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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Charleston, West VirginiaThe weather Chy fair tonight Lav 51 sunny. Ram sunday High to. State far tonight. In 40s Tad 80j. Sunny sunday High in the. Final edition volume us no. 54 Charleston West Virginia saturday evening August 31, 1963 five cents descent into Hole after Bova in vain Miner s body Only remnants of Driller plug Hazleton a. A a courageous Volunteer has ended speculation that miss ing Miner Louis Bova might be entombed in the same underground chamber from which two companions were rescued. With this Hope for finding the 54-year-old Bova ended drillers continued work today on several 100-Yard deep shafts which might provide some clue to the whereabouts of Bova who has been missing since a mine Cave in at at nearby Sheppton aug. 13. So hazardous was the Mission performed Friday night by vol. Untener Andy Drebitko. 36, of Potts Ville. That his identity was not Dis closed until after he bad been hauled Back up a 308-fool-Shaft and reported no Trace of Bova. Is Only put the Shaft went to the chamber from which Bova s companions David Fellin. 33. And Henry throne 23. Had been rescued last tuesday alter two weeks entombment. A Remote controlled television camera lowered into the chamber for testing and i proration had picked up what . Charmbury Pennsylvania Secretary of mines had said appeared to be the image of a Man. Drebitko reported what appeared to be the image of a Man was the remains of a plug that had been used to close up the 12-Inch Hole before they widened it to 18 inches and brought Fellin and throne to the rope was curled around the plug. inspection of the area where Fellin and throne had Drebitko said indicated thai it would have been impossible to Tunnel from there to where Bova might be entombed on the opposite Side of the As soon As Drebitko made his report the drilling rigs which had been quiet along with every thing else except a Generator sup plying Power for electric Light started to churn again. Drebitko about 5-feet-s. Was lowered into the Shaft by about a dozen men holding onto a thick rope. Two dozen others manned three safety lines. Suspense in crowd Verj body s eyes were on the rescuer risks life Pennsylvania state mines Secretary Beecher h. Charmbury left congratulates Rescue worker Andy Drebitko of Pottsville pa., alter Drebitko returned from a dangerous descent of 330 feet in the Sheppton pa., mine in a search for missing Miner Lou Bova. Drebitko was lowered Down a drilled Hole by rope but found no Trace of wire photo. 10-foot hoist to which the rope was attached to provide addition Al Lemage. Suspense Hung heavily Over the crowd As Drebitko was lowered time. A few feet at a crippled plane left to crash four bail out ex1d, okla. Crippled Navy two engine b26 plane crashed in a open Field near Vance air Force base Early to Day after the Pilot and three passengers bailed out safely. Maj. James Stewart Public in formation officer at the base said the plane crashed shortly after the Pilot and three passengers bailed out safely. 4 passes made the Pilot made four Over the Field from 10.000 feet with one Man going out each Lime. The Pilot was the last Man out. Stewart said. We advised him of the Clear areas around Here and he pointed the plane toward an Unin habituated area and bailed his voice could be heard com ing faintly from the communications tent slowly keep it com ing keep it coming slowly slowly hold it. Now he reached the Bottom. The men on the surface held the lines. Drebitko was Back on set pit Hunt pm. A col. A rescuer had to twist Walls of drilled Hole not straight . A. In Andrew Drebitt the Miner who risked his life last night searching for another Miner trapped More than 300 feet underground said his dangerous trip Down an 18-Inch Hole was no different than i thought maybe it would bother he said. But it did he said he was too Busy observing the Walls of the Hole to worry i convinced myself that they could not have used a capsule want to hide Cash Here s Slickest Way London in the daily Mirror announced today the Winner of its contest for suggestions on How to hide a stack of stolen Cash. The Competition was inspired by Britain s s7-Mfflion train robbery. Intrigued by How the bandits hid their loot after the shakeout the Mirror asked How wild you hide pounds in suggestions poured in for hiding the Cash in toilet Rolls beehives garbage cans and burying it. But the 50-Pound prize went to h. Mcbride of Don Caster who said i would give it to my washers in Coin Rolls exposed con Man flees Bank Here a cagey Teller at the Bank of West Virginia yesterday outta neutered a con Man after be uncovered a trick which had paid names of the men were not in off handsomely in earlier transactions at two Parkersburg Banks mediately released. They were undergoing a routine medical Check but apparently were in sex see air fall pm. T. Col. I because of the deflections in the Walls of the Hole. I had to twist my body to get around them. A capsule could not have gotten Drebitko. 36. Of Pottsville r. D. I also confirmed the judgment of officials i drilling toward miss ing Miner Louis Bova 54, from above instead of attempting to Tunnel across to him from an underground chamber in which two other miners had been trap Ped. The other two David Fellin 58, and Henry throne a were pulled to safety after two weeks underground through the same Hole in which Drebitko descended. I Don t think it is possible to Cross Over the slope by Tun he mid. A is full of broken timbers and Good sized chamber Drebitko confirmed the Dis covery made earlier by Remote controlled television and still cameras that the underground chamber was larger than Fellin and throne described in Drebitko went Down into the chamber to me u Bora might it be there. Bova was t. He Esti mated the chamber floor area at about 140 Square feel Laid out roughly in a a shape about 14 feet at its widest. Drebitko who is 5-feet-s. Said be could stand up with plenty of head room in about three quarters of this area. David l. Dunkley the Teller at the West Side Bank netted a profit of from the stranger who had come in to take earlier state police said two Confidence men hoodwinked parkers Burg Banks out of with the same trick. Dunkley said he became suspicious when the stranger Laid Down several Rolls of Nickles dimes and quarters before him asking for an Exchange in Bills. He began unrolling the change and the Man darted for the Bank door got into a car with another Man and drove off. Looking into the Money before him Dunkley found out Why. The stranger had filled the Rolls of quarters mostly with Metal washers tearing Genu Fae coins at each end of the wrap per. Ills ele Klei and dime were All Good though. He left them la is Baste to Ftp Dunkley Comra edited today. State police were notified of the Racket earlier by the two parkers burs Banks which had fallen Vic Tim to the fraud. Tellers there had made the Exchange then found they had Given Good cur Rency away for Metal washers in the Rolls of change. Police were alerted to notify Banks of the happening but Dunk Ley had not received word of the Parkersburg transaction when one of the strangers approached him police believe the men who pulled the trick at Parkersburg Are the same As who failed in their attempt to raise easy Money Here. Today s Index ii Section Bridge classified comics crossword editorials Horoscope my answer Page 6 obituaries 10 sports 14 Heaters Page big Saigon rally stirs . Agency pro diem display puts information Center on guard Saigon South Viet Nam a South vietnamese staged a massive porn Rovern mint demonstration in Iron of the u. S. Information Agency Headquarters today hailing president n co Dinh diem and assailing Security by coincidence or in Tention the demonstration was held at Saigon s main downtown mall an intersection of Jevera boulevards in front of the . In formation Agency Headquarters. . Officials reinforced the Marine guard at the Agency build ing and americans were Reques lec to remain indoors throughout the two hour demonstration. Strained relation s the additional Marine guard was ordered As a precaution against incidents that could fur ther Strain relations Between this War torn Southeast asian nation and its . Ally Over diem s Hart crackdown on buddhists and their followers. Two More american advisors were killed Friday in the War against communist guerrillas. Government troops guarded the mall in front of City Hall and were posted at the four boulevards leading into the demonstration area. Soldiers with portable radio units were deployed several blocks from the mall. By Early morning about 30.000 workers and students had Gath ered at the mall milling under banners hailing diem. The nation meanwhile slipped into its Ullh. Day of martial Law amid promises from government and military officials the a citric ions would be lifted soon. Saigon continue to move toward Norm Alcy. On another front however. Communist gunners shot up 18 . 1121 helicopters and killed two americans Friday in what was described As one of the fiercest operations against Corn Cong guerrillas. Americans were Monist Viet three other wounded. . Discounts de Gaulle idea Washington api us offi rials discounted As impractical to Day a proposal by French presi proud Day old mrs. Ellen Miller Happy and proud is shown. With her Day old twin Andi Tommy. Tommy on the left. This is the i second in of twin boys for mrs. Miller. Her third wedding Annh friary is sept. 10 daily mail photo by Earl Benton. A growing married 3 years has 4 children by Jack Greene of the Dally mall staff mrs. Ellen Miller has been married three years and she has four children. The 27-Yearold South Charleston woman yesterday gave birth of twin boys at Mcmillan Hospital in a repeat performance. Mrs. Miller Tun years ago last May had twin boys. The first set came As a sur Rise but she Learned hire weeks ago that it would be twins again. What was her reaction when she Learned that her baby would e babies i thought it was this also is the sentiment of ice husband Walter Miller 31, a Carbide research chemist. The growing Miller lives at 1207 Shady Way in the Rock Village Section of South Happy when they come Lau hed mrs. Miller. She said the twin habit does not come from her Side of the . It must be from my husband. His Mother was an identical perhaps the next Miller twins will be identical. Charleston. Both the and twin pairs of were waiting for Tim Othy Herbert and Thomas Huston when they arrived Friday at a. M. They will be called Timmy and Tommy. They arc not identical but to a reporter they look alike. The Green eyed Mother was anxious to get Home with her Fabics. Is she in for a big Job dad deserts quadruplets in dire need Chicago Tel the first known set of identical quadruplets in the b United states is living in poverty in a broken Home a court action disclosed yesterday. The Little Shawna Sherry and Shannon Harris of. No. Twins Are really no Horn june 30 to a Neiweem assembler and his cordial co but sen. George d. Aiken of i Ermont the Senate s senior re Mulican and a member of the foreign relations committee said he United states should take up de Gaulle on his offer to relieve us of our responsibilities in South Viet we be invested about billion n that area and i am delighted if France is willing to take Over our responsibilities Aiken said. French ambassador Herve hand discussed the de Gaulle Nove with Secretary of state Dean Rusk Friday then told re porters it was not intended As a Lap at . Policies in the South ast asian country. What de Gaulle seemed to it suggesting. As presented by Al yemeni truce failures Laid to . Brass Beirut. Lebanon api a United nations source charges that poor administration by . Headquarters in new York has doomed the . Peace making at tempt is Yemen to Complete and dangerous failure. The informant who refused to be identified publicly observed first hand the activities of . Personnel to Yemen to the agreement under which tha United Arab Republic formerly Egypt and saudi Arabia Are to get out of the Yemen civil War. The informant said the . Teams in Yemen were under manned discouraged desperately Short of rations and without sufficient aircraft to Supply their re Mote outposts in the deserts and mountains of the red sea country. Despite these conditions the in Formant . Observers Nave been Able to determine that neither saudi Arabia nor 1i.a.r. Is living up to the Accord Tully. And. The source asserted. . Detected signs of direct soviet participation in the conflict. The source said . Personnel in Yemen believed saudi Arabia s Crown Prince Feisal had ordered a halt to Aid to Yemen royalist i i in line with the agreement but i that the . Men had seen saudi hand was that France stands boat was intercepted in the South support for the Olarri Chil a people in the communist Northen Art of the country As Well As in he War torn Southern part to As Ert National Unity and inde in dance with Freedom from both Eastern and Western a policy of neutrality. The impractical aspect of As . Officials see it is that in Laully s words might be listened o at least by some people in the Southern part of the country but 10 to 5 that he has no possibility of 4 w arming up d hearing in the Korth and that the 6j women s to concept of neutrality therefore has health 10 no workable application in Viet Nam. Holiday motor toll hits 73 400 More expected to die by the associated press multiple fatality accidents marred the beginning of the 78 hour labor Day weekend Friday sort areas and the Homes of relatives. In addition there was one drown ing. The National safety Council has night and today As millions of estimated that 430-520 americans May die before Midnight monday. Motorist took to the nation s High ways for summer final Holiday. The death count began slowly but picked up momentum this morning in the tint full Day of the weekend. Michigan boy and two visiting canadians were killed in the collision of two cars at a Rural intersection six other persons were injured. Three persons were killed and traffic Accident had taken 73 Jucs m Motorist beaded or re-1 la 0 the death count began at f . Friday. The record for traffic a Latitie for a Day weekend ii 501, established last year. Two separate Accident took six i adalae mich., 4-year-old missed a curve and struck a util Ity pole in Webster . A suburb of Rochester. The safety Council estimated that motor vehicle travel during the Long weekend would total 1.4 billion Miles the heaviest in Hii cry for a labor Day weekend. Meany stresses jobless problem Washington in the prob Lem standing above All others on labor Day 1963 is the state of the National Economy. Afir Cio pres ident George Meany declared to Day. Until the nation can solve unemployment he said it cannot Deal effectively with the struggle three were injured when their car or civil rights and equal Job Opportunity. Behind the statistic and percentages Meany said Are people of families forced through no fault of their own to suffer Muery and despair which inevitably follow in Wake of unemployment the that she is Happy with her new and healthy weighed 5 pounds and 13 ounces and Thomas ounces in a Superior court yesterday judge James Russon ordered the father Bernard 13. To Lomas 6 pounds and 9 support of a week at birth is evident to la for those around her at the Hospital. What about the Way her other twins will receive their Brothers both Are going around sex to royalist held areas. Saudi liar. Son officers warned .1 team of not to interfere Tho source added. However the informant the saudi violations Are not Al Harris already had week. As he egyptians claim in payments pending the out in their Ottn it Fenea come to a paupers suit by he in. For the quads and for their brother. Shawn. 1. Bies. They May not 1 l Miu. Till 1io maintenance it was disclosed. Nol to and is Harris left the . The withdraw troops i who fought in Ide the yemeni re publicans. The Nurre said . Obs Erms dad established that Al 13 Japan fishermen j mrs. Beatrice Lewis employee Enlon curl re Puccini by a charitable organization said released by Russia four Rirl blk food and four Rirl blk food and Tokyo if Russia today re a nothing in the Flat where All egyptian Irons with. To the . Were re i placed by Froh troops. J the informant said . Observers also Hail intercepted air mrs. Harris father. I Lwrence Jailil Mumuni Raimont in Smith who works it a garage. I Uidl 5o. In Manila a formosan fishing apparently provides Pilot afro leased 13 japanese fishermen eap the. Lured Olf Northern hokkaido main they can t live on baby for Island for alleged violation of so Nula she said. Viet territorial Waters the Mari a time safety Board said. Philippine Navy vessel and chinese Crew of nine charged with illegal entry philippine news service reported the get by on two meals id other was the quads grandmother mrs there Are the Ellie Smith said the adult of 1hcm in Var Loday. Daily. Boats cars jets where s Kennedy going sen. Byrd asks Yemen Are also flying the four hour sup. July run from Cairo to san a. Yemen capital in soviet i and Iet guards were re ported to have forcibly removed a . Observer from san a air a. In sen. Harry f. Byrd chairman of the Senate finance committee won dered aloud today whether pres ident Kennedy really needs All those planes and yachts limousines and things. The Virginia in Socrat. Who yields to no Ite publican when it comes to advocating less fed eral spending said the president u a Busy Man and he must Leable to move and act quickly and i certainly do not i grudge him any recreation he is Able to find. But consider the land sea and air transport available to the while House. There Are the 10 helicopters. The president s private million fan Jet booing. Boeing assigned o the White House by the air Force. Air Douglas dc6r for airports that can t take a 21 foot in Neon Continental automobile and three other cars in addition to secret service vehicles and the and i regular while i luxe Heel. J a special Railroad car. Two yachts. Another yacht available from the Navy and a racing yawl supplied through the coast Byrd in a speech for his 4iu annual Apple Orchard picnic noted that a House subcommittee had approved the presi Dent s request for two new twin Jet helicopters costing eath. Government economists he raid Are advocating pending More and cutting taxes at the same time these ideas Don t sound like men looking or new frontiers. They sound like rep Van Charley West says my it on the hark list the full tray it Dora Wen Ai i Cut the Wathor Elf Fml Poftak. T

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