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Centralia Daily Chronicle (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Centralia, WashingtonThe weather tonight and j by Cloudy moderate tempera Ture gentle variable winds. Centralia mum 66 Munmum 52. Member associated press t circulation Centralia. Washington. Monday june 23. 1930 i the Dally Chun ice covers a Trade territory u Miles in extent with a organized Carrier service reach ing nearly every Community Center the same night by f o clock. Vol. Xxxix no. 149 a byte to vote on veterans by editorial unemployment Stork makes or three out of we it has become a very common practice among certain classes of citizens to belittle the government making it responsible for the de elation in business which now is generally accepted As the cause of considerable unemployment and a consequent slowing up of retail Trade. Naturally when Industry slows up there is a consequent slowing up of retail Trade. Without wages or income people cannot buy. But people must live and so Long As production continues Normal the unemployment situation will automatically untangle itself in due course of time. In this locality the lumber Situa Tion has caused some unemployment. A Lack of demand for Lum Ber products has caused Over productive Mills to curtail. A partial failure of our Strawberry crop will affect us some. The general in Presston that hard times prevail ver the rest of the country has a psychological effect on the Pur chasing Public. President Hoover has done All in his Power to stimulate both a private and Public building pro Gram to relieve the situation. The new Tariff Bill has done As harm so far but will no doubt be shorn of us unfair schedules by the pres ident who has been Given authority to increase or decrease rates on items which he and the Tariff commission May deem necessary. For a decade the United states had a virtual monopoly of the world s Prosperity but since the passing of that Prosperity last fall it has not gone so far in its de pression As to monopolize the world s unemployment. Ever since the armistice eng land has faced an unemployment problem that has reached one crisis after another. Germany now has Idle workers and France has just found a partial solution to a serious unemployment situation. The British finding no Rem Edy have sought Relief in the Dole demos to assemble i prohibition to be principal Issue at convention Here London naval pact Laid before Senate by chairman Borah Washington. Juno port. Senators Johnson Republic London naval treaty was Laid California and Shipstad far before the Senate next saturday above Are pictured col. And mrs. Charles a. Lindbergh to whom a son was born yesterday at the Nev Jersey estate of mrs. Lindbergh s father Dwight w. Morrow ambassador to Mexico. The baby who weighed seven pounds and 12 ounces arrived on his Mother s 24th birthday. Damage caused by cloudburst Istanbul. Turkey. June 23. Cloudburst at Angora yesterday destroyed in a half hour much that the Kem lists had accomplished in seven years i of labor toward modernization. The torrential rain Tore up i j Miles of new roads and Side walks in the ancient City destroyed the Villa of the presi l j i Dent of tie National Assembly workers. The children s playgrounds j operated by americans were washed away. Aside from infant s birth and Allan Hoover goes to work new York june i Allan Hoover second son of i the president donned overalls i today and started to work in 1 the Bayonne. N. J., Plant of the american Radiator com Pany. I in his second year at the Harvard school of business. Weight no detail of event i Hoover like most of his class now that the county conventions Are the eyes of Washington democrats Are entered on Centralia. Where the party will hoi its biennial state convention next saturday with prohibition the foreordained Paramount topic of discussion. Provided or fint lines hold there seems to be Little doubt but that the convention will go on record As favouring some change in the dry Laws judging from the sentiment of delegates chosen but just what the Resolution on prohibition will recommend is somewhat problematical. Some of the democratic county conventions indicated that modification of tie dry Laws in some manner not specifically set Forth or referring the question to a referendum vote would be the proper thing to do at present. The Kins. Snohomish an Spokane county conventions on the other hand wer More definite in their proposals urging repeal of the eighteenth amendment and the return to the several states of the control of the liquor traffic within their respective Borders. By chair " or labor. Minnesota Are preparing u Liidia reports they were join Man Borah of the foreign rela-1 by senators Moses new Hamp tons committee after the . And Robinson Indiana both Mittee had approved it. 10 to 4. Republicans in opposition to the interrupting debate on the vet treaty in the committee Erans Relief m asure. The Ida Lutui the overwhelming support submitted the pact merely with the the treaty in the committee was be notice that lie was reporting to insure ratification of the Resolution from the committee pact when it is taken up by the there was or accompanying re Senate in special chamber dinner tomorrow night Edward storms taken into custody by police depart ment after exciting Chase Edward storms 20. Was arrested i by the police saturday night after he is alleged to have forged the name of Jens Adolphson. A Dairy Man to a Check for and induced Roy Thompson another Dairyman to Cash it. He is being held in the City jail pending the a filing of formal charges. After being apprehended in a members of the Centralia chamber of Commerce will Check Over their first year of work at a banquet meeting in the hotel Lewis Clark at o clock tomorrow evening. Liis the first annual Mem j be ship gathering has been in i the making for several weeks 1 past. Tile business session will be fairly Brief and the re i minder of time devoted to the i main address by Wylie hemp Hill president of the Seattle chamber of Commerce and a report of chamber activities i by president c. O. Gingrich. I during the business session a committee is to be appointed i to nominate candidates for the four vacancies on the Board of measure opposed pres. Hoover expected to use veto if take favourable action the anti prohibitionists received local p00 Hall. Storms broke away in unexpected setback saturday when the Pierce county democrats with 44 votes in the state Conven Tion stood firmly by present pro from the officers two shots from their revolvers failing to Stop him. He was later recaptured in a North end Alley again broke away but Hibi Tion regulations and bound its was finally subdued with a flying were Given out Englewood. N. A june 23 and mrs. Charles a. 1 Lindbergh Are the parents of u i son. The baby Webr hips and three quarters pounds was borr at p. M., Eastern Standard i mates is spending the summer 1 learning the manufacturing business from the ground up. I he is being Given no special i consideration company officials i time yesterday in the Home where i what his salary was but said Germany is attacking her prob Lem from a different direction. She a 10 per cent Cut in Export prices attained by lowering and by releasing an Over Stock of Coal in the Ruhr at Cut prices hoping by that method to Bui d new markets and to keep her factories and mines in opera Tion until the present world de pression is Over. This German plan challenges the american theory that Prosperity is dependent upon the maintenance of a High wage level. Con sumption rises and Falls with the wage level. That plan is also a threat against competing Ameri can industries and their workers. If Cut Price German goods were permitted by a Low Tariff to flood american markets competing Domestic producers would face the j test blooms of the year at the an Morrow Home. Necessity of cutting both prices Nual Flower show of the women s radio stations interrupted their and wages. Civic club ,0 be held in the con programs to broadcast news of the additional editorials on 6, in tar Corner of with said and As far As the com i Pany is concerned is just an other College Bov trying to get i some practical education. I they did not know exactly his Mother the former Anne mor Row was born. She1 became a Mother on her 24th birthday. Aside from the statement of the baby s birth and his weight no of the event were Forth coming from the household of mrs. Lindbergh s parents ambassador and mrs. Dwight w. Forrow sex the statement that Mother it was nothing to write Home about. In it urn Cepl Siau int it Mill Multi r City s annual Kose show will and baby were resting comfortably. Be held tomorrow under news of the arrival of the Lind Bergh heir spread rapidly to All auspices of civic club parts of the country and to for eign shores and within a Short time a Parade of messengers with i Flower lovers will have an sex Story reia1jw girl three men slash victim s face and body in Effort to Force payment of Fergus Falls. Minn. June 23 bound and with her lace and body slashed. Viola Holt. 18. Granddaughter of a wealthy Ottertail county Farmer today told a Story of an attempt by three men to extort on threats of death to her grandparents. The girl who is in a Pelican rapids Hospital today told authorities she met three men near a Small Slough last night after she had received a series of notes threatening d ath to her grand father grandmother and a younger brother unless she paid the writ ers while unable to raise the Money the Eirl said she decided so would die if necessary to save the other members of the family and appeared near the Slough As directed. There she said she met the three men and told them she could not pet the Money. Cd Lent Opportunity to View the ing Flowers began to arrive at the messages and Benr one of gala events of year in far Dom will draw big crowd of visitors not Only will it be a Basket Ful Pearl and Center streets tomorrow. A name had not been announced food but an earful of inform a Fine list of entries has been for the new arrival but Charles a. Nen As Well Hilt Southwest Wash Ironi ised by the show committee. Lindbergh. Jr., for his or. Premiums will be Given in the j i various Elf. Ses. And a prize goes j probable choices to Pic Winner taking most first preparations which in ton picnic goers will Avail them elves of at the combined Dairy men s picnic and Guernsey Breed been ers Field Day being staged on to Pic Winner taking most first preparations which had been. Ers Field Day being staged on place awards will also go to Reade for mrs. Lindbergh s recep no Fajr grounds tomorrow Between boy entering the Best Bird j the Olirs of 10 m and four House and to the girl showing the but Bird Book. The show committee is comprised mrs l. V. Lindemuth. General chairman mrs. A. Dahlstrom classifications and mrs. O. Spurgeon. Publicity. The show room will be open at 8 a. To receive exhibits. Entries will close at noon and judging will begin immediately thereafter. The show will re Jimain open to visitors through the Southwest held in Vancou birth of a Young Lindbergh. I Bill Klev Ere were even persons within to 5earb and at buc Mev and were informed by outsiders Early evening. Maryland attorney chosen Conan. Director of prohibition by Ion in air since their marriage i Mav 27. 1929.-cantinued her flying Reau under new Law o within a few Days of baht s birth. Last thursday she flew with colonel Lindbergh from Hospital equipment and two nurses p. Under the auspices of the were installed at the Morrow Lewis county Guernsey cattle Home. Club. Of the Only Sien about the Morrow events of the year in far Dom. Home to indicate that so Momen will draw visitors from All Paru Tous an event had taken place the the House did riot St summer the event Drew Agar learn of the birth until Thev left ians townspeople and workers for 1 Miles around. Because of the importance of the Clay the chamber of Commerce is the attend Ance of Centra lians. A Well balanced program has been prepared by the arrangements committee to include addresses by Well known men As w. W. Fitzpatrick. Milk marketing specialist c. W. Robinson Western Guernsey Field representative and others. Stock judging by experts and exhibits of interest to All will the displayed. The noon time lunch will be in the form of Basket dinners with h e Cream and Coffee served free. R. B. Ticknor and p. H. Thompson Centralia dairymen head the committees in charge of arrangements. Delegation under the unit Rule to vote dry Here. As a result of the dry coup at Tacoma. The King county delegation is expected to hold a caucus and bind its delegates to vote for rep Al at the state meeting. While wet senti ment was predominant at the King county Conven Tion a Werk ago the unit Rule was not adopted. The Spokane convention last saturday furnished Mireh unanticipated fireworks. While it had been expected to make Short work even of adopting a wet Plank Tiv meeting speedily developed into a forensic Battle Royal and it was not until late at Nielli that the convention could be adjourned. The wet forces a claiming at least 235 of the 392 votes to be cast Here while some of the move optimistic assert unit the anti prohibition poll May mount to 300 the wets a sure they will enter the Fra with a nucleus of 117 Dole Gates from King county and that tackle and Handcuffs. Earlier in the Day storms is said to have attempted to Cash a Check to which Adolphson s name also had been logged. At the St. John motor company in Che Lialis and to have fled when an Effort was made to determine if the Check was Good. Kiedai a report she of Northern Pacific great nor Thern and Union Pacific said to have bought line Kansas City june Kansas City Star says wore the Pacific coast was received today of the pending Purchase of the Portland. Longview and North Ern railway by the Northwestern transcontinental lines the North pm Pacific the Union Pacific and the or at Northern. No official mayor of Atlantic City among i of the proposed Pur _ _ j Chase could be obtained Here. Icbms of fatal crash at Tlle Portland Longview and Absecon new Jersey Northern is a Long Bell lumber company Road. It was built from Absecon n. A. June Longview the production Center of u inti i juju big v 1 the adherents of either Modifica mayor Anthony m. Ruffu. Or. Tiny m a civil from Kokane. Sno _ ,.io1 no Tion or repeal from Spokane. Sno Mish Yakima Gravs Harbor whatcom. Walla Willa. Thurs ton. Colwitz. Pacific Adams. Co Lumbia. Grant. Jefferson Klicki Tat and and Oreille counties Wil net them at least 235 votes out of a total of 257 for these counties. On the known dry Side of the state they list 60 votes from Pierce Asotin. Chelan and counties. The remaining 19 coun ties with 75 votes constitute an com Pany. To continued on 4 Pomeroy Republican National committeeman who had called ambassador Morrow. I am a bit mayor Kitchell said for i left ambassador Morrow after 5 o clock and he never said a word about it. Come to think of it. A gentleman passed me in a bit of a hurry while i was in. The House but he would not talk to me. He must have been i the angered her Story goes the men1 Washington. June _ seized h a threatened death selection of a. W. Woodcock of Teterboro Airport to Hartfod finally bound her up. Afterwards Salisbury. Md., As director of the conn., and return. Ten Days Ore one of them slashed her across the Bureau of prohibition in the de j Vio ulv Sho had accompanied him face and body with a knife. When apartment of Justice has been an in a test flight in a Small Mono she screamed the men fled. Vancouver. Wash., june 23 listening to a life insurance sales talk in the office of p h Sloan at Camas yesterday Joseph Nadeau. 40. A labourer died almost instantly after being bounced. I plane. The appointment will be made j the Only desc lotion of the baby in july 1. When the Williamson i was the staff sent of a servant in Cal. Which transfers to the Justice the Morrow household who was r apartment the function of en-1 noted As Savine that he looks Hogan released on technicality Seattle june tech rival Legal squabble ended the trial of Dan Hogan. Dismissed Seattle patrolman accused of grand forcing of the prohibition act goes into effect. Woodcock now is United states a Torney for the District of Mary like h s he has blonde hair and Blue eyes. Report on deficiency Bill re commends Only for enforcement commission Washington. June mfg the appropriations committee communicated to the Senate today its decision to give the Hoover Law enforcement commission Only 000 instead of next year. With the stipulation that it must be used entirely for a study of prolix bit Ion enforcement. Reporting the second deficiency Bill the committee recorded its approval of the appropriation for starting work on Boulder Canyon dam. Senator Glass Democrat. Virginia sponsored the fund for the prohibition inquiry. President Hoover had asked another 000. But this fund was ruled out of the Bill in the House. Chairman Jones of the a Propri Ryderwood to tap us extensive Timber holdings of the company. Tic Northwestern trunk lines now Atlantic City and three other persons were killed today when an Autonio Bil was struck by a Shore bound Philadelphia Atlantic City Ruffu who was6 Ridenti i of the Road has been fied by nanners in his xxx Ket a possibility several months. R. A. The Otto dead Are Long chairman of the Board of the John Wiley. 52. His wife. 40. Siracusa. 37. Of Ventnor. Widow Steph n Siracusa. A brother of mayor Ruffu s wife and aunt of t Iii in i Long Bell company was in Confer i we elves Washington june despite warnings of an impending presidential veto the Senate today approached a vote on the world War veterans compensation Bill with its sponsors confident of enough votes for passage. Administration leaders however declined to admit defeat and plan their Hopes of enacting a Meas i ure suitable to president Hoover upon a substitute plan prepared by senator Reed of Pennsylvania a Roll Call today on the pending measure was assured by an unanimous consent agreement entered into last week. It had already been passed by the House and with the Senate voting its approval it would to to conference As it was con s durably modified by the Senate committee. In vigorous fashion. President Hoover set Forth his objections to the Bill in a letter to senator Watson the Republican Leader which was Given out at the whits House for publication today. He criticized the measure Asun sound and opposed to the Best interests of the veterans themselves. Be warned that its enactment would probably necessitate increased taxes if a deficit at the close of the next fiscal year is to be avoided. Communications from Secretary Mellon dealing with the measure ? effect on the budget and from director Hines of the veterans Bureau criticizing the Bill As in adequate were attached to the president s letter. We have stretched Goemmer expenditures in the budget begin Ning july 1. To the utmost limit of our possible receipts and have incurred a probable deficit principally for the Relief of unemployment through expansion of Public or. Hoover said. Every addition Dollar of expenditure Meths an additional Dollar in the president said the Bill Wou d increase expenditures for world veterans by during the first year of its operation the additional expenditure to although officials Here were not ready to discuss the Sale or its j. Siracusa of tic City. The automobile mayor Ruffu so car. Was struck Square la in trip Center by the southbound Pennsyl to the interstate Vania Railroad train. The wreckage Commerce com Mission before any announcement would be made. The value of the is said to be placed was strewn Over the tracks More than 100 Yards and the Bodi k so mangled that identification almost impossible. So terrific was the crash that the engine of the fiver was disabled and it was necessary to Send an other engine from Atlantic o to to draw the train into the station. Som where Between and Lont View not surprised Longview june from Kansas City that nor railroads unofficially reported negotiating for Purchase of the Portland. Assemblyman Anthony j. Siracusa. Of Atlantic City or thew o i Longview and Northern railway owned by the Long Bell lure or 01 Aii Amic Uii. A sinew 01 com no Here Little. Sur. Mayor Ruffu. Was at first believed. Prl5e Heve As rumours of such Sale one of the victims. Sati Bee current for a month or Mavor Ruffu reputed to be sex More Tremley wealthy was a powerful Tlle Kansas City report Point enl figure at the Liore re id tune Pacific. Great nor snit. Where. There have teen several and were efforts to oust him he had just interested m the it had finished a Short rest he took after mde stood Here that the Mil Bezik exonerated by an Atlante k Stem was contemplating county Petit jury of charges of in a move Portland icons Erial practices m connection with View and Northern of rates a joint the placing of municipal insurance. So ice at Nibot. During continued on Page 4 cd Wal mayor Nugent issues state ment urging citizens to co operate in Campaign aliens committee was Only member voting against the Glass amendment. He wanted a larger appropriation. The Bill will be taken in prob tomorrow with fights on he Law enforcement fund and the if Arceny and accepting Money to b0uider Canyon dam approx Ria release City prisoners Here today Tjon t great Ning to delay action the state was unable to pro a land. He was first appointed in with an Anne Arance of outward 11922 the Justice department said Calm but mint Thi Grandfather. In with a Haemorrhage Wao eau s he amed the respect of his ambassador Morrow Cave Frank relatives live it Sturgeon Falls. Of for the fair fearless and. Cd version to his elation. Near Toronto. Canada of writer passes Clarksburg w. In. June 23 Davisson pest 59, Well known Short Story writer died today in a Hospital Here. Friends said colonel Lindbengh Duce two of the prosecution wit the news of his son s birth Nesses in court. But i la have n substitute in formation filed within 30 l prosecutor Ewing d. Colvin said after the Case dismissed be death at Toledo Chehalis. June Ruth n. Repp to died at her Home at Toledo yest in div. She Uncle Sam buys air plane engines the Day the line serves As a logging read. Washington. June the War department today Federal prisoner makes his escape proved contracts for 876 new air Seattle june plane engines casting a prisoner from Belling the expenditure Mil cover a escaped from guards in the contract for awarded today a new the Pratt and Whitney aircraft before be was to be taken company of Hartford. Conn for 684 Wasp 450 horsepower in before Ines. And one tie Curtiss aeroplane and motor company of new York for 40 in Pederal judge Jeremiah for sentencing on a narcotics Law conviction. Wasstrom. Alias to. C. Hicks vis a civic taken from a cell in mayor d. O. Nugent today issued a proclamation designating clean up week for Centralia and at the same time urged All local citizens to co operate i the Campaign to insure its maximum Success. The cleanup was to Start today and close june 28. Following is the text of the mayor s proclamation whereas the week of june .23 to june 28. Inclusive has been set aside and designated As cleanup week for the City of Centralia. And whereas. The various ser vice clubs of the City of Centralia have undertaken the accomplishment of this work looking toward the beautifying of the City now therefore be it ordained that the week from june 23 to june 28. Inclusive be and is hereby set aside As cleanup week and that on Friday june 27. From the hour of to a. All places of business Are requested to close that All May assist in the furtherance of this work. A. O. Nugent. members of the cleanup com Mittee of which Rev. Frederick i Uke is chairman jul meet tonight to formulate final plans for uie event. It is proposed to devote one Day during the week to a civic Celebration. Woman is victim of heart attack a Smartha Patterson residing the s m Ruffic ent manner in which he has i Thev also said that the arrival cause the 60-Day period in which years of age. Surv Nir performed his last a Bov conformed to the the state had to go to trial or he was appointed to work with of both colonel Lindbergh and dismiss the charges had passed. Was 28 relatives tie 876 engines will be installed i 402 new air planes for which contracts wore recently awarded an expenditure of 419. Babe hits no. 24 a 3 Meier and distance from her Home apparent i by the Vitta of a heart attack 1 c 0 _ she is believed to have been stricken while returning Home from her body not being Dis covered until Daylight. _ cd it Corr Avn Senit nah Kublai Ujj new York june 23. Rational commission on Law Observance and enforcement and spent several months in making a study of the enforcement of fed eral and state prohibition Laws. His wife for a son. Mrs. Lindbergh had invited a few friends to celebrate her birthday continued on Page Colvin appealed to the court for a Long continuance. W which Hogan s attorney John p. Objected on cavity. The time techno include the widower Edward rep Ruth connected with his 24th Home Peto a . Oliver her of the season in the or. And mrs. Ben Hunter All of inning of the first game 01 Toledo double header Between the Van the body was brought to the kits and the Browns. The babe for a Coeur d Albite Idaho. Mrs. Patterson who lived alone. Of 32 Wallace was 53 years of age. She had been rum rebellion defendants a resident of Centralia five years. Delayed in Federal court today in three children survive. Earl Pat i Ferse attorneys i him useted a. Terson. San Francisco mrs. A. L. Zuments for arrest of judgment Roser. Plenty cod mont., and hich the court Over ruled and Lloyd Patterson Centralia a new trial in the ground the the body was removed to the pending

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