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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Charleston, West VirginiaThe weather Cloudy Tou Klit Low Fig. Occa. Dion Iii showers tuesday High 77. Walter Al Nyui h ii of Barleston pail final it edition volume 144-no. 141 Charleston West Virginia monday evening june 14, 1965 five cents massacred Viet Nam battalion uncovered yanks guard Airstrip grim aftermath of Dong Xoai Battle Dong Xoai s Battle leaves 100 bodies Saki on Viet Nam i vietnamese racers combing i rubber. Plantation just North of the shattered town of Dong Xoai today found the bodies of about pm government troops die remains of the 7th airborne battalion a u. S. Military spokes Man announced. Dong Xoai itself was retried quiet but braced for More trouble from hits Viet Cong. As the rangers moved through the French owned min com rubber Plantation a few Miles North of Dong Xoai they found an assortment of grim relics left behind by the Viet Cong among them the wreckage of a u. S. Army helicopter and a u. S. Army Man s identification tag. Authorities announced Lisa Forward in Vikt Nam u. S. Paratroopers Are silhouetted against the sky As they leap Over a Trench and Rush to their positions around the Airstrip at Phuoc Vinh in South Viet Nam. The paratroopers were flown to Phuoc Vinh to serve As a general Reserve for the Battle of Dong Xoai North of Phuoc Vinh. A wire photo via radio from Saigon. Glib on vict War English student chides Humphrey Mew York i an English College student in London talking fact to face via television with vice president Hubert h. Humphrey in Washington accused Humphrey today of giving him a politician s glib answer concerning the Viet Nam con u. S. At the request of the Viet namese government elements of the 173rd u. S. Airborne brigade have moved to Phuoc Vinh to project the Airfield and aircraft Phuoc Vinh is the main air Field for the Dong Xoai area. The u. S. Paratroopers had been expected to move from there into the Dong Xoai conflict but the vietnamese commanders were reluctant to ask for them. The Viet Cong mounted a number of attacks and ambushes in various parts of Viet Nam today All the Way from the 17th parallel to the Southern tip of the nation. Planes hit North ninety american and Viet namese planes hammered tar gets in North Viet Nam in a series of separate raids. Heavy air strikes also con tinned inside South Viet Nam against suspected Viet Coni targets. A a. S. Navy and Marine corps planes were said to Havi flown 118 sorties yesterday a pilots claimed heavy damage t hid. A student Michael Smithson 20, of Manchester England one of six european College boys and two questioned Humphrey in Hie transatlantic television interview via Early Bird satellite. The inner View was broadcast live in America on the National broadcasting co s today Ishow. Smithson Starling off with the first question said american military action is steadily being increased in Viet Nam. Will the Mariner gets last command Iun led states Stop Short of All out War possibly with red Chi Well to a of space Lold engineers today is discus that Mariner 4 has performed Sions o bring peace to an Pasadena Calif. a radio signal that took 10 surely not Ulics to Cross 107 million conflict. Oil targets and suspected troop con were Kille cent rations. Six americans Village 4 Miles North Ong Xoai. The Viet Cong Ruck from the North and West baling off the government Par troopers from the rear. 800 Viet casualties reports from the area said 250 of the battalion s 400 men Ere killed wounded or eap ured. This brought the num Ler of vietnamese dead or miss no in the fighting around Dong since thursday to about 00. Eighteen americans were is cd As dead or missing. Vietnamese government orces claimed they killed 300 Viet Cong in the fighting thurs Day for Dong Xoai and that u. S. Air strikes killed another Over the weekend but none appeared to have died As the n ult of enemy action. Four u. S. Army helicopter crewmen were killed saturday night when their Craft crash to Miles East of Saigon durin a storm. An explosion aboard a True at Chu Lai beachhead yesterday tilled two u. S. Marines and in ured 19 others. The men a been swimming and a spoke Nan said a grenade fell from one Man s Belt exploded in the Shastri asks bombing halt Ottawa an prime mini Ter Lai Bahadur Shastri of ind said today president Loans has invited him to go to Wasington in the fall but it will n be possible for him to accept he told a news conference could not go to Washington the ils final task before photo Grapoli a jct Narn econom ing Mars july 14. S0cial development to at a. M. Put an Oloc a tic entire area of Southeast ironic timer aboard the 575-Asia. Pound spacecraft issued com would Humphrey Mancos adjusting ils fix in direct answer to canopus a Distant Star by question thai the govern Mariner 4 is steering on ils Fri Mcnol of the United states sure million mile trip. Ily does not contemplate nor signals indicating the it seek to have any major Mon. Had been made arrived Alj conflict anything that would 9 a. M. Al jul propulsion the peace of in Alary which built and is trolling Mariner 4 through a politician s 1lib1 world wide network of track mgr Mth it moment Mariner 4 was because the Indian Parl iame will be in session. Tom of the truck and set off five gallon can of gasoline. The american paratroopers Ere rushed to the Airfield at Mioc Vinh after the Viet Cong ambushed a vietnamese Para top battalion saturday night in Airfield 40 Miles North of Saigon is the main Supply Point r the Phuoc Binh Thanh Spe Al military zone. The vietnamese battalion was tracked As it moved into Thuan of this is a View of the Entrance to a banker of a Blockhouse showing bodies of civilians who were killed in battling be tween vietnamese troops and Viet Cong at Dong Xoai. A Viet Cong who died in hand to hand combat with the de fending vietnamese lines amidst bodies of children and babies who sought Refuge in the Bunker. This picture was taken by a photographer horse Faas. A wire photo via radio from Saigon. Viet Nam briefs Washington i Barry Goldwater 1964 Republican candidate for president says pres ident Johnson should let the Mil itary run the vietnamese War "1 think the president Shoult Start being the president am Stop trying to be the Genera 400. U. Gen. William g. West he said sunday on a radio television program. He also said he would t engage our ground forces in any Large scale action and Hanoi capital huge Parade set Windy City hails heroes Chicago u i astronauts James Mcdivitt and Edward White were welcomed with the cheers of some persons most of a yug Lump losses in me nouse Ana let the military run the nem youngsters for a heroes Parade and Celebration today in Hryce i. More and diurnal. Gop to aim at Midwest West in 66 Washington w republicans plan to focus on the Midwest and West next year in a Campaign believe will recoup their 1964 Moreland commander of u. S. Of North Viet Nam should t be Given assurances its Industrial orces in Viet Nam visited Jong Xoai yesterday and con see massacred Fig. 2. Col. War jitters hit red China City Hong Kong i chinese travellers report red China s Southern Metropolis of Canton is very tense and suffering from a bad Case of War nerves. The travellers from Canlon to Hong Kong report communist authorities Are whipping up War tears and urging older residents o move to Rural areas for safety. These travellers said Young men Are being recruited for Mil itary service on the red Chi Nese Island of Hainan off the coast of North Viet Nam in the Gulf of Tonkin. Some Hong Kong newspapers speculate that a War preparation evacuation has begun. Some Western sources believe it is part of the program i Force unproductive Indus Ria workers out of i he cities am Chicago. Scats. Complexes won t be bombed their two sons flew in from Wash Mcgago. Scats. Also on hand in he fi5-degree sunny weather at of Hare j president Johnson s failure Uius International Airport s military Section were vice ame up a Salis fac Hubert Humphrey gov. Otto Erncr of Illinois Richard .1 Daley Chicago s mayor and other officials. The vice president his wife Andl that targets should t necessarily be limited. Washington i Navy Secretary Paul h. Nitie in ton before the Blue plane carry ing the gemini 4 Crew arrived. Crowds gathered along the expressway route to the City and on la Salle Street near City Hall Ark on the Lake front for continuation of a series of school protest activities. See Parade pm. 2, col. 4 leaves today for a week Long hours before the astronauts cars Lori ten Lutyj ,.1.-. Of visit of Navy and Marine forces in and near vice Nam including units of the 7th Fleet. His is the first Viet Nam visit by any High civilian offi Cial from the Pentagon in More than year. Pine Mountain a. W sen. Richard b. Russell d-ga., has warned that the fighting in Viet Nam is becoming increase the 107.2 million straight line Miles from Earth and 7.11 million straight line Miles from Mars. It. Had travelled million Miles your just glib answer and thai cry additional Force that you put into Viet Nam merely mean that the communist forces Are president Johnson cancelled a agriculture. The reds have been drumming the need for in creased agricultural workers Foi since launching nov. Cape Kennedy Fla. Sec. Student. Or. 2, Cal. 5 woman s blood sent through pig s liver Hoston if a in your flail Haslon woman whose liver is by Iii Resl cil Whilo her Blond is circulated through a pig s liver is her doctor said today. The less re Fleck her continued said or. William v. Molj Armolt. Her liver which bad been very enlarged and Lender is lir Mcoder Mill beaded a of 12 doctors and Lech Nic Imis no City Hospital who twice Over the weekend attached pigs livers in the woman s circulatory system. Lond from i or cry in Abr woman s Arm is passed Lam Mph Hie pin s liver nil Back in Hie i a Lien by Means of a pump similar to Lluisi used in heart Zipern Lewis. Tho pin s liver is Romi Ivord from Ilic animal and is placed in ii Sli Riihl Box Tor ennui Olimi to Hie woman s a nod so reign. Lar Mcderm Oll snid hip won inn probably would have died without the procedure which must be repented for an undetermined period of Lime by Shastri to Washington his month on the grounds that would be Busy Wilh Congress my the Viet Nam situation. The Indian Leader said the at eludes of the countries involved in the Viet Nam conflict have greatly stiffened in the last month or so. There would he a better Cli mate for some kind of negotiating if the u. S. Bombings of North Viel Nam slopped he said. Ii is essential thai hostilities come loan end so that an inter National conference along the lines of the 1954 Geneva meet ing on Indochina could be held so instr said. Shastri said the ground should Lave been Heller prepared Foi lie pauses in u. S. Air strikes if then had been some Kirn if regular announcement thai he United slates was thinking o calling the raids there might Lave been a somewhat Bellei Iho Indian Leader said. Several in Ellis. Were expected to pass. Many carried printed signs say ing. Chicago welcomes Mcdivitt and flags and pennants festooned downtown streets on the Parade route. After a special meeting of the City Council to Confer honorary Chicago citizenship on Mcdivitt White and two officials of the National aeronautics and Spase administration or. George e. Muel Ler associate director and Lere. Sen. Thruston b. Crash kills 4 on Bay Bridge Norfolk a. A collision ugly dangerous bul Al. I he Charles w. Matthews gemini same time declared that withdrawal of our forces would be unthinkable. Nuzum Jimmu in an address last night to the Mcdivitt and White through a Georgia association of Broad casters which selected him for its georgian of the year Bridge _. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunne turned the Span into a flaming death trap today for four persons there was no immediate Idelli Ficai Ion of the victims but Thoj were reported to have been rid ice Ling Sei Wiki a Nooi about pupils were to put l Cense places question and answer period in Mccormick place. Other plans for the Day included a dinner or the police said initial investigation indicated the collision resulted when a tire blew on a tractor trailer moving across the two Ian ii lib Nuudi of Jaii i 11 i Uny o i Impi Ivi n award. Russell who is party Given by mayor Bridge. The heavy vehicle an Man of the scale armed serv Daley and a fireworks Auto then collided and burs ices committee said he sup ported president Johnson s action in sending troops to the dominican Republic adding it s today s Index 21 sections , worn ens editorial news comics sports classified Page Holdge classified comics crossword editorials plan Clyl Horoscope my answer Oil Huries 8 or. Molnar 19, All tilings i spin is Inist. Kriim Iii Heaters 4 to 17 warming i Iii women s i i 1 by ifs pig. 2, col. I at night. Into flames. As the civic Welcome got in a it was the first fatal acid ii Dor Way Al o Here Airport Jon the 17.5-mile under and Over about 100 civil rights Demon water route since it was of inc a orators gathered in Grant a Little Over a year ago. Surprise polio victim 21, startles family walks across stage to get diploma Cleveland w Nancy Malinsky. 21-year-old polio Vic Limion purely humanitarian reasons n wheelchair for 15 years started practising walking Ory farm program has Given Jop Hope that it not Only can Ang on to the seats it now holds n mid Westem and Western Stales it can make significant gains _.-. Morton of Kentucky head of the Republic an senatorial Campaign com Mittee said in an interview that while he is not discounting party chances in any part of the coun by he believes they Are Bright St Midwest and West. As matters stand 1 think we Are going to get Back most of he House scats we lost last he said. In local elec ions in such states As Iowa for example Pur candidates have been getting their traditional najor tics even in areas we lost n i think the administration s failure to come up with any workable farm program is joing to help us in Stales hat is a this was in line with an Assur Ion of sen. Karl e. Mundt r s.d., who expects to be a Candi Date for re election that the Farmer is the forgotten Man of he Johnson administration. Said sunday on metro Media s televised opinion in the Capi Tal Ilia Johnson is directing All of his programs toward the metropolitan areas. Perhaps thai is because with the electoral College if you get the City votes you Don t need any of the rest of he said. Perhaps in is because i last january behind locked doors. Only helped her knew about it. Piir cols have done so much for me. A few Cluse mends wlm 1 walled to do it for she said. Her parents weren t told she said because she did t Waul to build up their Hopes. Nancy s determination paid off in a Bip Way sunday. She walked across the stage like the Oiler members of the Lull it moans All the goodies Are doing handed out in Hie people in like metropolitan areas and or. Farmer continues to pay through Hie. outnumbered lir to 32 by democrats in Hie Senate re publicans have Little Hope of Sthals of Nancy is supported by Hii Edwiu wiil Hice College i resident Alfred h. Hondo or. A Flor Gell Lii Mil of her wheelchair nil walking across to her diploma. Nancy lop Slud enl in Hor class hid not walked since was struck by polio ago i1 Baldwin Wallace College graduating class to got her diploma. The Slage is nil feel measured in last said Nancy. tuesday i practice on the slam be. H was Sorl of uneven but 1 was sure i could do j just to be on the Safe she got word in Baldwin Wallace president Alfred b. Bunds or. So that if i Gollo him and he saw dial i was shaky he would escort me the rest the when her name was called yesterday As the lop student in her class. Nancy ruse and walked. I was Loo scared to remember much Elmul she said later til or. Hands did meet her half Way across and helped Hor the rest if the Way. Then Vilc she rested on or. Hunils1 arms the audience gave her r Ive Mii Iule standing ovation. Her Mother mrs. Raymond Malinsky of Geneva Ohio cried for "11 was a real gift for said mrs Malinsky. She said Nancy was struck by polio when she was i had tried i walk a Tew slops then Bill since slip had Ireon confined to the wheelchair. Now dial s she s walked this far will Nancy keep trying i m going to do As much is i she snid happily. Nancy compiled n iui7 a Crago and plans to enter Drew uni Virsil theological Seminary in the fall to work for Bachelor o divinity degree. Shn is interested in a car Cor in Lynching ant re changing thai figure materially. Twenty democratic and 14 re publican seals Are Al slake next year. Charley West says Navy now it Luitz i and

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