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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Charleston, West VirginiaWeather partly Cloudy Sun Day monday partly Cloudy and warmer followed by local showers at night. 40 pages volume 94 the United r ass Charleston West Virginia sunday morning june 23, 1940 five cents French plan Quick Deal with Italy Congress recesses Banner week ahead for Philadelphia envoys Fly to Rome after passing main defense proposals Hull s move for defense tax Bill alien control voted Convene july 1 by John a Reichmann Washington june 22 Congress tonight approved the final phases of presi Dent Roosevelt s defense program levied in new taxes and then recessed until july 1 so that re publican members could attend their National convention at Philadelphia. The break neck Pace of Legisla Tive action at the usual saturday session had All the appearances of the annual Rush for sine die adjournment. This Lime the Vaca 4 Tion from Law Maving will he Only week and the Rush had the dual purpose of letting the republicans go to Philadelphia and to Complete action on vital appropriation Hills before the new fiscal year Starling july 1. Approve Bill not Only did Congress put its final approval on Hie last nig de sense Money if is 766. Pit. 908 supplemental deficiency Bill but the House initiated another Foj defense measure destined to Cost at least It unanimously approved the 70 per cent naval expansion Bill which would add 200 warships to the the Senate is scheduled to take up this measure after the recess. When the administration is scheduled to Send up requests for even More billions in authorizations to make the americas impregnable to aggression. The atmosphere in Congress was identical to regular adjournment evenings. The House awaited Senate action on appropriation measures in disagreement Mem Bers lolled in the seats and some staged an Impromptu vaudeville show. The Senate recessed shortly he fore 9 and the House stopped Ork for a week at p. Est. Return after convention after the republicans nominate their ticket Congress intends to return and remain on the Job per haps with frequent recesses for daily almanac Calls for fight an Appeal to join the Brit ish in War against Germany was addressed to All French men last night by Winston Churchill prime minister of great Britain who expressed grief and amazement that the Bordeaux regime had accepted Hitler s terms for an armistice. London asks French help Cummer was slowly creeping Back to Normal sunday follow ing a two Day cold spell. Saturday boasted an 82-Degrce High Tern Jera Ture and a . Reading on the official weather Bureau thermometer at the daily mail Yard at Midnight was 67. Sun and Moon Sun Rose Sun lets Moon up temperatures sunday a. 67 saturday maximum 82 minimum 54 hourly readings m. A. I. A. A. P. P. In. P. M 5 p. M fio p. In 69 d. M "3 p. M "8 d. M is p. M z p. M 8 p. It .s3 a .74 Aid tiie War sufferers the need is desperate and grow. Send Cash or Check to Charleston chapter american Cross 201 Duffy st., or leave your contribution Vrin your name and address at daily mail for delivery to Charles ton chapter. Exile Gover Juneil May operate i by Wallace Carroll lox Dox june 2.3 sunday minister Winston Churchill in a dramatic Appeal to All frenchmen wherever they May be urged them today to join great Britain in the War against Germany and hinted that the new French govern ment which yesterday signed a German dictated armistice was without constitutional author Churchill determined to fight Adolf Hitler s armies to the end. Made his eat by Mornini eleventh hour bid Lor the support of French Empire the French Navy and air Force and the French array of the Middle East shortly after he said the British government had heard with grief and amazement that. France had capitulated to the German peace demands. J hints Lack of authority j the prime minister s hint that the French government of aging marshal Henri Petain lacked constitutional authority was believed to have been made on the grounds that the Petain government never had been Given a Vole of Confidence by the French parliament. It also was believed that Church ill was indicating that a new French government in similar to those of Poland the Netherlands Belgium and Norway be established soon in great Britain. Churchill s declaration was in a statement handed to representatives of the press who had been on All night duty at the ministry of information. At 2 a. M., n Liaison officer of the ministry called reporters into the press room and rend them the statement in which Churchill said he Hod heard Wilh grief and that the terms dictated by the germans have been accepted by the government of the wording of the statement indicated thai the terms of the French germ an . Signed i see London asks. Page 12 f 20 american nations favor holding Parley by Hobart c. Montee Washington june 22 20 other americas have agreed in principle to this government s plan for an Emer gency consultative conference on the International crisis. Secre tary of state Cordell Hull said today. J details of the meeting during which Western hemisphere prob lems arising out of new develop ments in the european War. Have not Heen determined but it was considered Likely that the Confer ence would he held soon at either Havana or Rio de Janeiro. Cartel major Tenpie one of the principal subjects on the Agenda it was understood might he president Roosevelt s plan for a huge Cartel through which the Hemi sphere would Deal with totalitarian nations on is own terms. Hull explained that the proposal for a car Tel was not necessarily connected closely with the consultative con Ference. Another step in Pertev Ting the Cartel plan u As reported to have Heen taken today when president Roosevelt announced in Hyde Park where he is spending tiie week end that he has selected James Forristal. President of Dillon read and company a new York invest ment banking firm As an administrative presidential it was understood that. Forrestal would have a key Post on tiie car the plan. Hull said that he a replies from All the latin Ameri can republics to hip state depar1 rent s inquiry about the consultative conference. The. Matter time and place and specific jets to he placed on the Agenda Are Trie Only Delair remaining be-1- for a formal plans for the Assembly Are announced. Canada not included Canada is not included in the Call for the consultative conference Al though it would most Likely he a member of any Western hemispheric Cartel arrangement in formed sources authorities said that the Speed with which the latin american nations responded to the stale Rio part enl s proposal for a Eon Vili Atice conference v. Is indicate n the keen Ini Eliesi in tins Hemi sphere toward the threat of eco nomic and political penetration by the totalitarian Powers. Among growing out of the european War that rave prompted desire for meeting prior to the scheduled october ses Sion Are the status of dutch and French possessions in tie Western hemisphere. Both countries have been Defeated by Germany and tiie United states has served notice on Germany and Italy that it will not acquiesce to any Transfer of West Ern hemisphere land As a result of that develop pint. After acceptance of Hitler demands British bomb Krupp works action denying jobless pay to seasonal Crews reversed employees of West Virginia seasonal industries Are entitled to compensation for unemployment occurring beyond the ular seasons of the industries circuit judge Julian f. Bouchelle ruled saturday in reversing a decision of the Board of review of the state department of unemployment compensation. In reviewing the action of Board of review against Tiv. Mosby. Arthur c. Aikens and other employees the c. H. Mussulman company has a Plant at Inwood. Berkeley county for commercial packing i and professing of apples judge i Bouchelle stated in my Jud Menf. Under our j present like director of unemployment compensation i warranted in establishing a Spe i rial classification or applicable to seasonal industries and in the absence of legislation i establishing such special classification the director is not a i Tho fixed to deny unemployment i compensation benefits to the employees of such seasonal in i Dusl Ries for unemployment occurring beyond the season of the Industry i jobless pay Page i British Fleet loss feared Roosevelt sees u. S. Against Axis navies by t. F. Reynolds Lyne Park n. Y., june 22 l i. President Roosevelt it was Learned tonight. A giving most serious consideration to the. Possibility that both the British and French May fall into tiie hands of Germany and thus Force the t filed states to Dou ble its fighting fleets to match the sea Pover of the totalitarian nations. Tiaval it was Learned have hand fld or. Roosevelt memoranda showing hint. America s first line of Fonse would be tremendously Oulu big had in the Atlantic by to Olfilio Arian Halile feels should Germany and Italy defeat Hail Ain As v. "1 is France and gain Possession of British sea units. All possible future phases of the defense of the United Stales and the West Ern hemisphere or. Roosevelt it. Was Learned is studying the possibility that events in the relatively near future May Cre ate a Silva lion where National safely would Force this country to order naval expansion even above the s plan to the Fleet s tonnage by cent. American flags and g. O. P. Banners Hans snood from win Dows and lamp posts As Philadelphia to Welcome delegates to the Tepu Lliran National . By nil Street is Sorn a Bose with the i Ninn Luh at left. Below former senator la euro 1 oppor. Chairman of the draft in Cost Nittle and Herl re Hyde Nyht. The resolutions committee talk thine Over. G. 0. P. Drafts platform of peace preparedness improvement of new Ueal barkers eager crowds throng Philadelphia Philadelphia. June policy makers tonight were drafting a Post card size platform calling for peace and preparedness and proposing improvement rather than repeal of the new Deal. A bal be on the Issue of Aid for the against Hitler and Mussolini entered within the National defense sub committee. F5ut i s chairman Alf m. . 103fi j. O. P. Nominee expressed Roii fid Enre the Issue could be com promised 10 avoid a minority re port and floor fight. Avoid Ijo Nestir ass him the foreign affairs Issue is the Only Plank in the entire platform because most other philosophically sub Commil tees decided to seek votes and not enemies by avoiding the political dynamite of expressions on sit Down strikes. The american Federal Ion of labor and Congress of Industrial Lions split or endorsement of specific Ftp Liri coils to the Wagner labor relations act and the wage hour Law. The platform tentatively drawn Many i cams. By sub commit toes suggests in what i Over eth of new Deal. Agri Culler no in Neil payments and was Crup Loans would he continued Hul Relief shown by parisians i Apical Kosi Drnas Hisil Ariu Slife Pai is. June 22 news f the Lerman i Ench negotiations today and turned their attention to new and greater burdens that must be borne by then Many frenchmen who participated in the wild Celo nil Ion on the night of 11, 191s. Re Ceiva the neut . . There were a few weak smiles and nazis main arms Plant damaged june 22 great Britain reported officially tonight thai swarms of Royal air Force planes had bombed the important Kompp armament works at Essen. The Fouke Wulf aircraft Plant of Bremen the Gorman held dutch base at lems word. And that the crack get Man Hatt Oship Scharnhorst had Boon bombed and torpedoed. I a the an rapt i ii in British Trawick Niter a gun Battle. Storp hits on Krupp Plant i the ministry said that. Different squad on of heavy ers Iliad out successful raids 0-, or Nort t and be. Mis of nelherlarm.-. A Liuni and France. Tiie raid to the first attempt by British planes in the Krupp works which . Do mom of the munitions for tiie Man the Ijar said tiie Hud scored m hits on factory building Anil Impi int Railroad sidings. The air ministry said ass Rottenburg disc had open attacked by the pianos Uhic raided the Focke Waif Plant at in Over German six Supply and ammunition Between Osna Trueck and Bremen near tote town of Heine were wrecked by direct the iry said. Most of the raids took place during last night. I Plait aircraft 1 at the Nir minis in said several bombs fell on the aircraft Uliks hangars the air drome and military buildings be e raided n Hothan Birg. An narc pm l Sior nge depot said to hive been damaged it Coli Mon the minis try also said that a Large Oil Stor age depot near Hanover had Boon attacked. The l Scharnhorst in frequent combat with British air naval units since the invasion of nor say w us considerably damaged m a combined submarine and my Ark according to a communique issued by the air ministry ind a i Minilie. It said five British planes Rind two enemy Phines wore lost in the Haile in which i Cier Mun planes garlic impaled the air ministry reported a reconnaissance plane today Sank a Large Lerman Supply ship in the North sen and that in Daylight re British bomb Page 2 by fighting to continue until six hours after agreement with Duce surrender of Gold territory loom by the United press France bowed saturday night to Germany s armistice demands and sent her aides hurrying to Italy to learn the armistice terms of Premier Benito Mussolini. The armistice was signed in comping be Forest at. P. New . General Charles Huntziger affixed his name for France colonel general Wilhelm Keitel for Germany. The scene was the same old dining car of the wagons lits com Pany where Germany bowed to France in 1918. Terms of the armistice were not made Public nor will they until France has reached an agreement with Italy. When word Italy sees British Isles occupied breaking up of Empire predicted Rome june 22 fatal hour for the Brit ish Isles is about to strike and England will be totally occupied and the British Empire Cut into the Semi official weekly Rel Zioni Internazi Onali said today. In a leading article which said also that France must accept peace terms or face the annihilation of All French the authoritative Organ added that half a Vic tory is not a Victory at All especially when there is an enemy to be disposed is flashed to the German High command that a French italian armistice has been signed the order will be Given to cease firing six hours later. Tonight the French plenipotentiaries speeding to Italy air plane to learn Mussolini s terms. In a Ger Man air plane with a German . German sources believed that France would require about the same length of time to come to terms with Italy As took to to the German demand. The German agreement was reached just 27 hours anal 20 minutes the French emis Saries received Adolf Hitler s terms. The armistice signature came just nine months and 19 Days France and Britain had declared War on Germany sept. 3, 1933. Though official word of the terms of armistice was lacking. London reported that Germany had demanded that France per Mit joint italian German occupation of France until Termina Tion of hostilities with Britain surrender of French War stores cold and Nir Runcy reserves and delivery to Germany of fixed amounts of Coal and other raw materials Over a specified period Lime. America strangely enough was informed of the signing of the armistice Long before either the Ger Man or French Public was told that agreement had been reached. Hour and half late news of the signing was flashed. To the United states by a joint Short wave broadcast of the National broadcasting company and the Columbia broadcasting system from comping be one hour and a half after agreement was reached. Not until two hours later was the news officially announced in Berlin and broadcast Over the Ger. Man radio to the German people. German officials offered no mediate explanation of this strange circumstance As reported by the broadcasting companies. Hitziger took note of the Sevor Eity ref the German terms before affixing his signature to the document. "1 Hunt Alger said that the French government has or dered me to sign the armistice. I. Desire to read a personal Declara Tion first. Calls conditions hard by defeat of arms we cease struggle in which we. Were engaged on the Side of our allies. Franco sees imposed upon it very hard conditions. France has a right to expect in the future negotiations that Loni my will show n spirit which will permit the two great neighbouring countries to live and work 1 Kong Admiral had tears in his eyes As and Keitel signed armistice the radio said Keile offered a Brief tribute to the soldiers of France and Ger Many. All those to have bled for their he said and senator Glass marries at 82 ritual performed by Senate chaplain senator Glass june 22 a. Senator curl of Vir Ginia was married bile today to mrs. Mary Scott Meade it a quiet ceremony in the ascension Kris Copal Church Here. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Zebarney Phillips i see senator Glass Page. 2 All those who have died for their see envoys Fly Page City s alleys May become places Aind courts Ideal Street re naming plan drawn Whu leh rating of the or Justice took pm ice done by the troops ill Oil marching into the production control schemes would City daily by tin thousands be junked. The part will rent the genial atmosphere of the firm ils support a lab or s Nghil to City appeared to change from that organize and will demand More of humiliation to one of great re equitable administration of the Lief. Many parisians were looking Ingnor act. In future and wondering what this Hirl place of american in terms the germans would extract dependence bulged meanwhile from the French peace Neghiu with thousands of confident lie inns. One woman recalled the publicans gathering to non finale a heavy reparation. Payments after presidential lend a third the Franco prussian War of 1s71 Effort to Stop the nov. . And said most of them seemed to believe Ell. Let them make 115 pay. See g. 0. P. Tags ice Relief Page Street re naming which Sev eral times in the past has been scored in the record books of various civic Orliam Lions As too hoi to will become a live Issue again m Charleston this week. At a meeting of the City plan Ning commission tuesday the draft. Of a re miming plan or rather drafts of two different plans will i presented to the body by f. Matthews Resi Dent planning Engineer and from there on it. Will he up to the commission to steer the Touchy subject to its ultimate Destina lion. Or. Matthews plans represent the results of studies Over a period of several months. The first plan represents the minimum of changes necessary to eliminate duplication Tri Plica Tion and even of Street names in the City of Charleston. Along with both plans of course go the necessary suggestion Tor House re number ing. Air. Matthews described his second plan As the Ideal Solu Tion of the difficult problem. It reduces the number of Street names by 13 per cent and would retain about 63 per cent of pres ent Street names although names May he reshuffled considerably. It would mean that about one third of the present Street designations will be retained is at present while an other third of the names would be used in designating different streets. The Ideal plan differs from the minimum plan in the fact that the latter would reduce the number of Street names by Only 11 per cent and that about 78 per cent of the present Namel would he retained on the streets they now designate. Cuts alleys Page

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