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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1970, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Charleston, West VirginiaVolume 1s5-no. 148 final if if if if if edition Charleston West Virginia monday evening december 21, 1970 ten cents Corn shucks hair on calf predict cold Cleveland i. It s going to be a cold Winter. If you Don t believe it look at the shucks on this year s Corn crop. If that s not enough to prove it to you take a Gander at the hair on a calf s neck or the hair on a Squirrel s Tail for that matter. These Are sure sings for predicting the weather to Many North Georgia mountaineers. They have been used for decades to predict the weather and the mountaineers swear by their Validity. Frank Reed 81, Cleveland ga., became famous in the profession o f Mountaineer weather propose cation in 1960 when on March 1 he predicted that the roughest spell of the entire Winter was yet to come. It was in March 1960 that severe snows blanketed the Southeast three times Para lying All mountainous areas of the South. Many mountaineers called the spell the most severe in recent history. Reed s wife says he has studied signs of the weather for As Long As she can remember. Here Are the fruits of his studies when a mule Rolls in the dirt and shakes it off the weather will be dry. But if he leaves the dust in his coat it will rain. When your cats run and play in the House it is a sure sign of a storm. When the Moon news and passes the evening Star of a group of stars there will be a change in the weather with rain or Snow. In the summer when the leaves on a tree turn Bottom Side Reed says it Means bulletins when the hair of a calf s neck is thick and shaggy in the fall the Winter will be rough one says prognosticator Frank wire photo Jackson miss Iff Mississippi s Law against the teach ing of evolution the last such state Law in the Van overturned by the muses Lippi supreme court today. The ruling which diet a ims u. S. Court Dedi Ioa declared state Law Stit Lional an it violated the 1st and 14th Amend ments. Tucson Ariz. I juvenile court petitions alleging felony homicide arson were filed today against a 16-year-old youth in a fire which killed 28 persons and injured 27 in x downtown hotel sunday. The petition identified him aft Louis c. Taylor for time parolee from the state Industrial school for boys. Earlier Story on Page fire destroys pottery Plant Point pleasant a fire this morning destroyed the new Haven porcelain corp. Warehouse and office about 18 Miles North of Here. No one was injured. New Haven Volunteer fire men said they received a Call informing them of the fire about 9 . They added that by the time they arrived it was too late to save the build ing. The pottery Plant had 15 employees on the Job today. There were reports that some of them heard what sounded like an explosion but firemen said they Haven t confirmed the cause. They said the fire started in a vacant Section of the Ware House. Records and some off ice equipment were salvaged the firemen added but not much else. It was not known if the company had fire insurance. Thick shucks on com Al ways Means a rough cold Winter. When the hair on a calf s neck or a Squirrel s Tail is thick and shaggy in the fall the Winter will be a rough one. Still possible a trained meteorologist with the National weather service told a congressional commit tee recently that there Are indications that the South Ern and Eastern United states will experience a slightly colder Winter this year. After All the hornets Are building their nests closer to the ground this year. This according to Reed is also a sure sign. So it looks like it s going to be a cold one. Moore proposal could shorten Pike toll time by Bob Mellace daily mall associate editor gov. Moore today held out possibility he can shorten the time tolls will be necessary on the West Virginia Turnpike after it becomes a four Lane inter state Highway. It could be 1989 under a plan to acquire the toll facility approved last week by Congress. But Moore told a press Confer ence a plan he was pursuing before the congressional action is Stuffl possible in his opinion. And he said he has not made up his mind which plan to Fol Low in getting the two Lane Turnpike and paying off the million outstanding turn Pike Bonds. In another financial matter the governor said the state has been Hurt by last week s state supreme court of appeals decision invalidating million in Revenue Bonds issued by the state building commission. He said the decision puts a Cloud Over Industrial Bonds some types of municipal Bonds and Bonds to be issued for hous ing next year. While the governor said i am not panicking he added that my mind is going a mile a minute trying to figure what the building commission can do. If one of his ideas is feasible Moore said it will be possible for the commission to build the new archives and history building in the Capi Tol Complex. As to the Turnpike which will become interstate 77, Moore said under his plan he would have set up a Trust fund with Federal Money and tolls and would have had the state take Over the million an Nual Cost of maintenance which now comes out of the toll recipes. Paid for state business firm says 5 payments to John Bell cited at hearing the associated press the head of a janitor Supply company testified today he paid a total of to John s. Bell state purchasing director at the time to obtain state business for the firm. Charles w. Shaheen of St. Albans president of c. N. S. Chemical co. Of Charleston said he made five payments of each to Bell. Shaheen testified was the amount of the monthly rent of an apartment in Imperial towers Here which he helped Bell obtain when Bell came to Charleston last year to be come state purchasing director. Shaheen testified As a witness for state finance commissioner John Gates in a state civil service commission hearing on Bell s attempt to win rein statement As purchasing director. The Post is in the by Gates who opposes rein statement. Gates predecessor As finance commissioner Jack l. Miller suspended Bell from the purchasing Post last August after a Kana wha county grand jury indicted Bell on a felony bribery charge. That indict j ment subsequently was dismissed As was a later Misdemeanour bribery indictment against. Bell. However refused to lift the suspension and last month notified Bell of outright dismissal. Deputy attorney Gen eral c let us b. Hanley rep resenting Gates is attempt ing in the Appeal hearing to substantiate the charges made against Bell in the see paid p. 14, col. I 18 vote age upheld in general election i-77 decision review slated by High court Washington tap the supreme court agreed today to review a lower court ruling that a Charleston . High Way project is not violating the rights of Low income negroes it displaces. The High court announced it will hear an Appeal by the Triangle improvement Council which contended the Constitution s guarantee of equal pro Tec Tiora of Laws requires the government to assure new Homes for poor Blacks displaced by interstate Highway 1-77. The hearing will be held next Spring with a decision expected by june. The Council said negroes displaced by the project were denied equal Protection of Law because racial discrimination makes it harder for them to find new Homes. The . District court at with such a fund he said he Charleston ruled against the Washington on a splintered supreme court upheld today the key provision of the 1970 Federal voting rights Law the vote to 18 Jearolds in presidential and congressional elections. At the same time the court approved by a 8-1 vote the Law s abolition of Long Resi Dence requirements for voting for president and by a unanimous vote the suspension of literacy tests wherever they would have Given Turnpike bondholders two years to turn in their Bonds for which they would have received a Premium but that he did not get Good response to this plan from the bondholders trus tees. Because the interest they Are earning on Turnpike Bonds is not As much As they can make in other investments to Day Moore said he believes see Moore p. 14. Cd. 2 governor wants suit against Auto makers gov. Moore said today he has asked the attorney general to Start an anti Trust suit against the big three automobile manufacturers for what he said was a increase in the Price the state must pay for cars. Until this year the governor As a result the governor j said general motors Ford and said it Couke Cost us consider Chrysler gave this state and others a discount that amounted to s967 per car with the Trade in. Discontinuance of the Dis count the state bought Dodges Able Money in the Market place because investors might ask higher interest rates be cause of the character of the risk caused by the courts decision. The court said the building commission Bonds constitute a debt which is forbidden by the Constitution in that they would have to be retired with appropriations. The weather rain tonight Low in upper 30s. Tuesday Cloudy High in Low 50s. Details on Page 14 last year is ,358. For an average of now we find they Are going to Cost us Moore said. Because of the apparent concerted action by the big three Moore said he has asked at Torney general Chauncey Browningjr. To Institute a suit based on the Sherman anti Trust. Act joining Florida ver Mont Iowa California and new York City in such an action. It is possible the state May recover triple damages if the suit is successful according to Moore. Council july 2, 1969. It said the government was doing All that was legally required to find new Homes for displaced persons and added that the relocation efforts seemed Ade quate. Last May 14 the . Circuit court at Richmond a. Ruled 3-2 against ordering a new hearing in the Case. Charley West says Halter f. Snyder retiring in 1972 schools chief will not seek position in 72 91 by the Ime my wife finishes Lier Christmas shopping Santa won t be the Only one in the red on inside pages 46 sections Page astr Iwata 13 Bridge .23 classified 43 comics 40 crossword 40 dear Abby .25 editorials 12 financial .22 hot Jumhee .40 my answer.41 .42 Sporta. 17 or. Fran a Tow part m to .41 what Imp a your records revealed red hostility noted 1943 allies pondered nazi Aid if russians overran Germany London ten months before a Day Allied military strategists discussed the possibility of repelling the russians if they suddenly began Over running nazi Germany. Gen. George c. Marshall world War ii u. S. Chief of staff asked his British counterpart in August 1943 if he thought Germany would help Allied troops enter Europe to repel the russians. The quotation came from official minutes of the combined chiefs of staff which were made Public today in London and Washington. Sir Alan Brooke British dried of staff told Marthah he had Baan thinking along Aimi Lar lines. A said however., thai or. A Dwarf Tom not tear or. Benes As believing soviet Russia would be bled so badly by the War that it would need a few years to get its Economy going again. Marshall commented in a meeting of the chiefs of staff that Russia was turning an increasingly hostile Eye on the capitalist the russians he said were be coming increasingly contemptuous of their Western allies. Although minutes of the meeting did not background the reasons apparently the russian View stemmed from Allied refusal to invade Europe As soon a Moscow would have liked. Manual Farena the hate la their wet the i Eulau Over Mma m Acca Patty in get Jam Kii that Salaa of Faati the of acc 4 Kaaa tit Pat Lorn but there was no Indica Tion that this was Ever carried out. Early in the world conflict the allies began to treat rus Sia with some caution. The combined chiefs had technicians studying what weapons it could give Russia what weapons and information it could not give the russians and what the technicians were doubtful about. The British chief of staff while going along with or. Benes View told Marshall he expected Russia to ask for a part of Poland at least part of the Baltic and for Cooke actions in the Balkans strategy against the Japa Nese Diac Saaed by the com mad Chiaf was based on the belief that Russia would not declare War against Japan or if it did than it would be so 14, cat. I by Jerry Kessei of the daily mail staff Kanawha county schools supt. Walter f. Snyder will not seek reappointment to the position he has held since 1964. In a letter to Albert Anson jr., president of the county school Board. Snyder said on More than one occasion during the past year i have a discussed with you and other members of the Board the possibility that i would not be is interested in another term As Iff superintendent of Kanawha county schools. I have now definitely decided that i will not be a candidate for reappointment when Niv present term expires june 1972." Snyder. 61, will Complete 40 years with the Kanawha county schools system in 1972. He said the Only reason for alerting the Board at this time is to give the Board ample time to select my Suc Cessor who. By Law. Must be appointed on or before May 1, 1972. The school Board considered 80 applications for the superintendent s Post before it named Snyder As successor to l. K. Lovenstein effective june 30, 1964. The superintendent is hired for fours years. At present the position pays annually. State Law requires a county superintendent to be a Resi Dent of West Virginia for at least one year before he As Sumes the office. Therefore if the Board would select a non resident educator to succeed Snyder he would have to be appointed by May a 1971, and move to West Virginia. A native of Roane county Snyder joined Kanawha county in 1932. Head Vance through the ranks. He taught at St. Albans High was principal of Nitro school when it included grades one through 12, was principal at South Charleston High until 195ft when he moved into the administrative office m ask text so Snyder p. 14, col. 1 exist in the country for five years. But the court turned around and ruled Congress has no Power to order the states to allow 18-year-Olds to vote in state and local elections. These four conclusions by the court in judging the 1s70 Law were produced by four separate lineups. Justice Hugo l. Black was the key Man so far As the 18-year-old vote was concerned. The ruling in the last Public session of the year took sever Al Hundred pages to set Forth the justices views. On the 18-year-old Issue Justice Hugo l. Black swung the significant fifth vote. He and justices William 0. Doug Las William j. Brennan jr., Byron r. White and Thurgood Marshall formed the majority to bold that Congress has the constitutional Power to enfranchise 18-year-old citizens for National elections. Then Black swung to join chief Justice Warren e. Burger John a Harlan Potter Stewart and Harry a. Black Mun to bar any interference by Congress with the age for voters set by the states for state and local elections. Only Harlan dissented from the abolition of residence requirements of More than 30 Days. In other actions today the court unanimously to review the 1967 conviction of former Senate aide Robert g. Bobby Baker on larceny income tax evasion and other charges. To decide whether Arizona s plan re apportioning legislative districts by using voter registration figures should be blocked. The 1970 Law had lowered the voting age to 18 for All kinds of state fill a year round need Money woes hit grandmother Kin who took her in and local beginning Jan. Days from now. Oregon and Texas had sued in the court against enforcement of the 18-year-old provision Arizona had fought the literacy test ban and Idaho had see vote p. 14. Col. 3 Jay walked by decision Secretary of stale John d. Rockefeller in said today he was disappointed by the . Supreme court s split decision on the right of 18-year-Olds to vote and that it could cause a lot of confusion in West Vir Ginia elections. It s really an Odd Way to go about Rockefeller said of the decision that lets your people vote in Federal elections and not in state and local elections. Many of the concerns of the Young Are at the state and local Levels according to the Secretary of state who is the chief election officer. Mechanically the decisions today Are going to complicate the voting procedures Here Rockefeller said. He added that he believes it will be necessary to keep two sets of voter for Federal elections one for state and local elections. And it probably will require two ballots where Apper ballots Are used he Sadi one for the 18-20 group one for those voters Over 21. While he is not sure Ami voting Rockefeller said it May also be necessary for counties that use them to provide two sets fur the two voting groups. The West Virginia Constitution undisturbed by today s High court decision fixes the voting age at 21 and can Only he changed by a Vole of the people. Case 23 sometimes a person can do the to right thine n find that a bad situation has been made worse. Mrs. G now wonders if she did the right by moving in with her daughter son in Law and three Chil Dren. At the time it seemed like a Good arrangement As mrs. A 69 and in poor health could not live by herself. For a while it worked out All right. Now however the son in Law is out of work and the family is suffering from great financial Strain mrs. G s total monthly income from the Kanawha county department of welfare is she tries to help her family but How far will less than a Day go to feed clothe and shelter a family of six mrs. G worries a lol about her family s dire situation and wonders if they would be better off without her living there. Complicating the concern is the fact that mrs. G cannot afford to clothe herself. A Case worker with the Dpi said mrs. G is in desperate need of underclothing she can make do with what dresses she has. She needs bed linens because she has been using her daughter s and they nearly Are worn out. But while these things would enhance Christmas for mrs. G she said it would t be right for me to get things and not my he children. They need Winter clothes shoes and the Case worker said that s100 would turn mrs. G s Bleak Outlook into one that s Bright and hopeful. Thig is oae of a series of cases published by tin Dally mall la its anneal neediest fond Appeal. Each of the cases has been verified by an Agency of the Coia Mavity Cucil

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