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Centralia Daily Sentinel Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 1

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Centralia Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Centralia, Illinois Centralia daily Sentinel. No. 2195. I vbk1lt edition Al so per tear. I 1 , 1803. F Centralia. Ill., monday april 6, 1891 10c. Per week. Attention fruit growers Centralia Sentinel. L t. Joy. H. V. Tillman publi.9heb8 and proprietors. Townsend Box factory woman a column. Successor to g. L. Pittenger fruit packages. Shortage in Supply. C. E. Townsend. Townsend amp Tate ave., Centralia 111., sh0rt answers to common objections against woman suffrage. Solicits the patronage of fruit growers in All kinds of i l 1 have a11 the reht8 i Haye you the right if a married woman to control your own earnings ii ii i 0.4. Have you the right to make a will the Halleck 24-quart crates at 16to ,�13 i later crate far the year 1891, and have it of the a kit to Jour own , a if left a widow supposing that your growers notifying me of their Inten-1 deceased husband in some lit of ill Tion to buy at mgt factory at a Early i temper bequeathed it to some one else Date will be guaranteed to not find a Uoo us a a Hor tape in Sun nov. Have you the night to the guardian, of your at any rate if you have married a second husband in Many states women have not these rights and you ought to be ashamed of yourself if not having them you do not a a want them. Again do you not want a right to vote on the expenditure of your own tax Money on school Laws on Temperance Laws you have no right to shut yourself within the Circle of your own interests and to say that you do not a a want such rights As these 2. A if the Laws Are wrong they Are being corrected without women s Aye but not without the de 6 46 am Man j of women to vote and the con 6 45 pm via a 11m1m Chicago Branch. South. A mys. Mail and exp.6 40 am fast mail10 15 am mail. 6 20 pm Vestibule limited. 10 05 pm North mail.5 25 am fast mail. 4 50 pm Vestibule limited. 8 55 am express.8 35 pm Amboy division mail2 80 pm express. Accommodation 8 45 am no. 1.9 25 pm no. 32 80 pm g. E. Beaver agt., Centralia Turi 560 an. 10 20 am 9 30 pm 10 10 pm 9 80 am 5 05 pm 9 15 am 9 00 pm Aik line time Cari. Going West. Mail train no. 1.4 20 p. M. A a no. 8.5 15 a. A going East. Mail train no. 2.11 00 a. M. A a no. 410 55 . F. B. Anson joint at. Cure i Bick headache and relieve ail the troubles info Dent to a bilious state of the system snob a dizziness nausea drowsiness distress after eating. Pair in the bide a. While their Moil remarkable succeed has been shown in of log sick i headache yet garters Little of Var Iffla my equally valuable in constipation curing and pro i venting this annoying complaint while they Alao c or rec i All disorders or the stomach stimulate the liver and regulate the bows a. Even if they Only a a head i ache they would to those Whittl suffer from this distressing complaint but fortunately their goodness and those who once try them will find there Little pills valuable in so Many ways that they will not be willing to do without them but after alls Lff heed i ache i is the Bene of by Many uves that Here is wheal we make our great boast. Our pills cure it while i others do not. I Carters Little liver pills Are very Small sad very easy to take. One or two pills make dose. They Are strictly vegetable and do not grip or purse but by their gentle action please All who use them. In vials at 25 cents five for $1. Sold i by druggists everywhere or sent by mall Carri mid Toni co., new York. 1 Small Pul. Small dose All Price i j a we Isy if a Mumm Badi sequent agitation of the subject. That is what is changing the Laws. The common Law of England which lord Brougham called a a disgrace to any Heathen nation a so far As it related to woman prevailed almost everywhere in the United states until the a two Man s rights agitation began Twenty live years ago. It was not till women began to talk about the ballot that any changes began to be made in the Laws and they have no Security against the repeal of those improved Laws except the ballot in their hands. 3. A the polls Are not decent places for no place is descent from which women Are excluded. Women do not refuse to travel by rail because the smoking car is Apt to be a dirty place. They rightly demand that some other car shall be put on which shall be clean. It will be the same in politics. So soon As school suffrage for women became the Law in Massachusetts the legislature passed almost without opposition a statute to prohibit smoking and drinking at All voting places 4. A politics Are necessarily corrupting a then Why not advise Good men As Well As Good women to quit voting 5. A if women voted it would Divide but families and nations have quarrelled twice As much Over religion As Over politics Ever since the world began. If you allow women to choose their own religion Why not their own party 6. A women would Only vote As their husbands or fathers Many women have no husbands and no living fathers. If they have and vote As these men do there will be no quarrel. If they vote differently As they Are very Likely to do on questions of Temperance religion and the right to control their own property or their own children then this objection Falls to the ground. 7. A the Best women will not will they not then they Are not truly the Best women. Women who Are really conscientious will not shirk their duties when the time comes depend upon it. The complaint has been in Massachusetts under the school suffrage Law that Only the Best women have voted. It is very hard to satisfy one s opponents. 8. A the most refined women will not Many of the most refined women whom the land has produced have gone As missionaries to foreign lands taught schools for freed men visited the five Points in new York entered bar rooms to save their husbands or tended hospitals during the War. Will these same women shrink from dropping a piece of paper into a ballot Box when the time comes refinement that takes the place of conscience is not Worth much. 9. A bad women will they May and will vote and so will bad men. But bad women will not vote openly As bad women for vice in women by instinct and policy conceals itself and passes under another name. The worse women Are the More they will counterfeit virtue when they come to vote rely upon it. 10. A i should not like to hear my wife speak in a town nor would she like to hear you. Unless you said something better Worth saying than most of the talk against woman suffrage. But you Are often willing to pay other menus wives to sing in Public and if a woman May properly uplift her voice to sing nonsense Why not to speak sense 11. A it will turn women into happily you cannot do that. It is because women after All Are different from men that they deny the right of men to represent them make Laws for them judge them in court and spend their tax Money. If they Are the same with men they have the same rights if they Are distinct from men they need the ballot to help make Laws for themselves. Take which View you please it comes to the same thing. Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Done to forget one Price London clothing co 4>�<for your. Mill gents furnishing goods Etc., amp a. The new proprietors being connected with one of the largest manufacturing institutions in Chicago they Are advertised letter list. List of letters remaining in the Post office at Centralia 111., for the week ending saturday april 4, 1891 gentlemen. Fernanda Clark Geo Dittle Samuel Farthing Henry Garrison Rev Thos l Johnson c f Jones John Peck. Ladies. Francis Baker Laura Caldwell mrs m e Camell May Hood Dora Wilson. Persons calling for the above letters will please say w. H. Cullimore. P. M. How a this we offer one Hundred dollars Reward for and ease of Catarrh that can not be cured by taking Halls Catarrh cure. F. J. Cheney amp co., props., Toledo o. We. The undersigned have known j. Chenev for the last 15 years and believe him perfectly honorable in All business transactions and financially Able to carry out any obligations made their firm. Est amp Traux wholesale druggists. Toledo Ohio Walding Kunau amp Marvin wholesale druggists Toledo Ohio. Halls Catarrh cure taken internally acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by All druggists. You can select from a Large and Complete Stock made in the latest styles. Everything in our entire establishment new no old Stock to be disposed of. Goods Are marked in Plain figures and sold at strictly one Price. All purchases made from us must be As represented or Money will be cheerfully refunded. Soliciting your patronage we remain truly yours bails an Bros proprietors London clothing co. A Centralia Illinois. Notice. Notice is hereby Given that i will appear before the Board of Highway cwt missioners of Centralia township the near approach of Etc Gmaz a Ruu a ii Etc p a Quot 0n a season and the flattering prospects for i 14. 1891, for the purpose of making a Bountiful crop not on of these but application for the right of Way of All fruits renders it important not for the tracks Aud privileges of the on y to the producer it to those who Centralia and Central City Street Are a to furnish the package in whll., notice id fruit browers. Firoved s tasteless chill tonic car company Over that part of the their fruits Are to Public Highway known a the Central ample provision be my pc Foytho a Sty Road beginning at the end of Wear prepared t furn Jyh d Washington Street at the Northern limits of the City of Centralia county of Marion and running to the Southern limits of the Village of Central City. S. N. Pierce president. Man lost want to know the Post office address of Benjamin a amp ser or his heirs who removed from Aurora to Centralia in 1858. Address c. S. Kilbourne Oswego 111. Advice to mothers. Mrs. Winslow a soothing syrup should always be used for children teething. It soothes the softens the Gums allays All pain cures wind Colic and is the Best remedy for Diar Rhotea. Twenty five cents a bottle. E marketed that same. Prepared to furnish goods in Large quantities if advised As to what is expected of us. Please Call at factory and leave your orders. All orders guaranteed. We allow no one to Excel us in the Quality of our goods or its make up. Price 16 cents per 24-quart Case. We also furnish half cases pint cases Bushel cases peach boxes Ami picking cases. The undersigned Are also preparing to place in their factory an evaporating Plant of Large capacity at the close of the Berry season and expect to utilize Large quantities of fruit for evaporating purposes if we should be favored with a crop during the present year. Centralia fruit package and shipping association. B. Pullen president. W. S. Perrine Secretary. It is As pleasant to the taste As Ilaoa syrup. The smallest infant Wili take it and never know it is Medicine. Children cry for it. Chills once broken will not return. Cost you Only half the Price of other chill tonics. No quinine needed. No purgative needed. Contains no Poison. It purifies the blood and removes Alt malarial Poison from the system. It is As Large As any Dollar tonic and retails for 50 cents. There Are Many Getty genuine ask for Grove s Waw ranted Cosnek Hillk . 12,1888. 1ahits Midi oink co., Pari Tennin up a dozen of your Grove a taste us i chill tonic. I wan pleased with the lot from Tom feat summer the people were delighted with it gave your chill tonic to Orue children we Wett Pale and Swarthy and emaciated having i chronic chills Tor months past one of Theiu for _ z5landww,,n. We la a after beginning with the chill Tome they Wert Hale and Hearty with Rod it acted like a Charm w. W Stinson m. D. Manufactures by Paris Medicine co., St. Louis to. For skl6by l. H. Reed Centralia and Jesse Altom Patoka. Boots Abb rail dressed Wra opening bankrupt Sale thursday april 9th. At Andrews old stand.$35,000 Worth of elegant dry goods i0o a Ltd a a a a Plain we ii0o exr i bought for 40 cents on the dollars less than half Price and shipped Here to be slaughtered in Centralia. From the cheapest to the finest fabrics manufactured. We will offer you some of the greatest bargains on Earth come and see the largest Stock of dry goods in Centralia. Opening thursday april 9th, at Andrews old stand. I Wolff Selp blacking a Lo-kj�5 life Kissig Siks Donl 9 for Flats will do a Olfky a Randolph Philadelphia y e. Thomas i practical Painter. Apor hanging Kals mining and glazing. Centralia Illinois. Rjor8 in at Reeds drug store will pin 6 prompt attention. Office Over 4 it Tenger a grocery Hamm dry goods company
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