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Centralia Evening Sentinel Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1955, Page 1

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Centralia Evening Sentinel (Newspaper) - June 28, 1955, Centralia, Illinois Soi thery Illinois weather partly Cloudy tonight and tomorrow High tomorrow in mid due 80s Low 65. High yesterday 85 Low last night--64 noon today 85 Centralia Ive Gyps greatest daily u r aka Lfan Independent newspaper to Sentinel final edition seventy first year a number 94 tuesday june 28, 1955 Central City a Centralia Illinois a Wamac to pages today Price 5 cent Stover asks return to Oty wheel tax House kills Bill to set Speed limit Powell ridicules measure designed to curb accidents Springfield. Iii. To the Nii Nois House today Defeated a Bill to fix passenger car Speed limits j on highways at 65 Miles an hour in daytime and 55 at night. The proposal w hich had passed the Senate fell three votes shy of the 77 required for approval. There were 42 votes against it. Rep. C. R. Butch Ratcliffe a Beardstown summed up argument of opponents when he said that the Best answer was a National Speed limit or mechanical devices on cars to limit their Speed. Rep. David Hunter a Rockford in urging enactment of the legislation. Said it was needed to Cut the death rate on the highways. He said a state Highway division report showed that 20.6 per cent of traffic deaths Are caused by excessive Speed. Rep. Paul Powell a Vienna who opposed the Bill told the lawmakers they would be enacting a Law that �?o90 per cent of you would break before you got forty and eight May secede from legion blame a King makers sight raft of missing flier Tokyo up a tiny life raft possibly occupied by one of two . Marine fliers missing at sea for the third night was spotted by an air Force search plane some 120 Miles South of Tokyo tonight about 9 40 . 6 40 . Central Standard time. Ships of three nations hunted the two marines who vanished off Tokyo sunday night. An air Force spokesman said sputtering signals still were being picked up from one of the rafts at 10 30 . 7 30 a in. Central Standard time. The search spread Over 20,000 Miles of the foggy we Estern Pacific in an Effort to locate the fog shrouded men before they died of exposure As they drifted in Little rubber rafts. By grim coincidence the wife of one arrived today form Minneapolis with her 5-year-old son. She to mrs. David Winton Bell. Her husband a second lieutenant is the son of Charles h. Bell president of general Mills inc. The Navy notified Bell monday that his son was missing. Illinois senators get All heated up debating Flowers Springfield 111. Up tempers grew Short As the Illinois Senate monday night squabble Over a Bill to make the Rose instead of the Violet the official state Flower. At one Point sen. Roland Libo Nati a Chicago pacing the floor angrily banged his chair against the desk. He suggested that both an amendment offered by an opponent. And his head a lie on the table a the wording of the usual motion to kill. Various other senators moved for adjournment a 10-minute recess and to strike the Bill from the eat endear. None was pressed. The Bill already approved by the House remained on amendment stage. The 25-minute fuss began after sen. Robert Mcclory Ltd Lake Bluff submitted an amendment calling for a vote at the november 1956 general election on switching from Violet to the Rose. Libonati got it tabled. Then Mcclory proposed that the Violet and the Rose be Given joint recognition As state flow ers. There was a lot of talk. Some of the senators appeared to be making a play to the gallery which was Well filled. Others chafed at the delay resulting for a Large volume of pending Senate business. Libonati Senate sponsor of the legislation spoke of the roses com j menial importance to the state saying the Rose Industry of Illinois produced three fourths of the a Tion s blooms and employed 1,700 j persons. Mcclory argued that four states now have the Rose As state Flower four the Violet and that for Illinois to change sides would upset the balance. After repeated attempts sen. Arthur j. Bidwill in River Forest succeeded in having a decision on the Bill put off. A confirm appointment it. Vernon Man Springfield. 111. The lilt Nois Senate today confirmed gov. Stratton s appointment of John a. Davidson of mount Vernon to the Illinois harness racing commission. Wind rain storms damage Plains states Idaho reports lost Faith in polio vaccine Hoise Idaho up the Idaho polio mass vaccination program already postponed indefinitely a faced new delays today As state health authorities announced they had a lost Confidence in the Salk state health director l. J. Peterson told newsmen that Idaho a will not sponsor another mass inoculation program Quot because of new doubts about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. He told newsmen he holds the vaccine together with its manufacturing instruction responsible for a polio outbreak which has killed seven idahoans and hospitalised 79 others since the mass immunisation program was started in april. Government drops perjury charges against Lattimore Washington Ai the government decided today to drop its 2>a-year-old attempt to try Owen Lattimore on charges of perjury. Atty. Gen Brownell made the announcement. Brownell noted that the . District and appeals courts Here had twice thrown out key counts of indictments charging Lattimore with false testimony before the Senate internal Security subcommittee in Early 1952. Brownell said it thus appeared impossible to proceed on live remaining perjury counts. Lattimore a Johns Hopkins lecturer and far Eastern affairs specialist. Was accused of lying in denying that he had been a Follower or promoter of the communist line by Tlle associated la a it a tornadoes or violent thunderstorms that struck in parts of the mid continent South and East left five persons dead More than a score injured and heavy property j damage today. A Man and a woman w Ere killed late monday when a twister i smashed 25 Homes at the Hillerege housing development Northeast of Scottsbluff neb. Some 25 persons received Hospital treatment. Two persons Quot a Ere killed by i lightning in storms that swept j parts of Texas and new Mexico monday night. Property damage was expected to run Between $100,-ooo and $500,000. Daniel Williamson is Little i league baseball player was killed by lightning near Camden n a. I monday while he and 12 other boys stood under a tree during a storm. Two other youths suffered Shock j from the Bolt. Hail and rain caused severe crop damage in Greenwood township in East Central Pennsylvania. Four i inches of rain fell in one hour. J killed in the Nebraska Tornado were mrs. V. J. Daniels 50, and Jim Karubos 16. Mrs. Daniels husband and or. And mrs. Nick Karubos parents of the dead boy i were critically injured the twister was one of a rash of tornadoes that hop scotched across parts of Nebraska and Wyoming sunday night and monday. Several persons were injured in Wyoming. The threat of a flood Hung Over the stricken Nebraska area. The North Platte River swollen by heavy Rains forced evacuations from some areas. Mrs. Henry Julian about so. Was killed by lightning As she stood in her front Yard at Canadian Tex. Lightning killed Kenneth e. Guyer sr., 46, in a Field on his farm near Panhandle. Tex winds reached 80 Miles an hour in several sections of Carlsbad n Telephone and Power lines were ripped Down and heavy Rains flooded streets. Skies were generally Clear from the Mississippi Valley eastward to the Atlantic and West of the Continental Divide. Indianapolis apr members of the forty is eight unmaking organization of the american legion today had the recommendation of their executive committee that they break away from the legion organization. A we renounce our association with the american legion and declare it the executive officers said in asking Organiza Tio wide support of the secession move. The declaration which appeared monday in the forty is fighter society publication accused the legion of letting itself be dominated by Kingmaker who disregard the wishes of the membership. The statement urging members to ratify the break off at the organization s National convention in Miami this october was signed by j. Earl Simpson Tulsa. Okla., chef de Chemin de Der and the four other members of the forty amp eight executive committee. A it is the considered opinion of this executive committee. That relations Between the american legion and la society have become so strained that their continuation is impossible a the top officers said. They argued that the legion a for the Lait seven years has been under the dominants and control of a Small group of men. A it is common knowledge that these men have made use of the funds assets and prestige of the american legion to gain and maintain domination and control a the statement said. A the men w to have gained control of the legion have singled us out for sustained harassment abuse and it said. A a a e do not know other grievances cited by the article were these 1. Refusal by legion s National executive committee to allow a separate forty a eight Parade a practice of a More than 30 years at the october convention in Miami. 2. Failure by the legion to give proper credit for the a More than $850,000�?� the forty amp eight has raised for the children s welfare fund. 3. Repeated efforts by the legion to control forty amp eight funds and membership. While no a King makers were named by the article the Indianapolis Star reported it had Learned the men referred to were James p. Ringley Chicago a member of the legion convention committee Maurice Stember new York City a state department adjutant and Thomas w. Miller Reno nev., National executive committee member. Ringley reached in Chicago ridiculed the a King maker Label and called reports of a secession a to Lay 100-to-l Odds that the forty a eight wont secede in october a he said. Seaborn f. Collins Iris Cruces n m., legion National commander and himself a forty a eight member said he had heard a Cru Morse of a possible break but said he considered it All at a local level. On the other hand Charles w. Ardrey Indianapolis National correspondent of the forty a eight predicted a a overwhelming ratification of the secession by the organisations 107,000 members. In new York. Stemmer said Ardrey spoke Only for himself and predicted an overwhelming majority of the forty a eight members would vote to stay aligned with the american be on. He said most members placed their loyalty to the legion above that to forty a eight. Stemmer said he has been a member of the legion for 29 years and always has worked to elect the Best possible leadership. Korean general predicts new War Seoul a South koreans military chief predicted today the communists will launch a new far Eastern War by 1958�?�?T�?Tprobably in Korea a and when it comes it will be worse than june 2, 1950, a said Hen. Lee Hyung Keun. Chairman of the joint chiefs of St Alf. That was the Day North korean tanks rumbled across the s8th parallel in an attempt to smash the Republic of Korea in one lightning blow la a said in in interview Bis nation now fears air planes not tanks. A North Korea Baa seven air duo Siam and 40 air bases he said charging they were built up in violation of the armistice agreement. The communists had no air Force and Only two usable Fields at the end of the War. He said Lee raised substantially figures on North korean strength obtained from two red pilots who defected to the South last tuesday the government released their testimony monday they listed four air divisions and 15 bases in North House sends Broyles Bill Back to Senate approves measure for loyalty oaths with amendments bulletin , 111. Via state Bonus for korean War veterans passed the Illinois Senate today by a vote of 84 to 2 and advanced to gov. Stratton. If the governor signs it the proposed 150 million Dollar Bond Issue for paying the bonuses will be subject to adopt. Ton or rejection at a statewide referendum in november 1956. Report on bomber incident Navy airman j. F. Rump of Walden mass., radar Man aboard the Navy bomber shot Down by two russian lighters shows other members of the Crew How the planes eaten in from behind the bomber Over the Baring sea. Left to right Are. It. D. A Lockhart co Pilot Pilot it. R. H. Fischer Rump and it. To. T. Sloan co Pilot. Rump was stationed Between two Crew members who were struck by machine gun fire but escaped with minor injuries. The airmen Are shown at Kodiak Alaska where they made their report on the incident. Springfield 111, a a tile Broyles anti subversive Bill requiring loyalty oaths from Many Public employees passed the Illinois House today. The vote was 83 to 53. Before completing its legislative trip the Bill now must return to the Senate for action on amendments put on by the House. After the measure was approved the House then killed a second Broyles Bill to outlaw the communist party bar membership in subversive organizations and provide a 20-year prison sentence against persons seeking overthrow of the government. House backers of the legislation sponsored by sen. Paul Broyles a mount Vernon had announced the second Bill would be stricken voluntarily if the loyalty oath measure w Ere passed. The approved Bill requires no communist oaths from state and Many other Public employees including teachers. State funds could not be used to pay salaries of persons w to refused to take the oath. One of the amendments adopted by the of Frise excludes employees of cities villages towns townships and counties from the mandatory provisions. Rep. Gordon e. Kerr a Brook port praised the loyalty oath As a a Good american who and rep. Paul Powell a Vienna declared that Public employees Quot should be proud to sign this oath the same As we Are proud to stand when the Star a spangled Banner is rep. G. William Horsley a Springfield said the Bill gives the state a a weapon it no one spoke in opposition. Opponents at previous hearings had argued the Bill was not needed and that not enough Protection was provided for those required to take the oath. After the Bill passed. Rep. Alan Dixon a Belleville announced he would file a protest against passage on the grounds that technical amendments made the legislation unconstitutional. If the Senate adopts the youse amendments the Bill Wall go to gov. Stratton. The Senate approved the Bill last March by a vote of is to 16. New England truck strike spreads West Boston up tile stoppage of heavy trucking operations in Southern new England today spread to new York state and scattered Points As far As Cleveland in the Midwest and Atlanta to the South. About 15,000 Drivers Are involved in the labor dispute in Massachusetts. Connecticut and Rhode Island and More than 5,000 Driver elsewhere. The trouble began two weeks ago when the Al teamsters Union struck against seven new England firms for a pay raise. Nearly 500 trucking firms in Southern new England countered by halting operations. The owners asserted the strike against seven firms was a strike against the entire Industry in the area. Dulles reports committee App Oves to Eisenhower revised Reserve plan explains us stand on reparations for attack on plane Washington up Early renewal of a request that Russia pay full damages for the shooting Down of a . Navy plane appeared Likely today. Secretary of state Dulles gave president Eisenhower a full review of the Case monday night while they were returning to Washington. Dulles reports Dulles had flown to Bangor Maine earlier so that he could talk Over International developments which occurred during Eisenhower s six Day trip through new England. On their arrival Here presidential press Secretary James c. Hagerty said the two men had discussed plans for next month s big four Summit talks and he added a the president and the Secretary also reviewed fully the shooting Down by soviet planes of the . Naval patrol Craft while it was Over International Waters. Quot they discussed the soviet memorandum of explanation and regret to w hich a reply will be made Hagerty declined to shed any Light on the nature of the reply. The incident occurred last wednesday in the Bering Strait off Alaska. Seven of the la crewmen in the Navy plane suffered bums or injuries. Russia while i contending the . Plane invaded i soviet territory has conceded the Chance of error and has offered to pay half the damages i Dulles said monday the russians offer was a not. All that we consider appropriate under the asks full reparation while a renewal of a request for full reparations seemed Likely it j did not appear that this country would he Adamant in its position. J Dulles has already voiced pleasure j at Russia s expression of regret and has made it Clear he does not expect the incident to upset a plans for the big four talks at 1 Ganev a. These plans also figured in his two hour discussion Wuth the president on the flight Back from j Maine. Hagerty said the Secretary i briefed the president on the big four preliminaries conducted at san Francisco last week by Dulles i and the foreign ministers of Rua Sia Britain and France. Foreign spending faces House axe wedding gowns Embarrass pastor Washington up a tile House armed services committee today approved 29-1 president Eisenhower a revamped military Reserve program and sent it Back to the House. With three other members vol Burley England 2p�?the Rev. Ing present tile committee a Aitken complained today proved a rewritten measure j that he sees far too much of some of the girls who get married in his Church. The trouble the 37-year-old anglican pastor explained in a letter to his parishioners is the ing the Pentagon to expand the trained reserves by calling upon teen agers willing to Volunteer for Reserve duty. The revised measure won support from rep. Short a to ranking now Cut of Many bridal gowns cop member of the committee and j Many of them Are backless and leading opponent of the original j some Are practically Brontless too. Quot really a the Caigaman wrote a a it a a Miracle How they stay up. A to the congregation behind it must look As though some brides have nothing on above the we Sist. During the ceremony the girls its All terribly the Rev. Or. Aitken suggested thai if a Bride must Wear a re version. Short said the new draft is not Universal military training because a there is no compulsion it is purely chairman Vinson a a told a committee he will need its Fulli Sund two Steps below me strength to fight off a new anti segregation amendment we hich he said rep. Pow Ell any will in h h cd produce when the measure reaches vedlm8 dress she should a a a a _. Up with a shawl for the ceremony. The. Floor a Rob a y la to the Yek. I a a / the original Bill w As dropped aft 1 r or Powell got through a proviso barring the Federal assignment of reservists to segregated National guard units. The rewritten Bill eliminates All reference to the guard but it still can be amended. Vinson said Powell will offer a proviso which in effect would prevent youths from volunteering for service in segregated guard units As a Means of escaping the two years Active sender required by the draft married for 17 years. Congress okays Extension of military draft Wshington up a both the House and Senate passed the draft a the tension act today after a futile rep Holtzman any cart the but so m a the a House to june negative vote in a proxy re Kun cd nth Hersial prov upon for ported by rep i lice Ltd in a j continuing the doctors draft. A reps Bray Rind it Nelson r j be novae acted first accepting me and Mollohan it Ai the measure 388 5 after turning voted meaning hey took b 1 k 221-171 a proposal to Send no stand on the Bill. They had it Back for further conferences voted against the original Resen e with the Senate. Rep. Mason a measure in committee. A we Are backing the president i up one Hundred per cent in the position he has taken in opposing such an amendment on the grounds i it would kill a measure he has 111 offered that motion. Then just 15 minutes later the Senate approved by voice vote with no debate. The doctors draft Extension is for two years and the regular called vital to National Security Quot draft for four. Both Laws were due Vinson said. J to expire thursday night. The rewritten measure parallels th4�?T Senate had written the Doc i the first Bill except that it Elim i tors draft provision into the Bill i in ates a proviso permitting the Quot huh the House passed without it. National guard to accept Volun i conferees accepted the medical i leers after they have completed the six months training program the 110 votes on of Nal Houe i the new Bill authorizes the pent passage Quot Ere by reps. Cru pack i agon to recall for 45 Days a. Live of Indiana. Hoffman of Piehi j jute reservists failing to maintain san Mason of Illinois and Smith prescribed training cuts the total j Kansas Republican Sand bar j Reserve service for ail but the six months trainees from eight to Nix j Kal 6th ugh 87 i tears and authorizes die president _ _ of eau on minion a firm to three sex Soldier duty in a residentially declared emergency without consulting Congress fire damages medical building under construction Pittsburgh up fire Early today swept to stories of the 15-million Dollar Pitt schools of health a professions building under construction adjacent to presbyterian Hospital. Several explosions a patently from gasoline Oil or some other j inflammable substances a rocked the Structure. All 22ft patient of presbyterian Hospital were evacuated to the adjoining women a and Eye a car hospitals. None of the patients were injured or affected by the heavy smoke. Washington up a Bill to authorize new foreign Aid spending Ait pm Ain of More than 3 billion dollars president signs j came up for House action today j with critics aiming to Pale it Down in size. In Advance of Deba e on the 13,-285,800,000 global Aid program chairman Richards dec of the foreign affairs commute told newsmen a i Hope the by will not be Cut appreciably. The Bill pasted by the Senate la already Cut 139 million Illinois gains in Oil production Tulsa. Okla. Up the nation s daily average production of crude Oil and condensate Rose 8,050 barrels to 6.624,425 barrels during the week ending june 20, the Oil and Gas journals Survey showed to a. The journal estimated t9 >5 production at j .184,208,675 barrels computed to 1,135,632,320 barrels a year ago. Best gain of the week was Illinois 5,700 barrels to 233,800 barrels. The biggest drop w As in Oklahoma off 7,300 barrels to 547,100. Pay raise Bill a Washington up i evident Eisenhower today signed the Bill raising the pay of 1,073,262 Federal employees tvs per t ent or an average of about $325 a year enactment of the measure completes a round of . Pay increases voted at this session totalling about billion dollars. The Bill signed today Covert 983,-057 classified civil service employees throughout the nation and 90,-205 others in various government agencies with separate pay systems the increase which will coat about 328 million dollars a year. Is retroactive to March i. This Means the employees will get Lump sum payments totalling about to million As soon As they can be arranged the annual payroll Foi the workers covered by the Bill now is about $4,350,000 000 a year. The last general pay raise for these workers was in 1951. The increases will run from about�?o$190 a year to 11,00ft for the a get last Chance to reconsider decision Seoul up Thice american soldiers who refused repatriation after the korean War but now want to go Home will be Given one last Chance to turn Back of they appear at i in Munnom. A they will be informed they will be subject to the Laws of the United states and responsible fur any acts they might have a . Embassy spokesman said today. He made the statement at a press briefing on procedure to be followed if tie Trio Are released in Korea. They ave Lewis w. Reg Jacksonville Tex. Otho g. Bell Olympia Wash. And William a. Cowart Dalton a. Red China a piping radio Bas stated arrangements Are being made for their return. The spokesman said if the three Are freed in Korea it Moat Likely will take place at a meeting of the military armistice commission Willard o Brown first Secretary of the embassy Here would Fly to the commission s joint Security area inform them of their rights have them examined by a doctor if necessary and then a them Back to Seoul of they still want to come the spokesman said streets need improvement Lack Money offer ordinance at july meeting to reimpose tax Street commissioner Dan Stover last night told the City Council he would move for the return of the wheel tax at the july la City Council meeting. He explained his present Street and Alley fund covered Only the Barest maintenance work and he needed More Money for repairs of a permanent nature. He said he wanted the wheel tax to provide funds for curbs and gutters and permanent drainage systems. Mayor h. B. Blanchard agreed the City is Short of Money. He said return of the wheel tax is a subject worthy to be discussed by citizens and that a there May be some opinions at the next City Short on funds finance commissioner Louis Niemeier said in his report to the Council that the City a Bank balance As of monday showed about $2,000 while the Bills and payrolls approved by the Council last night totalled about $6,000. J. F. Reed 510 n. Walnut st., proposed the Council Levy the half cent sales tax recently allowed by the state legislature and earmark the Money for the str e it department. This would eliminate the need for the wheel tax he said and would probably draw fewer complaints. Stover added in his report that his department expects to begin n grading Early this week probably on Howard Street. Near the end of the meeting mayor Blanchard appointed Harry Hall As City health inspector effective july i to replace Henry Wolenhaupt or. I mayor takes garbage in other business the Council transferred the general supervision of collection garbage and trash from the commissioner of Public property to the commissioner of Public health the mayor approved a Lake Centralia club House site sub lease from Myrtle e. Hawley to Glen Atkinson approved a club House lease on Raccoon Lake for William Davis and approved a $1,000 surety Bond for w. H. Erwin new garbage collector and a $3,000 surety Bond for Donald Geary for plumbing work. The Council heard a letter from the state department of Public health approving the Swimm i no Pool for lip a attractive condition a but offering suggestions for maintenance. The letter suggested the Rule of a cleansing nude Shower for everybody be enforced that All suits be disinfected before being worn into the Pool that the flow meters on the filters be adjusted for accuracy and it offered state minimum standards for chlorination and acid fighting treatment of the water. John Phelps Public property commissioner said Holtkamp Fie i d and the Airport grounds b e ing worked on by City employees Are a looking Good a and added the recommendations on the swimming Pool will be called to the attention of proper authorities. Harold Pennock jr., City attorney announced the City a motion to dismiss the complaint of Earl Eiland against the City will be heard in the United state District count in Danville on july 6. Eiland a asking $20,000 from the City Tor the death of Hie son who drowned in Raccoon i Ake feb. Is 1954 asks c Ity jobs Madison Clay borne sos n Pine st., spoke to the mayor on behalf of the citizen s committee regarding a petition the committee had filled out applying for jobs with the City. Blanchard said contracts signed by the former Council greed the Union would furnish City labor and there was Little he could do outside the contract. After the meeting a Quot dry chemical fire extinguisher was remonstrated to the Council and to it. J department members on duty. Flaming butane was snuffed by the powder which the demonstrator said was baking soda ground extremely Fine. He said t. E Small crystals pressured by nitrogen expanded on Contact with the heat and suffocated the flames. The demonstration was provided by the safety first equipment co Sikeston to. Senators kill Sparkler Bill Springfield. Ill a a Bdl which would have banned most types of sparklers was killed today in the Illinois Senate. The action came on a voice be o on motion of Gen William Cannon to Chicago after he had faded to Amend the Bill to include All sparklers. As phased by the Hadst be measure would have prohibited the Sale of Sparkler with the ear option of on Type not con tabling magnesium which is in ant fat hired by a Bloomington turn

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