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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Charleston, West VirginiaThe weather showers tomorrow atm noon with inc ring ing Humli Llly Low 60, High 88. Tel Illus Aln Ihm m i final edition volume 144-no. 134 Charleston. West Virginia saturday evening june 5, 1965 five cents Nebraska Bank staff gunned while on floor posse Hunts Bandit killer of 3 re Sphinks neb. Huge passe spread out across Plains if Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado today Hunting an icy Culm gunman who killed three Bonk employees with shots in Ihn Back and wounded a fourth. A very Ovenil Nolc Man in him Miles is Laking said sheriff Floyd Slahor. Late yesterday sheriff Slahor a Ti-foot-4 Man in a wide Hrim Western hat made his Headquarters in the Bank. Stale trousers Fri agents sheriff s officers and police from neighbouring towns trooped in to report to him. The 510 residents of this Village astride the Denver to North Platte Highway 10 Miles North of the Colorado Border were stunned by the killings yesterday. I have no idea Why he shot said county attorney Robert Richards. They did t resist when he told them to Lay Down on their the gunman fired eight times As the four Lay on the floor of the Farmers slate Bank. Three died instantly and the fourth was critically wounded. Killed was tall distinguished Andreas Kjeldgaard 77-year-old Bachelor who was president of the Hank Ilynn Lac Ulricksen 5tt, the cashier and mrs. Ann Holman 85, bookkeeper. Franklin Kjeldgaard 23, Nephew of Andreas was taken to a Denver Hospital with wounds in the neck and Back. Hie Hospital said today he still was in a critical condition. It was noon when the Bandit drove up to the Little i Brick Bank on main Street. A Deputy sheriff said Many of the town s residents were on the Street at the time. Most of them were making their daily trip in the Post office. Franklin Kjeldgaard barely Able to talk told police the Man did l seem Tough when he entered the Hank. He said the killer was about 35, and wore his hair Crew Cut. He was neatly dressed in a dark suit. Only the senior Kjeldgaard and his three employees were in the Hank. Clio Man first asked Alx iut obtaining a loan. Then he pulled a pistol and ordered the four victims to lie on the floor face Down. Franklin Kjeldgaard was t certain what happened next. Hut stale authorities said the Bandit looted the Cash drawers of about and then walked into the vault. He found the Safe locked. He then returned to the main room and started shooting. Sheriff Slahor sail eight. 22 Caliper Cartridge sheets were found on the floor. They apparently were fired from an automatic pistol he said. As the gunman walked nut of the Hank he humped into Fanner Olio Mauser. Good he said politely. Mauser continued into the Hank. The Man got into a ill fit Model car and drove a hurriedly away As Mauser came from the Bank shouting. Astronauts Fine As orbits reach half Way Point Houston Tex. Apas Tro nauts James a. Mcdivitt and Edward h. White ii neared the Halfway Mark of their record space flight today their routine broken by unidentified satellites and Little league baseball scores. America s newest heroes who cracked the . Space endur Ance Mark Friday night were .0 reach the mid Point of their Marathon journey at . Viet War seen entering deadlier level Saigon Viet it government forces badly battered by Viet Cong ambushes in re cent Days struck Back with the Aid of armed . Helicopters and claimed today they killed 48 communist guerrillas in single action Friday. A . Military spokesman reported that Quick action by . Army helicopter Crews accounted for 20 of the Viet Cong dead. Six reds were captured and eight others taken As suspects in the operation near Vinh Long 55 Miles Southwest of Saigon. Vietnamese units continued to comb the area Satur Day with the support of Armor de and artillery units. Four government soldiers reportedly were killed and four others were wounded along with a . Army advisor in Fri Day s clash. The adviser was struck in the left Arm by hand grenade fragments. He was not injured seriously. Government forces were not As fortunate in another engage ment Friday they reportedly killed five Viet Cong but suffered 18 dead two wounded and 32 missing themselves after bullets were fired Friday night a. Communist battalion attack Ion during orbit no. 52. Mission control reported the Craft and pilots in excellent condition. White slept through one attempt to give him a routine medical Check and had to be awakened later in the 27th orbit Lor the exam. As the spacecraft crossed the contrast was great enough Over the libyan desert Early in Between sunlight on the object its 29th orbit the Canary islands and background he could see an object there and he might Well scene of fatal Iio Dup top picture shows the Farmers state Bank of Springs neb., where a gunman killed three employees and wounded a fourth during a Holdup yesterday. The Lone survivor Franklin Kjeldgard is shown in Bottom picture on a Stretcher outside St. Luke s Hospital in Denver. His condition is Wir photos. Bullets barely miss Prober of Bogalusa racial slaying Bogalusa la. A six into the Home of a chief investigator of the terrorist murder of a negro Deputy sheriff. Raced from the House and Emp tied his revolver at the fleeing Auto. Perhaps one of the shots did some damage but 1 am not the unknown gunner said Holliday who from a car As it swung around a while. Circular drive in front of the it happened at about ii . Holtsc Pul two within a Holliday had just arrived Home la o a s Arre me few feel of chief Deputy Doyle after a Long Day of helping Dillon Holliday and his Wile. The search for evidence in Sale Holliday who Heads the Boga Iho o Neal Moore murder Case. De three hamlets Miles Northeast of Saigon. This brought to the toll of government forces killed wounded or missing in action in the last three Days. Offensive expands the High loll and pronounce a inc Washington the Deputy who lives about chinese propaganda Organ in Parish sheriff s Miles West of Here Der scored thai the Long awaited Viet Cong Monsoon offensive had begun. The . Spokesman said in Saigon yesterday that i h e important Bailie of the sum Mer of has just been joined cd cols have been such that we Are moving into an important period of the the new China news agon dined to speculate on Why the shots were fired into his Home roadblocks thrown up in the area immediately after the shooting were later taken Down state and Fri agents made plaster casts of the tire tracks in the driveway and extracted Bull cos Tor Laboratory l s of Lars Del Clion satellite launched a 25 from Cape Kennedy. At a Midnight press briefing Mission control officials sail they had determined at least 1 Earth satellites were with about 600 Miles of the space not As their gemini 4 spacecraft at the time Mcdivitt re ship sailed High above the a i ported the sighting. The Pega inn in Riff orbit in sus b was about Miles the proper direction to be observed by the or. Dwayne Catterson Fligh medical expert said he did Noti know if an object within 1.2001 Miles could be identified by the human Eye. But certainly if see reflection giving shape from the flight director Eugene Kranz sue Ann Downey Columbus Beauty takes Crown wanted to be a nun Ohio state coed miss Usa Victor Miami Beach Fla. Of a stunning blonde Beauty irom Ohio added that All of the space frag Iwho dreamed As a child of becoming a nun holds the scepter today tracking station told the Astro a nauts everything looks Good from everything in Here is answered Mcdivitt. White also got the Good news that his son Eddie 11, got one hit out of three times at Bat in a Little league baseball Victory. Mcdivitt was told by Mission control that the Little league Rou i team of. His son Mike 8, est Ilot tasks intended won. Mints Are american manufacture. Soviet satellites were put in a different track. Of miss .a. Statuesque sue Ann Downey 20, of Columbus Ohio won the i Crown Friday night Over 14 other finalists in the Field of 47 and will As gemini 4 circled round represent this country in next month s miss universe pageant and round the Globe the space first and sue s is Jane Nelson who As a u for Al Anzon the shapely 3mms Inch 5 00 Szalc on qualify men and Unver s v reoriented 1 a00? u Szalc University Mission control said the pilots in trips is r lne most marvelous Art i Benr Fri in Murp Siah tiffs i k slate she la pcs in int has to business even came and was a finalist in last congratulations Friday night fan a miss America pageant As when Mcdivitt and White Mexico. Astronaut l. Gordon Cooper s . Orbital record of 34 hours had reported no More sightings of the unidentified object Mcdivitt reported during the 9th orbit. Officials listed at least ii Earth satellites most of them fragments or space debris in the general area of Mcdivitt s lighting. As they whirled through their seemingly endless voyage Mcdivitt and White were tracking bounced m excellent physical contacted he gemini 4 Judy Baldwin of Clovis n.m., was second runner up. The 20 minutes established in entrant Julie Andrus il8, of Mayfield ky., was third. Al ., the moment Dianna balls a new Mark was set Stuart at Pentagon in capsule communicator from Falls Church condition. While suffered no apparent after effects from the 20 minute excursion he made out Side the capsule shortly after thursday s launching from Cape Kennedy. But no american has spent As much time orbiting the Earth and the medics were in the Al Ert for any sign of physical or mental deterioration that might result from Long exposure to the hostile weightless environment. If there is trouble and it May not show up until after they return to Earth monday it could affect the whole ulu Rei i m elated. I Don t believe it. Thing that has Ever happened to usually Calm and poised sue ripped through rehearsals so fast thursday she ended in bed with ice packs for an injured leg. But it wms nerves not the leg that bothered her in Fri Day s finals. Beforehand she had gulped hot Lea and four shrimp for Din Ner and raced to the auditorium Dio relayed instructions for am seems so so see spacemen i g. 2, col. Spacecraft orbits via radiation Belt Houston Tex. I during 12 of its planned circuits of Ihn Globe the gemini 4 spacecraft passes through a heavy to til a new formal gown Only minutes before going on stage. She was still shaking after lha crowning was Over. And there s still finals to she said. In English composition and class composition at Ohio i Don t know what i la do. You know. I Don t even know what my prize she won in Cash a 000 personal appearance con tract. And a Mink coat among other prizes. By described the Viet Cong offensive As a glorious Page in the annals of hip. Liberation Wai in South Viet a Brilliant Page in a people s War the Advent of the Monsoon is throwing the . Aggressors into still Grealer panic. A big Ger defeat is in store for them.1 Charley West says a Lilly Anil Midi Vlf him. Neil Hlinik on my idols Alliey or in orbit lines Wool let out a Domingo election believed Oas goal radiation area called the South Atlantic anomaly. During these periods astronauts James Mcdivitt and Edward is Sci n s beyond White switch on radiation and magnetic Field measuring a of american manned make readings inside and oils id the spacecraft and in to a nun. Now most flight. Their bodies. They extend a Small Boom to make the to me is being a Good wore concentrated on seeking the astronauts evidence in the killing of Deputy seeing another satellite whirling to is a Moore the first negro Deputy through the heavens Friday and As -10.000 Miles. Ever hired by the department trackers today were trying to covering most of he South Ai a determine which one it might pilots of Eastern Moore was shot in the head High powered Rifle Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic dominican civil War marked its sixth week today with a fresh peace wednesday night As he drove a squad car along a Highway seven Miles North of Bogalusa. I his squad car partner Deputy Creed Rogers also a negro was wounded by a Buckshot the Szalc Malad Bill isl civil rights leaders in Bogolu team of the organization of american states trying to win political settlement. Six previous major efforts to negotiate an agreement ended in failure including those by Washington the Oas the United nations and the Vatican. There were reports thai the new in incr Nalion Mission a a Civ government before an elec Tion. The new Oas peace Effort was launched Friday when its com Mission met with msgr. Eman Uele clari7.io. The papal Nuncio and wit i . Ambassador w. First to attempt to mediate Houston Tex. My the National pastime became an by that Haj important Mailer in outer conflict. Members of the peace team Are kills world Bunker . Ambassador to the Oas Ilinor Penna Marilio of bra7.il and a Niiori do Clairmont Duenna of Al Salvador. The remaining . Marines of an original leather neck Force of , prepared meanwhile to Icove the Domin Ion i it Public Over the we Tam the rest of Ihn . Force 50fl paratroopers of the kind airborne division and air Force personnel have been in into newly formed Niiler Amerl Chii Force Umlor Fop Mal control of the Oas night rider attack in which Moore was slain. Thai i men were involved in the i a said picketing of downtown stores would continue. The pick Al lines which have come under attack by while men several times Back equal Job Opportunity demands. Bogalusa has seen intern it incl racial turmoil since a drive opened for desegregation of Public facilities. A High school football coach Ihn rival wed cd in he t sni Lac i. Scrappy Kornea of near Tihoi by a pc representative was one of Oas conference brought from Washington a plan for a will Oas supervised election. Hul Oas and . sources Only would say Ibal the elect Ion was one of a number of possible Compromise solutions under Consi Deramion an Oas trusteeship followed by an ele Cllon and n. Coalition provisional. Government wore Oiler possibilities. Junta Himi Tki the dominican rebels already have Rejc cled an Lection for Mula proposed by Ihn civilian Neil Lenry Junta. The rebels Mandril Reston Ilioiu of Ihn cons Laullon Aud Crellon of have been. Mcd Ivill said thai during the Kimii orbit lip sighted an orbiting Olin Cal with big mrs clicking he took movies lint the glaring Sun prevented him identifying it or estimating its Dis Tance from the gemini i. There was some speculation it was the Pegasus 2 meteoroid. Wife and the Man hell by Lac kind that s honest someone you can i igbo now she says Cooper passed re Lols of lhcn1 " Kin Oclon Cooper passed through la Erica and anomaly on their flights and la r the John re elements of time registered a marked 1 dry Vineys and Brothers Jeff South am Globe girdling b c i Lii crease i l7 for dip As close As Ion Miles to Ihen count. The radiation dose wins Juhe Crown my others they Earth because of the iroc Galari not enough to threaten the Alro a i ties in the Structure of the mag minis because t b e y Ann and he. Pile Nylic Field. Through the lower fringe of normally extends to formally hip Van Allen band Bell As will a Civill and White. Ends no closer than 4ix Miles the study will give scientists sue lha s no problem Sha Earth. 11. Roaches out As far sri uad1ation, i g. I. Col. 5 1s Frigally in Beauty contests and All Hawks and dodgers win Little league baseball scores cheer spacemen her life. No a resemble inca won t hurl me. There Are Many space last night during Lemi alack made from a sen , pm. 2, s Llev ii im1iui v o my 11 it it i r ii was believed thai least i s Over anon los pickup a flight surgeon interrupted transmission of technical today s Index id a docs a sections Ridge classified comics crossword Kalll orals Horoscope my answer ill sports i thrillers to Page ii to i 5 warming up n ii women s 3 weather data to rend hit Little league baseball scores of games in which the sons of astronauts Edward while and Lames my div ill played. He also relayed a message in while from mrs. White. She forgot to transmit in when she talked with her husband earlier. Holh Hoys plan cd on win Ning Tennis. Mike Mcdivitt his a left Fieldor for the fal cons inn which his father Calls Ilio Hawks Lii die White v ii is an infielder for the dodgers. The space conversation went like this Houston gemini 4, this is Houston surgeon. 1 have a message for the command Pilot Lille league scores the Hawks 3, the Pel icons 2. And Mike walked. Do you copy Mcdivitt yes 1 do. Houston did you copy Ihn scores for the Hawks Pelican Gimme Mcdivitt boy did i Ever. Houston Roger. A message for Ihn Pilot. The dodgers ii the. Yankees and Eddlo while Hal one. For i Roe. I do vital Okay lie s sleep. Lift right now. I la toll him when he wakes up. Houston linger. You can also advise him that his wife received the Flowers she for got to Tell him thai today when sin was on air to ground while Laski us with him on Mission control Corii Minira Mcdivitt of. Houston Jim you might also Tell the Pilot when he wakes up that Jim or. The Back up Pilot is hire and lie s Gonna give him one More Clemce to change seals with him. Mcd Ivill Houston have fun onion a and any time you gel Lone some Well to standing by in a Remote site. Maul Villi Okay. 9 new image u Virginia s govern ment is Tali inn on a new reflection of Civ. Smith. Through his appoint Iii rules Cov Smith is As m Liebling his own administration. Take a look fail in sunday s current affairs Page. English us hit nor in Lincoln Dimity i.-, tin subject of research unit the tinted in defended in sunday s sect inn. Line by Linn the Reading is Fine in i lie

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