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Cessnock Eagle And South Maitland Recorder Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 5

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Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Cessnock, New South Wales Shades of the past. I a Terri b be n ight. Sri j a by r. J. Pilger. a / continued. A ? new York in those Days was not the City of the now Well known Skyline. It boasted,., of course of a few modest Day i scrapers and the first suspension Bridge Over the East River was then Only two years old. For safety we had to lower our to gaunt masts As we passed under it but there would have been plenty of room with them up. Our first berth was on the Southern Brooklyn Side where we discharged the hides. The Captain wanted the Crew to do the work but the Union which to an was very Strong in new York told him that he would get no homeward cargo if he persisted. He had to give Way to air secret Delight we did t want torn hands working the scrap Iron and the hides and Bones smelled worse than Ever. The former was discharged at Green Point. And later loaded kerosene and turpentine in casks at Weehawken. At the latter place i nearly landed my self in trouble again. Going ashore one night with the Ether boy i looked in my sea Chest for an article of clo thing using a match for the purpose. The match head must have dropped on a Woollen Muf Fler As when we returned a miniature fire brigade had been putting out a fire in my Chest. If the Accident had been teen from the wharf the wha Finger would have cast the ship adrift without troubling what became of her. No fire of any kind and no smoking was permitted aboard. The food had to be cooked ashore. F end of october we were ready for sea and left on november 1st the trip across was tedious and the winds were anything but favourable. During a heavy Gale a sea invaded the of c Sie and washed two or three sea chests about since then i lashed the handles with a wire Seiz ing on the lower bunk and kept the Chest locked and this action saved my property sighted the Lizard on de Cember 10th everyone was Rappy expecting to be Home n ample time far Christmas but we still had to Cross the North sea and the Baltic to Stettin to which port we were bound. I was somewhat disappointed. I expected to return with a pocket full of Money but after a few necessary purchases in new York i would have very Little to draw on arrival and i wanted to be self supporting. How Ever i also looked Forward. To seeing a Christmas tree again the. Last one we had celebrated somewhere to the West of ire land. Flog. And Clear cold weather alternated in the Channel but i always wore my thick Monkey jacket during Day time putting my Oilskin Over it at night. Of course the. Others did the Dame. More or less the Oilskin keeps in the heat if the body. It was my watch in deck on the night of the twelfth i am not quite sure of the Date. We Hon sighted Dungeness Light but the wind had dropped and what headway the ship made was Dae to the action of the tide the fog had settled Over everything and blotted out die coast lights and most of those of other ships the Man of the Lookout sounded the foghorn from time to time but there Wei few responses and those we did get seemed a pm Gilway off but then sound in a fog is dangerously deceptive. The Captain and mate on the poop strained their eyes and ears to ascertain the position of ves Sels coining from the North ski eur.5ye were an the port tack standing Over towards t h e French coast with what wind we had. The starboard watch Hajeo below the other boy anal myself were walking the deck ? making plan Whereto meet and perhaps ship together i it my Oil own Colatori and he Wittens in the Inist seemed to be thick Al when a Eascie out5 on Fleck a i ad1ie ii moisture dripped main Bruit lines Jand tie then Jipp witfcp$3blne our it pfc a a tsp mixed i i a log Hornli is a Fly ii is acid stepped feb Cimfe f Yara fico the tagging on the Lee Ide fms Tii Ifil ii6tiiha%ijaoi3fe ? the Way it the a a Fig is. Oyt of Eri Vitae a proximity and then it happened. A Steamer s Bow Cleft the fog and with a terrible grinding and splintering noise buried itself into our ship s Side stayed there for a moment and backed out again while our skipper and the mate roared Don t Back out keep her where she is but net a voice answered and the Steamer disappeared again in the fog. The ship gradually took an alarm ing list to. Port and we ill Stio cited for help at the top of our voices but no ship s Joat came near us. It must have been a foreign Steamer probably French As when i did look a Al though the name was at such an Angle that i could not read it i noticed a Cedilla which is mostly used in French writing to indicate that a c is sounded likes there were shouts for help coming from the of c Sie head. The watch below must have been caught in then underwear and the Bow might have been driven under. I Don t know what became of the Cook who had a bunk in the dec House but i heard the voice of the car Penter who must have been Able Jcj get Oft before she canted. I had Hung on for dear life though i of ten. Wondered since what would have happened to me had i come Down the rat lines on the weather Side. I could t see what happened on the of c Sie but the despairing cries for help did t last Long and in any Case we could t help them the breach in the Side be ing flooded with kerosene and turpentine pouring from it. The fog was As thick As Ever but j could discern one Man in the Rizzen rigging and three in the main chains. Besides the Man at the wheel the skipper mate ind Boatswain should have been aft. Whoever was in the Mizzen rigging did not answer to our shouts and i dare not think what had become of the others. My own position was precarious enough but those in the chains seemed to me to be worse off. I heard Harry s voice telling me to come towards them As the Mast might go overboard any time and was on the Point of making my Way along the shrouds when the top Mast went with a crash and of course the top Gallant Mast Yards and sails with it. Simultaneously the main lifts carried away and the Yard swung Over towards the men threatening to sweep them off their Perch with the braces still on the Yard Arm. It stopped in such a position that the men were enabled to climb on to it and secure them selves with what rope they could pull out of the water where it was mixed up in a hopeless tangle. I had a narrow escape from being hit by one of the Back stays when the top Mast went but having my Sheath Knifel on me i Cut enough rope to tie my self securely to the rigging. The weight of the main upper gear being off the ship she righted somewhat and Harry washed the Yard to the shrouds thereby keeping it reasonably steady. In a answer Tiv my inquiry Harry said that Cross the car Penter and Robert were on the Yard with him. Cross had buffered from sickness during the trip across and was t very robust he was silent but Robert Sang out to me enjoining me to hang on. Locking aft i could see no one in the rigging now which left four. I was still comparatively dry and in that respect More fortunate than the others but the cold was now acute. I Felt my senses becoming be numbed and had difficulty in keeping awake. The smell of the escaping turpentine find kerosene was nauseous but it kept the roughness of the sea Down. I wondered where we were. During the first do watch we ba4. Pungent Ess Light in our port Quarter. We were now probably Between that Point and Grisez of the French coast. Our Gresa Tesic danger Lay in an flt or . Into Vij we Kjad nothing to make ourselves Lizard we a i Jated least my Bice Gehg qbf.,frqm1. In th0tf$i0iitm& of j . U4rm, no3i hat vier ie4. Ii ii&ia49 been dozing of the Daniger. Of which i was Well aware. It was almost a yearly occurrence i my Home of Wii of someone free Zoh xes to death in. Winter. \ a slight Bih Eze came from the East Dis i dung the fog but increasing $�&s$3ld the shr eights i a drifted nearer the English coast. Other ships seemed to be travel Ling in mid Channel but there were not Many of them. I woke with a Start. Harry Sang out Tillat he would not make the Carpenter hear and warned me to keep from going to sleep he thought the Carpenter would be alright As lie was Well lashed to the Yard. 1 was dreaming again. I had wanted adventure but had not bargained for the loss of my shipmates. At ohis time my schoolmates were looking Forward to the Christ Mas holidays. I had been look ing Forward to seeing them again when t would be the hero of the hour but now my clothes washed away and what Money i had coming to me needed for another outfit i would certainly keep away from them even if we were picked up in time. 3 wondered what kept the vessel afloat it must be the kerosene being lighter than water. How Long had we been clinging to the wreckage i wondered and How much longer till Day Light my feet were like Blote of ice my hands i could move at least but most of the tune j Lead obey tucked under my Oil skin coat. The wind was Jay , but the top sheltered me from it to a certain extent. A shout from Harry woke be again but thinking Liat Robert might have slipped off the Yard. I lapsed into a doze again. I could t have done anything to help being then in a helpless condition myself. To restore the circulation i tried to work my legs but found that i could not do this without taking off the rope so i gradually drifted into slumber again after noting subconsciously that i was considerably nearer to the water. Had she listed More or was a he sinking it did t trouble be much what became of us but i wanted to sleep. People had scenes of their youth passing before their mental vision just before they died and As i had not come to that stage yet there was no use worrying. _ that re minded me of my third Christ Mas and How i had insisted n order to see Santa Claus to take the Stool into which the Christ Mas tree fitted to bed with be How i had proudly marched next morning missing him after All. Out in the Snow covered streets with the drum sword and Hel met he had brought me How the ignorant servant girl had told me tales about spook and ghosts in order to put me to sleep. 1 could sleep now without hearing stories. F Only Harry and Robert would Stop making a noise. Why 6r.uld n t they keep quiet death from exposure is such a comfortable release from life. I Felt truly comfortable now. A grateful warmth was stealing All Over me. I must be dying now and. ,. The clock struck ten a yes ten i had counted the strokes. What was Harry talking about and to whom yes the Carpenter Hung dead on the Yard rob3rt and i were in a bad Way and Richard had not been speaking for Over an hour when i hailed the Dover Pilot Cutter which took us off after going about 1 sat up and found myself in bed apparently in a Hospital Ward. Harry was talking to a stranger i found later he was from Wie consulate and Robert was still asleep in bed. The derelict had been towed into skirt Aud the Captain s body had been found in the Cabin through the open door of which he had fallen from the Mizzen rigging. My sea Chest was found Watib. The contents wet but undamaged. A lot of Harry s Dunnage. Had been salvaged but Robert who had to Chest lost All of his property. We bad to attend the1 inquest on the two bodies andr later then funeral. The name of tube Steamer which ran into us has never been discovered the Consul at the funeral showed jus a Cable up it the owners to ii he effect that one of their Vess Lac was loading in Antwerp for Bue nos Aires and if we liked we could ship in her. After exchanging cables with Home., i accepted arid was sent to ant Werp i and joined by second sep at one ? Pounder month. V six years later in Taoyama. I saw Harry again aboard of the the Odds but As i then sailed under. Another Zimrie i could not remind him of our experience ii Kritil we reached Havre. Ybec6nefootballer injured while playing for Neath against Aberdare in the final of the Cessnock District Junior Rugby league. Competition at Cessnock spoils ground on sunday afternoon Noel pres ton 21, of Alexander Street Cessnock received a kick on the right Arm and the forearm was broken. Closing Down ? s1a l e ? ? now 6ti\. Even though Bur closing Down sal3e Only started last week end thousands of satisfied customers have already availed themselves of our wonderful bar gains. We would like the people of Cessnock and District to understand that Sam najor has rented his premises to or. H. Old Field and that is Why Wear e offering the entire Stock at these ridiculously Low prices and have Only a limited time to sell them. T ? Roll up one and All and join the crowd. We would much rather sell Pur Stock in Cessnock at these ridiculously Low prices than remove it else bargains every Day boys Felt hats fancy bands to Clear 3/11 each men s fancy silk sox Sale 6m pair boys Golf shirts guaranteed to bail. Usually 4/11 to Clear 1/11 each men s Broadway ties Sale 7id each men s Check work shirts while they last 1/111 each men s Suspene ens str a Quality. Sale 6�d pair boys Fleecy lined singlets Sale 1/ each boys striped Fuji de luxe Ranger shirts Sale 1/6 each Semi stiff collars Telaco Brand sizes 13, Isi 14, 164, 17 Sale to Clear 3d each 50 babies harness. Solid leather usually 2/6 Sale to Clear 1/ each Kathleen court face Cream to Clear 6d Jar tto tables crammed with bargains of All description caul in and inspect for yourselves. Junior t Rugby league Aberdare wins the shield. By scrum half. Last sunday s final proved one of the hardest fought games of the season. Aberdare proved their superiority by convincingly defeating Nath 16 to 8. The first half was very evenly contested with neither Side showing any marked superiority and Lemon time found Neath leading 3 to nil. Upon resumption of play Aberdare began to take the upper hand and slowly wore Down their opponents. Their Forward Fine successfully smothered Neath s efforts to. Open up the game and when Preston was taken off with a broken Arm the game threatened to become a Little one sided. Neath did not let up though and fought to the last minute and. With a bit of Clever play scored again ii few minutes before the final Bell. This win Speaks Well for the Aberdare team coming As they do from a soccer Centre. So Well have they played and so enter Taining has been their displays that soccer s nose has become a Little disjointed and the Rugby ites now threaten to take a monopoly of the sporting inter est quite a few of the players Are recruits from the soccer ranks end Many Are Only in their first or second year of Rugby and it must be admitted that for Brut Nancy of team work and rugged play they compare favourably with any Junior team the Coal seeds has produced. Much credit must be Given to our coach and chief Karracker George Maher of r the. Senior team and the result must be Gratifying to him after the time and labour spent with his Prog a.? ? while upon the subject of helpers Aberdare would like Ito. Thank a. Wallace Pur ambulance Man who Bas so Saith fully ministered to is with such competency during the season arid we herewith vote him no. 1 liniment Mechanic. A last sunday s game produced some very Brilliant Platy tout the Palm must go to Ste Venson playing at lock he played like a Tiger. Froni start1 to finish,1. Making Many penetrating runs and Tacl Ding like a de Nion the try he scored was is a result of extraordinary Jiing Niento Aind anticipation. Even though on oppor bunt. A gaped was the Only one who saw him go Over. Geordie Kerr opened the scor ing Forh is Side and no one was sur posed. He had it coining to him. Good old George. A grand sportsman and team Man and As unselfish As they make them. Johnson As usual scored a try. We cease to Marvel. It has become a habit with the Ong Chap. Alexander the Rocky Moun Tain also clicked for a three Pointer and a Nice goal. About that Dummy Jim she s a Beauty. But Why not warn the toys. Neath. Were not the Only ones who fell for to Harry Bewes again shone out he was unfortunate not to score on several occasions but he made sure that others had the Opportunity. Considering Harry is a first Grade player second to none one must appreciate his sportsmanship in playing with and providing a Backbone for a Junior league team. Every Man played his part. Exception could be taken _ to none and no one will deny that the Best team won. After the game the shield was presented to the winning team by the president of the Junior league or. Hitchcock who in his remarks congratulated the winners on their very Fine display. Tigers win under 18 final. Aberdare under eighteen were badly mauled by the tigers in the final at the Sparts ground on sunday. The tigers won 4. After Aberdare had drawn first blood with a penalty tigers weren t Long in equalising the score with a penalty. Mickey Williams the tigers Rake gave his rearguard a feast of to brei Ball of which the Nippy set of backs took every Advant age. ? 4 ? a. Mccadam played a a part in the Success of his team. He used his head cleverly in at tack but his defence was his bust asset Ginger Menachen put in a great piece of work with a Beautiful try. Gibby Leishman turned on pc great game again Liidi was Iao inspiration to his mates in tile pack. His Speed in the open and has tackling were a revela Tion to Liis team mates. Misery. Abbot at full Back was., outstanding. He handled did everything Well e. Edwards by booting three goals made his total 40 for the season a a very Fine perform Ance for a lad playing his first season scorers were. For. Tigers Menachen a. Try Edwards. 3 goals for Aberdare to ruin Ley Zut ski my party. Or. W. Hitchcock honoured ? i ? .-?.?. The Enterprise Hall at Ibelia Bird was y gaily 4 decorated on saturday night Ivan or. And mrs. gave a party in Honor of i their soil William s 21st birthday. The Young Man who is a nodular member of the Cessnock Rugby league club f Reserve Grade team was the recipient of Many valuable pre sents. More than 300 guests were present Many coming it pm Newcastle. Mai and and Weston. Most of the evening Fla ? dancing but at nine o clock Vtha guests were entertained at a most delightful supper in the supper room of the Hall. The room itself was nicely decorated with greenery and Flowers. The Tawekj however t with their abundance of Choice foodstuffs Flowers and coloured streamers caught the Eye and they spoke volumes for the decorative ability of the Mother of the guest and Bis total. My. Harry Brown presided and after the Toast to the King had been honoured he called urn mar. H. Kempe to propose the Toast to the guest of the evening. The fact that this boy has been one of my. Employees for five years proves his value said or. Kempe. He. Is one of the most energetic and trustworthy employees i have Hadi he is Ever willing to Leam and keen to Progress or. Kempe said that his knowing the parents for so Many years wad Given More than a slight Knott edgr of the boy s habits and character. He was the worthy son of worthy parents and a Young Man on Whon his friends could depend. His heme training had been excellent. He Hai received More guidance from i parents than the average boy usually received. But the time of his parents had not been wasted. Bui. Hitchcock he said is r credit to his parents upbringing and it gives me the greatest of pleasure to propose the Toast in his Honor or his having h s majority. I Trust that he and Hie parents May enjoy Many years of happiness Anc Prosperity several of the younger friends of re guest added to or. Kemper ologies. As Cne put it his popular Ity among the Young men and women of his age was amply borne Oul by their attendance that night. In respond no to the Toast or Hitchcock said Thiet while he War not so sure that everything or Kempe mail his friends had said about him were really True it made Hiir feel Good to hear them. It made him Realise the value of Friendship Anc just what it meant to have so Many friends about him. Or. Kempe Lead said that the fact that he had been an employee of the firm for five years was enough to Shew his value. That he did not think True or Kph nip Nara not a. A Ellent employee and was by he Means a slave Driver. He endeavoured to make his employees working conditions As Good As possible land that was appreciated. In addition said or. Hitchcock his fellow workmates. Were such a. Fine lot that he enjoyed working with them. The fact that he had such Fine people to work with made it much easier. He thanked or. Kempe and the other speakers for what they had said. He also thanked his Mother and father for tendering him such a Fine party on his birthday. He said that he had expected nothing of such magnitude. He thanked everyone for their Fine presents. With obvious feeling or. Hitchcock then asked those present to drink a Toast to one who Vas in attendance and who was just 60 years older than he his grandmother mrs r. Lamb it was perhaps the most popular cast of the night and three Hearty cheers were Given by the Large gathering. The Toast to the parents of the guest was proposed by or. H. Daunt he said that be had known or. Ant mrs. Hitchcock for. Many years never had he met finer Peeple. They were respected an a loved by All who came in Contact with them. Their Hines to and integrity had mad them Mot popular residents. They Werp Ever Rea by to help those who might need help. The manner in which had reared their son ribs a credit. To them Fern Jivey had Given him an excellent Start in life it was not the lot of every Bey to receive such a Fine upbringing. ,. In replying on behalf. Of his wife and himself or Tab cd that it indeed made them both fed Happy to see so 1 Many fronds present to Honor their son s 2i?t birthday. He thanked each and All of them for. As sisting to m Ake toe evening such a Success. A ? ? or. Hitchcock then proposed a Toast to the musicians mrs. Jackson ? mrs. Diane and messes. Brown and Council who had been willing to give their services free. To their music he said was much appreciated by the hopi cars. son suitably responded. Or ,. Kempe proposed a. Toast to in a most fitting reply of thank 1 a. The rein Ainger of the Ewe i a Wall spent in dancing several Jitae to Ovelty dances causing , or. Rowan of. Bellbird rendered several vocal items which were App Teveia ted by thege present ? ? a to the a of i j Cessnock on and of in Merce to a you iwe.8abce to of from ii is a ? the attention ctr Thieo ple of the Cominb realm is focussed on them Ambo of Oil from goal and the Aanner of the handling of the project by the a Mrija a influence the outcome of Tybie coniing elections j ,. ,.-. V Pur great Natlo Alaee of indigenous Paer Oil Cao Nola be diverted by specious a Jon Omli theories or cons a eau Otts. & $ and Agaibi tie piste put to the rout by the. Pupac focal ree its. Achieved by Clear sighted level headed seers who Wojt not of Bcpnbmicsi-.? Ujj 1 the National need is. A mount. ? Should ,in. To a Pacific cajun Silig Oil to be interrupted a he 3unjg country would be paralysed economically and nationally did would be at the mercy of., the invader. -.?. .?.?.? %. Too late then for economists to admit their error. A a or our salvation depends on the efficient working of v internal communications air a Flaval units. In an emergency store Oil would. Be commandeered by the authorities and chaos old Rule. Produce would rot in the Fields and future swings eliminated owing to tractors lacking of. Remember there Are few horses these Days. .-.?,. Other countries Are Success fully extracting Oil from Cool with if a need of doing so i flan Australia and they find it eco comical of National to use inferior oils and Shales. Where we have the richest Coal with the highest Oil Oca Hent in the world and the greater need Civ Home produced Oil study for % moment our to. Sit Ion and wonder Why our 3d ers make no. Effort to use Ioir Soal resources to Purchase the very essence of our existence \ Germany Britain Japan tire extracting Oil from Coal South Africa has it under consideration. The Grovernor of i dict Oria has mentioned the possibility of extract my Oil front brow ii cd of Iriate proof of the pracu6ar Baity and importance of ther project ? the Coal from new South Wales especially that from the 3outfh Mai and seam is so adaptable to the production of Oil and other variable derivatives that it is Kwi timely a. Funding to read in the daily Oress where sir David rivet a. Marked the agitation for extrac Tion of Oil in Australia is Unwar ranted. .7 sir David rivets reports i november 1936 arid june 1937 to the Hon. A. J. Mclachlan. Minister of development ind the committee appotritedrt3?, quire into the necessity and economic possibly to off itt tier Coal in Australia prove inter. 3sting Reading and the figures seemingly prove that Low temperature carbonization and Hydrogen Antipin Are not economic for Australia a Ber is definitely of the opinion that fuel needs she wild be. Re. Guided from a National stand Point and if we err we end in excellent company. F Uel locally produced seems to us . Of greater National Imp Al uce than the building of a Mailo war.? -,?., the vital need of Oil Hafiz pea fully realised by my Gfroer for the a St live years. Iwo tit is advocating the Exler it Ftp of of i rom Coal have. Been endorsed As a National m$0\<oy-&r&ry Confer Elipe Connie rpm a n d political of july Pip a cab from one end of Australia to the other. Each motion urge the Federal Ani Staje Pye in cents to proceed with tart re consequently we by it a have a inundate from ttys people i of Australi to erect plants to produce Oil of pm �5 Ojiri. A. I a. Mar up Huiber trusts. The Josted eral Pye rement and. Testate give run Rentof is. Will make some Deri Nitte move be Fofe the Hede irad elect pjs Meh Are to close at hand arid we re peat the extraction of x in from Cal will be one of the main file Riding factors of the elect pics. Yours. Etc ? itidgpilbitg1, ? Jpn hid Eros left. But ? pm a a gag so mrm Init i. A

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