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Cessnock Eagle And South Maitland Recorder Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 1

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Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Cessnock, New South Wales Support your own australian industries by purchasing All your Wool at Mccabe s store main Street Large variety of Lincoln Mills Aust products just arrived. Just arrived ladies cardigans & jumpers at City prices. Also men s cardigans & sleeveless pullovers at City prices. Snowy sports Wool in 2ojs. Skeins 1/6 skein Kerla sports Wool in 2oz. Skeins 1/6 skein aus Ralaine sports Wool in 2oz. Skeins ? ? ? 1/11 skein Silver thread pure Wool and a . ? 1/6 Ball baby Wool Pink sky and White in lox balls.,.9d Ball Bow fingering 4 ply All shades ,. ? 9d skein ?. ? ?.?.? a mar Ionee will customers who have placed orders for British linoleum and Challenge blankets at the hew reduced prices please Call at once As these goods Are now to hand. British linoleum 2/11 cd. Full 6ft. Wide in 25 new designs Cut to fit any room and delivered free. 10/ it. Off Challenge blankets 37/6�?96 x 72, less 10/ ? 27/6 pair .35/-�? 31 x 63, less 10/? 25/ pair 26/6�? 72 x 54, Lesb 10/ ? 16/6 pair huge �10,000 clearance Sale of All lines is now on at the Community stores limited re building Sal of Wilks & co. Pay. Ltd. 1 audio service. Club it. Off a Jet ended to Cessnock Srour a club by vice valves and All parts replaced 4-i� per week enquire particulars in showrooms. \ 15%rcent Street cessno0k a Pafk iils & co. Pay Ltd of title irm that can give service Pithy pars a ii it people i Cince her arrival a holy dad Margaret Rick Wood of Cessnock some very Insp Tang people including Boris Karlof Ank Morgan Jame Maguey Tew aytes Ralph other noted film stari miss Rick Wod attended a lecture Given by Ernest Hemmingway and Joris Ivens there were Many thousands opposed to fascism. Flie comments on the beauties and exotic Flori of that Island. At Honolulu she a s5&&pickfbrd and Jea Nette Mcdonald both of whom were and were honeymooning there. Margaret says that we americans know How to impress tourists. When the Mij Brej arrived there the passengers were greeted by hawaiian raiusic1ans and singers was wore garlands of Beautiful flow Ere. The Cali Romian climate evidently agrees with miss Rickwood for she is now in much better health than when she left Australia. A yer. S. G. Barce brother of Bill Pearce respected townsman who is vice Consul for Sweden by Newcastle was entertained on Friday last to celebrate Bis birthday and the completion of 30 years service As vice Consul for Sweden it Newcastle. A party of or. Pearce s swedls8ifriends came from Sydney to be present at the1 function. The i included the swedish Consul general in Australia or. C. Ovd Dar Delthe swedish vice Consul at Sydney or. John set Sierd Alethe l res Klevit of the swedish chamber of Commerce Captain a. B. Ljundgren vice president or. J. B. Nelso the Secretary or. G. M. Lager Renand messes. N. E frisk. C. 1. Johnson and i. Stevenson. Or. De Dardel Satoo presided Jaid a High tribute to the personality and qualities of or. Pearce both As a Friend and an official representative of Sweden. A presentation of a Silver Cigar Case waa made by the Consul general on behalf of those present or. Pearce is a younger brother of own Bill and like him. Is a native of Newcastle. \ Terry Knight of Little Yan go has undertaken a new Ven j Ture. While Jeiry was log hauling drawn the Creek on to a loader one night he heard a. Thumping sound. So loud was the noise that Jerry at first thought be of the pits in Cessnock had blown up. He discovered his mistake next morning when he hauled some More logs Down to put alongside the rest. To his Surprise the logs that should i1 ave been on the loader were Down at the Bottom of the Hillside. How this happened Jerry could not understand seeing Tia. He had put in the pins. Jerry told Constable Williams of w .1 Umbi that somebody or some thing had shifted his dead logs. Constable Williams who must live heard something of the spiritual Powers Al Terry s Uncle done advised him to Chain up the be dead logs and to report then tier i him if spooks shifted , Titi Jerry has of the spooks is that one wears1 no. 14 boots Between Jerry Uncle Don s spiritual Powers and Constable Williams there is a warm reception waiting for the spooks t he oldest resident of mount View is or. William Mcmanu who despite his 84 years is still Able to get about and attend to his business. I. Mcgann has one of the Best farming and Dairying properties on the Mountain and has been resident there for Over 70 years. Or. Mcgann s dad was one of the first to Pioneer at mount View and or. Mcgann himself has seen most of the farming land cleared at the mountains. Or. Mcgann knows most of the Early history of the District and is Well known to the old school of District pioneers.? ? t he Many friends and admirers of James Mccabe will regret to learn of his continued illness. The genial store keeper was stricken with heart trouble about a week ago and has since been confined to his bed. Or. Mccabe is 73 years of age but has been a very Strong and Active Man. Or. Mccabe is one of the men of the coalfields most interested the Oil from Coal project. When in Scotland he worked at the retorts and when tie came North in Australia he worked at the shale works acc Murrurundi. He is a great believer in the future of the Coal Industry from the standpoint of Oil production and is an ardent Reader of the old country activities in Coal by products. His legion of Cessnock friends join six wishing Jim Mccabe an Early recovery and Complete restoration to Good health. O following a raid upon a fruit shop in Newtown a Man Swal Lowed a piece of paper on Ulvich bets were alleged to have been defendant pleaded not guilty but was fined the police stating that they deciphered writing on1 the next Page 6f a pad on which it was contended the bets had been written. He was convicted and fined �21. Coming on top of digesting the Pill this was a Little hard. It is now months ago that a Cessnock resident Jack Hall was according to his own state ment. Going. A message in Sydney when having occasion to Lake a Short Cut through a Lane lie was arrested As a starting Price operator. Jack was convicted and fined �20. All efforts to have the Fine lifted have failed. Yet those who know Jack cannot recall him Ever having a bet on a horse let alone acting iii the capacity of starting Price operator. No wonder that \isnv-t6 to tlie1 big smoke Are warned of the pit Falls that May be encountered Back to City banners were prominently displayed to Cessnock to Day when old Friend Paddy me. Dermott chief dispenser at the Wentworth hotel returned to duty alter a fortnight s illness. Paddy had been suffering rather flu and chilblains. The boys were right pleased of see their old favorite in harness once again. #. A Andy Norv Alif a Newcastle boy and Brilliant footballer will be a sad. Young Man these Days. Andy is on his Way to England with the kangaroos to play in the Rugby test tour. On sunday his Mother passed away at Newcastle. To. Receive Suc i distressing hews is one if the Gaddet happenings for a. You no Man who. Is on his Way to another land Andy interval the sure of the deepest sympathy and help in his trouble by his team mates. All sportsmen and friends will have kind thoughts of the bereaved Young Man. ,. Or i ?. An Ftp Cerf the Aberer Colliery the other Flay and told the clerk that he was preparing his inv come tax return. Tell me said How much tie company has Paia me for the twelve months july 1st, 1936ro.iimei3pth, 1937. Vhf clerk looked up his books and presently replied Jaipur Hundred and six a three pounds seventeen and sixpence Good gosh did i earn All that replied iii Asibo Nashed Miner. You Gettine or Ptg a Feala the clerk. You asked me How much the company paid you and i told you. T did t say that you earned. It Rifle notes a Good attendance was in evidence last saturday when the Cessnock Rifle club fired the first stage of the Hennings cup from the 600 Yards Mound in conjunction with tide annual competitions and the weekly spoon shoo with a changing Light and & left Fishtail wind the conditions were too difficult for most Al though r. Smith scored a Good 4� off the Rifle and a. Kirk and a. Anderson seared 47 . Each. An offer for a trophy made by or. G. Barnes last sat Vlay was gratefully accepted by the club. The conditions Are that it is to be competed for Over the year and will be awarded to the one securing the highest Handi Cap aggregate for five stage ofic stage from each of t he ranges 300, boo 600, 600, and 700 Yards selected from any stages of the Competition shoots for the year. For this Competition Only the bursting Point with Handicap added i i be 48, and no scare will count for More than this except when a 49 or r-0 off the Rifle is scored. Grading for the year has been completed and the a Grade members Are As under l. Alley f. Anderson w. Anderson e. Brewer f. Brown r. Brown m. Ca Saey. T. Edwards j. Fetches h. Goss s. Hamilton j. Jones a. Kirk j. Mcgarvie w. My gargle snr., a. Mcsparron j. Roberts f. Sharp j. C. Smith r. Smith p. Williams and l. Wilson. A other members will be entitled to compete in b Rade. At the committee meeting it was decided to fire the first stage of the Nattrass trophy from 700 Yards next saturday tie score also counting for the Empire Fisher Forbes Gil a retire Harris King Kohler Northumberland n.r.a., Royal Oak Waite and Wattras trophies and the spoon shoot on the following saturday the first stage of the Whittaker s Point score will be fired from 300 Yards and on the 28th inst when the Hunter cup stage will be fired at Adamstown the first stage of the j. C. Smith and j. Roberts trophies for beginners will be fired from 500 Yards on the Cessnock Range. Last saturday s scores Are As follows a . Hep. Net. R. Smith ? 49 1 50 a. Kirit ? 47 4 50 w. Anderson ? 47 2 49sharp ?44 6 49 r. Brewer ? 45 8 48 j. C. Smith ? 44 4 48 6. Hamilton ? 46 1 47 w. Mcgarvie ? 45 2 47 t. Edwards ? 44 3 47 m. Cagney ? 45 2 47 j. Jones ? 43 4 47 l. Wilson ? 44 3 47 j. Watches. ? 42 5 47 j. Roberts ? 45 2 47 f. Wilson ? 41 6 47 a. Mcsparron ? 44 3 47 r Mellons ? 36 1046 h. Goss. ?43 3 46 b. Craft ? 40 6 46 m. Gemmell ? 41 4 46. L. Alley ? 41 .4 4b w. Taylor ? 36 9 45 r. Gain Litiby ? 40 4 44 j. Mcgarvie ? 89 5 44 p. Marcos ? 33 .10 43 l. Fearance ? 34 7 41 n. Anderaon ? 33 8 41 miss j. Taylor ? 21 17 38 g. Barnes ? 37 . 87 a Norria ? 2p 9 85 d. Maughan ? 26 8 85 j. Edwards -. ? 19 9 28 e. Mule ? 25 n0-. 86 w. Vickers. 24 . 24 �10 Wood chop win for h. Deaves a �10 Wood chop conducted at the rear of the United ser vice hotel on saturday after noon resulted. First heat b. A. Preston gosford25sec, 1 h. To it ave a by cong34sec., 2. I second heat g. Martta by Ong in t. Mcdonald be Ilbra 2. ? ? ? final h Deaves 1, g. Martin 2, to Mcdonald 3. Another chop will take place next pay. Of Toast. Or. Jack Rose. S news of tie death of Bir. La c k Rose iof Cut Street Broxton who died in the malt land Hospital last thursday inight tet the age of 57, was re-1 revived with prof aund regret throughout the District Pew men were better known in tace North than Jack Rose who was extremely popular land enjoyed Hie esteem and respect of All who knew him. He was a Biem of splendid physique but about 38 months Aga he fell into ill health and had been a very sick Man Ever since. ,. Deceased was a native of Turlin Jah. He a was a member of the to pics Force for about 16 years and was stationed at Newcastle Gosford West Maitland Cun Alstown arid Branxton where he had lived for 22 years. Jle tiring from the shoe Force some years ago he became the proprietor of the picture Thea tre at a Maxton and the venture proved a very successful pne. For Many years he waa r member of the Kearsley Shire Council and was president in 1934, he was still a member of the Council at the tune of he death but had not attended any meetings for some considerable time having been granted extended leave of absence owing to his illness. In the Council he was always noted for his Plain speaking. He was a fearless de Bater and never afraid to speak his mind. Jack Rose was a prominent ii Ian in the sporting a sired. He was a Well known bookmaker and Racehorse owner. Horses be raced included Silas Kenai. Vine Bonfiglio Minke the and be smart Pony Nowarra Belle Ivsich won Many races under big weights a . Courses in is survived by his wife two sons Harold and Dallas and one daughter miss Bessie Rose. Visit of prof. Roberts. Series of lectures. Professor Roberts is visiting Cessnock to give a series of Alhree lectures the week after next August 23rd, 25th, and 26th. In previous issues a sum Mary of his first lecture has been Given. In his second lec Ture on Germany he explains Germany s balance Sheet Deal ing with the economic Back ground of Hitler ism the theory of the four year plan the search for raw materials and substitutes How the Bill is paid the mechanics of credit expansion a multiple geared currency Schacht versus the extremists the Basic economic of Lemmeu then he illustrates the debt items the present position of ithe jews purging the universities the place of learning in the nazi state the chamber of culture the Church question Swa Stelea versus Cross Posi Tion of lutherans and catholics secret police the role of education in a totalitarian state and the moulding of Public opinion by propaganda. Professor Roberts backs Bis academic knowledge with a first hand experience As he has just returned from a tour abroad. Particulars Are Given la the advertisement w hat is it All about to the editor. I sir a what is toe Khz Wiat is the object of these lectures they Are arranging with a the University Extension Board Al so what do they intend to do with the proceeds the Public is entitled to know. The lectures seem to the All on Germany be this a fascist lecture and is the h a. Fascist organisation a pure. Etc., ? enquirer ? ? ? a athe Coli Neil Lias been giving the. Trees Long the to Llombar Road some Bai Toering. The Trees have been lopped ready fur the Spring growth. ?. To Jani by i wow Wuhu to mme to a we Ftp dec the temper. Wuwn-vnmq.d6 gone ? the Lewt pm Tome to Pat a Jujj Autotte Matuu powder will toot Adf Fri a a a a iii of Tomor Toftum tt6inaat, Yoko that it Dachk it i a Naif pm Vic her the Fri male Copoul i Iofan. Protects a of no jumm7 Mutt ii Nam fill a Al Sib pm bad ,1ini Nendet attacks to the add a to the in Munstis to Tail the a want of acid which out take place in Totea became anon Almittie bum time Dewitt a antacid pm a Rte a portion of or tar food tips Ute dec ? Load me the aide Ato Abaft a nip in. A. Other if Ftp Odi Culatto. Tufa Nina Cable my Feo a Dick Tife a fam. Moc nun you i iii cock Wii Renu Cut in no Jinja of or ii Gujt i Nam ii a i site of ? b6 too of of Bitt . Obj i ? so onto Yob of Tob inn Dpi ? a v de wins antacid powder take it to Tetrud Beni mid Yon pm be Serj two a i Yor Woof. To Pius my .i-euuj4o Jiecai hts Milf adj Atwo. A of ally we pm we v pm ohm Tisson c Jap tidies e it i Rita -. Late Braye Cragg & Cohen a Csc. Solicitor & conveyancer 8 Vincent Street arranged to compile la. ?. Purchase Woodgate & Waller solicitors commercial Bank Chambers vent Cint ? Streett Cessnock. Trust Monet to lend professional notice John c. Steggall solicitor a arg Eavel s champers Cessnock. W. J. Enright is Banfield solicitors Brown s bum nags 11 Vincent Street Cessnock. Trust moneys to Send a a i Jascha go Pinko offers exp bbl Tui Oton in violin and Alt a Kino in a Tum enor visa tug Cessnock on tuesdays and ? Tamra Day full Partt Ellara obtainable a the saudi of Towb Mittit chair Beer Vin v cent Street -3essnoilt t Tomato last gardeners Don in Tomato seep by year As my Kerri Kerri us have to ugh Janet Supply the District ready for Tram planting in june and up till the end of november. All different varieties All of if of Tomato a Anli can be any Quantity supplied also if any Farmer wants arly or late Tomato plants they can get them to different size boxes. We grow them every year so i you la know Jiey a re tillable it Ember All Tomato seed sown in a of a. A at a ,.iwid4blnai apart a Way. Plants grown in open it underclass. 1 i prices too 3/8 100, a a woo. Also or Good of wrong cabbage let Tuce pee Trout cauliflower Aid of Dhoti plants now Dyl Ilzo big to truce in Andy to was also get Wiur vegetable plants from Bullum we Rell l ? f before getting plants from anyone else Bee Bill Tom Hon pair on

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