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Charles Town Spirit Of Jefferson Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 3

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Charles Town Spirit of Jefferson (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Charles Town, West VirginiaSpirit of Jefferson. , Jar to Footitt w. A. Tuesday Mohm Inq. January 13. 1891. The legislature meets to Morrow. The Federal census of Baltimore by wards gives the City a population of 434.439. It is thought the extreme Wing of the Republican party in Congress will Endeavor to Force an extra session. The Waynesboro a times is now issued Semi weekly. It is Bright and newsy and deserves largely in creased Success. The Baltimore Sun almanac for 1891 is if possible an improvement upon its predecessors. It contains a fund of practical information com piled with care and in Hap for ready reference. Delegate b. D. Gibson left for Charleston last thursday. . Gib son is prominently spoken of All Over the state for speaker of the House of delegates and will Likely prove a formidable candidate for that Posi tion. Some persons Are probably not aware that our mail matter until we receive it from the 1. O., is in the Legal custody of the u. S., and that the Law in regard to tampering with the mails is very rigid. If they do not know it it is High time they were finding it out otherwise they May get them selves into serious trouble. A significant development of the census of 1890 is the fact that the in crease of wealth and manufacturing in the South was greater than the in crease of population. In the decade from 1880 to 1890 the Southern states gained in population 19.9 in actual wealth 62.5, and of capital invested in manufacture 20.7 per cent. At a conference of leading Indiana republicans at Indianapolis last week hon. W. T. Brush of Craw Fordsville made a speech in which he declared that the republicans in 1888 carried Indiana with Boodle and that unless some Way could be found of using Boodle under the australian election Laws they could not Lope to carry it again. The India Napolis Sentinel says this speech was received with applause no one challenging or. Brush s statement and but few even venturing to Remon Strate with the speaker for his Frank Ness. The Charlestown construction company had a stockholders meet ing monday january 5th, when they passed a Resolution to double the Cash capital of the company. The amount was take at once by the stockholders. The directors subsequently determined to erect from Twenty to thirty buildings As soon As designs Are completed and contracts can be made for same. The Board Clicc cd or. We. Beall superintendent. Tic selection of or. Beall for this important position is a Wise one. He is a gentleman of capacity and Good judgment and is eminently qualified to take hold of the extensive work projected by the construction company. Emma Abbott the famous Prima Donna who died recently of pneumonia began to win admiration when Only s years old and while still a child Sung to applauding audiences in Small Illinois towns. One Day Clara Louise Kellogg heard the Little girl singing to herself in the open air. She recognized the possibilities of the untrained voice and hastened to help the embryo songstress to advantages for cultivating it. The scene at the death bed was a pathetic one. The great Singer was conscious Al most to the last moment despite the fact that opiates had been administered. Ilc last words on Earth were i am not afraid to she confidently expected to die and told her physician that her next song would be Sung in in Cavan. Gov. Fleming in a two Page letter to the manufacturers record tells of the wonderful Coal Iron and Timber resources of this state and of the great Progress that is now being made in development. Iron matters the governor says the manufacture of Iron has As yet received Little attention because until quite recently the extent of our resources and Tho favourable conditions have not been generally under stood. West Virginia is destined in the near future to take High rank As a producer of pig Iron. Indeed have the Best report of an English expert of known Char Acter and ability who has made a re port for an English Syndicate who contemplate making Large invest stating that pig Iron can be made in the northeastern part of the state for s7 a ton which i3 the lowest Point yet reached in the Cost of production. Even this remarkable statement does not show the full jew rape v Ach in tap enjoyed by this portion of the state because Tho to duct of the furnaces and Mills will be so near to the great markets and to Tidewater that the item of transportation will be insignificant. Man Large enterprises have lately been organized to utilize these extraordinary Charlestown is in the heart of the Section to which the governor refer and the Charlestown a. & Imp. Co. Controls All the principal Ore Beds of this Mineral Belt. The world s fair. A letter from the lady manager. Attention women of West Virginia. What arc you going to do towards an exhibit of woman s work at the world s fair in 1893? i Call upon you to enter into this question with the Zeal As Only our sex can when once awakened to the necessity of action. The natural Pride of coun try and state alone should inspire us with the desire to Excel and to make As Fine a showing As possible even in we did not desire to Hare the Benefit of the advantages arising through the attention such an exhibit will attract to the wealth and resources of our dear and Beautiful state. You ask what you Are to do. Brine your Needle and fancy work in every form Wood drawing painting of All kinds pottery taxidermy Al literary work in prose or poetry in fact anything the Fertile by in of to Jan can Angrest invent and Ems a Lish. Just think what an Opportunity this will be it will be the greatest in our lives to show the wonderful pro Gress women Hare made in All directions since the settlement of this a Triin the advantage to be Delvie a from o or efforts cannot be too highly estimated and in thus bringing our minds and our works before the world can not help but reflect in re turn. Much Good generally and personally. We must show what we can do. This is our Chance Ana shall we lose it by the want of the proper Energy and interest never women of West Virginia Are As intelligent wide awake and gifted As any in the country and All they need is an Opportunity and incentive like the pres ent one to acquaint the Public with this truth. You that labor prove that your work i9 not Only Espial but generally speaking in the majority of cases far ahead of Man s. 1 of women of Genius Light your fires that the reflection from their brilliancy will Shine far and near Over the land and you that represent our women of letters write that you May be heard speak that others shall listen and in of doing give tothe world that purity of thought that elevates the mind and swceten3 the length and labors of the and women talented for Art work in All its Many branches stand Forth develop and originate. We have Talent in our Mountain state and our women have received the Praise due to worthy Effort. Let this encourage von to Advance to greater Heights. Do not be afraid to try what Yon can do. All kinds of work every thing that is done or partly done by women by hand or machine. Every woman has this Good Opportunity to contrib Ute the fruits of her labor and and prove what the women of this country Are capable of being. This is the first time we have been asked to take an Active part in % National Celebration and As a matter or Pride we must succeed and so 1 Call on you to do and dare that we can show that the Confidence Energy and ability is not misplaced and so wish that our country shall be proud of its women. The fair begins in May 1893 and closes in october of the same year. The buildings will be ready by october 1892. We have time to accomplish much if we begin at once and now is the time. Oct up your interest and work with Energy and let us unite to make our display from West va., equal if not better than any other state of its size and resources. This Call is to our men As Well As our women and we want their material help in every Way. This will be a grand Chance to advertise the treasures of West a. S mountains and forests and its towns and cities. Any information mrs. W. N. Linch Martinsburg w. Va., or i can not give can be had from our commissioners col. J. N. At. Clair Fayetteville w. Va., or hon. J. D. Butt Harper s ferry w. A. 1 shall be pleased to answer All questions upon Art matters As far As pos Are hoping to Call a convention of the women of our state sometime in february if it is possible the Date will be Given through the papers so be prepared to respond. Hoping you will Oil unite with me in this great Celebration of our country and respond As Only our american women can i am most faithfully yours Jackson lady manager world s fair. Parkersburg w. A. I Ope a original and Only gemini pc Reed Bird tobacco. In a recent letter to a Friend which has found its Way into the papers senator Kenna speaking of the administration of or. Cleveland said if Grover Cleveland were heard of no More if he bad departed this life on the Day when he retired from the old White mansion i would say what now say in the full vigor of his robust honest manhood that his administration did More by the Simplic Ity and reality of its democracy to quicken political conscience and re store the legitimate methods of pop ular government than All other agents of our Day and generation this was due not to the Republican whom he kept in office but to demo and who administered the affairs of the country to their Honor and its if you had a Friend about to visit some Burtion of thu constr where malarial disease either in the form of chills Aud fever or billion remit tent Wah particularly Rife what would be the Best advice you could give Hin we will Tell carry along or procure of arriving that potent medicinal safeguard Lostetter s stomach bit ters Guowu throughout malarial plagued re Gions Here and in other the purest Means of disarming the Miasmatic Scourge Aud robbing it of its fell destructive Only docs it fortify the system by in Orcas ing in stamina but overcomes irregularity of digestion the liver Aud the bowels Aud counteracts the unfavourable effects of and mental exposure in rough weather or occupation too sedentary or laborious loss of appetite and execs ivc nervousness. The functions of aliment Alioti. Bilious secretion and sleep have in it a most powerful and Relia ble auxiliary. Pope s original and Only Gennine Reed Bird tobacco. A House with 5 rooms on the Corner of Charles and Liberty streets for rent apply at the Racket store.dcc9-5t. J. W. Coffma \ farm account. I Hare kept an account of receipts from and expenditures on my far for the past three years and am trill ing the Public May see How much farming has paid me 170 acres of land at 650 per 8.600stock and implements 1,500 to of cattle. Hogs heat Corn butter milk poultry a 18ss $133.10 112.40 940.00 81897 327.40 18s9 ?334 30 155.05 748.95 180.78 338.30 1890 .444 17 153.00 900.00 88.00 313.94. 1719.87jtlfl37.38l81798.il bxpchbe3. Labor seed fertiliser cattle Angl sheep taxes general exp cites. 1368 1869 .706.35 50.35 tfi.00 90.00 46.58 74.54 4587 .1478 43 .iss4 83j .572.72 70.58, 131.70 171.35 ie.00 75.00 358 88 1890 .470.56 18.80 47.25 75.13 138.35 75.00 .18.80 .1188.98 idea Rifet profit .341.45 �343.18 �610.13per cent 3.4 8.4 6.1 1889 1830 Fri Chis i which a of ducts . Wheat per " " cattle " of hons 11 " 1888. 1.00 .53 5 5ki 1883 .88 .37 4 Shi 1890 1.00 .54 3%8 8-5 estimated. Wheat not sold. The yield of wheat and Corn for the three years Baa been about the same wheat Between j 6 and 18 bushels and Corn Between 8 and 9 barrels per acre. It appears that the feeding of Corn into Slock has been profitable. If farm prices remain the same a increased income must be derived from wheat and Corn per acre. Share added this year to my Stock a Small flock of sheep. Geo. Barlok. Excursion to the National Cap ital. thursday january 22nd, the b. & o. R. R. Co. To ill run one of those pleasant mid Winter excursions to Washington which were so popu Lar a year ago. The time for the excursion is Well chosen As the National capital at this season is at the height of its political and social Bouses of Congress Are in ses Sion daily with the galleries always open to visitors. Then too there Are the monuments the 9tatues, the palatial Public buildings and the Beautiful Public squares and avenues Al rays interesting sights. The White House the smithsonian Institute the National museum the Corcoran Art gallery the botanical gardens and Washington s Monument Are open to All visitors. Such an Opportunity for a visit to the City of magnificent distances is rarely presented As this. The tickets will be Good ten Days allowing ample time for visiting , Alexandria. Richmond old Point Comfort and Points of interest within easy reach of Washington. Trains leave Shenandoah Junction at 12 13 p. M., 2 50 and 10 05 a. Round trip fare 81.90. Correspondingly Low rates from other stations. Parlor cars on Day trains and sleep ing cars on night trains. For tickets and parlor or sleeping car accommodations Call upon or address agents b. A o. R. R. The new York mercantile and financial times has the following to say of a firm which has a Large manufactory at this place and is Well and favourably known Here business in East Newark 13 in creasing at a rapid Pace yearly and at present several new factories and other improvements Are to be noted All indicating prosperous times for this Annex to the great manufacturing City of Newark probably the chief of theat new factories is the bark Mill of the Geo. Campbell co., an incorporated company manufacturing and dealing in que Citron Hemlock and Chestnut Oak barks Vir Ginia Leaf and ground sumac Sicily sumac Gambier etc., and commis Sion merchants at 96 & 98 Maiden Lane. New York the concern also hav ing Mills at Richmond Petersburg and Pemberton va., and Charles town w. Va., in addition to the new one in East Newark and they Are now about erecting another at Moseley a. This new Mill in East Newark has been erected on the East Bank of the a Asato River directly opposite to breweries and is about5tix 0ifec l in breadth and length and two stories in height besides a Brick basement eight feet High and there is an engine and boiler House annexed at the end farthest from the River. The building has also been made strictly Are proof As far As the science of to Day can make it. A Side track from the Pennsylvania Railroad also runs along one aide of the building with a Railroad scale for weighing the cars at one of the doorways. The offices and Sale rooms Are in another building a Short distance from the Mill which is two stories in height and is also supplied with a scale at the Street front this being a Howe scale for weighing wagons. The Millis fitted up with the finest grinding machines and other appliances necessary for the business and will greatly accelerate the Large business done by the concern. Many customers of the concern Are located in Newark 3nd the establish ment of this new bark Mill will be a great convenience to them and also to the company in enabling it to sup ply the ground products of the barks with promptitude. The erection of this Mill is on indication of the Prosperity which the Geo. Campbell co. Enjoys which is due to the Energy and perseverance and sound business methods which prevail in All the transactions that Are carried on. Knowledge la a unique Little Magazine Wlinich ought to Havo great popularity among All owners of cyclopedia. It undertakes to Supply the information which one ordinarily seeks in i cyclopedia and fulls to find there Beranse it is not up to Date it was published last year or More probably several years ago. The world moves and the most important question that want answering are0/ to Day. Not of yesterday kno Cledge an Swers. During the year several thousand such questions. It is published weekly for the in Viiu y Small sum of so cents a year spec Imen copy free. John b. Amu Pearl st., sew Vork. Various items. . W. D. Burkhart of Martins Burg died saturday Amelia Rivers Ted Ameti Calt in tor is serious of ill in Paris. A Syndicate headed by h. Kyd Douglass of Hagerstown have made Large purchases of real estate around Portsmouth a. A Boston capitalist has purchased for $1,000,000 the Powell fort prop erty near front Koyal ya., of 2,000 acres of Mineral land. The store Howse of John h. Bead & co., at , ya., with Stock of goods was destroyed by Are loss about $23,000, insurance 910,000. The unfavourable opinion of professor Virchow and other prominent German physicians regarding the Koch remedy has caused the German government to postpone its intention of making the remedy the property of the stat. It has been stated in Tome of the newspapers that hon. J. N. Camden would be a candidate for United states senator two years hence. And we Hare also sees the same statement positively denied. If or. Camden is a candidate he will Bea Strong one for Bis position in the state is one of vast influence. Be that As it May we believe or. Faulkner has fairly and squarely earned his renomination not Only because of his magnificent can Vass during the last Campaign but because of the position accorded him by his senatorial associates. . Faulkner is undoubtedly a Man of Mark and has taken a position in the Senate second to none of the younger men of that body Berkeley Springs Neica. . John ii. Unsell a native of Jefferson county w. Va., but who has been a resident of Hagerstown for the last seven years died tuesday night at 12 o clock of consumption at Bis Home on Madison Avenue or. Unsell was born at Harper s ferry and raised near Shepherdstown Yvo. A. He was in his fifty sixth year and bad not practice Bis profession since Bis residence in been in poor health. He was a graduate of Jefferson medical col lege Philadelphia and for Many years was a practising physician in Adamstown Frederick Couy md.,from which place he came to this City. A wife and three children survive him. He will be buried at Harper s ferry to Morrow morning his parents dying and having been interred there. . Unsell had Many friends and acquaintances Here and in his former Home who will regret the announce ment of his death and join in offering condolence to the bereaved survivors Hagerstown Globe Jan. 8th. Does experience count it does in every line of business and especially in compounding and preparing medi Cines. This is illustrated in the great superiority of Hood s Sarsaparilla Over other Prepa rations As shown by the remarkable cures it has accomplished. The head of. The firm of c. I. Hood & co. Is a throng blvd competent and experienced pharmacist. Having devoted his whole life to the study and actual preparation of medicines. He is also a member of the Massachusetts and american pharmaceutical association and continues actively devoted 10 supervising the preparation of and managing the business connected with Bod s the superiority and Peculiar Merit of Hood s Sarsaparilla is built upon the most pub Stantial foundation. In its preparation therein represented All the knowledge which modern research in medical science has developed combined with Long experience brain work and Experiment. It is Only accessory to drive this Medicine a fair trial to realize its great curative value. For table Linen towels napkins &c., go to m. I & Bro s. We carry a Large Stock of men s and boy s boots Over More than we care for if you Are in need of a pair come to us we Are ready to give you a big bargain. D. Hirschman & co. If you do not want to pay an and Vance on your Winter boots and shoes you will Ond it to your interest to go to Dalgarn s and make your purchases at once a3 he bought his Stock for fall and Winter before the prices were advanced. Worth seeing you will find upon examination of our men s suits and overcoats that our prices Are Way under All competitors and it is a Well known fact that the clothing we sell Are the Best made Only. We. Kahn Sadler Block. For Low prices of lumber see advertisement of Libbey Bittinger & Miller. Advertised letters. List of letters remaining in the Post office at Charlestown. Jefferson county w. Va., Jan. 10, 1891 Geo. Wilson Geo. Thornton , miss Fannie Means miss Anna Warren Andrew Markinson Adron Pauley. The above letters if not called for within thirty Days will be sent to the dead letter office. Persons calling for them will please say that they Are advertised. Ii. Higino Triam p. Bucklen s Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cute bruises sores. Ulcers. Salt re com. Fever sores Tetter. Chapped hands. Chilblains corns and All Sara eruptions and positively cures pipes. no pay required. It is Guaran teed to give perfect satisfaction or Tzonev re funded. Price 25 cents per Box. For Sale byl3r. Jno. P. Bishop. A card. The following card is a Feather in the Cap of our former Young county Man to whom it refers nov. 11, 91.fditor record i desire through the columns of your aperto sincerely thank or. Gardner of Sharpsburg for the kindness and medical skill displayed by him in the Case of my two Little children who were nigh unto death. And to the above Nam etl physician aided by the almighty is i their restoration to health. And were it not for the above fac they would no doubt Ere this be resting in the silent City of the d furthermore i cheerfully recommend the said or. Gardner As a successful play Siehau to All who May require such services yours truly Jour r. Carter. Citizens fire company. At a Reg liar sheeting tit the citizens tire company on january 6th, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year president h. Dimm Captain j. W. Russell 1st lieutenant 1j. B. Lucas 2nd lieutenant. J. D. Lleida Wohl sentry c. E. I Ley treasurer to. I. Gore chief Engineer m. Nicewarner assistants.1st, ii. Hooff 2nd, h. G. Dooley chief Hoseman win Rodeffer assistants .1st, we. Conley 2nd, Robt. Pos ton chief nozzle Man w. Ii. Moore or. Assistant. C. Dobson engine keeper ii. Iloo i financial Secre tary m. Nice Amer. The citizens fire company was organized in 1884, and is now in the Arenth year of its existence. Dur ing this Short period of its life it has done quota of work and our citizens Hae Long ago recognized it As no Small Factor in extinguishing the flames. Shortly after its organisation it incurred a debt by Purchas ing an apparatus and we Are Prond to state that the debt has been liquidated and the treasurer reports handsome surplus in the Treasury or. J. W. Russell who has been re elected Captain has billed this office continuously since the organization of the company and no Little credit Issue him for the Success it has enjoyed. It is composed of a fearless and Well trained body of men and we expect to see their efforts re warded in the near future in the presentation of a handsome Steamer now that our town is to Boom and become a City by our people advocate. Died. In Columbus. . December 31, 1890. h. He3sey, i the 63d.ycur of his age. He Hap for the past twelve years been a resident of that place and was knot a As conscientious Christian. Blea aed Are the dead who die in the free press copy. In Tarp or s ferry Jan. 7. 1891. Mrs. Eve Lyn Trail widow of the late Frank Trail and Mother of assessor c. Ii. Trail of har per s ferry. In Bolivar. Doe. 29,1890. Mrs. Catharin Earvin aged 34 years wife of or. Robe Tarvin. New advertisements. Norfolk & Western r. R. Schedule la effect january 11th, 1891. Leave Charlca town w. A. Southbound. No. 1. No. 3. No. 27. 12.11 a. 8.33 a. 5.27 p. Northbound. No. 2. No. 4. No. 2sr 2.28 p. 7.50 a. 9.2s a. No. 1. 2. 3 and 4 run daily Between Hagers town and Bristol. Nos. 27 and 28 run daily Between Hagfors town and Shenandoah. Connections. At Roanoke with eastbound trains on main line for Bedford. Lynchburg and nor Folk with westbound trains for Radford Pulaski. Bristol and the South. At Radford with new River Branch for Pocahontas and the Coal regions also for Clinch Valley division. At Pulaski with North Carolina division for Ivanho and Gossan. At Hagerstown. With Western Mary land and Cumberland Valley railroads. For tickets time cards and All information Call on agent Norfolk & Western r. K. W. B. Bevill Gen. Pass. Agt., Roanoke a. January 13. 1891. . John w. Dodd is a licensed auctioneer for Jefferson and Berkeley counties w.clarke and Frederick counties. A. And Washington county my. He solicits a share of the Public patronage. Satisfaction Guaran teed. Will cry on percent or Lump the at the Continental hotel or address John w. Dodd. Martinsburg w. january 13, 1891.3m. Stockholders meeting. I he regular annual meeting of the stock1 holders of the Valley fertilizer company will take place at the company s office. Corne George and Liberty streets in Charlestown on monday january 27tii. 1s91. At 11 a. B. C. Washington Sec 13. 1x91. Asthma Curp Schiffmann s asthma cure Parker s Kair bal8amc7cameg and beautifies the hair. Promote n a stauriant Faila to a Castoro Grayhair to its Youthful color. Cures Scalp Dis rates & hair falling.50c. And 31.co at druy�i�6a &�3 co Nus trip Oil i Ute Parker Ginger Tonis. It cure the worn a int weak Lud. Debility. Indigent ice pain take in . By 588 a Tab Mises Cotta by Eck a lit visible tos blab Caplis Hiss. Whispers heard. Con Peck c5 is whip 1 Lwow la full. , to Subr Daj mews rec. Writ tar Bohot flies. Made with boiling water. Epps s grateful comforting. Cocoa made with boiling milk. Ofal plasters � irs used and pre sol sri Daze Bat Only introduced generally. Cro Spehor s to Capri asters. The Best porous plaster Mac for ail aches pain Andrea Plao a unlike other plasters so be Suri i and get the genuine with the Pic iture of a Bell on the Back-clothe0 feel Long and Many other articles too he Mer Effis to mention. Several Hundred barrels of Corn. Terms of Salea credit of nine months will be Given on All bums of $10 Ulm upwards purchaser to give note with approved Security negotiable and pitiable at Tho National Lankof Martinsburg. With interest from Date. Under Sto Cash. No property to be removed until terms Are complied with. George w. Cross. John w. Dodd . Ii. Ram Burg g. 1891. january 22d, 1891 i will ship two loads of dogs calves sheep an cattle at b. Pc o. Depot. C. F. 13. 1891. Commissioner s notice. In Tho circuit court of Jefferson county Frank Beckwith administrator of the goods and chattels of Jas. U. Grove. ,.pl Tiff against Mary Grove Wash. B. Grove t. C. Grove and Jas. Ii. Grove jr., heirs of Jas. Ii Grove k. W. Temple Man trustee Forrest 17""" trustee Samuel k. George Philip Lac nov Mary Grove. Jas. H. Grovo.jr., \ uf-11. H. Grove and t. C. Grove Ces Tuque trusts under a Cronin deeds of trusts executed by Jas. It. Grove Isaac Grav a. Mason. W. Ii. Tell Elmer. Lowyn Stern Jno w Doherta. F. Beckwith. Individually Anna Watson executrix of Atson. F. B. Souders Valley fertilize company. J. A. R. Malbena t. C. Greed tru the Geo. A. Moek. J. T. Gibson. . Coyle and d. B. Lucas defendants extracts from a Cureo of nov. 28, 1800. 1st. This cause is referred to commissioner icon Moore to ascertain the whole of tic estate real and personal of which the said Jas. H. Tro a died seized or to which he was in any manner untitled and its value.3 1. To Convene the creditors of said estate and alter allowing All proper credits to Audi thu debts in the order of their priorities3d. To summon the tenants of the real estate named in the Bill and ascertain the nature and character of Tho leases us Der which they respectively hold and what rents if any Are due from them to said estate. 4lh. To state and Settle Tho administration account of Frank Beckwith administrator of said jus. H. Grove. 5th. To inquire into the questions of the Validity of the release named in the Bill. Ctr. To report upon any other matters deemed pertinent by himself or that unav be required any of the parties to interest. A . To. Latimer clerk. Notice is hereby Given that i will est Cutche above decree at my office on the 31st Dav of january 111. Cleon Moore 0, 1831.4t. Spirit fee . Notice to creditors. To the creditors of jus. Ii. Grove deceased in pursuance of a a circe of the circuit court of the county of Jefferson made u a cause therein pending to subject the real estate of the said Junius h. Grove to the payment of his debts you Are hereby required to present your claims against the estate of the said Grove Fot adjudication to Cinosi Moore commissioner. At his office in the paid county on or before the 12th Day of february 1891.witness. T. W. Lati Ier clerk of the said court this 2d Dav of Jan rare. 1891. T. W. Latimek. g. 1s91.ct. Spirit fee 5 70 Turnpike fleeting. The annual Section for directors of theams Tutvin and Blo Niery Turnpike com Pany will be held at the court House in Charleston. tuesday. Jascah 20th,18&1. At 11 Oeloel a. John a. Chew january 6. Iso1.st. Secretary. Ejection notice. Office Stevani Jaii Maui to co.,?. . Jan. 0. 1651. Tiik annual Mcstine of the i stockholders of this company will be held at the office of said company. I i Charlestown. W. A. monday. Jax Tauy 2fira. 1891. At2 p. when an election will ims held for directors presi Dent Suc Ciary and general tru38ell,january c. Iso1.st. Secretary Gas company seeting. Flite stockholders of the Charf Castown Gas and water company will hold their Annua meeting at the office of David Howell on tues Day. January 27th. 1s91. At 7 o clock. P. To elect a Board of directors and attend to another business that May be brought before the meeting. Dalgarn january 6. 1s91.3t. Secretary. Try Dalgarn s biome made laundry soap. I tetik Ginnity y Jack for Alc by. L1gut. Minckl Laneous trustee s Sale of House and lot in Middleway. By virtue of four deeds of artist bearing Date april 1st, 1889, May 22d, june 12th and june Lith 1800. Respectively. And recorded lit the clerk office of the county court of Jefferson co Ritj in deed books t. Page 19.v. Pages 13, 51 and 89. The undersigned will Ell at Public outcry at 1 o clock on tuesday january 13th, 1891, in front of the court House in Charlestown in said county that valuable dwelling House and lot with stable. Out buildings and other improve ment. r. H. Butt situated in Middleway on corned of main Street and . Terms of Saleone third Cash bal Ance in six Aud twelve pfc hts. Purchaser giving Bonds for deferred payments beating in Terest Frosti Date Andt secured by deed of Trust upon the to. Butt Ftfe trustee. December 15. 1s00.4l spirit fee $7.36.1 great reduction i for thirty Days in order to get my work before the people and also to give them an Opportunity to get their Holiday repairing done i will for thirty Days. Dec. 15th tojan. 15th do repairing at greatly reduced rates. Cleaning watches 73 cts. To �1.00 clocks 50 to 75 cts. Mainsfring8 75 cts. To s1.00 and All other work done at equally reduced rates. All work warranted to give satisfaction. Fine repairing a specially this reduction positively will not hold goo longer Thau thirty Days. Call Early Aud avoid the Rush. It. G. Knapp watchmaker and jeweler. Dec. 10. 1s90. Clarl Cbrown. . A. Twos. C. Earnshaw.1 b. Frank door by. Earnshaw & Dooley Lilbert s building main Street Charlestown w. Va., dealers in cooking stoves ranges base burning and heating stoves of All kinds and manufacturers of tin Coppell & Sheet Iron Ware. Pc Cal attention jul to roofing and spouting. All kinds of repairing promptly done. Having purchased the Stock of and stoves of messes. Duke & Oal Laher we will continue the tin and stove bus iness in All its various branches. We will keep on hand a full Stock of tinware of our own manufacture and will make to order promptly any article in our Liucy. Being both practical Inners the senior having served 17 years at the business is it guarantee that work entrusted to us will be properly executed. We guarantee All work at lowest prices Aud ask a share of the Public Patro Naire. Rar Shaw a Dooley. February 20, 1888. Do not forget it that the most desirable serviceable and fashionable presents can be found at Hagley s. Look at a partial fur goods in gents collars. Gloves Caps collars and cuffs in sets. Ladies furs. Trunks. . Canes. Umbrellas.8cakfs. Collars. Cuffs suspenders handkerchiefs &.c. Decca her 9, 1800. 1stew goods in millinery fancy cood6 & notions at mrs. J. Sencindiver a National Bank building. R. & g. Corsets a specially. September 20, 1800, Stephenson female Seminary. Charlestown Jef Fehlow co. W. Vex. The ninth season will begin september a. Eth 18w. For catalogue containing coarsen of 8tudf,terms, apply to principal. Her. C. N. Campbell. Only 15. Is90. firm. Reed & having formed a Copartnership will buy Grain and furnish threshing and other kinds of Coal at the following places Nippon and Charles town. And Points on the b. & o. B. K. Will make Liberal bids on guaranteed samples from other dealers. We have made arrangements to fur Ulsh seme of the largest Mills in to United states and to sell to exporters direct which will enable us to pay top prices Forwood beat. Main office Yon for your Liberal patronage inthe past we Are most 15, 1890.cm. Reed it Long. Creamery for renter Sale. A first class Creamery of Large Capac Ity Modem in All appointments for rent or Sale. Located at cd Earlestown Jefferson county. W. A. Large patronage. For terms and particulars address b. C. Washington. Lock Box 4 a Charlestown Jeff. Co., w. sept. 23. 1890. . P. And adv. Copy tuning and repairing. Route undersigned is prepared to tune and repair pianos and organs of Short no Tice Ana at reasonable rates. Have bad much experience in this line and respect omy refer to the Large number of Persem for whom i have done work. Ii. L. Middle Kaupp. November 12. 1889.tf. Shoe shop removed. The undersigned has removed Bis shoe maker shop to the House lately occupied by or. Manuel on West main Street Between water and West streets and will be pleased to serve his old customers and the Public generally. Special attention Given to repairs. Charges reasonable. L. Wine Brenneis april 2, 1880.tf. Miscellaneous. Great bargain Sale t7�r6m r.6w on we xviii sell everything Hix store at a great bargain. In order to make room. It Hytti always Teri Bur custom to give a bargain Sale at the end Ftp the season but Mohave made up titty mind to give the Public a rare Chance such a one As they Don t often get right us the midst of the season. We Lauid Only in part what Groat bargains we Aro offering. Dress goods. Ail Wool Henrietta 47c. Worth 65c scotch Phauls 65c. Worth s5c 0-4 ladies clot i 75c, Worth 90c 8-4 Cashmere 7 and 9c, worthi0 Aud 15c. Flannel. Department lot flannel skirts 99c. Usual Jav ice 91-35special bargain in Yard wide White flannel atjj5c per Yard Worth 85c. Domestic flannels10c, Worth 15c Rod flannels 15c, usual prico20c medicated red flanuel2sc, usual Price 40c. Domestics. 5-4 Pillow Case Cotton 12j�, usual Price 15o4-4 unbleached Cottons 7e, regular Price be 4-4 bleached Cottons 0, 7, 9 mud 10c, Usu Price Hiither. Blankets. A cuyp horse blankets 90c special value in 1.0-4 Orey blankets at �1.25 per pair extra Large of Navy 10-4 Bla duets $1.75. Usual Price$2.50 1&4 extra Fine All Wool White Blank ets $3.90, can t be duplicated for $5.00. Shirts. Unla undred dress shirts were never beaten1 yet at anything near the Price is first class 111 every resp fit extra finish. 50c. Well Worth 75$men s a Cave White and Orey Winter shirts 45c. Worth 65c Meu a double front Scarlet under shirts heavy. $1 00, Worth $1.95 la Dies heavy Merln vests at 45c, Well worth65c children s Vestic from 15c up. Dress trimmings plus Hep 80c. Worth tic bncklltf15c, Worth 85c sell pc velvets 8sc, Worth 91.36 velveteen 43cf Worth i a. Corsets gloves Ann buttons at prices wat Down. Carpets Oil clothe a. Boots & shoes. We bought before the in leather and can drive sonic Low prices. The Best f3.5c Boot in town. Glassware Queens Are. Lamps water sets. Goblets casters. Wine Laews a. Cups and saucers fancy Chiu sets chamber set a. Our grocery Stock Complete in every respect. Stigars syrups spa pcs Salt. Pepper. Fec. Fruits such a Knic ins. Prunes. Evaporated apricots Evait oru cd peaches Citron Curry uts Csc. Leet a. Don t forget tin place. Centre Kottl Sadler building. Goods delivered free in Tho corporation. Shenandoah milling co. N. Trussell Mana Tjce. N. Trussem., i t a t uuki.i., Koi Ernst j wac tuber 4, 1890. Lippi Trenner Kink building dealer la flour and Mill feed of nil kinds. Including the highest Grade of holler and Burr floor. Com Maul a. Fat Sulc or Exchange for wheat or corp. Will ale keep All Standard groceries Bacon Sec. Country produce of All kinds Taka is change for goods. October 21.1890. Lippitt Renner. Coal flour & Grain. I am now receiving a Supply of Anthracite and bituminous Coal at my Damp located at the Charlestown elevator which i am sell ing at the following i ires red Ash store per ton 3,000 lbs of Iff " nut " 5.c0 Cumberland 41 "4.00cumbcrluud Fine 11 " 3.50 the above prices Are for he spot Cash Only a have also on hand the different brands of High Grade flour. Roller process which i will warrant to be As represented or no am also dealing in irm Lii and would be pleased to Bare samples of 6ame. For which i will pay the Market Price. All orders left at my of Vator on the Corner of the Lee town Road and b. Pc o. Railroad will receive prompt at Tention. W. To. Kennedy november 25,1800.8m. 8. Alcarn has a Complete line of shoes for Lodics. Gents and children for afro Spring and Hummer Trade. Call and examine Liu Stock and you will be convince d that it is oort and As Low As the lowest in Price. April 22. 1 to. Lots for Sale in afcan s addition to Charlestown on Samuel Street extended. Terms one third Cash a Alancen c and 12 months. Apply to t. C. Green. November 18. Ifcoo.6m. To the Public. Having severed my connection with Stephenson Seminary. I respectfully an not Nee that i will teach vocal and in8trumental music at my residence on the Corner of Mildred and Liberty streets. In a Community where i am so Well known As a instructor i do not deem it necessary to cum ber this announcement with tre Timoni is. Madame Bertha Kuhl. A Nernst 1890. George l. Travis the Boss Barber respectfully announces to his Friend Sand the Public that has removed to the front upper room in the Gibson building adjoining the court House shop Baa Bee thoroughly famished an improved with the Best Puteni Spring chairs acis Large and Roomy and i shall constantly Bare the service of a competent , neatness and politeness my to. 1886 take notice this a to give notice that 1 require a Settle ment of accounts. Must have the Money due me to enable me to carry on my business and All indebted to me for merchandise Are hereby notified to come Forward and make settlement As once As longer Inogence cannot Kyj Eiven. D. L 18. 1600. Citron. Currant. Rabins and mince meat just or a lived at Dalgarn s. Hominy and Brans a nov. 25, 180o. Dalgarn s
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