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Centralia Daily Sentinel Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 1

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Centralia Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Centralia, Illinois Daily 10c. Per week. So. 212s. I edition. 1-50 feb teak. T ,18fl8. I Centralia ill. Tuesday Jan 18, 1891 great removal going West. Mail train no. I no. 3.6 16 . .4 20 p. In. Going ea8t. Mail train no. 2. A a a a no. 4 .11 00 a. In. It b. Brewster now in pull blast and will last till february 1st. I shall remove my entire Stock of goods to the second poop fro i the Corner formerly occupied by the London clothing a a and from now on until ten. Isi i of Iii j i. Reductions. We have just finished our annual invoice a a id our past years work very satisfactory. A a = business has increased very much but we Are in the a a a a. Age of Progress and want to do much More next year. We shall commence with our removal Sale giving you the greatest bargains Ever yet heard of. All our heavy goods consisting of mitts stain flit a �-xxi.�, Etc., at prices that will astonish you. Our entire Stock of ladies amp children s cloaks at one third off the regular of be pilots and Odds and ends at half Price some at 25c on the Dollar and some for even less. We can give you goods at your own Price As we must close some of them out is of any Price 10 66 p. In. F. B. Anson joint at. Centralia Sentinel re Quot a a publishers . If you want to save Money by buying goods c Heap this is your Golden Opportunity. A e i a it Gold and much den8er than the thanking our Many customers and friends for i Lia Iliili us Vej v gramme. But the population of a Chew heir Liberal patronage in the past we ask for Al continuance of the same. Respectfully Brewster at the old stand until february 1st _ _ Centralia ill. Locust Street a bit of history. Int adoption of tho thirty nth for teen the and fifteenth amendment. The thirteenth amendment was intros diced into Congress in u u. Its Pup pose was to supplement the emancipation proclamation and make permanent and general the abolition of slavery. Lit passed the Senate april 8, 1814, by 88 to 6, but failed in the House june 15, the vote standing 95 to 66, less than tho necessary two thirds to pass a const to i tonal amendment. The re election of president Lincoln in november of that year encouraging the advocates of the amendment the vote of the House was reconsidered january 1, 1865, and the amendment was finally passed by a vote of 119 to 56. When presented to tho states both Delaware and Kentucky the Only states in which slavery was still lawful rejected it Texas refused to act upon it and Alabama and Mississippi ratified it on conditions Only. But the states of Illinois Rhode Island Maryland new York West Var Giusi Maine Kansas. Massachusetts Pennsylvania Virginia Ohio Missouri Nevada Indiana Louisiana Minnesota Wisconsin Vermont Tennessee Arkansas Connecticut new Hampshire South Carolina North Carolina and Georgia in All Twenty six states accepted tho amendment and it was declared a part of the Constitution of tho United states december 18, 1865. Subsequently new Jersey Oregon California. Iowa and Florida ratified the amendment also. The fourteenth amendment was drawn up by a joint nit tee of the two houses of which Thaddeus Stevens was chairman. It was an essential part of the plan of reconstruction favored by the Radical party in Congress. It passed the Senate june 8, 1866, by a vote of 88 toll and the House june 18 by a vote of 138 to 36. Delaware Kentucky and Maryland rejected this amendment and California refused to act upon it Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Texas and Virginia rejected the amendment at their legislative sessions Between november 9, 1866, and february 4 1867. Congress passed the re construe Tion act March 2, 1867 declaring that the state governments that had been established in these states were provisional Only and that they could not be counted As states of the Union until they had accepted the amendment. Subsequently the Legislatures of these ten states successively ratified the amendment and were recognized by Congress. New Jersey and Ohio had adopted ratification resolutions but rescinded them some months later. July 20, 1868, Secretary Seward announced conditionally that if the ratifications of new Jersey and Ohio were to be considered As binding the amendment had been accepted by thirty states and was part of the Constitution. On the next Day a Resolution was passed by Congress declaring that the amendment had been lawfully adopted and ordering the Secretary of state to proclaim its ratification unconditionally which or. Seward did july 98. Subsequently Throe other states accepted this amendment. I he fifteenth amendment was adopted by the House joint Resolution january 80, 1869, hum after much discussion in both houses came to a final vote february 06 and was passed in the Senate by a vote of 89 to 18, and in the House by 144 to 44. This amendment was not acted Apon by Tennessee was rejected by California Delaware. Kentucky Maryland new Jersey and Oregon. Ohio and Georgia at first rejected it. But afterwards ratified it. New York rescinded its ratification. When Secretary fish pro claimed the amendment in Force March 80, 1870, he mentioned that a notice had been filed in the state department that new York a a claimed to have rescinded its ratification but said nothing further about it and the rescinding of the ratification was apparently not Chicago inter Ocean. The inhabitants of cheese. Or. Adametz has just made Omo microscopic researches upon the microscopic organisms that inhabit cheese. From an examination of a Menthal a soft variety of gruyere cheese he Bas obtained the following result in each ammo of the cheese when fresh from wooo to 140,000 microbes Are found. This number increases with time. Thus a cheese seventy one Days old contains 900.000 bacteria per gramme. Tho population of a soft cheese Twenty five Days old and much denser than the preceding 200,000, and that of a cheese forty Ute Days old is 2,000,000 microbes per gramme. But the population of a cheese ii not every where distributed the same in it. The Center is but moderately inhabited with respect to the exterior portion. The population of a soft cheese near the Periphery is from 3,600,000 to 5.600.000 microbes. According to the mean of these two figures there Are As Many living organisms in three Hundred and sixty grammes of such a cheese As there Are people upon the we wish to thank our customers for their Irinyi patronage during the past year during which time our sales have been larger than Ever before in Centralia. To show our appreciation we yell open the new year with a special Sale at which we will offer the Best goods the Market affords at such Low prices that Only excellent judges o Quality Independent of Price can form an idea of the True value of the goods they Are buying., we propose to make this a Banner year by inaugurating a system of special sales and lower prices than Ever quoted in Centralia. Wishing to add a new member to the farm we must reduce our immense Stock at least ten thousand dollars As quickly As possible so will offer you the greatest bargains in Earth beginning the first of january and lasting a until the Stock is sufficiently reduced. Call and learn our prices. Yoursttr1ammi grand Clearing Sale fact Worth knowing. In All diseases of the nasal mucous j membrane the remedy used must a it non irritating. The medical prof Seimi has been slow to learn this. Nothing satisfactory can be accomplished with douches snuffs powders or syringes because they Are All irritating do not thoroughly reach the affected surfaces and should be abandoned As worse than failures. A multitude of persons who. Bad for years borne All the worry Ami pain that Catarrh can inflict testify to Radical cure wrought by Ely it swam Gulf coast Winter resort. For the past two seasons the Winters have been so very mild even in the North and Northwest that there has been very Little need of looking for a Southern Winter Home. But from every indication and judging from the Many signs that have never failed in the memory of the oldest inhabitant we Are to have tho coining season an old fashioned cold frosty snowy blizzard Winter. Tho inquiry will soon lie a where can we find the Best climate most attractions with Good accommodations conveniently near Home at reasonable rates a the ii Nois Central Railroad can take you to just such a spot. New Orleans the most attractive City in Winter on the continent has no Superior As a Winter Home. In addition to the Many attractions within itself which compose All that a truly cosmopolitan City can give it has within two or three hours ride on the mexican Gulf coast the most wonderful Hunting and fishing ground. Deer wild Duck and turkeys abound and the fishing for red snapper Spanish Mackerel and sheep Heads is the Delight of the Amateur As Well As the old settler. Then the oysters direct from the finest Oyster Beds the Riding ing and sailing and pie icing of p a a i _ \ All ,.i la you Groves tasteless chill tonic ii is As pleasant to the taste As Lemon the a Mayest infant will take it and never know it is Medicine. Children cry for it. Chills once broken will not return. Cost you Only half the Price of other chill tonics. No quinine needed. No purgative needed. Contains no Poison. It purifies the blood and removes All malarial Poison from the system. It is As Large As any Dollar tonic Ana retails for so cents. There Are Many of the genuine ask Fop Groves warrants cob kenvil., Mim. Der 12, in. A Kin Modh Ink copy. Tent _ Plentie mod me three Doren of your fro Tom Lem chill tonic. I we a plemed with the to Frog you Leat Ammer the people were mirth with la la. It your chill tonic to a a a emr was Welti Pale and a we Rahv and emaciated 8��?o chronic chill for month. A the a 1 c fear and within three wee. F the chill tonic Thev Wen Hale Pant one Al them no a to after beginning win ale and Hearty with iwo the aril i i on in in Ami Roar Cheek. It acted like am it manufactured by Paris Medicine co., St. Louis to. Formerly of pari8, Tenn. Reed Centralia and Jesse Altom Patoka. Nature. Coloured Zephyr Only 3c per Onnon t. P. Hamm 1 in the i Newi a a rowing and sailing and piercing it i please in wid Winter with the invigorating odor of Pine from the land and Salt from the Ocean with a oilman unequalled and All within a Short distance from new Odeon makes of the mexican Gulf coast an Ideal spot for a Winter Home by applying to if. B. By we. Genera Northern passenger agent 194 Clark St. Chicago 111.,you will be furnished with an illustrated pamphlet entitled. A mexican Gulf coast Winter resorts. A. H. Hanson general passenger agent marvelous Kui Lurance. The vast amount of labor performed by the heart in keeping All portions of the body supplied with blood is not generally known. It beats Hoo. Of times and forces the blood at the rate of los Miles a Day. Which is 3,,Hoo. Akk times and 5,150,880 Miles in a Lite time no wonder there Are no Mali heart failures. The first symptom Are shortness of breath when exercising pain in the Side or stomach fluttering choking in the Throat oppression then follow weak Hungt it it it it smothering spell stolen Ankles Etc. Or. Franklin Miles new Heartt cure it a a the Only reliable remedy. Soh by will j. Blythe. For genuine Ohio b. W. Flour go to int created people. Advertising a Patent Medicine in the Peculiar Way in which tho proprietor of Kempis Balsam for coughs and colds Doe is indeed wonderful. He author i a All druggists to give those who cell for it a Sample bottle free that they May try it before purchasing. The Large bottle Are 50c and . We certainly would advise a trial. It a it save you from consumption. I digress i the 0 \ a in in n map Oku by 1nthe world Glo Mac bal h8x0. Pittsburgh. A reliable family newspaper. That to the character almost universally i Van to the weekly inter of bail to Arafat la its popularity that Lor years it Bas Baa the la Hal St circuit it is a a it i 3i8ter t f pub Lieari ffeu/8pap�rt but acumen a questions candid and ablyj$8x8�aotmono� endgame amp i Peri a a author soothe Dag. Department cd the paper is excellent a Mot Pimp a St most to p Laft authors cd the Day. The most i. U hrs Pon Dence serial ape a of thou a of any singular publication in Tbs Caw. The Keith Bept tint a Fino sity Slop woman a kingdom a and tie iou arb in themselves eau Ai. To a Magazine. Use ass Bjurs is carefully edited by competent men it Yed for that purpose. Played for that purpose. The Price of the Bibily Uter oct in is $1.00 per tear. A Dally paper regularly and Are not satisfied with a weekly. The Price of the 8eu-Veekly hiter of big is $2.00 per Trie by special arrangement with the publishers o a Scribner s Mas Azime that Magazine and the weekly later Ocean Ara _ both set to subsoil one tear or two doll and at Nat tis cents less than the Feick of the maga81nb Amini
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