought to be caught and four other men All 35 or More stood near Cochran 57, and expressed agreement. The storefront was Headquarters for a 14-officer program of foot patrols begun last March to provide personal Contact Between police and the Black inner City residents. A few hours before the thursday night blast which dam aged a door and a window Cochran had said they re my boys. They re doing a wonderful Job. We re glad to have the injured officers Charles Robinson 30, and Kenneth Fleming 38, both married were reported in satisfactory condition today at Hospital. Both said they plan to return to work at the police store front operation. We believe in the Flemming said. I believe people out there believe now policemen Are human beings like everybody they were our said one of the four men stand ing near Cochran Friday. How bad were they another Wilbert love announced he and Cochran planned to visit the officers at the Hospital. We re glad to have love said. There s a lot of ignorant so and sos in this neighbourhood and we need them the the kind of a Man that would do spoke up another is dangerous for us All White and Black. Just makes it so nobody is up the Street is a grocery operated for 30 years by Mike Giacomo. He ordered Flowers sent to the patrolmen after he said people began coming in Here this morning asking about the officers. My customers were concerned. One said cot me in for half a Dollar if you get Flowers. I la pay you the not time and she Are planning new offensives in Cambodia and will have some i support from american bomb ers. The is to counter a North vietnamese buildup during the dry season which has just begun and to keep i the enemy away from the Inte j rior of South Vietnam to allow i the withdrawal of american j troops with minimum casual i ties. J a number of . Units in eluding the 25th infantry Divi Sion Are positioned in the Sai gon Region for redeployment by Christmas As part of presi Dent Nixon s latest cutback of troops to be made by dec. 31. One top ranking South Viet namese Field commander said he was waiting for the height of the dry season to launch deeper and larger operations into our Armor is restricted until the roads Are entirely he mid. Mons near the site of the killings last May. The rally was held Accord ing to a Yippie youth inter National party spokesman to get the Campus student leaders Here expected the student indictments but i diets a flow of Cool dry air were surprised at the Small i Over the state tonight with number. Prior to the release i some Frost expected and lows of the grand jury report Esti j again in the upper 20s and mates of expected arrests ranged As High As 300. Those named in the indict first Frost nips state the first general Frost of the new season covered most of West Virginia last night except for the two Panhandle where the freeze was scattered according to the nation Al weather service Charleston s overnight Low temperature of 28 set a record for oct. 17. It occurred at . Elsewhere in uie state temperatures were even lower. Elkins had a 22, Beckley a 24 and Flat top a 26, Charleston s previous Low temperature for the Date was a 30 which occurred in 1952. Other Chilly Mercury read Ings today were 31 at Hunting ton 29 at Parkersburg 35 at Wheeling 31 at Morgantown 35 at Martinsburg and 30 at Bluefield. The weather service pre ments Are expected to represent a wide Cross Section of the student body. There just Aren t any so called movement lower 30s. The Low in Charles ton is expected to be near 30. A warming trend is expected sunday with sunny skies. Highs will Range from the 50s to the Low 60s. The City s High will be near 60, the weather service said. On inside pages 22 sections Page Astra data 15 classified 15 comics .22 crossword .15 editorials. 4 Jumble .22 my answer. 5 obituaries.14 sports 11 Heaters 13 to 7 women s weather. 1

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