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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Charleston, West VirginiaPage 4 a bail mail editorial Page without or with offence to friends or foes i sketch your world exactly As it goes saturday evening june 5. 1965 if uniformity is the great need Why not alter the Constitution having taken one Stop to conclude that some states discriminate unfairly on the grounds of color in their suffrage the . Senate has taken off on another. It has also decided that new York state discriminates against its Spanish speaking puerto Picans in requiring that they learn English before they can vote. It is but a Short step further from this to determine that All states discriminate against youth which in fact they do. In most of them 21 is the minimum voting Aye. All the rest Are discriminated against presumably on the grounds that they Are not old enough to know what they Are doing. And having gone this far the Senate has not much farther to go to say that All plate standards restrictions qualifications etc., Are discriminatory and a blot upon the democratic Ideal of Universal suffrage. Why not let anyone of any nge and any degree of education or liter Acy vote anywhere he pleases and. Pos Sibly As often As he pleases Well of course the Senate is not going this far. But it has succumbed in route to a frenzy which makes any logical Ana Lysis of its course and destination difficult. On the one hand it finds a few states discriminating. But on the other it resorts to a discrimination of its own in singling them out for the application of standards and expectations which Are not generally applicable. This is run wild. The proper procedure Here would be for the Senate to propose a constitutional Miu dment depriving the slates of any lingering right to determine the qualifications of voters and setting up National standards enforceable in the Federal courts. If absolute uniformity is the Ideal this is the Way to achieve it. Such an amendment would take Lime of course but it would not be half so con fusing deceptive and troublesome As the present attempt to achieve it by panic and subterfuge. Do it right or take up walking it is not in the Constitution or in the Bill of rights or even in the West Vir Ginia code. It is simply one of the in written Laws of the land that upon reach ing the 16th birthday every boy and girl in the land achieves the right to operate a motor vehicle. How they operate it is subject to some conditions but the right to operate it is practically inalienable much like the right to vote and the right to Freedom of speech. Beginning saturday there will be a slight difference and we Hope a useful one. West Virginia will Issue a Driver s License to those who can pass its tests but it will be a Junior Driver s License issued on probationary terms. Thereafter any Junior Driver who accumulates two moving traffic violations on his record will have his License automatically suspended and it will remain suspended until he is 18 and qualifies for the regular operator s permit. It in t much. Upon the careful and thoughtful Driver it will work no hard ship. Upon All the others and there Are plenty of them it will apply a slight braking their right to drive will depend on How Well they drive. David Lawrence false impressions on dominican Republic it seems in credible that erroneous in or e s s i o should have r been spread i about what the United states did or failed to do before land ing marines in the Demon can Republic. It seems strange too that the United states had been with taking an impel Sive action without consulting the latin american coun tries when it now turns out that the government Here did consult at least 14 of the latin american countries and even peace committee of the i organization of american states before the Landing of any military units. But the idea widely conveyed was that the administration acted impetuously and did not take the trouble to consult beforehand with any of the latin Ameri countries. President Johnson told the Story of the dominican episode in great de to his news conference tuesday. What he said in Impromptu answer to a question from a reporter at the press conference is particularly significant. It reads As follows Many months ago we be aware of the increasing tensions there and the difficulties hat would Likely confront us. On the sunday before we went in there on wednesday we asked the ambassador who had already come to Washington at our calling to leave his family Home and come Here to meet with us. Ambassador Bennett met with us on monday. We rushed him Back to the dominican Republic and set in motion certain Steps. First was to attempt to obtain a cease fire. Second was to take the precautionary Steps necessary to protect approximately americans As Well As thousands of other nationals if that should be required. We moved our ships up there on sunday. The ambassador arrived there on monday. He talked to various leaders. We did All we could to bring about a cease fire in co operation with the papal Nuncio and others who were Active on the scene. On wednesday at noon it be came apparent that danger was lurking around the Corner and the ambassador gave us a warning in a Cable about one o clock. We had met on monday and we had met on tuesday. We met on wednes Day and we had had Many conversations on sunday on which we did not Issue any hand outs. During that period i think from the time we were notified on saturday until we intervened on wednesday we spent a Good part of both Day and night giving our Atten Tion to this matter from mov ing the ships up to making the final decision. I had 237 individual conversations during that period and about 35 meetings with Vari Ous people. Finally on wednes Day afternoon at four some thing we got another warning hat we should have a con intent plan ready immediately and a Little b e f o r e six o clock we got a .L.A a unanimous the entire country team made up of the ambassador Cia director Usia army Navy and air land troops immediately to save american lives. Of course we knew of the forces at work in the Domin ican Republic. We were not unaware that there Are communists that were Active in this Effort but 99 per cent of our reason for going in there was to try to provide Protection for these american lives and the lives of other nationals. We asked our Ambas Sador to summon All our peo ple immediately to the to put them in one Central group. Men were running up and Down the corridors of the ambassador hotel Santo Domin go with Tommy guns shooting out windows through the roof and through the closets. Our citizens were under the Beds and in the closets trying to Dodge this gunfire. Our ambassador As he was talking to us was under his desk. We did t think we had much time to consult in any great detail More than we had talked about up to that time but we did make the announcement about eight o clock and immediately asked the Oas for an urgent meeting the next i am afraid that the peo ple that have branded the Johnson doctrine were unfamiliar with the fact that the nations of this hemisphere have repeatedly made it Clear that the principles of communism Are incompatible with the principles of the inter american system pres ident Kennedy enunciated that on several occasions. The Oas itself has enunciated that. I merely repeated Roscoe Drummond Between Egypt-. Relations improving t h e ingredients of improved relations be tween Egypt and the u. A which a few months ago seemed strained beyond repair arc coming in to View. Ii is Clear Hal Lime is at hand to put these ingredients into a pattern of two Way cooperation. From All my conversations in Cairo 1 am convinced that president Gamal Abdul Nas ser wishes to do so on a basis of Mutual respect and Ade quate Good will. He seems interested in creating a climate in which past lacerations can mind. Before i left Washington it was evident that president Johnson also wished to do so on the same basis. Naturally both sides will move rather gingerly but what is new is that president Nasser is now beginning to bring some of the needed ingredients to the fore the new egyptian provided Library building to replace the one which officials wish had never been burned in the first place is being readied for occupancy by the .l.a. And will he Rentfroe. Or. Nasser is giving a thou Sand books in his own name. The Cairo press is relatively Calm Days at least As far As the u. S. Is concerned. Old disputes arc not being picked Over. Favourable Dis patches and comments Are not suffocating us but it is obvious that the papers Are taking a rather More relaxed attitude on u. S. Egyptian differences Over Viet Nam the Congo and the dominican re Public which in the past it seemed were deliberately kept churning. Now is the Lime for a Mutual breakthrough our contribution is for Washington to make it Clear that it is ready now to fulfil the last instalments of our three year agreement to sell u. S. Wheat to Egypt for its currency. Under this contract the . Has moral obligation to sell Worth of surplus american wheat. We should do our part gracefully and promptly. We should Lake the initiative to assure the egyptian govern ment that we Are ready to c o m p 1 e t e the commitment whenever Cairo wishes it. There Are Legal outs which would enable us to hold Back. It would be foolish to do so. Our moral obligation to live up to our three year commit ment now drawing to its closing stage is Clear. We should do so because to Back out now would be to make a Golden gift to the so Viets by thrusting into their hands the Opportunity to take Over the remaining install ment of the wheat Deal and say to Egypt and the world when the u. S. Reneges Well do it for we should meet our commitment graciously and promptly because the right moment is at hand to do our part in achieving a break through in establishing bet Ter relations with Egypt in our Mutual interests. I doubles partner John Chamberlain do the republicans really have party do lie re publicans have a party they talk about Unity but nonetheless they seem to be rid ing off in All directions. Their main trouble in Many areas is that the democrats Piave completely stolen their Thunder. When say Bliss the chairman of the Republican National commit tee set up a task Force to determine the party s stance on the conduct of foreign re lations he spangled it w i t h the names of prominent Fig ures who More or less agree with the Johnson policies. The committee headed by Robert c. Hill former us ambassador to Costa Rica and Mexico included professor David Rowe of Yale As vice chairman Admiral a Leigh a. Burke general Lucius Clay John Davis Lodge Henry Cabot s and Allen Dulles former head of the Cia. Naturally this group of Strong minded individuals might disagree with president Johnson s policy in detail. But their Overall position has Al ways been the one that John son has chosen to follow in Viet Nam and the Caribbean. So How Are you going to make any great Appeal to re publicans to Knock the stuff Ings out of democrats because of their conduct of foreign affairs ironically the opposition to Johnson on foreign pol icy is forming inside the democratic party with senators Wayne Morse Ernest Omen ing Frank Church and Bob by Kennedy All indicating Var ious degrees of dissatisfaction. Domestically the republicans do not seem to be Able to arrive at any uniform interpretation of the meaning of the 1964 election. The congressional republicans have capped Lyndon by adding their own gimmicks to medi care they have had to go along with the administration on excise tax cuts and Only the new Southern republicans have offered opposition to the democrats in civil rights legislation. In the separate states the republicans Are being driven to extremes on the Liberal conservative scale simply be cause the Johnson democrats have taken a Center position. The Republican state chair Man of Connecticut a. Searle Pinney who regarded the Goldwater Campaign much As the abbe Sieyes regarded the French revolution As some thing to live through is currently engaged in a Campaign to put his party to the left of governor Dempsey s democratic party. In the state capital of Hartford the republicans Are offering More Liberal spending pro Grams than the democrats. And to finance them they have withdrawn their ancient opposition to higher taxes. Meanwhile governor Demp sey is emerging As the enemy of new taxes. The coloration that Pinney Hopes to give to the connect Cut Republican party inevitably makes the two connect Cut democratic senators Dodd and Ribicoff seem very Middle of the the Connecticut representation in the House of representatives is also a Center group by Pinney standards. And since the Pinney dominated state Central committee has just finished repudiating the relatively conservative citizens committee for the Republican party which carried the Ball so valiantly for Goldwater the chances Are that a Pinney congressional slate for 1966 will hardly seem like an opposition to what Connecticut voters already have. In new York City con Gressman John Lindsay who sits with the republicans in Washington is anxious to seem More Independent than Republican in his attempt to unseat the democrats in the current mayoralty Campaign. Nevertheless Republican National chair Man Ray Bliss has accepted the Lindsay new York City adventure As evidence of a Republican resurgence in California the chances of conservative Ronald Rea Gan gaining the Republican nomination for governor Are said to be looking up. If the Eastern and Western republicans following the contrast ing stars of John Lindsay and Ronald Regan continue to pull apart just what will the party come to signify nation ally it could be Token the end of republicanism. It could also be that we Are approaching a period in which the significant Battles will be fought out not in november Between two parties but in the democratic party Primar ies As Between Kennedy ites on the left and Johnson Humphrey men on the a strange Prospect indeed especially when you consider that Hubert Humphrey just yesterday was the Darling of americans for democratic action. Robert g. Spivack the emergence of negro moderates it s not As some suggest that Southern ers in Congress have lost heart and Are dispirited hence the p r e s i d e n t s equal voting rights Bill had easy sailing in the u. S. Sen ate. The real explanation for the Southern collapse is altogether differ ent. As i followed the proceed Ings there were three major factors. First the Southern ers realized that they were dealing with a president who was absolutely determined. Second most Southern Law makers even those who on the surface seem to be absolutely die hard segregationists just As tired As the rest of the nation about continued race strife. But still a third Factor and one that is obscured by the headlines Over sit ins and other protests is the fact that in Many parts of the country negroes Are demonstrating great maturity in their Vot ing patterns. There is no doubt Tiit in some of the big cities of the North there arc negro demagogues just As there Are racist demagogues in parts of Dixie. The demagogues of Isth races have exploited legitimate grievances usually for their own political ends or easy Money. The race racketeers have done quite Well Lor themselves. But most negroes and most Whites including those who have shown great anxiety about the equal rights Strug Gle Are totally decent people worried and prejudiced and fearful of course. But not venal or reactionary or even unaware of their own biases. Among the Whites who have been most fearful of what Extension of voting rights to Southern negroes would mean Are Many who said frankly that what frightened them most was the Prospect of re the negroes icy were afraid would want to get even for years of discrimination and that gave Rise to Many questions. Would t negroes vote As a bloc would t Whites lie treated As a could a White Man Ever be elected to anything if negroes received the Vole in a slate let us say like Alabama in Short was t there a danger that Southern whiles would have to Migrate elsewhere that they would be driven from their native soil those who do not live in the South May think such fears Are fanciful. But to those who were worried the fears were real. What is taking place in Tus Mcgee Alabama therefore be comes of More than passing interest. Once this Wai one of the South s most segregated cities but last year civil rights leaders put on a successful negro voter registration drive. For the first time in Tusk acc 8 history negroes achieved numerical superiority Over Whites on the registration Hooks. What happened in last summer s municipal elections nil the candidates Suppo Rcd by the Community s negro leadership wore elected. Significant As this was even More significant was the net that the Macon county democratic club the leading local negro political organization decided to Back three Whites and Only two negroes for the City Council. D. L. Beasley the head of the Tuskegee Branch of the a act was about this by Neil Maxwell a reporter for the Wall Street this is How he an swered some Felt we Sli Ould grab control to pay Whites Back. But Why should we want to Trade a segregated White society for a segregated Black what has happened in Tuskegee since then is indicative of the great influence that negro moderates can have in re assuring those who Are Wor ried and in achieving results for the Long deprived victims of discrimination. There Are now two negroes on the 12 Man Tuskegee police Force. Streets in negro communities Are almost All to be paved. New water and sewer projects arc going to negro communities. No one suggests thai there is not still some resentment in the White Community and even some feeling of jealousy Hal negroes Are gelling every but Many Whites re Alize that the Southern negro has been deprived for a Long time. The complaints arc fewer than anticipated. Most americans Don t waste Lime crying Over spilt milk or brooding Over the past. So they say every state should attempt to implement policies that leave out no child and neglect no governor Terry Sanford North Caro Lina. We need a Marshall plan or education n shift from outer space to inner space professor Henry Siccle commager. V. Allen Scott report president considering bombing Sam-2 bases by a tort 8. Tart j. Fott tense deliberations Are inevitably would cause soviet ing place in president John son s inner councils Over what to do about those deadly Sam 2 ground to air missiles Russia is installing at vital wings in North vie Nam. The joint chiefs of staff Are strenuously urging these highly lethal weapons be destroyed without delay. They Are stressing the grim fact that the Sam-2, with a Range of feet has the capability of knocking out of the air every Type of . Combat plane be ing used in strikes against North Viet Nam. Secretary Rusk and my George bund a influential White House assistant on for eign affairs arc spearheading the opposition. Indirectly sup porting them Are major . Allies notably Britain and opposed to escalating the conflict. Outcome of this fateful Back stage tug of War is a toss up. The president s decision will equal in importance the one he made some months ago authorizing controlled bomb ing in North Viet Nam blasting strictly military tar gets carefully selected and approved by him in Advance. The president is listening to both sides but has Given no hint of his own thinking. Significant background of this momentous Issue is As follows intelligence has positively identified 15 Sam-2 missile Sites under construction with three completed and another three Likely to be by july 1. Secretary Rusk in a press conference last week belatedly acknowledged the existence of several of these soviet anti aircraft missile installations. This was a deliberate Gross understatement because the head of the state department knows a lot better. Of the three completed Sites one is in the close Vicinity of Hanoi the other two near Haiphong chief port. All Are in densely populated As Are the 12 other Sam-2 Sites under construction. This is deemed a deliberate red stratagem to deter attacks on the missiles because of the surrounding Large civilian population. An estimated to russian technicians and specialists Are in North Viet Nam installing and Manning the missiles and accompany ing radar and other electronic equipment. This is a Factor being made much of by Rusk and Bundy. They Point out that bombing of the Sam-2 Sites casualties and probable vol it ill Kremlin the loin chiefs of staff d i s in i s s tills argument Ai sheer they clot the bitter fuel thai Large quantities of russian weapons Are daily killing americans and sort ii vietnamese on he ground and in the air. Moit i it vision president John son and his inner advisers have definitely agreed on is to sent additional troops to South Viet Nam another to 20.ixx will be dispatched by August 1. This will raise the total to upwards of As against some there currently. While the joint chiefs strongly favor this build up they consider it inadequate. They Are advising a . Combat strength of around including several full strength divisions. There Are no u. S. Divisions in South Viet Nam. The joint chiefs hold such powerful fighting units am urgently essential and no time Sli Ould be lost in committing them there. They Are recommending one army and one Marine division. While president Johnson is pondering this far reaching step Hanoi increasingly is go ing on a War footing. Several million youth being inducted into a so called three ready ready to join the army ready to construct and Man air raid shelters ready to assume any an estimated of these recruits have been As signed to the construction Camps and repair gangs re storing Bridges rail lines and other facilities wrecked by u. S. Air strikes and to Mobile defense units. Also significantly food re serves Are being stockpiled. The populace is being exhorted by press and radio to be sparing in food consumption and to eliminate waste. Ambas Sador Henry Cabot Lodge made some highly revealing admissions in his closed door conference with the House foreign affairs committee. The Massachusetts Republican reported on the Mission he undertook for president Johnson to explain . Policy in Viet Nam to our allies and to solicit Active support in Aid and troops. Lodge related he had encountered Friendly and understanding everywhere but conceded had obtained no Back ing. Sylvia Porter More and More we re living of credit Only imagine your self embarked on a one month Odyssey with Only pennies in your pocket but armed with a single credit card. Your instructions Are to take a motor trip live it up wherever you go on the cuff and buy just about anything that strikes your fancy. Your total Cash Al Lowance is 50c, for emergencies Only. How far would you get what obstacles would you con front last month California s giant Bank of America sent a 24 year old Secretary on an Experiment within the state s limits to find out the answers. A fortnight ago the girl completed her m o n of goods and services charged to her account and her 50 cents still intact. The Bank of America has turned Over her diaries to intriguing tale of her Day to Day successes and failures. Although he in Kameri card operates Only in Cali fornia it is among the most versatile in the nation Loday it buys everything from groceries to Pels medical services Cash Loans and Tomb rut even with her versatile card Ann Aylen Foley Dis covered How Lough it was to live on credit alone. I found myself having difficulties doing things i ordinarily would t think twice she says. Like find ing a free Telephone not be ing Able to use a vending machine or run into a Coffee shop for a cup if parking milers of course were Mil feasible and she had rouble locating garages when and where she needed hem. Almost totally Lucking among the credit card Catalon of com Mercial subscribers were Quick lunch spots Ami she got her fill of gourmet meals. To Ward the end of Monelli she wearily reported i m getting awfully tired of Good fond. I can hardly Wail to got Back to eating hot still the Range of goods and services miss Foley did Man age to buy mid rent signals vast new Fields for inc Gallop ing . Credit a Natl Industry in coming years. Beyond Iho familiar array of link and Motel accommodations rest Aurant tabs Gas for the car etc., she also bought All the groceries she needed plus movie tickets tour bus rides and Bike rentals a trip to even charged a dentist s Bill for repair ing a tooth. The Bank of America s Experiment w a s deliberately theatrical to underline h o w fantastic has been the spread of credit cards in the past decade alone. Miss Foley s Odyssey could t have been at tempted even five years ago. Today though hundreds of different cards Are available and tens of millions of Ameri can adults own one or morn. While no Industry wide figures Are available american express has just in the past five years doubled its number of card holders to 1 and has nearly Quin Tuple its yearly volume of charges to million. The pattern is similar for diners club carte Blanche others in the business today. What this report dramatizes is inc extent to which u. S. Consumer spending patterns Are changing under your eyes. While our Cash savings Are at an All time Peak in Are our personal consumer credit alone now totals Bil lion double the billion of spurring the credit card Boom alone is the obvious convenience of paying a single monthly Bill for a vast variety of goods and services instead of picking up dozens of individual labs. Encouraging the use of inc cards among businessmen particularly is the internal he venue service s growing demand for detailed accounts of deductible enter lain Cal and travel expenses. You arc witnessing i snarl Ling de emphasis on living via Cash in our our Puritan an inc Casini Reliance on living via or Ceil. We Are heading Inlo a new Era of personal Money with a whole new Sot if prob ably a whole new set of pit Falls. Jest a minute n r g ii i a a transaction where two persons arc sure icy Jot Iho boiler of c a c h Oiler. It la easy to spirit the villain in a Home movie run Ning the projector

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