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Cessnock Eagle And South Maitland Recorder Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 3

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Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Cessnock, New South Wales New zealand minister for works visits Cessnock. Enthusiastic Welcome at municipal Council Chambers. My. Semple s inspiring speech in reply the new zealand labour government is just com posed of Ordinary men. We Are not super men. We Are just attempting to put into operation some of the principles that labor has stood for through the centuries. We Are attempting to dig Down deep into the roots of the social canker that produces the evils of our time. We Are not going to Shilly Shally with the Job or Shadow spar round the problem and fool the people sail or. R. Semple new zealand minister for works and transport when replying to a civic Welcome extended to him by the mayor Aid. S. Home when he visited Cessnock on saturday. Addresses of Welcome were delivered by the mayor Aid. S. Homer. J. M. Baddeley m.l.a., or. R. James , or. Arthur Biggers president of the Cessnock chamber of Commerce who was a work mate of or. Semple 30 years ago Aid. J. Brown president of the Chesnock Branch of the a.l.p., Canon Reay Canon Campbell and or. A. Johnson. There must be some under lying cause in the conditions that produce misery penury and common want on the one hand and laziness and affluence on the other or. Semple said in the course of his address. I bring you fraternal Greet Ings and the very Best wishes of the government of new Zea land and the people it Tepee a sents. Your mayor has Caid that there should be closer re j lation ship Between Australia and new zealand. So there should be. The new zealand government is anxious and ready at any time As i told the prime minister at Canberra to discuss the possibilities of wiping out stupid Tariff barriers Between Australia and new Zea land. We want australian fruit in new zealand As much As you can Send us but we want you to take our potatoes. Australia says we Don t want your potatoes they Are diseased so we May Traat Portr four to is ? diseased. Laughter. We should certainly get together and give each other the Best service pos sible or. Semple said that the introduction of the 40 hour week in new zealand had not produced the economic cast Astro Phe that carping critics had predicted. It had resulted in greater service and a marked decrease in costs. All that the youth the real men needed was a Chance in life. Encouragement inspiration and a push on the journey of life and 99 men out of 100 would make Good. Thank you for the inspiring Welcome Back to this great town said or. Semple. When my colleagues were Good enough to suggest that i take a spell i immediately turned my thoughts to the land of my birth the Sun kissed Hills and valleys of Australia. Or. Big Gers said said i was a wild Man in my youth. There was none Wilder. The wild boy if he has strength and courage generally i ets somewhere. Came to meet old pals. I Felt i would like to come Back to Australia and meet the pals of the years that have slip Ped into the past and if time permitted to indulge in some reminiscences. I am sorry that my time will not permit me that great pleasure. Many of my old friends have gone. In Wes Tern Australia Flwler cent of my old work mates Are dead Pic twins of an unhealthy and Dang be just Industry in which they had to carry put laborious tasks in order to squeeze out of society & a rust far themselves. I have paid and the new zealand press has taken me up wrongly that i should have been dead by All tiie a was it the game. Had not tithe joiners taken me out of the pits and set me to organise and to Flag Hartor them i would have been dead. Men died Early and became ? prematurely old because of the t f Oul of additions form it ? proceeding. Or. Semple said that the Effew i zealand Ign oven Lent was not composed of us Perr Meni. O they were just Ord Ary men but they had bad some experience Fly Tite a Kiwi a a Enfield of Industry has free n wh6bt Wilbour University 4nd Rte to pcs we Baste received As we have been t de wily mily Ion the Ocean to give service of a lasting Char Acter to the people that we have the Honor to represent we Are men who have come from the Industrial Fields from the work shops and factories and we feel this knowledge will be helpful because in these changing times every problem is a practical problem. The men who have practical experience to Back up then studies Are in a better position to do the Job than those who Only have a superficial knowledge or. Semple declared. Should know their Job politicians should know their Job said or. Semple if they did not know their Job they should not be in parliament. A politician should be. Able to stand up to the third degree he should be Able to stand us to i the examination of his policy by any tribunal or meeting. It was easy to look on it was not no easy to do the Job. The average Man wants to know Why you do not get on with the Job and revolutionise the world in 24 hours. We Are not going to Al Low ourselves to be stampeded by any Section of the Community the minister added. I suppose you have Here As we have in new zealand the communist element that wants to wreck everything. We take no. Notice of them the communists or. Semple said had tried to get into the Public works Camps in new Zea land and encourage men to loaf. I took them on at their Owin game and the Public works department to Day is As free of communists As a Frog is of Fea thers the minister declared. The minister then referred to the Reserve Bank and the Man ner in which it had provided cheap Money for the people to build Homes. His own depart ment of Public works was a re Lief depot when he took Over. There were 10,000 Young men Many with a College education working for a pittance. They had been shanghaied into slave Camps. I brought All these Young men in groups into my office he said. I Felt that then moral Fibre had been sapped because they had legally been made out casts. I told them to forget the past and to remember they had a future and that then Success depended upon the will to make Good. I was Aristeus to put them on the first rung of the social ladder. I did so and Only one per cent has let me Down. Complete answer to critics. They were put on to constructive work at �1 a Day. Thuiy were originally receiving 10/ a week. The government gave them a 40-hour week and a fortnight s holidays at full pay. But they had to step on it. We have no room for loaf results had been beyond All expectations and have provided a Complete answer to the carping critics who foretold economic disaster and chaos if the men were Given a Shorter week and better conditions. The Cost of Public works bad been reduced tremendously. As an instance on the construction of a viaduct 360 feet High the Engineer s estimate was �23,000, and the period for completion nine months. The work was completed in seven months at a. Cost of �13,000. This demonstrates to you that if you give the real Man the australian born or new zealand bom Man the Chance to live a life Worth while give him Hope inspiration and a push on the to Urafay of life he win make Good. When they Tell you that men will no work when you Roa Kethe conditions Good do not believe it it is false. ? i am glad to have met you and. I thank you for ypurslnceee5 Welcome. I am proud of my Ai . The trials and Mibu sabans of a Humble Shpige. Lete sied me to put my bade Sun and to fight against social inequalities and exploitation. As a government we Hope and rust that anything we do will be an inspiration to the labour movement of Australia. We Are the servants of the people. Jubey have asked us to do certain moratorium cases when the adjourned Case in which Bernard Eugene Mcgrane applied for leave to exer Cise Powers under a mortgage in respect of premises occupied by Thomas Crawford in Ste phen Street Cessnock was mentioned at Cessnock moratorium court yesterday or. In right who appeared for Mcgrane stated that the parties had arrived at a settlement. The terms of the settlement were that the applicant be at Liberty to exercise All the Powers of the mortgage but such pow ers shall not he exercised if the respondent complies with covenants in regard to payment of rates insurance and repairs and pays �5q within three years without interest and the applicant agrees that if so paid that amount shall be accepted in full satisfaction of All moneys due under the mortgage. Or. 3almain, ., made an order accordingly. The trustees of the . applied for leave to exer Cise Powers under a mortgage in respect of premises occupied in Vincent Street by Henry Heath Fisher. By consent the application was granted. It was stated that the sum of �3929/15/3 was due under the mortgage. Or. Enright appeared for the applicants. People say that we Are having some Lovely Spring Days. That Tommy looks As if he has been chopping Wood. That there was a big traffic Jamb in the Northumberland on saturday. That the boys kept fairly quiet during the Day. That there was a refrain of Sweet Marie come to me on sunday. That Bill enlisted with the rebel chief. That punters were very silent after silenus won. That All the sports were look ing for a mock Ray. That Alf. Was wearing a Sil ver Rose. That there was no fire but the fireman was there. That Val pan did t pan out at All Well. That it was real Black laughter from Fred. That Jack will be Able to buy a Gilt Frame from Vic. That he also procured a Vali ant chief Over there. Personal. Or. Robert Kelsick late Man Ager of. Aberdare Central Coll Iery and probably the oldest link of Active mining operations on the South Maitland Field paid a visit to his sons at Cessnock it the week end and spent a Busy time looking up friends. Or. Kelsick is now residing at Manly and is finding it some what difficult to Settle Down to an inactive life after having undertaken work and responsibility for so Long. One of the old Cessnock hands or. Martin o Connor has just left the Hospital after an illness. Or. O Connor is past the allotted Span and has been a resident of Nul Kaba nearly All Bis life where he still resides. Or. Bob Carroll of Pok Olbin is an inmate of the Cessnock District Hospital. Or. Carroll has been a victim of rheumatism for some time and is being treated for the trouble. Or. Albert Fleming of Mill Field is at present a patient of the Cessnock District Hospital. Or. Fleming s condition has improved since he was admitted to the Hospital. It is pleasing to be Able to state that mrs. Gray wife of or. D. W. Gray manager of the Cess ask Branch of the Commonwealth Bank who has been a patient at the mater Miseri cordial Hospital at Wanatah for the past few weeks is now making very satisfactory pro Gress and 4t is expected that she will be Able to leave the institution and return Home with in the next Day or two. Throat an3 Antrim trouble for which an operation was found Neces sary have been responsible for mrs. Gray s sojourn in Hospital. Hems of interest didst return expired License. For failing to return an expired motor Driver s License Samuel Mccord at Cessnock court yesterday was fined 2/6, plus 8/ costs. ? ? ? a ? High school p. And c. The usual monthly meeting of the Cessnock High school parents and citizens association will be held at the school at 7.30 to Morrow night All members Are requested to at tend. Remanded to Cessnock George Abel Ward a solicitor who was charged at Toowoomba a police court yesterday with having obtained from Marie and Leonard mar pies by false pretence the exe cution of a form of contract for the Purchase of land and sums of �50 and �215, was remanded to appear at Cessnock on August 23. ? ? tenancy Case. At Cessnock court yesterday Harold Watson Lett applied for an ejectment order against Harry Oldfield in respect of pre Mises occupied by the respondent in Vincent Street. By con sent an order was made by or. Balmain. . Directing the respondent to vacate the premises by August 30. Level crossing fund to night s concert. A most comprehensive Vari Ety programme has been arranged far the concert to be held in the buffs Hall to night in Aid of the level crossing fatality fund. Vocal elocution Ary dancing and instrumental items Are to be rendered by prize winners at the recent Aberdare Eisteddfod assisted by other Well known artists. The Ordinary bus from Kerri due at Cessnock at 7.30 ., will continue on to the concert Hall and a special bus will leave Flie Australia hotel at 7.15 For the buffs Hall. The Public Are urged to sup port this deserving cause. New buildings at Hospital the end of the present week will see the completion of the View administrative Block at Cessnock Hospital. Equipment has already been ordered and As soon As it is supplied the building will be occupied. Excellent Progress has also been made with the erection of the new children s Ward and it is expected that the building will be completed by the end of next week. Other buildings including additions to the nurses quarters and an infectious Block Are expected to be ready for occupation in two months. The estimated Cost of the build ing scheme is �13.14s. Half of which will be paid by the hospitals commission and half by the Hospital. Pelton Colliery dispute owing to the refusal of the management to pay an eighth of a shift to surface hands who maimed they worked for a period when tie Colliery was last thrown Idle Pelton Colliery lid not work yesterday and to Day. The dispute was referred to the Northern executive of the Mirs federation arid to Day or. H. Scanlon Northern miners vice president with the Lodge officers arranged a conference with the manager in an Effort to nettle the dispute. Homing Pigeon club. ? the race arranged by the Cessnock homing Pigeon club on. Saturday afternoon was from Wauchope an airline of 125 Miles and 49 Birds were liberated. Result a. Davies 1088 Yards per mm., 1 r. White 1084, 2 n. 1083 7, 3 s. Tuck 1083, 4 Thomas and Williams 1080, 5 b. Richardson and son 1478, 6 h. Reibel 1077, 7 t. Mitchell 1075, a l. Shoesmith 1073, 9. M ? ?. While in Cess mock last Satur Day the new zealand minister for Public works or. R. Sem ple paid a visit to Ewington Colliery. He said he was greatly impressed with the general it not of the co Leivy wet Etc led so of bad insulting words charge. Echo of wine shop incident. At Cessnock court yesterday Isabella Clet and proceeded against Oliver Wilson on a charge of insulting words. Defendant for whom or. Frith appeared pleaded guilty. Or. Enright who appeared for the prosecution stated that Oil july 31st the complainant was engaged in the Bair of Laz Arus s wine shop where she was employed. Wilson came in and said i want a Little wine he ordered a bottle but the Money he tendered was in sufficient to pay for it when informed that he could not have the wine he used. The words complained of. Defendant was fined �1. Plus 8/ court costs and �1/11/6 professional costs. Miner s neck fractured fall of Coal at Cessnock no. 2. Struck by a fall of Coal at Cessnock no. 2 Cothery yesterday Jack Wile 25miner of Catherine Street Cess Rock had his neck fractured. Cessnock unit of the new Castle ambulance conveyed him to Cessnock District Hospital where he now lies in a critical condition. Another fall of Coal at the same Colliery yesterday resulted in John Gorton 52, Miner receiving lacerations to the Scalp and the right shoulder. He was taken to Hospital by the local unit of the Newcastle ambulance. Other accidents. Thomas Redgrove 67, Miner employed at Aberdare Colliery received an injury to his right ankle when struck by a piece of Coal at Aberdare Colliery to Lay. He was conveyed by Cess Nock unit of the Newcastle ambulance to Cessnock Hospital. George Cowmeadow 39, i ier of Melbourne Street Strain of his Back at Aberdare Colliery to Day when he slipped on the Greasy floor of his working place. The injured Man was conveyed to Hospital by the Cessnock unit of the Newcastle ambulance. Cessnock produce sales. To Day s prices. Leggett Market. Fruit oranges Navel 6/ to 9/ Case common changes 3/ to 7/ Case mandarins 5/ to Scase Lemons 6/ Case passion fruit 8/c Case bananas 25/ to 27/ Case pineapples 12/ use eating apples 10/6 to 13/6 Case Cook ing apples 8/6 to 12/6 Case Straw berries 1/6 tray. Poultry hens 3/6 to 5/6 pair roosters 4/ to 8/ pair ducks 3/ to 4/ pair Drakes 4/ to 5/ pair. Dairy produce butter 1/4 per la. Eggs Hen 1/5 dozen. Farm and Garden produce potatoes 6/ to 8/6 cwt onions 18/ cwt Grammas 4/ to 8/ Doz. Pumpkins 3/ to 7/ Doz., 6/ cwt swede turnips 5/ bag White turnips 3/ Doz. Inc. Pars nips 3/ Doz. Inc celery. 5/ to 7/ Loz. Inc rhubarb 3/ Doz. Inc been Root 4/6 .1oz. Inc carrots 1/6 to 3/ Doz. Inc peas 2/ to 2/9 Peck French Beans 5/ Peck lettuce 2/6 Doz cabbage 2/ to 8/ Doz. Tomatoes 6/ to 10/6 Case cauliflower 2/6 to 9/ Doz. Radishes 1/ Doz. Inc Escha lots. 1/ Doz. Inc in teach 2/6 Doz. Brie Chokos 9d to 1/3 Doz. Parsley 6/ Doz inc Street potatoes 8/ bag. Oess Noc c fruit Market fruit Navel oranges 6/ to 8/ Case common oranges 4/ to 6/ a fuse Man Darins 3/ to 7/ Case Demotis 4/ to 6/ Case pears 10/6 to 14/ Case passion fruit 8/ to 10/ Case bananas 22/ to 26/ Case pineapples 14/ Case eating apples 7/6 to 12/6 Case cooking rap pies 7/6 to 10/6 Case. Dairy produce butter 1/3 per la. Eggs Hen 1/4 Doz., medium 1/3 Doz., Duck 1/3 to 1/4 Doz. Farm and Garden produce Lucerne chaff 5/ bag Maize 5/9 Bushel potatoes 7/6 to 8/6 cwt. Onions 12/ to 14/ cwt Grammas 4/ to 9/ Doz. Pumpkins 3/ to 8/ Doz pm Melohs 3/ to 6/ Doz. Swede turnips 2/6 to 4/6 Doz., 8/ to 6/ bag White turnips 1/6 Goz. Inc parsnips 3/6 Doz. Inc carrots 3/4 Doz. Inc rhubarb 2/ Doz. Inc beetroot 1/6 to 3/4 Doz. Inc. Celery 5/ to 7/ Doz. Inc pe9b-2/ to 2/3 Peck lettuce 1/6 to 2/9 Doz. Cabbage 2/ to 6/ Doz. Tomatoes 6/ to 8/6 Case caul Lowers 6/ to 11/ radishes 1/6 Doz. Inc Escha lots 1/6 Doz. Inc. Chekos 1/ do opt Aach St 4oz.tnw, Sweet pm of my ? ?4/4%i Rugby Rufft a a the Hoodoo which pursued Cessnock in their matches against Kerri several years ago j appears to have returned. On saturday at the Cessnock sports a wind Kerri Defeated Cessnock for the second tune tits year in circumstances which have left the supporters j of Lennox s lads lamenting. J in the first round when the Cooks put paid to Cess Nock s account the Macks were without the services of Roddom Parsons Askie and Anderson. ? ? on saturday the Nocks had. The misfortune to lose Mccal Lum shortly after the kick Iffland were left with Only 12 men for the remainder of the game. Mccallum was ordered off by referee Lewis following a souffle near Cessnock s line. The general opinion was that the ref. Was a bit severe on Mccallum. Sparrow received some provocation for what he did and in the circumstances n caution would have met the Case. As a Rule Mccallum is a very clean player. ? ? ? no doubt Cessnock were greatly handicapped in having Only 12 men against 13, but Kerri s 14-3 Victory was gained in such a convincing manner As to suggest that the Tri colors would have triumphed in any Case. ? ? ? on several occasions when they had the defence completely beaten Kerri threw tries in the air by wild passing or mishandling when there was an open Oal line ahead. Cessnock too had their unlucky moments a moments when the taking of a pass instead of mishandling would have brought tries. But one rarely sees sol Many Golden opportunities lost in one after noon As Kerri lost on saturday. ? ? ? Duncan gave his backs a plentiful Supply of the Ball and this Enao Iea Thejo?.ks to anon irate the play. ? ? ? ithe Cooks stood right up on Cessnock with the result that when the usually fast and Brilliant Black and Gold rearguard did get the Ball their move ments were cramped by tricolo1 tacklers and they were unable to get far. A ? ? Todd the Kerri full Back played a magnificent game and shaded Steggall who was Uncertain in his handling and on one occasion when he misfield de he let Kerri in for a try. As a Rule Steggall is a wonderful handler but his display on sat urday was below the Brilliant Standard usually set by him ? ? ? Jack Lennox played a very sound game for Oes Snork. It was a Brilliant piece i play on his part that paved the Way for Cessnock s Only try scored by that Ever Alert Forward Ralph Gibson who after Mccallum s retirement dropped Back nto the Centre three Quarter line and played Well there. ? ? ? Geordie played a very Fine game being dashing in at tack and splendid in defence. On More than one occasion effective tackling by . Stopped the Cooks when they coked like scoring. V ? ? ? Ackers flaying in the scrum half position i place of the injured Askie made a fairly cred Itable if not Brilliant showing. Tie was a hard Trier throughout my on one or two occasions Cut in rough in approved style ? ? ? Roddom was Cessnock s out standing Forward. He did a tremendous amount of work generally took two and sometimes three Kerri tacklers to pull him a Civ. Bertie far sons also played a great game Fri the Cessnock Vanguard. ? ? ? the Kerri backs showed plenty of Pace and dash but the five eighth Mcdonald jarred movements by faulty handling ? ? Dixon was Kerri s Best for Ward. He was in everything and capped a Fine All round per Floryance by scoring a try. Porky Goodwin was often prominent White close. Perry and Hiles were also an effective to. Bear Anderson had another off Day. With his kicking. Earlier in the season Bear was kick ing All the goals about the place but in recent weeks he has Bem right but of form with the boy it. ? ? a ? ? by their Success on saturday Tirri won the Jos Jenkins. --jte�.in.jf6if Aid. C. Croft president of the. Newcastle Rugby league Jed the teams on to the Field Aad kicked off. ? ? a a v. Cessnock opened the scoring a few minutes after the kick off when Ackers secured the Ball from a scrum in Midfield and passed to Anderson to Lenny a who with a remarkable run threaded his Way through a Cluster of Kerri players and when close to the line unloaded to Gibson who scored close to the posts. Anderson my used what should have been an easy goal. Cessnock 3, Kerri nil. ? ? ? ? ? ?.-.?the Cooks attacked and rushed play into Cessnock s 26, where an incident occurred v which resulted in referee r. Lewis ordering Mccallum off. ? v ?. ? ? ? Dixon kicked through and Steggall harassed by full fit mis fielded and before he could recover the. Ball Dixon dashed up pounced on the Pill and raced Over Between the posts. Dix can converted his own try. Kerri 5, Cessnock 3. ? ? ? ? ? ?. Kerri kept up the pressure and first Goodwin and Thea dec on got to within inches of Cefis Nock s line. Patrick followed a kick from Duncan and Steggall again mis fielded but just Man. Aged to Force in the Luck of Tine As Pat cd came tearing Lawn upon him. ? f ? ? ? Cessnock opened Jap a passing. Rush and looked certain to score but Lennox knocked on. ? ? ? \ ? ? Kerri stormed Cessnock s line and Goodwin securing from a Ruck crossed Over for a try. Todd missed the goal Kerri continued to dominate the play and on several occasions went within an Ace of scoring. However the Tri colors were persistent tend a Rush in which close Goodwin and Hiles participated ended in the Las named player crossing. Todd again missed the goal. Kerri 11, Cess Nock. ? ? ?. ?. Cessnock had a Lucky let off when Patrick with an open goal line ahead threw a wild pass a few Yards from the Chalk and the Cooks lost a certain try. Shortly after Cessnock had by uck when gih�?.re dropped an Derson s pass after the Kerri de Fence had been penetrated. ? ? the second half opened with Cessnock attacking hotly and for quite a while the play was confined to Kerri s 25. Gil Raore made a dash for the line find was pulled Down inches Short of the Chalk. ? ? ? the Nocks came again and ran hard Al Cong the whig and was Only stopped a few Yards from the line. Kerri eventually worked play of the other end. And from a scrum in Cessnock s 25 the Ball went from Mcdonald to Squires -. Whose pass to a team mate right a the line was intercepted by larsons. ? ? ? both teams attacked strongly n turn and a few minutes be fore full time Dixon secure diff Cessnock s 25 and passed a $ ? Patrick to Filby who scored Lixon s kick was a 14, Cessnock 3.? ? ? f ? ? the match was witnessed Byi record crowd f i Tugby. League match at Cessnock he takings at the outer via a s amounted to �108/7railpaisba add Lyional a 26/18/ was take Nat the grandstand. 1 hem a Acair iwo is toll a ? playing Good t football i Qugh. A Veteran is to be Tangra fuated on the Way he has Kerri playing at the present thine. The Teata has played magnificently right throughout the second ��n4 and the experience its Oung. And virile players have gained this year should make the Tri colors a particularly formidable combination next season. ?.? ? ? ? ?. ?. ?.-. Duncan was a. Very Praud Man whens Captain of the Iturri Kerri a the few be land mfceri6.r i1l7iiisa1 of i transport or. R. Semple a seated him with the Jos. A ii Dos cup at the conclusionv6f saturday s . / ? a v i the Semi finals Connen Cever Necit saturday when be snack meet Cental at Jve new Asue sports ground myip6 Waif Otah the foil Orteg Murm. Via Kirri reserves Defeated gees wok Ries Erye , and by do Njg Flo a fiver Pys Srol. V

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