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Centralia Sunday Sentinel Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 1

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Centralia Sunday Sentinel (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Centralia, Illinois Thunderstorms Likely sunday Cloudy with showers and thunderstorms Likely High 72-78 tonight Cloudy with showers Likely Low 52-57. Monday Cloudy and cooler with Chance of thunderstorms High 62-68, High yesterday i a m. Today 80 67 sunday a Sentinel san Independent news Papetti ,1 i. A who. A who. 101th year a vol. Xxxix no. 49 sunday May 7, 1972 Central City a Centralia Illinois a Wamac final o Iti o m s a Section a 61 Pago. Today a Price is Centi Hijacker protests Nixon a bombing of Indochina Western airlines Crew a the Relief Crew aboard a Western airlines 737 jetliner which was hijacked to Cuba Heads Down to a customs debriefing session after the plane arrived in Miami with its 60 passengers. The Crew and passengers Are unidentified As the press was not immediately allowed near them after the planets arrival from Cuba. A wire photo Miami up a the Young Man who hijacked a Western airlines Jet to Cuba saturday As the first move by a group that he said intends to assassinate president Nixon unless he halts the bombing in Indochina was identified saturday As Michael Lynn Hansen. 21. Of Salt i Ake City. The youth brandishing a snub nosed .38, said the hijacking was the opening round by Quot the anti imperialist the plane was hijacked Friday on a flight from Salt Lake City to los Angeles. It returned to Miami at 12 57 pm Edt saturday after spending about four hours on the ground in Havana agents said a Federal kidnapping warrant had been filed for Hansen a arrest in . District court in los Angeles with a suggested Bond of 8500.000. The Fri tried to get the 6-foot-2. 210-Pound Hansen to talk to his parents by Telephone when the plane made a final refuelling Stop saturday morn ing at Tampa before striking out for Cuba. He refused but said he d Call them from Havana. The Fri said Hansen has Brown shaggy hair and Brown eyes and attended College in California and Utah though his most recent residence was in Salt Uke City. Another accused Hijacker Richard f. Mccoy 29, of Provo Utah is being held in county jail in Salt Uke City on charges of hijacking a United air lines Jet april 7 and bailing out with $50,000 near his Hometown. All but 130 of that Money was recovered and Mccoy has yet to enter a plea in the Case. Passenger Sherman Rifkin of us Angeles said the Hijacker carried the pistol aboard the plane in a hollowed out Book. Quot when we got to Cuba a he got off first and was taken into custody by two cubans in uniform a Rifkin said. Quot they put him in a jeep like Paddy Wagon and drove him away.5�?T the six member Crew refused to discuss the hijacking upon arriving Back in Miami. Pilot Luis Dewitt said the crewmen were trying to stick by the air line pilots associations guidelines in not providing any information which might contribute to further acts of air piracy. There were 64 persons aboard j when the 737 Jet left Salt Uke City but the Hijacker permitted la to leave during a refuelling Stop in los Angeles and released eight others during another Stop at Dallas where a fresh flight Crew went aboard. One person also escaped during the Dallas Crew change. The Hijacker had first demanded that he be taken to s Hanoi but settled on Havana when told the Jet did no to have the capability for such a flight. Pilot Gary Harding who was at the controls when the longhaired youth took Over said the Hijacker handed him a note signed by the Quot anti imperialist movement Quot which said Quot As Long As the . Imperialist aggression continues our organization will Hijack american planes to North Vietnam at regular intervals. Quot if american bombs continue falling on Indochina by july 4. 1972. Our organization will execute president Nixon a the note said. The Hijacker wearing Blue Denim trousers and a red shirt was described by mrs. Carol Cannon Murray a passenger who was released at los Angeles As Quot real Cool. He acted like he knew exactly what he was during a Stop Friday night at Dallas the Hijacker permitted food to be loaded aboard. He gave his approval for More food to be loaded at Tampa bul then chanced his mind and said he wanted Only cigarettes. Just before the big Jet took off for Havana the Pilot want to wait on the cigarettes. He wants to go. We re closing it up $303,000 extorted in plane hijacking Wallace headed for North Carolina Victory texans to choose delegates Raleigh n c up North Carolina democrats turning out in Hea a numbers for their presidential primary voted their preference saturday Between the anti using stand of Alabama gov. George c. Wallace and the Quot new South Quot philosophy of favorite son Terry Sanford. Wallace appeared headed for Victory his third successive Triumph in a state where racial busing has been the major Issue. Polling hours in the tar Heel state were from 6 30 a m. To 7 30 p m. Edt in most areas and the turnout in some precincts was the heaviest poll workers had Ever seen. In addition to the Wallace Sanford clash contests for the . Senate governor and Congress also were on the ballot. Shirley Chisholm a Black congresswoman from new i York. W As the Only democratic presidential candidate besides Wallace and Sanford to actively Campaign in North Carolina. However the names of Sens. Edmund s. Muskie. A Maine and sen. Henry m Jackson a Wash. Also were on the ballot. . Intelligence reports communist losses heavy Saigon la pm - intelligence sources said saturday it the communists suffered such severe losses at Quang Tri they were timing forced to Send in one or two divisions from North Vietnam to replace them and were calling Back reserves from Laos. There was no estimate of the actual number of dead but the sources Basing their information on monitored radio broadcasts and prisoner interrogations. Said two North vietnamese divisions of 10,000 men were so severely mauled they were being consolidated into one. The . And South vietnamese commands reported a series of major clashes Friday and saturday ranging from the outskirts of Hue to the Central Highlands in which 648 North vietnamese and Viet Cong were reported killed at a Cost of 40 Arvn dead and 143 wounded. One . Adviser was killed near Plesku. Quot about too Quot South vietnamese were Quot killed or wounded Quot in one of the actions. The . Command reported the loss of four More aircraft in South Vietnam including a c130 transport and a second Achs spectre at embattled an Loc 60 Miles North of Saigon with loss of nine men. But it reported five americans believed killed two weeks ago in the fiery crash of their helicopter in the Central Highlands had been found alive. All had been Given up for dead. A separate communique also said communists troops have killed wounded or captured m6re than 90,000 Allied soldiers since the current offensive began March 30. They also said they destroyed 7.500 tanks 2.300 trucks shot Down 530 planes and helicopters Sank 69 warships and captured 460 Field guns. There were these major military actions in Indochina on the eve of the 18th anniversary of the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu a communist infiltrators hit the cambodian capital of phenom penh with 115 mortar and rocket shells during the night killing 28 persons and wounding 135. Cambodian paratroops and tanks battled throughout the Day on the Southern Edge of phenom penh with about too communist sappers some of them women who were trapped while trying to blow up a major Bridge leading to Highway i. Last ditch defender capt. Tran Van Tuan bearded and sporting a Chest full of medals carries Flag during Parade yesterday through the near empty streets of Hue South Vietnam. The 70-year-old Veteran of the French and South vietnamese armies is part of the Quot City defense division a paramilitary Force of the militia made up of government workers and civilians charged with the last ditch defense of the old Imperial capital of Hue against the North vietnamese. A wire photo by radio from Saigon relatives of pos split on Nixon policy neither was expected to pick up any of the 64 democratic Delegate votes at stake. Sanford conducted an extensive and expensive Campaign for the support of his Home state which he once served As governor but Wallace seemingly confident of Victory worked Only a few North Carolina appearances into his Busy schedule. He was campaigning in Maryland saturday when North Carolina voters made their Choice. Wallace a first primary Victory was in Florida where busing was the major Issue and he followed this up with another win earlier this week in Tennessee where again Many voters were angered Over Federal court busing edicts that Are aimed at attaining a racial balance in the nations Public schools. Dallas. Tex. Apr Texas voters selected democratic and Republican candidates for governor. . Senator and other state and local offices in primary elections saturday while both parties prepared for the first in a series of Steps to pick National convention delegates. More than two million voters were expected to cast ballots which included nonbinding opinion polls on school busing to achieve racial desegregation. Polls were open from 7 a m. Until 7 p m. Texas has no presidential primary but after the polls closed saturday night democrats and republicans were scheduled to begin picking delegates at hundreds of precinct caucuses. These will be followed by county conventions next saturday. The final Delegate selection comes at the june 13 state convention. Man described As in his mid-4gs and believed to be a former Vietnam War Pilot parachuted from an Eastern airlines Jet into a Honduras Jungle in Central America saturday with $303,000 he extorted during a 20-hour Long hijacking the ski pirate who launched his plot by taking Over an Eastern Airliner on a Domestic . Flight Friday jumped from the 727 Jet shortly before Dawn near this isolated Mountain Village about 1.000 Miles South of new Orleans. Honduran Federal police immediately organized a manhunt and sent search teams into the Jungle. Quot it is a Savage Region that still holds some completely primitive Indian tribal Villa Ges a one of the government searchers said. Quot and if he has 1300.000 with him. It will not be hard to find people to hide a Crew member James Confalone said the Hijacker said he was dying of cancer. Quot he said he did no to care if the plane crashed because he had Only six months anyway a Confalone said stewardess Madeleine Willet said the Man Quot spoke English without an accent but he looked latin meanwhile another Hijacker. A Long haired youth who said president Nixon would be assassinated if american bombing in Vietnam continued diverted a Western airlines Jet to Havana saturday. The youth armed with a pistol seized a Salt i Ake City to los Angeles flight Friday and first demanded he be flown to Hanoi. He later settled for Cuba and the plane landed in Havana at 7 37 a in. Edt it later was released by cuban authorities and flew to Miami. The parachutist armed with a 38-caliber gun and a Satchel he said was full of explosives forced the 727 with a Crew of six to Central America from new Orleans where he had exchanged the original hijacked aircraft. Forty eight passengers and one shaken stewardess were released earlier in Washington. Quot he evidently studied our flight schedules a said Robert Martin an Eastern spokesman. Quot he was suppose div a Pilot in the Vietnam War. He had flown and knew All about funeral held for miners Rescue work continues White House shows concern about fire Washington a the White House is deeply distressed about a nursing Home fire that killed nine in Springfield ii Early saturday and wanders if the Home had smoke or fire detectors a presidential fire control panel said. The statement by the National commission on fire prevention and control said Nixon was Quot deeply distressed about the loss of nine lives and the injury of More than 30 people in the fire at the Carver convalescent Center in Springfield 111.�?� Quot the presidents National commission on fire prevention and control would like to know if the Center had smoke or fire detectors in operation a the statement said. Quot we would like to know also about their evacuation plans and the condition of the wiring in the the commission is doing a two year study of americans fire problems to report to the president and to Congress. Kellogg Idaho up in a cold Mountain rainstorm funerals for the first of 35 men killed in the Sunshine Silver mine were conducted saturday while workers using a bizarre scrap Metal Quot torpedo Quot tried for the fifth Day to reach 47 others trapped but possibly still alive a mile underground. Mine officials said they still had Hopes the 47 were alive but if would be sunday before help could get through to them. Weary Crews working with agonizing slowness in the poisonous Carbon monoxide that has flooded the mine from a fire since tuesday pressed their efforts to reach the 5.000-foot level of the no. To Shaft. A total of 108 men escaped when the fire began pouring smoke and Carbon monoxide through the mines too Miles of Chambers and passageways. Another 82 were trapped below. Rescue workers who have found 35 bodies so far have been unsuccessful in reaching the Bottom of no. To because of the smoke and Gas. One of the three main Rescue efforts was being conducted by a Crew which was set to drop a scrap Metal Quot torpedo fashioned in the mine machine shop. However technicians were to drop a television camera Down the ventilation Shaft first to determine whether it was Clear for the two Man Cylinder. Another Crew was trying to Clear smoke out of a 100-Square-foot hoist room at the 3.100-foot level in the no. To Shaft and refurbish its hoist to descend to the trapped men. A third group of rescuers was working its Way through a parallel Shaft to enter no. To below the hoist room. At midday. Chase said the Job of sealing smoke out of the hoist room and filling it with air was going rapidly. And the Crew moving in the parallel Shaft was also making Good Progress he said. Quot we Are moving faster than we had earlier anticipated a he said. Quot with fresh air going into the hoist room. We will be Able to operate the hoist once everything is ready without using heavy oxygen rescuers said the Quot torpedo could quickly become the focus of the major Effort however depending on what the television camera reveals in the no. 12 Shaft. Passageways at the Bottom of no. 12 connect with those where the men Are trapped. Springfield nursing Home fire kills 9 Washington up a relatives of american prisoners of War split sharply and emotionally saturday Over the administrations Vietnam policy pointedly underscoring their differences by speculating on How their men reacted to the recent bombing of Hanoi. Quot he would have stood up and cheered a declared mrs. James b. Stockdale arousing cheers from families of other pos and men missing in action. Quot i Hope he a alive a murmured mrs. James l. Hughes winning the vocal agreement of others among an audience of about 300 relatives. Mrs. Stockdale of Coronado calif., and mrs. Hughes of Santa be nm., expressed some of the deep Felt views a and frustrations a evident at a special meeting of the National league of families of american prisoners and missing in Southeast Asia. Mrs. Stockdale the league founder is the wife of a Navy Captain who has been held by North Vietnam since september 1969. Mrs. Hughes husband an air Force colonel has been a North vietnamese captive since May 1967. Springfield. 111. Up a fire engulfed an old Peoples Home while its residents slept saturday. Nine of the 40 persons inside were killed and the rest were hospitalized two in critical condition. The House had been inspected Friday by the state fire marshals office. The flames broke out about Dawn on the second floor of the two Story Frame Carver convalescent Home. By the time firemen arrived most of the second floor was in flames. The House is located in a poor Section of this capital City. In some rooms there were As Many As five or six Beds. Nine residents of the Home were pronounced dead at memorial Hospital. Ten survivors and one employee were admitted and two of the patients were listed in critical condition. The other 21 survivors and one other employee were taken to St. Johns Hospital. Even those who suffered no apparent injury were hospitalized As a precaution officials said. Names of those killed were not immediately available. Or. Theodore t. Rose pastor of All nation Tabernacle a few blocks from the scene was one of the first to arrive at the fire. Quot they were All old people Quot or. Rose said. Quot they handle themselves getting out. They were sleeping and All. The fire department and police department did their Best. Ii they Hadnot moved As fast As they did wed have lost them All from smoke the building had been examined by the fire marshals office after two inspections by the Illinois department of Public health which found several deficiencies. Results of the fire marshals inspection were not available. Or. Franklin d. Yoder director of the state Public health department said Quot on March 30 our inspector reported several deficiencies that constitute a fire Hazard. Personnel were not trained in the use of fire extinguishers. There was no evacuation plan and no emergency lights. At a followup inspection we found that Many of the major deficiencies had been corrected and Progress toward compliance with Public health standards was Yoder said the Home was licensed and met current state standards but the state fire marshal was notified because inspectors discovered there had been no fire inspection since february 1971. Convalescent Home fire nine people Are known dead in Springfields worst disaster at the Carver convalescent Home 1527 e. Washington. Approximately 40 persons resided there at the time of the fire. Picture shows the inside of the building and the room where most of the deaths occurred. A wire photo

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