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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Charleston, West VirginiaFabulous Onassis. His life and loves the weather Clear tonight Low in mid-50s. Sunday sunny High in upper 70s or Low 80s. R details on Page 10a volume 158, no. 126 final edition goodbye Nasa or. Wernher von Braun right and Rocco c. Petrone director of launch operations at Kennedy space Center stand near a Saturn i rocket in 1967, when von Braun was director of the Marshall space flight Center that developed the Moon rocket. On Friday von Braun announced he is retiring As Deputy associate administrator for planning for the National aeronautics and space administration and will work with a private firm that operates in the space wire photo. Did t know Why Fayette woman sets fire to self x Fayetteville mrs. Beulah Murray 19, of Fayet Reviue it. 2, was in fair condition at appalachian regional Hospital at Beckley today after reportedly setting fire to herself about 6 . According to Fayette county Deputy sheriff pave Brown mrs. Murray poured the contents of a two gallon Container of Gaso line Over herself then set fire to her clothing with a match. Brown said the woman s Mother mrs. Billie Ingram of it. 2, called him at . And told him that her daughter had awakened her and told her she was going to Burn herself. At about 6 ., Brown said he received a second Call from mrs. Ingram who informed him mrs. Murray had set fire to herself. Between the time mrs. Ingram called him the second time and Brown arrived at the Ingram Home at about Brown said mrs. Ingram had smothered the flames on her daughter. He Siad mrs. Murray was in Shock when he arrived but was Able to talk to him. He said mrs. Murray told him she did not know Why she had burned herself. Brown said he wrapped mrs. Murray in a Blanket and called an ambulance from Dodd Payne funeral Home in Fayetteville which rushed mrs. Murray to the Oak Hill Hospital. She was transferred to appalachian regional Hospital in Beckley where she was placed in the intensive care unit. The Hospital declined to release additional information on the condition of mrs. Murray but Brown said they told him she suffered Burns Over 75 to 90 percent of her body. An investigation into the incident is continuing. Charleston West Virginia saturday evening May 27, 1972 ten cents von Braun retiring super space Salesman shifts sights by Howard Benedict a aerospace writer Cape Kennedy Fla. In a cheer Rose from the crude Blockhouse As America launched its first ballistic missile aug. 20, 1953. But seconds later gloom set in when the Redstone rocket plunged into the Atlantic Ocean. Find out what went ordered or. Wernher von Braun whose Crew of rocket specialists from Germany developed the missle at the s Redstone Arsenal in Hunts a search of data traced the problem to the guidance system. A Mechanic suggested he might have made too tight a twist on a certain screw. Testing showed that to be the Case. Von Braun summoned the Mechanic to his office. Instead of disciplining him be gave him a bottle of Champagne. I am always Happy to solve a problem so von Braun said and i wanted to impress upon my men that absolute honesty is something you must have in a team Effort. You look ahead not the Redstone s difficulties were overcome and it became this nation s first operational ballistic missile. Later von Braun s group used the Basic Redstone technology to launch America s first satellite and its first Man in space and to develop the longer Range Jupiter rocket the Saturn 1 Booster and the Saturn 5 which has hurled 10 men to landings on the Moon. Now after 27 years of service to the u. S. Government von Braun is retiring to take a Post with private Industry. He announced Friday in Washington that he is leaving the National aeronautics and space administration to become corporate vice president for engineering and development at Fairchild industries Germantown my. The firm is building scientific satellites for launch in 1973 and 1974. A Fairchild spokesman said von Braun will concentrate on space projects that will Benefit people on Earth. He gave no specifics. For the last two years the Man who once built rockets for Adolph Hitler has been Nasa Deputy associate administrator for planning. For nine years he was director of the Marshall space flight Center at Huntsville where he and his group of germans formed the nucleus of the nation s major rocket build ing team. Von Braun 60, said he is making the change because he wants to devote his time to help implement some space projects i feel Are of particular importance. I think i can do this Best in Industry where the tools of Progress Are being see von Braun pm. 10a, col. 3 jets rip key Span Saigon u. S. Jets and helicopters smashed North vietnamese tanks attacking on the Central and Northern fronts of South Vietnam today and u. S. Spokesmen announced american jets have wrecked the major Bridge on Hanoi s Northeast Railroad connection with China. An air Force general said the destruction on thursday of the Lang Giai Railroad Bridge 65 Miles Northeast of Hanoi with laser guided bombs will reduce North Viet Nam s ability to Supply its two Rao nth old offensive in the South. American helicopters firing ii to t electronically guided missiles i full Lav c i Alir knocked out four North Viet Vii Hwy j Izui namese tanks assaulting the provincial capital of Korntum City in the Central Highlands Early today the . Com tour in Viet action called illegal Oklahoma City a the has virtually admitted that it. William Cal Ley was sent to Vietnam Ille Gally the Dairy oklahoman reported in today s editions. A Pentagon spokesman has Tot newspaper acknowledged said that Calley was sent to Vietnam under an regu lation that forbids assigning second lieutenants to hostile zones until they have had four months of leadership experience. Calley was convicted last year of murdering 22 civilians at the Hamlet of my Lai and was sentenced to life in Pris on. The sentence later was reduced to 20 years and the Case is still being reviewed. Galleys lawyer George w. Latimer of Salt Lake City told the newspaper the disclosure might have considerable significance in Calley s a peal pending before the . Army court of military re View in Washington. A Pentagon spokesman . Col. . Fisk told the daily oklahoman he is asking the s general counsel and the judge advocate Gen eral s office for a strict interpretation of the legality or illegality of Calley s deploy ment. The newspaper said it had acquired a copy of Calley s unit s officers roster from a former member and it Indi Cates that More than half of the approximately 120 second lieutenants assigned to the brigade May also have been sent to Vietnam illegally. Fisk told the newspaper the has not been Able to determine when Calley s Bri Gade was alerted for deploy ment to Vietnam or when Cal Ley was assigned to it. Calley was commissioned sept. 7, 1967, three months before the unit was deployed to Vietnam. Mand said. Three other tanks were reported destroyed by South vietnamese g r o u n d forces. It was the second tank assault in two Days on Korntum City. Twelve tanks were reported knocked out Friday 10 of them by . Guided missiles. Infantrymen were reported locked in close fighting in the Northern and Southern sectors of Korntum. Casualties on both sides were reported to have soared past the Mark. South vietnamese spokes men claimed More than 700 North vietnamese troops killed since the first assault on Korntum thursday morn ing and said government losses were 101 men killed and 296 wounded. Tank led North vietnamese forces launched their fifth As Sault this week on South Viet Nam s northernmost defense line at my Chanh above Hue Field reports said they were thrown Back into occupied Quang Tri province with heavy losses. The Saigon command claimed 153 North vietnamese troops were killed and four tanks destroyed with support from air strikes in fighting from Dawn until mid afternoon. The command said initial reports put South vietnamese losses at four marines killed and 12 wounded. The air Force said a flight of f4 phantoms using Pound bombs guided to their target by a laser beam with pinpoint accuracy dropped six of the 11 spans of the Lang Giai Railroad Bridge. The 18 foot wide trestle was supported by reinforced Concrete piers and abutments. The spans were knocked from 100 foot High piers the air Force said. This highly effective strike puts a Dent in the capability of the enemy to move supplies South in support of the communist invasion said an air Force officer. Moving Chesapeake sign illegal speeders property squeeze cited by David Mccorkle of the daily mail staff one Way to solve a Munici pal problem is to move the town limits sign officials of one Kanawha Valley Munici Pality apparently believe. The town of Chesapeake has been moving its town limits sign As much As 200 Yards West of the corporate Boun Daries hoping to Stop speeders and reportedly to keep nearby Marmet from getting Corpora Tion property Between the two towns. About a month ago the Chesapeake town sign was moved toward Lens Creek on w. A. 61, the Boundary of Marmet and state depart ment of highways officials told the town officials it was illegal they would v e to move it Back. At that time the sign was moved Back to the original town limits. But about two weeks ago it was moved West again according to town Resi dents. Poles had been installed along w. A. 61 to support the new placement of the sign. This week the sign was found lying in the weeds several feet behind the poles and beyond the corporate limits. When located by the daily mail yesterday mayor George l. Stanley said the sign had been retrieved and moved Back to its proper location. According to a Doh spokes Man the official Boundary is 300 feet West of 115th Street or just beyond the sewage treat ment Plant. State officials said municipal limits cannot be moved with out annexation procedures and a filing with the circuit clerk for a petition of Boundary readjustments. A Check with court House records showed that neither has been done. Percy Jarrell with the traffic engineering division of the Doh said he talked with May or Stanley when the sign was first moved and the town agreed to move it Back. Mayor Stanley said the sign moving was done because of speeding problems on w. A. 61. See squeeze pm. 10a, col. Fit nuclear pact 710 sub Missius 200 icbms user. 950 sub missiles icbms 200 balance of nuclear weaponry according to signed pact after hot Senate debate pact of forecast by William Mcgaffin Chuago daily news Washington there will be a hot debate but in the end the . Senate will agree to the nuclear control pact signed in Moscow yesterday. This conclusion of seasoned Capitol Hill observers was backed up by a prediction of sen. John Sherman Cooper r-ky., that no More than 20 or 25 votes would be cast against the agreement. Under the Senate s present membership of sen. Karl Mundt r-s.d., is not Able to be present and would take 33 votes against the agreement to defeat it. The Only part of the agree ment that the Senate could affect is the treaty limiting the United states and the so Viet Union to two anti ballistic missile Sites each with no More than 100 missiles in each site. This must be ratified by a two thirds vote of the Senate to become effective. The other part of the pact dealing with a freeze on offensive missiles is an executive agreement and does not require Senate confirmation. President Nixon s problem will be to convince the Senate the american people that he is not endangering the Security of the United states with this agreement. Its critics including demo cratic sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington Republican sen. Barry m. Goldwater of Arizona and Republican sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina have made much of a couple of facts. First they Point out that the agreement will give the rus sians a numerical advantage in la Nommsen missiles of to the . And they add it will allow the russians to continue their present construction of missile firing sub marines until they have 62 to the . 41. Second they note that the russians will be allowed to retain 288 of the ss-9 missiles which can deliver a 25 Mega ton nuclear warhead in con Trast to the two megaton War Heads on the land based . Minuteman missiles. They Are fearful that the huge russian missiles could Knock out the land based . Missiles unless More of the minuteman Sites Are protected by the safeguard . However supporters of the .-soviet pact will agree with Cooper who takes Issue with Jackson s appraisal that it May result in an increase rather than decrease of the race and that it gives the russians an advantage Over the United states. He is not concerned Over the fact that the russians have a greater megaton age than the United states. The deterrent to nuclear War he says is the capability that the United states and the soviet Union each possesses to destroy the other Many times Over. This Leningrad Graves visited by Nixon Leningrad w his head slightly bowed president Nixon walked slowly and silently past the mass Graves of a half million russians who died in world War ii s 900-Day siege of Leningrad then said quietly we Hope it is never repeated. Charley West says go easy on the Gas pedal this weekend and you la miss the memorial petals. His comment came within 12 hours after he signed in the Kremlin the first step Accord to curb the superpower nuclear race. The president paused in his Summit talks today to Fly on a russian Airliner to this former Imperi Al capital devastated in the nazi siege of 1941-44. Beneath a Leaden Gray sky and with rain drizzling lightly onto Green Mounds covering mass Graves Nixon and soviet president Nikolai Podgorny placed a red and White Wreath at the base of the Tomb of the unknown Soldier of Len Ingrad. The two residents then re traced their Steps along the 200 Yard Walkway Between the Graves to the Entrance of Piskarev memorial Ceme Tery. There As an umbrella was held above his head Nix on sat to write in the Ceme Tery s guest Book to Tanya and All the hero Ines of followed by his signature. Nixon signed the Book after stepping into a Small Stone museum where he saw the diary of Tanya a girl who died in the bitter siege. The diary had entries such As today my Grandfather today my father died. Today my Mother died. Now Only Tanya is the cemetery visit came Early in Nixon s 10-hour trip to Leningrad where he and his wife were hosted by local officials at a luncheon. After the luncheon they visited the 18th-Century summer Palace built by Czar Paul i at the Leningrad suburb of Pavlosky. Badly damaged in world War ii it has been painstakingly restored. An estimated to Leningrad residents had stood in the rain along Nixon s 21-mile motorcade route from the Airport. Almost All were kept at least 50 Yards Back from the Broad Roadway by lines of soldiers sailors and. Policemen. They stood silently in the downpour As the caravan of Black limousines passed. Only a handful waved. I deterrent will be main he says. He regards the size of the missiles As not significant. A two million Ion . Missile can Knock out a russian City just As surely As a 25-million ton russian missile can Knock out an american City. After All he recalls the atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima had the equivalent of not two Mil lion tons of int but Only tons. The alternative to this says Cooper is that each S.D. goes ahead with the race regard less of Cost and we end up with a dangerous situation in which the likelihood of a first strike is increased because neither S.D. feels the agreement was Well received by sen. John Stennis d-miss., chairman of the sen ate armed services commit tee and one of the most pow Erful men in the Senate. While it May not be Ideal it was an important he said and it is time we made some kind of a he said he hoped that Congress will be Able to support such a first step toward limitations. The agreement permits each S.D. to modernize its defense Secre tary Melvin r. Laird made it Plain yesterday that the administration intends to take full advantage of this provi Sion. He noted that the . Plans to build 10 new missile firing Trident submarines to replace 10 of the oldest Polaris subs. These will Cost an estimated billion each and Mil lion for work on them is re Quested in the fiscal 1973 budget. On inside pages astrological classified 4b comics 12b crossword dear Abby editorials Jumble my answer obituaries sports. Heaters to Johnny wonder s 8a women s Fia weather. 10a 22 sections Page Fia Iii a i m agin violence and anyone that says different will get t

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