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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 4

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Charleston, West VirginiaWaif of pail editorial Page without or with Otence to friends or fats 7 sketch your world exactly it com monday evening june 14, 1965 in a cose of theory versus fact the hard fact is always decisive bet Ween them the Secretary of Agri culture and the Secretary if labor certainly ought to know what it takes to pick the fruit crop. The first is an authority on the grow ing season the second the last word on the n labor Supply. When they say then thai there is adequate Domestic labor ready and willing to Harvest Florida s oranges Georgia s peaches and West Vir Ginia s apples they ought to be right. Indeed one Hopes they Are right. There is still substantial unemployment in the country. The Orchards is Are crying for help. It would seem then to be a fairly simple problem o bringing demand and Supply into the Market place to the Mutual advantage of the Farmer and the labourer. The Farmers have jobs. Thousand of Able bodied men need jobs. All that is needed is a Lille organization and some planning. Actually in is a lot More complicated than dial and there is mounting evidence from Florida to West Virginia that the secretaries just Don t know what they Are talking about. Gov. Smith got an ear Ful of it the other Day when he took the government to the people in the Eastern Panhandle where apples Are a Cash crop. Sure there is an ample Supply of Domestic labor. But for a number of Rea sons this labor in t much Good at picking apples. It in t used to it. It does t like the work. It works inefficiently and often quits in the Middle of the Job leaving the Orchard St with his crop falling from the Trees and rolling on the ground. What the Farmers want is permission to bring in More migratory workers from the West indies and the bureaucracy might As Well yield. Here is the classic confrontation Between a Fine theory and a hard fact and in these cases the fact governs. Once a crop is spoiled a Fine theory on How it could have been picked in t of much use to anyone. For the doctor one cheerful song we had never heard of or. Mahlon Loomis until the other Day and have the Morgantown Post to thank for bringing us up to Date. He was a Washiington d. C., dentist who dabbled in wireless telegraphy just the civil War and in 1872 took out a Patent on years before Marconi was born. Nothing Ever came of it and or. Loomis died on oct. 13, 1886, Unsung and unrewarded leaving one Small commission David Lawrence for his burial at Terra a Rose Bush be planted on grave so that the Birds could rest there and nothing Ever came of that either until recently when mayor Robert l. Keller of Terra Alta heard of the request and did his duty. He found the grave and planted there a Rose Bush and even now we like to think the Birds have found in it a place to rest and do a Little singing thus round ing out the Story with the Grace notes that history usually neglects to mention. Johnson s peace pleas ought to be repeated p resident t Johnson has five times in re cent Days addressed a direct Appeal to the of the soviet Union to join with the american peo ple not Only in a Mission of peace but in sharing the economic fruits of a better life for Mankind. While speaking for instance at the graduation exercises of Catholic University in Washington on june 6, the presi Dent appealed to the Lead ers As Well As to the peo ple of the communist coun tries. He said i come now let us reason together. Our door is unlatched. Our table is set. We Are ready we believe Man kind is ready with but the appeals have not been answered. Or. Johnson evidently conscious of the silence in the communist world mentioned this publicly on june 8. At a ceremonial signing of a Bill establishing a National Institute for the deaf he said sometimes it seems that deafness is not simply an affliction of individuals but an affliction of nations As the president at the same time pointed out that while communications in space Are instantaneous communications among nations have not kept Pace. As a matter of fact communication Between Peoples is one of the most challenging problems that faces the world today. On april 22 this correspondent wrote in one of his dispatches oddly enough the Western countries have not realized that their most powerful weapon today involve communication to penetrate the coun tries which have totalitarian governments and to make the people realize How much bet Ter their lives would be if they had some of the conveniences and advantages enjoyed the people in the free countries. Millions of dollars Are spent annually Western countries to broadcast news of political speeches or highbrow arguments about ideological questions but the simple facts of life Are not hammered Home to the peo Ples behind the Iron curtain. The contrast Between the life of the people in the soviet Union has not been thoroughly publicized to Points behind the Iron or. Johnson has since Given Plain hints that the United states would be willing to join in economic ventures which would truly Benefit the people of the soviet Union if they had the kind of government that was not a menace to world peace. Many persons will wonder whether this will Ever get through to the soviet people. But the facts Are that when a president of the United Stales Speaks the radio car Ries the message everywhere and Public discussion is there initiated. It is word of Mouth communication that messages of importance to every nation Are eventually conveyed to the people even behind the Iron curtain. Some of the things that or. Johnson has said now should be broadcast repeatedly the United states information Agency. Excerpts from his speeches need to be read and re read in the soviet foreign office. Or. Johnson was of course expressing in polite language a disagreement with the Doc Trines of International communism often referred to As communist Imperial which holds that peo Ples outside the soviet Union must be made subject to the dictates of soviet socialism. This has led to infiltration and intrigue As Well As aggression conducted communist forces not Only in Southeast Asia but in Africa Cuba the dominican Republic and other countries in latin Ameri Ica. The soviet Union needs to be reminded again and again that the United states stood Russia at a critical time in her life when from 1941 to 1945, the military Power of the United states was thrown into the balance and helped to defeat Hitler who had Al ready overrun a portion of the soviet Union causing the loss of millions of russian lives. Unfortunately the appeals for a genuine peace which president Johnson has been making have thus far evoked no response from the Krem Lin. Perti aps this is because the question of How to reply has caused debate inside communist party councils. Roscoe Drummond in the Middle East a red chess game the soviet Union is playing a danger Ous game in the Middle East but the end re still May turn Mil to be unexpectedly c o n str Clive. The danger Ous part is this the want to cop everything stirred up in Unis explosive area of the world Bill Don l want it to girl nut of hand. They wan. To keep things at a they Don l w i n t things in boil Over. They stimulate Arab Hostil ily to Israel but step Hack from stimulating it to the Point of open conflict. Example when president Lahib Bour Guiba of Tunisia offers an Olive Branch to Israel inv Colin launches an attack on the israelis. La is evident hint the soviet Union prefers a tense rather than a peaceful Middle East hut there is one thing it wings still less. That Onn thing is a major outbreak of War in the Middle East. This is Why soviet policy in this part of the world is at once Ris Ful and potentially constructive. It is a terrible risk to the world for the men in the Kremlin to think they can turn up or Down the temperature of Middle East tensions and can judge with any degree of certainty when tensions can be safely stimulated to get just the right amount of conflict and when they must he at All costs tamped Down to avoid explosion. This is a perilous risk the soviets Are taking. It could bring on a major War. The soviets know that such a War could he contagious that it would almost certainly bring in other Powers then possibly disaster for everybody. The signs Are dial the worst is not going to happen snivel slake in Avert ing a major War in the Middle Kynsl is greater than any advantage it can gel from stir ring things up to the Point of War. The. Soviets have wide in fluence and considerable res Tige in most of the Arab world today. They would be throwing it away if hey listed the Scales to War and what would be worse is that they would come smack up against the United Stales in direct Confron tation. This is the last thing Moscow wants. Israelis i know Are convinced thai neither the Soviel Union nor the United states will tolerate any change Force in the present territorial status Between the aral Stales and Israel. This is a powerful deterrent to both sides underwritten in reality the two great Powers though not in any formal pact. 3-while president Bour Guiba s Olive Branch can hardly Lead to an Early break through in Arab israeli relations in casts its Light ahead. H shows there is motion and there is change in Arab think ing. It is a crack in the Unity of Arab hostility to Israel. Or. Bourguiba has dared to Chal Lenge president Nasser. Is newly evident that president Nasser Strong and resourceful As he is cannot Force the other Arab nations to go where they Don t want to go. They do not want to go under egyptian domination. If or. Nasser is to Lead the Arab world he must do so consensus not edict the consensus is getting rather thin advice air strikes Force. Commitments . Involvement in Viet Nam inside City Hall Charles Connor City manager b. I. Gentry took note of two recent moves in Huntington to consolidate governmental operations. At first glance he is Uncan Tausias Lic about their application to Charleston. Huntington is moving to close its jail described As and o begin putting All City prisoners in the county jail at a certain fee Pei Day. This May be Fine for Huntington Gentry Points out but Charleston s City jail not Only is kept in Fine condition but is being upgraded through the current cily Hall improvement project. A new police booking officer and jail elevator Are being added. Huntington City managed Edward a. Ewing also announced that his City would consolidate its police garage operations Wilh the Public works garage there. He cited a savings of yearly with a reduction in the mechanical staff from 24 to 19. Included were seven mechanics at the Huntington police garage. Gentry said that move May be Worth additional study Here but previously has been considered. We operate with Only 11 mechanics for our three a streets and incinerator Gen try said. We believe in keep ing our equipment up to Date so there is no need for a Large number of mechanics. We be thought about one garage to serve All but do t trying and doing not believe this would result in better service. A garage at each of these three depart ments is More responsive to the department s immediate Charleston s police garage in the basement of City Hall has never required More than two mechanics. In Short what Gentry is say ing is that whatever Hunting ton is trying to do Charles ton is doing it better already. Question queue q. You mention Dewey Kuhns name As a possible democratic candidate for mayor. How old would he be in 1967 when the next City election is held a 68. The former sheriff was born oct. 22, 1898. Q and How old would mayor Shanklin be if he decided to run again a 75. Q _ have you Ever seen lightning sell a newspaper a. _ no. We understand he s on a temporary retainer from City Hall for directing traffic until a full time traffic Engi Neer can be hired. Q does recreation director Bob Camp play anything but basketball a sure. The former Wavu Captain finds his 6-feet i inches also comes in Handy for Tennis Bowling and shooting Pool. He likes them All. Raines retiring for 11 years mrs. Mary Frances Raines of 701 Bowen St. Has served As school guard at the Busy Corner of Washington and Elizabeth Street. Now she s moving to Lakeland Fla. Where her husband has been transferred. What s been her lasting impression of the duty she s pulled As school guard i can t remember when the Corner at Elizabeth and Washington was t torn up. First the sewer people then the Telephone company then this Utility and she said. It s made Job a Tough one getting the kids around All the construction work and out of the paths of her leaving opens a spot on the county s Republic executive committee too. Meanderings the Law of Supply and demand must have been operating at last week s Blacktop bid opening. Low was a ton two months ago the City paid Only a ton for Asphalt. Veteran recreation commissioner Harry Paxton who serves on both City and county commissions can t see any difference in the Aims but his duties require him to attend two meetings a month instead of one mayor Shanklin says the City is ready to move on the boat launching facility at Porter s Creek As soon As Legal requirements Are met. The Marine reserves have their equipment ready to go in their offer to help the City build it. The City ordered a new fire truck 11 months ago and at last reports it s still in the paint shop building inspector d. H. Gay is High in Praise of construction on the nine Story heart town Motel. Says it s being built to last. Last Chance kids. An ordinance to ban your skateboards on sidewalks and streets will be up for action at next monday s coun cil meeting. Some parents say it s not needed now. With swimming season Here skate boards Are on their Way out. Mail readers Point of View St. Albans group makes nomination to the daily mail As citizens interested in bet Ter government for St. Albans we feel compelled to present to the City Council and the honorable mayor elect aver ill Ramsey a candidate for the seat of councilman at Large. That seat will be vacant due to the City Char Ter s provision permitting Only one councilman at Large from the same Ward. We. Have Given careful consideration to several outstand ing citizens and checked their qualifications for this important position and it is our conclusion that the person most capable of giving the City a fair and honoured leadership is the publisher of the local newspaper Riley c. Dawson. Riley has been a life Long resident of St. Albans and his Home is in the second Ward. He has been Active in civil affairs the chamber of com in acc. Lions club rotary Coal River improvement association and other organizations. He is Well liked and respected the residents of St. Albans and we feel that the citizens would agree that Riley deserves to be appointed to this position. John Bess member St. Albans better committee St. Albans june 4 could t be plainer to the daily mail a recent press dispatch Stales that 1c of the most influential protestant thinkers in the United states led or. John c. Bennett presi Dent and or. Rain Lipold Nie Buhr professor emeritus of the Union theological Semi nary have assailed the lid ministration s policy mid u. S. Military action in vice Nam. They slate hint the pres ent administration policy be destroying our to cooperate with the soviet in Ion for peace in what stupidity what naivete co operation to the communists Means that we cooperate Wilh them in destroying our coun try and All free governments and Aid them in enslaving Mankind. President Johnson is dismayed the left wingers of the press to radio and the churches who Are doing More for the communists than the communists can in for themselves. These left wingers Are doing a great disservice not Only to this country but to the world their constant whining about peaceful co existence and the american bar association in its report peaceful co existence aug. Stated that to the communists peaceful coexistence is there fore the strategy which will carry Forth the communist revolution to the final Over throw of the free world and the establishment of world wide communist this report quotes the communist Lenin 1920 As follows As soon As we Are Strong enough to defeat capitalism As a whole we shall immediately take it the Scruff of the can anything be plainer just As Hitler s mein Kempf told the world what his objectives were so the writings of the communists ill us what their objectives Are. The communists Marx Lonin Stalin Khrushchev Rill have stated in clearly world domination and the enslave ment of All free men. The read ing of their works in All pub Lic libraries is in order for those who think that cooperation or peaceful co exist ence with Iho communists is possible. Blanche Llorna Charleston june ii into deep water to the daily mull arc we gelling in Dan per have already declared War on poverty in this country and at the same time we Are fighting an undeclared War in South Viet Nam. Now to make things even More complicated we read where a negro army is being put together in the state of Louisiana in defense of civil rights in the South. This one is far More important because if allowed to demonstrate and use firearms of All descriptions As stated and planned the deacons for defense and Justice it s most Likely they will find this Type of March has a two Way Street. In opinion the March from Selma to the Capitol served no worthwhile purpose because True religion oper ates somewhat differently. And for that reason i Doii t feel the coloured people helped their cause one bit. Aside from All of this if the civil rights voting Law gels a rubber stamp approval which Means the original Bill be comes Law in the South who can say this will solve the problem g. J. Lewis South Charleston june 9 nostalgic charge to the daily mail people who enjoy Ihn ail ment known As nostalgia got Large charge from seeing that picture in monday s mail of the memorial Day Parade of Antn. As the picture shows clearly Capitol Street was still open to southbound traffic trolley cars were still around they had about 25 years to go Here and the Bank popu lation explosion still was unchecked. Surely you Irvn in your files quite n collection of equally or Nam More interest ing photos of scenes Here Almus. Why not consider re printing some of ilium occasionally Irmis j. I re Liz Charleston Juno 2 i Allen Scott report Viet policy is checked for possible Victory bar luf ctr i. Alter real reason that special House armed services sub committee is in South Viet Nam is to ascertain whether a military Victory is possible under Johnson administration policies. Representatives Otis Pike in .y., Richard Ichord d .mo., William Bray r-lntl., and Charles Chamberlain r mich., were Given this Emer gency assignment com Mittee chairman l. Mendel Rivers . Tie congressional Mission has the full approval of House leaders who arc deeply concerned Laraut he Drift toward a korean Type War in Viet Nam. Following a series of Back stage military briefings to legislative chiefs agreed to have the committee seek first hand reports from . Com Manders in the Field on what is needed for a military Vic tory. Arrangements for the on the spot Survey were made Rivers after the House leaders became convinced there is no policy to win de spite the growing commit ment of . Forces. In one unannounced meet ing at the Capitol the joint chiefs of staff warned the legislators that unless the present policy is changed More than . Troops could become bogged Down in a War endangering not Only their safely but . Security in other areas of the world. Facing big Gest problem in Viet Nam is that we do not have a policy to win that representative Rivers told colleagues in a private briefing in his of fice. All our military actions Are being limited to Force the communists to the bargain ing table not to achieve Vic pulling Down Roll up Wall map of Southeast Asia Rivers pointed to Haiphong chief North vietnamese seaport de Claring we should be bombing that port today. Soviet arms shipments including the 11 28 Jet bombers beginning to appear arc pouring into North Viet Nam through that port. Haiphong is the no. 1 military target in Viet Nam but our pilots can t touch it under our present policy. We Are not seeking a Victory but a conference. If some action in t taken soon against this port it will be ringed with russian made ground to air missiles. When that happens the port will be so Well defended we be Able to attack because of the Large number of aircraft we might lose. Every military Man in the Pentagon wants the president to hit thut u Paul j. Ram a second task assigned the special subcommittee Accord ing la Rivers is to obtain the o Gen eral William Westmoreland commander of . Forces in South Viet Nam and charged with the Security of All americans there. We Are going to do what Westmoreland believes is necessary to protect . Forces in Viet Nam and for them to win Csc uncut Vic tory Rivers stressed. Our briefings state and department officials Haven t Given us a Clear picture of Westmoreland s require ments or ills position about expanding our raids into North Viet representative Rivers also agreed in have his group look into communist atrocities in South Viet Nam against . And South vietnamese service men. He did so in response to a request by. Representative Michael Feigh Aii d-0., who wrote shut kingly reminiscent of the atrocities committed the chinese and North korean communists during the korean War Are those being commit Ted against . Servicemen in Viet Nam. They have been discovered with their hands tied behind their backs and shot in lib head. Their bodies were not Given a decent burial but thrown in Jungle underbrush their Viet Cong present plans Call for the legislators to spend two weeks in Viet Nam and then return to Washington to make their recommendations to House leaders and the while House. Although defense and stale department officials originally opposed the trip i hey Are cooperating with the con Gressmen under orders from the president. Press flashed a. S. Intelligence authorities Are closely watching president re Gaulle s efforts to gain control of radio Luxembourg. A complicated share exch Atigo Deal would give the French government direct representation on the Board of the Only common Market radio Sta Tion broadcasting to France. For years the French ministry of information has harassed radio Luxembourg s news staff which occupies studios in Paris linked a Telephone line with the transmitters in Luxembourg. On occasion this line has been interrupted be cause of French objections to a news program the u. S. Embassy in Chile reports that four newspapers support ing president Johnson s intervention in the dominican Ftp Public have been closed government action. John Chamberlain a practical idealism unwanted in Dominica the most de pressing thing about the world is the Way in which practical idealists g e t used up and Dis credited. We Are thus left with a Choice Between bums and climb ers and glory Hunters and every new situation represents a worsening of the old. To be specific about one in stance the Best men in the dominican Republic arc All disqualified at the moment simply because they tried to do right and were for one reason or another forced to relinquish the reins. There is Donald Reid Ca bral to pick the most Emi nent dominican sex statesman. If rationality were to govern the dominican future he organization of american states and he u. S. Stale depart ment would be asking held Cabral to reconstitute his recently deposed civilian Junta and go on Wilh the business of trying to Reform Domini can society. Donald Reid Ca bral was forced out of office simply because he was doing his Best to extirpate graft from the dominican Republic s military forces. His Suc Cessor if he is to be any Good will have to try to pick tip where Reid Cabral left off. So Why would t it be ration Al to bring Reid Cabral Back again to do what must be done if the dominican Republic is to have a decent future then there is general Wes Sinwissin another practical dominican id Alisa who has opposed graft. He has apparently been ruled out As a can Didolc fur a con Ilion govern Nicot. Yet it was Wissinwessin who tried to prevent bloodshed in the recent confrontation of the military forces and the according to Paul lick Hal the sex state department Man who got a Birds View of events Riding around in a Lank Wilh dominican army units in Hie curlies hours of hit Rocoll roubles Dpi ind held Cabral inadvertently did himself in dispel Chiffi his chief of Slaff Rivera Cuesta to Iho so called "27th of via i uary army Barracks to fire two officers for graft and Dis loyalty. Before he could carry out his thoroughly justified Mission Rivera Cuesta was made a prisoner the very army elements lie had been sent to purify. Thus Reid Ca bral the head of the dominican government lost his Power to command the military which in the dominican Republic meant loss of the Power to govern. When the army rebels re fused Loback Down general Wissinwissin the practical idealist who commanded Ine san Isidro air base tried to effect a peaceful transition. We Don t want bloodshed be Iwen elements of he military so Paul Bethel quotes Wissinwessin As saying to Reid Cabral. If Here is any fighting the country will Dis inc grate into chaos. I believe it would he belter if you re Reid Cabral tried to hang on summoning loyalist soldiers to attack the Reb Els. Bui nobody moved mean while a led the cuban communist Luis Acosta Paul Bethel s description grabbed the Santo Domingo radio and to stations to de Mand a return to he constitutionality of the Long since do posed Juan bosc Lic re Gime. The fat was in the fire. taking Quick action and sending in he marines pres ident Lyndon Johnson i event de a takeover in the Domini can Republic a hint might easily have been a Nipun cd communist agents. Hiil. Who is Ihorn left to constitute a Core of prac tical idealism capable of Shap ing a decent dominican future a very suggestion Lod in seems in indicate a comedown from Donald Reid Cabral s Candor and honesty or from general Wissinwissin s desire to Avert bloodshed. So what pending new elec Tion could be better than go ing Back to hold Cabral who sought to eliminate graft with i he decent. Wissinwissin it his Side of course to suggestion is to Lilly Imarn Chical. Bui ills very Logon to Wren l going to in l n Good government in Ilia doll Pleim re Public i

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