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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 2

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Charleston, West VirginiaLocal National Sun sets National forecast showers and Are forecast tonight in the Southwest and the sierras. Scattered showers also Are expected in Southern Minnesota and the Western portions of Kentucky. A wanning trend is expected in the great lakes Region and the Mississippi wire Boto map. Moon first Quarter set barometer Reading noon 29.16 steady relative humidity noon Suigay i temperature Range High 77 . Low hourly Airport temperature presidential Campaign assailed b buddhists brought wild cheers am applause from the More than 800 Buddhist followers at a new conference. The struggle movements p extremist buddhists have in the a struggle move past been Able to help topple governments and bring thou Saigon a South Viet Nam s militant buddhists Vowel today to stage protests again the government s recognition o a rival faction As the country official Buddhist Church Anc hinted at in a strongly worded state Sands of demonstrators into the ment the leadership also de streets. But is be bounced the current presidential lived to have greatly Dimin Campaign and called for dras shed following their clash with voted unanimously today to per tic they avoided saying wha form the protests would take but questions about struggle movements or demo Stra about struggle heir news conference at the an and photographer for the pro raid two of the court members buddhists cheered As their Lead e. S. Thompson and Henry c continued from Page one ers accused uie government shores asked for time then to fighter bombers destroyed or damaged 143 pieces of Rollin Stock in the triads sunday at Lang son Lang Giar and land Dang. A was the greatest number of pieces of Railroad equipment Ever wrecked in one Day Ita the War this strike Force said one 20-car train and one 35-car train m different inc tips of Lang Dang Skong a26 Miles from China were both covered by of 750 and bombs. Air Force pilots attack Rau Yarov on the m their ii and specific Auy chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu of trying to suppress and destroy Bud Thieu signed a charter Thi ast week of july which set up Saigon s Buddhist Institute the Vien Hoa Dao As the official Buddhist Church of South Viet Nam and squeezes the an Quang buddhists from1 control of the unified Buddhist Church. The Viet Hoa Dao and me an Emy ground fire. Only Light to moderate antiaircraft fire was on Lang son to fits communist ported. In the tion1 the North end of area. K i Al till i Ili Jill Iii Quang buddhists have been Mons employed by the Church fighting bitterly for months for on the project in the United control of the unified Hurch which is unified in name Rily. Downed airmen s published by Hanoi paper Tokyo the Vietnam lews Agency said free u. S. Airmen communist nation saturday were published in North Viet am s official ban Dan news paper today. Vna identified the three ments of the 196tb. Light infant Force of u. S. Troops reported kiting 48 communists. The it. S. Command said that in another Crew american operation Cochise launched by ele ments of two Marine regiments last Friday Between Tarn by marines have been killed and. 22 wounded in scattered thirteen enemy have been reported South Viem amese Fae adquary ters reported gunners Early monday lobbed 68 rounds of b40. Antitank Rock ets and 82mm mortar on the Northwest of 50 Miles Saigon and communist defector Center near Tiro defectors to the govern ment were killed and three wounded. A spokesman said the Only damage at the to a pump machine. He also said that a platoon of govern ment militiamen providing Security at the defector Center suffered Light casualties. F o u r attackers were killed. of 1st brigade suffered 12 wounded sunday night when guerrillas fired 60mm Moziar rounds into their positions. About 40 Miles to the North vietnamese rangers the ridges where they had battled an estimated North vietnamese regulars for two Days West of Tarn by said today they had killed 156 enemy sol Diers and captured 45 weapons. Uliey reported they had suffered moderate casualties in the initial engagement saturday two reinforcing battalions re ported Light casualties. Vietnamese militia defending the Huong Dien sub sector pos on the coast 10 Miles North of i Hue reported killing 52 guerrillas in a six hour Battle sunday the defenders suffered Light casualties an army spokesman said. Government troops said they captured three automatic rifles six rocket launchers am 100 packages of int which apparently had planned to the outpost. Reports from ceo Una a provincial capital 72 mites West of Saigon said communist mor Tan killed seven dependents o South let name troops Anc Woi bed 12 in an Accident hear two 60mm mortar rounds fired by was Matais in no Premier Nguyen Cao by last it copying of the county rec ords by the . Vernon a mormon year. The militant buddhists held Quang Pagoda Saigon head quarters of their permission Friday. Venerable Tri Quang. The photos others Are copying rec ords in latin America and eur Ope he told the court Friday. Arrangements Are that the Church will make an extra i it film record of the1 Kanawha and present the extra to the director by the state department of archives and history or. James Hupp. If the county wishes to obtain of the fins i for itself Dotso at ?2.50-per, 100 oot Roll. In the event the records stored in the. Courthouse or other Apt. Thomas Vance Parrott a. Norris Gabd ed1 cows. Atterbery. It did not Spe. Were killed to 2s Means the copies in storage in Utah would be available to the said sunday records this week. He said he Leeds the use of a Small room raid Over Hanoi saturday and Tany pilots Ca Turai in Washngton the Pentagon said capt Thomas Vance Par Rott capt Thomas e. Norris nere listed saturday As ing. Miss probation Given pair for thefts intermediate judge George Wood today men on Proba Norman Bradley 26, of Liber it. 1, Putnam county was Iven three years probation for burglary of a dwelling in the anytime a charge to which he leaded guilty., he was charged in the theft e Worth of silverware rom a South Hills residence in Arch. Bradley must also make Resti tuition of Jerry Harmon 19, of swans nest. Albans was Given two ears probation on a guilty plea o Petty larceny. That was re used from the indictment Narge of breaking and enter ing the Charleston transit co ability in St. Albans. Last january bus tickets and Cash Worth a total of Here taken from Charleston transit at St. Albans. St Albans Ilice had charged Harmon with he crime. Week Day. Eye Joni pm it Tai Tow Sun 1 . 2 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . I . .9 . N . 73 . 74 2 . 73 3 75 4 . 76 5 74 t . 73 7 . 71 . 64 9 . 6110 . A. Ragweed pollen count any number More than. 10 is considered significant mormon Given court okeh to copy records the Kanawha county court act had made the request for about the proposal. This morning shores moved and Thompson acceptance of Saunders offer the court president j. Kemp Mclaughlin voted with the other two. Members. County records except adoptions on microfilm for storage in an underground vault in the Rocky mountains near. Salt. Lake City Saunders is one of nine mor r of cow copying the county records week Lere will take from three to six months he said. From Here he expects to go to another county eventually plans to and capt. Edwin l. Atterberry the records in All the 55 counties of West Virginia. Spain mine blast Khisic Meresi. Spain explosion killed at least one Coal Miner critically Hurt another and trapped 14 or 15 in a mine near Mieres today. One body was removed from lie pit at a Crit Cally injured Miner was rescued about two hours after the blast. Seventeen miners were first reported trapped but mine officials said later they were not certain of the number. Two men held on two chaise too men charged with an aug. 7 drop store break ing and entering were held to the jury today in municipal Samuel Harris and John Terry 24, Are accused of break ing and enteric pm Knees Cor Ner drug inc., and attempting to remove the company Safe patrolman r. L. Roworth Testi fied he saw the. Men trying to drag the Safe from the at Central ave. The police Man said he jumped from the Cruiser and chased two suspects the officer told the judge that Terry got into., a parked. Car started it up and tried to rut him Down it was at this Point Taid be. Fired a warning shot and Terry surren Harris was arrested after dil Worth identified him from police file pictures. A. Harris told the court conflict ing stories. His attorney Jack Savage asked him if he was involved in the crime. Told the court. You mean there was no one with asked him. I do not wish to disclose his name at this Harris said it was t Terry. Judge Charnock ordered both held to the grand jury and set Bond at s. Koreans repel commie ambush Seoul of South koreans Manning a guard Post on the cast Central front repelled a Sorth korean ambush sunday tilling three communist at Ackers the army reported. However the army said four spilt korean sentinels were tilled and six others wounded when their guard Post was at asked by an unknown number of ambushes who threw Gre Nades and fired automatic weapons.1.1 the sentinels returned fire and eat off the attackers who fled across the demilitarized zone leaving behind three bodies Hie report said. Congo bolsters troops in Battle a quoting radio Kinshasa the belgian radio announced today. That the congolese government had sent reinforcements for a b 1 1 e against the rebellious in Erdenar Ess holding the Kiva by Wye the tile con Olese radio announced were being airlifted rough Burundi the congolese radio also said that congolese soldiers launders said today he Hopes were now ready to oust Jean begin copying the Kanawha Schramm and his army of about mercenaries and a Arigan troops from Bukavu. Schramm occupied Bukavu a nearly congolese soldiers. Synthetics gradually replace carpet Wool Norfolk is. W ports of carpet Wool last year Otalee 142 million pounds 4 percent Over 1965 but 25 per cent under the 196044 average. U. S. Manufacturers continue o use More maim Nade fibres in rugs and this has affected the Quantity of carpet Wool imported carpet Wool consumption was 104 million pounds in 1966 Down from an average of 145 million pounds a year during 956-60. Diamonds have been Cut with As Many As 144 facets but the typical Cut is 58. Mrs. Carol j. Black apparently strangled tour Job slain mrs. Carol Jean strangled was found Friday night by her stretched across., the bed of a downtown Dallas hotel suite. A Man As a business executive hired mrs. Black from a part time employment Agency for secretarial work. He is being sought in connection with her death. Harbin granted continuance in gambling trial another continuance has been Randal in the trial of. Harold Harbin of Charleston who was indicted feb 1, 1966, on 20 founts iritis. The trial was to have been to a but the u. S. Attorney s of ice Here said the trial has been continued and hearings on Moons in the Case Are set wednesday. Barker the anal was set for replied Une. 14 but a two month con nuance was granted after har m claimed he was too ill to said appear m court one count m the indictment against Harbin charges be icon tired to use interstate of comm my Afons for Pur seven allege be Collator Ted in use of a Hunt ton we to obtain waning stoc Market numbers from Columbus Bio and 12 charge him Witt nonpayment of taxes on wagers from july 1962 through Jun 963 the wagers were estimated one half million dollars and t due at some conflicting pc commendations Sunggi i eard Baysul a lie Frau and great certs. He is Day b it tee to committee Dun nun. Duons some of them conf bet of Bow to make it harder also heard recommend autos from the ate election commission pre Virginia elec seated change state election Laws Caben club member who was to clerk Keith l. Arthur of him Cess Fol Republican nominee Fortington Tow the joint committee Secretary of state in 1966. On government committee on election Law Revi the Law c governing checkups ofom or registration with West Virginia election Laws lists jaw now requires coun As there is somehow in getting them emendations of the election Law revision committee of the West Virginia association of county to to make such a canvass evry four years and permits. Years. Arthur s committee would a continued from Page one gation before the grand jury March 16. He told them the said Burglass. But he s got a Jivey Way of doing at he told them Clay Shaw was not Clay Ber Trand but they say he lied. Y of us five humdrum lives. But something exciting happened to up until that time he did t have an enemy in the world. He was on to he was Here he was there. He got swirled up into something a lot bigger than any thing he had Ever dreamed a desire for attention said asst dist atty James Alcock is not an excuse for lying to the grand jury determine whether there was a conspiracy to kill a president Alcock stressed that Andrews at his second grand jury appearance identified Bertrand As Eugene Davis a French Quad for Ter bar when asked Why he had t said so before so i lied so i committed perjury. I Don t know what i the county Borjas pita he said f a y the Hunsuc to some extent with doth Arthur s commit tee and Callebs on the need to . I he Campaign last year that 3e i voting age population As by the i960 Callebs 42 persons were found to be Regis ered to vote both in Jingo interest n the outcome of Etc. Mettica of selecting precinct officials now a county court fac Tion. He advocated drawing by lot to select at least one official in each one honest election official at the polls will keep the elec eave it to the discretion of each Teiser said county court to decide whether checkup was necessary. How ver the recommendation would make a checkup mandatory if requested by three elected Poffi Las of the county. Callebs advocated a Complete helps solve 3 biggest worries and pro blend your dentures Oata All hold 3 Leta you up to without Dot Comfort. Part huh powder i alkaline bout. No Gummy gooey taste. Dei wires Shaffit Are omit tall to Mai the see your . Get fast eth at a drug Couston. Or. Hay fever sinus sufferers awl for you hard Core Syna Clear Deconge Tont oct Ini lastly and continuously to dra n and Eltar Ell Natal Oinui Cav Tiu Ono hard Tore Tablet give up to b Houra Relief fron a n Ond part Lura of conseption allows you to Topi watery and Runny no b you con buy Syna Clear at your Favalo drug counter without and for a pre in Pylon satisfaction anted by maker try today l i introductory offer Worth till oui Shii and any Cohen pack of Syna-cuai1 121 and one Mort Syna car 12 pack free. Prescription drug stores girl hit by car is hospitalized a 6-year-old girl was Stretc y a car night As i Nito a Street m front of topped ice Cream truck poll reported Donna Whanger daughter Hyllis Whanger of 2025 Hutch a Force of Inson St is in satisfactory co Tion in Charleston Memon Ospital. 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