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Centralia Evening Sentinel Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Centralia Evening Sentinel (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Centralia, Illinois Southern Illinois weather Clearing and cooler tonight with Low 25-32. Sunny and mild tuesday. High yesterday Low last night noon today 44 24 40 Centralia s greatest daily toll a Inoc pendent newspaper Sentinel final edition on Hundred and third Yaari vol. Xxxii number 240 monday december 20, 1965 control City a Centralia Illinois a Wamac 16 pages today a Price 6 cents they a met before a gemini 6 and 7 astronauts whose last rendezvous had been in space meet again in Crew quarters at Cape Kennedy yesterday after returning from the recovery Carrier Wasp. Left to right Are Wally Schirra and Thomas Stafford of gemini 6, astronaut Donald Slayton and Frank Borman and James Lovell of gemini 7. A wire photo medics Check gemini 7 pilots dominican fights Fure French election goes As expected Paris apr France settled Back for More years of Gaul list today following president Charles de Gaulle a re election to another seven year term. Although de Gaulle a failure to win on the first ballot two weeks ago gave Clear notice that his popularity had slipped almost no one expected the autocratic old Man to alter his policy goals. He May soften his Cape Kennedy Fla. A land Navy cmdr. Lovell As Well a astronauts Frank Borman i As gemini 7 astronauts Walter and James a. Lovell jr., who m. Schirra or. And Thomas p. Sailed far enough during their two weeks in space to make to round trips to the Moon begin three Days of medical checks Here today to determine what physical Rigours space travel has on Man. People who talked with the astronauts said their main complaint of the 14-Day flight was the confinement a they stretch out. They asserted they dreamed a lot during the Mission sources said. And Borman was quoted As saying that Lovell was dreaming a fall the food on Board the spacecraft a some of it dehydrated a got tedious and somewhat objectionable toward the end of the flight the sources noted. Air Force it. Col. Borman Stafford praised the Titan 2 Booster and gemini spacecraft. All four also remarked How easy it was to see through each others spacecraft windows while they were rendezvous ing High above the Earth wednesday. Schirra was quoted As saying that the gemini 7 capsule appeared twice As Bright As the brightest Star Sirius when he was approaching it and Schirra and Stafford indicated that rendezvous was easier than they thought. Stafford and Schirra co piloted two Small air planes on thursday from the prime recovery ship the aircraft Carrier Wasp to Bermuda. On the Way sources said they tried to Fly their two aircraft in Johnson Erhard open 2-Day talks Washington apr West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard and president Johnson opened two Days of talks today with the emphasis on Germany a efforts to gain a larger role in Europe a nuclear defences. The germans have no nuclear weapons and rely on the North Atlantic treaty organization As a deterrent against what Erhard has said Are 1,000 Middle Range soviet missiles aimed at Western Europe. Erhard was expected to present a plan for expanded control of those nuclear weapons now in w Estern Europe. Administration officials knew in Advance the Broad outlines of his proposal but declined Public comment until after Erhard fills in the details. As understood prior to the germans arrival this would involve general support for the British idea of an Atlantic nuclear Force a and. The Erhard envisaged Force. As understood in Washington would be a Fleet of american and British submarines equipped with Polaris missiles and jointly owned by interested nations. At the outset this probably would include the United states Britain West Germany Italy and the Netherlands. Thus three nations a Germany Italy and the Netherlands a would have a bigger say in the use of nuclear weapons. Among those with Erhard in Washington Are foreign minister Gerhard Schroeder and defense minister Kai Uwe von Hassel. They arrived late sunday afternoon and were greeted by vice president Hubert h. Humphrey and Secretary of state Dean Rusk. A state dinner was scheduled at the White House tonight. Formation and noted that it was much easier to Pilot two gemini spacecraft in formation even though the spaceships were speeding at 17,500 Miles an hour. Persons who talked with the astronauts quoted Borman As saying he thought future spacemen should not have to Fly in Bulky space suits on Long Dura Tion flights. And if a a Aback up pressure system is needed Borman suggested it be built into the spacecraft rather than the space suit sources noted. The two gemini 7 pilots flew much of their Mission in their underwear and would have done it even More if Mission control permitted them. Borman and Lovell Are scheduled to stay at Cape Kennedy until wednesday concentrating on medical examinations. They then plan to Fly to the manned spacecraft Center in Houston. Tex., to begin eight Days of telling and retelling the Story of their Marathon flight to project methods however. In the run off election sunday Complete returns from european France and All overseas territories except Guiana and polynesia gave the 75-year-old president 13,063.154, or 55.18 per cent. Leftist Francois Mitterrand got 10,609.744. About 84 per cent of the registered voters balloted a near record turnout. Mitterrand termed de Gaulle s Victory a mediocre and said he would turn his attention to the National Assembly elections in november 1967. I Pakistan Cyclone toll hits 3,000 Rawalpindi Pakistan apr three thousand fishermen Are missing and believed drowned in the Cyclone which hit the Southern part of East Pakistan last wednesday the Manoha Kali fishermen a cooperative society said today. A spokesman said that Only a Small fraction of the 3,500 fishermen on the High seas on the night of the Cyclone returned to Shore later. Thousands of others on the Shore were drowned in tidal Waves which followed the Cyclone. Britain opens Oil Airlift for Zambia Lusaka Zambia a Britain began an Oil Airlift to Zambia sunday As leaders of Kenya Ethiopia and Uganda called for another african Summit meeting to agree on action toward Rhodesia. The Airlift began with the Landing of a Royal air Force Britannia bringing 2,370 Gallons of diesel fuel from dares Salaam in neighbouring Tanzania. On hand at the Airport at Lusaka were president Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and British Commonwealth minister cled Wyn Hughes. The Airlift began after the White minority government of Rhodesia Cut off the flow of Oil to landlocked Zambia. The rhodesian action was in retaliation for the Oil embargo Britain imposed against Rhodesia last Friday to tighten the economic Vise on the government of prime minister Ian Smith. He declared Rhodesia Independent nov. La after refusing to yield to British demands for officials. Navy capt. Schirra and air Force maj. Stafford flew from nearby Patrick air Force base to Houston sunday afternoon after a playful reunion with Borman and Lovell. Schirra and Stafford were not on hand to meet two Navy planes that flew the gemini 7 Crew from the Wasp to Cape Kennedy. Instead. Schirra was crouched in a doorway at astronaut Crew Headquarters on neighbouring Merritt Island. When Borman and Lovell walked Down the Hall he jumped out and began beating the air with his arms As if the gemini 7 Crew needed Landing instructions. Borman and Schirra had a Well publicized bet Over which spacecraft would land closest to its target the Wasp. Officials said Schirra acknowledged that Borman got slightly closer but blamed it on an instrument in the gemini 6 capsule which was slightly off. Astronaut Donald k. Slayton director of the gemini 7 Crew said the bet was called off. Bulletin Salem a chances soared today that there will be demands for a recount in the dec. La election for the Kas Kaskia Junior College Board of trustees. During a discovery recount of precinct 30 Kinmundy this afternoon it was discovered that 106 valid ballots and two spoiled ballots a rather than a about 50�?� As expected a had not been counted. Elmer Schrage Aviston who finished seventh among the seven trustees elected received Only two votes among the 106 to 18 for William Borgmann jr., Okawville who finished eighth. Recovery recount votes cannot be added to official totals but the 16 votes picked up by Borgmann would Cut Schrage s margin to Only six. The recount of the previously counted 125 Kinmundy ballots continued. See earlier Story on Page 16. Automatic Babysitter Christmas shopping is no problem for parents at a Paxton iu., Auto Agency. While mom and dad shop the youngsters play in a Cage. Lynn Angier left and Karen sue Owens hang a Christmas wreathe on the Cage. Kneeling by the Entrance is miss Jean Swanstrom. A wire photo. Viet Cong Renews Saigon terrorism Saigon South Viet Nam apr forces guarding Saigon against communist terrorist attacks on the fifth anniversary of the Viet Cong beat off a com Pany size enemy band monday night five Miles outside the capital near a vital fuel and ammunition dump. Peace Maneu vers stir up dispute lbs in Middle Washington apr the Johnson administration found itself caught up today in a Stormy dispute Over its publication of correspondence reporting and probing a conditional peace offer from communist North Viet Nam. The storm overshadowed the peace offer from Hanoi had been rejected by the United states. Amid denials from Hanoi that any peace feeler had been sent or. Giorgio la Pira former mayor of Florence and a left Wing Christian Democrat one of the principal intermediaries in a be uonni1 affair insisted that the offer Central question _ whether Hanoi. Had in fact made an authentic approach for a settlement on its own terms and might yet respond to a . Request for clarification of conditions in it. President Johnson could try to revive the roundabout peace Exchange with president to Chi Minh of North Viet Nam by sending some kind of new message in How a direction but administration officials said today that there had been no decision on any new . Action. The secrecy covers were torn from the incident last Friday after Steps toward eventual african1 noon after the St. Louis pos majority Rule. I dispatch reported that a new urge creation of pre school training plan Springfield 111. Apr the Illinois state advisory Council on mental retardation called today for creation of preschool programs for disadvantaged children throughout the St amp the a up to 50 per cent of retardation might be prevented if corrective educational and social forces could be brought to Bear Early enough in the lives of children a the Council said. Findings of the 62-member Council headed by it. Gov. Samuel Shapiro were released by gov. Otto Kerner. The Council emphasizing its plan was a blueprint for action and not a final program called for More research education facilities and greater efforts designed to prevent mental retardation. Mental retardation research should be expanded within universities mental health department institutions and at other Public and private research and research and service facilities the report said. Dirksen plots new Effort to pass remap amendment Washington apr Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen says he is determined to try to bring his proposed constitutional amendment on legislative reapportionment before the Senate Early in the new congressional session. Over the weekend Dirksen racked up support for the amendment from a Republican policy coordinating committee task Force which said the amendment is needed to counteract what it called a political Boss control by big City delegations to state Legislatures. A some of the people who have opposed this Are going to be surprised by the amount of sentiment that is building up in the country for it a Dirksen said during a Brief visit to Washington before beginning a Florida vacation. The Dirksen proposal would permit state voters to decide whether one House of their legislature should be apportioned on other than the strict population basis Laid Down by the supreme court in its one Man. One vote ruling. His present sen. Everett Dirksen of one which fell seven votes Short of the necessary two thirds majority in the Senate last summer. Time is running out for the amendment. About two thirds of the 50 states have re apportioned their Legislatures although in some court approval is needed to put the plans into effect. In amendment is a revised version i most of the other states re apportionment plans Are pending in the legislature. Dirksen also said in the interview that he would oppose any democratic Effort to obtain repeal of the Union shop ban contained in Section 14b of the Taft Hartley act by adding Union restricting amendments to the Repealer Bill. A tax m in inn enrol la it in i Cuvi and in Audi Mike Mansfield of Montana plans a new Effort to pass the House approved Repealer Early in the new session. A 10-Day filibuster captained by Dirksen led to shelving of the measure last october. The cop task Force which supported Dirksen a reapportionment amendment was headed by former rep. Robert Taft or. Of Ohio. It said reapportionment of one House on other than a population basis should be done Only when approved by the voters should not deprive the courts of judicial review and should not allow any person to be deprived of his vote because of race or had been made. His travelling colleague prof. Mario Primicerio accused Secretary of state Dean Rusk of sabotaging the bid. A Secretary of state Dean Rusk is to be blamed a he said a because he obviously wanted this Mission to fail by disclosing in Advance what had been later the 24-year-old linguist denied having said this but the journalist who interviewed him said the quote was Correct. State department officials calling the charge outrageous said the publication was forced by concern for what they contended was a partially erroneous account which had already become Public. Rusk was reported angered and upset by the criticism. Arthur j. Goldberg . Ambassador to the United nations and another who played the role of go Between said sunday on abcs a issues and answers the administration would have a preferred to carry on this discussion in privacy but was faced with a a crisis of confidences with the Public Over the credibility of its peace policy. Goldberg argued the administration acted correctly in releasing the correspondence. Goldberg said he did not think disclosure of the Exchange Over a Toon Warta i us nah Hurt any chances that now exist for such talks. A i think we would continue to Hope that this matter will be transferred from the Battlefield to the conference table. So i do not feel discouraged a he said. A if there is a genuine desire on both sides to negotiate that desire will surmount whatever the difficulties Are of but or. Benjamin Spock and h. Stuart Hughes co chairmen of the committee for a sane nuclear policy attacked the administration on the ground that it was a avoiding negotiations by publication of the correspondence in order to keep the National liberation front government in North Viet Nam itself denounced the whole thing saturday As a hoax and in effect denied that a peace probe had been made. The communist chinese chimed in sunday calling the report of peace feelers a hoax which a fools . Officials Here were impressed by the degree of confirmation in the Hanoi broadcast however of the main mechanical fact of the reported peace offer a the meeting nov. La Between la Pira and italian professor Mario Primicerio with to and Premier Pham Van Dong. The North vietnamese announcement differed in its emphasis from the account which la Pira passed on to italian foreign minister Amintore fan Fani the . General Assembly president and which fan Fani reported to Washington in a nov. 20 letter to president Johnson. The la Pira Fanfani account said the vietnamese were prepared for peace negotiations on the basis of the 1954 Geneva agreements creating Viet Nam provided the United states would accept the communists four Point program which Hanoi called its definition of the Geneva treaty As a basis for the talks. At least 9 dead in two incidents Santo Domingo dominican Republic apr sporadic shooting continued today in various parts of Santo Domingo shaken by a violent Exchange Between dominican army regulars and former rebel fighters in Santiago 120 Miles North of Here. Heavy gunfire could be heard throughout the City Early this morning and sunday night but there was no report on who was involved. A heavy explosion rocked the Western end of the City at Midnight. Police said they still Are investigating its origin. Heavily armed patrols of the inter american peace Force ranged through downtown Santo Domingo. Dominican army patrols were in the Northern areas of the City. The fighting sunday in Santiago left an official total of nine dead. A dominican army spokesman said an inquiry showed the preliminary casualty estimate of 13 was High. There were conflicting reports on the cause of the Battle that pitched army tanks against an estimated 125 former rebels barricaded in the rambling two Story hotel Datum. Shooting ended following the arrival of 150 . Paratroopers of the inter american peace Force. The violence spread to Santo Domingo 120 Miles to the South where a policeman was disarmed and fatally shot through the head by a member of an angry pro rebel mob. One of Many roaming the littered downtown streets. The tensions and threats by civilians in Santo Domingo to bring out hidden weapons prompted the Impf to reinforce its Small garrisons in the former rebel territory downtown. Shooting could be heard in scattered parts of the capital late into the night. Impf sources said none of the shooting involved the hemisphere army that was organized and brought Here in Early May to help forge a peace in the dominican revolution. A violent explosion rocked the Western part of Santo Domingo at Midnight. There was no immediate report of the cause of the blast. The Santiago hotel Battle appeared to dash Hopes of reintegrating rebel troops into the regular armed forces a a key step toward creating a peaceful climate for the general election planned for next june. Angry labor leaders blamed the army and demanded that provisional president Hector Garcia Godoy fire the military chiefs or face a general strike. The president persuaded the labor leaders to wait until he has a Chance to investigate and punish those responsible. Thirteen out of 18 americans registered at the 45-room hotel were evacuated safely to a nearby air base. U. S embassy sources said. The other five were not at the hotel at the time. The City limits heard the rattle of Small arms fire and the rumble of artillery. The action was East of Nha be site of the biggest Supply depot of fuel and ammunition in the country. An american officer said the Viet Cong probe apparently was not intended to get at the dump but it bumped into alerted forces which at first May have suspected this was the target. The depot on the Saigon River is a critical area for the South vietnamese. . Advisers say a single tracer round fired into one of the fuel tanks or one mortar round hitting an ammunition ship there could set the entire area ablaze they add that ignited fuel spilling into the River during an incoming tide could Send a Wall of fire sweeping into Saigon. Full details of the fighting on the outskirts were not immediately available. The Nha be storage area was fully lighted More so than usual As though the defenders were taking no chances. The rumpus in mid evening could have been intended by the Viet Cong to Mark the anniversary. Earlier in the evening a terrorist hurled a grenade at truckload of . Soldiers on Bridge on the Northern outskirts of the City in route to a . Base. The grenade trounced off the rear of the truck and exploded in the Street slightly injuring two americans and five or six vietnamese its. Officials said. The incident occurred despite the tightest Security in years in the City of More than 1.4 million to guard against any major birthday incident. Officials said the wave of terrorism could continue until the new year. The communists took no Holiday in the Field. Two Viet Cong companies attacked two outposts of the Tuyen Nhon special forces Camp in came Over together turned the Plain of Reeds 40 Miles West themselves in and handed Over of Saigon. I their machine guns police said. Red guards flee Berlin apr two East German Border guards fled to West Berlin sunday night. West Berlin police reported today. The noncommissioned officers 400,000 pounds of Turkey plans $680,000 Yule menu color. Dirksen contends his proposed the political Arm of the com amendment meets All of these j Monist guerrilla forces in South conditions i Viet Nam out of any future Chicago apr Marion Bollmann a Christmas menu includes 400,000 pounds of Turkey. The meal she dreamed up 18 months ago will feed half a million persons. But it will Cost Only about $680,000. . Soldiers and airmen in Saigon. South Viet Nam and other duty spots should enjoy it. That a because it includes what miss Bollman 47, the . Army subsistence centers dietitian in charge of menu planning Calls a the usual things a shrimp cocktail Turkey with Giblet Gravy Corn bread dressing mashed potatoes candied Sweet potatoes hot Rolls Green Beans mincemeat and pumpkin pies relish mixed nuts assorted fruits assorted candies and fruit miss Bollman who has been making up army and air Force menus for six years said in an interview that the most important thing is to give the troops the Holiday meal they Are accustomed to. A we try to keep it pretty traditional a she said. She says that it costs Only about $1.36 a meal to get the estimated three million pounds of Christmas food into army and air Force mess Halls around the world. Miss Bollman said that the master menu which she begins installations in the United states. She estimates her Christmas meals will fill half a million gis. It Wasny to always that Way. But she said every year More and More overseas commands adopted the master menu until no every army installation in the Pacific is using it a including those in Viet Nam How does she decide what the troops want0 a feedback a she says. She explains that every department that uses the menu sends Back their criticisms of it. That s Why this years Christmas menu will have one new item a Corn bread dressing a and an increase in the fresh fruit preparing 18 months in Advance is now being used by the army everywhere except in allotment. Europe and by All air Force i the troops say they want it

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