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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Charleston, West VirginiaThe weather City cooler 3owr sen tuesday Artsy near state games in North. Low to flight tuesday s Higi a upper 3te. Today s news today Iliad Aston final edition volume 138-no. 43 Charleston West Virginia monday evening february 19, 1962 five cents father loses race Voth death to save girl Allied Craft defy reds in Berlin sky san 0. Bonelli 23. Of Daly City. Calif., blood streaming from a Cut on his face is shown yesterday after crashing his car in a futile race to save his daughter Carol Diane. 23-months. Who had fallen from her crib and stopped breathing. Bonelli. Said i must have been 70." in the race to the Hospital. He lost control of the car on a rain swept Street and crashed into a House just a few blocks Short of the Hospital. Doctors pronounced the baby dead when she was finally brought to the wire photo. Late bulletins Louisiana school measure upset Washington Aid the unions grouping civil servants government employees and primary schoolteachers had sked them to return to work with cease fire settles Over Northern Laos Vientiane Laos tac cease fire appeared today to hav settled Over Nam tha the imperilled Northern provincial capita while negotiations drag along o Unity government. Nam tha is ringed by or communist Patchet lao guerrilla and troops from communist nor Viet Nam but military report said there has been almost i shelling or ground action sin last thursday. Dancing into Northern Florida this morning. This could leave linger ing cloudiness in the Cape area tomorrow possibly delaying the shot for the nth time. However officials were hopeful holes could be found in the Clouds through which the rocket could be fired. Midnight decision a Complete Check of the weather Crabtree on nov. 3. 1957 plea Jed guilty in circuit court of Lincoln county. W. Va., to forgery of a Check. He was subject to 2 to 10 years imprisonment. He got life because of earlier convictions for a forgery washing ton state and the passing of a j forged Check in Cabell county w. A. Both lifers sought release from the West Virginia Penitentiary on writs of Hareas Corpus. The state o sunday services at the Small Riverside presbyterian Church in nearby Cocoa Beach. He sat in the Back Row joining the rest of the congregation in singing hymns. Much has been said and written Over the past weeks about the tension Glenn must be experienc ing but the astronaut told report ers i m not a bit nervous i m relaxed As can supreme court rejected their pleas without hearings or opinions. Yler and Crabtree then appealed to the highest tribunal. Justice Clark said the prisoners claim that they were deprived or due process because of inadequate Opportunity to contest the habitual criminal accusation must be rejected in these see court pm. 2, col. Truce in Algeria corridor pressure opposed Berlin air Craft flew through the North corridor from Berlin today to counter renewed soviet pres sure on the vital air lanes in informed sources said. I military and commercial transports thrust through Thi Berlin Hamburg corridor communist East German territory the informants said. This Western operation was i designed to assert Allied i rights in face of the renewal jct harassing tactics by the i red air Force. I Western commanders gave or jeers for the transports to fit deliberately below the level the want for their exclusive use for a three hour period. J for the seventh time since it started harassing Western air links to Berlin on feb. 7. The i soviet air Force told the Berlin air safety Center sunday night Jit was reserving air space up to fett in the North corridor leading to Berlin from Hamburg. Plan rejected Allied control officers rejected the soviet flight plan and ordered i military transports to stand by. I the soviet move came after a j weekend pause in the Berlin air crisis. Sunday morning Moscow announced it had rejected a three Power protest that Maneu vers o the red air Force in the corridors were dangerous and illegal. The allies insist that air safety rules in Force for 17 years re j quire notification of each i divid Jual flight through the three 20 wide corridors linking Berlin j with Frankfurt Hanover and Paris map the French said today secret talks with the algerian nationalist rebels have ended leading to speculation a cease fire May be near. But a rebel spokesman insisted negotiations still Are going on. A French announcement said the conclusions will be brought Lefore the France s three Mun negotiating team arrived in Paris from the talks and met at once with president Charles de Gaulle. Arriving at his Headquarters in Tunis from the talks with the French rebel foreign minister Saad Dah lab told reporters negotiations Are going on in very Good Dah lab declined to while his statement did not appear to Rule out the possibility of a cease fire soon it indicate further contacts with the French Are necessary before final agree ment can be announced. Rebel meeting was due for about Midnight to night after which officials were to make a preliminary go or no go decision. We feel a lot More optimistic today than we did said it. Col. John a. Powers spokesman for the astronauts. Conservatively i would say the Odds Are at least 6040 in our Powers said one change hat been made in the lineup of ship educator predicts Catholic majority in next 50 years Trade Union Council also rec amending its strikers to resume work. Civil servants and teachers poised to recover Glenn. The air Craft Carrier Forrestal has re placed the Carrier Constellation i the Miles East of Ber editor s note g. K. Hodenfield the writer of the following Story was announced yesterday As Winner of the education writers association award for outstanding coverage of education. Other awards went to Leonard Buder of the new York times Charles e. Whaley of the Louisville courier Jour Nal and look Magazine. By g. K. Hodenfield truck for higher wages. The grades Union Council protested Jagan s plans for higher import axes and a compulsory savings scheme which the Council claimed lust workers More than the Rich. A trades Union Council announcement said Jagan promised of impose Price controls to pre vent importers from passing on duties to Consumers and to con Sider the replacement of the compulsory savings program with a voluntary savings scheme. Observers said however the strike basically was against the leftist leanings of Jagan. Reds complain ship boarded by americans Moscow a Izvestia said to night the soviet ship Mukluk to Maklari was hoarded by armed ably will have half of All the Chil Dren born. Within half a Century the Cath Olics will be a majority in this father Leary said he believes w a. The government should pay a sub associated press education writer Sudy to the family of any child Atlantic City n. J. Iff a in a Catholic educator predicted today that within half a Century roman catholics will be in the majority Jin this country. And then said the very Rev. John p. Leary president of gon a Zaga University in Spokane wash., the question of Federal Aid to private and parochial schools a s. Will be settled by the strange Accident of numbers and vate school something Akin to the go Bill of he said these private schools would have to meet Good stand Ards. Father Leary said there was always a Hazard that extremis1 organizations such As the John Birch society might try to establish such a private school but tha basically this is strictly a Catho Federal Aid for ant parochial tests under fire earlier in the convention those seemingly endless tests which plague every College bound High school student came under bitter attack by some of the nation s of Public school officials. Soldiers in the Panama and her radio equip convention of Rittof the government in an interview at the annual hic problem a problem that i american Asso going to disappear within 5 Luaulu i administrators years although there probably Cah father Leary said i realize Thalji a Jujj Joe a Strong minority oppose she my belief that the full rebel government isjp1 expected to meet soon to discuss he secret talks. It also was unless they can be proved to nought Likely the rebels would Call a meeting of their parliament he National Council of the Alger an revolution which must have a say on any peace Accord. Earlier diplomatic quarters in Paris expressed belief the word ing of the French announcement indicated an agreement had been reached for ending the nearly rebellion. With a feeling of optimism prevailing in Paris the Price of Gold fell off slightly. Frenchmen usually sell Gold when the Politica Outlook takes a favourable turn. Report to de Gaulle Louis Joe. French minister of algerian affairs and chief negotiator arrived in Paris to Mak the Western Powers charged he russians were trying to change the rules by making Block bookings for the red air orce. The allies do not dispute soviet contentions the red air orce has equal rights in the corridors but they insist on carrying out the safety rules. The allies complained to the Kremlin that soviet Jet fighters buzzed Western aircraft in the corridors last week. The West is making its firm stand because of the extreme in 3 air routes to Ber n. Only by air can travellers go o Berlin and Back without sub mitting tickets at communist con Rol Points on highways and rail oads. East Germany has charged for months that the West has mis used the air corridors. The red regime says it is illegal for West Ern commercial airliners to Fly o Berlin because they claim he corridors were provided Only or Allied military garrisons. Removal charges confront Boston police director Boston Iff Boston police commissioner Leo j. Sullivan u1uc33 u1c.y Tull us in i be Worth the time Effort report Tode Gaulle. Joe a faces removal charges today in and emotional Strain involved accompanied by Premier stale House hearing before gov. Said a report issued Here yester to of jaw Nego John a. Volp Mulster Jean de refuse to use them. The report came after a 2 year study by three major educational organizations the Aasa the National association of Sec ister Robert Buron on his visit to the president. The primary charge of neglect of duty is in connection with the nationwide showing last fall of i the president. Cog television documentary by a French spokesman confirmed f join in r t in firs time what was Nen for the first time what was generally known All along that the occurred. Series starting today aids you teamwork on parents part big help for school child the cites figures he cited these figures to support this Case in the last five years one third of All the children born in this country were Catholic Al though the Catholic population is i Only about one sixth of the total. In 20 years when this one third have grown up they prob you say you want to help your child succeed in school but you Don t quite know How to go about it a new series starting today in the daily mail will Tell you. Entitled help your child succeed in the articles present actual methods and ideas which professor Leslie j. Nason has students rather than to parents and proved highly successful and popular last year. More than you can get better grades booklets were obtained by Stu dents through the daily mail. Turning his attention now to the parents. Prof. Nason explains he is trying to help you understand with orders. Found effective during a teaching career of More than 40 years culminating in his present work at the University of Southern Cali fornia. The series is a sequel to prof. Nason s you can get better which addressed to a whole pattern of attitudes and ways of thinking that will built interest the kind of interest that continues and in conjunction with the daily a tides a supplemental 40-Page Booklet also called help your child succeed in school will be available to readers. The Bookie parents Are the key figures jews. Worsen. Stimulating scholarship prot. Nason says. It takes teamwork today s Index May be ordered through the daily flail by completing a Coupon which will accompany the a 22 pages-2 sections Isles. Cost is and it is re news editorial Quested that Stamps not be sent1 sports comics and classified Page by both parents to produce sue Bridge 6 Cess Ful students. Children who classified 19 Lave a Strong sense of purpose comics have been helped by their Par crossword ends to develop editorials 16 7 4 18 be sure not to miss a single financial 18 to one of these special articles Horoscope 6 starting today on Page 7 they Jim Bishop 12 will appear daily for three weeks. I my answer 6 Page obituaries 11 of All things 18 sports senior forum 18 Heaters 6 16 wanning up .-8 women s your health 14 7i the Butler did it when mrs. Gott rocks decided to refurbish her Home she had t the slightest idea of How to dispose of her old Furni Ture piano and musical instruments left by her children. That s when her Butler entered the picture. He explained about the thousands who read the want ads daily in search used merchandise of All kinds. Mrs. G. Got the message. She made a list items for Sale and called the want and department at i 6-0441. Next Day she knew the Butler was right when Cash buyers came i from everywhere and bought i everything advertised now she can t understand Why a Man As smart As her Butler is Content to Buttle All his life. Dial i 6-0441 today for Cash results tomorrow Gazette daily mail want ads Mondary school principals and the secret talks had taken place feb. Council of chief state school offi in is. He said they were held on cers. The three groups soil. It was believed the nearly a Nooi adm Nistra Liwo sides met near the Swiss see Catholic pm. 2, col. La Border. Deeply pained1 which a number of policemen were shown entering or leaving a Back Bay key shop raided later r Bookie operations. The governor charges Sullivan failed to investigate the police men who apparently frequented the place. Rep. Hechler denies opponent s charge by Bob Mellace daily mail Politica editor iof one of the grossest violations of personal Trust and congressman Ken Hechler today to charge that he 0 hip Ltd trim Imp 0 flatly and unreservedly denied charges made against him by a demanded kickbacks from the Sal Aries of his staff members. Rcch Charley West says former member of his staff. Ice said he said George Mcclung Obj a have never asked any envy Huntington now one of his to anything other. Huntington now one of his demo i it i. Crati Vimary opponents the than hard re a been my the allegations for Ideen making uie Iun political Campaign congressional work. None of m Hechler said he treated Mcclung employees have like a brother during the three for nor have they contras is Mcclung worked for on either to my Campaign or at and helped Mcclung get a Tetter another toe Hechler s answer was a to the Public even in the face see he Chlor pm. A Toi. T if we Ever get a maa la we can find out All abort Tat weather that keeps m Olmi get ing a Man in orbit. I

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