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Centralia Evening Sentinel (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Centralia, Illinois Al Lonois weather partly Cloudy probably a Bower a rid somewhat cooler in North portion tonight tuesday mostly Loudy Shower Sod cooler in North end Central portion. 3ity temperature Ijo West inst night 4 8 o clock. .mmmmm.-. 12 o clock a. Win a a Loi full leased wire associated press Centralia a Egypt s g peat est daily a largest circulation in South Illinois Kanin de pendent newspaper. La a. ,i,hw.wn�?�?t�?1 Sentinel Fina edition re Home five o cock forty sixth year. Number 62centralia, Illinois monday june 23, 1930 eight pages three cents a copy1 Senate committee for Navy pact senators vote 16-4 to presidential veto of world session War veterans Bill forecast o o r a i d i v Senate passage is predicted Nool Luly report Miff Dains nears end i \ i a ill lev ppm Amiin Tod a approached vote on the it Ril world War Veteran compensation i 1 he Quot we Law Quot a a a plans under Way for adjournment by democrats Back up administration on proposal probable Shower to bring Relief from the heat. With prom of cooler weather and probable showers. Centralia to recommends a though a moderately Strong Westerly Breeze brought Tome Relief. From any place Borah is expected to submit treaty to Senate soon i Washington. June 23 api despite Waring of an Imp end ing Preel dental veto the Senate today approached a vote on the world War veterans compensation Bill with its sponsors confident of enough vote for a Sage. Adm Elstra Ion leaders however declined to admit defeat and pinned their Hopes of enacting a measure t suitable to president Hoover up Ion a substitute plan pet pred by senator Reed of Pennsylvania a Roll Call today on the pending measure was assured by an unanimous consent agreement entered into last week. It had already Bren passed by the House and with the Senate voting ids approval it would go to conference a it was by 2 30 p. Rn., the Mercury had considerably modified by Tho san climbed to 104 degree two Leas ate committee. Than yesterday when Centralia Hadj in vigorous fashion president the second highest temperature in Hoover Art Forth his objections o i i. Mellon a iring. In ii with Mil in n Imp nsw.�?�.�?�1 ,. 4w__ Vun soda the Republican Leader Wincn hut four Degi Ca less Hen my it Van out it the White House registered it Anna the highest re corded in Southern Illinois. Washington june 23 a it the Senate foreign relations committee to ods approved the Tendon naval treaty by la to 4 the committee ordered it reported tothe Senate senators Johnson. Republican. California and Shl Pitesk Farmer labor Minnesota announced they would submit minority reports. The ovens helming support for the treaty in the committee was believed to insure ratification of the pact when it is taken up by the Senate in special session. Those voting against the pact were Johnson. Shipstead. Robinson of indians and Moses of new Hampshire. Republicans. Those voting for it were Horah Idaho. Chairman capper. Kansas Gillett. Massachusetts Reed. Pennsylvania fess. Ohio Goff West Virginia Follette Wisconsin. My Vandenberg. A Chianti republicans Lannon. A. Pitt Amati be ads robinson., Arkan. A Walsh Mon Irta Hanson met George Georgia Black. Alabama and Wagner. New York Democrat Rorah announced he would submit the treaty to the Senate to dropping to m for the lowest level last night the Mercury again began to climb Early today reaching 96 at amp a. A nil remaining there until noon when it Rose to Joi. Was Given out at the for Pohlit at Ion today he criticized the measure a a unsound a and opposed to the heat interests of the veterans them end of week fear heat wave May slow action reapportionment talk injected into the general debate Springfield ii june 23 men would Proton Quot cations done to Cut Down attend am. Increased taxes of a would pro Hubly hm-mi.,of the deficit a inc f Cheju Ltd to Complete a a the Ammeter placed in the Sun j Clote of the neat fiscal year is to program this week and showed a Reading of 130 at 103o a rn., a from Secretary adjourn thursday proposed revision of the Revenue and from i Section of the state Constitution a of Bra. K pay off my the intersection of the Alley. Hines of the veterans by on of the chief purpose Tor which Between South Locust and Poplar criticising the Hill As to equal governor Emmerson embed the with East second resulting in i table were attached to tha Prest special a Aalon. Has Beer turned Gap about 15 feet Long and three Jitter. Over to the people for referendum feet wide being made. The bricks a have stretched government vote in november while Strawn were piled to the Side of the Road i Nerdi Tures in the budget be Bills for the financial Relief of Emend cinders filled in the Gap the Enning july i to the utmost limit Lago and Cook county have Suo soup he a a to sought to quench their thirsts a Quot or and fur Many an add Ltd obtain temporary Relief from the tax,.a this is no time Cook county with regard murderer of Lingle is known police seek former employee of the City Hall police unable to locate suspect Forsythe. Gun Toter formerly helped by politicians Means an of avowed additional a elected a own with the purpose of questioning j officials of hem the Community reach a to menu to tax Burden m Rasta of humanity yesterday arum country. The water filled with bathers. Ice a f. Of the legislation House recognise that such consider senator Lowell b Chicago and to the before the upper Many congratulations upon birth of son to Lindbergh big picnic Englewood n. J., june 23 . Without a report hut merely j in listed somewhat so far no dam it Rod pricing real Utica of rat if i i bag bin done to lat crop. Cation. This is the usual Pic cure j a added that Oats Hava been wagons have been making extra Toni would car y but Little we tight of Oak Park the author of runs and taking on larger loads to web our people were the needs of Muon which called upon mayor accommodate their customers. I our Veteran the la be and were William Hale Thompson Anton we dealing with sound measures Cermak president of the Cook but As general Hines presents county Board and other elected of there Are conclusive reasons for to appear before the Senate opposing an unsound measure tomorrow held committee hearing a whirls against the Best interests in Mason. Re i i Aoi o i a ref us no Liz. V birth. Last thursday she flew with of i to Enmor p air of a a compel and mix Charta a. Imd Bergh from ret Eric ro1 a on Cis i wrong rail t a a melt a in it Organon Conns offi Tsa Lind Bergh to Hartford turn. Ten Days previously she had Fred j. Blackburn. Mar Ion county farm adviser said today that wheat had not yet suffered from the severe heat and although Corn of the veterans themselves places an unjustified Load the tax payers St a time when Lindbergh Are the Parenta of a son. The baby weighing seven and f 1 l 5 a three quarters pounds a bom at. A . 2 15 p in. Yesterday in the Home his Mother the former Anne Morf Small monoplane. Row a Boro. The same Date 24 the Only description of the baby the Burlington brotherhoods were a years ago. W a a statement of a servant in having their at Fairview Psi k Chil ago last Friday and Satur Ilma Famh to statement of the the Morrow household who was today As members of the b. Of a Chicago. June 23 f apr James red Forsythe. Gun Tater a no former City Hall employee a Hunt cd today As the Man who killed Al Fred Quot Jake Quot Lingle Tribune report or Forsythe whom judge John Lyle s year ago characterized a a Quot potential killer is under a year s jail sentence for carrying concealed weapons. The sent Nea recently was reaffirmed by tha an Pilate court. Judge Lyle recalled today that there had been much political activity in Forsythe a behalf at tha time of the letter s trial on the gun carrying charge Quot his it Forsythe a friends among tha politicians almost ran me to death to vacate the sentence judge Lyle said. Quot i would not do it. Forsythe the police recalled wag i arrested in a raid on the Moran Aiello gang Headquarters last do Comber he was released when he of i iqra if As an am ploy of View Park for Outing by Burlington. Police St the time. In commenting on Hie release said Forsythe was Quot in the place innocently he waa sent there. He in t a rut today they hunted him for a and and was expected to hold an upon 0ther today. Aside from the statement of the the baby birth and hts weight no de quoted As saying that Quot he looks like a b. Of l f. Aeo. R. C. And b. Is notification of Forsyth. Tails of the event were forthcoming by Interr he has blonde a r of r of the Beardstown Divi Ion Eph or identification Isth a police said they had no photo the committee is expected to from be household of mrs. Lind and Blue eyes. A it Vry fort Bouw by , tot �-,r?-1�?� a i St by Haa anti in 4. _ a a it i. Alt a a ,. Of his committee. Thus the rests will he per by sowed in wheat lighten it Quot i Chicago Bill St the opening session j or Dwight w. Morrow except the took the but was unable to give the extent that up raid it at re Bill wout i it 4 tomorrow afternoon Tat cent that Mother and baby with an of the loss. The temperature in 8a a increase expenditure for Snoria for the Senate without a a it recommendation either from i Quot ident Hoover or from the foreign relations committee. In submit-1 Ting the pact the president Only called for ratification woman is held for companions death St. Wins. Run 23 a a verdict of homicide holding mrs. H Middle West into tha Pearl Montgomery 26-year-old wed Anovega own East St. Louis for the killing water yesterday., of William d Mcgrath. 43. A rail the hottest spot in the Central Road clerk Alf of East St. Louis area was Anna in with a tempera a returned today by a coroners tut of to Centralia. 111., was run jury. J Ner up with 106. St. I uis swelter mrs. Montgomery is in a Nerious Jed jq2 and Omaha. Neb., a condition St City Hospital in in blistered with too. Sioux City la., Poison taken at the time of Hor j Ullh 99 bad its hottest june arrest thursday. She described j Gince Cairo iii., Lincoln. Neb., the shooting which a and news Neville ind., were one do were Ridings in i Lem yesterday reached 104 degrees War veterans by $102,000,000 Dur while at la a a. Today it was �4. Ire tie first year of it. Of a. Carlyle yesterday also had 106twih the additional sex pen week would prevent conveying of Page of the country and to foreign while Sandoval reached 104. Today totalling i22.000.0u0 in later years to. It her the present expenditure he set it was 102. The j t0 ,.as� the tax Burden of the sections of the stats is badly a by the House or. Hoover need of rain. J go d to increased expenditure tops Century Mark would be $181,000,000 rising later Chicago. June 23 it a friends said colonel Lindbergh news of his songs . Appearance of outward lieutenant governor Sterling and resting comfortably. Calm but that the Grandfather leaders of the Senate fearful that yews of the arrival of the ind ambassador Morrow gave Frank a derided drop in attendance this a Rob a for spread rapidly to All the expression to his elation week would prevent conveying or part 0f to country and to foreign they also said the arrival of a the quoi urn necessary for the pass it Horm and within a Short time a by conformed to the wishes of age of legislation Are exerting Parade of messengers with Mongiat every Effort to gain a Large Al a via tory messages and bearing flow Tendance this week. Began to arrive at the Morrow the House is expected to devote Home. Radio stations interrupted gathered Here. I explaining that no rogues gallery a about 150 came Here by special pictures May a taken by police train from Beardstown where the until the High court has sustained a held last year while j convictions. The police have held persistently to a theory that the murder of both colonel Lindbergh and his wife for a son. Mrs. Lindbergh had invited a few friends to celebrate her Birtle picnic was Many other motored hers from Herrin and other cities along the division. Among the Many officials of the Railroad and brotherhoods a superintendent of safety Dave of Chicago. An elaborate program was arranged for this afternoon Lingle when solved would Traca Back to the Moran atello gang. Lingle who had a wide acquaint i Anc ship among gangsters by Rem son of his we Ork to be Friendly to Al or. Was known to be Friendly to Al its attention to the amendment to their programs to broadcast to h Pic not f to Befth it a it i Jit t a. It. A. Was u11 q it. W ? v Fang fim Obile As an acl Dent and the ult of a scuffle Over a pistol being to it Frfd la or testified to a lying declaration by Mcgrath that he was shot after a Quai Celt when he announced he would Lief Bill opposed by Hoover. Senator Watson the Republican Leader predicted the committee measure which would add in Esti i mated rot of $102.000 000 to the veterans party were hastily put aside for the Advent of Young or. L and Bergh. Dangerous maniac escapes at Elgin Chicago. June 23 a police guarded the Home of mrs. Ada with c. E. Pounds of this City Capone whose gang Long fought master of ceremonies. The Moran Aiello group. The program was held in the search also is under Way for East portion of the Psi a the regular Prang Foster original owner of picnic grounds. It wan hate that to gun us cd to the Lingle murder. Foster formerly Moran Aiello Man. Changed allegiance some Lima ago going Over to the Capones. Present annual Cost of Gree better off with or and pipe i Uon of $311,000,000 would Stone. Minn., reported 96. I be ranged late today despite the beaches pools and lakes were threat of a presidential veto crowded everywhere. At Des Moines la., two men were drown Tuider i idol quit of be pm while swimming they were will-1 i Iii in of Lidell oui i u1 to $400,000,000 a year. A amp did Bill providing for the of the event which has been await in a u m api i Purchase of land for the construe a a cd with Lively interest for several Washington june Obj Aig of it a Artl Ery a Knop for the weeks. Senate republicans at a a Ron a. In a National guard As Amend a name had not been announced enc today discussed but Tai so by the Senate the Bill provides for the new arrival but Charles a. Aglee in several substitutes for a Bat the $600,000 appropriation und Beigh or. For his father or finance committees veterans r j a god o buy go in a Dwight Morrow Undberg after i in Sian d00q Acrea provided in the original his Grandfather were mentioned As Bill. This amendment would per probable choices. Nut the Purchase of land near preparations which had been Camp Grant Rockford a move made for mrs. Lindbergh s recep which has met the opposition from to on in a new York Hospital were re a. Lroy or.,n of Rockford who , ,-vcr.l . Go a Ltd i u. for it a. 255"�1k Quot the he the Quot not a he Ulm �21 to sett h�?o2t. A Quot he h Quot bin Quot the Quot a Quot a the. Sch red la the. Titi ,.or j boy. on the to located on h Aje i Rock the Ivai of Meas Naera Tioop-l40�?T had irom the violent lion of to. Pak Nankin is in the was Pointe Dout that the Oats crop i . I a i. To the. Hou., of a i Hanoi stat. pro nor tonight. While oily a a. . Lului. Owing to an ,0�?Td. Quot a Al a bout the m Ltd. A Quot. A it it a it Quot left a Kin the. .tt.nd.nc. A. It und a drought. The. Farm and that reapportionment will be the Only sign me flu. , the program was held while a baseball game Between the Centralia and Burlington teams was scheduled to Start at 3 p. In. Among the features of the pro i sin wet numerous musical numbers. A talk by Hon. R. Branson representative from this District. Harvest near end Benton. Iii. June 23 apr wheat harvesting in Frankton and introduction of officers of the county is practically completed so four organizations. Cording to farm advisor e. K. In were planned. Gliick who thinks the crop will be Home to indicate that so Nio Trent the birth of a unable to marry mrs. Montgomery Tom Scribner 18. And Lester Rees soon. I 25.although Chicago beaches will Dies of Ai to injuries not big officially opened until next Harrisburg. In. Rev. Warren is open rockford1&Quot Jon a of . the Tonga th.a Orrin form.? prior of a mini Quot Uon Ltd a on of the problems before the next regular session of the genial Ous an event a Aas in Bly has been predicted by Young Lindbergh had taken p Aav both downstate and took county there were even a the House at the time june 23 a it a Earl Yackle 27. H Romonda j jj�jrd7y, despite the absence of Fri muh 7 a a a e Pleopa i fishmonger died in a Hospit so Here guards. South Park beat Hes Durand ii against who did not learn of the birth until they left and were informed by outsiders a week ago the intent Church member of the House today said that if he is returned to the next legislature. He will favor a reapportionment Warden Charles Darling of the made up mostly of visitors later visor said that Corn is also suffer Elgin Asylum notified Chicago to in the families of Loai inv j ing from drought or of Scarim ugh a escape and de hers of the brotherhoods began a although rain of scribed him As a one of the most riving until the number present helped considerably dangerous men in the t8r�?~w us hut 1.000 Scarbrough escaped through a Fotr theoc Caslon it the band and a window of w hich Only the lower numb it a of car occupied by pro helped Consile Ramiy me Miens heat of the past few Days Baa Mada f streets were decorated with flags j the need of another Good rain pc ref great. Today from Skull fracture received i Bave no Gua is until next sat of by former Parish w to were a Moerre giving Cook county my a. Saturday when an automobile Over and the municipal beaches five in Cutter proceedings against a in the Senate and ambassador Morrow . On rout with a non Tulner due to1------------- Quot a Jon 5hlf. A Quot a d by rep a m.,. P., through Pomeroy Republican nations i committeeman who had called on his bed sheeting for a rope. Hews Tbs Streeta about la 30 a tried for murder last january. Elgin Hospital authorities thought 34. Abe Martin the tax Money shortage. Four were drowned saturday night when a boat capsized in storm on reids i Mikek near Tyron. Neb. Byrd and Lindbergh new York. June 23 it a Charles a. Lindbergh and rear Admiral Richard e Byrd met today and exchanged congratulations colonel Lindbergh congratulated the Admiral on his Conquest of the South pole. Admiral Byrd conium. Was to open in circuit court the downstate majority in Quot i am a bit Sui prised. Mayor today. Ital Hough Kitchen said for i left Ambas a the in rocked Miniver weeks j. B Mic by is Igoe minority Dor Morrow after 5 a clock and he h 159,000 from the Rev. Frank eader of to House the Chicago never said a word about it come Antip pity mayor Sheet retired of Oregon. Iii., the. Retested la carried sub to think of it a gentleman passed a i Lan i in unt Matun Rev. C. K Carpentero Morgan i a a a a apportionment into their me in a hit of a hurry while i was Park Chicago and Judd Van r Nipun during the special aes in the House but he wouldst talk sickle and George Fritz members Jon the downstate.to me. He must have been the Doc of the Durand Church. He apportionment quit tot a a. W mayor Antnony in Nam pro in the first of his suits against Benore the Donle Foi a referendum j mrs. Lindbergh who has been of Atlantic City. And three other a a Quot a a f her husbands constant companion a in the air since their marriage on col. Too. But a new trial was granted May 27, 1929. Continued he r riving resulting in a verdict for $10,000 pm a and Bridge to with a a tax Otth bib it it probable he would attempt to kill petition to intervene a Quot w1 a in receivership denied hey done to leave friends behind Absecon. N. June 23. A mayor Anthony m Ruffu. Or 52, Etal and a add cum cd members of his former flock. War Olvar a Arr i of mlle j run obtained a judgment for s2<>. Among the defendants Wert sickle and Fritz. The Rev. Sheets was prosecutor when Logan a Church trial Hassid on a stray of indiscretions told by a former Domestic in the Durand contract let graduated Lindbergh on the arrival put son Agni As heard by the Rock of a son yesterday. I River conference. The Rev. Car they met in the hotel Biltmore where Admiral Bvrd is making i headquarter end v a immediately to the room of a Friend Foi Good visit. The lying colonel was deluged with congratulations on his fatherhood when he arrived at the hotel but did not mention the subject himself. He answered the "con-1 grate lotions colonel a with Only a shy Grin. Of the Penter w is superintendent Rockford District then. In another Case also growing out of his in rocking. Itigan won a verdict of $25,000 from e St. Lout newspaper while a Case against another newspaper was settled out of court. I done to know How acceptable it would be but a Good Strad .i11,1 would make a fir e gradual Ion pertinent of Public work it and buildings. They vier a follows route 111, Maco Pip county. Bridges Between Chesterfield and Medora. Vav. F Sayer Jerseyville $55,064 25 route ill Maco Upin county. Several persons injured Bridge Between Chc, l Ai gtd during riots at Seville Medora Mississippi Valle a strut Seville Spain june 23 apr of 1 �?~�?~1�?~8 11. T i route 150, Rte Adolphi c sumy Many is wounded Dur in s of it u h of spa to. Springfield in. June 23 apr chief Highway Engineer to Tadt at mind put awarded contracts flu Road full Siar Al Mlyn Lull and Bridge work to Cost s total of $317,441.33. The contract a re let with the approval of director h. H. Cleaveland of the stats de a it i Aht John Wiley. 52, his wife. Lillian. Kingsford Smith flight 40, of Venter and Margaret c Siracusa. 37, of Ventor. Mayor Ruffuss of Bun june 23. A Captain Kingsford Smith the australian aviator plan to take off from the port Marnock runway for his Chicago june 23 apr Federal judge George a. Carpenter toll la i in in Auto Prath denied a petition of Charles Killu him Lulu unan Clay Anggi and the Aston Corpora Tion Bay St. Louis. Miss., stockholders of the Chicago and Alton Railroad to intervene in receivership proceedings of the Railroad. Contending that Eastern Bankers had profited to the extent of $40,-000,000 from Sale of Chicago and Alton Bonds issues Slof 1922. Brigg sought through intervention to have some of the Bonds voided. Judge Carpenter held that lapse of years Between the beginning of the receivership in 1922 and to Poons were killed today when an automobile was struck by a Shore bound Philadelphia Atlantic City express on a Grade crossing Here. The other dead Are a Wust via Yoo a i Woolen Shteiw in Law. The automobile mayor Ruffuss Cai a struck squarely in the Cen of the Outh Suad r,. J Ion a Aalst Natl train the. Or Rke a. A. the through i. Flight to the United state about 5j strewn Over the track for More of clock tomorrow morning counsel Benjamin wham. Briggs than too Yard and the bodies so announced he would take his p Al. To the United states circuit court of appeals. F Uriel by Bank Faix Fairbury. 111. June 23. A my rioting today from a Mia a i ought us inn. .-64.>7.�� id a n conflict Between the police route Randolph county Gnu a a a to Quot something Everl Muddy the Fairbury state Bank failed to i and strikers. The police fired into l0 92 mpg of Pav of us pm Che the Quot know eds i pow open today deposits totalled $1. 1 the crowds in an Effort to suppress Northe t. William Lough. 086.40t 83. Saint got Quot knowledge try a ept in Chi ago. Demonstrations. $187,226 44. Open air sir vue Pana. Iu., june 23 apr Rev. C. Brown pastor of the first methodist chm cd conducted an open air service the first of the character Ever held by the methodists in Pana in the Street in front night monday e. S. To mangled that identification was Captain Kingsford Smith has Moe impossible. Been waiting Here for More than so terrific was the crash that the two weeks but has postponed his engine of the flyer a disabled attempt repeatedly because of bad mayor Ruffu. Reputed to be Eweather somewhere Over the Atlan Trei Nely wealthy was a powerful tic Ocean. Political figure at the Shore resort at first he planned to take off where there have been several of from Chiragh where then is a Long forts to oust him. He had Jum flu noway but later he chose poit i i a a Short rest he took after be Marnock for its even longer run Ltd my acquitted by the Atlantic a nun of the Church last night. Mayor it. ,. Nod considered that he thus could to Petit jury of charges of illegal h. Alexander permitted the Street in ouch with svy Ryan of Thal take a greater Load of fuel and a flees in connection with the to be roped off for the hour of the. Happen a Root no of getting off the ground t placing of municipal i suran e ser be. Absence May make the heart grow fonder but having your real friends with you makes it grow fonder still. Better of tvs Tho Sentinel sent to your vacation address while your enjoying thai summer rest up so you can k comic character friends

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