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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 2

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Charleston, West VirginiaMonday june 14. 1965seminar on alcoholism or. Mildred m. Bateman director of the state depart intent of mental health opens the second session of the summer school of alcohol studies. Sharing the platform with her Are from the left or. Nathan l. Ferrarri head of the Morris Harvey College sociology department Louis Southworth presiding chairman who is consultant to the state s division of alcoholism or. 0. Norman Simpkins sociology professor at Marshall University and Donald supervisor for the division of alcoholism. Daily mail photo by Ray Wheeler. Symbol of manhood alcoholism called cultural heritage alcoholism not Only is a med ical problem but a cultural cry Day living problem As Well. In Appalachia drinking is tied in with being a Man and until we find a substitute for this matter of identify 1 have found Many alcoholics the w who actually feel rejected by we Hsee is is Ifica with manhood we will have an alcoholic problem. These opinions were expressed today at the second ses Sion of the week Long summer school of alcohol studies Tak ing place Here. The speaker was or. Norman Simpkins of Marshall University. He said alcoholism in West Virginia is related to the Cul Turin heritage of the people and depressed economic conditions that began in the past Cen Tury. Settlers the Eastern Shore and moved to Iod in essence it appears that they have built a Wall around themselves to prevent anyone from entering particularly anyone or any image that represented god or Church. Can his be a reason Why some of have in the As effective As of celtic origin left mountains bringing with them their knowledge of making Dis tilled spirits. They soon found it More profitable to distil whisky and Market it in the East than to haul Corn and other Grain to the Urban areas. All of the alcohol was t marketed however he said. Be cause of the relative isolation of the mountaineers they turned to alcohol As a form of Security and Celebration. Drinking was a Relief from the cold Damp Cli mate and from stress when their livelihood of farming was threatened by economic hard ship. The Mountaineer is known for boisterous drinking Simpkins said. When he can t identify himself As a contributing Mem Ber of society and fulfil his self image he May turn to drinking. Offers hypotheses turning to the role of attitudes of alcoholism the second speaker of the morning Donald Nancy offered four hypotheses concerning the use of Alco Holjac beverage in our society. Athey Are or not one develops the illness of alcoholism or not in part depends upon the Domi Nant culture in which he lives. It depends on How completely he is integrated into the social setting or group which practices the predominate Cul Ture. One s dominant culture sanctions excessive use of Alco Holic beverage the risk of developing alcoholism appears to be greater. One s dominant culture does not Sanction excessive drinking the risk of developing the illness of alcoholism appears to be nominal. We Are dealing with attitudes of individuals groups and communities he said. Dancy is director of the school and head of the state s division of alcohol ism. An average of two out of three of american adults practices the use of alcoholic beverage. It can be concluded that we Are a drinking ii majority vote or practice he said. Continuing Dancy said when we look at the religious aspects in regard to Rales alcoholism we must also member thai if one departs from his dominant culture and attempts to integrate himself into a group that condones ing in follows that emotional conflicts will develop. Should we therefore not question Ilia if one s religious teachings oppose the use of alcoholic beverage and lie in turn lives in a society that culturally sanctions use and he practices the me beverage in Dis obedience of his religious teach Ings docs not this conflict in turn reinforce Hla already sex our clergymen last not teen hey May have been had they Jelier understood the Complex emotional patterns and social attitudes of the alcoholic. 1 Don t know the answer but when we consider the Reg your attitudes of our society is the problem of alcoholism we must think seriously and work Dili Dancey said. When we look at population rends for our state we find a Large percentage of population listing emotional problems of eve feel rejected highly educated and More economically affluent populations fess ional and economic income group. This is conducive to a higher rate of alcoholism. Again 1 Don t know the answer but we must look diligently for All factors that May in fluence this problem in our to Cluty Dancy said. First t no on and on you re just going to to kind in West alcoholism program the state department of welfare and the state department of mental health s division of alcoholism. Parade fam Page him a special 21-minute film of the astronauts four Day trip into space will be shown for the first time when White and Mcdivitt meet the students officials said. White and Mcdivitt enjoyed a pleasant sunday at Home with families in Houston going to Church and taking a Quick swim. Both sets of parents or. And mrs. James Mcdivitt of Jack son mich., and retired air Force maj. Gen. And mrs. Edward White of St. Petersburg student get this All Cut Humphrey retorted a ruin mat ibo Iii Yitoi place at conference or at the fend with Al Ettamene calmly that my desire is not to give what you Call quote i m As concerned about the tables of the United Smithson in his first year at the school of economic., was the Only one Al fix dents to respond to Humphrey Lone question. As the students having students la my own family. Direction of the conflict is not always in the hands of any one particular vice president said. What we seek to do is to bring this War to an end not to accelerate it or expand it. What we seek to do is to ret to the conference table and restore peace and or Der in Southeast Asia Anil 1 might add sir with All of the criticism that is Given to our government in these mat ters that i know of no other government that is asking for e a c a that is Hanoi or peking Al the cad of the interview Moderator Hugh Downs in Lon Don with the students asked Humphrey if he d Liko to ask any questions of them. Ilumin Hhd a s question i want to Humphrey nil end quote of the United states. I doubt hat China has merited massacred battalion rom of men of Premier Phan Lluy Quat briefs Cao Van South pm Nam s military command created a committee fill the Power vacuum left by i Reslyn Tolm of the civil govern catholics see danger new Yolk with lat Lon in latin fla., took part in the of have any song Gas visit. Iti ii that they could make As to How we could get the govern ment of Hanoi in North Viet Nam or in China in peking to sit Down at the conference to he University of Michigan. Ible and talk about leaders of the protesters Smithson again took up the the astronauts will spend to night in Chicago and Fly to Ann Arbor mich., Early tuesday for another round of celebrations at made no announcement of plans for the Day. On three Days last week the demonstrators staged traffic disrupting marches in the City s downtown area. Several red painted fire de i apartment ambulances appeared Lear the assembling demonstrators As they stood close to Buckingham Fountain. Cudgel. Why not recognize red China in the first he said and give them their fair and due right of place in the United nations instead of just denying their existence As you re trying to do the past 13 years or we do not deny their exist Humphrey shot Back. Deplore their conduct and normally have a higher rate of i the demonstrations in which june 0njted nations is supposed alcoholism and that the persons were arrested in population has less alcoholism. Iday and saturday for sitting when we go Back into the Down of staged irly history of the settlers protest rehire my of Chicago Early West Virginia and see the mixed cultures that came into the Coal Fields the italians the hungarians the Irish we see a melting pot of cultural attitudes and practices. Now when we i look at the economic conditions personal some of these areas for sex hat can significant where excessive drinking and alcohol ism is a problem some of these people have nothing else to do in the form of recreation sex and alcohol. Their ancestry is important in their attitude about the excessive use of alcohol. Many of them Are on welfare at pres ent the second and third generation on welfare Rolls. The percentage on our welfare Rolls has increased tremendously since the Coal Industry was mechanized. Emotional turmoil i Don t know the common the culture attitudes and practices of the people of West Virginia the Over 45 years of age and a Rel varied rates of income High actively Small number of the and the loss of Rural pop productive years Ages 20 All Are factors that we this reflects a High rate of must consider when we look Al unemployment and a Low rates and problems of our age income group in one Seg population and its use of Alco ment of our population beverage. We know that pared to a High income group in the Large Urban Industrial areas. West Virginia has also Many of these Peoples in the schools supt. Benjamin c. Willis whose school integration plans were rejected by some ideology of civil rights groups. A major negro group today withdrew its support of any counter March plan by the school segregation protestors. Albert Brooks president of the Chicago Branch of the National association for the advancement of coloured people said last night we Are not marching Tomor to be an Assembly of peace Lov ing nations. And As Ong As Chi a insists that aggression is a Way of life and repudiates peaceful coexistence As it has done and even attacks the other leaders of the protest series had talked of a o Jam the Parade for Mcdivitt and White. We will act in relation to the one Leader Albert Raby 31, said. He indicated an other Road clogging Demontra Ion May take place. Another Leader negro com Edian Dick Gregory told a civil rights rally sunday we be got something planned for Tomor but from what we can observe Row that wil1 Pretl country but not Embarrass any of us but col. Jack Reilly Daley s special events newsmen we director told just Don t be Lieve that it will mayor Daley can t conceive that anyone could be so in Amer icon Aslo disrupt the a Reilly said. Told the protestors had Indi hollows have emotional turmoil they planned to Demon and feelings of social insecure had a decline in its Rural popu Ity. In the Kanawha Valley lation. From studies in Amer where our Industry is highly de Ica we know that the Morel eloped we have a higher pro Strate again Reilly said for the demonstrators own physical Well being they d better not do give the finest on father s Day june 20th . The Bourbon that did t watch the clock 86 1963.olociarur Costco age one better to receive criticism from some quarters than to allow an other communist takeover in this hemisphere Washington air Force investigators say safely were not Al ways followed Al i air base in South Viel Nam where a Tring of no Ptosis last Monk killed Ameri cans and destroyed a dozen 1157 Light bombers. In a re Purl to the Senate i re Parl it is investigating tub commit Lee i. Firn. William k. Marlin. Air Force inspector general said cause of Ilie cup lesions still has t then de Lerminez. He said Herr has been a shortage among specially trained unsound for bomb handling. This has led to the sending of individuals for i m Days temporary duly in Virl Nam to augment the per manent Crews. He the loading Crews Are believed to be adequate and reasonably Well trained. Asia expected to double in the next 33 years such Ovir a he Lily informed source reported monday. It appeared that the commit. Lee would be headed by Gen. Iuler. The source said the committee will be fairly with about 20 members. South Viet Nam s general staff announced by radio it had formed chairmanship of maj. Lien. Ngigi Van Thiesi to set up a i published by p. Kennedy sons. Epidemic takes 780 Gaui Natl India at least 780 persons Are reported to have died in a two month epidemic of gastroenteritis in the East India state of Assam. Officials say the disease is still spreading. Next to years Ami whelming growth will virtually wipe out efforts for Sociol eco nomic Progress in the poorer nations and will generate pres sures that Breal human de say a group of Ito Ninn Catholic experts in a new Book. Population growth to along will War in effect Thiesi thus chief of state although civilian Phan Khz Fly Sun remains for time being As caretaker chief of mate with Premier Phan Lluy Quat. Thick was defense minister i Ilie Quat government. Oof Alse Teeth Reck or slip faster Tell re improved to whirr 10 to Umili Klinl on upper or lower plates la 111 fulfil Zirelli More Rumly be. Of not Hallue or Ruck. By Nuny. B008v. Nasiy taste or Olitte i cuu. Noes Biol Kiture. Choir Liro Uili Dpi Kast Kkt Irujo. Coun Lora 1864 surcharge first new York the worlds first surcharged provisional age stamp a 2-cent, surcharge on a 3-cent stamp was issued in 18-16 by the City despatch Post of new York. What one spot Are the most pencils in the United states used the new York Stock Exchange More than a million appointment and boys for appointment hahcu1s still phone do 6-2221 325 medical arts big. Erni tint Edgill Borbor and men i hair Llyl ill Cut out this and and cup to Thi inside of phone look of a seashore dream we helped come True this could be you enjoying the soft Balmy breezes at an Ocean resort. It s not impossible thanks to credit Center personal Loans. We make a lot of vacation dreams come True Check the convenient loan table and then Stop by your credit Center. You meet the nicest people that Way you flt tit pay inter 12 pay mint 11 payment 34 open monday and Friday evenings 5 . To 9 . Her lesion i member Federal Deposit insurance corporation member Federal Rater be total Reio urics Over capital accounts Over Capitol at Quarrier Street 342-3161 Walch the weal Hor Teller Al . Monday through Friday on Channel 8, chs to free at Colemon t and Federal Square parking lots Quarrier and Lidley sure Eli i

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