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Centralia Daily Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 4

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Centralia Daily Chronicle (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Centralia, WashingtonE four the Centralia. Washington. saturday july 23. Member of the associated press full leased wire the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also Alj local news. Editorials features world wide new. Service associated press Nea service and Spe Cial wires serve Centralia Dally chronicle readers with the latest world wide Newt and features. , i ask of citral to Laihr ifs Icci every Afu Nonn sunday al is i North Tower a Onuf cd Ali Alla by the Centralia printing company Harry a bras editor Hay w. Edinger bus mgr. Flo of a is Jna Tor at the at Iri of Matt i 3, nil comity Jav Prosr no l i new Yurk 21 Avo. Stin in e c03 slow not i conver. Al. I s i Liy y co. Inc. Ave. I Liiri Iso x Rii co is. Do1ir.il, 319 slope and Lff s. I i. I . . W. Sex Ali St. Van St. 411 a Tell ill i. . I of Ittem. A thought Fok today blessed Are your eyes for they see and your ears Lor of Lioy mrs. Larsen s Hoe is a badge of i Honor i Cluck of the glittering officers of Mili Matistic countries show them always with a sheathed stiletto dangling al Bell. They Are Sharp Little instruments and or some Ali of Llie world seems out of her nine acres. She saws her own Wood shoots her own rabbits puts Clown her own Priit. Gets a Good living. Anybody can grub a living out of the ground. Anybody that s willing to she says. Well perhaps not anybody. For not every body is like mrs. Larson. Listen in 1930 her husband was in the Hospital. While he Lay there a cow kicked mrs. Larsen broke Lier leg. Then her husband died. But mrs. Larsen is made of set in stuff. She hired a couple of hands to work the farm they were renting. Neither was skilled and when seeding time Caine the work was stalled. Mrs Larsen had herself lifted Inlo the Eder every morning her crutches strapped i beside her. Ai noon she came in and Fried Ham land Gus and potatoes for the hands. She seeded 40 acres did the washing and scrub Bing. And raised 300 chickens that year. I now says mrs. Larsen Wilh a car la Iii fierce exultation was really Lough Hal year. Thai was something 16 stand out our Way by Williams reason much of the w consider Ulicni badges 01 Lionor. K yet they Are not much sharper than Llie Hoe with which mrs. Ida Larsen May be found any Day breaking clods in the nine acre Patch near Aurora of. Which yields her a living. I .7. The hand Klinl grips the Dagger May be or will Izanir Tirrel and even perfumed but some j How we like belter the rough hard hands that j grip mrs. Larson s Hoe. Belter than the Glisten ing bowls and clinking spurs we like the High fas Coura Levither shoes ail inf Fly trousers thai i Tii rough the Olio Strawberry Patch Here Are some of he reasons mrs. Larson who is 04, grubs a Yood living Solo mrs. Larsen. A regime that looks Lough 10 i today is not so Lough to her. I be been grubbing in the ground since 1 was 1 she says. I can l see sitting Down and letting everything go to weeds. This Quarter acre will bring me 200 Bucks next Spring. Got plenty. I be seen it a lot worse. The rhythmic Rise and my of. Mrs. Lairsen s Sharp Hoe will go on Long after the spurs have fallen Apar Fand the daggers rusted. For she has a courage the does not know e Parade ground. And she has wrung from the. World a sturdy Independence that millions can never know in lands where life. Iselt depends on giving the right Sanle. tonight s programs National broadcasting company ,.-4 p. M., Kaloc Itneyer s Kinder Garten International dance Exchange safety first Barry Mckinley ban Lone a America dances Glenn Hurlburt three pals Organ concert a the crickets at concert 25 years ago july Tacoma Snow melting on i mount Rainier has swollen Rivers having heir sources at on the Mountain. Comic vision ers delivered wad Bass Fry from tie state hatchery to be used in Stock Iii lakes and Ponds in the lower end of tic Valley. 1 Colville Deputy county i 15 years ago from the cd Noralia daily chronicle in Khz Yahm i. National barn dance by a. Voice of Hawaii Sammy Watkins music icings jesters by 10. Country club music Hal Tabakin orchestra ii. Paul . Organist treasurer living july 23, 1923 i and. Mrs. A p. Hubby a glaciers i left tuesday for Kalamazoo Otsego and other Michigan cities Foi i Visil with relatives. They arc making Llie trip by Way of Yellowstone National Park and Wil absent about three months. In. And mrs. Ii. E. Grimm am sons leave tomorrow for sent to spend the week end. Thei. _ Sill received j son Howard. Llilas been Choset Horace Heidi s i word lightning destroyed the barn t clip itch ruler of the Loca 1 on ills farm at n loss of to us tale Centralia to i to meet president Harding at july 24. Allele Friday morning when Ole Olympia Govch nor Lister will boy delegates from Over the Slat Yolo Chehalis next week to get will by Prosn cd to the president first hand information Vou air t forget tip me of that butt Are Vou t5 Gitelm Dovvom to All the army smokes but Otolo half buy5 adv have a smoke adj make two people miserable the who s of the butt adj your.5elf me it aim tand Barbara talked to her travel Hal the world of which Hoy wore n part Musl be just full of buzzing tongues. Her of Tongue had never been under a curb from the Security of an assure position she had spoken As so chose rigorous toward those we transgressed her code. Now other new York Day by Day by b. Drop by new Hurch nother York july 23. The Epis that i be started building himself into Man Hattan Island. The Church of the heavenly rest was an old and honoured tradition at 45th Street and fifth Avenue. French bought it lore it Down and built upon its site the Tower ing Fred p. French building. With the Money the congregation bought this More suitable site and built his far More costly find modern Church. I at that time a merger was made. The Church of the beloved disciple at 89th Street Between Park and Madison avenues moved Over. It was an old Church its identity was More or less preserved by building with the new Church a Hapel caller the Chapel of the beloved disciple. On the Walls of this Chapel arc tablets taken from the old Church commemorating some of the founders. One of them i note was born in 1770. So this a Young institution. Would have their turn. She tried t imagine what people would say what choir attitude would be. Would they speak to her of Arthur pro Lessing Alliey believed him innocent professing Friendship and sympathy while they watched her Willi sly avidly curious eyes she shuddered and she thought i might take the of the heavenly rest is of new York Opal churches with a name to emulates the imagination ecu passing it or years Adirim its austere dignity. Today i obeyed the in Nilse to enter avid become acquainted. Heavenly rest s on the Down f own Side of 90th treet lacing fifth Avenue. All sightseers on fifth Avenue Nikses pass it. I b. Driscoll directly across 90th Street and extending to 91st, faring fifth Avenue Are the cold. Or bidding Carnegie mansion and to grounds. Curtains Are drawn Ca he windows of the 30 rooms. The Carnegie property begins it 90th Street with High spiked Iron Fence enclosing Lush gardens. Hie Carne Gie House behind that same tall Fence is North of he and abuts 91st Street. Mrs. Carnegie still lives in the Forl Rees like House but she in to Home much servants occupy n few rooms and there arc new Copper screens on their windows. A Yard Man is watering Lowers Anc grass. There s nothing cosy about he exterior appearance of the car Negie Home. You stand Oil the fifth Avenue sidewalk alongside Central Park and look the Street at the heavenly rest. A handsome nod Ern Well built and Well designed which unusually enough is above Church. Not As imposing As some the Allar instead of Over the of tie larger edifices nor yet As main Entrance As in most churches. Anglican in appearance As Are nine figures nearly life Thomas. There is a strictly Amer size j should say. On the re Dos. Note in the architecture. Hut the carving in to overdone which al the same time does t there in plenty of Plain Gray sur Ilie Church of the heavenly rest uses Gray Stone throughout. Not Only for Walls but for As Many of the fittings and embellishments As possible. Tic simple Allar is one solid slab of Gray Stone. The two massive candlesticks of the Flitar lire single pieces of Stone. The Cross in the Center and. The Chancel Are of the same. The floor is of Stone a bit warmer in color and the ceiling appears to be of Stone also. There is not mud Here get out of order rickety out of style. The re Dos. Or decorative screen behind the Nullar is of Gray Stone. Beautifully carved. It extends from to the Rose window. The floor children abroad live the rest of our depart much from traditional Church simplicity is the keynote. Just enough ornament has been added to keep the building from being severe. Face. A fact rather too much of it when the Church is dark. The indirect lighting gives the whole Interior a warmer glow. The Rase window can t be Crit seized for Lack of warmth it has looking to the right you see the Beautiful Rod Saviri Blue tones. A towers of mid town Manhattan West window Over the gallery is wrap Jed in the Blue Haze so Char now Reintj installed. T believe stain on two or. And mrs. W. Hackett of Columbia Broil Rastinis system Vii 4 p. M., saturday night swing club designs in Harmony 5, Hollywood turf club Why Lam rendezvous 0, your hit Parade american viewpoints Henry Kings music Johnny presents 8. Professor quiz Paul Pendarvis music 11, Pasadena civic auditorium band. Imio Llams National la Rudiuk Arlins company b a. M., Silver strings Meridian music radio City music Hall Back Home 10, sunday dinner al aunt funny s magic key program Kidwood Fis al 11. Sunday Drivers diehard lumber s music lit to Nance melodies three j 2. Ranger s serenade sunday vespers strange As it semis Nola Dav s Sweet music 1. Marion Tulley Eddie Swart hoist s music 2. Catholic hour wow summer concert professor Puzzle Wii popular classics interesting neighbors budding Talent 4. Edgar Hergen and Charlie Mccarthy spy at Larro songs we remember Manhattan merry it Homula Iai country club music american album of music Reader s guide Lin pm Etown g. Carefree carnival Horary he tit s Uri sadlers win your Jidy c Licerio 7. Quiz i inc Holch Hobby lobby al 8. I want a divorce one Man s family i. Night al. Siil Martin s Missir. 10, news beaux trin Bridge to dreamland time j possible Ionics for he construe i lion of Pacific Highway through Lewis county. Cascade laundry company s Brick and Cement build ing was destroyed by fire to a of Walla Walla the Board control at the Sti Ilc prison raised Tokeland. To Price of Groin Frank Swisher. G Street to 10 cents inc bugs will a Royhl u clings one peaches on the Ope Market. I the chronicle office today which picked from his Trees. Lluy Liq by mail is disappoint ins. Has n Fino and color and if you have an Ismaeh motion. The is unusually delicious. Hood he Var. Ore., arc end of or. And mrs. Henry ycajjei1. Airs. Dean Pollack is visiting in Portland with her sister Mies Heta Jarrell. Mrs. Row f. Hulbard and Chil Dren Are spend ii a few weeks al Gresl Arti Cle you get always matches the Price instead of the adjectives. Thi people have control but it. Won t last. Or. Imd mrs. Front of Llo Quiam Are visiting or. And mrs. J. C. Kiichel. I under but it won t lust. When people the people always lost . Listen pit Likely while the big shots the Issue w. I i Mali either Way. Arc enough to to Bolh sides it won t affect them matauti for dress up afternoons Check your Ordor carefully lir Fure Cornet address Nuin Lier is in Tinl Usu oui if i avoid correspond incr. For Marlin sew Clarl inc Lutil pattern 9733 far mid Newny tic most effective a Tombia sys pm Xvi 8 a. A. Major Howes family Salt in pc City Tzib a Lemoon Uriss you Cion set. Needle style to flatter Yon always pattern 9733 offers it variety of fashion features. For instance the entire Center front Section of Gath ered by disc panels and skill ii Anels Wilh Center inverted Pleat Niny Daire contrast ill color. The. Result is slender izing and height giving l Law puff sleeves lire stylishly shirred the curved Yoke my be Button trim Eccl. a Light Peinl for the Nudsen Sugii clays adj a Rich autumn silk for later Oil. You can Enacle n. Church of Llie air poet s Gold 10, Wal Bror strings do a professional Job with Marian Martin s diagrammed sew Chart to explain every move. Slimmer session 11, everybody s i pattern 0733 May be ordered Only Janus in 12. Farmer takes their Malta and women s sizes Mali Mike Csc Sinars 1. The 32, 34. 36, 38, 40 and 42. runners news Coldi size 1c requires Yards 39 Irli ties David 13ac.il, Organ so 2, music for liner 3, 7 in Phil the laugh Cook s almanac West coast Church of tie Ymir 4. World dances philharmonic orchestra headlines and bylines 7. Vincent Jopez music Paul Panda rvs i and his orchestra la rare King s music 0, Jurgen s Pusic Jimmy Jun Sec Chest in. Walsh dance Dureath s or changes his mind Tacoma july. Wom an s privilege of in Lori Chang tin Lias by in Annex al Birllell Tacoma filed his Cynd Ladey for county Clerx is n a publican list week. Yesterday change cd he mind and filed Iron the same office t.1 fabric. Send fifteen cents in coins for each Marian Martin pattern. Be sure to write plainly your size. Name address and style number. Be sure Lopel your de Tefon of the Marian Martin Pat Tern Book and see How easily you can make the most View clothes from the of this heal fully illustrated Noolet Yon May choose styles that arc perfect for All Ages nil Las is All Occa Sions. Delightful smartness for Tow and Junior pattern to thrill matrons who need Send cd lines ready answers to every woman s Inbok and sewing prob lems Send for your copy today pkg of. Of Book fifteen cents. Price or re Ern fifteen cents. Book and pattern thirty cents. Send your order to Centra a daily chronic inc plus Clatl in part men. So mrs. Sentry sat Down we talk fur a she sied. Or Are you the word was with scorn. How is very mrs. Sentry said i knew he of lie did to Mary said Don t worry about Xci we were practically engaged Hill i ind him tonight we Musl fur get that. Thai after All ibis i was hopelessly disqualified to be a missionary s wife even in mrs. Sentry waited. Mary said in a hat voice passionless As ashes he agreed Wilh Afler a while her Mother spoke a tentatively. I wish i a you in my Lap dear As did when i you were Little and were i1 no thanks. I m not Lilue any the girl Stoud before the 1 Hearth rigid and still her eyes in fixed liei1 hands clasped behind her. J mrs. Sentry thought of a Mavier at the slake surrounded by Ilams i burned i Luul being consumed. She began to talk of casual Healing some people called this after she said. Mrs. Harry Iturry bulging Willi questions she wanted to ask and did l Iii Ile dare. And mrs. For Ness brought miss Glen. You could Sec her every stick of furniture every picture on the Walls to use in her next the girl cried Mother Don to How can you stand and that Young professor or. Brace dropped mrs. Sentry persisted. He look Mother and Barbara to you re driving me mrs. A Tilry sighed wearily sur rendering. I m Surry Aboul Mary. Be the Gaff in t in a Good thing to no in Mary cried. I what docs that matter if you love a Man what does in Mailer if he s weak a snivelling Coward a drunkard a her eyes widened. a she whispered. You go on Loving him just the and she tried of Why is love so deep n part of women Mother Why can t we be reasonable Sensi ble she spat the word. Like and suddenly seeing the older woman s face she slopped snid then Gurlly Good night i m going to the still room ached when she was gone. When mrs. Sentry came Down stairs in hid morning Mary had de parted leaving no message and the older woman Felt a deep con Cern that was half despair. Lizul she hid in from Phil. They stayed of Homo together Natl yet each one alone. Phil wondered whether his Mottier knew that the grand jury might acl to thought of a Firon of strange a Jinn. In a secret room somewhere ite Urr Tia evidence against his d trembled is though in were 111. He thought his Mother might suggest thai they go again to Sec his a i flier and knew hint lie himself had fierce i no strength to face he older Man and in pretend he liitle not know what he did know. Bui his Mother did not make thu suggestion and r lunch they drove in to see old mrs. And heard newsboys shouting the name of sentry and mrs. Sentry shivered of last and said Wilh a weary smile i think we d hotter stay at Home in Reafler Ociot night i m going to on the homeward returned with heard newsboys calling Laic editions and one bawling youngster jumped pm the running Board when they slopped for a trial Lac Light to Lii Rusl a paper before their eyes. A Herd line inches High. Sentry mrs. Sentry closed her eyes and inc Lif Ihl changed and Hie in cd ahead. At Home a knot of people Seal Leroy from the Entrance to the drive gaped al them is they drove in. Phil saw Hal no woman broken olt a Branch of Rhododendron and he Houghl bitterly for a souvenir indoors Barbara asked in a Slick in whisper Mother what does indicted mrs. Sentry hash Dar and she asked do you know where Mary is whether Shell b Home to she Felt cold a Iron. Barbara Shook her head. I think Mary s Phil said angrily. We Vegol to gel Here Slies Prilly unhappy mrs. Sentry explained. Neil Kay broke their 1 did t know they were they would have been in Lime. Mary loved i d like to Knock his Block mrs. Sentry said Don t be child Piil. I m afraid you la find Good Many people take the same attitude. Now get ready for dinner both of she at dinner while Pill lives abroad perhaps assume an other name. But someone who knew them would find them Cut there i by would be whispering whispering she tried herself he did not do in of course Fie had lied to her about Llie Lime Hal night know ing she was too sleepy to recognize his lie bul naturally he would lie after that dreadful moment at the office when lie found the dead girl. Found her dead mrs. Sentry Clung to that though stubbornly insisting to herself that Arthur did find the girl dead As lie had told her Refus ing to remember the panic in his eyes refusing to remember his Lone when he reiterated his assertion that miss wines dead before lie found her. Found her dead he said and was afraid and left her and came skulking Home. And mrs. Sentry. Hoped suddenly that he would not Tell the District attorney that Story Chance Dis covery and Craven flight. Anything was better than Hal shame. She Houghl Hal if he did not speak they might find some swear thai lie had been wit i her during the hour s when the murder occurred. That crime at least would be robust masculine not weakly cowardly but of course anything any Story True or false that could be made credible was better than to see him convicted of murder. If that happened she could never lift her head again. The Pride she lived by was Worth fighting for. Even Wilh lies Linda came in As they finished dinner and mrs. Sentry welcomed her. And proposed a rubber of Bridge. She Clung to Linda s Friend y loyalty. Linda agreed bul Arbara would vol i m she said trying to smile. I m afraid this is my evening her Lones were tremulously Brave. If you Don t mind 1 think i la slip off by myself and cry for a she a Arlell away. Phil Widd have followed her but Linda said softly no Phil. Let her they heard Barbara s door Elose upstairs. Mrs. Sentry Rose and they went into the living room and Lalk ran somehow and a Lite after nine a car grated on the drive. It was Mary. She came in with out laying aside her hat. Mrs. Sen try realized that the car had not gone away and she was cold with fear of what Mary would say. The girl was mrs. Gentry saw incredulously that she had been drinking. When Mary spoke her tones were louder than usual harsh Del hmm she said to , Curlly. This is family Council she added carelessly of slay., it you like of Phil protested hey Mary Don t Lalk fisc that what s the Malter Wilh he exclaimed you re she laughed derisively. If i m not it s not for lock of and she asked Linda going All ashore trial s going ashore the ship s Siuking Linda said no Mary. I la act Ristic of the Island. Glancing downtown and then Hack at your Church edifice you Are impressed the fact this is truly new will add a note of Friend be auly that the Church of the heavenly hell was intended h y its creators to have. Torkish Church. It fits into its in a Rev. Henry Darlington room Cal. 11 is of and for our i is pastor. He is of the old Dar me and town. In ton family of the heavenly rest we now see i new York which has Given in was finished in that was Many eminent men o when everybody had Money. Fred so icly. F. French one of the Miracle men if you re visit incr new York of those Days when miracles of churches you should t miss the Money wife not difficult had Church of the heavenly Rochester news mrs. Ind mrs c. Elizabeth Anderson attended n lec lure in Mon Conno sunday after a report of the recent mtiono1 town Send at los an Geles was Given it inn regular meet ing of the club held wednes Day by the Delegate w. A. Ban . Miss gun held Carlson pleased the audience Willi Accord Ion numbers. The resignation of the Pitsor font f. N. Palmer was presented and accepted. An expression of appreciation foi1 his successful Londe ship was voiced Ivy die a Huic. Zience. Confiicling1 activities Neces j intents and dancing closed the eve Ning. Or. And mrs. Frank Olds spent a few Days of the past week at i the Ocean Beach. J mrs. Bill Allgor and Sharon Lee Are a Lull Lnor at the Home of her Mother mrs. Tda Cheney. Miss Marie Ellis of Centralia off duty As Hospital nurse is spend ing a vacation at the Home of her parents. Mi1, and mrs. Fred Ellis and in company with j her Mother in Cut n few Days of the past week visiting with and friends in Reatle and Vicinity. Or. Spent the week end i Senula. And of Cut stories Init amps. Or. And mrs. Kenneth Palmer Sila Teri he resignation. Nomina recently wed. Were pleasantly sur-1 tons to fill to vacancy were Mads prised thursday at their Home no and remain open for action at the Offut Lake when a proximately so regular meeting. Rest Esh relatives and friends arrived to i spend the eve Annir. Social visiting and motor boat rides on the Lake Anri refreshments were enjoyed and the Piesta departing wished or. And mrs. Palmer much . J mrs. Len Cochrn of Yakima was a week end quest of her Sis incr mrs. E. F. Hastings and the two up Cal. Sunday at the cop Lis Beach. Mrs. Elizabeth fridy of Seattle Voiiso guest. Of Host accompanied by mrs. Mary Ash arc on a vacation visit to the olympic hot Springs. Mrs. Hastings hew apart chefs Are neartng1 completion. Or. And mrs. Earl Shaffner have As a Nuest their grand Dau Sihter. Sheila belts Dai tester of or. And mrs. Leonard Betts of t. Be prompt service in four Toh print uni the a tiler settled by Shipwreck a torrential Gale overtook Juan Bermudez on a voyage from Spain to Cuba with a cargo of in the 16th Century. His ship was arid he was tossed ashore on one of. The 360 Small islands of Coral formation in the indies which to Day be a his name. Iri 1593, Henry May , was wrecked near and Iri 1609 sir George so incurs was also wrecked there. Somers with n party of. Tacoma. Waller Walker was or. And mrs. S. N. Guest of James and colonists Wos headed for Virginia but after his disaster he turned i instead to establish the first settlement Iri Bermuda. Three years later the islands were granted to an offshoot of Llie Virginia com Pany of 120 persons 60 of whom under Henry More proceeded to the bermudas. Tobacco became the first Industry. Today Bermuda a perennial with its Large hotels and famous beaches is n Javoric Winter resort for the main Atlantic naval station of the British Navy and the terminus of. The giant Clipper planes. It will soon become first leg on the clip per route to Europe. The Colony has representative is Llie Cap Itai. The pop Illarion is 000, of which family at a luncheon at Mil Lersy Vahia Park sunday. Or. Walk Reade a trip to Tacoma on bus Whites. A View Jot grape Bay is shown Here Jon Eric of. The values of the j current new reign series of colonials. Re Erlson. Former Rochester residents. Willarrd and Oene Barker of Seattle am Snen Rinir vacation at the Home of i hair , mrs. Flossie Parker. Mrs. Or flirt Whitcomb Pioneer resident of Rochester Cele Fateri her 83rd birthday the presence of her children and fam Ilies. A dinner Itin featured the event. Dren present were Ralph file. Roy of ply Nina who works Norman aril mrs. Arnold Isth of Rochester. aces Mpanje or. And will what up Muto Moudry where fhe will be their guest for an in definite time. The indians Are not an inferior race. They Don t smolder with sul Len race and hate when you Call them indians

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