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Charleroi Mail Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 4

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Charleroi Mail, The (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Charleroi, PennsylvaniaPage four the Charleroi mail Pennsylvania december 1957 the Charleroi mail _ established 5. Daily except sunday by Moll publish pick Lac. A jail Eui Mync ch2.rte.-ol. Pennsylvania 3i e fb1ce Harry e. Mcca5uc____editor Halstead i editor of Torfine at Charleroi. A matter Facer act or March 3. By mail oae sear 311.co. A Forth s3 to. One j ooh j1.50. Per week -40 de Carrier Jtj ii blur of Aci 30 Cenis Bottinelli inc. West Street. New 1 Oric pledge clue Gince to the Flag of the United states of end to the Republic for which it one no Tion under god. With Libony and Justice for All big news stories anyone by Alexander else. It is even possible Story of Many important a new Story May Haie tories reported through been considered Beer in a certain the year Ami s them be readers Are interested in Many the of coarse Thi re Are things As is by the average at the end of stories that Are of rhe year the press Buie is Offen a them. So it is Only Nat make a Survey to deter that importance of an or mine stories seemed to hold else is determined by the Reader interest. Est show. Is a the in Point of in to Tell what stories were the up report at times there May have been the president s stroke and attention. It is noticed that should be done then at times various news bureaus the Senate rackets Rise will select different stories As the of Khrushchev to Power in Russia Best. Continuing turmoil in the United press editors this year chose the sputnik As other stories that received biggest followed by the attention was the Rescue a Teg ration of Little Rock Central Benny Hooper from a Long is Al Lousy mus 11116 High laying special stress land Triumph of Milwaukee on the fact that Federal braves and realignment of the sent into the j National Hurricane Aud an article which May have and controversy Over the teen considered As Best in one f Girard trial. Of course there were balance Sheet for week Given How can Anne Ashley q. How can. I repair a. Chair Mug that has Leeonie a. Insert some furniture tie it and place aside for a few Days. This should he As Loose rung is frequently followed by a of color to in Japan japanese government announced today it had Given permission to two Tokyo television stations to begin experimental color Sud sing Japan. By Charles m. Mecan United press staff correspondent i tie whole chair. The week s Good and bad news q How Caa i remove Onica on the International balance from fingers after ing spokesmen for both the united5 with Knish. States and soviet Russia marked a of Christmas week with expressions of desire to reduce world tension. President Eisenhower and Sec All for Mcnutt Al Calif. Mrs. Parses a Cuti. Who children named Jan Joya and gave birth to a daughter thursday. Tire baby s Jean. J Parsley after eating onions Clear ice breach q. How can very soiled eggs be Reary of state John footer a was thera in a Solijon of Les for tse lated states. Baki soda and soviet communist parly Nikita s. Khrushchev spoke for Russia. Hollywood show locality might have been Given a Many others but these ten seemed different interpretation some-1 to top the list in Reader interest. Not to be outdone by achieve Winter vacations the other Day a local Man said j getting inquiries relative to pros he was planning a Winter Vaca up Active trips about vacation Tion which would allow him routes and costs and remain out of the Community in Leach year More and More inquiry til the new tear is under Way. 1 ies Are received. Ments of Charleroi Hollywood theater at California has gone in for some Good shows for the Holiday and Early Winter season. Starting with the tall t. With Randolph. And a second decision the Hollywood Eisenhower and Dulles gave joint report to the nation by Tele vision and radio on the North Atlantic treaty organization i meeting in Paris. J Eisenhower said that the 15 j nato countries aimed not at aggression but a the Pursuit of a just All Russia has to do to ease he is to give Clear evidence of comm Ciriac integrity and sincerity in negotiation and Dulles pointed our How Russia has persistently obstructed All at tempts at controlling nuclear Wea Pons and attaining disarmament. But the nato he would continue to find out whether Russia has the will to resume ser ious efforts to achieve nuclear As part of the it was made the government seeking some Way to reopen a professor of Law said to ins she said Vrin quiet hed negotiations i ladies have fallen Down. Out Necat you re fight emphatic i believe in ing a if you have the facts j emphatic i on your Hammer them a Spade a Spade. The jury. If you have the Law on Burner it into the there was a Man is moving right Down a list of top student sue if Yon have Neith features which will see until they Drums. Sea pal the Helen Morgan Story. A hateful of rain and on the 1957 Yule Rush is Over i there will be few in thru grand lineup until april 26 and there Are people who if about what some inquiry is Are planning to make trips. Not made. And it is probably most every one. Was years travel can be used As sorry to see the Christmas Rush an that More and More end As it is a source of Joy to people will be making plans to Many. But lie real Rush is not Only in the United and people will again think in j states but in foreign lands As terms of also in terms Well of the future considering the near Ness of 1958. Long motor trips Are generally the with most people after christinas there Are Many j planning to take trips to the far people who travel to the or to the Southern states areas of the nation where they sat this season. And of course remain until the will be Many persons who of Spring Are again Felt plan trips by train or plane in the District and that will be almost three months from now. In is just about this time of year that travel companies Mer comes. It will not be Long until various transportation lines Are with the Peak being reached when sum quotes from the news by United press new or. Jonas i Erie resident h i killed in crash dec. 28 Anthony was killed instantly thursday and four others were injured in a traffic Accident. Salk making known his police said Bogdanovicz s Anto of anti bodies which kill can-1 Mobile crashed into a car operate cer and Normal Ceils in humans. Jed by mrs. Lenora is apparent that consider Uggerio and her and lie Lurther study is required of to doctors fore any conclusions can be j Osteopath Hospital with multiple injuries and Shock. James was in fair los condition in St. Vincent Hospital Otis Embree on the rare sentence i with Pelvic ing by jury of l. Ewing police said it was not deter to life imprisonment for the first j mined whether Bogdanovicz or degree murder of his wife Dinges was the Driver. Though her body has not been j found. Arl took Only three ballots to j will ask vote the guilty verdict last week i and the same number this week j pm Luff Felt to determine the sentence. Only Viiu i us two jurors Ever were for the j death Tenn. Judge Paulston Schoolfield bouncing he will answer on Tele vision and radio Friday hearsay Mittee alleging a teamsters local paid him s20.000 to order the acquittal of 13 teamsters charged labor dec. The Street journal reported Friday that the president and the National Security Council agreed this week to ask for a 500 Mil lion Dollar budget fund to be used Toj the missile satellite Field. J the newspaper said the fund would boost the Overall budget to and 27 when april love or the facts nor the Hammer the table. Drive courteously your Strw Speed warn-1 has Bezelj used As bar key Jones will be a two Dav in two wars. It was used for this ing signs. Here traffic Laws arc _ deaths go purpose the British curing the american revolution and then by the confederates during the Between the states. Buried in its addressing the Par of the one of Federal republics of the Sov indicated strongly j nearly lost his Hie nere by Gitty Russia it reduce the size trying to Call a of armed forces Khrushchev pointed out that the All russian at its re cent meeting in had asked the government to consider a game Suade a club. Historic St. David s episcopal Church at built in the feeble tremble before Opin Ion the foolish defy it the Wise judge it the skillful direct it that empty feeling growing kids have hollow legs a life insurance solicitor is one and Drain the cupboards to the of the few Fellows who can always j produce a workable Fountain pen j is Why on closer View at a second s notice. I our Bank account is hollow same totals in a. Bond purchases purchases of United states savings Bonds by individuals in Pennsylvania amounted to 532. 000.000 during the same total As reported in novem Ber of last year. Of the state s 67 32 showed gains Over last year. Total january through reached or 91 per cent of the state s sales goal for 1957. Dec Ember sales will count in a final report to be issued after the first of the year. The use of . Savings Bonds As gifts helps to Complete a successful year of sales turn red with graveyard Are veterans of wars. Eight a cur. The request was he pointed because the nato countries had said they would not use Force in their relations with other nations. But Khrushchev As did the parliamentary thac any reduction would be balanced by additional concentration on new types of with out reducing the country s defend Power. Editor the Bulky narrative is too highly coloured. Disappointed what Conder Soule. A tourist travelling on the Back roads of Kentucky got confused on his directions and stopped Sev the soviet government followed up this speech by to foreign embassies in the text of a seven Point Dis a armament and peace passed by the parliament. In another the soviet j according to Charles s. Or uterine. Chairman of the u. S. Savings Bonds committee for Pennsylva Nia. Ilore than a Quarter of a Mil lion gift folders have been distributed by the Treasury depart ment to Banks and other issuing agents in Pennsylvania and Are free of to per sons buying Bonds for gift Pur poses. When you give a savings you give something with enduring Krumrine de clares. Virtues Are Security of guaranteed rate of and absence of Market fluctuations who will place More than million dollars in u. S. Savings Bonds this year Moie than the mean ing of Security of principal. They know they will always get Back every Dollar they invested in Sav Ings plus a guaranteed rate of the state chair Man adds. And the detective turn Blue with cold. Young How do i get to Louisville reckon i know. Somewhat Viii Likio 0.1111 Oev in the very first Jeral times to inquire his Way to Menshikov chapter you make the old Man j Louisville without Success. Snot turn purple with the Vil iting a Young hillbilly lounging lain turn Green with the he stopped to in hero turn White with again. Named Mikhail a. Ambassador to the United states. He is to succeed j Georgi n. Who has envoy to Washington since 1952. Menshikov has served As am i Bassadore to India. He also has j served As minister for Trade and he is a High ranking despondency _ Iii us St. Petersburg. Fla. A charwoman was telling a j tourist Friend of her prowess in people around floors. I started to work j Here Are certainly Here the floors were in bad j hut we but since i be Buen doing i Ain t lost. Looking Down the years 20 years ago. Dec. 1937 Congress spotlight now on a j trophy for individual of spam the member of the communist i apparently in line with the pol-1 of tightening communist of All russian and mme. Furt Seva was replaced As tary of the Moscow City she will now devote herself to her j work for the party s committee. J no special significance was seem this switch. Mme. A Friend of 1. Which is the Only sport the honest ranking woman in look and learn by a. C. Gordon _ by. S. Which gained major ranking without the award of an tonal defense. British intensify Campaign for 2. What four u. S. State Cap u. S. Cooperation against Japan. I names begin the let to Cefro i Ter pres. Message monday. To give Congress full member of the party s the to member body which rules the country. I 3. What member of a famous House leaders plan action on j motion picture comedy team died urge motorists drive safely big Navy Bill. 10 years ago. Dec. 1947 Issue. 5 years dec. 1932 Issue. This j dec. 28 4. How Many persons in the state Bureau of Highway u. S. Arrive at the age every 5. What is regarded As greatest collection of keep other posts in English tons of it. The Gravity of bul 1 year dec. 28. 1956 major fires sweep California As compared with about 72 Friday that a prominent meth Larea lion this Yea and 74.3 billion minister and state Assembly will Convene height of the korean War. Apparently 1. By the Kronor 5oa3ethins Over 74 billion dollars ruled tentative i o a rtt Otio Var i to i . _ i a answers 1. Baseball safety today urged motorists to j resolve to drive safely in the new year and thus remain alive new year resolutions. I Bureau director o. D. Said the Safe driving Resolution should get off to a Good Start 2. Baton the approach of the n. Year s Holiday. Ida. 3. Oliver of the risk an Accident which might result in a fatality or in end. Available data Suc rest that publicity linking excessive _. Inc and lung cancer has not yet Throo k Ilju Al affected Consu option to any a in Ihu Preci Able track 4s. Former investment i icon Elor. Was found late Day slumped in a bathroom. 31aa collision -45 Caliper pistol at his feet. His -au1o collision wife was found shot to death cars a bedroom and his two Young driven by l. Hamrick sons were Deal of wounds l. Jury by driving Home from than per i new year s eve party if you he said. If you can t Are Canterbury Range for someone who does t j j drink to drive you it s Imore sensible to plan to get Home by bus or taxi than it is to drive your own 17 billions in u. I. Missile work Schuylkill county is Rici Imond. Pin Jwj _ _ to refused medical Aid for reus. Spain bedroom. And l. L. Dec. Tab Lisments in Schuylkill county i sick 11-year-old daughter for cars of the Barcelona Madrid sex or r county medi Ross 63 4go Prospect Ive the United states has a lower level of employ-1 jumped the track and Plung set the time of the nue. Collided at the intersection j More. Than 17 Hillion dollars but higher payrolls reasons. Permis press Jum for an appendicitis operation de Down a 50-foot embankment on inc when to d by sheriff near Here killing at least Edward Cordell Law three per on and injuring 40. Ing her 10 be taken 10 Tolje Hospit a the o a first class coach Church Prenc bes that to a deeper carry nor business obey the men Hal haymakers to the ship Niph the rails As a of unexploded the crossed a trestle. In the a new did anybody the family newspaper of the Charleroi mail deaths at sometime monday. Routes 18 and 10 work since world War according to air an _ _ Imore than half of it the last two nou Cement today by Secretary of Dulles goes to new York or state police defense department offi Jln Temal Genevieve Sec reported this week. Ciais said Friday. Based on the results of the figures obtained at the Industrial census of Pennsylva a has Nia taken by the Bureau of stat Siles rotary 01 state John Foster Hamrick was charged with _ a _ jes planned to fro to new York to Stop at a Stop police gon show that i to spend the new year said. Roy h. Also of been committed to Missi with fiends on Long Island. A Valley was treated at i development. Dulles Woald Hospital for minor the statistics cover Only devel official business while in injuries and released. The of missiles. They do not t6. De no occurred about p. M. Include bombing and operating yesterday. Sites. Duct no official new a return Here Jan 2. Is tics in the department of eternal the same pattern of lower employment but payrolls and productions was Evi Dent in the Mineral industries in Schuylkill county. 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