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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 4

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Charleston, West VirginiaFlail editorial without or with. To Findt or for sketch your world As it Page 4 monday evening dec Emir 23, 1963 passing the hat for does t enhance the in Jackson county there is a War of sorts going on. It is a War Between the old West Virginia and the new and the skirmishing to Date is no pleasure to re port. Jackson county with Ravenswood As scat is the scene of the Only major breakthrough of a decade in West Vir Ginia s Industrial development. With Kaiser aluminium s decision to Settle in the Ohio Valley one of the giants in the Light metals Industry came to the state. As it did so it All but Laid to rest West Virginia s reputation for hostility to new capital and outside Enterprise. Surely if Kaiser could find in Jackson county a hospitable climate for doing business no one else need hesitate All of Jackson county has profited from this investment it is one of the few growing counties in the state. Not All of Jackson county by any Means is willing to pay the Price in its own change and development. For Kaiser aluminium brought with it new and in some ways different people Many of them from its operation in Cali fornia and the state of Washington. These people in the main Are not Content with the minimum of Public education which the state s tax Structure enforces. They Are Able and willing to pay for More. Three times these citizens and tax payers in Ravenswood have gone to the polls and voted for the supplemental Levy to increase their support of the schools. And every time the rest of Jackson county has turned out to vote it Down. Since we do not know All of the particulars suspend final judgment on the struggle but its outlines Are fairly dear. Here is the new West Virginia slowly emerging into industrialism and urbanization. Ravenswood is no longer the Little River town that went to sleep Public education state s image after the civil War and remained in slumber. With Kaiser still expanding it is one of the brightest spots in the whole West Virginia Economy. But the rest of the county is not greatly impressed. Fortunately the Story May have a Hap pier ending. What they cannot do publicly the citizens of Ravenswood Are determined to do privately. They have set up a foundation to raise private funds for the support of their Public schools. And As an indication of its interest Kaiser Alu Minum has agreed to contribute for every raised by other Means. Ravens Wood will have better schools whether the rest of Jackson county likes it or not. Unfortunately this does Little to offset the impression left by the popular majority at the polls. This is the old West Virginia talking hanging Back dragging its feet. Sure it is Happy to have a new Industry with thousands of jobs at High wages. It is the dream of every chamber of Commerce in the state and in Jackson county it came True. But at the thought that Jackson county might upgrade its school system it turns cold. The department of Commerce and All the other agencies interested in Selling West Virginia As a Good place to do Busi Ness can continue to Point to Kaiser aluminium As the shining example of West Virginia s Promise. At Best they must gloss Over the election returns on the interest in Public education. The old West Virginia still cannot get it through its head that modern Industry is not built by uneducated people. It can not be managed and operated by uneducated people. Indeed educated people will not readily choose to live in a Community where education is looked upon As some sort of optional and it does not help the state s image one bit when they must pass the hat to get the kind of schools they think they must have. David Lawrence Uncle Sam is playing sucker role in . The Ameri can people got Only one Side of the Story of the United nations. P r e s i Dent Johnson Lent his pres Tige to the or g a Niza Tion when head dressed it with High sounding words but for expediency Rea sons naturally spoke no words of criticism. The whole Story however is a disturbing betray Al of the simple rules of morality by an organization that is financially bankrupt be cause Many of its members refuse to pay their assess ments and depend instead on the United states to continue to bail the u. N. Out of its financial difficulties. Concurrently a plot has been hatched by the afro asian bloc to exercise control Over the Security Council first by increasing the number of its members and then by Mak ing such alterations in the u. N. Charter from time to time As could paralyse the one vote veto of the United states. The first step came on de Cember 17 the very Day president Johnson was there the general Assembly adopted a Resolution calling for an enlargement of these curits Council. The afro Asi an bloc had the votes to put this through. The United states in t pleased with the action. But while it keeps on begging the afro asian bloc not to go to extremes it hesitates to speak out in the open to mobilize Public opinion against such attempts to change the whole character of the u. N. In this instance the Ameri can delegation seems to be relying on the soviet Union to exercise a veto when the mat Ter comes before the Security Council. But Russia s Osten sible opposition at present May Well be a cover up of her real purposes and eventual y the i soviet government will play j Ball with the afro a s i a n i group most of which Moscow i is suspected of controlling to i Day anyhow. I if the Security Council is enlarged to 15 members it would take a 9-member group to pass a Resolution. This too could work to the soviet and i Vantage. The afro asian bloc proposes that the Security Council be composed of three members from Africa two from Asia one from East eur i rope two from latin America. 1 two from West Europe and other states plus the five per members the United states. Britain France China and the soviet Union. On any Issue involving co there would be a majority vote against the unit i cd states. Our own Dele a history of marxism the chemical Era Peter Edson All out attack urged on pockets of poverty inside City Hall by Charles Connor Christmas remembrance lion has expressed itself against but the afro asian bloc wishes to go further and meddle in the internal affairs of other states even to the Point of regulating their governmental actions and threatening them with economic Boycott if they do not obey. Confiscation of private prop erty for instance is nowadays considered legitimate in some parts of the world As a weapon against this has caused hesitation among those businessmen who would otherwise invest capital in various countries where confiscation has been going on. This puts the Burden on Amer ican taxpayers to keep on furnishing foreign Aid funds to countries which Are discouraging the investment of private capital. Many of our officials Here in Washington and at the u. N. Are brushing aside the Dan Gers As they argue that a change in the u. N. Charter would have to be ratified by the u. S. Senate since it would amount to a Modifica Tion of an existing treaty and that the present charter of the u. N. Is an integral part of the treaty through which the United states entered the j u. X. In the first place. But j unless the United states chooses to withdraw from the u. A. The changes in the Char Ter will have to be accepted. Sooner or later the full Story of How Uncle Sam plays the role of a sucker in the u. N. Will come out in the open when Congress consid ers appropriations. Other nations Are not paying an Equit Able share. Some 600 City employees and their fam Ilies along with Council men and their ladies the mayor and his missus and other invited guests will gather tonight for the annual City Christmas party at the civic a gala affair. It s the time of year the City gets All of its forces together Crews from the Street depart ment the men from the incinerator department who pick up your garbage sewer men from the sanitary Board police and firemen City Hall clerks and stenographers jailers and health inspectors janitors and parking meter collectors All of the people it takes to operate a City and its government. Turkey is on the menu Al though councilman r. E. Gibbs Democrat minority Leader suggested the other night that this might be changed at the last moment to Pigeon. He was kidding. At least i think so. Speaking of pigeons the City fathers always seem to wind up the year on a controversial note. Last year it was councilman Henry Elden who suggested that the City sell municipal auditorium. The resulting uproar from the Public caused Elden to backtrack Call the auditorium a piece of property we All and urge extensive renovation. This year of course Tom Pettigrew is the councilman who created the controversy by suggesting the elimination of pigeons which he thinks Are unsanitary nuisances and flying health hazards. If the state s attorney Gen eral feels it s Legal to shoot them Pettigrew says the City should r o it. The local humane association on the other hand says no a thousand times no to the idea of shoot ing pigeons. It Points out that a human or two might be winged along the Way and be sides it represents cruelty to animals. So it goes. One councilman who s not sympathetic to the idea of doing anything to pigeons much less shooting them commented sarcastic ally at the last meeting that at least we Haven t done anything to outlaw Santa he asked not to be quoted by name. In a More charitable vein a number of the councilmen at last monday s meeting re Quested publicly that their predecessors in office the men they Defeated last april be invited to tonight s get together. Joe Smith of the 19th Ward for instance remembered Henry Elden Ernest Layne of the second Ward requested an invitation for Chester Bourne and mayor Shanklin said let s not forget Elmo who could forget Boom and so they meet tonight to break bread mingle Over an egg nog or two and Dine on Turkey and the trimmings. Majority Leader w. E. Mohler of City Council will be the master of ceremonies. Incinerator supt. Bennie Patterson a former minstrel Man known As Shufflin Sam from Ala will be on hand with his jazz band and the incinerator chorus will be under the direction of the Rev. Wil Liam Ricks. A special feature will be a Folk singing and Gui tar playing quartet from Charleston High school. And while it s not on the program mayor Shanklin s Christmas message to Council and to the citizens of Charles ton might Well be remembered too As we approach this Christ Mas season our thoughts turn to the ancient City of Bethle hem where the Christ child was born. We catch the spirit of Christmas and become once again the kind of per son we should be All the time. But what after this Beautiful season of the year has passed what then i can think of no better lines than those expressed by the great Christian spirit Saint Francis of Assisi which should help us in the Days ahead of this unknown 1964 lord make us an instrument of thy peace where there is hatred let me sow love where there is injury Pardon where there is doubt Faith where there is despair Hope where there is darkness Light and where there is sadness Joy peace love Pardon. Faith Hope Light Joy. With these bound together in a Bond of Friendship we can enjoy All the Days ahead As one continuous Christmas. This is my message to you As my to All the citizens of direct tuck on the prob lems of american poverty at the source has Jet been pro Pond to the Nat Tut com Mittee on of poverty by prof. John Kenneth Gal Braith of Harvard. A former Kea Andy administration bral Truster and ambassador to India economist Galbraith is also author and expert on the affluent Socie he asks Why Don t we select beginning next year the 100 lowest income counties in the country in the cases of Urban slums we could select More limited areas of equal population. We could designate them As special educational areas they would then be equip Ped with a truly excellent Pri Mary and secondary school Plant the Best in recreational facilities and adequate transportation to work centers. Then in the manner of the peace corps but with am ple pay an elite body of Young teachers would be assembled. They would be Tough enough and proud enough to go to har Lan county or to Harlem. And in the year following we would proceed to the next most Abys Mal this would not be Federal Aid to education or. Galbraith insists. This is an attack on Pov he says. Can anyone argue that youngsters with these facilities and this train ing would share the dismal Fate of their there Are adequate Prece dents for this kind of action according to Galbraith. Ten years ago when it became obvious that America s Highway system was not Able to carry its traffic Load the Federal government stepped in with 90 per cent Aid to the states for Road building. Galbraith might also have mentioned that the school lunch and Pilot food stamp plans for feeding the undernourished now Are accepted routine activities of government. One other Merit of his plan is that if any Community did not want to accept Federal Aid to clean up its own pockets of poverty it might tackle us Job alone. Ibis direct approach of Galbraith plan u far different from other proposals Ghow to the National committee on pockets of poverty in a two Day Washington conference just concluded. This committee was formed three years ago by the farm ers educational fund established by the National farm ers Union under its president James g. Pallon. For the last two years it has been conducting a Survey of american poverty under the direction of or. Oscar Ornati of new York school of social research. In Brief or. Ornati finds there Are now about 20 Mil lion people in America who can be classed As abject they Are individuals with incomes of less than a year or members of families of four or More where the total income is less than a year. This is roughly 11 per cent of today s population of 180 million. In 1935-36, with differ ent income Levels and costs of living there were around 34 million people or 27 per cent of the population of 126 million who could be classed relatively As abject the social Security system is held largely responsible Lor this reduction in american poverty Over the last 27 years. Previous plans for dealing with this mass of poverty have been based principally on big Ger appropriations for welfare programs already proposed or in operation. They include a bigger pub Lic works program to provide More jobs a permanent food stamp plan More Aid for Edu cation and vocational training youth conservation programs health care for the aged and mentally ill Urban renewal Rural development and Job training. All of these plans do some Good but not enough. President Johnson already has called for an All out attack on american poverty. He told the american Public welfare conference in Washington that current programs to reduce poverty in America Are not nearly John Chamberlain duty s child praised but not her father Point of View True Christmas meaning in needy cases fund Roscoe Drummond letter to Yuri Zhukov a sep Hyo dare Yuri Zhukov the foreign affairs commen Tator of the official soviet newspaper. Pravda has devoted an article to renting this columnist for suggesting that the cold War is not about to fade away that the Prospect of Moscow s do ing anything about its causes is slight bordering on the non existent. Or. Zhukov Calls me a mad Pessimist for holding such silly thoughts. He sits out to prove to his own readers who would not be allowed to read my column under any circumstances that if there is any danger of heating up the cold War anywhere we can All be assured that it would t be the fault of the soviet Union. You Are or. Zhu Kov writes in his published let tar with the alarming thought j that for the soviet Union peaceful i quote your article is Sim ply the term they apply to their continuous Effort to undermine the Independence of non communist governments in order to impose communism without the consent of the governed and so you fret from mad readers of my column will know or Zhukov and i Dis agree almost totally. But since his article is written in Good spirit sometimes patronizing by like a righteous father correcting a wayward child but always with Courtesy i should like to ask or. Zhukov some questions in the same spirit. His Central thesis is that the soviet Union has to in to and could t in the future have anything to do with any old cold War because to do so would be a violation of Lenin ism and the soviet Union unlike red China is True to Lenin. Question was t it a Vio lation of leninism when in 1m9 the soviets blockaded West Berlin and tried to starve More than 2 million West her liners As a Means of driving Britain France and the . Out of Berlin where we were by the same rights As the u. S. S. R.? or am i wrong and it never happened you writes or. Zhu Kov As though you were to i tally unaware that the Leninist concept of peaceful coexistence excludes tie Export of both revolution and counter 1 question while the Kremlin did not Export Revo Lution to Cuba did it not Export missiles and troops to i Cuba to prop up a regime which had never dared submit i itself to free elections question in t East Ger Many an example of a peo ple who Are denied a govern i ment by the consent of the governed Are not the people of East Germany denied even the right to flee their country without the near certainty of being shot by the police i cite j this recent press association dispatch from Berlin East Berlin police yesterday Aenied a Man trying to escape to West Berlin marched him away at gunpoint and then cold blood edly shot him Down in full View of watchers in the Western to the daily mail As a participating Agency in your recent neediest cases fund we should like to express our sincere appreciation for the privilege of submitting Case histories for consideration of publication. We should like to share with your readers a few examples of those who shall experience a happier Christmas by this worthwhile project and by the thoughtfulness and Gener Ous response from the Public. A teen age girl with severe residual paralysis due to poliomyelitis now is Able to pro Pel her own wheel chair in school and to Ball games since an electric wheel chair was provided. A family of nine four of whom arc Handi capped have received clothes food and Carpenter tools to enable the teen age boy to help support and family. Other items for additional fam Ilies of handicapped children included a new automatic Washer two transistor radios Lamb s Wool mattress payment of Utility Bills and Back rent totalling water and electricity had been disconnected in this Home of two bicycles sled electric portable sewing machine plus Materi als for a Home bound teen age girl and endless donations of clothing for Many children. Our Christmas shall certainly be happier knowing Many deserving families have had their wishes come True. A Campaign such As the need Iest cases brings the True meaning of Christmas Back in the hearts and minds of the people. Nancy Schmann Charleston december 19. 1963 rights and duty to the daily mail the Highway of t i m e is rugged and Between sign posts we meet with alarming events. With each decade world poli tics and governmental affairs revolutionize Why a politician of my boyhood Days that was at that Date a Champion would at present be completely lost. Our Home country yes the Good old .a. Is not in any Way the same country it was when i was a boy. Now we have a very important event awaiting us in 1964 yes we elect a president and a governor. Will we elect another millionaire is it a sane idea to continue this millionaire for president procedure i am not playing politics during the mourning period to our late president John f. Kennedy. But after that allowed time has expired we Start the wheels rotting. We will do our level Best in the interests of our state and nation. The coming Spring and sum Mer will burst Forth with a political Campaign and deter mined principles of which Are know Only to democratic minded americans. We the people of this country have a free voice in our governmental affairs. And i wish to ask All to make Good use of it. Let us the population of voters not drag our feet like Galley slaves. Let us come Forth with All might in the interests of our party. This is your con i Stith tonal rights and your duty to your country and posterity. Charles Andrew James i Fayette december ii 1963 j and it will pass the daily mail All the hysteria regarding the re naming of West Vir i Tola in Honor of the Lite 4 president Kennedy follows a natural pattern and it will pass. I was a child eight years old when president Mckinley was assassinated and everyone had these same ideas and it is amazing How Many things and places Are named Lincoln Garfield and Mckinley towns i cities Parks schools counties i libraries streets Etc. The i same thing will be done in i president Kennedy s Honor. No person did More to give West Virginia her proper Iden Ity than or. Kennedy and his family but none of them would want the name of our state changed. Recently in the Point of View column someone suggest i de that Virginia change her i name. This was an insult to our Mother state and the Brave pioneers who chose her name. All of our states were named by Hardy people who had a reason and we should not want to change them. Sometimes i wonder if our Young generations realize the wonderful Progress that has been made in our United states. Of course we loved presi Dent Kennedy. Of course we Are sentimental. But his name will go Down in history and never be forgot ten so we do not have to change the name of our state i in his Honor. An intelligent people do not need to write insulting of the matter. I Edith Savage Hoferer i Charleston dec. For the Birds to the daily mail there is no competent Evi i Dence that pigeons carry Dis i eases to humans. In fact the evidence All Points the other Way. Birds diseases Are strictly for the Birds and unless coun cil members expect to sprout wings they need not fear pigeons or other one of your City readers Charleston dec. 17, in in my Home town of Che Shire conn., i they have been honouring old Bronson Alcott who before he became famous As one of Ralph Waldo Emerson s Cir Cle of philosophers in con Cord mass., maintained a Pio Neer progressive school not far from where i live. The Alcott ideas about Edu cation were truly revolution Ary when he advanced them 100 and More years ago. He did not believe in Ordinary school discipline when a Stu Dent disobeyed he thought it i a sufficiently fit punishment to ask the offending boy or girl j to take a ruler and strike the teacher smartly Over the hand. I such was old Bronson s idea of illustrating the Christian idea that one should always j repay a blow by turning Tho other Cheek. Bronson Alcott did t last very Long in Cheshire for his theories did not commend themselves to h a r a bitten Yankee Farmers who thought a teacher should Drill his Young charges in the three i r s. So. As mrs. Arthur w. Lee a modern Cheshire Tcath or lamented the other Day before a local audience. Al j Cott was forced by Public j pressures to leave town. He went on to Boston and con Cord where he became a i Mous As a vegetarian an Early i advocate of women s suffrage i an abolitionist and a utopian socialist. He was of course i the father of Louisa May Al Cott. The author of that child j Hood classic. Little despite the prevailing Opin Ion of his own times maybe the schools of old Bronson s i mid nineteenth Century Day did need a touch of the so called i progressive spirit. Alcott s insistence that children can be lured by kindness into taking education seriously 1 works for some children at least some of the time. But if i Bronson Alcott had lived to see what has been made of his doctrines in some modern school systems i think he would i be just a bit horrified. One cannot always hold Young Sav Ages in Check by turning the i other Cheek. And when it is a matter of providing the Stu dents with the tolls of think As grammar the ability to write and the Multi plication tables a Little close order Drill can save kids a Good Deal of ineffective tech Nical grouping when they eventually reach the age of Rea son. Amid our modern Permis Sive society which frowns on the Throe d s of Drill duty and discipline it could even be argued that it it carrying coals to Newcastle to exalt old Bron son Alcott for his revolutionary contribution. Indeed in a world that is so far gone toward accepting the notion that discipline is something for the Birds it might be More useful to stress the idea that Bronson s daughter Louisa May Alcott was a far More admirable character. Like so Many utopians and idealists including Karl Marx j Bronson Alcott let his family suffer to provide papa with a i career. Old Bronson could t i keep a Nickel his Experiment j in utopian living with a group i of like minded people at a Community called fruit lands ended in a big Flop. So Daugh Ter Louisa who has been called duty s decided that she must Wear the pants for the family. She taught school she served As a civil War nurse she did dress making she even hired out As a housemaid and. After doing some miscellaneous writing she finally hit upon a vein of great popularity in her books for children. Her consuming idea was to earn enough Mon by to get the Alcott family out of the debts that old bran son thought nothing of piling up. Possibly the most exultant line in All of Louisa May Al Cott s writing was confided to her journal paid up All the debts. Now i think i could die in As a Parent who for Tern per mental reasons errs All too often on the permissive Side. I Don t need to have old Bronson Alcott held up to me As a Paragon. A Good dose of Louisa May Alcott s philosophy would do me far More Good. Moreover in the age of the welfare state it cannot be re iterated too often that if there were not a few Louisa May Alcott around the govern ment would have no source of taxes with which to pay the Bills for running our modern Federal version of old Bron son s fruit lands. Once kill off the duty bound people and the dead beats will have no source of income Short of going to work for themselves. _ so they say i believe we Are on the verge of the end of the cold War there now is a fundamental split in the communist world. The russians now have dropped Force hmm their doctrine. i t i s h prime minister Douglas Home. The concept of us sitting Between two stools is not Cor rect. My goal is that All three of us sit on one Bench. Ludwig Erhard on West Germany s relation ship with the u. S. And France

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