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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Charleston, West VirginiaThe weather Cloudy tonight Low in upper of showers sunday High net details on Page 2 volume toil final Charleston West Virginia saturday evening october 10, 1970 ten cents Faa tightens Security bomb threats Aime at nation s airports by the associated press reacting to a series of bomb threats blamed by some on the Radical Weatherman faction the Federal aviation administration has tightened the ring of Security around the nation s airports. An Faa spokesman in Washington said Early today threats also had been made against other government installations including military posts. The defense depart ment and Fri declined com ment. An immediate result of the East to coast threat was a courthouse blasted new York City police Check for bomb fragments today after an explosion shattered the third floor of a courthouse in the Queens Borough of new York. The building is adjacent to the Long Island City jail where prisoners revolted last week. An Anonymous phone Call preceded the wire photo. Wounded skyjacker iranian jetliner released Tehran Iran w three i or it arrived. They a knowl iranians hijacked an iranian i edged later however that the jetliner to Baghdad today. Shot and wounded the Copilot j radio the and threatened to blow up the armed hijackers identified plane unless Iran freed 21 to themselves As Hassan Tah Lotical prisoners. Foreign min i Rani Ali Reza and Mohammed Mahmoudi. The broadcast said they set a deadline 24 hours away for release of the persons they called political prisoners. An re ister Ardeshir Ghaedi noun cell the plane was leased and flew Back to Iran. Baghdad radio reporting the wounding of the Copilot announced that the three iranians were arrested and were being questioned. Baghdad radio said four women and three children were allowed to disembark hot 45 persons had remained on Board in the iraqi capital. Officials in Tehran refused to confirm that the hijackers had demanded the release of Polit j ical prisoners. Ghaedi said Only that the negotiations were carried out with iraqi authorities and the plane landed at Abadan in Southwest Iran across the Shaft Al Arab River from Iraq. Baghdad radio said the three iranian air pirates were arrested after an eight hour drama in which a plane Crew Man was shot and wounded. The radio reported the crewman the Copilot of the Boeing 727 of Iran National airlines was taken to a Hospi Tal in Baghdad. One of the hijackers shot him with a Pis Tol the radio said but gave no other details. In Tehran iranian officials said at first that iraqi Security agents had arrested the hijackers and that the plane had left Baghdad for its Origi Nal destination five hours aft an official of the iraqi news Agency in a Telephone inter View from Baghdad said the passengers included iranians and foreign nationals. He had no breakdown. The plane is still on the i Abadan he said. Reports that it has left Are not he said iraqi authorities had granted permission for the plane to leave whenever the iranian charge d affaires and the hijackers agree to terms. Radio Baghdad said the women and children were re leased after the hijackers negotiated with iraqi authorities. It said that More than five hours after the plane landed in Baghdad the rest of the passengers and the hijackers remained aboard. The plane was commandeered after taking off from Mehra bad on a Domestic flight to demonstration aftermath my Friday night relatively quiet Huntington again appeared on the Marshall University Campus Here Friday night and police said they arrested a Huntington girl for Possession and placing of an explosive device. A larger disturbance on the Campus thursday night resulted in the arrests of 24 persons who were charged with inciting to riot. The Friday night Demon stration involved More than 100 persons police said but they added that most of them were Only spectators. Several Small firebombs or Molotov cocktails and fire crackers were thrown into a Street bordering the Campus. Police did not identify the girl but said she had thrown a Molotov cocktail. Officials blamed the thurs Day night disturbance on out specifically non stud nets. Acting Marshall presi on inside pages 20 sections Page Astra data 3 classified 14 comics 20 crossword 7 editorials 4 Jumble 20 obituaries 14 sports. 11 Heaters 13 to 7 t weather 2 Dent Donald Dedmon said University authorities believed that Only 11 of those arrested were students. Dedmon also said his staff had told him most of t he leaders of the disturbance thursday were non students. Gov. Arch a. Moore or. Fri Day denounced the situation saying there was no cause for men and women surging through the streets or on Cam pus taking the Law into their own he said actions like the ones at Marshall cannot and will not be Toler most authorities believed the catalyst that eventually produced a crowd Esti mated at Between and 2.000 thursday night was a series of drug raids Early thursday. Students contended that the police framed some of the eight Young adults charged in the raid said the police Tore up furniture in one apartment. Dedmon declined to say whether the University would press charges against the 11 students arrested but said the University would follow proce dures set Forth in Board of regents code of conduct. Preliminary for those arrested at thursday s Melee will be hew tuesday before magistrate Thad Blatt. Closer Check of persons and baggage entering most air ports where in recent Days Security has been tightened because of a fear of hijackers. The precautionary bulletin also went to the airlines. Al Garvis a Public information officer at Faa Headquarters in Washington said the Agency issued a nationwide Alert to its installations follow ing the bomb threats. Garvis declined to say when the threats were though officials in various cities said their airports had been threatened Friday night. Garvis said the Faa had not Learned the origin of the threats. Calls have come to several airports with Anonymous threats apparently to impede the movement of Garvis said. The threats have been scattered from coast to coast. At this he added we just consider the threats the Best we can. We have taken precautionary measures throughout our system with the help of local state and Federal Garvis said the Faa could not Label the series of threats a conspiracy because of a Lack of information. But Ather officials were More definite. At Friendship Airport near Baltimore Airport policeman Robert Banbridge said the weathermen had threatened to bomb the airports and schools. Yesterday we got the information that they were going to bomb the Lay Over the aircraft held Over for servicing. Extra policemen were As signed to Friendship he said. At Dulles International air port near Washington a spokesman would say Only we have heard the reports and things Are a lot tighter Here the first report of the nationwide threat surfaced in Seattle where the Faa con firmed receipt through government channels of a bomb threat. A Seattle Navy facility also was threatened. Authorities in Seattle said they were informed a bomb would go off at . Friday. It did t. Bomb rocks courthouse in new York new York a min utes after an Anonymous caller warned authorities of a bomb an explosion rocked a Queens courthouse building Early today causing extensive damage. A custodian in the building and 17 prisoners and several guards in the adjacent Long Island City jail escaped injury. So did two policemen who had responded to the warning and were outside trying to get in. The caller told a prison guard at . This is Weatherman calling. There is a bomb planted in the court building that will go off shortly. This is in retaliation for what happened during the week. Inform pig apparently a reference to the newly installed police com missioner Patrick v. Murphy ten minutes later the bomb exploded while two patrolmen notified by the guard were standing across the Street from the locked door of the building. The bomb destroyed a Tele phone Booth in which it was placed shattered a Glass dome at the head of a Stair Well above the Booth blew several heavy wooden doors off their hinges twisted out of shape a wrought Iron elevator Cage and blew out most win Dows in the building. Of by f dear pan Hijack solutions boxing gloves to Kimonos new York it want to prevent an air so they could t walk around. Line hijacking try boxing gloves Bank references or lie Detector tests. These three ideas were among suggestions in letters received by pan american world airways and reported in a recent Issue of the Carrier s publication the Clipper. The letters offered some Light ideas on an obviously serious subject. Like having the stewardess put boxing gloves on every passenger. Did you Ever see a Man wearing boxing gloves pull a asked one letter writer. A lawyer proposed make every passenger furnish a Bank presumably peo ple who have Bank accounts Don t Hijack planes. Then there was the Man who said every passenger should grasp the handles of a lie Detector and answer the question Are you planning to Hijack this among other suggestions All the passengers legs to their seats if someone had to leave their seat during a flight the writer said a Security guard could accompany him. Passengers of their clothes and other personal possessions and give them Robes or Kimonos with no hiding place for weapons. Today s anxious plane trip could become a relaxing Panama said the writer. Passengers smocks to put on Over their own clothes preventing people from reaching their pockets. Design the smocks so passengers need help from a stewardess to get in or out of the garments. All the stewardesses Wear big belts with revolvers and Hunting knives. Sure to Cut Down on passes if not piracy. The airline said All letters that Are signed or have a return address Are answered and sent to the Security operations or Legal depart ment for study. It did t say How Many of the foregoing suggestions Are Likely to be adopted. Misdemeanour bribery charge sex purchasing director re indicted by grand jury Charley West says it s Good to see our bus Drivers bustling around town again. By Richard Haas of the daily mail staff the re indictment of a f or Al top stats official and one of th3 first pollution indict ments in the history of the county were among the key items contained in the partial report of the Kanawha grand jury for the september term. The Ury returned 141 indict ments against More than 100 individuals and two companies j Friday before recessing until i dec. 3. I John s. Beu former state purchasing director in the Moore administration was indicted on the Misdemeanour charge of receiving awards from person for awarding con tracts. A felony indictment against Bell for a similar charge was dismissed last month for a similar charge or Kanawha prosecutor Patrick Casey agreed to a defense Contention that Bell came under the provisions of the july state supreme court ruling on the state bribery Law. The court ruled that the felony statute which was in effect until recent revision applied Only to ministerial officers of the state. The Mise Meanor bribery statute How Ever applies to state employees As Well As officers. This Section of the Law contains a one year statute of limitations which that wrongdoing in previous administrations could not be prosecuted under this Law. The Only other indictment involving state purchasing practices was returned against Larry Brammer the manager of the Corner drug co. Brammer is charged with falsification of records in connection with his company s allegedly overcharging the state for filling the prescriptions of welfare recipients. A similar indictment against Charles Justice of Montgom see Bell pm. 2, col. 1 fair unfair Texas men want sex Equality Dallas Tex. M some allegedly oppressed texan males struck a blow for sex Equality Friday by occupying the women s building on the eve of opening of the state fair. They re named it the men s building. Jack m. Bearden spokes Man for the members of a Dallas businessmen s luncheon club called the boneheads called the Mere existence of a women s building on the state fair grounds a flagrant example of discrimination against men who have no building of their if the men were uptight the women kept their Coli. The poor men need Liberat ing they really said mrs. Johnnie Keany a founder member of Dallas area women s liberation and i m so glad to see them taking giant strides at last in the right mrs. Shelly Angel another Leader of the local movement agreed the Bonehead club was 100 per cent right to do what it did. I m going to see if we can t get up some quilt Mak ing and Jam and Jelly contests for she said. It s a horrible shame the Way they re kept out of every thing.1 Russia rakes . Charges Over missiles by the associated priss the soviet Union has Dis missed As sheer Barbica Tion a . Charge that it is helping build and Man missile Sites on the egyptian Side of the Suez canal cease fire zone. The rebuttal Friday came a few hours after . Secretary of state William p. Rogers made the accusation in Washington and charged Moscow with using strident cold War rhetoric. Tass the official soviet news Agency said the so called violations blamed on the soviet Union such As the appearance of ground to air missile Sites manned by soviet personnel in the Suez canal area Are a sheer it said there is an anti so Viet Campaign of slander in the american instigated by Washington which says that the soviet Union has allegedly violated some commitments involved in the cease fire in the Suez canal there Are not any grounds for accusing the soviet Union of violating the terms of Tass said be cause As it is known the soviet Union took no part in drafting any cease fire terms and is not a party to any such the soviet communist party newspaper pravda said in a dispatch from Cairo today that Egypt had put Forth a peaceful initiative by agree ing to extend the cease fire. Egypt said last tuesday that it was willing to extend the truce if there were indications of a serious Effort by Israel to withdraw from occupied Arab territory. Pravda made no mention of an egyptian missile buildup but said the defense potential of the United Arab Republic has grown. Israeli planes can no longer raid the heartlands of Egypt. The entire israeli policy of blackmail and threats has been frustrated. The support for the just cause of the arabs by the soviet Union and other socialist countries and by All progressive forces of the world is the most important the United states initiated the Mideast peace plan that produced a 90-Day cease fire beginning aug. 7 Between is Rael Jordan and Egypt. Blood Beautiful warm and Sticky girl said she killed Sharon Tate says witness Virginia Castro firmer cellmate los Angeles a Susan Atkins once admitted she was the killer of actress Shar on Tate a former cellmate recalls and said it was quite a appearing for the prosecution Virginia Graham Castro said miss Atkins told of Stab Bing the Bikini Clad actress and remarked that the blood was Beautiful warm and mrs. Castro 37, a Legal clerk then jailed for Petty theft said miss Atkins one of four persons on trial for the deaths of miss Tate and six others made the statements when they were in jail together last year. She said miss Atkins 21, told of holding miss Tate arms behind her Back while pregnant movie Star wept and pleaded for her life say ing please please Don t kill me. I want to live. I want to have my the witness said miss at Kins said she told the actress look Bitch you might As Well face it. You re going to die and you can t do anything about she said miss Atkins relished talking about the kill ing she said that when the knife went in it Felt soft and it was quite a mrs. Castro said miss at Kins told of Licking miss Tate s blood from her hands and saying to taste death and yet give life wow what a Laid the blood was Beautiful warm and what were her emotions she said that she was said mrs. Castro but she Felt elated and at peace with just after the five victims were slain in August 1969, mrs. Castro said miss Atkins told her she wanted to take their eyes out and Squash them against the Wall and Cut off their fingers but she did t have miss Atkins has described the killings to interviewers and through an attorney. But she has not admitted killing any of the victims herself. Mrs. Castro said she Warner miss Atkins not to discuss the killings but she said she knew How to play crazy and act like a Little girl and she said she had an Alibi any miss Atkins is on trial with Charles m. Manson and two other women charged with murder conspiracy in five slayings at the Tate House and set Tate. Pm. 2. 1 Susan tons a

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