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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Daily Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Centralia, WashingtonSteam Plant swells assessed valuations by ceor6e Blomdahl chronicle staff writer the million Centralia steam Plant under construction in Hanaford Valley has had a striking effect of the taxable value of property in the Junior taxing districts of the area according to 1970 assessed valuations released this week by John a King Leiws county assessor. The Centra a school District showed he biggest gain up More than million. Fords Prairie fire Protection District no. 12 serving die area jumped More than million in assessed valuations Road District no. 1 which covers the steam electric Plant area increased nearly million in valuation. Payable next year these values Are used in computing taxes due and payable next year. Locally assessed property constitutes about 95 cent of the property tax base. The remainder is state assessed property primarily utilities. Despite sizable gains in the Centralia area the total assessed valuations of the county showed a drop of nearly million. Lewis and Columbia counties Are the Only counties in the state to show a decrease in the taxable value of property. All other 37 counties went up according to preliminary data compiled by the state department of Revenue. Logging brings loss the big loss in Lewis county came Irum reduced values of Timber holdings due to logging especially in the Eastern part of the county. Road District no. 3, which covers that area lost nearly million in assessed valuations. The school districts As a whole lost the cemetery districts lost heavily especially Mossyrock and Road District no. 2 also lost. Most fire Protection districts showed an increase in taxable values mainly because of the steam Plant construction and due to annexations. Seven of Lewis county s cities and towns gained while Winlock and Mossyrock showed a drop a valuations. The new Timberland Library District also lost substantially More than Millon. Ratio has changed comparisons of 1969 and 1970 values Are complicated by the change from a 25 per cent assessment level to a 50 per cent assessment level. In order to indicate the change in values resulting from new property and revaluations the 1969 values were doubled before being compared with 1970 values. To compensate for the change to a 50 per cent assessment level state Law chapter 92, Laws of 1970 reduces by one half the tax rates which most units May impose without a vote of the people. The following tables show the 1970 assessed valuations of the various Junior taxing districts of Lewis county As compared with 1969. Cities and towns cily 1j4? Centralia Chehalis Winlock Toledo Vader be Ell Morton Napavine Mossyrock total fire Protection districts cent Folio Cheh Olfs Washington 10 cents saturday sept. 26, 1970 32 pages 79th no. 228 no. 1 Onalaska no. 2 Toledo no. 3 Mossyrock 4 Morion no. 5 Napavine no. 6 Chehalis no. 7 Vader no. 8 Salkum a o. 9 Mineral by 10 Packwood no. Lipe Ell no. 12 Centralia no. 13 Boistfort no. 14 Randle no. 15 Winlock no. 16 Doty Dryad total cemetery districts no. 1 Winlock no. 2 Mossyrock no. 3 Dryad no. 4 Glen. Ran. Pack. No. 5 Layton or. No. 6 Onalaska no. 7 Toledo no. 8 Vader total Road districts no. 1 no. 2 no. 3 total school districts no. 14 Napavine no. 18 Vader a. 36 Evaline no. 205 Mossyrock no. 214 Morton no. 226 Adna no. 232 Winlock no. 234 Boistfort no. 237 Toledo no. 300 Onalaska no. 301 peer no. 302 Chehalis no. 303 White pass 29j478j778 no. No. 401 Centralia no. 401-t-Rochester no. 404-p-Eatonville total Timberland Library District the state Forest patrol assessment of acres at nine cents per acre will be compared with acres in 1969 at set noise Federal standards urged Washington a operators of major airports have asked the Federal government for definite Assurance the super sonic transport set plane now under development will meet noise standards recently established by the Federal aviation administration. The Airport operators Council International aoc1 said tolerable noise standards must be among design requirements set by Faa regulations which cannot be compromised for production aircraft. Loci president Matthias e. Lukins made Public Friday a letter from William m. Magruder director of set develop ment for the transportation department assuring him that during the set prototype and research program there will be no set takeoffs or landings at any except for initial departure from Seattle s Boeing Field. Magruder added listed criteria for will be slab noise level late news bulletins los Angeles a fires mated through tinder. Dry Brush Loday in Southern i Ca Fomia leaving tens of thousands of and expensive ashes. Acres charred Homes in Paris a vice president Nguyen Cao by has decided not to address win the War rally in Washington it was teamed Loday. Bogota Columbia a an earthquake Shook parts of Western Columbia today. There were no immediate reports Al injuries or damage. The Quave was reported to have been fell the strongest Al about 220 Miles West of Bogota. Sunny most for through sur Kiy. Highs in upper 60s. Low in 40s. Complete weather on 1. Magruder s letter was re leased As Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott urged con Gress to ensure that no Large scale set commercial flights will be allowed without a guar Antee the environment will not be endangered. In a Senate speech Scott said Hanford cheaper Highland Wash. A a committee representing 800 Pacific Northwest utilities Esti mated Friday it would be million cheaper each year Loop Erate a nuclear Power Plant at Hanford than at Roosevelt Beach in Grays Harbor county. In addition the technical studies committee of the pub Lic Power Council said construction costs would be about million less at Hanford. At a closed pc session in port tack the committee revealed Cost comparisons show ing it would Cost million t build at Roosevelt Beach and 1406.9 million at Hanford. I but Utility executives said the i figures were preliminary and j subject to change. I paving approved Juneau a _ sen. Mitc gravel Dalaska said Fridis the Senate subcommittee on roads has approved a measure authorizing the president to negotiate with Canada for the paving of the Alaska Highway and the Haines cutoff. Gravel said the measure which he introduced in 1969, seems Likely to pass the sen he said a companion measure already has been passed by the House. The Canadian portion of the Highway now is Unie will not support production of the set unless the essential environmental problems Are solved following the completion of the prototype the Pennsylvania senator said he will seek White House support for his position including a request that the administration increase by million the million planned for environmental research on the set the Nixon administration is seeking million with which the Boeing co. Will build the prototype of the hour. 300-passenger plane. Lukens the Airport operators spokesman said Magruder s approach to noise problems offers us Only the Assurance that you will Deal with the noise problem after the prototype and research programs Are completed All the Public would get then would be endless explanations of the engineering and economic impracticability of reducing Thi Chehalis firemen Battle Blaze a Chehalis fireman ascends ladder with Liosi Friday afternoon spark from a Chimney flue. The and bedroom received As heavy smoke Billows from the James is. Clair Home at fire damage and smoke and water damage resulted in other 5th is. Firemen who responded of the alarm at ., said portions of the Home. No estimate of the loss was Given. The Blaze Starlet in a second Story bedroom possibly from a chronicle staff photo fuel Lack warned Spokane a if the temperatures drop lower than Normal this Winter the Pacific Northwest faces the Prospect of damaging fuel that was the word of an inter or department spokesman Fri Day. L. B. Day regional Courdina or for Interior Secretary Walter Hickel spoke before a joint meeting of the Spokane Oil sealers association and two committees of the Spokane chamber of Commerce. If the coming Winter turns out to be colder than Normal even the Pacific Northwest faces real prospects of damaging fuel he said. Day a former Oregon legis Lator said this area is one of he regions in file nation where Lack of adequate generating Ca Lacity and transmission lines could result in Power shortages and the inability to meet Peak demands in the foreseeable fun postal Reform first measure enacted Washington a presi Dent Nixon has taken the first must take space within a year. Blount was absent from the major step toward turning Over list but that did not Rule out his the . Postal service to an in chances of remaining postmas dependent corporation like fed eral Agency naming a nine member Board of governors that will be in charge of running it. Postmaster general Winlon m. Blount said the Board named by Nixon Friday represents All sections of the nation and pro Des the necessary expertise to direct the postal service toward sound the nine governors will de de the exact Date the postal ervice will be reshaped into an Agency thus fulfil g Nixon s scheme for Reform the 181-year-old service. Nothing that the Bonneville Power administration has Al ready Cut off sales of interrupt Able Power to Industrial and Utility customers. Day said continued critical water conditions could mean a touch and go situation even though Power is now available from outside this Region. Day said the probability of Power shortages will be in creased if the coming Winter s weather is severe and demands for heating and lighting Rise and the weather interferes with production and transportation of other fuels. Oil supplies Are affected by International transportation Day said and limitations of supplies of natural Gas derive from restrictions in capacity to produce and additions to reserves Are insufficient to offset current needs. Alaska paved As is the Road from Haines Alaska to Haines Junction which is in Canada. The Haines cutoff connects the alas a Highway with the Northern terminus of the ferry system. Alaska state acting superintendent named at Maple Lane grand Mound Garrelt 38, assistant superin indent of Maple Lane school i a s been named acting superintendent of the institution. The position became vacant with appointment of mrs. Edna Goodrich As superintendent of the new institution for women at Purdy in Pierce county. Mrs. Goodrich had been superintendent at Maple Lane for the past six years. Appointment of Barrett As acting superintendent was announced Friday by Robert Tropp chief office of juvenile rehabilitation division of institutions. Barrett has been an administrative Slaff member at Maple Lane since july 1967. Tropp said recruiting for the permanent position of superintendent will be con ducted through the stale s Meril system. He said Barrett is one of the candidates. Announcement superintendent of i s the new expected within on to two months Tropp said. Appointment of mrs. Goodrich to the new Post was announce Barrett Friday morning by gov. A Evans. The Milho women s institution a Purd will replace the preset women s Section at the stat Penitentiary at Walla Walla is scheduled to open Jan. 1. Or general. The nine Board members will choose a postmas or general As Well As a Deputy xes Ting the size of the Board to 11 members. Nixon withheld his choices for the five member postal rate commission that will determine charges for mail service. The nine nominees were selected for staggered terms rang ing from one to nine years eventually All Board members will serve nine years subject to mandatory retirement at age 70 selected for the nine year term was . Wright 59 chairman of the Board and Chie executive officer of Humble of under terms of the Bill a Jand refining co., Houston Tex roved by Congress conversion the others listed in order o decreasing length of term Are Patrick e. Haggerty 56, pres Dent Texas instrument Dallas Charles h. Codding Ancher from Foraker okla. Crocker Nevin 47, chief exec Ive officer Marine Midland Grace Trust co., new York George e. Johnson 42, presi Dent of Johnson products co., Chicago. Also Andrew David Holt 66 former president of the univer sity of Tennessee Knoxville Theodore William Braun 68 president of the California consulting firm of Braun and co. Frederick Russell Kappel director american Telephone Telegraph co., new York am William j. Curtin 39, member of the Washington d.c., Law firm of Morgan Lewis ant Bockius. Jordan has new regime by the associated press Hussein of Jordan formed a new government today to work for reconstruction of his strife ravaged As Arab leaders accused him and his army of violating the new cease fire. Ahmed Toukan a palestinian who was chief of Hussein s Roy Al court was named prime min site. Toukan is a former Deputy prime minister. From Cairo president Jaafar Al Numajiri of Sudan who led an Arab peace Mission to Amman and got the cease fire Friday accused Hussein of personal responsibility for the bloodshed. Coming on the heels of presi det Gamal Abdel Nasser s harsh Cable to Hussein Early this morning accusing him of trying to liquidate the Palestine guerrillas Numajiri s statement appeared to demand the King s Scalp in the Arab world s bitter internecine struggle. We tried to implement the Numajiri told a news conference but we failed because one of the parties Vio lated the he left no doubt that in his View the violations came exclusively from the jordanian Side. Jordan Aid the violations were the work of die troops in Cambodia and Laos capture key areas from reds Saigon a government oops in Cambodia and Laos ave captured key areas of Leir countries from comm forces with support american warplanes offi said today. In Cambodia a Large Force carrying out the first major government offensive of the cambodian War seized the Vil age of Taing rank driving out n enemy Force that had locked its Progress for two weeks. In Laos government forces seized a Hill position called Tieng Dat overlooking the pro capital of allo Peu. Atto is on the Bol ovens plateau n Southern Laos near the North both Battle Sites Are on North vietnamese River and land infill daily . Bombing Al a rfcs aimed at curbing the flow if enemy troops and War mate rials southward into Cambodia and South Vietnam. Taing Kauk along route 6 be Ween phenom penh and the capital of Kampong Tom 80 Miles to the North was captured by the cambodians Friday. Associated press correspond ent John t. Wheeler reported rom phenom penh that Oul num ered North vietnamese Aix Viet Cong troops apparently had evacuated nearly All their troops and casualties from dug Moonlight shopping offered in twin cities a Harvest of bargains awaits those who shop in twin City a Force monday evening during a special twin City Mon Liam stores will be open from 7 to 9 For the special sates event. Forty one businesses Art cooperating in the event which is sponsored by the Chehalis and Centralia Chambers of Commerce. A 10-Page supplement to today s daily chronicle contains advertisements of sate items during the two hour Moonlight event. In bunkers before the final As Sault on the Village. The final drive came from the West after a North vietnamese Strong Point in the town s High school was destroyed by air and artillery strikes. The cambodian troops who captured the Village reported ending four enemy soldiers Ead and a Small Quantity of rms and ammunition. A spokesman for the cambo Ian military command refused o disclose the government Cas Alty figures in the Battle but indicated they were Light. Local commanders had reported thursday that More than 200 cambodian troops had been filled or seriously wounded in lie two week Effort to take Aing Kauk. Enemy losses were it known. The spokesman said the Vil age was not heavily damaged. Granger 60 years Mossyrock Mallie Amron who joined the Mossyrock Grange in 1910 shortly after it was organized Las been recognized for 60 pears of continuous members i in the Grange. The honors came sept. 2c during a special program of in Grange. Damron received a pin Arn certificate. The certificate a presented by James Mccash special state Grange Deputy mrs. Margaret Manda stall chaplain presented the 60-Yea pin. The honoured Granger is past roaster of Mossyrock Grange and holds membership in Lewis county Pomon Grange and the state an National Grange. About 150 grangers Anc friends witnessed the ceremony and also viewed the be quarters of the Mossyrock Grange during an open House. Other state Grange officer a tiding were Pauline co in Secretary Marguerite of Flora Walter a yacht assistant Steward and Jam Miller Deputy. In lagers who returned after the gating ended Friday said the unable to say where to Orth vietnamese and vie Ong Force had fled. Internship expanded Olympia a an intern program to give Colleg a deals experience with legis and vice versa will be expanded to include More Sti and All colleges and us Ersi ties in the state in 971. House speaker Tom Copeland Walla announced the expanded plan Friday. A Pilot intern program in 196. Involved 32 students from on Iree campuses near Pacific lutheran University an diversity of puget sound i Acoma and St. Martin s co Ege in Olympia. The new program will involve t least 40 students and the to number May be As Many Leader Yasir Arjev. Cd to Cairo with Numajiri Fri a night to represent the pal Simian viewpoint at a Conlin my meeting of Arab leaders in the egyptian capital. Numajiri said the egyptian embassy in Amman which serves As Headquarters for his delegation was fiercely shelled by jordanian artillery while the group sheltered there despite a truce ordered by Arafat and Husser. As we left for the Airport to leave Amman our armoured car was also Numajiri said. Hussein himself is personally responsible for All that has happened1." Numajiri echoed a Sifft charge declaring we Are con Vinced there is a by the Jor Daman authorities to liquidate the Palestine liberation organi Hie organization Heads the guerrilla movement although Toukan a civilian Neads the 13- Cabinet key Interior and information posts Are held by military men. Six military officers Are held Over in the new Cabinet from the military government of pome minister Mohammed Daoud who resigned in mysterious circumstances in Cairo ear Lier this week and sought Politi Cal Asylum in Libya. Hussein accepted the resignation of Daoud s Cabinet Friday. Festival suit set Vancouver Wash Clark county officials have filed a suit against organizers and supporters of the re cent sky River Rock festival held near Washougal. The suit contends that the festival required the county to provide unusual and extraordinary police Public health sen ices and serv ices by other county offices. Named As defendants Are Washington planned Community associates the festival Chas Talbot Seattle attorney and Edwin and Minnie tale and .7 Auu Laie 20, Copeland said. Choosing their son John. The tates Are to dents will be up to individual owners of the 160-acre farm of schools i which the festival was held. Swiss kids Moke recording thespians find new Home Galvin school Hub of activity these special features and More Are in this week s weekender today s daily chronicle look for them

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