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Centralia Sunday Sentinel Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 1

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Centralia Sunday Sentinel (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Centralia, Illinois Partly sunny sunday partly sunny and cooler with highs in the upper 60s or lower 70s sunday night fair and cooler with lows in the 40s yesterday s High .70 i today. Of sunday Egypt s greatest daily Sentinel i3tq1 edition 111th year a vol. Xci no. 54 sunday May 12, 1974 in Independent newspaper urn ii a ii a a a &Quot"41 Central City a Centralia Illinois a Wamac 5 sections a 62 pages today a Price 20 cents transcripts release apparently backfires w Ashington map a pres Chi Bald Cox was fired and El-1j u d i c i a r y committee split ident Nixon s release of his a hot l Richardson and William along partisan lines and Many Vergato transcripts appears to d Ruckelshaus resigned. Republicans rallied to the pres have backfired badly creating there is increasing talk ident s defense praising his a growing new in Congress among House and Senate Mem willingness to release the entire that impeachment is inevitable hers that the House judiciary record. This is a major reason for commute and full House then last weekend Many this week s Republican Calls for worm Vor impeach Many congressmen and senators did Nixon to resign gop Lawn a members indicate they will two things they began to read ers want to spore themselves. A in View that Only in the transcripts and they went and the nation a months Long peer Mont followed by a sen Home to talk to their con period of agony Ato trial can a Var the air of the statue its allegations swirling around Nix newspapers that were print-1 Fri a 1 on my Large chunks of the massive in the Days before Nixon re text began to comment on the leased the transcripts and even pattern of presidential behaviour in the hours Between his nation displayed within it but knowledgeable cans doubt there will be any Early presidential resignation despite the Waves of rumours la it h is. S Washington the ally televised speech and their Senate Republican Leader Pasi Iena. S release the White House a Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania there is no question How geared confident it was taking was the first gop Leader to de Ever that the Impact of the a dramatic step which though ounce the transcripts transcripts has created More possibly dangerous would go a on thursday and Friday a Sharp criticism of Nixon than Long Way toward stilling the in i number of Republican news anything since last october a pachment talk papers led by the Chicago trib Quot saturday night massacre in it appeared to be initially urn. House gop leaders and a which watergate prosecutor a successful. As the House number of senators mainly those facing re election Battles this year called for the president s resignation. Though some of those speak Jing out like sen Richard s. J Schweiker of Pennsylvania and rep John b Anderson of ll-1 Lino is. Were liberals often critic a tors of the Bill say they Are Cal of Nixon those suggesting near final vote on strip mining committee to sift cover up evidence Washington apr the one of six areas the committee is. In effect an accusation a i House judiciary committee us investigating it includes the trial on the charges would be j will examine evidence this most serious charges and could held in the Senate with a two week dealing with the water produce the accusations of thirds majority required for Gate cover up that could be criminal conduct that most conviction. Decisive in determining Wyeth House members Are Likely to one committee member Jer president Nixon will be in require before voting to in rep John Conyers. A Mich ally reached peach ready has said he found in the although watergate is Only impeachment by the House whip House edited transcripts _ a a dear. Indisputable violation Ford Kevin rms belief in Nixon Houston Tex. Apr vice 74 As i can reach that the gov i president Gerald r Ford said emment in Washington in t a saturday that his of Federal criminal Law Quot in Nixon s discussions of payments to keep convicted watergate burglar Howard Hunt quiet. The committee has its own transcript of that March 21, 1973. Conversation Between Nix Ion and former White House counsel John Dean. Produced _5kuolofln a?ni./l0riislk�iai rate fur 1 with Superior sound equipment con Erenze Friday with pm thl and l a Jolt a reportedly is More Complete Dent Nixon was arranged after ther on the to than a. White ,1us. Version i news reports said he had at which he referred he spoke at tacked Nixon in a speech. Ford. Commencement exercises for the committee also has be repeated again his beliefs that 1.600 students at Texas Aam Cret grand jury evidence Deal Nixon is innocent Oft University before a packed a ing with the payments to Hunt i wrongdoing in watergate and Dit orium which seats 8.000. And other watergate defend i will not resign. In his speech at Eastern la ants. In the report Avromia a. A Tho Lino is. Ford said watergate has paying its indictments of Sev Ford s remarks Cam a caused a loss of Confidence in in former White House and j i resident s daughter a i the Federal government Quot which Nixon Campaign officials last in Law Julie and i a Quot has reached crisis proper a March i the watergate grand howler told a White House news tons a a a red jury said $75,000 was delivered conference the Resit Lenl Quot the time has come for per to Hunt s attorney the night of not resign. She said her father Jong of pc to face he March 21 sly u j. A # truth and speak the truth. The other cover up allegations on through a Senate trial e time has come for persons in which the committee will re t ii no Nelv Gnu tip Fialer. J. Political life to avoid the prag chive evidence include attempts Matic Dodge which seeks to of to get the Cia to limit the Scure the Fri s investigation of water v. A a a a a a Ford discussed Nixon re Gate and the destruction of Evi Here Ford said. I am con transcripts of Quot after the Vinced that White House conversations on Lune i,.1972. Break in. Knew nothing of the plan to water it the ind Sald , break in to the is Lerga those documents painful As and Hail nothing to do i i t. We establish and in my opinion he had the Trifu a a nothing to do with the cover. Up it shortly after the Friday con Secre Lward a serious examination of action they reported to Kissin a t j j has Republican a Ferince orc does no Washington apr pres provide strict environmental tary of state Henry a. Kissin each other s Ger after their four hour in Jence he fears a a a legislative get a a Nixon will resign. Ident Nixon s daughter Julie guidelines for the surface min Ger met for two hours saturday Kissinger sent two aides sat Section dictatorship Quot if democrats of Fords College station speech said saturday that her father Charleston to i per be Al. Putting it under with israeli leaders and an is urday to Survey strategic Hills Israel is willing to give up at lain overwhelming congestion was the first of three stops in would surrender his office Only \ greyhound i Sis smashed into Elose Federal scrutiny or state Rae i spokesman indicated the on the Golan Heights. Least part of Qun Eitra to u n. Al strength in this fall s Clee Texas. His itinerary called for if convicted on a vote of Crim .1 disabled truck trailer near a control if the states exercise an had Given him their final pro-1 accompanied by it. Gen. Control but is said to balk at Tioy is or. Sal j that would Hap a mid afternoon talk at a Loc Aguinal action in a Senate in saturday and option to establish their own postal for a Golan Heights Dis Mordechai Gur the israeli leaving the Hills which provide n democrats score major gop political convention in pachment trial. Washington pm. Months Long Battle Between confident the measure will be resignation included such con Eastern and Western Coal inter acted upon favourably. V 1 n o v to As a est the administration the rhe Senate pasted a strip Jod. A i. To i. Ii rence Hogan. R my and c a mining Industry it and ens Iron mining Bill last fall but the p n mentalist ski oui to Ltd it it use version has been tied up in _ head this week As the House in m debate in the House com Tenor commute approaches a Nutter since january where it final vol on a controversial Bas undergone scores of Mil to regulate strip mining amendments a Many of them the committee meets tues offered by opponents who sponsors claim Are trying to talk the Bill to death. Both the Senate Lull and the proposed House measure would . Secretary of state Henry Kissinger i is the Center of attention As newsmen press him for comment on latest developments in talks with israelis in Jerusalem. Saturday. Also present for the negotiations on syrian cease fire Are . Ambassador Kenneth Keating ctr and foreign minister Abba Khan r. Talks had just completed. Al Cable photo Day and , and Pon 6 die 35 Hurt in bus trash Kissinger collects data in disengagement talks there were Only one senator who believed speaking saturday afternoon to a District Republican rally Ford said. Quot i am con family relays Nixon message Jerusalem a. Sisco and Harold d. Elements. Qun Eitra aban aftermath of water $l06-a-pi#t� fund raising dinner a a a who War portrayed the pres flew by helicopter to done by its 35,000 civilians Andoga an produce a veto proof at a botel in the Center of the Dent As determined to fight in Hern israeli Airstrip captured by the israelis in the Congress new 700 million Dallas fort pachment to the end was ripped open like Quot a tin programs engagement chief of staff. Kissinger s aides la defensive screen for the set a a a a Nso As Many predict Quot they Houston then an address at a can a kept in it i it Ion in both Bills Kissinger was to meet Sun Joseph j Quot j a a a a a in six Parsons were kill a and requires the land which is to be Day in Damascus with syrian Saunders stale police said at least i surface mined to be restored to president Hafez Assad israeli j the Northc others were injured its original contours after the i information Robert Ritchey Charleston mining operations police chief said the detour1 segments of the Coal mining signs on . 60 62 in cd Annec Industry. Especially those inter tion with construction of an represented by the Ameri interstate 5� overpass had Iuen can mining Congress have lasted wed sea it anti the strongly opposed any efforts to Driver of the bus May not have ii pm Federal controls on sur both she and husband David Congre minister Shimon then drove to the gutted Golan 1967 War. I port told the group which Worth Airport. A we expect Tomor Heights provincial capital of in Damascus the newspaper half filled a 5 000-Soat coliseum a very important Qun Eitra. Of the ruling syrian baath Par that the Issue in 1974 should not Sisco undersecretary of state to also reflected the importance to watergate by International idiot Judro a cautioned that for political affairs and Saun of Kissinger next round of peace and Prosperity at Home r a. Even after sunday s meeting Ders. The top Middle East spa talks with the israelis and syr other issues he said include if Tilp to Sill Kissinger May have to make Eia list on the National Security Lan president Hafez Assad on controlling Federal spending in additional rounds or at least Council also toured three Hills sunday. Creasing Oil supplies Revenue Peres said Row to be but Peres been advised of the change in Ace mining while environment one More Quot Between Damascus overlooking israeli farming its Banner headline quoted the Road Ritchey one of taoists have called for a Strong the first Bdl imposing stringent require and Jerusalem. Communities near the aban by Israel radio read a Deci Peres indicated after the ironed town. Israel is reluctant hive 24 hours. Disengagement this a. After meet ing it h Kissinger t hat t he1 to yield the Hills As part of a or total War the. By Era shut inn. A disabled rest ism israeli Dan a in Tor separation of forces agreement i spent part of Satur israeli plan specifies a line for separation of forces agreement _ j the separation of israeli and the military command said Day resting in his hotel room. Rest was so unusual form sgt Tui be mining syrian armies on the Heights. That fighting continued As the the tm.,.� a a rim ii la a right Side a of leh Slat in has also Kissinger told newsmen after two americans visited the area. Kissinger that rumours began the Hur mm.11 provoked an economic con the meeting Quot we still have but there were no reports of circulating that the Secretary ii by incan ground mining of Coal in the names of those killed in the a a crash had not been released As More than eight hours after the in fact. Pennsylvania gov. Accident pending notification of Millen j so a up. A Democrat next of Kin has accused the Nixon adminis the bus left Effingham. Ill. Nation of trying to weaken the just after Midnight Friday and strip mining Bill in an attempt was headed for Memphis to move Industry out of the Ritchey said the roads were Eastern to the Western United dry when the crash occurred states. And that the bus went off the rep Patsy t Mink i right Side of the read As it was Hawaii predicts the House Corn heading around a curve to the Nutter will approve the Bill by left about a 2-1 margin this week. An Accident Little More than Quot it s imperative that we get an hour earlier had left a the Bill out and have it before tractor trailer Rig disabled to the House no later than Early the Side of the read Ritchey june Quot she said. Quot the Mineral said the tractor was gone by resources Industry is trying to the time the bus reached the slow it Down banking on con scene but the trailer was lying Gress being so tied up in water on its Side about nine feet off Gate that Well be immobilized the Edge of the Roadway. By housing move misses Middle income Range mors. Saying Quot i just went up to talk with the Secretary. The Secretary of state is Here in his suite with his Washington up a veterans and families seeking median priced new Homes will by aided by president Nixon s latest housing initiatives but Urban area families looking in the $35,000 to $70,000 Range Are still in trouble in today a tight mortgage Money Market. Nixon took several actions Friday to allocate $10.3 billion in Federal funds to stimulate construction of More than 250,000 new Homes whose buyers would be partially Mother of the year mrs. Russell Stewart Marriott of Kensington Maryland holds Floral bouquet after being named the 1974 american Mother of the year. Up / lives to Gate crash complicated programs most i f of in yet Ted Tea i la Middle income americans were j subsidized from the Treasury. But under the terms of the control of plane gained by police Bogota Colombia apr led by a Relief Pilot and a policeman who used karate blows police stormed a colombian Airliner saturday at the Bogota Airport and recaptured it from hijackers who had held it for 16 hours. Witnesses said shots were fired. Col. Gilberto Fernandez the Bogota police commander told a news conference that one Hijacker was shot to death a second was in Good condition with a Bullet wound in the leg and the third was arrested unhurt. Earlier police had said one Hijacker was shot to death and another died an hour later at a Hospital. Police said 14 of the 86 Pas rangers aboard the Vianca 727 Jet were injured. Most suffered minor injuries when they escaped through an emergency exit during the police attack. Some passengers said one of the six member Crew a a stewardess a had been Hurt. Police said the hijackers who were overpowered while the planets Crew was being changed for a new Takeoff were armed with a pistol a Long knife and several Sticks of dynamite. Left to fend for themselves. Briefly the president provided for a an additional $3.3 billion of mortgage Money to subsidize Federal housing administration and veterans administration Loans to the extent that qualified buyers would pay 8 per cent interest while lenders would receive the newly effective rate of 8.75 per cent. A up to $3 billion under a new program to provide subsidies to prospective buyers of $35,000 or less Homes not eligible for Cha and a financing allowing a buyer to pay 8.75 per cent interest instead of prevailing Market rates of 9 per cent or More. An additional $4 billion from the Federal Home loan Bank system at below Market rates for savings and loan institutions the primary source of Money for conventional mortgages. Jointly with the presidents actions Cha and a raised the interest ceiling on federally guaranteed Loans from 8.5 per cent to 8.75 per cent. Housing and Urban development Secre tary James t. Lynn said the increases were a recognition of conditions in the Market. Because of the lower Cha and a rates lenders Are reluctant to invest in them. In addition. Lynn said prices of Cha and a Homes Are inflated to compensate for the lower returns to lenders and builders. Because of the $35,000 Mort Gage limit on the new conventional subsidy program and the $33,000 ceiling on Cha insured Loans buyers looking for Homes costing More than $35,000 were left to compete for Money with the Rich and business. Chicago apr Chicago a rapid transit system launched an investigation saturday of an elevated train collision that caused 230 injuries the third serious Accident on the system in the last month. Conflicting reports emerged on whether one of the motor men applied the brakes Friday before his train slammed into he rear of car of another elevated train on the South Side. Some witnesses reported seeing Sparks and smoke from the brakes indicating the Motorman was trying to Stop. Oth ers said they detected no slow ing action. The first train had stopped on the tracks for what officials of the Chicago transit authority described As an emergency. They said they had not Learned what the emergency was. The collision of the two eight ear trains happened at 6 30 . On the main North South elevated route. Most of the 600 passengers were going to their South Side Homes from work. A number of injuries were suffered within the last month in two derailments of it a elevated trains in the downtown District. Cat spokesman Thomas Buck noted that there could be relationship Between the three accidents which were of different types. One derailment was caused the cat said by excessive Speed on a curve and the Motorman of the train was fired. The other derailment was caused by a switch malfunction the cat said. Buck said the Job of the investigators is to determine Why the first train stopped if the second train Motorman had warning and if he took action to or nor to vhf it Josh sharing revision of the Aid to education program and continuation of Nixon a Middle East policy. Ford said candidates should be asked if they favor a Strong armed forces and if they done to you ought to go out and beat earlier saturday. Ford spoke about his meeting with Nixon. Which prompted new speculation in Washington about a possible presidential resignation and about what he alleged was unfair news coverage of a speech he had Given thursday. Ford in a commencement speech at College station a Hundred Miles North of Houston. Said that he spoke thursday at Eastern Illinois University Quot on How College students now armed with the vote Are to pitch in and clean up our political processes by participating in them. Quot but the next Day the news stories said i was making my sharpest attack to Date on the president and trying to line myself up with those who Are trying to jump off his ship of state without exactly saying so. Quot Well. I had a Long talk with president Nixon yesterday. I told him As in be been telling As Many members of the class of Hong Kong apr a severe earthquake hit a mountainous Region in Southwest China before Dawn saturday and based on quake magnitude reports and chinese maps May have heavily damaged two dig cities and several smaller towns. It was the second major quake to hit Asia in three Days. More than 30 persons were killed and hundreds of Homes damaged or destroyed when a powerful quake hit the Southern Izu Peninsula of Japan thursday. The . Earthquake info mation Center in Boulder colo., said the China quake registered 7 on the Richter scale and described it As capable of widespread heavy damage in populated areas. The 1906 san Francisco quake registered 8.3 on the Richter scale. Chinese maps put the Center of the quake about 50 Miles North of the City of Chaotung and about 55 Miles South of i pin. Both these cities Are shown on the rail line running through the Talou Shan Mountain Range Between the major cities of chunking 200 Miles to the Northeast and Kunming 200 Miles to the Southwest on one of the rail and Road routes from China to North Vietnam. Pachment Quot even if there were Only one senator who believed in him a said Julie. Quot if the Media has a hangup and an obsession about resignation and feels they must be reassured from members of the family that my father is not going to resign. I feel As a daughter ifs my obligation to come out Here and say a no. He s not going to said Julie. She said her father is Quot stronger than every and told the family during a cruise aboard the presidential yacht Friday night that he was determined to a take this constitutionally Down the a its going to be a constitutional process Quot she added. Questioned about the recent Calls from Republican senators for Nixon to step aside Julie replied Quot i done to think four people in Congress is an she said that the president is fully aware of the outcry but is convinced he is Quot doing the right thing. He believes in the presidency he believes that this is the Best Way to handle the both she and her husband said the president is in Fine shape mentally and physically. David expressed displeasure at being asked to relay what he termed Quot bedside statements Quot but said he once was curious himself about reports in the last week that the president was growing depressed. A helicopter lifts off with injured people As firemen using snorkels and ladders continue to remove others from two elevated transit trains that were involved in rear end crash. Some 200 persons were injured when a train ran into the rear car of a stopped train South of the Chicago Loop during the evening Rush hour. Up

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