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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Charleston, West VirginiaThe Mather City partly Budy. Cool tonight Tow Cloudy tomorrow blah is. State partly Cloudy cooler tonight Low in Cloudy tuesday High a 60s. Wutti Mot. Of cum m i Hal edition volume 140-no. 120 Charleston West Virginia monday evening May 20, 1963 five cents Kennedy greets West Virginia delegation president Kennedy walks along a line of boy scouts during a West Virginia ceremony at the White House today. The pres ident carries a West Virginia state Flag presented to him by gov. W. W. Barren left. The president promised to Fly the Flag Over the White House on june 20 in recognition of the state s 100th anniversary. See Story on City wire photo. Brass band s music takes its toll in a cow pasture Horn Church. England the Llor Church drum and trumpet corps went for a weekend rehearsal in Peter read s pasture. Read s so cows lifted their Heads with interest As the Bondsmen unpacked their instruments and bandmaster Brian Keeler raised his Baton for John Philip Sousa s Semper the Drums crashed out and the horns blared. Five cows dropped dead. The rest stampeded. Keeler apologized profusely. Brass bands May not be everyone s cup of he said but i be never before heard of anyone dying alter hearing us they w try obviously terrified by the said read. But he added that he would t things Mart nations of . Tariff plan Geneva a the european common Market countries today to american demands for across the Board Tariff cuts. Thi apparent reversal of position was aimed at ending the deadlock Between the world s two greatest trading blocs. But at the same time the six european countries demanded that in return the United states agree to an automatic formula Tor adjusting gaps Between High american tariffs and lower euro Pean ones. West German Deputy Chancel Lor Ludwig Erhard claimed credit wreck kills 5, judge s son nabbed new York in a judge s son has been charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of an Accident in which five persons were killed last night. Police said Gareth martinis 23, son of City criminal court judge Joseph. A. Martinis also was charged with assault for punching a news photographer who tried to take his picture in a police Sta Post photographer Arthur Pomerantz s camera was smashed police said. According to witnesses. Mar Tinis forced a second car Over a Lane divider on the Henry Hudson Parkway police said. The five of. Cup ants to the second vehicle were killed when it collided head on with a third Auto. The Driver of the third car Eugene Kramon 50. Was listed in satisfactory condition at a Hospi Tal. Police arrested martinis a Hall hour later at his father s Home. Lion. New York a Quarter mile scene from the crash hero Cooper relaxes another Mercury flight unlikely Cape canaveral a. A with Days of examinations questions 2nd confetti behind him astronaut Gordon Cooper planned to do absolutely nothing today except relax. That s something that comes easy to a Man who can doze off while perched atop a rocket set to blast him into space. Asked at a news conference sunday if he thought his flight concluded project Mercury Coop or replied that it was his personal opinion that great gain would come from an extended Mercury flight then he tossed the question to or. Robert c. Seamans associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration. We Are faced with a decision in the next week or so on another Mercury Seamans said but said it is quite unlikely an for the new proposal which i said he thought would end the deadlock with the United states French finance minister a cry Giscard d Estwing said if for the americans to the full session general agreement on Tariff and trades Gatt conference marked time while the common marketers and the americans cockeyed for position. Chairman Hans Schaffner of Ether Mercury manned Mission will be conducted. The longer you keep Mercury personnel working on Mercury rights the longer you delay put Ting them on the gemini pro he said. Tuesday the laconic oklahoman with the Huck finn Grin will receive the National aeronaut us and space administration s distinguished sen ice medal from presi Dent Kennedy at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Then he will address a joint ses Sion of Congress and the follow ing Day will go to new York for a ticker tape Parade. Today Cooper plans Only to rest from the one predictable aftereffect of his 34-hour cosmic Advent Onrush of adulation from in admiring populace. His Blest taste of it was a Homey and Heartfelt Welcome by the people of Cocoa Beach who see hero pm. 2, col j Switzerland called off an after noon meeting but agreed to pre Side at a special evening get to Gether of the disputing sides. Some expected him to come up with a Compromise of his own. Crux of the situation is that ministers of the common Market countries France. West Ger Many. Italy the Netherlands. Belgium and on reductions in individual u. S. Tariffs they considered too High As Well As agreed general cuts. American demands the United states delegation Las insisted on equal percentage cuts from both sides with a Coal of slashes As High As so per cent t wants to open formal bargain ing sessions May 6, 1964. A common Market official said no Date could be fixed for bar gaining talks until the United states and the Trade bloc agree on an approach. He said the com Mon Market would agree to a Date if the United states consents u handle the High Tariff problem on the same level As its proposals or across the Board cuts. Maurice brasses. Belgian min Ster of foreign Trade conveyed he Market group s decision to Tristian a. Hurter. President Kennedy s chief negotiator at the Gatt talks. The talks wind up red pilots pulled out from Laos russian airmen helping Supply pro reds leave Vientiane Laos a soviet embassy sources said today the soviet Union s withdrawing the soviet lots and mechanics who Lave been helping to Fly the s o v 1 e to supplied transport a lands belonging to the pro communist a that lao fac Tion. The sources said Moscow ook this decision when the present crisis Between Neu Ira list and a that lao troops erupted in the Plaine pcs Jarres six weeks ago. If we continue to help Only one faction we May be a Cusco of interfering in Laos internal the soviets said. The last group of 18 pilots am mechanics out of an Origina scheduled to leave for Home in the next two or three Days. The soviet Union last dec. Gave the coalition government sewn twin engine transports two biplanes and a helicopter pilots and mechanics were sup plied to train laotian Crews and Fly the planes meanwhile. To Divide planes the government also agreed to Divide the planes among the three factions represented in in with each faction using aircraft separately for their own trans port purposes. But the russians continued to Fly the planes for the Pathe lao because the pro communist could not find in their ranks men Able to learn to Fly an aircraft. One of three russian plane allowed to the Patchet lao has been damaged on Landing at the Plaine Des Jarres Airstrip. Government sources said departure of the soviets will leave the pro communists without anyone i Fly their two remaining plane which arc reported grounded i the Plaine area. P35u of neutralise to Mekong la s army Are still flying thei two russian planes daily from Vientiane to the Plaine trans porting badly needed supplies to neutralise troops who Are being harassed by the Patchet lao. Their third plane also has been dam aged. Camper struck at intersection a Couillon t few to notes before 7 m. Kodity Virginia and Dickinson streets damaged this camper mounted on a Light track a estimated knocked out traffic lights at the Busy intersect Len at the North Tod of the sooth Side Bridge and caused total property loss estimated at buy or. Of 23o drive was driving East of Virginia when struck broadside by a. State Road commission truck coming off the Bridge. Ernest s Hapney. Ii. Of 172wj Smith Bead an Sec Emp Toye. Told patrolman e. Olthai tool be did not was ordered to appear in traffic court daily mail photo by Adrian garb. Macmillan snub by Juk denied Washington i White House Russ Secretary Pierre Salinger Las denied that president Ken Ledy snubbed British prime min Ster Harold Macmillan. Relations Between the two Lead ers Are excellent Salinger said yesterday. He was asked to comment after Richard Grossman a British la Jor party spokesman asserted Vennedy had administered a de liberate and monumental snub o Macmillan in connection with he president s trip to Europe in june. Radcliffe s girls stage Cambridge. Mass in la night was a Balmy Spring nig of the sort that traditional prompts such Campus madness As riots and panty raids. Sure enough there was a panty paid. Only it was staged reverse by some 30 to 40 Gir from Radcliffe College. The girls marched to Winthrop House at neighbouring Harvan College stood outside its Ivicic Walls and shouted ". S for after an initial barrage of Tor and a few . S the Boj poured out of the dormitory am joined their tormentors. One Good raid deserved another and before Long some St dents were marching t h r o u g Harvard Square crying on police efforts to disperse the students failed and the singing cheering mob descended on the Radcliffe dormitories. After co letting a few undo Garmen thrown from windows the Crow melted away. Police said five men were a rested four of them students they said there was no proper damage or violence. Durham facing 30-Day racial Barrier protest actress haired off in racial flare up police half carry and half drag actress Madleine Sherwood to patrol car at Attalla. Ala. Yesterday after they broke up memorial service for a slain Freedom Walker. Miss Sherwood and several of an integrated group of 11 refused to walk and were carried. Win photo. High court upsets Siton convictions Washington api the supreme court overturned today the convictions of sit in demonstrations in five major cases. The cases were from Durham n. A. New Orleans Greenville. S. C., and two cases from Birmingham Ala. The court s action was disclosed with the release of an opinion by Justice Harlan in which he concurred in part and dissented in part with the majority s action. U was not Kiuon immediately who delivered the majority Opin on. Presumably it was chief jus lice Warren since he released an opinion in the Case from Grera Ville s. The court also unanimously overturned the conviction of six adult negroes who were charged because of its treatment of the state action Issue. Meanwhile the supreme court refused to Speed up its hearing of an Appeal in which gov. Ross r. A Matt of Mississippi claims the right to a jury trial in the Crim Inal contempt Case pending against him. With unlawful Assembly for Refus a the governor and it. Gov. Paul ing to leave a playground in a b. Johnson of Mississippi were Public Park in Savannah a. Greenville Case in the Greenville Case Warren declared that when a state Agency passes a Law compelling persons to discriminate against other persons because of race and the state s criminal processes arc employed in a Way which enforces the discrimination mandated by that Law such a palpable violation of the 14th amendment cannot be saved by attempting to separate cited for criminal contempt by the u. S. Circuit court in new Orleans. The officials were accused of refusing to obey circuit court orders ont to interfere with admission of James ii. Meredith a negro to the University of Mississippi last fall. Other decisions in other actions the supreme court upheld a Federal Power com Mission plan to use a new area North Carolina cities targets of new rallies by the associated truss negro leaders have urged 30 consecutive Days of mass demonstrations in Durham n. C., As a protest to racial barriers in Public eating facilities. The intensive Campaign was kicked off sunday when about 450 negroes mostly students staged a sit Down in the parking lot of a Howard Johnson restaurant near Durham. When they locked arms and refused to move sheriffs deputies arrested them on trespass charges. More than 1.000 demonstrators turned Cut at Greensboro. N. A. To stage an afternoon Ion Salute to 911 others to Tow been or cil demonstrating against segregation in restaurants and the itch. For nearly cur hours they rinsed Tho Structure being used As a jail singing hymns and chanting their Freedom song. Toi still held More than too Are still in Cus Tody at awaiting a hearing slay is. They Are being Rcpt in an unused Hospital that As converted into a temporary ail. All was quiet at Birmingham la., during the weekend a the Here were about Ijen Law in or Cement officers ready in rouble broke out Al Cert j. Lingo slate Public safety director said his Force of about 00 state troopers and deputized National guardsmen would be a Rimini hat indefinitely. Meanwhile. Sheriff Mel via Lailey disclosed that an intensive is under Way into Tho heft of two cases of dynamite bout 240 Sticks from a store House several Days before twin set Oil a night of wild rut ing. Kennedy Wallace president Kennedy and Ala Lama gov. George Wallace Dis cussed the Birmingham racial situation briefly during a meeting at a Tennessee Valley authority in North Ala Uma. Neither disclosed any de tails of their conversation. Wallace has filed suit in u. S. Durham. It. 2. 1 the mental urges of the method for determining a lovable producer prices for Natur Learlan s opinion said he my the plan pc agreed with the court majority Guam Al a Price for Al _ j Gas produced in a particular yield 90 Viet reds killed adjustments would be made if eve f. L j n j showed the Price was in on Lambo Qia Border air to Consumers or to producers Saigon Viet Nam in presi a delivered the 3 to Dent Ngo Dinh diem s govern-1 decision ment claimed today that its forces ruled that the securities sex killed communist guerrillas change act does not give the and captured 23 along the York Stock Exchange in Badiaa Border Over the weekend Mim to from antitrust Las. The american advisers confirmed most of the casualties and said it practical effect of the 7 to 2 decision is to restrict the Exchange s Charley West says was one of the most successful regulatory Power through operations held in Viet Nam in cd Rcd action by its months. Lover dealings in securities. Cooper must wonder what s con Rrt try to Ike Al Raj. Phr re or err Nurr to Cocoa Brich. Today s Index 2 pages i sections first Geo Ere news editorial sports news. Women s. Comics and classified Bridge classified comics. Page 17 ii Page my answer. 17 obituaries. 16 .17 financial. Horoscope. Heaters 17 ii women s ii a your health 17 red China close up the people children Are not crying or starving tit of hot r. Thler it Wirtl Ltd kit inf com Mike toll atm a Ikram Witk anti tit to tvs Htmat two. Him in uni m it tit smrt m kit tint Nimmi it pm War had m u. S. Re attn. By Richard p. Lister peking a it s 7.000 Miles from London to red China. In 24 hours you Are Here u you have to spend for a three weeks the chinese accept you. It works out at about 14 cents a mile. It s Tea time on the second Day As you land in peking. The clock is crazy. Back in London it s breakfast. Who mates this journey delegations of workers and Trade unionists from the communist politicians and technical experts and cow the first tiny trickle of tourists. We Are tourists and More important organized tourists. The Agency in London saw to that individual Tou Ruti can make it with a struggle but the chinese prefer even their Tuortu to look like a delegation. This group includes a lawyer sex member of the House of Corn Moos who has written books on famous trills drama critic of a London sunday newspaper a Farmer baronet from the North of England a retired industrialist and his wife and several energetic old Ladiet in search of lome Tutaj of More interest than a Beach. Amoco a dozen of us. Only one bad a Job and bad saved up or a expensive Holiday. J on arrival we bused it to town along a Road which offered every where All the land needed for an Airport closer than the oae used. One pondered had the chinese Beard that All major air ports Mitt be at least a Ion Way from the City they serve now. Our delegation gels taken Over by officialdom. With our guide and an interpreter we strike out the next Morrisi for the Imperial forbidden City of Imperial then to the great Hall of the people which is the red chinese parliament we re under surveillance not because we re cloak and Dagger types at All but because the chinese want la be sure we Don t become yet the system can be beaten and three of us did it we found an English speaking Driver of a pedicab a thin be pedals and with remarkable strength and Energy which 1s Only a mechanized coolie cart in the final analysis. Our Driver had two friends to help pedal us about Aad we got to a theater where we saw a horse opera about the sino japanese War. It was easy to follow and Kara that the fascist warmongers got routed and the orphaned heroine winds up waving the glorious red Flag of the Distant tomorrow. See red China. Of. I. Col 4 v

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