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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Charleston, West VirginiaThe weather pair and Cool tonight with Sandy Mumy but raw much in mid sos my new my warmer. Chance of we kid rain. Final edition volume 147-no. 14 Charleston. West Virginia saturday evening july ten cents 121 n. Viet missions in one Day . Bombings hit Peak in to 45 Miles Southeast of i Noi. In an attack on one of the Sites a Navy a4 skyhawk Jet was shot Down by antiaircraft Saigon. South Viet Nam a wave after wave of . Planes pounded North Viet Nam yesterday with a record 121 missions. They struck at three Oil depots to keep up the fire . Military Headquarters intensified drive against the a said. The Pilot bailed out but Noi government s fuel reserves heavy flak prevented Rescue and also attacked six missile helicopters from reaching him Sites. And he is listed As missing. Loss Navy planes from the aircraft of the plane had been disclosed Carrier Ranger evaded 10 so earlier Viet built surface to air missiles fired from a string of Sites Sev 100 Man company of govern two of the six missile Sites at prevented pilots from getting a ment troops when they were hit Orth Luil damage assessment by a mane vering ambush of five times As Many Viet Cong main Force soldiers. A vietnamese spokesman said heavy flak prevented Rescue the company was hit Friday on helicopters from reaching him Highway 13 a favorite Viet Pound and he is listed As missing. Loss Cong ambush route at a Point t Northwest of Saigon a in the North Viet Nam raids South vietnamese head Quad a u. S. Spokesman said Ameri ters reported heavy losses to a can planes knocked out at least sketch brings flood of leads on nurse killer Chicago a an artist s sketch of the killer who Slaught ered eight student nurses has brought a flood of new leads and a burst of new Confidence to detectives determined to Hunt the Man Down. We be been inundated with phone Calls tips and leads since we added the sketch to our de said Michael Spiotto. Deputy chief of detectives. A polio artist sketched the killer s face after closely ques i toning the Only survivor of the town House massacre who roused from heavy sedation Fri Day after the Long night of Hor ror. Spiotto said the two hour interview was eminently fruitful. Identify him number one we re confident we re going to get this he said. Number two we know the girl can identify the girl. Corazon Amurao. J3, filled m details missing from her first hysterical account blurted out to police when she finally fled the blood splattered House of death thursday at Dawn. At least one mystery Maine however and police shed no new Light on it Niter the interview with miss Amurao Why were there .10 tour Corr Anu. No outcries Lor help during the time the killer bound and gagged the nine girls herded them into a Back room and led eight of them out one at a time to their deaths there were some Light out-1 cries by the girls who came in t naps in coffin Moreira Matsuda. A Tokyo business Man who says hell sell most of his personal property to publish More advertisements in u. S. Newspapers out lining his View on world peace. Takes a Nap in his coffin As his wife Eiko. And his two children watch. A wire photo. Raising Cash for ads peace crusader1 fasting 30 Days in the strikes against Oil de number of missiles expended by pots. Navy planes from the car the North vietnamese in the last Ner on Kany plastered 500 two weeks. The record single Pound bombs on a fuel storage Day was july 5 when 16 of the area and shipment Point two frying Telephone poles were mites Southeast of the City of launched a this sequence of vlnl1 launching no u. S. Planes were the Navy said a column of hit by the russian made mis heavy smoke Rose feet and Siles a u. S. Spokesman said. Total destruction to be demanded if fliers executed Washington sen. George d. Aiken. A it. Said today if Hanoi carried out its threat to execute . Airmen the people will demand the Complete destruction of North Viet l Aiken who has criticized acceleration of the War. Thus put into blunter words the carefully phrased warning of 18 self styled demo cratic doves Friday that such action by Hanoi would provoke the greatest reprisals and further Blacken the Hope for Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield who endorsed the statement by the 18, agreed generally with Aiken s appraisal of prospective Public demands for retaliation. Vice president Hubert Humphrey in a speech Friday i at fort Worth tex., also warned that the staging of trials would set Loose emotions very1 hard to control in this i can t think of anything that Jouw be More dangerous than such a Humphrey told a news conference before making la speech at Texas Christian University. If the people in Hanoi have any sense at the vice presi Dent said i would think they would be very hesitant to take russians snub mrs. Gandhi s peace efforts i Moscow map the soviet Union has refused to make any Effort to arrange vietnamese peace talks unless Hanoi asks it that to. Prime minister Indira can in an interview. Aiken blamed Chi of India said today. For encouraging the i and North Viet Nam has not North vietnamese to step up commented on her efforts resistance open the Way to peace talks. Fairs. Gandhi said. She had to establish peace More pealed to the soviet Union president Johnson Aiken Call a Geneva conference on said. The soviets could help Viet Nam. Bring this matter to the Confer Al a news conference before once table. But i fear they want flying Home after four Days bog us Down to the fullest sex talks with soviet leaders. in Viet Nam and put them Gandhi said she thought a pre i selves i a position to attack us. Condition for peace talks situation never looked be the stopping of bombing in our efforts to head off vat l North Viet Nam. Position explained Nurt 10st 7i Tel flies will be settled at the con _ _ Tokyo Moshiro Matsuda a determined Man. Is not Fate but it was t Spiot satisfied with having spent to advertise his views on to said miss Amurao told him. Worm peace. He wants to do More. Girls not he on 30-Day fast sometimes resting in a wooden coffin and is making plans to sell most of his personal to a Eirc to he can publish More advertisements american aggression event scr Eains thereof them ins red recently in new York and London be stopped and All for arrived Home after the troops withdrawn. Had already gathered the other i m trying to raise enough Sily possible six into the rear room Money to publish another Adver month fast june 23. He first solution in Viet Nam y Spiotto said he believed the tis ement in the new York times Only water but now drinks saw. It Hass killer was no stranger to the and also in the Washington soybean soup milk and fruit All that the government of area of the town House which he said. Each will be Viet Nam asks us to do served As a dormitory for Matsuda said an annual fast Alae Kosygin de student nurses in training at a Matsuda estimated the a coffin has enabled him i Senate foreign Hospital about a mile away. York times and alone would Cost headed Ness and Wilson on Way diet tee. Meanwhile. British prime a nuclear Mansfield told the Senate he Justice William 0. Douglas and Bride Cathleen Heffernan a 44 years his Junior Justice Douglas weds coed los Angeles a the fourth Bride in the life of . Supreme court Justice William 0. Douglas is a blonde Blue eyed College sociology major from Portland ore., who in 44 years his Junior. The 67-year-old Jurist and Cathleen Curran Heffernan 23, repeated Maruge vows in a Friend s Home in suburban Encino last night at a Small private ceremony friends Aid. They planned to honeymoon in the Pacific Northwest where Douglas has a Home in the Goose Prairie area near Yajima. Wash. Word of the impending marriage came As a Surprise yesterday the same Day he third wife. Joan c. Martin who divorced the Jurist last june 24 chose to announce her marriage in Montana. Miss Martin who announced yesterday she had married Roger w. Nicholson in great Falls mont., last june 27. Was married to the Jurist for 2h years. Their marriage ended with miss Martin accusing Douglas of cruel treatment and personal indignities. Douglas in filling out he marriage application listed his occupation Only As judge. His identity was verified later however through his listing of his parents and their origins which matched the Jurist s biography in who s miss Heffernan who attends Marylhurst col lege a school for women near Portland listed her parents As Curtis v. And Mary Curran Heffernan of Portland. Her birth Date was Given is april it is her first marriage. In Portland relatives said or. And mrs. Heffernan first heard of the wedding plans when ton by naw Nimo a butty before the pm Vuony. After hearing the news they refused to Corn Douglas was divorced by his first wife. Mil dred Douglas on july 21. 1953. His second marriage ended in 1963 when Mercedes won an uncontested divorce in Klickitat county. Wash. Robert f. Kennedy m. Kennedy Nitro woman Dies in fiery . Collision a vacation trip to Myrtle gangs fade away chairman Fulbright of the Senate foreign relations into guardsmen bring peace to Chicago Chicago squads of impressively armed National guards men and police restored relative peace today to the scarred streets of a West Side area ripped since tuesday by racial violence. Youthful gangs who had looted burned and fired sniper Stylo miss Amurao told Ponce she never had seen the Man before. The autopsy report produced no evidence any of the victims had been molested sexually according to Coroner Andrew j. Toman. He said Laboratory tests for conclusive findings would be available wednesday. All the same police showed miss Amurao photographs of about 200 sex offenders. She did see killer. Pm. 2. Col. He said he would also like a similar one in the Christian science Monitor but May have to give up the idea because of a Lack of Cash. I m planning to raise the Money by Selling my office my wife s dressmaking shop and a 16-room, two Story he said. Matsuda started his Sooin Uig 10 me Soui. He said he started using the coffin in 1955 to overcome the fear of death. It was a Shock at first going in it but now i think nothing about he observed. Matsuda claims to have a solution to end the Viet Nam War but he refuses to divulge it now. In the new York and of May 23, Matsuda called on the see crusader. Pm. 2. Col. 5 minister Harold Wilson left for Moscow today to visit a British Trade fair and hoping to talk to soviet leaders about peace in Viet Nam. Mrs. Indira Gandhi said the soviet Union has promised just under one billion rubles slightly More than billion at the official rate Worth of Aid for India s fourth five year plan. Car. Killing the Mother. Fram rooftops faded away Friday night As guardsmen told trapped in the car and burned shoot to kill u fired on patrol. Through the streets of a Block area rolled trucks loaded with soldiers rifles at the ready bayonets fixed jeeps with machine guns mounted police cars with shotguns poked out today s death was mrs. Barbara Jean Magoun. 33, of 1329 Park ave., wife of Warren Reed Magoun 43, assistant Plant manager of the Viscose division of Fra at the Accident occurred near Norwood n. C. Dren. Melody Ann. 4. Patricia Sre collision. Or. 2, col. 1 1c pages sections Page Page classified 10 obituaries 10 comics 16 sports 6 crossword 8 editorials 4 to 8 Horoscope 8 warming up 6 my answer 5 women s 2 methods of murder distinctive knots of negroes lined , these cops Are Gonna in some areas cat calling a mistake signally but there were Only we All gotta die some time scattered incidents one report Lwell fight said another ?1 Tegan tuesday Fin dig no one a fir when police turned off a n into a Street outside afire hydrant spraying kids with Home a few store windows during a hot spell a Ken several fires in houses and crowd gathered. Rocks flew stores. Psychiatrist Calls massacre history s worst sex crime by Midnight police reported by Arthur j. Snider Chicago daily news service Chicago the mass slaying of eight student nurses May have been the worst sex crime in history. A Chicago psychiatrist who has examined hundreds of sex Mur Ders said this is probably the largest number Ever killed at one time by a sex sadist. Many other sexual psycho paths have killed More the expressed motive of Rob record is 37 in England but Bery often is used to put rape i do not recall nor does the lit 1 fearing victims at ease and mature show As Many aweigh Licause to submit More Chi Atric Institute occasion the crime Foi victims. Bina Tion Kelliher said. Usually Only one method is but usually it is a deliberate Kelleher said. Act rather than an impulsive sex maniacs Are driven by twisted emotions than lust. The sex criminal does not they strike out against quickly again. He devotes in rather than men because of a period of time to covering his their hatred of an women tracks and throwing off sushi said Kelleher. Com. Very often it is the Mother but the emotional surge in who is the object of their inevitably recurs and be pins an. Tense hostility. Other escapade Keleher said. In this Case it is conceivable the sex maniac is usually that nurses were chosen As vie he has difficulty re at Tims because they represent ing to his Peers or to women to tender Loving care and thus a Normal Way. Are identified with motherhood there is a difference of Mph Kelleher said it is typical Tor pm among psychiatrists As to the sex criminal to plan his at whether Kuiv Klubal trans Cramly. Sane Charley West says last nature of slain nurses five of eight Stu Dent slain i Chicago Are pictured in recent picture made in the dormitory. They Are taking with Studmi one Friend Judith Dykton White Cap. Girls from left Are Mary Jordan Suzanne Farris. Nina Schmale Valentina is ski and Pamela widening who were found slain in their town Home quarters wire Pnno. Violence began. There was or More wednesday night. Then streets were virtually deserted the Climax thursday night and i the Calm contrasted Mically with thursday Uigh at one Point Ian estimated 5.000 were abroad w were Unabia to control and two negroes were killed by _ gunshot and 30 were injured amid widespread shooting in Large ing and burning that continued ,.on of into the Day Friday. Martin Luther King jr., chair gov. Otto Kerner called up leaders hta f an fut n j in Cauca Willu no Fly the guard 3.000 Strong Friday his staff have ran at the request of mayor Richard Liting Ai c Ivil j. Daley. The mayor Saij he Felt Chicago police alone could not Cope with the rioting worst in the North Isicc 34 were killed in massive i rioting in los Angeles last a gust. Maj. Gen. Francis p. Kane held 1.500 troops in Reserve and sent 1.300 into action operating from a base in a parking lot. They teamed with 1.000 police. If anybody shoots at my Gen. Kane told my orders Are to shoot Back shoot to the word must have gotten i around. Newsmen interviewing negroes on the streets reported i an attitude of fear among Many especially of the guardsmen. There was much comment about weapons. And there were some who said the guard will leave soon-1 or or later and trouble will come anew. We can t Cope with the stuff they got on those guard a youth told a news mrs West or Gore Man but we can Cope with the an what pm of police. As soon As those gis go we re in

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