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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Charleston, West VirginiaThe Light rain or Snow tonight Low near 32. Tuesday Light Snow changing to Light rain High 40-45. We not a Tauc m pail final volume 149-no. 122 Charleston West Virginia monday evening november 20, 1967 ten cents London crowd protests financial move devaluation stirs juror in England Wilson asked to resign Over Cut in Pound London Lyl repercussions resign Callaghan it Britain would have sustained to the 14.3 per cent devaluation of the Pound Sterling reverberated around the world to Day with the greatest outcry in England itself where amid a tumultuous session of Parlia ment the Chancellor of the exchequer James Callaghan strove to reassure the nation with the prediction that great Britain would enjoy substantial competitive advantages in world markets. After being greeted by opposition conservative chants of of Down next Spring. He fore cast that britons will be Able o consume More in 1969. Prime minister Harold Wil son also faced a hostile bar rage when he entered the packed chamber. Legislators roared out Callaghan was reporting o the House of commons on he labor government s week Congress May waive recess pass tax hike predicted unemployment should tremendous losses. Nalion s social services will not because they need not be Cut Back at this time. Formally charged the conservatives with prime responsibility for the mess. You Eft us in this he declared. To conservative jeers Calla Ghan disclosed that exactly Ihrcke years ago an envoy of the earnings stock5 rebound from Sharp dip in reaction to British Pound Story on Page 12 urged Britain to devalue 10 to 15 Pel cent. This was essentially because the six Felt Britain then was a a state of fundamental eco nomic but de valuation at that time he went on would have been a soft option and he rejected it. Callaghan said the govern ment does not think new action should be taken to outlaw higher six common Market countries a very serious monetary auth increases or to relate output. Ern ment next year will slash de see juror. 1 g. 2, col. 2 end devaluation of the Pound and its accompanying package of measures designed to curb Home consumption. He was interrupted at one Point by the conservative spokesman on finance Ian Mcleod with a reminder that the Chancellor consistently had re Washington api Senate dec cd devaluation majority Leader Mike mans britons gave vent to their feelings sunday by gathering out Side no. 10 Downing Street in London in vocal protest to their labor government s decision to devalue the Pound Sterling by More than 14 per cent. The Laberite objective announced saturday is to improve the country s position in world Trade. A wire photo by Cable from London. Field said today Congress May Mcleod then added. Will he have to drop its mid december blames firm wants state to pay for remodelling a local contracting firm con-1 tends it went broke renovating a building for the state welfare department and attributes its plight to an appalling degree of governmental incompetency and and As a a. Abbitt co. Is asking the court of claims to recommend to the legislature that it be paid 319 for work it says it did on the old Conlon baking co. Build ing in the 3600 Block of Mac Corkle ave. Be. The state represented by the attorney general contends a Bitt started the work without a written contract and that for Mer welfare director w. Bern Ard Smith was not within the scope of his authority when he and his agents assured Abbitt the work would be paid for. Abbitt and seven sub contractors have filed claims which have been consolidated for a hearing by the be three Mem Ber court on nov. 29. The firm avers there was no evidence of dishonesty on the part of any of the welfare department officials with Wokfe it negotiated but there was in competency and irresponsibility. It states further that the sub contractors got judgment against it Abbitt in Kanawha county circuit court but that the judgments Are worthless be cause the firm is without sets. Records filed with the Cour show the Todd co. Of Charleston headed by local discount Mer Conlon property from the store baking co. Of Parkersburg in 1964 for with the under standing it would be rented by the welfare department for approximately a year. Tate would pay Abbitt costs Lus 10 per cent. A written contract was Deli other claimants and the amounts of their claims Are Lor ing planing Mai co., As later the state or payment. Red later but for and bestow and insulating co., said Ehle told the firm 365 Hunt electric co., t was an open end agreement plumbing and heating co. Hat would cover More than Harris Brothers roof Reserve Board hikes discount Washington a the Federal Reserve Board s Dis count rate moved up a notch to Day in what officials described As an Effort to protect the Dollar i the Wake of the British Point ing co., Worth Sturgeon Tor refused to Honor requests and floor fashions inc. Adjournment goal and remain in session to act on a tax in crease because of Britain s de Lunation of the Pound. Much As i hate to say so Uch As i abhor the pos Sibili resign to this Callaghan replied grimly As the chamber grew liar comes before any adornment the Montana Democrat said. Mansfield told newsmen that uld mean a nonstop 90th con Ess with no extended recess tween the first and second scions. President Johnson s 10 per fast action urged for port fund bid by Bob Mellace of the daily mail staff immediate action on Kanawha county s air transportation problem was urged on a citizens advisory committee today by is chairman h. B. Wehrlejr. But it appeared the 33-member group appointed by the county court was in disagreement As to whether the action should be limited to the construction of a new runway at a Airport. And that project Drew some professional opposition from col. Ralph r. Cowgill commander of the West Virginia air a ital guard. It was obvious from the Dis Cussion that followed that this committee composed of parti sans in the recent Airport fight Cowgill told the committee in _ letter that he is convinced insurmountable problems would arise and could mean the loss of the Ang unit through whose facilities the new runway would ass. At the organizational meeting of the committee Wehrle said we be got to do something right he said he was advised any Kanawha county application for could get bogged Down again re Likely excuse. This came Satur Una in a i ii Olmi fighting that Battle. The members include those who on favored Kanawha county s Par chant Fred Haddad bought the Federal funds must be made to the Federal aeronautics administration not later than dec. 8 for consideration in the 1968-69 apportionment of Faa Airport Aid. Many alternatives to the up grading of Kanawha Airport exist Abbitt contends it started Wehrle said not excluding a Corn work on the building on the basis of an Oral agreement with its vice president Robert to take immediate action sheets and Frederick Ehle of application for Kanawha Airport the welfare department that the Aid. Plemely new Airport near Guthrie. But he urged the committee devaluation. The Rise from 4 to 4% per Cen is identical to one put into effect on dec. But that was Tor a different Stem inflation. It triggered a year o tight Money. This time however the move is designed to prevent a heavy flow of dollars overseas in search of higher interest rates it s expected to have Little immediate effect on consume interest rates in this country. Patman sees excuse in Congress rep. Wright Pat Man a Texas said Rumor ave been floating around Wash Baton for weeks that the fee ral Reserve and the big Bank and decided it was time for an ther interest rate always Public relations con Patnam continued the ederal Reserve chairman i Iam Mcchesney Martin apparently waiting for the firs and Mansfield had conceded crisis period offered credits t earlier it appeared Likely to re enable the government to pre main there. Ment. He said a tax hike is Nee Ici pation in an Airport in put Nam county and those who opposed it in favor of upgrading in Anatia. One committee member said the people of Kanawha county did not act on the Putnam county site referring to the fact that although it was roundly Defeated Liere. A majority of the eligible Patnam said that if the fee eral Reserve is really concerns bout flight of dollars Oversea it would seek controls Over the port of would be simple and direct remedy hich would not Burden the when a predawn fire filled their no election. Another who said he thought he lad an open mind on the upgrading of Kanawha added that he believed the committee should take another look at Guthrie in spite of opposition by u. S. Sen. Jennings Randolph who is on rec s favouring Kanawha Over see port fund pm. 2, col. 3 army asks Man for paid while waiting Call up Lakewood Calif. A a former Soldier who Sal at Home waiting for . Army or had been honest with the army. I wanted to do what was right but they Coolin t seem to figure whal action it take. Ders for 223 Days in 1966 says out what right the army has billed him for Brown s dispute followed by a paid him during his sex Brown said the army final Brown s dispute Tou Owea of a he disc jul 31 week the complaint of pfc. Joh t h tended absence. Seph a. Smith who says he John Brown 24, said he went spent 18 months of his two year to the army at least once a month during the period trying Ville Calif., and now wants out he thought i had done a Rea bad Brown said. Thai weekend i tried to Tell him and the record showed it that army hitch at Home at marys 1966 with the notation that had taken 223 Days excessive leave. He said he is credited for three years of service for i benefits though he actually served Over five years. He also owes him to get the army to solve the of the army problem. He said everyone both Brown and Smith were owes nun laughed at the mix up until he Home on leave with orders to allowances told them his hitch was up and go to Vietnam. Both received in a Back pay and allowances he wanted out. St auctions cancelling previous wan cd jul Vav Wizik then the Post commander at orders and telling them to wait Oakland army terminal nearby it. Macarthur found out for further instructions for about Brown s predicament. Both said they waited and no further word came. Smith a draftee says he will go to Courta to get his discharge if the army does t let him out. The army is testing Smith Ai Francisco to Dele mini disagreed. Dirksen said week and economic developments in a when the British made their Merican people with higher in Erest when it devalued the Pound an saturday from to in the Britain also raised its discount Elaine 28, and their children a the . Discount rate is the Icia 3. Interest commercial Banks mus a the Federal Reserve of Noney they borrow from the system. Other Rales Are pegged upward from it. In this Case however the Hoard is bringing its rate mor in line with interest rates else where in the world econom alter than tracking new ground. Sec discount pm. 2, col. Charley West he said he was to report to Christmas Day ment to Vietnam on for ship and was spending his leave at Lakewood suburb with his wife and two children when he see Call up pm. 2, col. 1 o.k., i m done quarterback ing. Bring on those Wavu mor Ris Harvey and Marshall Basket Ball teams he is an honorable silent i recommended the Cabinet to devalue. They accepted my advice. It is my immediate re i think the welfare of the a possibility to see the operation entry and the stability of the is ent income tax surcharge pro to it was at once noticeable that Callaghan had not directly an were Mcleod s question. Flood of questions Callaghan was peppered with questions from lawmakers of u parties after he had out Ned his Case for cutting Back he value of the Pound from Osal is stalled in the House ays and Means committee serve the Pound s value. N conditions were attached. I this assertion Callaghan a May Force a reassess geared to be contradicting Wil but he said the British deval action of the Pound from scary to head off increased sunday night television broach respects of inflation. Mansfield1 said Britain s 14 Der cent devaluation Means tha British will be Able to undercut . Exports by tha mount. Senate Republican leade Everett m. Dirksen of Illinois the devaluation operation a luding sunday s increase in mounted. Ederal Reserve interest rates should ease the pressure for a increase but Only for Dirksen said he still believes see Congress pm. 2, col. Blaze kills 5 in . Family Oswego n. Y. W a farm a his wife and their three Oung children perished today ural Home with thick choking smoke. The five were identified As Ronald Druce 30, his wife Pat among Points he made nations during son who told the nation in cast unacceptable condition had been advanced. Offers for Short term credits were not accept we because he Felt it woul have been irresponsible. Liming and manner o been Well carried out and the first hurdles had been sur cooperation of f r i o n do states was essential and without devaluation what it Means by irw1n Frank a business writer new York w England told the world during the weekend that its cars Woolen goods candies and other items it exports could be sold throughout the world at a discount of about 14 per cent. At the same time the British government told its citizens that they would have to pay about 14 per cent More for the cars radios television sets and machinery imported from the United states and other countries. The British devaluation of the Pound saturday 14.3 per cent reduction from to a Complex International financial move. But its Impact on buyers and Sellers in other nations and in England will be easy to feel. The devaluation is an attempt by the British government to improve its balance of amount of goods it imports com pared to the amount it exports. At the present time Britain imports More than it exports. Devaluation will do two things it will lower the Cost of British goods on world markets which the British government Hopes will cause people to buy More British goods and bring More Money into England. It will also make it More expensive for British citizens to buy imported goods. This will have the effect of keeping England s Money at Home. The net effect the British government Hopes will be to improve its balance of Trade Britain took another step to strengthen its Economy that is again its effect will be easy to feel. The government increased the Bank of England s discount rate from 6% per cent to 8 per cent. As a result of the increased rate a Man who has Money to invest can earn a higher interest rate in England. This action Britain Hopes will attract foreign Money into England. The u. S. Federal Reserve Board increased its discount rate a half per cent to 4% per cent to keep . Money from flow ing into England at too fast a Pace. The action of the Federal Reserve Board gives those in the United states with Money to invest a Chance to earn a higher interest rate. The action of the Board will cause an increase in the interest Many people pay to borrow Money. Jut How much of an in crease can not be determined at this time. One effect that is will Cost More to borrow Money to buy a Home. The discount rate thus returns to the level it was at from december 1956 to last april. No. Viet regulars surround . Paratrooper battalion Saigon by North Vietnam Ese regulars surrounded a u. S. Paratrooper battalion on a Hill near the cambodian Border in South Vietnam s Central High lands today and with heaved blows against the fifth an deists around Dak to Are try around assaults and mortar at sixth targets to come off the ing to do what they achieved Acks apparently inflicted heavy Pentagon s restricted list in four earlier this year just below the Druce s father Ivan 66, is aped without injury. Firemen Aid he was awakened by his casualties. An american Relief Force reached the scene at dusk. The battalion of the u. S. 173rd airborne brigade was Cut off Tor 24 hours before the reinforcements arrived to break the communist attack and bring out dead and wounded. Heavy and a Barge Yard near Hanoi. The u. S. Command an i flunked the loss of four planes who apparently tried to helicopters away. Enemy ground fire kept Rescue missing. Escue the rest of the family. The fire had spread through associated press correspond ent John Lengel reported from portion of the first floor of Dak to about 15 Miles from be Frame Home 15 Miles East Ime Volunteer firemen arrived. The flames were halted fire men said but the upstairs bed found were filled Moke. The fighting the heavy com f this Lake Ontario City by the Monist fire set off a huge explosion inside the u. S. Peri meter possibly causing heavy casualties. It could not be do Ooms where the bodies we determined immediately what found. Were filled with thick caused the blast. The fighting perhaps the most on inside pages 38 pages-2 sections news comics sports editorial news Heaters women a classified Page Bridge 38 classified .3-1 comics. 18 crossword.38 editorials 6 financial. 12 Horoscope. 19 my answer 32 obituaries.34 sports m or. Forum 12 Heaters 25 to 32 warming up. 14 women s .22 weather. Or. Molner .30 so in View of my ardent enthusiasm for foreign Aid vicious yet in the Highlands two were downed Over Hanoi Campaign came As u. S. Planes three Over Haiphong and the bombed the ii a n o i Haiphong others Over several provinces. Rea for the fifth straight Day n sunday. The attacks include the belief grew among u. S. Commanders that the comm ays. They Are a Cement Plant demilitarized Large bringing the total number of tied mountains. Osses Over the North to 749 air in crewmen All of whom Are a Hanoi broadcast said u. S. Planes returned to the Hanoi Haiphong area and other Points n the North monday and that 1 were shot Down. It claimed american forces away from thickly populated areas and pin them Down in the sparsely set about americans and raft. The four planes carried4.000 vietnamese Are at Dak to and in the Jungle Hills and peaks surrounding it. They oppose an enemy Force estimated at North Vietnam Nese. In the fighting 14 Miles see battalion pm. 2, col. 1 bar quakers ship Danang Vietnam a quakers that the red Cross declaring we Don t want to be would pass the Medicine on to second the South Viet Lamese government today gave he Quaker yacht Phoenix until 11 . Tuesday to get out of the buddhists. Vietnamese Navy boats intercepted the Phoenix at the outer Edge of Danang Harbor sunday South vietnamese Waters and night and forced it to Anchor in take with it the Worth of a Cove five Miles from medical supplies originally in ended for North Vietnam. Docks. The government in Sai gon told it. Gen. Hoang Xuan government sources in Saigon Lam commander of the 1st said another reason the 50-foot corps area not to let the Phoe yacht and its Crew of eight Paci fists was barred from South Vietnam was that the Crew re fused to turn the supplies Over o the vietnamese red Cross. Instead they insisted on giving pose the South vietnamese government sources said the government had guaranteed to the Nix Dock or unload her cargo not to let the Crew ashore and to let no newsmen or other visitors Board her. The government offered water food and other necessities to them to Buddhist struggle the yacht but i for movement groups which of Gen. Lam said he did not be Lieve the Crew had requested anything. Defying the . State depart see bar ship pm. 2, col i

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