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Centralia Evening Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Centralia, Illinois A Al Thern Illinois weather Cloudy with local heavy Shower tonight and sunday Low tonight to High sunday 65 to 70. Highest yesterday. 5 i owe at last night. Quot to noon today ,77 Centralia a cute Tynt 5ailv it seventy third year a number ska Sentinel final coition saturday september 21, 1957 Central City a Centralia Illinois -1 Womac pages today Price 3 cents Bakers dump their defense attorneys Faubus obeys court order on integration withdraws militia from High school plans an Appeal Little Rock. Ark. Gov. Orval Faubus withdrew the National guard from Central High school Friday night and a exploring various avenues of Legal Appeal today to the Federal injunction that commanded him to pull out the troops. Quot As Long As this order is in effect and until its certain reversal on Appeal i will comply Quot Faubus said. Plans an Appeal but he added with determination that he will Appeal it. Faubus made the statement in an appearance on a Little Rock television program Friday night while the troops were pulling out. Less than in hour later a few state troopers and one automobile carrying two Little Rock policemen were parked beside the school. But the officers said they were not ordered there. Quot just happened to Stop by a they said. Meanwhile people in Little Rock Are anxiously awaiting Faubus next move and looking to monday morning when classes resume at Central High school and the question of whether the negroes will try to enter. In his televised address Faubus a Aid. Quot i have instructed my attorneys to exhaust every Legal remedy to Appeal this he was referring to the ruling Friday by . District judge Ronald n. Davies who said Faubus had Quot thwarted the plan for integration advanced by the school Board and approved by two Federal Tourte. Davies then declared text of injunction Quot the petition of the United Stites of America. For a preliminary injunction against gov. Faubus. And All others named in the petition in granted and such injunction thai Issue without delay enjoining those respondents from obstructing or preventing by use of the National guard or otherwise the attendance of negro students at Little Rock High what Ain Faubus do by Way of Appeal Ona of his attorneys Kay Matthews. Said the exact procedure in not yet decided but that the Appeal probably will be directed to the eighth circuit court of appeals in St. Louis. That is the consensus among Legal authorities Here. Lawyers walked out however they said it might be possible under a rarely used method for Faubus to go directly to the . Supreme court. They said they believe he could approach a single supreme court Justice who on his own motion might Grant a temporary suspend Ion of Davies injunction. Matthews explaining the sudden exit of Faubush four lawyers from the injunction hearing Friday said they did not participate in the hearings because As they contended the . District court has no jurisdiction Over the governor of a Sovereign state. Matthews said that when Davies overruled their Contention that the . District court has no jurisdiction Over the governor they could not participate further. A the denial of that motion a he said Quot will be a Point of our Appeal. If we had staved in court we would have forfeited this grounds for what happens monday the question you hear on every Street Corner now is Quot will they come to school monday a the negro students say they done to know. In the first flush of exuberance Friday Over judge Davies ruling that ended the blockade some of them excitedly told reporters they intended to appear at Central High on monday. But later each of them said the same thing in different was. Quot i done to know. I Haven to made my plans yet. There Are so Many factors concerned. It will depend on the advice of a lot of people. In a talking it Over with my their attorney Wiley Branton said Quot i want to say just yet what we will King Haakon vii1 Missouri reports of Norway Dies Olav is new King first us death from asian flu with a Fini aled Prana to burst confirmed death from asian flu in this country was re Oslo. Norway to a King a client norwegian name. Priday 7 of Akon Vii of Norway an old Sailor ing himself Haakon Vil his in of. Who Rode out the storms of inva Fant son. Then Prince Alexander v,3 h c. A Jet a Ion to reign for More than half was renamed Olav. A a a Century died Early today in the respectful of the democratic r of Anthrop Al in the Royal Palace he was 85 and the Constitution. Haakon moved quiet to pram w a world s oldest reigning Monarch. In in the background. He provided Jujj a Quot a Nada con the King had been growing unobtrusive leadership at Cabine Tup run Rirs the weaker in his fight against a Cir sessions and handled hit Cere ask duty Quot w a Courtlin a a a cd is"1 Velo oed if / a warn Norm Aat of asian flu in the territory during jew at j 30 # m 00 30 pm always a Lover of the sea. The week ended sept 14 for Way. King took the Saddest cruise of or. H. M. Hardwick of the Crown Prince Olav Regent of i Jefe in im0 Hitler s troop had Missouri health division did not l a it a its a poured into Norway and cities identify the Man believed the first a thigh Bono in a fall in 1.5. In had devastated. Haakon and confirmed fatality. The victim mediately became the new King. A egg parliamentary Leader were was stricken in California and re a 11 a a forced to flee to the far North City turned to Missouri against his no ways Constitution pm Elded of Romsoe. There they boarded doctors advice. That Haakon was to be the last King formally crowned in Coronation ceremonies in Norway. A British Cruiser for England. Southwest Texas state College Vidkun Quisling a former army Al san Marcos was closed Fri 01 a Quot s turn i Ted Quot a written state major proclaimed himself prime Linn wire a it eke the Quot ment to a special Cabinet meet minister and collaborated with the i is. No confirm my saying he had succeeded his nazis soffit a flu a. Of die father. I the King braved German air on mat a a a no we or As a Quot i Promise and swear i will raids to work in his office in Lon a of a in re in i non Rule the monarchy of Norway in Don. He spent Many hour a i Ltd \ c agreement with it ing with the military forces of trick to a l n a Sun Boul. The statement mid. Free Norway. Der. 671 student at the universe he to tear Ofa c la it As when he returned to i coun qty of Colorado were it the in peat the oath orally Atter a new t in wag greeted by armary with the flu. Pan Ament convened in Jinn Loring multitude. Ten for a Ien flu were being a d u pm a in the tonner Princess Maud of made in South Carolina where a Mav a son Prince narnia re a Nurjan it of whom Haakon married respiratory infection hospitalized Iden hues his a it Acker a blinded and his lace scarred by Lye David Ozersky in idas lilies a he voice of Maurice Kessler faring him As that of his attacker. Ozirsky was showered with liquid Lye in a new York City High school class room. Nineteen other pupils my a teacher were burned in the incident. Kessler. 17, allegedly tossed the Lye at Ozersky in particular bes cause he was the complainant against Kessler in a morals Case. Stage set for Patoka deep Field Quot full in airing moves step closer in of Syria Issue to Fairman Pool Tell judge now Able to a hire lawyers Salem court Cash reverts to status of last february a Alemy circuit tug p r Dova relieved the three defense attorneys of Robert and Trudy to Baker yesterday on the bakery assertion they would a Abl to employ counsel the eight month old Case of die people is the Bakers Char god with murder of Marine pvt. Larry Kirk is apparently Back where it was in february when the defense lawyers were appointed. Defense lawyers John a g y and William Miller were present at the i . Hearing yesterday in Salem also present were the Bakers states attorney a s i i Wilson and his special assistant Robert Crain of Centralia. Jamee wham third defense attorney was in Chicago. A Surprise move the action was a Surprise move in the Case which had been Waitt a a sanity hearing for Baker asked for by the defense. No Date for that hearing has been set. But the judge indicated it would still be held. Authorities said the bikers asked to be relieved of their at died in 1938. Olav was about half of two companies at i United nations n y Tot six to the throne Lher Only child there Artelj it j a cd St a a Toul 01 187 men Diplomat predicted today the bit by Earl Jupin King Haakon a stately 6-foot Prince Hare a Are ter charge exchanged by the so 3-Inch former danish Prince had a Quot w Mancet , suited slam been in frail health for some run a nce8a r Irv Licate 5pread of asian flu in of sure a full in airing of the for de another link in the Chain a Nae Oil company completed the working to hire other defense Law a enrol the which May bind the two Fields at fifth Trenton producer on the of. Yen. A my a card Al no Well. Sec tourneys and judge Dove granted successful test Here will forge the their request on Mutual consent. Expanding developments in the connecting link. Tiey said Baker Doea not want in frail health for some own in Ana or Morsi Anna. On me East an. Win area this week in the Patoka Field proper. He a vanity hearing and mid he wag time. Early this week his doctors Horn a ,932 or Man in Nrman my by. Announced he was suffering from although he worked in the Back Terf there was ii Atria i Fath Lessary of state Dulles the Trenton eve Ltd i the circulatory ailment and sex ground in his governmental absenteeism in California Secretary or mate Dulles. _. A i May a Wnm pressed fears for his life. Dues the people of Norway knew a York us Tate health a Quot i Gromyko ski if the Soper sweeping southward from 7he�Oil on initial who to to rom the a Allmuth Stie eid a to so. Re Cha an Drill Trenton a 551000 Fallon Acup sing northward in the Fairman treatment. Information about new Hwy Era Pool Are gradually shrinking the in this same Section. Kewanee la was not determined undeveloped area in Between. Waiting on Cement to set on no. The hearing yesterday la ated to about Quot porn my team oat actor fled further re deep Lime to 4015 it. Joey medical bulletin said the Haakon for his democratic info radar tent has confirmed is l to Quot Kins who had of if receiving in in ail it v and his love of sports he a #1 a polic speeches that the Gen it Luau Ort Icv Civik a a mainly Ana is love Ai spans be Sian influenza cases upstate Erat Assembly take in the . Inc ravenous feeding because of a was a skillful skater and Skner Yew. Have 12 cases new pc i. P Throat Catarrh condition slept Uke most of his subjects. Even in York Cliv since am 7 the de to q years ses poo _. Subjects even in York City since aug 7. The de ton a to my Terushi ils smash. A St ,a,1,h a Pohly our. A w a up a Tarn a a. Mgr jmj m in Amy so Aib a announcement a a Funa p a. 2 Rue i on in term from the Patoka Field further re deep Lime to 4015 it. Nay eau Naral services will be held tues he also was an Early Auto Modr Queene Olav re Tel Emden 9 essentials for peace Quot diced the separation. There a nearby. Collins Brothers. Of. All of the relieved defense Law. Day oct. I. No other details con to Dion ear and often drove the Josi it of the Oudjk provincial rm0,1. to at called tonal associated Petroleum com Vernon was last reported drilling vers declined to comment on the Kerning the. Funeral were an to sine h Mill san cow Heath swabbed 50 bbl of Trenton below 3.000 it on no i Nattier Case this morning but mid they bounced Haakon born near aug. 3, 1872, was the son of King officer when Norway invited him he often went out among Bis order hearing on to become its first modern Mon people. Once while on an cd pc tin Arch a Streetcar a woman dropped a Ith Moiten la Tunuto new late j hmou8ine himself strictly health department said Quot every re and threat or Winn i a a. I 7 a u z z Al 11 Ewe my Wobu we a Annm Ihuoma observing traffic regulations. He thing indicates asian flu is Active at Tow Rin of in of no of t Uzi hour front a j Hawkins and for try would cooperate with any Copenhagen. Gnome ring in of Nib re a mid it impairing Freedom of any oth Brokelmeyer Sec. 6 3n-1e. Earth ton. Fen a lawyers. Ami a Lori. Was me son of King Bali Riv attended brought in by passengers aboard s ale est southward Extension in the North Alx iut a mile in Sec. 30 states attorney Basil i so Frederick Chi my Queen loud pc it it a Quot 2edcj"ff Quot ,Umic line. Gromyko celled on the Weto held and bout i mile Wen of Preem ski no Tim. Limit we. Aet for of Denmark a Annc. Carl. He lha society in inn Timotic Linen. By m condemn the a Dan erode t ,. A a producing limit of the old Penok. The Baker to retain rout Mel but if was a 24 year old danish naval <ki1� Vij. Ord cd us a Pind do policy Quot he said the West is Pur Ieada Field. Louis Kapp Avinon has a they report they a unable of Gat suing in the Middle East. About % Miles South of this Well permit to Drill no. I Phillips j a lawyer the court will have there is no specific Middle East in Sec. 7, Sluiman Brothers no. I Mojonnier. The permit on the i s to a up cent More. He mid a item on the Assembly Agenda and Holt was drilling below 1800 it. On Semi Wildcat is to the More Shal cow not a whether judge Dan Koltl Higl. A. _ _ to be a King he agreed to accept dressed Man picked it up and judge has ordered a hearing Fri see what develops before bring almost equal distance Between the if the norwegians voted for a handed it to her monarchy. In the referendum in Quot Pardon she said 1906 259.563 voters favored a Mon your fact is Archy and 69,264 opposed it. Quot i am your i the new King adopted an an Man replied with Mother two sons boy asks release Day on a Mova by rebellious eng one in. There is a Quot but teamsters Union members to however that Russia or some Block what they contend is an at Arab state might bring the Issue although a had never aspired package. A tall conservatively Washington in a Federal the West is reported waiting to its Way to the deep Lime. Located of Rosiclare Sandstone Ial Dailey will take any action in bring almost equal distance Between the meanwhile to the South in the the cases when he arrive monday Chance two Fields oilmen believe that a Fairman Pool Trenton results10 a pen 811 september term _ some i were this week a a a a a a Ioc Wanai May Comena is in Ai Arab state might bring the Issue adm i a tic do pc King a Shiderly tempt to Rig the election of James before the Assembly before the Akivis Intro Rymut Ith a smile. A Hoffa As Union president. West does. Syria has said it May the hearing Date is Only three bring charges of aggression a t to Days before the Union convention against the United states. No 1 in 1 ask Matt National election circuit court a week ago wed lasday judge Dove refused a change of venue deft tense. Die when Auto struck by train from marines on religious grounds abandon Trenton teat in Sec. 7-3n-1e Carrigan twp petition filed by the National associated Petroleum. Company. It. Vernon abandoned f a i it info no. 2 Adams Mann comm i to Wil of Ivolu i l of Ollil after failing to find commercial auth Appie Cut saturation in the Trenton Limestone my i u null ill i f ver for the t hamsters members nmn hot Lpaul but port a Prince. Haiti be a. A seeking to Block the election Fhy ,. I j i?5ri ,.rtrti,Ean Haiti s healed presidential and to 06� a this is the second dry Oiin Kraii i Tai i of serves the court order of Onvy a vat 2?re�?oi�n1 s 1"t5l�?�k on h a suddenly talks Collinsville. Iii. Up a san Diego Calif up Union officials involved before the next wednesday. Woman and her two Small children Secretary of defense has rejected the judge acted Friday on a h. I Marshalltown Iowa up a vol but Quot t the Ssue for right As the ruling three Adams Mann lease. Course of action to minder i Man military 1unta clamped a to the South of Patoka town in informants added butt rent tire on and vote8ettn8 Civ the Patoka South Pool c. R. Winn Christine Sandston 13, made a were killed by a train which the Appeal of pvt Peter h. Green petition filed on behalf of a group am a l1 try. Salem completed no 3 Bop Sec. Of of pp1� Happy Thi week she smashed into their stalled car at 18 Camp Pendleton Marine to be of teamsters mostly from the 1,n an it mar the Junta ordered a halt to f -3n-Le. For 30 bbl Oil. To bbl. Tal ked Oll Thal Iraq Hnie am an unguarded crossing late Fri classified As a conscientious of new York area. The rank and us a Quot a a u nears Ine campaigning to give the voters a water in the Cypress Sand o be july.,22 the Quot aha waa a an Auto Day. Jector greens attorney said Fri file Union meters were rep the source8 a d do Les Felt breather before going to in this same Section Winn 1s up Mobile Accident. Dav. Resented Xvi attorney Godfrey p., Tel the Otiis sunday to elect a rest i of. Christ Ines father and fhe staff the victims were 30-year-old att j b. Lietz of los Angeles Schmidt who told Letts that Hotta sent senators and is members a rpm �?o2 ?2ty,.v-l0be ,0.�?za,Ndu. Upper arc in . District ourt and Beck control he Convent on of the chamber or deputies resented by attorney Godfrey Ii put is sunday to elect a presi testing no i Bowen in the to Christine s father and fhe staff Schmidt who told Letts that hot. A re Quot a Vuk a tinged de a a. 21 a a gators and 37 members no 1 a by at the evangelical Hosp Tai. Her. W m a m a cd if Kex cd i Sov Iii a. 49# a Iii Ila Vuki i a us 4jsw in Vuille i Iii a Luh Sci Hijii a. In Vinct Al lint Vit it to. Lvi Uco i it. Fully most is h cd pay fits Ihu wifi in Fyna r�?Tin.0iiti?_ t0 seek a temporary restraining machinery and that convention or thu and com the military Trio which has a 5ioa5 est 8> or our weeks since she re Ilham 2, of near Collinsville. Order in Case the Marine corps delegates were illegally hand a i a Les ruled this politically strife torn j 5>nr�y.1 placing on pump covered consciousness they had mrs. Cobet to was returning attempts to make the youth picked to insure Hoffa selection thursday and Gromyko yes Republic since june also an no. 1 Zarriah Collins Community waited for her to speak. She had from a shopping trip state police shoulder a Rifle. As Union president. I a j bounced it will take control of All which is bottomed in the Benoist tried to talk but cried when so sgt. William Thompson said and in his petition Tietz included a Schmidt said he wants the court Erst is. Sai 1 they do Interior Telegraph and other com at about 1490 it. Failed. Turned off a private Road two letter from Robert Dechert Gen t0 appoint a referee to determine flt meat spec cd Par Mun cation systems sunday to South of the Conrey Well and Christine had verbal aphasia Miles East of Collinsville the car Era counsel for the Secretary he Quot new convention delegates in Ted que that prevent their use went up a Steep incline and which notified Green that his a ave men Cosen by democratic in vial kid for can Nyrl from i possible disorder. 1 h e y prevent their use in stirring up just off the Southwest Corner of the her doctor said there was a Frac it h d f 6 usual possible disorder. Patoka South Pool. National As Ture behind her right ear in tha stalled on tracks atop the incline Peak was denied. Quot Means. Africa and the Esdle East id bus Gen Antonio Kebreau. Socia Ted has a state permit to re area of the brain s speech Center the train Engineer. Lawrence e. How Ever. La col. Vernon Pelt in 1iamt Beach Beck he took the Costoma Sofri. At army chef of staff and Infa a Pfow no a Quot right to Conn of Terre haute ind., said he Zer. Camp Pendleton Legal officer does not consider the court pro nato Seato and Western de Bead. Pledged the armed forces dry Hole completed in 1953 to a be just could t was on a downgrade West toward fold u. S. Dist. Judge James v. Coding to be of any importance. Sense preparations we guarantee free and honest 1647 it. 1 St. Louis at 60 in. P. H. When he Carter that the youth has been a in a French spokesman said he Dectis is Hailu 2,500-Man army elsewhere in Marion c o to. _ hers was an unusual Case the saw the car but was unable to placed in non combative status mention sept 30,&Quot he said had expect Tel a a treate pm a re by has been alerted and Higgins and Whittinghill Rob a a Der Jaid �au8e of her Ion a up in time lading final review of i Appeal. Hoff a teamster prefab 3 00#, Calm a a Quot i a Quot pop Quot ,22�?z�� a Dietre Tjw a a Chi in of run a n \ a Green of Evanston. 111., is on Dent declined comment on the f rup if violence Breaks out. In Rosiclare on no. I m. A. Bruc Quot of inc Power or speech. Hie car was earned a mile and eave he is to report Back to duty court order. Neared mild he added the presidential Post is being it a1, about % mile East of product aphasia occurs in Only about on a Quarter Down the lacks. Monday. J. Hoffa is regarded As the Lead _ sought by three men. They Are Tion of the South end of the Lake per Ceni pro a Quot to have the _ Carter said that since the May Quot a contender to succeed Beck in mitc a Louis Dejoie a former senator Centralia Salem Field and is test 0 brain lesion Pristine Rine corps has placed Green on the $50,000 a year Job As team in own has Formosa or Pra Ocoya Duvalier and Clem ing after fracture. One report cur a a non combative duty he saw no Rea sters pro so Dent. Both Hofta and Taipei a a Southern Formosa ent Jumelle. Another candidate rent is that this Hole has penetrate j1 Ine i u Ai sound son Why he should Issue the re Eck have been accused by the was sideswiped by typhoon Gloria Daniel fignole was exiled to 28 it of saturated Rosiclare. Wedge amp Day while her father ing straining order now. Instead he Senate rackets investigating today As the storm moved West new York june 14. _ a a hands toe of Beaman a directed the Marine corps to committee of misconduct in Union Northwest in the direction of Hong fignole who had a Large follow test Shal it it a Sand Cour old he i show cause Why such an order Kong. No among the masses was acting 0ne me North of Central City her to it t0 make Mora state rep. Kerr rescinds request for probe at Siu Carbondale ii rep. Gordon e. Kerr today took Back a request for an investigation of veterans housing at South should not be issued and he set sept. 30 for a show cause hearing. The judge also directed Peltzer sate to notify him in event the Marine corps changes greens non combative status. Green was convicted by a court martial last May 29 of refusing syrians angered by Dulles in speech my among the masses was acting a a a a h. President at the time he was sent Charles a. Baldwin Olney has a Civ re by Arkmo too five from the country. Other Candi temporarily abandoned no. I Barje horned see thu Hil dates charged he was using the ton Sec. 30-2n-1e, a shallow test and a mime Jal office to strengthen his bid to be of the a Williams Sand at 550 ft., so nothing a &Quot.1�. Her it elected. Trouble mounted and the according to reports. Mulher who she8 knows it a. J Junta took control. Last of Centralia in the sex join in the crash. I presidential elections were last change area of Romine 7 wp., c. R. _ held in Haiti in 1950 when Paul Winn has Given up on no. I Eblin pm Illinois University. �?z1 it Htiu i Neil in Nam in in a when ram Winn Nas Given upon put a. I Conn in Rory Ota Hai i aaa Kerr a Republican from Brook an order to pick up a Rifle but Damascus Syria up a Secre and direction though soldiers Are Magloire was named to the office. Sec. 33-1n-4e1, after testing Rosi j Kutou Oln Karl i us port toured the University Cam the conviction was set aside by tary of state Dulles . Speech much in evidence Here much of he attempted to extend his tenure Clare Sand to 2877 it. No Oil show pus with sen. Glen o. Jones a re the commanding general of Camp has aroused angry official read their equipment still is of prewar last december in violation of the eng was reported Pond i Pendleton. Tion in Syria. But indications to Vintage and Syria seems to have Constitution and was ousted after in this same general area hut Volu Green is the son of Harold e. Day were that Syria and the so a Long Way to go before replace a general strike. In Sec. 3-1n-3e, Rhea Fletcher a publican from Raleigh. Chicago m a a 14-Dav search Lens has a permit to Drill to the for a missing Loyola University letter to Willard Manning of the execute editor of printers vet Union Are proceeding Wib Merit is Complete. Non aim Xii of a i a m not for a missing Loyola University veterans commission in Spring Magazine the Meths extreme caution to prevent the commenting on Dulles state no mad to stat pm St. Louis Limestone no. I Fred coed has entered around a new Field asking that the commission Church in Evanston and souts from growing to a Dan Merit. Premier assail told the sol Lannu 1 v Wyatt. York store where she is thought disregard his request last Satur California has sundries Voul serous Cess i allot newspaper a Rai Alaam pct acc Tuc my Day for a probe of Veteran s hous greens con scent objector Premier Sabre Assali and for syrian Cabinet we uld study the of i ult Ihl Aik my. Kerr said in the letter that his complaints were not a a substantial claim. In the Tonti Field Northwest of have shopped. Salem. John Booth has pipe Patrick Deeley chief of Chicago Thailand elects Sarasin Premier Bangkok. Thailand Chi Bote Fca Rasin former thai ambassador to Washington today was elected Premier by thai and a newly named provisional Assembly. Sarasin who recently was named Secretary general of the Southeast Asia treaty organization was picked to succeed Premier p Pribul Sonogram ousted in a amatory soup moods the legislator said originally Prince Charles May that the method of allocating units. Rue run id to veterans should be investigated. Of lab Ini int Luln eign minister Salah Bitar de speech. He said the speech con i cemented to Mcclosky saturation detectives said Friday he win bounced Dulles statement As a trained Quot disturbing intentions Quot and Milwaukee. Hie cite s on n0. To Mcmackin Sec. 34-3n sure 21-Vear-old Marcia Horan new indication of hostile . In differed from previous ones in Jym re it Undine to to 2e�?T Ai 3301 it and is placing the went to new York after leaving which Dulles Quot tried to pretend he a j i1 Well on pump for further testing. Her South Side Home sept 4 speech to the . Gen was retracting his charges against Daz and it d there was Only one other com by demands to get off the air. It is Pher re withdrew 1300 col to did Cletion in the four county area tuition Money from a Chicago tendons toward Arab countries. In a Era Assembly thursday Dulles Syria. A a Jequon in the tour county area tuition Money from a Chicago u ,. J l i us m my a. Called on the . To intervene in Quot this new Spe Alwis the Peak tins week in Clinton county. A Hank sent 4 and Dinn a i rid pro Lej a a Carbondale s not Aff can for midd e"5t�?T it it of a of distortion Nel ,0 a pre it Nimira trans tonal associated pumped 26 bbl. Charge purchases of this amount location of units but the entirely London a print. Charle., y"1 sgt no re used Tittl Lutary Gamit syr and. Campai mls Jon were of Fig up the it the were mad. At Bonwit co., inadequate Nucup of hous i n a r year a of a Quot a t0 the Bri Ash <a�kr.�?Tl,. L a am. Quot a 5 As viewing of baseball fans watching Quot no. J Parson in the Huey in new York Between sept. 7 and throne May become a Choirboy. Buil be we taking off for new Salt continued. A however what he Milwaukee braves. Chicago Jou h it solv Abdulj a uth a a sept to. Delley said. But he will have to prove he can York to head the syrian . Dele Ever the United states intentions cubs game Over Channel 9 in Chi Carlyle in Sec. 36-.n-3w. Deeley said he thought the Sia sing. Ationo. .demai?d_.t_0_kn0 ,?a be a fury deter Cago. Clinton county activity nature on the charge slips Ara units available. Kerr said both he and Jon would push efforts to obtain a three million Dollar housing loan who Hie Rev. Reginald Babbette was the great syrian arms build mined to defend her Freedom and the station will begin regular it Allah cantal up those of mis Horan but that to conducts services at the sex up of which Dulles spoke Independence under All Circum openings oct. 28, Well after n n 2 skip o h handwriting experts will examine Sive hoarding school Cheam. The syrian arms buildup a world series time sending will ? in Sec 3 mrn�?~3vllos �1 1 them for the University. Siu is ask i no elusive of arum Nooi Vitam inc hymn Aims own up Siam is. Coria series time sending will a a the Money from the housing and said today pears to be a Long Way from big the real aim of the United continue to conflict with Channel a portion i. Carmel is a search has Home finance Agency of the fed Quot Prince Charles will not aet in enough to permit this country to states. Bitar charged is to keep 9. But it will not integer with my 11 rotary tools for a Wildcat test on map for njord. Lunch toy area sri action in to Arab world divided. Waukee a four other stations. It a deep f�i4 Fege u appearance. A Era government. Of hit vote is not up so at Lounck

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