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Centralia Evening Sentinel Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 2

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Centralia Evening Sentinel (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Centralia, Illinois Centralia Iii Sentinel monday december 20, 1965 an Kue Viet Nam a neat is night. It is raining. It is 6 too Miles from Home. It is three or four Days without hot Chow it is also a time for a Soldier to complain about the whole miserable thing. And it is a time to listen. A boy a one fellow says i smell like a dog Quot what a a Sav a another asked a i said i ainu to had a Shower in three Quot that s a ooh a Quot i Haven to even brushed my Teeth in that Quot a quit yer moaning a fall i said was i smelled like a a you done to have to a yeah we All got noses next to his Rifle and his mess kit. The Wail of woe is a i s Best Friend it can to Cool him when he s hot. Turn canteen water to Beer or ease the ache in his boots but it comforts and it is the Only alternative to saying nothing at All. A Rya know what really gets me a a what a a it gets me we gotta do everything in this Quot two weeks ago we re fighting Viet Cong. Last week we re on the picket line and now this week we re out in the Boondocks a dig gift and a i Haven t had a hot meal in a week a a Ain t nobody else doing any fighting here0�?� a yeah the no lights Are allowed in the combat tent and the faceless voices mumble on from behind glowing cigarettes. It is humid mud in Pioneer 6 streaks on toward Moon Mountain View Calif. I a i a Pioneer 6. The solar research spacecraft launched thursday from Cape Kennedy. Was reported streaking toward the Sun at 63.387 Miles an hour today the 140-Pound spacecraft was returning data on solar particles and magnetism said a spokes Man for the National aeronautics and space administrations Ames research Center. A report late sunday night placed the spacecraft More than 503.000 Miles from Earth. Its six month. 50-million-mile Jour end will carry it on an orbit voice of the people says gemini program flaunts god s will dear editor when gemini 6 failed to Aunch sunday i just around the Sun Between Earth but think that these Zeal two for the show and Venus. Plan court action on segregation Washington api the Justice department is planning court suits against some school districts which maintain segregation policies. Assistant atty. Gen John Doar said sunday the list of potential defendants includes some districts which have rejected Federal funds in an Effort to pre 1 serve segregation. Doar. Speaking on the lbs radio television program a face j the nation a said Quot if they done to do it voluntarily. Well have to turn to courts to require them to Boh Hope show arrives in far East Ous space people Are going to keep on until some ones life is sacrificed. When god created Man and put him on this Earth he said a be fruitful and replenish the Earth Gen. 1 28 he did t say subdue the Moon. It makes me think of the time the people after the flood started the t0 build the Tower of Babel. The de. Lord came Down and confounded their language and Shook the Tower Down. And when a Man Chow time a this paratrooper treats himself to a hot piece of Good of american pumpkin pie a tasty Delight a and a rarity a in Viet Nam Battle zones. By and dreary. It is the third month of War for these people. Quot i saw a Guy in Saigon last week in Jungle fatigues a "so0�?� so he was a Hospital �?oand0�?� How come a clerk can get Jungle fatigues but the first Calvary who is in the Jungle has got to Wear the regulars0�?� first division ainu to even got Jungle boots Quot those Guys in Saigon. They re Viet the Guy was a Hospital clerk. I Tell a a Quot he even had the damned things the men have been pulled from the farm the Gas station and the business office they attention residents of the Ashley area get Cash for Christmas at a Ash lev Ashley Illinois Quick confidential signature Loans member Federal Deposit insurance corp. Give her Princess Gardner Vav Al i selection of to us. Resists leathers fabrics colors from 5.00 Vasel co. Jewellers Zenith hearing aids 25 free gifts value $500.00 to be awarded Friday feb. 4, 1966 have been told when to eat. Where to sleep and How to kill the mind becomes disciplined but not the spirit. It continues happily to rebel. Quot i got the Quot what a Quot vote for me for you Bangkok. Thailand apr comedian Bob Hope arrived in Bangkok shortly before Midnight sunday for his 14th annual Christmas tour for . Troops overseas. Hope was accompanied by a troupe of entertainers including actress Carroll Baker band consents to get in a capsule and asks god to protect him is like Leader Les Brown Singer Anita when satan asked Christ to cast Bryant and miss a. 1965. 1 himself off the Pinnacle of the giant Lynn bats. Temple and even quoted scrip Hope is to give five perform Ture to get him to do it but no ances in Thailand the first Christ knew it would be presume tuesday at Takli air base 220 Titus to cast himself Down and Miles North of Bangkok. The ask god to protect him if All troupe will go to South Nam Christmas eve. Viet italians break up Art theft gang . Italy api a police say they have broken up Anothy my platform would be. Equal or 8an8 italian Art thieves. Arrested five men and recovered More than $160,000 Worth of stolen objects. Rights tor the do face. Quot or How about. A War on c rations a Quot or maybe a All the Way for a pass each a Quot ask not what the Soldier can do for you. But what you can do for the a in your heart you know we s they laugh and sigh and the language is terrible. They whine about the mail service groan this one specialized in archaeological treasures Many of them ceramics from the Early centuries of the Christian Era. The police announced they had this Money could be spent to spread the gospel then we All could have a free ride through space. For the lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the Triumph of in the Arm chair today s thought the Only Way to full knowledge lies in the act of love. A Erich Fromm police said the gang had been god and the dead in Christ shall Startina our House Man tint in Tho akrii77i o ref Rich fir of a cleaning a bit late operating in the Abruzzi and Rise first. Then we which Are Puglia Italy. Areas of Snow blankets great lakes Region by Tho Asso it ated press Snow blanketed much of the great lakes Region today while from northeastern Ohio to Vermont flurries tapered off after considerable accumulations in about the pm. Mutter about the upper new York state. Lack of ice and women. They lament the heat the filth the insects. A they can it a someone grumbles. Quot in a trying to Quot get him. Will a a a some Guys Are always hardest hit by the snowfall sunday were the Adirondack Foothills. The Hamlet of High Market reported 25 inches and other cities in the Snow Belt received from 12 to 15 inches. A Slick coat of new Snow covered most sections from Northern Illinois through Minnesota. Southeast i alive and remain shall be caught up together to meet the lord in j the air and so shall we Ever be with the lord a i thessalonians 4 16, 17. Mrs. Fred Pontious try giving a Book this Christmas largest living carnivorous animal on land is a variety of the grizzly Bear on Kodiak Island. Phyllis Diller new Hubby separate Hollywood apr corned or and her four children by a Enne Phyllis Diller has separate previous marriage will continue de from her husband of less j to live there than three months a spokesman no reason was Given for the announced. Separation. Miss Diller divorced the spokesman said enter a Sherwood Diller in St. Louis last Tamer Warde Donovan moved september ending their 25-year i 1,13 out of the couple s West los an marriage. She married Donovan c 1 a a 5iale Geles Home last week. Miss Dill oct. 7. If in the world today for republicans 1965 was year of silence by James Marlow Washington apr for republicans this has been the year of the big silence. Their 1964 election disaster not Only shattered them it left them nothing illustrates the human poetically speechless weakness for failing to look in 1965 occasional Republic ahead More strikingly than the cans have Reade occasional Way this country has allowed the pollution of our environment to engulf us. The Lack of telling outcry while this situation was permitted to develop into a serious problem is amazing. We Are Only now getting around to setting out some Basic rules to i fix the individuals responsibility for creating unhealthy conditions. With the population expect by Harold k. Milks Madrid Spain a you feel impelled to argue about a bar Bill in Spain you a better Call a policeman first. There Are big. Dramatic easily the alternative May be the seen examples of w hat we Are do threat of up to nine years in ing to each other. On a Day that prison for insuring the Spanish smog smarts the eyes or when a the wind brings the smell in off that is the advice of Diplo Rivers and lakes the citizens Are statements but their performance As a party for the year can be described As enormously silent. Their criticism of the democrats has been feeble and their own proposals have been just about nonexistent except for the War in Viet Nam. There they want president Johnson to be tougher. True they were hugely out de to double in the next 40 Vears numbered by the democrats in it is about time. Congress but that did no to mean they had to stay Tongue tied quite a Glass Jar mailman gives service pack of trouble Saigon. South Viet Nam i a i a in the mass of mail pouring in from the states to the . Servicemen in South Viet Nam was this three gallon Glass Jar of pickled pigs feet. To the two men who shoulder the daily responsibility of getting the mail through to the soldiers. This ordinarily would be no problem. But let one of them. M. Sgt. James v. Adams of Penfield 111., Tell what happened. A the Glass Jar broke and there was a real mess. It took us some time to pick out the i broken Glass and sort out the Sodden letters from the big me a Tai Container we use for the the other Man responsible for Dierst mail moving so there will the mail getting through is be no undue delay. Capt. Gerald c. Aker of Belle a we never allow the mail to vue. Wash., a former air Force pile up Here a Aker says. A now navigator and onetime teacher with the Christmas crush on. We South Viet Nam. Three months ago the daily volume of service mail handled Here was about 50.000 pounds says Adams the noncommissioned officer in charge of the Aerial mail terminal. Audr. 32. Is a Veteran who served in the Pacific As a navigator for the military air transport service. He took time out for schooling and teaching but the cuban crisis in october 1962, called him Back into service. He now plans to make the service his career. The Leopard tattooed on his right Arm tells of a hitch in the . Coast and geodetic Survey. Problems to keep the sol than 24 in almost All Normal cases. Aker says the mail moves out the Day it comes in. Other problems a i turn them Over the sgt. Aker says. Quot that Man is tops in getting the Soldier mail a too Many men Over Here Are sending fresh fruit and vegetables Home by Adams said. Quot they get crushed and they spoil. They Are rough on the mail. Most of it just can to 1 get few letters and parcels Are i not delivered a less than about one half of one per cent Adams estimates. Insufficient address is the main reason troop movements Are the next. Working under Aker and Adams is a staff of 17 . Military personnel and 25 vietnamese. They did. Though. As they tried to pick themselves up off the political floor they had two Hopes to try to glue the splintered Are How far this thing is of the party Back to has gone Gether again and to find they might be Able to use there Are insidious examples,1 against the democrats in the As Well in every direction you a congressional election year look. Those typical Midwest High cop chairman Ray c Bliss ways which run Between acres with the sturdy task of trying to and acres of Cornfields offer one reconcile the various groups you might not even suspect. Who Parade under the Republic More in jail awaiting trial a is he Ltd authorities have express can Banner or would like to. That they slandered Gen Malissia a bout be Lead Horn Gas-1 invited the various splinters to to Francisco Franco or Dishon ? e a1es being discharged come into and under the re pub ored Spain in the heat of a Dis cars on these highways. They lican tent. Cussion about the proper Bill for Are sure Ieraci finds its Way i but then he ran into some from the soil into the Corn har thing like this those Republic vested from those adjacent cans who done to want any part of the John Birch society or any Mats who Over the past few years have been called More than a dozen times to come to the Aid of countrymen who argued prices with Spanish bartenders a and ended up in jail. Invariably the charge against those foreigners a some of whom have spent six months or Brandy or Champagne. Bartenders frequently Are the complaining witnesses. Usually such a witness describes fluently in Spanish the words used for such slander but part of it near the gop tent much less under it. Some gop governors want the party to denounce the Birch society by name. But the party needs All the support it can get and so the Aker Adams team directs the handling of about 270, xxx pounds of mail daily at the Aerial mail terminal at Saigon a air have to make an extra Effort to get the mail on its Way. Quot every now and then a military situation will have priority port. About 30.000 pounds make on All military aircraft but the up the letters and packages minute planes Are available we Caster pa., in 1879. When Wool being sent Back Home. Start the mails moving. Our aim Worth died in 1919. His Compa the other 12 tons is mail and is to let no letter or parcel re by was operating More than dressed to . Troops on duty in main on our hands for More 1.000 stores in the United states. One to a thousand the first five and ten cent cent store bearing the Woolworth name was established in Lan Christmas j matings s preaching throughout the land warm wishes for a Bright and Happy Christmas season filled with laughter song fond memories and loved ones close by. May you our Loyal appreciated customers be blessed with such a Holiday. Stop by this week and have Coffee with us yellow cab co. Fields. A panel of the presidents science advisory committee has just Laid Down a few Broad displays Little know Bdge of the ground rules for the struggle. English German. Swedish or this is the keynote of the other foreign Tongue used by the Els current report prisoner. J a the Public should come to including contributions a in some cases it appears the recognize rights to educate to this happened last week bartenders simply dreamed up economic Advance and to pub Republican con ression the charges in an Effort to col lie Al leaders and some governors Lect a contested a and often j contrariwise the committee met t0 draw up their Declara excessive charge for a nights makes it Clear there is no such lion on extremism. They simply drinking a said a european dip thing As a a right to polluted and criticized a Radical or extreme that those who pollute must Bear groups that try to infiltrate the Burden for damage done. The gop for their own ends. No As a third Precept the commit mention of Birc Hites. Tee emphasizes that just As in and the Birc Hites through the Case of other Community their Public relations director services such As education we John Rousselot. Said they were must stand ready to for in mighty pleased the cop had prove ments in our environment to in this stand and that the responsibility cuts Quot Hereupon the i in every direction not Only to use in adar. The Lomat. Today in history by the pres today is monday dec. 20, the 354th Day of 1965. There Are la Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1803, a crowd Republican not Partick Fried what is now Jackson Ward the Quot Large Cal Industrial fiery rep. Gerald r Ford Square in new Orleans As the polluter but toward the Man who Michigan said that if Rous Tri color of France was lowered drives an Auto or fires a Furnace Slot endorsed the anti extremist Una Tho Storc onh c t r i or r Rico it f3v6 d lots the soviet Union is going to pass the United states in milk production this year for the first time Ever the . Department of agriculture reports. And the stars and stripes Rose As Wei in its place. The French turned _ Over control under terms of the i to a Isle pm archase.1 How now red cow in 1/90, the first successful # Cotton Mill in America was explain that please opened at Pawtucket Rhode is land. In 1860, South Carolina seceded from the Union the first state to do so. In 1922. Russian republics combined As the Union of soviet socialist republics. In 1941, adm. Ernest King was named commander in chief of the . Fleet. In 1943, . B29 planes bombed the German City of Bremen. I every was is coming f Ive years ago a israeli am-1 Bassadore Abraham Harman told Secretary of state Christian Herter that reports Israel was developing atomic bombs were untrue. Statement he understood its meaning there could t have been any misunderstanding if the Republican leaders had just ventured to be specific. And the republi-1 can Senate Leader. Everett m Dirksen of Illinois said a who is this Rousselot a if he did t know he a probably the Only Leader in either party who did no to. This is Only the latest it estimates total soviet milk less omy be lest exam. Production will be Nearh 127 9 pie of How the party has Pussy million pounds about 2,370 footed All year pounds More than predicted . Some g p leaders have Tot a pressed the belief the can a a it by Linkous any part any car service Entrance at 309 e. Noleman a free parking in rear sex bet that Khrushchev s would do better in the 1966elec-boast that the .s r. Would tons that the voters will be eventually surpass the .a. In anxious to preserve the two every Way is coming true0 by system or dare we Hope that milk fed but a political party can Only reds from a land of contented justify its existence if it a cows will prove a bit less Bull presses the thinking and wishes headed in International pastures of voters. In 1965 the gop Lead in the future0 ers were simply trying to put their party together again. As for the 1968 presidential race a there Isnit one Republican in sight who at this time on second thought. The Sentinel staff received a Christmas card from the Turk could be clearly tagged the ish tourism and information of i to s Likely candidate although flee All we can say is a Yeni Yil that s not unusual this far ahead Iniz Kutlu Olson to you too a of time. Centralia Sentinel phones news -532 5601 advertising�?532-5604 circulation�?532-5607 we v Joy tor ail i�?Tubii.-. James Johnston managing editor j l. Futo Attar Rosin. Manager it. D so 1163 daily since March la Ihm a it i or it Sentinel. 242 Broadway e Quot a id i a up Paul at a nit aim. Illinois <2s�>2 the. A vat. J it. Exclusively entitled to republication it get Alliv a Dis i a c a a a lit. I Ltd it also local news publish in Republic Votion Reserve d Mau. Sick a Al ton it at is Vav i on Marion and and loin my pm tubs it Ltd fur 52 a. A v. H $5 00 by lit weeks $3 id Foll w. A in it. Pond Thole ill v <1 a of Miles $13 do for 52 w. A k rid Al to 3<> it eks $6. 10 for jul a k $4 of for la weeks i w for 4 we Al when $18 00 for 82 week shoo fur Quot a weeks $6 50 for 20 weeks $4.50 for la weeks $1 61 for 4 we Krand daily by carries 4d cent a sunday at in a Dandy to cents

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