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Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 1

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Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Charleston, West VirginiaThe partly Cloudy and not so Low 33 sunday continued Cloudy and warmer showers Likely High 55. Mtg final hh770n volume 144-no. 80 Charleston West Virginia saturday evening april 3, 1965 five cents u. S. Jets challenged Haigs in Viet Rai . Charges harassment sea tactics of reds hit Washington the United states charged Russia today with four new instances of harassing american warships on the High Sens. In a protest note Washington told Moscow it will Bear Ful responsibility for the serious consequences if n collision comes from further dangerous actions of soviet ships in referring Sterling Strickland Lait in captured Escapee another pair Back in jail one at Large at this morning Barker 23, o Marmet one nine prisoners who escaped from the Kanawha county jail thurs Day turned himself in at the Jai and 20 minutes later another of the prisoners Kenneth Spur lock 33, of Kent Ohio was Cap tured by state troopers and South Charleston patrolman he huddled in a Telephone Boot on u. S. 119 trying to Kee warm. Hunt pushed for red car with bombs 2 u. S. Buildings in Saigon feared new plot targets Saigon South Viet Nam a a City wide search was launched today for a red Sedan reported loaded with explosives and destined for a. Viet Cong terrorist attack on the . In formation service office or the nearby Caravelle hotel. American and vietnamese Security forces swung into a lion As intelligence sources re ported the new communist death plot aimed at downtown Saigon. Only last tuesday a vie Cong drove a car loaded with approximately 250 pounds of explosives up. .16 the . Embassy. The blast which followed killed 2 american and 20. Othe persons and wounded 52 Amer cans and 134 others. Intelligence sources. Said then similar attacks were planned on the Usis building and on a com with Lookout on Here pie of buildings which serves using binoculars steamed As an american Bachelor offi cers quarters in Cholon the ath u. S. Navy operations. The . Note delivered to the Oviet embassy Friday and Ade Public by the stale de or Talent today is the latest in series of angry exchanges ver alleged nautical harass ment. The. Russians have been accusing americans of buzzing heir ships. The United Stales complained in a note feb. 24 hat soviet Craft had in referred with . Carrier operations in september and january. . Cable damaged today s . Protest charged sat 1. On Jan. 7 the soviet ship first air encounter 65 Miles from Hanoi Saigon Viet Nam u. S. Navy planes today knocked my a. Bridge 65 Miles South of Hanoi capital of communist North Viet Nam and were challenged for the first time by red planes. Three communist Mig jets jumped the planes. As they at asked a Road and railway Bridge at Dong Phourng said capt George h. Whistler Navy spokesman. Navy planes chased the migs but lost them in the Haze. same time 50 u. S. Air Force i oos and floss hit the Ham Rong dragon s Mouth Bridge at Thanh City More than a million 15 Miles South of where the Navy plane struck. A 0. S. Military spokesman said several hits were scored o the Bridge but could not say whether it was destroyed. It is single Span suspension Bridge 800 Yards Long in the action farther North Whistler said he did not u. S. Jets got close enough to fire during the Pursuit of the migs. The raid was the closest to Hanoi yet made by . Planes and this May have accounted King announces Boycott or. Martin outlier King or. Seated second from right told a press conference in Baltimore that the first stage of a three stage economic boy Cott of Alabama would begin immediately. King is flanked by the Rev Ralph Abernathy a lieutenant in King s Southern Christian leadership conference and John Lewis third chairman of the student nonviolent coordination committee a wire photo to within 75 feel of the rear of the . Ship Dutton. To Amer an naval vessel was in the Eastern at anus towing anemometer Cable. Despite the Dutton a. Lags and signals showing it Hail a Tow astern the note said the russian Craft shredded the Ca ble then played two arc lights on the Dutton while the . Shin tried to retrieve the broken Cable. 1 on feb. 16 the soviet ship Zond six times crossed close ahead of the . Navy submarine Lafayette about-35 Miles off Cadiz Spain. Chinese Section of Saigon. American military police and ,.1 vietnamese police 1 search for the red Dodge Sedan. A off duty officers were called for the presence of the migs. H seemed Likely the migs were not sent up spoiling for a fight against the More num Erous Navy planes but were Al ready in the air when the raid began. Whistler did not say what Model of the soviet built Mig was involved or what National markings they bore. But North Viet Nam is known to have some old Mills and Mig 1? air Craft they Are not believed to possess any. Of the sophisticated mig21s. Whistler said the red jets made a pass on one . Air 6 die in w. A. Traffic mishaps vietnamese employees of Usis were evacuated from the build see car Hunt pm. 2, col. I . To boost 5. Viet forces Jcraft. He said he did not know if he migs fired but he assumed hey did and Navy plane. This caused serious risk of1 Washington am ool vision in flagrant violation of Bassadore Maxwell d. the rules of the Road and to going Back to Saigon with plans Complete disregard of Good sea Manship to add several thousand Ameri the . Force in South 3. On feb. 24 the soviet Nam. Arban mane Vered to interfere he also intends to see another the Cuti Titi no Ruei five of the oter. Prisoners a us Angr with fueling operations Between South vietnamese added the . Carrier Hornet and the fight against the comm fad missed the apparently the Navy planes did not score any hits either. Route severer Whistler said the attack was successful in severing route 1 the major rail and Road route Ninny a. South from Hanoi along the . Communist China said 12 u. S state Highway fatalities for 1965 climbed to 100 yesterday As six persons five of them West virginians lost their lives in a rash of accidents that occurred Over Southern counties state the 100 deaths to Date Elijal the number of that hat died on Fountain state highways a year ago on this Date. One of yesterday s deaths involved a woman who was walk ing along the Highway another a three vehicle Accident about 0 a. M. Along paint Creek ast of. Charleston. Boieru was Driver of a car hich collided with a Coal truck Raveling toward Charleston. A following car then struck the lob crts vehicle. On leave from the planes Many More shot Down were hit today when a. S planes launched an other air strike into North vie Nam. Peking s new China news army after returning from Pearson been captured earlier and the family of a sixth persuaded him to turn himself in. This limit pcs Only one Fly he nine still Sterling Strickland of Clendi Nin who had been jailed in Vio lation of parole. Jailers said Barker fold them nothing of his activities since the Thoy suggested that the Chilly night and the Lack of the Inist Viet Cong this year raising California coast. Country s total to about the Hornet was required to Dob reak off her approach or he Taylor completed a week of Tanker because of serious risk of policy conferences with presi the note said the russian me Conmy nigh Ney Hartley . Food probably contributed to his j voluntary return. He had been jailed awaiting sentence on a plea of guilty to the charge of manslaughter in the death of break off her approach or he. Taylor completed Tanker because of serious risk of policy conferences collision and the Arban s illegal sent Johnson and top officials change of course to port in Friday. He leaves Wash lation of the rules of the in ton tonight to return to his 4. On March 2, the soviet trawler Sverdlovsk a deliberately interfered with a naval exercise it Narragansett Bay Waters by the ship s court Agency Nina in a Honan Dis Patch made no mention of the three Mig Jet fighters that impede s. Navy pianos. A cows report monitored in Okyo said 12 planes were owned in the Northern part of Hanh Hoa province. It made no see . Jets pm 2, col. I resulted from nid swiping mishap two others occurred when a ear crashed into Bridge and two of them involved truck wrecks. Dead Are suss Neathy m of , Kanawha county join Pat Henderson 24 of Milton Cabell county. Gary Chapman 22, of Huntington Cabell county. Clady Earl Gipson 57 if Hico Fayette county Cora Belle Scott Here several months ago. Spurlock was captured at South Charleston patrolman j. C Miller said he accompanied state troopers r. 0. Gregory r. K. Fines up u. S. 119 about 3 a. M. Today to serve a warrant on Newhouse drive. In addition however Miller said they had received., a report that there was someone tearing up a Telephone Booth about a mile beyond Newhouse drive so they continued on to investigate. When they arrived at the phone Booth beside a service Sta Tion they found Spur Locc huddled Down in the. Bottom of it. He was still dressed in the clothes he wore at the time of the escape. He was ready to give him see two More pm. Col. I. Courtney s Bow then reversed to remain directly in front of the american warship with the Courtney swerving hard right to Charley West says f wonder if Ever whig went Rampi is Mai fac Emmet Hal Gat void embassy heavily damaged by a terrorist bombing tuesday. The conferences reportedly confirmed present major strategy including continued air strikes against communist North Viet Nam and extensive fishing boat first crossed the use of air As. Well As ground forces against. Viet Cong concentrations in the South. The aim is to convince North Viet Nam it cannot win in the collision before the South and that it can get peace Jailer headed straight for the Only by halting infiltration of Cey Wadin. It Iii us nailing troops and arms. Burnt Cross found in Yard of Martyr Detroit w a Burnt Cross was found the Back Yard of the Home of slain civil rights worker mrs. Viola Liuzzo mrs. Liuzzo 39, was shot and 25 in Alabama after she. Had taken part in a civil rights March from Selma to Montgomery. The Cross was found by Larry Mason a private police firm employee. Mason has been guarding the Liuzzo Home. He said he did not see who planted the Cross nor did he see it ablaze. Police said the crossbar and upper part of the Cross were charred. The dead roman s husband Anthony 51, and his Chil Dren were asleep when the Cross was placed in the Yard. Youriga town Ohio. Lewis e. Roberts jr., 21, of Gallagher Kanawha county men were killed about that n a one car Accident on u. Berlin with West Ger 60 about a mile West of Milton. Slain in Viet Nam army capt Gerald c. Ca Pelle 30, son of or. And mrs. Carl a. Capelle of fond do Lac has been killed by communist Small arms ground fire in South Viet Nam. A member of the airborne infantry Cabelle went overseas in december. His wife and son live in Newburgh n. Y. A wire photo. 3 divergent species found in Remote past of Man kind ters mrs. Charlotte Hagan q Prosperity mrs. Wanda Mas sey of Cleveland Ohio and mrs Mary Ellen Pell of Fairmont and his grandparents or. She mrs. James Fugette of Ansted the funeral will be. Monday a p. A in the Gallaghe Nazarene Church the Rev our of duty in Korea apparent y died instantly. Lewis is survived by. His Par burial in Montgomery Merofia Park at London the body is at the Don combi King kindles Alabama ire via Boycott rightists direct three stage blow at state Economy Montgomery Ala. Many of Alabama s leading Kim Essen relieve or. And legislator Martin Luther ends or. And mrs. Lewis. E. I funeral Hornen Roberts or. Of Gallagher Sis a Kings economic Boycott of this state will Only Hurt racial rela was. If the Boycott should be sue. Yes soul. It can serve no other purpose than to see f killed pm a cot. 7 relations in the Crawford Johnson guards mad papers Worsen race Naid in a soft drink and president of the Birmingham. Chamber of Commerce. I Don t think at or. Keg will be Success he said. Effective at once King announced the three stage Boycott Friday in Balti. More. The first stage of which he said would Start mediately is to ask any in Day today to harass civilian traffic into Berlin with a deliberate austry National business con autobahn traffic backed for mile Berlin East Germany continued for the third straight slowdown in control procedures. Travellers reported that communist Border guards told them Raymond Evans 37, of the was started to protest next week s scheduled ses Sion of the West German parliament in West Berlin. A string of cars and. Trucks nearly a mile Long waited at the Allied military traffic which is nearly a mile Long Waitea Ai me Mai any Ira Iuo Wincn u my Leoe Rai. Deposits in the Hennei son and Chapman Helstedt checkpoint to enter the checked through by the soviets. Banks King said Ion we a killed about mini Fichtl knt j Only air. Travellers Are not tote third stage would specifically single out items produced m the state of Jeh King feels the nation should a Comdr. Francoli of Toimi menu Acari to Day dam fivery a hum in Skull he said it More than years he of mum the fragment in the Grotto of Cave near Nice. And i the same place about one million years ago. This startling scientific claim was made by or. Louis s. A Leakey director of the Coryn Den memorial museum Nairobi Kenya who urged his Fel Low scientists to refuse to accept theories As facts and Chicago one of the look upon the origin of Man world s most renounce Anthro Polf Nguu has uncovered Evi Dence that three re Lirely Dif pc rent species of Arshi Torio Man at with fresh Leakey was the Lea Toff speaker at a Confer in origin of at University communist Conti ols. East Germany Friday night that announced soviet and German troops. Will stage Boycott. Many. Some guards sat in front of Jim a _ us and demonstratively read newspapers instead of starting monday and. Las said. Ting All week. This led to specs slowdown tactics were that the exercise was set employed by red guards coincide with the parliament checkpoints through the Berlin Arv i Wall used by West germans to East news Agency adn said the a Nevers would test the state of training troops had achieved in i to rain info Brno ram today s Index h i sections Page Page Bridge 5 1 Idt Cateri classified comics crossword editorials 4i warming up i to immediately plans for Audi Cera. Considering building plaits i Alabama suspend their the second stage wow Deal with private investment fund in Alabama and Federal deposits the Boycott responses from legislators. Brought angry enter East Berlin. There were no bottlenecks at s. Army checkpoint he u. Charlie a crossing Ore tuners. The slowdown did not the White folks if they desire can Boycott said John Lewis of Seel y county accusing King of being Power mad i can t see How with that Point for Jive Winter training program and would be held under a affect Grav ated fighting Type of Tash thinking the Negre of Alabama can believe that King is helping their said. Sen. Jimmy me Dow of Shelby county. Five goals out jeep Kin say go on until these conditions met an end to Sie poll tax in elections. Voter registrations at time convenient to working people such As at night and on week ends. Appointment of negroes to policy making positions on state boards and in state agencies. An end to alleged police Bru laity and the Assurance of equal police Protection to All. Citizens. Denunciation by officials and see Boycott pm. 2, sol. 4 what a dog must suffer hair done up in canine version of Iii curlers this Yorkshire terrier with incongruous old Welsh name of Toby goes through All this is neither Yorkshire nor Welsh Del Gshaw judging in Chicago. Owner is Gordon of suburban Chi Cago commit tits of change emerging from smoke of burning churches a change is under Way in Mississippi. Some state leaders Are shifting their thinking from never to a current affairs Page Story looks at the emergence of a new Mississippi sunday. "pll.1 or drug addicts live in a kaleidoscopic world described in part two of a series in the state Magazine. Don t miss your copy of the

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