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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 4

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Charleston, West VirginiaWithout or with to friends or i sketch coir word exactly As it com monday evening August 14, 19o7 i will Cost less to finish than to leave the Prog ram i incomplete with the opening of every bid on Kanawha county s million school construction program the simple truth has a been on million the Board of cannot begin to build the kind of school Plant it prom ised and the voters approved two years ago. The explanation is just As simple As the facts Are Plain. Since the initial projections were made on what it would take to bring the county s school Plant up to Date costs have risen All along the line. Result bids on construction estimated to Cost say Are coming in at and even and the spread Between estimates arid realities is much the same whether the architects set their original sights on or million. In any is How Clear that million will not buy at prevail ing what the school system needs or what the architects thought they could get. In another context this experience could be read and studied As an. Exer Cise in the economics of inflation. Most of its benefits Are illusory and its costs Are often disastrous. For the1 moment the Board of Educa Tion has no time for such reflection. The Choice is either to. Cut Back the building program tailoring the construction to the funds available or to seek additional funds and Complete the Job according to specifications. Actually this is not a Choice for the Board to make. It belongs to the people who must live with pay for and profit by the kind of schools they get and in deferring to them the Board has chosen the Wise course. What they should do about it can be discussed Between now and late october the Date set for another Bond election. The discussion will show that it will Cost them far less to raise the Money and finish the Job than to Call it off and Settle for less than they need. There he goes hot after dragons a Young Friend of ours who treasures his motorcycle the Way men once treas ured a trotting horse advises us As Fol lows if he must a. Crash. Helmet i steel Corset heavy leather goggles arid All that stuff to get about Jpn his Tomb Mark la just dinged a danged going to do that Way and he might As a i ibus. R we asked Hin How much stun he thought it would be to into a Brick severing his spinal coi ugh at the neck stripping All the flesh from his Good right leg and puncturing both lungs he looked at us As if we were crazy obviously trusting no one Over 30 years of age and sped away on his super super Charger much like St. George we imagine thirsting after that bloody dragon. That s the trouble we suspect with trying to enforce safety in motor cycling. It s a Little bit like trying to pre scribe a Safe Way to jump from the 18th floor of the Kanawha Valley building. For a Man intent upon his is no really Safe Way. He just in t think ing along those lines. Iros Coc Drummond dilemma Lack of Coalescence advice to re publican Gover minors unite be a Moder ate presidential c a n d i Date or lose out. This counsel comes from a successful re publican of Long experience sen. of Pennsylvania who is contacting a wide Cross Section of gop governors in the right cause at the right time for the right Rea sons. He has the Active support of governors Spiro t. Agnew of Maryland John Chafee of Rhode Island John love of Colorado and others and the Case they Are making is this that it would be disastrous if the gop governors now in office in 25 states with 60 per cent of the population and More than a majority of elec toral votes permit a tightly organized minority to repeat what happened in 1964. It could happen in 1968. Senator Scott s wide Politi Cal experience As an eight term congressman and a two term senator As. A National Campaign manager and As chairman of the Republican National committee has shown him what the newer. Governors May not realize that at conventions the cer gains defeat the Uncer. this is Why Scott and those who share his concern Are warning that if the governors remain in the ranks of the Uncertain they will be throwing away the Opportunity to influence the Choice of nominee and leaving the decision to the harder working my Reading of the political sentiment of the Gor Gover a nors is that them Are willing to support Gover nor Romney that Many would like to Back governor Rocke Feller and that most would prefer Richard Nixon Over. Governor Reagan. This suggests that timing is a major Factor in any Success Ful Effort to get the governors to coalesce behind a single moderate candidate. Apart deciding not to remain too Long they have to let the leading con and Romney test their strength with the voters. The first two. Primaries new Hampshire in March and Wisconsin in april will provide such a test. If one wins both decisively the other will be out of the race. If Romney takes both Pri Maries it will be easy for most of the governors to unite Beh Iid. Him. Of. Nixon 5.lakes both Pri Maries this will confront the moderate and most of them a difficult decision with will they try to get Rockefeller into the. Picture and thus put their sup port where their hearts Are or will they Back Nixon on the ground that he would have the Best Chance of averting a re Agan nomination which they want to avoid at All costs this is what really holds Back from coalescing behind a single candidate. There is Strong Rockefeller sentiment but Rocke Feller remains unequivocally behind Romney and is going to remain there As Long As Romney has a Chance. Charles Bartlett stripped of niceties the Aims of Germany stripped of All the niceties aim of Chancellor Kurt Ledsinger s Mission to Washington is to persuade presi Dent Johnson to maintain the american troop level in eur Ope while West Germany cuts Back her defense plans. This is an audacious under taking at a time when the president is caught in a budget squeeze of his own and Many regard the Federal Republic As an increasingly laggard partner in such free world ventures As nato Aid to the developing countries resisting communism in Asia and re form of the monetary system. President Johnson and his official family took great pains to hide their Wrath from the Public when Bonn s defense cutback became known in july. The president did not want another open Row with the germans because no one was helped by the publicized tussle Over offset payments last year. But a measured Volley of righteous indignation was privately conveyed to the Chancellor. Or. Johnson was put out because the German cabinets action announced without warning to the White. House could reopen the pan Dora s Box of troubles which lilt May s trilateral agree inert Between the Rafaly and Britain we nope fully designed to contain. The Crux of Tow agreement was a surrender of the past insistence that the West Ger mans offset the Cost of keep ing military men and their in Germany. In return the Pentagon secured the right to bring Home men along with a method of avoiding Gold losses to the germans and an understanding that no one would severely Cut their de sense Levels without Consulta Tion. I the essence of the trouble is Congress awareness that the allies sharing the Burden of european defense. The germans have eight men per population under the u. S. Has 16. The germans allocate 4.1 per cent of their defense the u. S. Allocates 8.6 per cent. Germany holds her draftees for 18 months the u. A for 24. After France built her Force de Frappe she Cut her stand ing army by almost two thirds. The other european allies have sliced their garrisons. But the United states despite her elaborate deploy ment of nuclear missiles has Clung original nato commitment. Managing until now to stave off demands by at least 44 senators for substantial reduction of the troops in Europe Secretary Mcnamara cum emphasized the danger of giving the wrong signal to tha communists. It would be he said to tear Down our defences in a fit of five years exhorting the germans have convinced most officials that nothing much will come of trans Atlantic sermonizing. So now the alter native is to exhort Congress to pay the Price of Security no matter what the allies do. This threatens to be increase it is disturbing that time and re emergence As an Indus trial Power have not inspired the germans to play an increasingly creative responsible role in world is painfully. Clear that they can not yet count political Matur Ity among their blessings. The performance record should leave no one surprised that they Are responding with a Flicker of adolescence to their economic Pinch. It is per haps Wiser to be grateful for signs that Kiesinger is belatedly showing some sensitivity for the president s problems with Congress 1 the War seems to have taught the germans to avoid the As sumption of external responsibilities. This country s experiences since the War have taught that lie nation which assumes them is increasingly stuck with them. So they say Federal Trade com criticizing costly advertising campaigns of major Oil companies that Are pasted on to the consumer rather than put a Penny in the con Sumer s pocket the major Oil company prefers to put a Tiger in the con Sunafr d or a raffle ticket in his hand y you were cute when you were Young inside City Hall by Charles Connor it appears n o w t h a t Charles ton s proposed Public improve ment Bond Issue next april will be third in line for citizens to vote upon. Upcoming this fall apparently will be a Bond Issue of approximately million for schools another one of undetermined amount for county improvements and then next Spring the Long awaited one for the City. City hah is hopeful that Charleston citizens will not for get that they have not made any major purchases for a number of years not since the mid-i950 s. When they approved a million Issue that built the civic Center and provided major Street improvements. There is the danger that by the around Vot ers May tire of spending Money and say in Charleston s Case this would be a shame. Charleston is in an enviable position insofar As its bonded indebtedness is concerned. Most cities in this country have bad a doubling of re venues a doubling of expend ures and a doubling of debt in the past 10 years. Not Charleston. Not so far As the debt is concerned. It has More than doubled its Revenue. General fund collections in 1956 amounted to millions in 1986 they amounted to millions. Expenditures also have More than doubled. The City spent millions in 1956, millions in the area of debt How Ever Charleston s report is encouraging. Ten years ago the City s debt for 18 items t Bridges the civic Center auditorium Street improvements and others bought on the instalment plan stood at million. This has been reduced to Mil Lions today. I by 1973, the City will have paid off 11 of its present 18 is sues in full will be stamped across Bills for the South Side Bridge municipal auditorium Kanawha Boulevard Bridge across Elk River the Lee Street Bridge a deep sewer project Kanawha Boule Vard several fire stations and other items. Voters. Should keep this in mind when they step up next april to consider some Long needed improvements such As. Railroad separations the Urban renewal projects third in line traffic signalization and recreational facilities. Certainly after fuming and fussing and. Only talking about underpasses on the West Side for 35 years it s past time to a loosen the purse strings and buy two or three. Redeveloping the Triangle District is another project Long overdue and the City will present other items that should be equally attractive to want to Charleston move meanderings there was this norwegian official de parting Kanawha Airport the other Day at the same time Cherry River people were inducting mayor Dodson into decked but in full regalia including a plumed hat and shoulder eau the mayor made a strik ing figure when him Over to Greet the official from Norway Cit manager Vincent it All have seen the. Norwegian when he was introduced to Elmer wearing All that regalia be did t know we did things up so Well in Reish Man commented a. Aye Aye Admiral both top City officials were at the Airport to Welcome miss Usa to. Town. Should t someone stay be Hind to guard City mail readers of View lady on Telephone obviously wrong to the daily mail As i returned to dear old Lorris Harvey for the third College try my mind wan dered into the past. Eight ears before i had enrolled o major in a division of humanities. A year later i was , in no Small Jart to a disagreement with 3 professor of my major. He was a Man who bad several degrees and much experience in the and it had been disrespectful to question him. After four years in the serv be trained and Active in my beloved division of human ties i was deemed grownup enough to be readmitted on. Academic and social Proba Ion. One year and i knew hat this division of human ies was an anachronism. This being the situation and being a lesser Man than toward Roark i returned to make a third bid to graduate. Was prepared to Roll with he status quo punches this Ime. I was Happy to be Back in school. However one incident did occur recently. When i of my Bill for the summer session it included a Stu Dent Union fee. My wife and agreed that it was a mis Ake due to the fact that if one chooses to go to the Stu Dent Union and i Sel Dom had this fee would mean he was paying for the Prev Leges of buying books Ood and games of billiards and Ping Pong. I called to Clear it up. That is said the voice on the phone. What is it or us Well in regular sessions the fee will be but in summer school it s Only what is it. I repeated. Do you what is the fee using the student i Don t use the s t u d in t we have no Way of know ing k who originated this lit came from or. Blank s the next Day i watched or. Blank As he walked Down the Hall. I know a Christian Man who is not Money mad. When i see him. Or. Blank is such a Man and would never think of doing such a thing As Levy ing a student Union fee. The lady on the phone obviously was wrong Reaser Charleston aug. 9 a fair punishment to the daily. Mail i appreciate the fair cities of this state. been in a number states when times were hard and i found it difficult to live but this which there Are so Many understanding people make life Worth living i to get to the Point i like the towns cities of your state and i am looking Forward to meeting More of your Fine citizens. But there is also something else though i leave that to your charge and that is your magistrates. They will i feel not Over look the Laws of god old and new As de Creed by the most High to feel As i think the magistrates feel that they will do right for and by the citizens of this state and must not perpetrate trod Ding the lowly citizens. It is about time we Ashu Man kind should put Forth More Effort to be truthful and fair in our judgment of our fellow we know our need and that is to -60 away with injustice James or. Gregory Quinwood aug. 9 for fair judgment to the Dally mail i read the article entitled what Are juries dated july 14, 1967, in the Reader s Point of View. I am in full Accord with the feelings of the writer. She stated that John Larry Bronaugh was to be tried As an adult and. For second de Gree murder he should have been sentenced five to 18 years in prison was definitely unfair that the judge sent him to Prunty town. If people think they can get off that easy we better plan on hearing about a lot More such murders. The minute Bronaugh was Man enough to take that knife with Bun and use it he was Man enough to go to Pris on and sweat the punishment Oul the judge should have is sued the sentence that second degree murder deserves. In Stead the judge sent him where boys Are sent for Petty theft writing bad checks Etc. Now i ask. You and the judge who sentenced him is this a fair punishment for taking a life which is god s great creation miss d. Frena Charleston aug. 9 the Small society by Rickman Pip Vou Heap the about the nipple East will probably usual enforcement demanded rioting shooting burning and by mobs of ram ppm Iii negroes Are Crines that Cabot and must not be tolerated w. Justification for lawlessness regard less of any which it May be invoked. Crime is be rime whether it s in the name of civil rights or anything else the time has come to put an end to the violent and destructive outbreaks and depredations that have scarred and mutilated Large s m All communities across the coun try this summer. They must be dealt with exactly for what they Are defiant and rebellious attacks against Law and order. The Blunt and forceful pronouncement of a leading Senate democratic Liberal with a Long record for championing civil rights and other far reaching reforms. Says senator Vance Hartke ind regardless of what causes Are invoked by rioters their burning looting shooting and other outrages Are crimes against our society and must be regarded As crimes and dealt with As crimes. The american people both negro and White Are thoroughly fed up. With the devastating transgressions perpetrated against our Homes and our while mentioning no names nor citing any instances Hartke makes it feels there has been too much poli tics in dealing with rioters. Far More prompt vigor Ous and decisive Law enforce ment than has been displayed is urgently called for. We must Stop letting poli tical considerations Law enforcement y s Hartke and take a positive stand against the violence and lawlessness that Are closing Down entire cities. Behave got to put our own House in order and if a militant stand for Law arid order then it is. High tune we met that Issue head of i cannot understand Why our nation s enforce Ament officers cannot read the riots act to rioters and those. Who insure ref Tori this is the Day of the new i three r a if self designated leaders of minority ready to assert their rights they must also assume the two r s of Respens Obj Lity and i How to Deal ,.with or it is senator Hartke s con Tention Tea t riots arid Les Ness i a putting Large numbers of unemployed to work would accomplish two vital objectives in one lag Ging National Economy a much needed shot a we respect in of men who having a Job them a sense of of being a tree on Mii nity arid offer coining a Citi let s put ail Able Ameri a can jobless to declares Hartke. Is testy of. Work to be done. We massive rebuild our Central cities to Clew out the slums to build schools and highways termed a massive Back to work pro Gram that among other .thugs., would p it an end. To the continuing pollution that thre Tetts our water supplies and the a we breathe to we need jobs and Job train ing and not hand outs Are to inculcate the a sense of and respectability. Our most press. Ing Challenge today is to feat with our glutted cities our crime our poverty our water and air. Pollution our housing needs and no less important our loss of morality science. A rebuild America Gram would go. Along Way to alleviate these desperate prob a lems arid restore strength. The Cost is. Cheap at any Price if we Are to As a United nation human values which made predictions canal will be reopened in a few months despite ser s demand that Israel draw from powerfully influencing the Tian ruler s Bac Down is Toft big Boom West seven Anes shipbuilders Al bidding on 10 others of and. Additional orders Ite int the All these tankers mean less business Foit the Stokey Cariri ilk Al loud talking leftist Black Power Lammerer won t turning time. From Cuba has been Monist the a Fonner a acc head will go other Arab. A result of president son s decision to Send another troops to Vietnam there. Be a Large Mcpease enl draft callus the of this . Starting in jul jump to Thusia Stic reception he got at s big fund Raisig dinner in Sajec Francisco last sent Ator Robert Kennedy agreed to attend los Angeles in the fall John Chamberlain is there any Hope in the Central City liars can Fig lure but figures when they Are accurately set Down Don t lie. And it is in the shifts in Popula statistics that one can come upon the reasons for the sudden eruption of riots and race in America. The trouble is that we have ceased to be a Unity without really becom ing a nation of City dwellers. Back in 1935 More thatt. 30 million people lived on our farms in 1965, the figure had shrunk it 12 the big movement of the Popula Tion has not been into the Cit ies. Suburbs that have grown smaller total of City dwellers has indeed in creased being close to 60 million but the proportion in relation to the rest of the population has. Dropped 30 per farm mechanization hit the South later than elsewhere so the negroes have been the last to leave the farms. Like other groups in the course of transition they have gone where Are c h e a p est to the areas in our Cen trial cities which have been hollowed out by the migrations of other minorities to the suburbs. The negro has t yet had time to make it on his own. But the question is can he make it in the Central City our political leaders say that he can provided he has help. Senator javits of new York thinks a million appropriation to Spur the eco nomic development of slum areas might serve to do the trick. President j o h n a on warns Congress that it must get on with the Model tier program the rat c o a t r o 1 , and Ibe various anti poverty Meas ures. Others put their taut in massive sums for education. But the big unanswered ques Tion is whether the Central City itself is Worth the trouble of preserving. In asking for Money to Spur Law envelopment in the we now can go Otto n have our political leaders conf suited Industry the Day of the four Story Urban factory has Long since passed the new unit in Industry is Apt to be a nifty one floor edifice set somewhere in a bucolic Green Lawn with plenty parking space out Back for the work ers cars. The work done in the Central City tends and More to be paper work which can be done in sky scrapers. But the hordes that pour into the skyscrapers be Ong to the Middle classes and they. the. Soney needed to themselves migrations from Piedmont the be Delta farm into trial City have less coincided with the development of zoning in Small towns and suburbs. Zoning was not aimed to keep out the negro it was adopted because those who had fled from the Cen i trial no t want to re peat the conditions from which they had there s no sense reproducing the City in the country. By a fantastic coincidence however the proliferation of ing has kept the i Earp from by passing the Central City in his. Particular quest for a Uge the mechanized cop Toh Pla Haidn which1 can m longer offer him a living. No body just out of the missis Sippi Delta farm the Money to pay for a Home on a the Dii Emina that but political leaders have not faced. It could have been made less formidable if they minimum wage Law which ii nicely calculated to s t o the movement of factories to the tit negroes have been desert Liber d to Force the migration to the Central City it to. Their victims to do More than Mouth the current clicbes1 about ending poverty in a place where in the nature of than i it can t be ended. A Tiv have some fresh to get the Tegro out it the Central City. A

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