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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 1

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Daily Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Centralia, WashingtonWorld s week . Triumphs in outer space control a Che Holls to Shingto by the associated press Tho greatest of american space adventures began thurs Day in the usual manner. While the United states and Europe via Early Bird watched Here was the breath catching countdown. It came to Zero the great Tongue of flame leaped out and the Titan 2 lifted gently off the pad at Cape Ken Nedy Fla. In the gemini 4 space capsule Riding the nose of Titan 2 were a couple of air Force majors James Alton Mcdivitt 35, and Edward Higgins White ii 34, off on n planned four Day Orbital flight around the world. The launch was perfect and the Craft went into or bit Between 100 and 175 Miles above the Earth. Then things began to happen pretty fast. On the first orbit gemini 4 tried to rendezvous with the burned Oul second stage of Titan 2. But the idea was scratched because too much fuel was used trying to catch the Booster. By this time it was too late for White to try a walk in space on the second orbit. So he did it on the third. While gemini 4 travelled Over the United states at Miles per hour White left the capsule for a record breaking 20-minute journey in weightlessness. He liked it out Side so much they had trouble getting him to come in again. White using a Jet gun to pro Pel himself moved All around the outside of the spacecraft walked on it smeared the wind shield in front of Mcdivitt tried to take pictures with a hand camera. While reluctant you smeared up my wind shield you dirty said Mcdivitt with millions listening to their conversation. While enjoyed himself hugely in space and both he and my a Lvell seemed to lose truck of Imo. Finally Mcdivitt ordered while Hack in and White said i m not Cuming he laughed flight control in Houston tax., got a Little frantic and several times ordered White in. White and Medivitz could t hear wrong key punched in the gemini. Finally Houston got through and Mcdivitt said any message of us said Virgil i. Gils Grissom get Hack this is the Saddest moment of my life said while As he re entered. The most spectacular part of he voyage was Over. The Astro nauts settled Down to a routine of alternate four hours sleep four hours duty until splash Down in the Atlantic. When the flight was Over the United slates will have taken a great giant step in the race to land a Man on the Moon. Viet Cong strike As expected the monsoons came and so did the Viet Cong. The communist forces obviously hoping to capitalize on bad flying weather staged am Bushes near Saigon in the South near Danang in the North and particularly in con trial provinces where american forces were slim. In the first week the bloody onslaught Cost South Viet Nam government forces at least a thousand killed. The Viet Cong was not going unscathed How Ever and. In several brushes with . Marines and army Gol a bloody nose. Said an american official the important Battle of the summer of 19c5 has just been joined. We Are moving into a important period of the War everywhere there were hints of further american troop move ments to Viet Nam. Spa line route opposed by City Centralia City officials said Friday they Are going to insist the entry Point into the area for the new Bonneville Power administration transmission line not be on Fords Prairie ave nue. Mayor Ray Davis said the continued press by Bonneville for the route of the Volt Supply line through the City s most valuable residential growth area is difficult to under stand. This is what Community plan ners have been telling cities they should nol do permit heavy utilities to Cut up key growth areas. The damage in present and future land values and in future planning is the mayor declared. The mayor said that at pres ent he has doubts just How effective the City May be in its efforts to have the transmission line built to the North of Fords Prairie Avenue on one of three other possible routes the spa engineers said Are Iacre. Davis said the area of Dis Pute is outside the City and that any franchise or casement mat ters on rights of Way would involve Only the county. There is already concern and alarm in the area by property owners the mayor Sakl and it is being fell inside the cily Lim its there. If necessary we May urge those people in the Fords Prairie Avenue area to Annex to the the mayor said. He explained Hal would give the City More authority in pro late news bulletins Bonn Germany a Chancellor Ludwig Erhard re turned from a five Day trip to the United states today Prais ing american readiness to act whenever Freedom is threat ened As is the Case today in Southeast Saigon South Viet Nam a communist guerrillas saturday night launched a mor tar barrage upon the District Headquarters at Dak Sut 50 Miles Southeast of Quang Ngai scene last week of one of the vietnamese War s major bat1, ties. Brewster Wash. A the body of a 58-year-old transient worker was recovered from the Columbia River Here saturday morning after the Man fell from Bridge into the River. The victim was ten fat Lovely identified As James s. Devlin. Sunny mostly sunny sunday. High 70-80 Low 45-50. Complete weather in 10. Dec Tang itself and an area tha within several years will prob ably be in the City. At the same time City com Mission members revealed they were never consulted As the spa Survey that has Favores Ising the Fords Prairie Avenue Ward said the first indication of the routing was in a March 2 Elter from the area spa Engin Eer s office to City Light superintendent Paul Peyton. The letter was in response l one from City Light asking i Iii Veys had started for the transmission line. And it was the March 2-1 Lei or that also told us for the firs Lime that the Lewis county pub Lic Lilily District had acquire i a substation site located in Lini with the Fords Prairie Avenue Ward said. The commissioner said it mus be evident the spa and pud de Cidell on the transmission Lin routing without Ever consulting Centralia. The substation site i located on the West Side of the Junction of Fords Prairie ave nue with the Eshom Road. Ward said the property a bought by the pud on feb. 1 and the was filed in the county auditor s office on feb 17. But it was March 24 before Bonneville Lold the City of Centralia that the pud had acquire cd a substation site and thai was on the Fords Prairie ave nue Survey line Ward sail. Earlier this week City Ligh pud Lewis county and count planning leaders conferred wit spa engineers on the line Rou ing and spa engineers Sai hey had found our possible routes hut still preferred the Fords Prairie Avenue Survey the other routes Are along the Calvin Road and Reynolds a nue the Union Pacific a Roll right of Way and Sti farther North and along the erg of Davis Hill. The limit mile Long line is extend from Napavine North o Bonneville s present in Invin route. Near Galvin the cell vol service Lino would swing a and Cross Fords Prairie to g to the spa substation on six Streel. The Hue would he Hie scion to serve the area and has Bee several years in coming Despol protests by cent rally and t pud the area faces blackouts Imer Gendics. The one prose link Wilh the spa system is year old wooden pole in thai is on the cast Side of to twin cities. The entire Cost of the Scroi line is to be borne by Central and Iho pud the inter ii Ali needing the service for its i towers North of cent rally. To major share of Tho is to be paid via a carry i charge Wilh Iii Over a 10 year period i Light would retire Iho debt Al Rule of a year. Pud s a mini Cost would be about saturday june 5, 1965 12 pages 74th year no. 133 seeks peace Santo Domingo Domin an Republic a the ale maled dominican civil War naked its sixth week today Ith a fresh peace Loam of the organization of american ates trying to win a political Cut Lemeul. Six previous major efforts to cd opiate an agreement ended i failure including those by the the unit l nations and the Valieant. There were reports that the new three nation Mission a air ill wednesday by a Spe Ial conference brought of Washington a plan for a will supervised election it and . Government sources Only would say that the Lection was one of a number of possible Compromise solutions under consideration. An trusteeship followed y an election and a coalition provisional government were her possibilities. The dominican rebels already ave rejected an election for Mula proposed by the civilian military Junta the rebels demanded restoration of the 1963 on dilution and creation of a new government before an elec Ion. The new peace Effort was launched Friday when its com Mission met with msgr. Eman ele Clarizio the papal Nuncio and with . Ambassador w. Apley Bennett. The Vatican s presen tatic was one of the first to attempt to mediate the conflict. Members of the peace Leam re Ellsworth Bunker . Am Assad or to the Ilmar Enna Marinho of Brazil and Amon de Clairmont Duenas. Of ii Salvador. The remaining . A Ines of an original leather Rcck Force of , prepared meanwhile to leave the Domin can Republic Over the weekend the rest of the . Force 00 paratroopers of the 82m airborne division and 700 air personnel have been in Geraled into the newly former enter american Force under for Mal control of the . At United nations hear Lequar ers in new York Ruben Brache the rebels . Repro in tatic said Friday he was forwarding to the organization he names and addresses of hoc i croons he claimed the Junta be ruled. Storms lash area by the associated pres severe thunderstorms a com an cd by damaging winds hand torrential Rains Swep across Central and Eastern Kan Sas into North Central Missour ale Friday and Early today. At least ii persons died Light by accidents during the height of the storms. Tree limb Natl Power lines were Knock Lown and windows were Sha ered by High winds. Stream went Oul o their Banks and number of persons were evacuated from Low lying areas. Highways were flooded from Solh and Wisl of Wichita and North and Casl of Kansas City As Rains up to six inches soaked the area. Strong winds ripped through nine farms destroyed one farm Home and blew several cars off roads near Haven Kan. Resi dents of the area in Central Kansas reported two Tornado funnels. Nearly four inches of rain fell in Wichita in inc six hours be fore Midnight and streets Over flowed As sewers were unable to handle the Runoff. Merchants in the Southern part of inc cily sandbagged the fronts of their stores. State fete Heads told ska talk a gov Dnn Evans and sen. Warren g. Mag Nuson d-Wash., will Servo As honorary co of the Washington Community festival june Lfi-20 no the scat lie censer officials announced Friday. The festival designed to pro. Mote tourism we Luln the state brings representatives of More than 100 cities owns festivals and fairs to Scallzo. Ii will in clude exhibits concerts and other events. Gemini space twins doing Well As Mission enters its third Day Houston Tex. Auts James a. Mcdivitt and Idward 11. White ii still in Ood shape and remarkably text soared past the Halfway Point of heir record space ride alunday As medical monitors maintain cd a close watch on Cir condition. The air Force majors reached he midpoint of the planned our Day trip a i . Put s their gemini 4 spacecraft ailed More than 100 Miles Bove inc United Stales Al inc and of la Weir 31st orbit Al thai time they had been in Pace for 48 hours 58 minutes hey Are to return to Earth just Fler noon monday. There is absolutely no de Rease in their Alcil Ness. They ire in excellent the Mission control Center at hous on reported. The gemini 4 spacecraft was reported per forming exceptionally Well. Mcdivitt reported a slight Iron ass in the Throat As a result the pure oxygen atmosphere n the Cabin but Hal was expected. Eye irritation which the astronauts reported earlier be cause of the oxygen had cleared up. Jot enough exercise Midi will had one complaint. In said he was t getting enough exercise. We re in Good shape up command Pilot Mcdivitt reported to the ground this morning. He added however hat he was a trifle weary and during the night he had his Cost sleep yet. While who provided the main excitement of the planned four Day flight by taking a 20 minute excursion in space thursday Vas asleep at the Lime the re sort was made. John Hodge a Mission control Center flight director reported his morning that the astronauts spent a very uneventful night. We did what we were supposed .0 do following the flight plan gathering medical data eating drinking sleeping and perform ing Hodge said the astronauts appeared to be As Alert As if they Only been in space or five minutes instead of More than 47 hours. He reported spacecraft conditions were excellent and there was nothing in sight that could cause an Early Termina Tion of the Mission. Director impressed Hodge said he was impressed Wilh the enthusiasm and the awareness and awareness with which they re answering questions on what they re doing and How they re doing during he morning the Astro nauts took turns taking pictures of prominent Earth Points which might be used As reference Points to guide project Apollo astronauts returning from Moon voyages. Among the photographic Lar gels were Point Jig Era and Point Aguilla both in puerto Rico Al Dorado Airport at to Gola Colombia Point Loma Lighthouse san Diego Calif. Lake Titicaca and Lake de poo a in Bolivia and the Junction of the Blue Nile and the while Nile in Africa. During inc night while slept through a routine medical examination and had to be Awak ened in the 27th orbit for the exam. Mrs. Edward White left and mrs. James me Divitt Are shown in Mission control Center at the manned spacecraft Center in Houston at outer space Chat they talked with their astronaut husbands orbiting the Earth in gemini 4 Friday. A wire photo two states California split backed Sacramento Calif. Embattled Senate lighting reapportionment like the 49ers beat off Gold mining claim jumpers has acted to split the nation s most populous state in two. But the state Assembly gov. Edmund g. Brown and maybe the Congress of the United states All appeared ready to head the move off at the pass. Sen. Richard j. Dolwig a re publican from the san Francis co Bay area Community of san Mateo offered his plan As an answer to a Federal court order for the Rural dominated Senate to re apportion itself by july 1. Dolwig reacted in angry fron tier fashion to an order that would turn the legislative upper House Over to populous counties particularly those in the Southern part of the state. But the Assembly dominated Dairy fete on Parade june Dairy month got a Rous ing boost saturday in the twin cities where a Parade was staged under cloudless skies. Curl Back county commission chairman was the Parade mar Shal according to Chuck Ros Bach Chehalis Parade chair Man. Nearly 30 Parade entries passed through the twin cities sat urday afternoon Starling at i . In Centralia and 3 . In Chehalis. In Southern California was cer Tain to turn the plan Down. We re one state one califor snapped assemblyman Don Allend los Angeles whose Assembly committee would have to approve the legis lation. Gov. Brown has spoken similarly in the past. The Senate voted 27-12 Friday night for a constitutional amendment dividing the state at the Tehachapi mountains. A 22 16 Vole Send a companion Bill to the Assembly. Pending is a Resolution asking Congress to approve the separation. The Southern state would have a population of 10.3 million the third largest in the nation. I would consist of los Angeles Ventura san Bernardino or Ange Riverside san Diego ant Imperial counties. The Northern state which would have 7.8 million people would have 51 counties. One senator said there an two different worlds in califor Bank killer sought in massive search big Springs neb. A scores of peace officers prowled Over Muddy roads in a Siow steady rain today seeking some Trace o the icy Calm killer who shot our Bank employees in he Back Friday killing three and wounding the fourth. Road blocks were removed after the state patrol and sheriffs officers completed a Lious by House farm by farm search of a wide area in Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado bul the huge posse continued to Check out leads none of them fruitful. Rain started about 4 . Fri Day dumping about w inches on the area and turning Many Side roads into Muddy trails. The Rains continued today. Planes which were used at he Start of the manhunt were Waves and a walk West ctr Man Chancellor Ludwig Erhard and president Johnson team up in Waves during a Trail around the White House grounds Friday with reporters. The president invited Erhard for a walk after a conference inside the executive mansion. A wire photo Al grounded by rain and poor vis Billy today. There was still no Trace of the killer. Every available Man in 10 Miles is taking said she Iff Floyd Slahor. Late Friday sheriff Stahr a f foot-4 Man in a Wilc brim Wes Ern Hal made his head Quarley in the Bank. State troopers it agents sheriff s officers a police from neighbouring Towi trooped in to report o him. The 510 residents of this vilage astride the Denver to Norl Platte Highway 0 Miles North o the Colorado Border Sci stunned by the killings Friday. I have no idea Why he she said county ally. Robe Richards. They did t Resi when he Lold Ihm to Lay Dow on their the gunman fired eight Lime As the four Lay on the floor the Farmers state Bank. Thre died instantly. The fourth a critically wounded. Killed were Andreas a Ucli Gaard 77, a Bachelor who a president of the Bank Glen j Ilcyn Ricksen 5 a the Cas Bici and Lois Ann ill Han .35, boo keeper. Line shift bid taken a con race for has been awarded to a Portland firm for relocation of he Silver Creek Lino. The con race was awarded by the i Lonneville Power administration which said Friday the Relo cation is necessary to bypass the Mossy Rock dam now under con so Nelion. Successful bidder was Mont Gomery Kloc Lilc co. And Maloon co. The contractor will he Given 185 Days to Complete inc Job. According to spa Iho pro eel begins two Miles cast of Mossy Rock and ends 4.1 Miles Newny at a Point four Miles Wisl of Morion. Tacoma will reimburse spa for expenses of to line change. Width of Trio right of Way is Iuo feet. C Onsol Duclion will Sliwi i incr this month. Viets strike Back Saigon Viet Nam a government forces badly battered by Viet Cong ambushes in re cell Days struck Buck with the Aid of armed . Helicopters and claimed Loday they killed 40 communist guerrillas in a single action Friday. A . Military spokesman reported Hal Quick action by . Army helicopter Crews accounted for 20 of the Viet Cong dead. I six reds were captured and eight others taken As suspects in the operation near Vonh Long 155 Miles Southwest of Saigon Iel names nails continued to och the area saturday Wilh c support of armoured and a leery units four government soldiers reportedly were killed and four hers were wounded with a a. Army adviser in Friday s lash. The adviser was struck i the icel by hand arc Ade fragments. He was not in ired seriously. Government forces were not s fortunate in another engage ment Friday. They reportedly filled five Viet Cong but suf ered 18 dead two wounded and missing themselves after a communist battalion attacked Hryce hamlets 265 Miles North ast of Saigon. This brought to 290 the loll of government forces killed wounded or missing in action in he last three Days. The High toll and pronounce ments by a High . Military spokesman and a communist chinese propaganda Organ underscored that the Long awaited Viet Cong Monsoon offensive lad begun. The . Spokesman said in Saigon Friday that the import ant Battle of the summer of 1965 has just been joined. Events have been such that we Are moving into an important period of the the new China news Agency described the Viet Cong Offen Sive As a glorious Page in the annals of the liberation War in South Viet Nam a Brilliant Page in a people s Advent of the Monsoon is throwing the . Aggressors Inlo still greater panic. A bigger defeat is in store for hotel hit by Blaze Seattle a a fire believed caused by transients smoking routed 25 persons from the olympic View hotel Early saturday and caused an Esti mated damage to the hotel and an adjoining building. Fire chief Gordon Vic cry said the ire apparently began about . In old couches near the building at first ave. Which Bouses a tavern and the vacant rooms of Tho former Cristobol hotel. The fire spread to the olympic View hotel and caused damage to four rooms and the roof before it was contained Vickery estimated the loss to the Christobol hotel building at a former manager of tha Christobol mrs. Helen Selzer said the hotel had been vacated in 1902. Lightning of Tiff Holiday k nil ill splicer projector and it rec screen. Like now. Portable . Like now phone Tili xxx. I had very Quick results from my Dally chronicle classified and and i got my asking reports this advertiser. How s for fast actlon7 you can get the same Light Ning response no matter what you want to sell rent or Trade with a Dally chronicle Clasil fied and do you have unused items that you wish the sell then place your and this weekend. Phene 7j4o311 after s . Weekends a i i Metal 7woj13,

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