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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 1

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Daily Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Centralia, WashingtonWorld s week Vatican Council enacts decrees by the associated press after four years of debate and Compromise prelates of the roman Catholic Church gathered in St. Peter s and solemnly marked their ballots with magnetic pencils. The business machines whirred and Vatican Council 1 formally approved four decrees and one Declara Tion. The decrees related largely to internal Church affairs wider Powers for Bishops on religious orders on Christian education and on Seminary training. The decree had worldwide implications. It deleted from Catholic doctrine the teaching that jews had collective responsibility for the crucifixion of Christ and enjoined All catholics against depicting jews As rejected by god or Pope Paul i personally enacting the decrees and the declaration referred to jews As objects of respect love and still More business the Council is expected to re main in session until december. Final action must still be taken on important matters including the Catholic declaration on religious Liberty and the Church s position in the modern world. The latter will include the Long awaited pronouncement on birth control As affecting catholics. The countdown went faultlessly the Agena rocket blasted off from Cape Kennedy. Then came the Call from an australian tracking station no Joy no the Agena had not gone into orbit it had exploded and fallen into the Atlantic in pieces. Gemini 6, the attempt to join two vehicles in space was scrubbed. Out of the gemini 6 capsule itself poised on a nearby pad at Kennedy stepped two disappointed astronauts. Capt. Walter m. Schirra or. And Mia p. Stafford had been waiting to blast off and catch the Agena in orbit for rendezvous Maneu vers. Double shot on thursday three Days after the failure president Johnson s Texas White House announced that two manned spacecraft will attempt to meet in orbit and Fly together in formation. The feat a first in space history is set for january but May come sooner. The vehicles gemini 6 and gemini 7. In Viet Nam the seige of plei me was finally lifted. A week of fighting had Cost the Viet Cong 750 casualties. Their fighting qualities had also caused new respect among americans. Said one private if their morale is Low and they re underfed and suffering from malaria i d hate to fight pm when they re fit Viet Cong demolition squads infiltrated . Marine air strips at Danang and Chu Lai wednesday night. Seventeen guerrillas were killed at Danang but their Satchel charges destroyed 18 helicopters and damaged 20 More. At Chu Lai All eight infiltrators were killed but they destroyed two planes and damaged five More. It could happen again said an officer. Killed by own guns near qui Nihon men of the . 101st airborne division moved out against a Viet Cong band. One squad moved wrong into the path of its own artillery. Six americans were killed three wounded. The air War against North Viet Nam continued in strength and another plane the sixth was lost to surface to air mis Siles. The Pilot of the . Navy Jet was reported missing. In Oslo the norwegian parliament announced the award of the 1965 Nobel peace prize. The Winner Unicof the United nations International children s emergency fund. The prize Worth was the fourth awarded to the United nations or one of its officials. A highly sophisticated opera said the chief Security officer of brinks inc., the armed messenger service. He was referring to robbery of 000 Worth of Cash and checks from the brinks office in Syra Cuse . Los Angeles showing effects of heavy smog los Angeles a what happens to a City breathing smog on the fourth consecutive Day of heavy smog and the 10th straight Day of Over-90 temperatures los Angeles Friday reacted this Way doctors in the outpatient clinic at children s Hospital reported an increase in patients with chronic respiratory diseases. A nurse on an upper floor said her Young patients were unusually Cranky. Police it. Jasper Clark 44, commander of downtown traffic control said More officers than usual had fallen ill. Attendance at harness races at Hollywood Park was Down 10 per cent. A spokesman said the horses times were slower. The smog attack set tempers flaring on he political front As los Angeles mayor Samuel w. Yorty and gov. Edmund g. Brown argued Over who was to blame. I m said Yorty that if you want nothing done late news bulletins Bogota Colombia a an explosion ripped through the Central Market saturday in Cartagena on Colombia s Caribbean coast and provoked a Flash fire and panic an army spokesman in Bogota reported. He said word received by the army was mat a score of per sons May have been killed and 100 injured. United nations n. Y. Foreign min ister Zulfikar Aji Bhutto charged today mat India s walkout from the . Security Council s on the in Dia Pakistan conflict was in tended to prevent discussion about the two countries Dis Pute Over Kashmir. Bangkok Thailand api continuous heavy Rains since wednesday have caused the Ping River in Northern thai land to overflow and cause heavy damage i Chiungmei province authorities reported saturday. You have the state do the governor replied that it was the first time Yorty has shown much interest in the state s fight against smog. The state has required new aulos and used cars re sold to be equipped with anti smog crankcase breather devices. More smog was predicted for today. The los Angeles county s air pollution control District blamed the attack on Lack of winds which normally blow smog away before it becomes heavily concentrated. The smog hit All sections of the vast los Angeles coastal Plain. Petitioner said Active Centralia police have received several complaints concerning a Man circulating a petition Call ing for the United states to get out of the War in Viet Nam they reported saturday. Police said the Man told them he was working As an individual although he claims to be affiliated with a peace Organ nation in Olympia. He is a win lock area resident. The daily chronicle also received several Calls concerning the Petitioner. The Man has told police he intends to submit his petition to rep. Julia Butler Hansen third District congresswoman. Because the Man appears to be doing nothing contrary to Law no action has been taken against him. Some Sun night and morning Clouds partly sunny Sun Day afternoon nigh 55-65 Low about 40. Complete i Nahigi act Jagai 1. Football by the associated press Dartmouth 20, Yale 17. Holy Cross 20, Buffalo 7. Furman 27, Lehigh 15. Harvard 10, Penn 10 tie. Connecticut 27, new Hamp Shire 0. Boston College 41, Vii 12. Boston u. 30, Rutgers 0. Bates 10, Bowdoin 0. Syracuse 51, Pitt 13. New Plant dedicated Seattle a the Multi million Dollar Boeing space Cen Ter that is the Green River Valley sooth of Here into a booming Industrial Center was dedicated saturday. About guests were invited to the dedication of the 320 acre site plus an adjacent 33 of River Bottom Firmani cent Rollo Chehalis Washington Colony crisis studied Salisbury Rhodesia a prime minister Harold Wil son ruled out British military nerve nation in Rhodesia today s the two governments an ounces a Royal commission would examine the problem of Independence for the British Olony. The announcements came be Ore Wilson s scheduled Depar ure for London after a week of Alks with prime minister Ian Smith. At a news conference Wilson Aid a period of time was needed before the african majority ule could take Over in rho Esia. This could not be Meas ired by Calendar time he said Lis remarks were reported by he South african press Asso nation. He added that he believed a democratic solution of the rho Isian crisis was possible. The White rhodesian were Inder self delusion he said if hey thought they could escape he consequences of any illegal action he said referring to the great of a unilateral Independence declaration by Smith s White minority government. These consequences should not be Wilson said. The announcement of a Royal commission took much of the sting out of the dispute Over Rhodesia s future. Wilson and Smith disagreed on the exact Erms of reference of the com Mission but it assured that Alks Between Britain and rho Desia would keep going. This would make a unilateral declaration of Independence by Mith unlikely. A statement issued by the rhodesian government said the British government suggested to the rhodesian govern ment the establishment of a Royal commission to Settle a Constitution and to determine whether or not it was acceptable to the people of Rhodesia As a whole. Accidents reported three Auto accidents took Ilace in the twin City area and were reported by authorities saturday morning. The state patrol said Harold Siemens of Portland escaped injury Friday at . Miles South of Chehalis on he Pacific Highway when his foreign vehicle rolled Over in he median strip. Troopers said be dozed at the wheel opened Lis eyes and found he was about to strike another vehicle. Be swerved to the left and the 1962 pulp rolled Over. Damage was estimated at in Centralia police reported a end collision at the inter Section of West main and Pearl streets. Judith Greeley of Cen Ralia was treated by a private doctor for a whiplash injury. Officers said there was no Esti mate of damage to her 1961 Auto. The second Driver John h. Owen of Olympia estimated no damage to the front end of his 1965 car. The Accident took place at . At . Friday cars driven by Walton Jorgenson Nehalem ore., and Joseph Wal Ter Fanestock Centralia collided near the intersection of main and Pearl streets. Damage to the Fanestock 1959 Sedan was set at there was no estimate on Jorgenson s vehicle and there were no injuries. Halloween St slated Lewis county Marks the re turn to Standard time and the halloween Observance on Sun Day. Timepieces May be turned Back one hour before residents retire saturday evening Mark ing the end of Daylight savings time. And twin City mayors have agreed that halloween should be properly observed sunday evening. There had been some con fusion earlier on whether sat urday or sunday would be the Observance Date. Law enforcement officers re minded motorists to watch of for youngsters and caution the children to respect Prival property. Children in some areas Wil seek contributions for the uni Ted nations International Chil Dren s emergency fund uni Cef on halloween. Amchitka Island Alaska a a thermonuclear device a eking the Power of tons f int was detonated far under the Bleak Flat surface of am Chitka Friday in a shot Scieri its called near the atomic shot with four Imes the Power of the nuclear bombs which devastated Hir Oshima and Nagasaki in world Var ii was designed to test the United states ability to distinguish Between Earth Waves by natural seismic Dis Urbancek and those generated by underground atomic blasts. The United states invited All lations with seismological Sta ions including the soviet in chronicle saturday oct. 30. 12 pages 74th year no. 257 moisture no problem the hairline Frad Urc near the base of the main Arch at May Field dam has existed Tome time and poses no problems Tacoma engineers said Friday. Moisture seeping from the foundations has a leaching effect and May in time close me outlet. The moisture stain appears in the inset photo. Arrow Points to its location on the downstream Arch Section of the dam. Chronicle staff photo huge Amchitka explosion hailed Ion to record the Earth Waves generated by the shot and promised that All data compiler from the test would be made available on request. Col. Donald 1. Prickett Tes manager for the underground detonation carrying the code name of project Long shot was jubilant. I Don t think even an atom got Prickett said. It was near the thermonuclear device buried feet in the Volcano Rock of which this Island is com posed caused a Shock by it. Col. Ben Grote Deputy test manager for the depart men i of defense As a Sharp Brief Jolt. Whale owner off on another Hunt gig Harbor grif in owner of Namu the killer whale saturday commenced his ourth continuous Day of efforts o trap members of a whale pod now inhabiting Southern puget sound. Using a helicopter and two in Harbor fishing boats grit in has tried to capture some of he killer whales in a pod of More than 15 which has been cavorting around the Narrows. Griffin is Riding in the Heli copter armed with a special gun which shoots harmless tranquil Zer bearing harpoons. If one of these Small har xxx ans hits a whale the beast is wounded Only slightly but a big dose of tranquil izing drug enters its bloodstream. Reports from the Fleet said one of the whales was hit Fri Day but the Tranquili Zed Mam Mal drifted away from the net of the fishing boats. Griffin commenced his efforts to capture another killer whale wednesday when a Large num her were sighted in the upper sound. They have been seen from gig Harbor South of Hend Erson Bay. One pod consists of 10 or 15 of the whales and other pods have also been sighted. The two fishing boats assist ing in the search Are the Golden Gate skippered by Vincent Nat Erlin and the Chinook with Adam Rose or. Captain. Thi Home port of both vessels i gig Harbor. Griffin s plan is to shoot Ani tranquil size a whale from Thi helicopter then direct the fish ing boats with their Large nets to the scene. The whales would be trapped in a net enclosure and taken to the Cove when Namu is spending the Winter. Americans repel Viet Cong assault Saigon South Viet Nam marines using Pis ols and fighting hand to hand rom their Lens beat off a human wave assault by he Viet Ong in the Early morning dark less today 10 Miles Southwest of Danang. A , military spokesman Aid 56 Viet Cong Many o Ihm Een agers were killed he de cried casualties among the 300 marines As moderate. One Marine squad however was badly mauled. Two of its 14 men were killed and the rest wounded the spokesman said. The Viet Cong also mortared he . Special forces Camp at Pulci me in the Central Highlands and launched a flurry of new assaults in the Mekong Delta. Boy 13, killed a 13-year-old boy was among he Viet Cong dead at Danang. Marines said he had been Selling soft drinks to americans in the area and they found drawings of key . Installations on his body. We dropped a lot of Viet with said sgt. Harry dowdy of Salisbury my. They came right up to our Loles. We fired at a Range of 10 the assault by an estimator 100 Viet Cong from a Force of 400, was the second against marines in the Danang area since thursday when a Viet Cong suicide squad infiltrated the Marble Mountain air facility and destroyed and damaged 38 helicopters. Danang is the site of the big american air base 3k Miles Northeast of Saigon. The guerrillas broke through the Marine defense perimeter today and overran Bunker positions. After an hour s Battle the Viet Cong broke and fled marines and vietnamese fanned out in Pursuit. In Saigon senior . Military Luci Beau to marry Johnson City Tex. A eighteen year old Luci John son and her Boyfriend Pat no gent of Waukegan iii., Are spending the weekend at the lbs ranch amid unconfirmed reports they Are Here to seek president and mrs. Johnson s permission to marry. The reports were said to Havi come from a longtime family Friend in Austin Tex., but White House spokesmen Here and in Washington would not verify them All that was confirmed a that vivacious dark haired Luc and tall Blond Pat flew to the ranch together Friday afternoon aboard an air Force courier plane. That was t unusual a Whit. House spokesman said since Luci frequently brings boy friends to the ranch. The president convalescing from his Gall bladder kidney Stone surgery was keeping to a no weekend appointments. If the family gathering was an indication of a forthcoming engagement announcement no one at the ranch was giving of any hints. Pat about 23, has been dating Luci steadily since they me Early this summer through Mutual friends one of them Beth Jenkins daughter of former presidential assistant Walter Jenkins. Sources gave another indication f increased communist act Tel a they reported North Viet Vam has sent Waves of Resh rooms into the Highlands North f the capital or what could be be of the showdown Battles of he War. The sources said 10 to 11 regi ments Are roaming the area Low. Seven of Ihm were de bribed As North vietnamese units accompanied by heavy weapons battalions. Veterans the attack on the company of marines a car Danang How incr was made by both hard Core Cong and toe . Spokesman said. Marines said the youngsters bad been recruited a few hours ear Lier at a Village and forced to join in the attack. One captured Viet Cong was quoted As saying that he be longed to a hard Core battalion of 400 men that massed in the mountains late Friday for the assault. The Viet Cong attack opened with recoilless Rifle fire. Mortar fire followed. At the height of the clash marines engaged the Viet Cong in vicious hand to hand fighting in tents in the Marine bivouac area. Thousands rally support for . New York a thou ands demonstrating support for . Policy in Viet Nam marched Down fifth Avenue to Day. The Parade led by five med Al of Honor winners took the same route As a demonstration two weeks ago protesting Amer ican involvement in the Viet Nam War. The Parade chairman City councilman Matthew j. Troy jr., estimated the number of marchers today would exceed five holders of the medal of Honor the nation s highest Mili tary decoration Are grand marshals for the demonstration billed As an answer to the Antl Viet Nam protests two weeks ago. The Parade was new evidence of Welling support Tor . Policy in Viet Nam. Elsewhere other signs of support appeared particularly on the College Cam pus. The new York March has the backing of mayor Robert f. Wagner and the City Council. It is cosponsored by City Council Man Matthew j. Troy or. And the new York journal Ameri can. Among those scheduled to participate Are veterans groups labor and fraternal organizations youth and student associations and a number of Hun Garian Freedom a silent Vigil against the Viet Nam War will be held at cattleman faces suit a personal injury dam age suit was filed Friday in Lewis county Superior court against Robert c. Rodruck an Onalaska cattle rancher who raises scotch Highland cattle. Plaintiff in the action is John d. Manke who is seeking the damages for injuries said received in a jeep Accident on Rodruck s ranch on oct. 19, 1963. Manke alleges Rodruck lost control of his jeep and went off in a pothole causing injuries to the plaintiff. Manke was visiting Rodruck s ranch to investigate alleged improper practices. Rodruck has a damage suit of his own pending in Lewis county Superior court against or. And mrs. Bill Nolan concerning the alleged improper Breeding practices. It will be heard before a jury on nov. 9. The same time by several peace organizations in times Square. In Memphis tenn., the inter Ity Council of College students has adopted the men of the 1st brigade of the 101st airborne division now in Viet Nam. The Council representing six colleges and students will act As i Clearing House for gifts to servicemen in Viet Nam. A 30-foot Telegram from More than students Sod faculty members at Marquette univer sity Milwaukee has been sent to american troops in Viet Nam in support of their efforts. The Telegram Cost and each signer chipped in a minimum of 40 cents. At Provo Utah Brigham Young University it admit planned a March in support of the . Position. The City com Mission granted a permit to the students and mayor Verl doom said i support you seventy Honolulu High school Lupus Are spearheading hawaiian drive to have each Pupil Send a postcard to a . Serviceman in Viet Nam before Christmas. In Springfield mass., be american International College chapter of Young americans for Freedom will hold a demonstration in court Square in support of . Policy. Leaders of students for a responsible stand in Viet Nam at Northern Illinois University in de Kalb plan to raise Money to run full Page newspapers ads telling american soldiers of their support. Copies of the ads will be sent to military men in Viet Nam. Suit filed in mishap Montesano a of two teen age girls killed in a truck automobile collision at Elma the Day the freeway opened last june 22 have filed two suits each damages. The actions were brought in Grays Harbor county Superior court this week by Lyle bark Low father of Linda Barklow and or. And mrs. Ralph Fred Erick parents of Rebecca Fred Erick All of Elma. Another teen Ager Clarence Johnson was also fatally injured in the Accident. Named defendants were George Buschko Driver of the truck involved in the collision his wife the state Charles Prahl state director of High ways the John p. Hopkins construction co. And the Tacoma Asphalt co. Spooks and goblins to Parade these Are typical of some of the scary characters Lewis county householders will face sunday night during the traditional trick or treat forays of Small Fry. These Young Poptean at centrally s Edleen school. They pm turned Friday for the school s halloween Parade. One a clock replica reminding residents that sunday at i . I the official time when the state returns to Standard time by setting timepieces Back one hour. Youngsters Are from loft Phyllis Harris Janet Peterson John Ante Dale Sturdevant Marilyn Ponder and Zouky id Ordi. Chronicle staff photo a bargain for sure who says you can t find a bargain any More an advert her plunked Down just for Hill and Winegard Antenna and Rotor. Nearly new. Phone 148-xxxx. Of course the and sow me night. And me advert Tor counted Huro Well spent. Try a chronicle want and a Tel to buy Jeff rent Ueo daily or ankh Cua mod me Tje Jyh after pm. 7jmh1

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